Chronology of LTTE Tamil Tiger Atrocities since June 2005

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists continue to assassinate civilians, members of the rival political parties and security personnel under the banner of cease-fire agreement (CFA).

Politically motivated killings, arbitrary arrests, harassments, abductions, detentions, torture, extortions, intimidations, use of children as child soldiers, disappearances and conscriptions are some of the many fundamental right violations of the LTTE (so-called Liberation Tigers of Tamil eelam). The Tamil People who had been enjoying all the democratic and human rights in those areas have now been deprived of many of their basic rights and hardly one day passes without at least one person getting killed in these areas. The terrorist outfit is continuing its terror campaign freely by eliminating their opponents including Tamils with the intension of carving out a separate fascist state. Read more………

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Date Name of the victim(s) of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists Incident Place
14/09/06 Suspected LTTE Terrorists Kill Three Civilians (see details)
THREE CIVILIANS WERE SHOT and killed by a pistol group suspected to be LTTE terrorists in the general area MATHAWATHAKULAM in VAVUNIYA. VAVUNIYAVA
13/09/06 Lance Corporal ASHOKA KUMARA killed (see details) In the general lagoon area of KILALY, JAFFNA a soldier got trapped to a terrorist booby trap and laid down his life while on duty in the area. JAFFNA
13/09/06 No Extortions Mean Grenade Attacks; Thirteen Civilians Injured (see details) LTTE terrorists after failing to extort money from a Tamil poultry vendor in VAVUNIYA town took their revenge on him  in the LTTE style after detonating a hand grenade against his business place that inflicted injuries on 13 innocent civilians including women. VAVUNIYAVA
12/09/06 Two Police Officers RAMANAYAKA and WIJERATHNA Shot By LTTE Terrorists and killed (see details) THE TWO POLICE OFFICERS who were shot and injured by LTTE pistol men while they were on a bus bound for BATTICALOA succumbed to their injuries in hospital late night, the same day . BATTICALOA
12/09/06 Home Guards D DIMUTHU DARSHANA KUMARA (T/54494) and W JAYASUNDARA (T/65721) Went Missing Found Slain By LTTE Gunmen (see details) TWO OF THE HOME GUARDS who went reportedly missing after they were confronted by Tiger terrorists in KURINIYANKULAM, TRICOMALEE were found shot to death later when the troops conducted a search in the area. TRINCOMALEE
12/09/06 Claymore Blast In Town Injures Policemen & Civilians (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS using a remote-controller detonated a claymore mine targeting a passing Police vehicle, close to a school that has housed displaced people in the mid of TRINCOMALEE town.Three Police Constables in the vehicle and three civilians on the street received serious injuries in the claymore blast  TRINCOMALEE
12/09/06 Disguised LTTE Pistol Men Strike Police Constables On Bus (see details) TWO LTTE PISTOL MEN, after boarding a BATTICALOA bound bus on its way from KALAWANCHIKUDY disguised as passengers shot and injured two Police Constables in civvies on the bus while they were proceeding to BATTICALOA for some duties. BATTICALOA
11/09/06 LTTE Artillery Fire Takes Two More Valiant Lives of  Sergeant P. J GUNASEKERA and Lance Corporal M. D. AJITH DHARSHANA (see details) LTTE’S INTERMITTENT DIRECTION of direct and indirect artillery fire towards Army detachments in and around MUHAMALE, KILALY, KODIKAMAM  struck VIDATTAPALAI area killing two soldiers on duty. JAFFNA
11/09/06 Farmer Refusing To Plant LTTE Bomb Against Troops Pays With Death (see details) A FARMER, who refused to set an LTTE bomb targeting troops in the general area of CHENKALADY in BATTICALOA was rebuked and later slain by an LTTE pistol man after storming his house. BATTICALOA
11/09/06 My Teenage Son Abducted by LTTE, says Father
 (see details)
LTTE  CONTINUES to abduct teenagers, contrary to all their utterances and endless assurances, as it was evident in another abduction of a 15-year-old boy, A. SUBHASCHANDRA that took place in KARUWANKERNY, BATTICALOA . BATTICALOA
10/09/06 LTTE Pressure Mine Kills Three More Soldiers Lance Corporal D.M.R. DISSANAYAKE, Lance Corporal W.T PRADDEP KUMARA and Private A.M.P.K WEERASINHE 
(see details)
Three soldiers of the Army fell victim to an LTTE pressure mine explosion, in ASIKKULAMA, VAVUNIYA where troops were preparing themselves for picket duty on the wayside. VAVUNIYA
10/09/06 LTTE Claymore Explosion Injures Civilian (see details) LTTE terrorists detonated a claymore mine targeting troops on foot patrol near the JAFFNA Hindu College  Soldiers received no injuries but one civilian was injured in the explosion. JAFFNA
09/09/06 LTTE Guns Down Civilian SINNATHAMBI MAHENDRAN (50) (see details) A civilian was gunned down by LTTE terrorists on in the general area of NAVALI SOUTH, JAFFNA.  JAFFNA
09/09/06 LTTE Pistol Cadres Kill One Civilian NANDARAJA JAGADEESWARAN (38) & Injure Another (see details) A civilian named was shot dead by LTTE pistol group afternoon in the general area of  JAFFNA. Initial investigations revealed that the victim was living in MODARA, COLOMBO. JAFFNA
08/09/06 One soldier injured by LTTE mortar fire (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS operating from jungle areas in un-cleared areas surrounding MUHAMALAI Entry/Exit point launched mortar fire on the Forward Defence Line.The fire that came from the rear side of the soldiers manning the FDL injured one soldier critically. JAFFNA
08/09/06 Soldier Injured In LTTE Hand Grenade Explosion
 (see details)
A SOLDIER WAS INJURED in the explosion of a hand grenade lobbed by LTTE terrorists at troops in VELVETITHURAI area  JAFFNA
08/09/09 Two Brothers KARADEEPAN ANANDAN (27) and KARADEEPAN MAWANSEELAN (19) Found Shot To Death (see details) BULLET-RIDDLED DEAD BODIES of two youths were recovered from SAVUKKADI area in EARAVUR  JAFFNA
08/09/06 LTTE kills one soldier Lance  Bombardier H.M. KAPILARATHNA BANDA, one civilian CHANDRASEKARAN KESHAWAN (45) of RAMESHPURAM  and injures three civilians (see details) AN EXPLOSIVE DEVICE ACTIVATEd BY LTTE TERRORISTS in CHENKALADY town area, killed one soldier and one civilian and injured three more civilians including a woman and a small child  BATTICALOA
08/09/06 Terrorists Trigger One More Claymore Injuring Schoolgirls (see details) A CLAYMORE MINE exploded near a three-wheeler in the general area of VAVUNIYA where the dead body of an LTTE abducted civilian was found, injured one Police officer and six civilians who were passing the location. VAVUNIYA
 (see details)
07/09/06 Terrorists kill soldier Private K.D.K. CHANDANA KUMARA and injure six  (see details) one soldier was killed and six soldiers including three Officers were forced to seek admission to hospital after they were wounded in LTTE mortar and artillery fire in MUHAMALAI, KILALY and NERAVILKULAM, JAFFNA JAFFNA
07/09/06 Two soldiers injured by LTTE mortar fire (see details) Two soldiers received injuries  due to explosion of an LTTE Anti Personnel Mine (APM) in the general area of NAVATKULI in JAFFNA during clearing operations in the area. JAFFNA
07/09/06 Soldier Lance Corporal AAP INDUNIL On Duty Killed In LTTE Artillery Fire (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS FIRED ARTILLERY at the forward defence line (FDL) in the general area of KILALI and One soldier,   who was on duty was killed in the attack.
06/09/06 LTTE Terrorists Kill Civilians SATHGUNARASA RUSANTHAN (24) at THIRUNELVELI and SIVARASA SIVASEKARAN (28) (see details) LTTE terrorists on gunned down two civilians in the general areas of THIRUNELVELI, KOKUVIL. JAFFNA
06/09/06 LTTE Terrorists Attack FDL injuring two soldiers
 (see details)
LTTE terrorists fired mortars towards the Forward Defence Line (FDL) at MUHAMALEI injuring two soldiers on duty. JAFFNA
06/09/06 LTTE Gunmen Fire At Civilian PEERAMBALAM (60) 
(see details)
Two LTTE gunmen fired at a civilian in the general area of MEESALAI PERUMKULAM north  JAFFNA
06/09/06 LTTE Artillery And Mortars Kill Soldier Private H M A KUMARA HERATH (see details) ONE SOLDIER WAS KILLED and three more injured when LTTE terrorists fired artillery and mortars on the Forward Defence Line (FDL) at NAGARKOVIL in JAFFNA  JAFFNA
06/09/06 Police Constable Injured In LTTE Fire Admitted To Hospital (see details) ONE POLICE CONSTABLE, attached to the MANNAR Police station was shot and injured by terrorists of the LTTE pistol group on PALLAIMUNNAI road, MANNAR. MANNAR
06/09/06 EPDP member NALLATHAMBI PUNARATHNAM (46) killed by LTTE (see details) An active EPDP member watching television at his home in KALKUDAH, VALAICHCHENAI was gunned down by an LTTE gunman after storming his house. VALAICHCHENAI 
05/09/06 Civilian 58-year-old VISHWALINGAM killed by LTTE 
(see details)
A 58 old civilian of No 418, THIRUGNANA SAMBANDAN road, TRINCOMALEE was felled by the bullet of an LTTE assassin  TRINCOMALEE
05/09/06 Officer LIEUTENANT A P P K DOORAGE Pays Supreme Sacrifice In LTTE Blast (see details) An officer  paid the supreme sacrifice in the powerful LTTE claymore mine blast in NEERVELI, JAFFNA when the bus carrying soldiers was caught up in the explosion triggered by terrorists. JAFFNA
05/09/06 Terrorist’s Grenade Falls Short & Injures Civilian
 (see details)
A SUSPECTED LTTE TERRORIST lobbed a hand grenade targeting a strong point of the Armed Forces in KOKUVIL, JAFFNA but it fell short of the target injuring a civilian who was passing by at that point of time. JAFFNA
05/09/06 Terrorists Blast Bus Carrying Soldiers ,kill one and injure eight (see details)  A POWERFUL BLAST, apparently caused by a claymore mine at SIRUPPIDDY junction in JAFFNA brought death to one officer and injured another eight soldiers who were moving in a bus  JAFFNA
05/09/06 Terrorists abduct civilians KANAVADI PILLAI MANORAJ (17) and SIVARASA SADEEP (19) (see details) SPECIAL TASK FORCE troops in cooperation with local Police in AMPARA are conducting a search into whereabouts of two young farmers who have been abducted by LTTE terrorists for conscription while they were tilling their paddy fields in KAMBIARU SACHALADIWATTE, off ANNAMALE, AMPARA. AMPARA
04/09/06 Civilian MUTHTHUTHAMBI JEGANADAN (44) killed by LTTE (see details)  Reports from JAFFNA hospital confirmed that a civilian riding on his motor bicycle with his wife and daughter was slain by an LTTE terrorist in INUVIL, JAFFNA. JAFFNA
04/09/06 Unarmed Civilian SELVARASA RAVIDEVAN Shot 
(see details)
AN UNIDENTIFIED GUNMAN has shot and injured a civilian while he was at home in SERUWILA. TRINCOMALEE
03/09/06 LTTE Pistol Group kills a civilian B. SURESH (31) 
(see details)
TERRORISTS Of LTTE PISTOL GROUP shot and killed a civilian in JAFFNA town  JAFFNA
03/09/06 Soldier Injured In Nagarkovil Attack Lance Corporal W.D.N. WIJESOORIYA Dies (see details) ONE SOLDIER who was critically injured in the LTTE attack on the NAGARKOVIL Forward Defence Line (FDL) of the Security Forces succumbed to injuries. JAFFNA
03/09/06 One More Civilian SELLAIYA SEVARAJA (49) Dies In LTTE Fire (see details) AN UNIDENTIFIED GUNMAN, believed to be a Tamil Tiger (LTTE), fired at a civilian near the KALAIMAGAR school in TRINCOMALEE  TREINCOMALEE
03/09/06 LTTE Artillery Fire Kills One More Soldier (see details) LTTE DIRECTED ARTILLERY FIRE towards the SELWEANAGAR Army detachment in TRINCOMALEE  TRINCOMALEE
03/09/06 Unidentified Gunman Kills Civilian GANAESHAMOORTHI VIJAYAKUMARA (28) 
(see details)
THE ERAVUR POLICE received a complaint to the effect that one civilian had been shot dead by an unidentified gunman, suspected to be from LTTE, in ERAVUR  BATTICALOA
02/09/06 One Soldier Private R.D. UPALI WIJERATHNE.
 Killed by LTTE (see details)
LTTE ARTILLERY FIRE on troops at NAGARKOVIL killed one soldier on duty  JAFFNA
02/09/06 Unidentified Gunmen Kill Civilian BALASUBRAMANIUM MANI (see details) A PERSON who was injured in firing by an unidentified gunman succumbed to his injuries after he was admitted to General Hospital Colombo  COLOMBO
01/09/06 Three Civilians  PALANIYADY RAVEENDRAN (35) , SATHYAMOORTHY SELVARASAN  (27) and SATYAMOORTHY THANGARATHNAM (57)  Gunned Down (see details) THREE CIVILIANS were shot and killed by suspected LTTE terrorists on KASTHURIYA road and in NAVAMDIL area in JAFFNA. JAFFNA
01/09/06 LTTE Claymore Claims One More Soldier’s Life (see details)
ONE SOLDIER WAS KILLED and five more were injured in the explosion of an LTTE claymore mine at NELLIADY, JAFFNA  JAFFNA
01/09/06 Four Tamil civilians SARAWAAMUTTU (55) CHANDRASEKARAM WIJESEKARAN (22), PUSHPARASA WIMALARASAN (26) and YATHENDRAN (21) killed by LTTE (see details)
Four more civilians have been killed by LTTE in NAWATHKADU, VALVAETTITHURAI and UDUVIL areas in JAFFNA  JAFFNA
31/08/06 Policeman MOHOMED RIYAZ Injured In LTTE Fire Succumbs To Injuries (see details) THE POLICE CONSTABLE WHO WAS fired upon by the LTTE in the ERAVUR town  succumbed to gunshot injuries  while undergoing treatment at BATTICALOA hospital. BATTICALOA
30/08/06 LTTE Terrorists shoots and kills a woman Home Guard Mrs JAYASOORIYA ARACHCHIGE SUJEEWA DAMAYANTHI (30) (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS, now practicing their latest brutal method of shooting women when they continue to fail in almost every terror tactic, once again shot and killed a woman Home Guard in VAVUNIYA town while she was returning home after her duties VAVUNIYA
27/08/06 Muslim Civilian MOHOMAD JEFTHRI ABDUL Shot Dead by LTTE (see details)
LTTE PISTOL MEN gunned down a Muslim civilian in the general area of LINGANAGAR, TRINCOMALEE .
The victim was driving a three-wheeler at the time he was shot dead.
27/08/06 Tamil MOTHER, SOMALINGAM LECHCHAMI (48) who Refused LTTE Child Conscription Shot & Killed (see details)
THE UNFORTUNATE MOTHER, who was brave enough to save her young son from being abducted by LTTE terrorists and was admitted to hospital after LTTE shot her succumbed to gunshot injuries at BATTICALOA hospital. BATTICALOA
26/08/06 Police Post Attacked; PC Injured (see details) ONE POLICE CONSTABLE (PC) was admitted to VAVUNIYA hospital after he was injured in the explosion of a hand grenade thrown by LTTE terrorists towards Police personnel at the VAIRAVAPULIYANKULAM Police Post in VAVUNIYA VAVUNIYA
26/08/06 Nine more soldiers The victims have been identified as Staff Sergeant K.A. SIRIWARDANA, Sergeant W.W. PREMACHANDRA, Sergeant W.M. NISSANKA KUMARA, Corporal S.P. WEERASINGHE, Lance Corporal J.M.A. PREMAKUMARA, Lance Corporal S.M.P. SAMARAKOON, Private R.A.N.D. RANAMUKA, Private R.O.R.K. LIYANAGE and Private C.D.T. MADUSHANKA  die from the explosion of  LTTE Improvised Explosive Device (IED) (see details)
THE DEATH TOLL OF SOLDIERS who were caught in the explosion of the LTTE Improvised Explosive Device (IED) at MUHAMALAI has risen to nine. JAFFNA
26/08/06 LTTE Gunmen Kill Tamil civilians Brother SINNARAJA (35), & Sister WIMALAKUMARI KOMALAN (44), At Home (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS shot and killed two civilians at their home at MAVADIWEMBU, BATTICALOA  BATTICALOA 
26/08/06 LTTE Mortars Fall On Village Injuring Five Tamil  Civilians (see details) A FEW ROUNDS OF MORTARS fired by LTTE targeting the CHENKALADY Army detachment in BATTICALOA fell on a village and injured five Tamil civilians  BATTICALOA
26/08/06 Home Guard Injured In LTTE Fire (see details)
A GROUP OF TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) TERRORISTS who waylaid a Home Guard attached to the DAMANA Police station shot and injured him  AMPARA
25/08/06 Woman Home Guard Shot By LTTE (see details)
LTTE TERRORISTS fired at a woman Home Guard of the VAVUNIYA Police station while she was returning after her duties at VAVUNIYA Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP) office at Good Shed road in VAVUNIYA VAVUNIYA
24/08/06 LTTE Pistol Men Kill Unarmed Soldier D.M.T.P. DISSANAYAKE (32), And Civilian A.H. UPUL (30) (see details)
LTTE PISTOL MEN shot and killed one soldier and a civilian off duty in VAVUNIYA  VAVUNIYA
24/08/06 Ex-Home Guard D.A. LENIN PERERA (46) Shot Dead By LTTE (see details)
24/08/06 NGO Worker P LESLEY (29), Gunned Down By LTTE (see details)
A LOCAL EMPLOYEE of a New Zealand funded Non Governmental Organization (NGO) engaged in tsunami reconstruction and rehabilitation work was abducted and shot dead by LTTE pistol men at THIRUKKOVIL, AMPARA AMPARA
24/08/06 Soldier M.M.R.B. WIJERATHNE Killed In LTTE Fire (see details)

23/08/06 LTTE Claymore & Fire Attack Kills Policeman MALAKA GOONAWARDANE (see details)
ONE POLICEMAN WAS KILLED when LTTE terrorists launched a claymore attack coupled with small arms fire at a Police foot patrol in OTTAMAVADY, BATTOICALOA  BATTICALOA
23/08/06 Tamil Civilian THAMMUGARAJA PRABHAKARAN (35) Killed Inside Three-Wheeler (see details)
AN UNIDENTIFIED GUNMAN, suspected to be from the LTTE, shot and killed a civilian inside a three-wheeler in TRINCOMALEE town centre  TRINCOMALEE
23/08/06 Civilian & Policeman Injured In Firing (see details) AN UNIDENTIFIED MOTORBIKE riding LTTE gunman fired at a Police foot patrol in SALAMBAIKULAM area, BATTICALOA .The LTTE fire injured one Policeman and a civilian who was passing by. BATTICALOA
23/08/06 Soldier G.G.N. WIJERATHNE On Duty Killed In LTTE Fire (see details)
LTTE terrorists fired small arms and mortars towards an Army point in the general area of VAVUNATHIVU, BATTICALOA . One soldier, who was on duty, was killed in the incident. BATTICALOA
22/08/06 LTTE Hand Grenade Attack Claims One More Soldier’s Life and injures three (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS ONCE AGAIN continued their brutal acts of violence by throwing a hand grenade at a sentry point of the Security Forces at ACHCHUVELI, JAFFNA 
The grenade attack killed one soldier and three others received minor injuries.
20/08/06 Former TULF MP Mr. SIVAMAHARAJA Slain (see details)
UNIDENTIFIED PISTOL MEN shot and killed a former Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) parliamentarian (MP) inside his residence at THELIPPALAI in JAFFNA 
      The seventy-year old former TULF Parliamentarian, Mr. SIVAMAHARAJA, who had later on contested on the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) ticket, was also the Managing Director of the local JAFFNA newspaper ‘Eelanadu’ when he was gunned down.
20/08/06 LTTE Claymore Mine Explosion Injures Policeman (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS DETONATED a claymore mine targeting Police personnel on duty at SALAMBAKULAM, VAVUNIYA Police post  VAVUNIYA
19/08/06 LTTE Fire Attack Injures One Soldier (see details)
AN ARMY POST at KINNIADY area in BATTICOLOA came under LTTE small arms fire. 
     Troops also retaliated the LTTE fire. One soldier received minor injuries and was admitted to hospital.
19/08/06 LTTE Pistol Men Kill Another Tamil Tamil Civilian SURIYAPALAN MAURAN (see details)
ONE MORE CIVILIAN has been shot and killed in broad daylight by the LTTE pistol group on Temple road, NALLUR, JAFFNA. JAFFNA
19/08/06 Tamil Civilian KARUNESHWARAM KANDIWARAN Killed By Unidentified Gunmen suspected to be LTTE (see details)
A civilian has been shot dead by an unidentified gunman, suspected to be from the LTTE, at ILAWARADENKULAMA, VAVUNIYA. VAVUNIYA
19/08/06 LTTE Terrorists claim one more Tamil civilian BALAKRISHNAN (26)'s Life (see details) One more civilian has been shot and killed in broad daylight Saturday (19) around 1.00 p.m. by LTTE pistol group men at KALIKOVIL, JAFFNA.
18/08/06 Dead Bodies Of Two Tamil Civilians PUBALIPILLE KONESHWARSA (45) and PUSHPARAJA CHANDRAKRISHNAN (18) killed by LTTE Found (see details)
LTTE GUNMEN HAVE REPORTEDLY KILLED two civilians in the general area of BATTICALOA and VALACHCHENAI . Dead bodies recovered. BATTICALOA
18/08/06 Three-Wheeler Terrorist Takes life of Police Constable KAPILA DISSANAYAKE (35) (see details)
TERRORISTS OF LTTE PISTOL GROUP on a three-wheeler while speeding past a combined security post of the Army and the Police at POMPAIMADU on VAVUNIYA – MANNAR road shot at one of the Police Constables on duty, killing him. VAVUNIYA
17/08/06 LTTE Hand Grenades Injure Civilians (see details)
TWO CIVILIANS, including one female, received injuries when LTTE terrorists flung three hand grenades towards an Army Point in TRINCOMALEE  TRINCOMALEE
17/08/06 A Tamil civilian who refused to surrender his child to the LTTE  tortured (see details) A civilian has complained to the SITTANDY Army camp  that he was tortured by LTTE men since he refused to surrender his fourteen-year old child to the LTTE living in the general area of SITTANDY. He has complained this to the ICRC, too. POLONNARUWA
16/08/06 Two Tamil Civilians WIRAMUTTU PONNAMBALAM (58), AIYAGUPARAMANEKI (48)  Killed & One Tamil Civilian MARIMUTTU MOHANASUNDAM (36) Injured In LTTE Fire (see details) A GROUP OF LTTE terrorists have reportedly fired at a tractor carrying civilians in MORAWEWA, AMPARA.
     Two civilians on the tractor died and another received injuries due to LTTE fire.
16/08/06 TWO MORE Tamil TEENAGE boys PULLEINAYAGAM (16) and SUDARASHAN (17) abducted by LTTE (see details) TWO MORE TEENAGE boys were abducted by LTTE terrorists in AMPARA. The two minors who have been  abducted by LTTE terrorists after they arrived in a van. AMPARA
16/08/06 LTTE Pistol Men Kill Police Constable SUDUBANDARA WIJENAYAKE (38) (see details) A POLICE CONSTABLE attached to the AKKARAIPATTU Police Station has been killed by the LTTE . He, a father of three, was on his way home after duty at the time he was reportedly abducted by LTTE terrorists  AMPARA
16/08/06 More Civilians Injured In LTTE Fire (see details) ARTILLERY ROUNDS fired by LTTE (Tamil Tigers) terrorists from un-cleared areas have inflicted injuries to civilians living in government-controlled areas and caused irreparable damages to their property during past few days.
      LTTE Artillery fire launched  targeting troops fell in populated areas of KODIKAMAM and MASERI in JAFFNA and injured five more civilians. Troops hurriedly took the injured civilians to MANTHIKAI  hospital for treatment.
16/08/06 Civilian beaten by LTTE (see details) A CIVILIAN, who tried to make out two suspicious men in HENANIGALA, area in POLONNARUWA after he entertained some doubt about their presence, has been beaten by them. The two suspects on the motorbike, believed to be LTTE terrorists, have fled immediately after they assaulted the civilian. POLONNARUWA
16/08/06 Refusal to  rejoin LTTE Takes Tamil Infant NILUSHAN (1 ½)'s Life and injures parents NIMALAN (20) and GAJANMILAR (18) (see details) LTTE terrorists as per report stormed the house of the ex-LTTE cadre who had repeatedly refused the LTTE demand to rejoin the organization, and opened fire indiscriminately at him while he was with his wife and him one-and-half-year old son.  The infant died in the LTTE firing while his parents, received serious injuries in the LTTE fire. BATTICALOA
16/08/06 Sailor G.R.E. KUMARA Dies and another injured In LTTE Fire (see details)
TWO SAILORS sustained critical injuries due to LTTE fire at SALLIYA SAMBALATHIVU, TRINCOMALEE.
     The two injured sailors were rushed to the Naval hospital but one Able succumbed to his injuries on admission to hospital.
16/08/06 Sorikalmunai GS Mr. ANTHONY ERUDAYADAN (42), a Tamil, abducted By Tamil Tigers
A GROUP OF UNIDENTIFIED TAMIL TIGERS (LTTE), have abducted a Grama Seva Niladhari (GS)  from KALMUNAI area.
     He was on his way home after duty when abducted by Tamil Tigers
15/08/06 Public Market Bombed Injuring 12 –Year Old Boy and nine other Muslim civilians (see details) 
A twelve – year old boy was among nine Muslim civilians injured when LTTE (Tamil Tiger) terrorists with a view to provoking the masses, threw a hand grenade at the public market in OTTAMAVADI, BATTICALOA BATTICALOA
15/08/06 Desperate LTTE Terrorists Kill Three More Tamil Civilians SINNIAH SIVASANKAR (21) , PARANKAMAN (23) , S. BASKARAN (47) (see details)
Two civilians were shot dead by LTTE gunmen in KOKUVIL area. These killings were reported to the SLMM. JAFFNA
15/08/06 LTTE Sniper Fire Injures Soldier (see details) ONE SOLDIER RECEIVED INJURIES in an LTTE sniper fire while the troops were clearing SANTHIVELY area  BATTICALOA
14/08/06 Tamil Teenagers SINNADORAI SIVADARAN (15) and KRISHNA PULLAI SIVAMOORTHI (15) Abducted (see details) THE ERAVUR POLICE have received complaints to the effect that Tamil Tigers (LTTE) have abducted teenage sons of Mrs. SIVARAJA YOGARANI (36) of KALI KOVIL Road, DEVAPURAM and Mrs. PUWALAPULLAI DEVANAYAGAM (45) of SITTHANDI. They have complained to the Police that their sons were abducted by, suspected LTTE men  BATTICALOA
14/08/06 LTTE attempts to assassinate Pakistani High Commissioner Mr. BASHIR WALI MOHAMED who narrowly escapes. FOUR SOLDIERS OF THE SRI LANKA ARMY on escort and three others die. Seventeen injured. (see details) A POWERFUL  EXPLOSION believed to have been triggered by Tamil Tiger terrorists around the Liberty roundabout at the intersection to   ANANDAKUMARASWAMY  Road at KOLLUPITIYA, COLOMBO 03  killed at least seven including members of a security escort to Pakistani High Commissioner COLOMBO
12/08/06 LTTE Fire Attack Injures Two Soldiers (see details)
AN ARMY FOOT PATROL at KUMBURMOOLAI area in BATTICALOA came under LTTE small arms fire .Two soldiers received injuries and were rushed to hospital. BATTICALOA
12/08/06 LTTE Artillery Fire Kills civilian H.K. RANJITH HETTI KANKANAM (28) and  Injuries two (see details)

AN ARTILLERY FIRED BY LTTE TERRORISTS from the un-cleared areas of SAMPOOR fell on an lorry parked at the Prima Flour Mill in TRINCOMALEE Killing a civilian and injuring two others.

12/08/06 Peace Secretariat Deputy Secretary General Mr. KETHISHWARAN LOGANANATHAN (54) a Tamil Shot Dead by LTTE (see details)
SUSPECTED LTTE PISTOL MEN in one of their brutal assassinations, shot and killed the Deputy Secretary General of the Secretariat for Coordinating of the Peace Process (SCOPP) after calling him out to the gate at his home  COLOMBO
11/08/06 Terrorists Abduct Schoolboy THAVARASA THURUHARAN (15) For Conscriptions (see details)
A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD BOY was abducted by Tamil Tigers (LTTE) from his home at VINAYAGAPURAM, BATTICALOA.
    He was at home when a group of LTTE terrorists stormed his house and took him away for conscription. 
11/08/06 EPDP activist, CHANDRABOSE SUWANDAN (26) killed by LTTE (see details) IN THE LTTE’S BARBARIC CYCLE OF MURDER AND VIOLENCE, the anti-LTTE democratic group, Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) appears to be the worst affected, as LTTE terrorists gunned down one more EPDP activist in WEPPANKULAM, VAVUNIYA. VAVUNIYA
11/08/06 LTTE Pistol Men take life of Tamil Tractor Driver SIVALNGAM UDAYAKANTHAN (26) (see details) A TRACTOR DRIVER was shot dead by LTTE pistol group terrorists at SELVANAYAGAPURAM, JAFFNA while he was going for a hire in the area.  JAFFNA
10/08/06 Police Constable Injured In LTTE Fire (see details)
A POLICE CONSTABLE, attached to the KATTANKUDY Police station was injured when terrorists  of LTTE pistol group shot him at KATTANKUDY, BATTICALOA BATTICALOA
10/08/06 Terrorist Detonate IED Kills one Soldier B PREMATHILAKE (see details)
An Improvised Explosion Device (IED) of the LTTE (Tamil Tiger)which had been laid near an Army   point   in KOKUVIL area, JAFFNA exploded causing death to one soldier  JAFFNA
10/08/06 LTTE Rival Political Activist THALAIMUTTUSIVA (30) Shot (see details) A MEMBER of People’s Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) has been fired upon by unidentified gunmen, suspected to be from LTTE  at KOVILKULAM, VAVUNIYA.  VAVUNIYA
09/08/06 Tamil Youth THAMBIRASA RAGINIANTH Found Shot Dead By LTTE Gunmen (see details) ON INFORMATION received from civilians troops rushed to the general area of MEERAVODAI to find the bullet riddled dead body of a twenty-five year old civilian.
     Hands of the dead man had been tied together when it was found by troops 
09/08/06 Police Constable CHANDRASOMA Injured in LTTE Fire (see details)
LTTE (TAMIL TIGERS) opened small arms fire on Police Constables who were on duty in PARAPPAKANDAL area in MANNAR .A Police Constable received injuries in the incident and was evacuated to Hospital for future treatment. MANNAR
09/08/06 LTTE Kills One Tamil Civilian SILVARAJA RATHNAKUMAR (31) and Injures Another AIYATHURAI SELDEEPAN (27)  (see details)
A GROUP OF LTTE GUNMEN shot & killed one civilian at SANDILIPAI, JAFFNA The victim was near his house with his friend, when the LTTE gunmen fired at them and fled.  JAFFNA
09/08/06 LTTE Claymore Mine Hits Ambulance Killing Doctor & Nurses (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS, in their fanatic and wild machinations, regardless of all civilized ethics and UN conventions, attacked an ambulance and killed five persons including a doctor and two nurses near un-cleared  areas of NEDUNKERNY in VAVUNIA  VAVUNIYA
08/08/06 Terrorists explode bomb and injure  EPDP Stalwart Mr. SIVADASAN and kill two others (see details)
AN EXPLOSIVE DEVICE targeting an EPDP stalwart exploded near a reputed Girls’ school in MILAGIRIYA killed two but failed to strike their EPDP target. COLOMBO
08/08/06  LTTE Pistol Men Kill Another Civilian SUDASIVAN ADARJUN (26) (see details) ONE MORE INNOCENT CIVILIAN was shot dead by LTTE pistol group by terrorists of LTTE pistol group who came on a motorbike in KONDAVIL area JAFFNA
08/08/06 LTTE Abducts ICRC Vehicle (see details)
OFFICIAL OF THE ICRC lodged a complain against a group of LTTE men who abducted their vehicle while they were proceeding from ARIPPU to MURUNKAN  MANNAR
08/08/06 LTTE Pistol Men Kill Muslim Home Guard KALANDAN LEBBE SUBAYAR (39) (see details)

LTTE PISTOL GROUP TERRORISTS, in their non-ending thirst for blood and violence shot and killed a Muslim Home Guard on duty in AKKARAIPATTU town  AMPARA
08/08/06 Tamil Tigers Hit and injure Soldier Distributing Breakfast (see details)
A SOLDIER DELIVERING BREAKFAST to a route clearing team of the Security Forces was shot and severely wounded by LTTE terrorists in hiding  ANURADHAPURA
08/08/06 LTTE Claymore Kills Two STF Personnel (see details)

LTTE terrorists detonated one more claymore mine at POTHUVIL, AMPARA and killed two Special Task Force personnel.  AMPARA
07/08/06 SSP Mr. UPUL SENEVIRATNE Killed In Claymore Mine Explosion (see details)
SENIOR SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE (SSP)  Director Training Special Task Force (STF) died in an LTTE claymore mine explosion at DIGANE, KANDY. KANDY
07/08/06 Police Constable G. WIKRAMASOORIYA (44), Latest Prey Of Pistol Terrorists (see details) PISTOL GROUP TERRORISTS OF THE LTTE (Tamil Tigers), showing once again their disregard for human lives, shot and killed one Police Constable on duty in BATTICALOA  BATTICALOA
06/08/06 TELO Member ARUMUGAN NAVASIYAM (38) Shot By LTTE (see details) AN ACTIVE MEMBER of Tamil Ealam Liberation Organization (TELO) was shot by an unidentified gunman  at KUMAN KULAM, VAVUNIYA VAVUNIYA
06/08/06 LTTE Kills Tamil Youth MANOHARAN PARATHEEPAN (20) (see details)
TAMIL TIGERS (LTTE), self-claimed to be the sole representative of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka, killed one more Tamil civilian at ANNEIKOTTEI, JAFFNA. JAFFNA
06/08/06 LTTE Artillery Fire Injures Civilians (see details) A FEW ROUNDS of LTTE fire from the un-cleared area of SAMPOOR fell on three houses belonging to civilians and injured three civilians  TRINCOMALEE
06/08/06 One More Tamil Civilian KANDIAH SUDHAKARAN (33) Falls Victim To LTTE Gunmen (see details)
TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) GUNMEN claimed the life of one more civilian in JAFFNA  JAFFNA
05/08/06 Two Tamil Civilians THAVASEELAN (21),ARUMUGAM UDAYASOORIYAN (43) Killed In Jaffna (see details)
A CIVILIAN HAS BEEN SHOT DEAD by LTTE gunmen MARADANAMADAM, JAFFNA.Another civilian has been shot dead by suspected LTTE terrorists in THAMBISETTI area in POINT PEDRO, JAFFNA  JAFFNA
05/08/06 LTTE Fire Kills Soldier (see details)
ONE ARMY SOLDIER WAS KILLED when LTTE terrorists in hiding fired at troops on duty at PARAPPAKANDAL, MANNAR  MANNAR
05/08/06 Tamil Civilian Injured In LTTE Random Fire Admitted To Hospital (see details) TROOPS ON DUTY AT THE BLACK BRIDGE entry/exit point made arrangements to admit a Tamil civilian injured due to LTTE gunfire in un-cleared areas to hospital. BATTICALOA
04/08/06 Tamil Police Sergeant SHIVARAJAH PAKYARASA Died In Confrontation Found (see details)
THE DEAD BODY OF A POLICE SERGEANT who was believed to have died during confrontations with LTTE was recovered from the general area of MUTTUR town  TRINCOMALEE
04/08/06 Tamil Civilian WASUDEWAN (25) Injured In LTTE Fire (see details) 
TWO UNIDENTIFIED MOTORBIKE RIDING gunmen, suspected to be LTTE terrorists, shot and injured a civilian at PARAKUM Village, TRINCOMALEE  TRINCOMALEE
04/08/06 Tamil civilian PONNATHURAI JINESHAMOORTHI (56) Killed (see details) A CIVILIAN WAS SHOT AND KILLED by terrorists of the LTTE pistol group at  THIRUNAVELY, JAFFNA  The victim, had been a bank manager of the Peoples Bank. JAFFNA
04/08/06 Two Policemen Caught Up in Claymore Explosion (see details)
ONE POLICE SUB INSPECTOR AND TWO CONSTABLES sustained injuries in an LTTE planted claymore mine explosion while they were on their way to reinforce Policemen at a bunker under LTTE fire  in VAVUNIYA area VAVUNIYA
03/08/06 LTTE artillery fire kill more than 20 Muslims and injure many displaced Muslims and school children see details in links below.
(SL Defence)
RETREATING LTTE TERRORISTS IN UN-CLEARED areas of THOPPUR, TRINCOMALEE directed artillery shell fire on displaced Muslim civilians, housed inside MUTTUR Arabic college in MUTTUR town killed and injured many.  TRINCOMALEE
03/08/06 LTTE Detonate a Claymore Mine and injure two soldiers (see details)
LTTE terrorists repeating their criminal tactics once again activated a claymore mine  targeting troops on route clearing duties in PARAPPAKANDAL, MANNAR area and injured two soldiers.
02/08/06 Police Constable SAMARAKKODIGE MAHINDA’s shot and killed (see details) A Police Constable who went to nearby town to purchase some items after leaving PESALAI Police station was reportedly shot at close range by an LTTE pistol man . VAVUNIYA
02/08/06 LTTE Pistol Men Strike and kill Tamil Musician PATHMANADHAN SEVANETTHARI (31) (see details)
The 31-year old leader of a Tamil music group has been assassinated by LTTE pistol men near YARL Junction, JAFFNA for his failure to honour an order given by the LTTE, the Police were told. JAFFNA
01/08/06 Police Sergeant Shot Dead By LTTE (see details)   AN LTTE GUNMAN ON BOARD A three-wheeler shot and killed a Police Sergeant closer to MAMADUWA junction on HOROWPATHANA- VAVUNIYA road.  VAVUNIYA
01/08/06 LTTE gunns down an 18-year-old Tamil boy MOHANDAS (18) (see details) In the latest crime, suspected LTTE terrorists gunned down an 18-year-old Tamil boy this at ALAI ADIWEMBU, AKKARAIPATTU. AKKARAIPATTU.
31/07/06 LTTE kills three-wheeler driver H.D. SUSANTHA LAKSHMAN (30) (see details) Meanwhile, suspected two unidentified Tamil Tigers have gunned down a thirty-year-old three-wheeler driver on Love Lane at TRINCOMALEE  TRINCOMALEE
31/07/06 ONE MORE HOME GUARD fell victim to LTTE (see details) ONE MORE HOME GUARD fell victim to LTTE pistol men in the general area of SELVANAYAGAPURAM, TRINCOMALEE while he was travelling in a vehicle. TRINCOMALEE
31/07/06 Terrorists In Tit For Tat Attack Blasts Army Bus Killing Sixteen Soldiers (see details) IN WHAT WAS SEEN as a tit for tat attack, LTTE terrorists blasted an Army bus that was carrying troops to KANTALAI on KANTALAI – SERUNUWARA road killing 16 soldiers on the spot and injuring two. TRINCOMALEE
30/07/06 LTTE kil Tamil civilian BASKARAN KAPILRAJ (18) (see details) Earlier, civilians informed the Police that LTTE gunmen have killed a young man in URUMPIRAI, JAFFNA. JAFFNA
30/07/06 Fleeing Tamil Young Men To Avoid LTTE Conscription RASARATHNEM SENTHURAN and THANGARASA MANOHARAN Shot injuring one seriously (see details) TWO TAMIL YOUNG MEN under LTTE’s intense threat forcing them to join the LTTE have deserted their village in RALKULLY, MUTTUR and escaped on a canoe, but met with LTTE fire. TRINCOMALEE
30/07/06 LTTE Claymore & Fire Attack Injures Soldier (see details)
AN LTTE CLAYMORE MINE EXPLOSION followed by subsequent fire attack injured one soldier at PUTUKULAM, VAVUNIYA. VAVUNIYA
29/07/06 Policeman Injured In LTTE Bomb Attack (see details) ONE POLICE SERGEANT received injuries Saturday in the explosion of an LTTE Improvised Explosive Device (IED) at KUDUMALU junction, VAVUNIYA VAVUNIYA
28/07/06 Tamil Students PARATHIVAN (15) and PUVANARASA (15),Escape LTTE Detention (see details)
Two students of the PUDUKUDIRUPPU Maha Vidyalaya VALACHCHENAI were abducted by LTTE terrorists  while they were on their way home after school. However, the two students, managed to escape LTTE detention, the same day evening. BATTICALOA
28/07/06 Terrorist kill three Home Guards G. SUNIL GUNAWARDANE (28), SAMAN KUMARA DISSANAYAKE (30) and , BANDAGE THILAKARATHNE (37) in Kebethigollewa (see details)
LTTE TERRORISTS, undeterred by all reconciliatory measures, once again showed their brutality in KEBETHIGOLLEWA area by killing three Home Guards returning home after duties. ANURADHAPURA
28/07/06 LTTE pistol group gunns down two Police Constables SARATH and JESDASAN (see details) TERRORISTS OF THE LTTE pistol group gunned down two Police Constables at KUNGU ARU, PALAUTTUR in TRINCOMALEE while they were on foot patrol in the area. TRINCOMALEE
28/07/06 LTTE Grenade Injures Tamil Civilian KOBALAPILLAI SIVANADAN (49) & Soldier (see details)
AN ARMY FOOT PATROL at THATTATTHIRI area in JAFFNA came under LTTE hand grenade attack .
One soldier and a civilian received injuries in the incident.
27/07/06 Tamil Police Constable JAYARASA JAYABALA RAJENDRAN Abducted & Killed (see details)
A TAMIL POLICE CONSTABLE on his way to THIRUKKOVIL Police station has been abducted and subsequently killed by suspected LTTE terrorists
27/07/06 Innocent Tamil Woman Ms SUNDARALINGAM PUNESHWARAM (48) LTTE’s Latest Prey (see details)
LTTE PISTOL MEN claimed the life of another innocent woman at BHARATHIPURAM, TRINCOMALEE. She was killed by LTTE assassins in front of the eyes of her own two children.
27/07/06 Two Police Constables In Mannar Hospital Post and a woman injured from LTTE attack  (see details) ONE MORE POLICE CONSTABLE and a woman came under an LTTE hand grenade attack at MANNAR town when an unidentified Tamil Tiger (LTTE) mingling with the public threw the grenade, targeting Police Constables. Another Police Constable on duty near the Hospital Police post at ULUPAIKULAM, MANNAR had to seek admission to MANNAR hospital  after he received injuries in an LTTE fire attack  MANNAR
27/07/06 LTTE’s Terror Kills killed at least two Tamil civilians MARIYADAS MANOJAN RAJ (22), KANDAIAH CHITHRA VADIVEL injures two Tamil civilians including Mr. KRISHNAKUMAR (50) and one soldier (see details) TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) terrorists in separate pre-dawn claymore mine and fire attacks in JAFFNA  aiming civilians as well as members of the Security Forces killed at least two civilians, injured two civilians and one soldier within a matter of four hours. JAFFNA
26/07/06 One More Cowardly Terrorist Attack  Kills Soldier (see details)
BARELY THREE HOURS later LTTE terrorists wounded a Police Constable at MURUNKAN, terrorists once again shot and killed a soldier on duty in the east of OMANTHAI Entry/Exit point VAVUNIYA
A Police Constable Injured by LTTE attack (see details)
ONE MORE POLICE CONSTABLE SERVING  Police post near MURUNKAN in MANNAR received injuries when LTTE terrorists fired small arms.
25/07/06 Terrorists Detonate Grenade & Injure Two Police Constables (see details) TWO POLICE CONSTABLES, attached to the Police post near VAVUNIYA Railway Station were evacuated to hospital  when LTTE terrorists threw a hand grenade at the Police post and fled the scene.
The explosion caused panic among the public who were heading towards the Railway Station to board trains.
25/07/06 Terrorists Snipe At Soldiers and injure one soldier (see details)
LTTE TERRORISTS in un-cleared areas sniped and injured one soldier at KOKKUTUDUWAI, WELIOYA .
The injured soldier was clearing the area with fellow-soldiers when he came under LTTE sniper fire.
25/07/06 Two Police Constables Injured In Terrorist Attack (see details)
TWO POLICE CONSTABLES received serious injuries at THIRUNAVELI road, KOPAY in JAFFNA when LTTE terrorists detonated a claymore mine on a Police foot patrol. Terrorists who had taken cover inside a wayside building activated the claymore mine as the Police team on foot patrol was walking past the area in order to maintain law and order. JAFFNA
24/07/06 Tamil civilian NAGARASA SUNDARALINGAM (35) Shot & Killed In Broad Daylight (see details)
UNIDENTIFIED motorbike-riding gunmen, believed to be from the LTTE, shot and killed a Tamil man at a location between SERUNUWARA and ARIPPU junction in TRINCOMALEE .
The victim, was on his push bicycle when gunmen confronted the rider and assassinated him after shooting him at close range. 
24/07/06 Terrorists Strike Again Killing Army Sergeant (see details)
ONE MORE TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) claymore attack on a moving Army tractor at SETTIKULAM, VAVUNIYA claimed the life of an Army Sergeant.
24/07/06 Minister Devananda’s Public Relation Officer MAHAKANAPATHY PILLE Gunned Down (see details) PUBLIC RELATION OFFICER to the Ministry of Hon. Minister DOUGLAS DEVANANDA, leader of the Eelam Peoples’ Democratic Party (EPDP), was shot dead by pistol men, suspected to be from LTTE, at IBC road, WELLAWATTE  COLOMBO
23/07/06 Home Guard NISSANKA RANJITH BANDARA Beheaded By LTTE Terrorists (see details) TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) terrorists resorting to their usual bloodthirsty cycle of terror brutally beheaded a Home Guard, attached to the SIRIMANGALAPURA Police Post, TRINCOMALEE . TRINCOMALEE
23/07/06 Motorbike-Riding Terrorists Shoot and kill Young Tamil Men SELVAM SUDARSHAN (22) and ANTON KANAGARATNAM RUSIYANDAS (19) (see details) REPORTS CONFIRMED two motorbike-riding LTTE pistol men, for reasons best known only to them have shot dead two young men in the general area of THIRUNALVELY east in JAFFNA .
23/07/06 Sailor Injured In LTTE Hand Grenade Attack (see details) TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) terrorists hurled a hand grenade towards naval troops at the WELANI junction Navy picket point in KAYTS, JAFFNA.
The explosion caused injuries to one sailor on duty at the point near  Education Office in KAYTS.
23/07/06 Tamil Civilian SIVAPRAKASHAM THIRUNAKARASHU (66) Killed By Unidentified Gunman (see details)
A CIVILIAN has been shot dead by an unidentified gunman, suspected to be from the LTTE. 
The victim, has been killed in front of MALAKKAM College.
22/07/06 LTTE claymore mine claims lives of 2 more soldiers JAYASINGHE UDGW and PRIVATE ANURUDDHA BANDARA PGW (see details)
TWO MORE SOLDIERS WERE KILLED AND another two were injured when Tamil Tiger terrorists activated a claymore mine against troops at MEESALAI South, JAFFNA.
21/07/06 More Tamil Civilians WALLI KIDNAM (65),  SINNAMAM DHARMARAJAH (27), THAVACHELVAM (28), Fall Victim To LTTE Terrorism (see details)
LTTE GUNMEN shot and killed a man inside his residence at URANI in JAFFNA
Another civilian was shot dead by LTTE at KARANTHAN junction, KOPAI in JAFFNA 
A civilian residing at PALALY road, THIRUNAVELI meanwhile has also been gunned down by LTTE terrorists .
21/07/06 Parliamentarian’s  Mr. JAYANANDA MOORTHY’s house damaged in bomb attack (see details)
DISTRICT TAMIL NATIONAL ALLIANCE (TNA) Member of Parliament ’s home in BATTICALOA was partly damaged in a bomb attack . Police said a gang of terrorists, yet to be identified have carried out the attack . 
21/07/06 Young Tamil woman KAMALANI  SHIVANESHWARI (23) who was going for a movie shot dead (see details)

A 23 YEAR – OLD YOUNG WOMAN proceeding to a cinema hall had been shot dead by LTTE pistol men for reasons best known only to the pistol men in the general area of NAKOLLI, ILLAWALI, JAFFNA. JAFFNA
21/07/06 Soldier Injured In LTTE Claymore Explosion (see details)
ONE SOLDIER received injuries after LTTE terrorists detonated a claymore mine targeting troops at CHEKKADIPILAM on CHETTIKULAM – ULUKKULAM road, VAVUNIYA VAVUNIYA
20/07/06 Six More Tamil civilians under LTTE attack (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS lobbed a hand grenade towards troops on picket duty at the ARASADI junction, JAFFNA.Explosion of this hand grenade injured five innocent civilians, who were passing by at the time the LTTE terrorists threw the hand grenade. Another civilian at KOKUVIL in JAFFNA was shot and injured by LTTE gunmen when he was at his residence
20/07/06 Tamil Hair Dresser Victimized For Working With Soldiers (see details)

LTTE terrorists have shot and killed a barber in the general area of CHUNNAKAM.
LTTE terrorists wanted to revenge from the barber because he used to do hair cutting of the members of the Security Forces
20/07/06 Four NGO Employees Latest Victims In LTTE Blast (see details)
Four employees attached to a World Bank Funded Project Operating in uncleared areas of MANNAR under NEIAP organization were injured in an LTTE activated claymore mine blast 
19/07/06 Motorbike-Riding Gunmen Take One More Life of a civilian GUNARAJADEVA (38) (see details) UNIDENTIFIED GUNMEN on a motorbike have gunned down a thirty-eight year old civilian in THORANKADU, TRINCOMALEE for reasons yet to be ascertained.
19/07/06 Tamil Shop Keeper NAGAMANI NADEESHWARAN Gunned Down (see details)
AN UNKNOWN GUNMAN stormed a shop in KOTAHENA, COLOMBO 13 and shot a civilian who is said to have arrived from JAFFNA and settled there.
18/07/06 LTTE-Seized Vehicles Not Returned (see details)
LTTE terrorists after threatening drivers of eleven tractors and eight lorries in the town have forcibly taken their vehicles away into un-cleared areas, asking their respective owners to pay Rs 20,000/- (about USD 200) for each tractor and Rs 50,000/- (about USD 500) for a lorry, if they were to be released.
19/07/06 Two Officers & Soldier Injured in Terrorist Blast Captain E.R.S.H.P.A. SIRIWARDENE, Lieutenant P.G.S.G. KUMARA and Lance Corporal U.S. THILAKARATHNE Succumb To Injuries  (see details)       THREE  ARMY PERSONNEL among the fourteen injured in the brutal LTTE (Tamil Tigers) claymore mine attack on an Army bus this morning (19) at about 11.05 a.m. at MARADANAMADAM, JAFFNA who were proceeding on leave, succumbed to injuries in the military hospital two hours later.
19/07/06 Fourteen Army & Police Personnel Escape Death In Explosion (see details) AT LEAST THREE ARMY OFFICERS, two Police Constables and nine Soldiers proceeding to the PALALY Airport on JAFFNA – CHUNNAKAM road were severely injured in an LTTE (Tamil Tigers) claymore mine attack  near MARADANAMADAM when hiding terrorists targeted their bus. JAFFNA
18/07/06 Terrorists Detonate Claymore Mine In Crowded Town Killing Tamil One Civilian SIINATHAMBI NAGARASA (55) & Injuring Six Others (see details)

A STATE OF PANIC AND ABSOLUTE MAYHEM enveloped KODIKAMAM town in JAFFNA when LTTE (Tamil Tigers) with scant regard to others, activated a claymore blast killing one innocent civilian and injuring six others including four soldiers on route clearing duty.
18/07/06 Two Dead Tamil Young Men MURUGAPILLAI MAHADEVAN (24) and SINNARASA SOMSUNDARAM (31),With Gunshot Injuries by LTTE Identified (see details)
Dead bodies of two youths, slain by suspected Tamil Tiger (LTTE) gunmen, were recovered by the BATTICALOA Police from the general area of SATHURUKONDAN Colony, BATTICALOA. BATTICALOA
17/07/06 LTTE Claymore Blast Kills Sailor (see details)
Tamil Tiger terrorists’ claymore attack on the Naval troops returning after duties in the port city of TRINCOMALEE, near SALLISAMBALTHIVU, has claimed the life of one Navy officer while he was being rushed to hospital in the aftermath of the explosion. TRINCOMALEE
17/07/06 Five Sailors, Latest Victims In LTTE Claymore Blast  (see details)
FIVE SAILORS WERE INJURED when Tamil Tiger (LTTE) terrorists detonated a claymore mine at SALLISAMBALTHIVU, TRINCOMALEE.
17/07/06 Terrorists Claim One More Soldier’s Life (see details)
LTTE TERRORISTS REPEATED THEIR TERRORIST ACTS when they detonated a claymore mine targeting three Army soldiers, near SIVAM KOVIL on JAFFNA – POINT PEDRO road.
16/07/06 Terrorists Sniper Fire Injures Soldier (see details)
AN LTTE SNIPER FIRE ATTACK directed towards troops on duty at JANAKAPURA, PADAVIYA area inflicted head injuries to one of the soldiers WELIOYA
16/07/06 Three Tamil civilans JOSHEP JUDE (20), ANTON DENSIL (22) and PAKYARASA ARULDAS (23) hacked to death (see details) THREE CIVILIAN WERE HACKED TO DEATH near the SINNA VINAYAGAR Kovil on ARULAMBALAM Road, ARIALAI, JAFFNA .
16/07/06 LTTE Claymore Mine Injures Two STF Personnel (see details)
LTTE TERRORISTS DETONATED A CLAYMORE MINE targeting Special Task Force (STF) troops on duty at THIRUKKOVIL area in AMPARA .
Two STF personnel who received injuries in the explosion were referred to hospital for medical treatments.
16/07/06 LTTE Fire From Un-Cleared Areas Injures Civilian & Soldier (see details)
TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) TERRORISTS from un-cleared areas launched an attack on troops at the SELVANAGAR Army camp in TRINCOMALEE 
One soldier and one civilian were injured when Tamil Tigers fired at the troops using 81 mm mortar and small arms.
 (see details)
REMAINS OF TWELVE SRI LANKA ARMY soldiers slain by LTTE terrorists during a confrontation in VAKANERI, WELIKANDA area on Friday morning have so far been received by ICRC through the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) 
Troops came under heavy LTTE mortar and small arms fire on Friday morning when they were on a search and clear duty in the area, compelling them to retaliate in self - defence.
The confrontation resulted in the death of four terrorists and twelve Army personnel.
14/07/06 LTTE Snipers Injure Two Sailors (see details)
LTTE Terrorists Sniped Two Sailors while they were on duty at MUTTUR Naval detachment .
12/07/06 Six Policemen and a civilian injured in LTTE mine blast (see details) The number of injured in the LTTE claymore mine blast at Nallur  now reported to be six Policemen and a civilian.
The incident occurred when the tiger terrorist targeted a Police Vehicle at Nawaladi .
12/07/06 Soldier W.R. Weerasinghe, Killed by a LTTE Sniper (see details) A soldier of the SL Army was killed while on duty at Nagarkovil Forward Defence Line by a LTTE terrorist Sniper  JAFFNA
12/07/06 PLOTE member Sebastian Irudarajan (48) killed by LTTE (see details) LTTE TERRORIST KILLED A PLOTE MEMBER at the Jaffna Town . The victim was shot near the Wembadi Girls School close to the JAFFNA lagoon. JAFFNA
11/07/06 Explosion near Kovil kills soldier (see details) A CLAYMORE MINE EXPLODED NEAR THE SETTIPURAM KOVIL in JAFFNA . One Soldier was reported killed. JAFFNA
10/07/06 Innocent Tamil Civilian SINHARAYAR CHRISTOPHER (48) Killed By Tamil Tigers (see details)
A civilian employed at PLOTE office - JAFFNA  was shot dead by a LTTE pistol man when he was issuing tickets at the bicycle park. JAFFNA
10/07/06 LTTE Tiger Terrorists Kill Tamil Colleague VELUPILLAI MOHANARASA (25) (see details)
A TAMIL TIGER TERRORIST SHOT AND KILLED  another tiger terrorist for failing to follow the orders of the LTTE .
He has been an active member in the LTTE organization  who took part in many activities  against Security Forces.
09/07/06 LTTE Fires At Buddhist Monks Of Somawathiya Chaitiya (see details) THE RESIDENT BUDDHIST MONKS OF SOMAWATHIYA CHAITIYA with an Army and Police escort were fired upon by a group of LTTE terrorists when they went to the Mahaweli Ganga .
This ancient Buddhist Chaitiya is provided security as it is not the first incident of the LTTE targeting the Buddhist monks and the Chaitiya itself.
09/07/06 Home Guard M. NIZAR (36) Gunned Down by LTTE (see details)
A HOME GUARD attached to the SAMANTHURAI Police returning after work was chased behind by two unidentified gunmen suspected to be LTTE terrorists and brutally gunned down. AMPARA
08/07/06 LTTE Terrorists Shoot and Injure a Civilian (see details)
08/07/06 An Anti Personal Mine Injures a Soldier (see details)
A SOLDIER WAS CRITICALLY INJURED when an Anti Personal mine exploded at KILALY 
08/07/06 LTTE PISTOL CADRES SHOOT at a PLOTE member and injure another Tamil civilian (see details) LTTE PISTOL CADRES SHOT at a PLOTE member and injured a civilian at the JAFFNA Hospital entrance  JAFFNA
07/07/06 LTTE Kills Innocent Muslim Civilian THUWAN VAHID ALI  (41) (see details)

A MALAY MUSLIM , a resident of No 64, SANGAMAN, CHINABAY was shot dead by LTTE pistol Group. Incident happened on GANESH ROAD and the victim is reported to be a fisherman. TRINCOMALEE
07/07/06 LTTE TERRORISTS OPEN FIRE with small arms and mortars injuring one soldier (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS OPENED FIRE with small arms and mortars injuring one soldier at the 64 Mile Post Army detachment, MUTTUR  TRINCOMALEE
06/07/06 Muslim Fisherman Killed by LTTE terrorists (see details)
Later, he succumbed to his injuries.
06/07/06 More Tamil Families Flee LTTEControlled Areas (see details) THREE MORE TAMIL FAMILIES consisting of three males, seven females, two girls and four boys has left the LTTE-controlled area and sought refuge in cleared areas. During the last five days 57 families comprising 168 persons have so far left the LTTE controlled area and sought refuge in the cleared area. BATTICALOA
04/07/06 Tamil Tiger Terrorists Shoot At Tamil Civilians and injure one PLOTE member ( see details)
LTTE TERRORISTS  fired at three fishermen severely injuring one, who has been identified as a member of Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE).
03/07/06 A Muslim civilian MOHOMMED ALI (24) gunned down by LTTE ( see details) TWO LTTE ARMED CADRES gunned down a civilian when he was at his residence in MUD COVE around  TRINCOMALEE
03/07/06 LTTE Claymore Explosion Kills a Soldier (see details)
One soldier was killed and another sustained injuries.
03/07/06 Three Policemen, Army soldier a Home Guard and a civilian killed and fourteen including children injured due to the LTTE explosion (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS CAUSED AN EXPLOSION at the ANURADHAPURA junction . The explosion occurred when Police personnel were trying to check a three wheeler parked near the market. Three Policemen, Army soldier a Home Guard and a civilian were killed due to the explosion A total of fourteen persons had been seriously injured - three Army personnel, two Policemen, an Airman, a Home Guard and seven civilians including two children. ANURADHAPURA
03/07/06 LTTE Terrorists Fire Small Arms at Police Check Point injuring one civilian (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS DIRECTED SMALL ARMS FIRE at the KALAWANCHIKUDI Police check point .
One civilian was injured in the LTTE firing.
03/07/06 LTTE Detonate Another Claymore At Police Personnel injuring two (see details)  

LTTE TERRORISTS  detonated a claymore mine aiming Police Special Task Force (STF) personnel while on route clearing along the PUDIKUDIRIPPU – KURUKKA MADAM road 
Two Police person received injuries in the incident and was evacuated to the BATTICALOA hospital for treatment.
02/07/06  Tamil Civilian MUTHURAJAH (63) & Soldier Injured In LTTE Hand Grenade Attack (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS in hiding fired towards troops returning after a search operation at NELLIADY . In another incident, LTTE terrorists lobbed a hand grenade towards troops on picket duties at URUMPIRAI junction . A civilian was also injured due to LTTE hand grenade attack and admitted to JAFFNA hospital. JAFFNA
30/06/06 A soldier who was concerned about civilians killed by LTTE (see details) TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) TERRORIST made another attempt to provoke Security Forces into harming civilians at ALAVEDDY church JAFFNA. The terrorist attempt failed but one soldier was injured and succumbed to his injuries when the Tigers opened fire at the troops, who did not retaliate to avoid causing injuries to civilians. JAFFNA
30/06/06 sailor, Able Patrolman D. COSTA (28) killed by LTTE (see details)
A SRI LANKA NAVY SAILOR AND A TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) TERRORIST AND were killed during an exchange of fire near the JUMMA MOSQUE in MANNAR . The LTTE pistol cadre in a deliberate attempt to provoke the Security Forces in the vicinity of a this sacred place opened fire at the Navy personnel killing the sailor MANNAR
30/06/06 Tamil Civilian KANDASAMY JAYANTHAKUMAR (28) Shot & Killed (see details)
SUSPECTED TAMIL TIGER TERRORISTS shot dead the civilian, a Tamil civilian in KALMUNAI Police area . AMPARA
30/06/06 EPDP Office Attacked (see details)
LTTE (TAMIL TIGER) TERRORISTS attacked the Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) office at MANNAR with a hand grenade . MANNAR
30/06/06 Tamil lady  NAVALAXMI (34) Stabbed To Death & Her House Robbed by LTTE (see details)
SUSPECTED TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) ASSOCIATES who are in a malicious attempt to spread terror in JAFFNA killed one more innocent female civilian and robbed her house . According to Police, a gang of armed robbers who entered the house of the woman had stabbed her, who later succumbed to injuries, when she resisted their cause before they robbed her house. They also fired two neighbours who ran in to assist the victim and snatched their jewellery. JAFFNA
29/06/06 Tamil civilian, D. VIJERAJAH (53) killed by LTTE (see details)
AT ARALI-WADUKOTTE in JAFFNA the LTTE had killed the civilian..
29/06/06 Tamil Civilian W. WANIGASINGHAM (35)Shot At By Tamil Tigers (see details) At MANIPAY in JAFFNA the LTTE had shot W. a civilian who was riding a motorcycle. He was severely injured and was rushed to hospital. JAFFNA
28/06/06 Three Civilians Injured in LTTE Mortar Attack (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS FIRED MORTAR ROUNDS WHEN A NAVY BOAT approached the MUTTUR jetty .Three civilians were injured in the mortar attack and they were rushed to the TRINCOMALEE Navy hospital. TRINCOMALEE
28/06/06 Five sailors killed and three sailors injured when Sri Lanka Navy Confronts LTTE Sea Tigers off KALPITIYA. At least 10 to 12 sea Tigers destroyed (see details) MOVEMENT OF ABOUT TWENTY SUSPICIOUS boats were detected by the Sri Lanka Navy patrol craft off BATTALANGUNDUWA, KALPITIYA .
They were confirmed to be belonging to the LTTE.
Those LTTE sea Tiger boats opened fire at naval units.
Naval craft too returned the fire.During the confrontation, an Inshore Patrol Craft of the Navy was damaged.
Three sailors were injured and five sailors had been killed in the incident.
Two LTTE Sea Tiger boats were destroyed along with at least 10-12 LTTE Sea Tigers.
28/06/06 Home Guard Injured in LTTE Fire (see details)
LTTE TERRORISTS FIRED AT POLICE PERSONNEL serving Police post on SAMAGI MAWATHA (road) when Policemen were conducting a foot patrol in TANKIYAWATTA area in PADAVIYA .. The Police retaliated the fire with small arms. One Home Guard sustained injuries and was rushed to the hospital. ANURADHAPURA
27/06/06 PLOTE member MANIKKA RASA injured by LTTE (see details) AN UNKNOWN GUNMAN SUSPECTED TO BE A TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) fired a member of the Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) and injured him at RAMBEKULAM, VAVUNIYA . VAVUNIYA
26/06/06 Deputy Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army Major General Parami Kulatunga and three others killed in an LTTE suicide bomb attack (see details) Deputy Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army Major General Parami Kulatunga and three others were killed in an LTTE suicide bomb attack at Pannipitiya . He was on his way to Army Headquarters.Major General Kulatunga is the highest ranking Army Officer to be killed in an LTTE suicide attack after the aborted attempt by an LTTE woman suicide bomber on Army Commander . PANNIPITIYA
26/06/06 Tamil Tigers killed Tamil civilian civilian, KANDAIYAH YOGESWARAN (59) and injure another Tamil civilian Mr. M. KANAKARATHNAM (71) (see details) BLOOD THIRSTY TIGERS GUNNED DOWN one innocent Tamil civilian and injured another JAFFNA showing their brutality and disregard towards humanity. The civilian was shot dead  near a welding shop at VELANY, KAYTS. An EPDP member was shot on the head four times with a 9-mm pistol whilst he was at his residence on POINT PEDRO-JAFFNA ROAD .He was rushed to the  hospital by the neighbours. JAFFNA
25/06/06 Tamil Civilian Defying LTTE  Fundraising in Switzerland VADUVEL PUVENDRAN (33), Gunned Down (see details) A Tamil civilian who was on a short visit to the island after ten year residence in SWITZERLAND was shot dead by unidentified Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in VALAICHCHENAI. BATTICALOA
25/06/06 LTTE Hand Grenade Explosion Injures Civilian (see details) EXPLOSION OF A HAND GRENADE lobbed by LTTE terrorists injured one more Muslim civilian closer to the ANURADHAPURA junction in TRINCOMALEE . LTTE terrorists hurled the hand grenade targeting the troops providing security near the market paying no regard to the presence of civilians. TRINCOMALEE
25/06/06 LTTE Pistol Group Kills PLOTE Member JAYAHULABDEEN MOHAMAD WAZEER (48) (see details) LTTE PISTOL GROUP SHOT DEAD PLOTE MEMBER  near the JAFFNA Hospital. He was a ticketing officer attached to the bicycle park near the JAFFNA hospital. He was issuing parking tickets when two motorbike raiding pistol men shot him dead and fled the area. JAFFNA
24/06/06 LTTE Fire Injures One More Soldier (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS CONTINUED FIRING AT ARMY TROOPS ENGAGED IN PICKET duties on VAVUNIYA - MANNAR road injuring a soldier closer to the AMBASEWANA Police post  VAVUNIYA
24/06/06 LTTE Pistol Men Kill Two Army Soldiers Private K.G. RUKMAN WARNAKULASOORIYA and Private D.M DISSANAYAKE (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS SHOT and killed two Army soldiers on picket duties at KURUMANKADU on VAVUNIYA-MANNAR road . The two soldiers died due to LTTE pistol firing. A cordon and search operation is in progress VAVUNIYA
23/06/06 LTTE Abducts Two Teenagers Amirthalingam Palakumar (16), a Grade 11 student,  and  Thangavel Nimalanathan (18) a labourer (see details) AN ARMED GANG OF FIVE LTTE TERRORISTS , two of them carrying T- 56 rifles, forcibly entered the house of Thamotherampillai Amirthalingam at No 136, Colony road MANNAMPITIYA ). They abducted his son and a labourer of No 237, KARAPOLA. POLONNARUWA
21/06/06 Two Tamil Civilian Dead Bodies of SHAMMUGAM JEYARATHNAM (31) and KANDASAMI THAWARASA (20) Found (see details) THE BODIES OF TWO CIVILIANS WERE found in two separate locations. One of  a resident of VALACHCHENA was recovered by the VALACHCHENA Police at VINAYAGAPURAM.  The VALACHCHENA Police are conducting investigations. The body of the other a resident of SANTHIVELI was also found by the villagers . BATTICALOA
21/06/06 Tamil civilian Roy Belt (39) shot dead (see details) At VIJAYAPURAM, AN UNIDENTIFIED GUNMAN shot dead the civilian,  in his home at 74, VIJAYAPURAM ROAD, BATTICALOA . His father was also injured in the firing. BATTICALOA
20/06/06 LTTE Pistol Gang Fails Murder Attempt (see details) AN ATTEMPT TO GUN DOWN A FORMER secretary of the People’s Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) by a LTTE pistol gang in URANI, BATTICALOA failed as the victim managed to escape with gunshot injuries. The victim was riding a push bicycle when he was shot by LTTE terrorists of the pistol group after coming behind him. BATTICALOA
20/06/06 Bullet-riddled body of Tamil civilian killed by LTTE NIRMALA MUMARA (60) recovered (see details) A BULLET-RIDDLE BODY OF A CIVILIAN was found from KOMMANTHURAI, ERAVUR . The victim , shot dead by LTTE pistol men because he refused a ransom demanded by LTTE terrorists. BATTICALOA
19/06/06 Muslim Grama Niladhari MOHIDEEN BAWA NURDEEN Shot By LTTE (see details) GRAMA NILADHARI  attached to the SAMANTHURAI Police was abducted from his house at No. 2, MOHIDEEN Mawatha, KALATCHCHAL  by a LTTE terrorist armed with a T-56. He was later shot about 50 yards away from his home. AMPARA
19/06/06 TAMIL TIGERS fire small arms at the SOMAWATHIE Buddhist temple (see details) TAMIL TIGERS fired small arms at the SACRED SITE of world famous SOMAWATHIE Buddhist temple from three sides . On retaliation by the Security Forces guarding the sacred site, the terrorists fled the scene abandoning yet another attempt to create a communal backlash. This was an attempt by the brutal Tigers in a series of such attacks before and after CFA to arouse the sentiments of SINHALESE BUDDHISTS against the INNOCENT TAMILS to cause a Sinhalese – Tamil strife. POLLONNARUWA
19/06/06 Unidentified Person Shot Dead by LTTE (see details) AN UNIDENTIFIED BODY OF A MALE was found shot dead by a LTTE pistol group with a 9 mm pistol at the ARUNAGIRI-LLYOD AVENUE ROAD junction, BATTICOLOA . He had received four shots on his head and back. BATTICALOA
19/06/06 LTTE Kills Three More Policemen Sergeant L. Y. Sugathapala (PS 23218), Police Constable J. A. Jayawardena (PC 30184) and Police Constable M. K. G. Rathnayake (PC 46668). (see details)
THREE POLICEMEN WERE KILLED when Tamil Tiger terrorists detonated a claymore mine blasting a bowser carrying water to DUTUWEWA Police station on the VAVUNIYA – KEBITHIGOLLEWA road . VAVUNIYA
18/06/06 IDP Centre OIC Critically Injured In LTTE Firing (see details) THE POLICE POST PROVIDING SECURITY to the POONTHOTTAM Internally Displaced persons (IDP) centre in VAVUNIYA was fired upon by Tamil Tigers .Officer in Charge of the IDP centre received serious gunshot injuries in his head and chest in the LTTE firing. VAVUNIYA
17/06/06 LTTE Attack On Police Post And Navy Successfully Retaliated. Six Navy personnel killed and another three suffered injuries  (see details) THE POLICE POST at PESALAI and TALAIMANNAR Navy detachment came under LTTE attack from land and sea around . LTTE had launched twelve (12) boats to carry out this attack and the Navy had been able to destroy eight (8) boats while damaging another three (3) which resulted in killing at least thirty (30) LTTE sea tigers. Six Navy personnel  killed and another three suffered injuries during the confrontation while two Navy boats too were damaged. The LTTE terrorists continued their practice of targeting innocent civilians when they fired and injured civilians who took shelter at the PESALAI Church. The Army artillery fire and MI-24 Gun ships of the Air Force assisted in countering the failed LTTE attack. MANNAR
16/06/06 A Tamil Civilian ARUL DINESH USHA (32)  Suffers Shock Injuries Due To Mobile Phone Blast (see details)

A FEMALE  lost her mobile phone while she was inside the Bank of Ceylon at STANLEY Road, JAFFNA. An unidentified woman found the phone and returned it to the owner within few minutes. The Mobile phone exploded when she tried to use it . JAFFNA
16/06/06 A Civilian Injured Due To LTTE Hand Grenade Explosion (see details) TWO LTTE CADRES who were travelling in a motor cycle hurled a Hand Grenade at an Army picket point at THALAYALE, KOKUWIL . A civilian who was about 150 m away from the point was injured and rushed to the hospital. JAFFNA
16/06/06 A Soldier Injured Due To An Anti Personal Mine Explosion (see details) A SOLDIER SUSTAINED INJURIES when an Anti Personal (AP) mine exploded while he was on duty at PONNAR . The Soldier was rushed to the Army Base Hospital at PALALY. JAFFNA
16/06/06 LTTE Terrorists Continue Killing Tamil Civilians KANDAPILLE MEGARAJA, KUGADAS WIJAYAKANTH (see details) LTTE WENT ON KILLING CIVILIANS when they shot dead three Tamil civilians while they were transporting Sand in a Lorry in the PERIYAKULAM-KUNDIMALAI road .  TRINCOMALEE
16/06/06 Suspected LTTE Terrorists Loot A NGO Office (see details) SUSPECTED LTTE TERRORISTS entered into an office of a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) named EMERGENCY ARCHITECT with a T-56 weapon and looted Rs 950,000.00 along with 400 Euro currencies and the passports belonging to the foreign nationals of the NGO which is situated near the AL HILAL Girls School, TRINCOMALEE . The suspects fired at the office while they were fleeing the area after the criminal act. TRINCOMALEE
16/06/06 LTTE Terrorists Injure A Samurdhi Officer (see details) LTTE SHOT and injured a Samurdhi officer named KARUNANIDI (38) who is working at MAVADIVEMBU area while he was traveling in a bus around . He was admitted to the hospital for treatments. BATTICALOA
15/06/06 LTTE Claymore Mine Attack On Civilian Bus Kills 64 and injures over 70. Dead include 15 School Children, several pregnant women, one Buddhist priest and many civilians 

(see full details with photos)

A BUS TRAVELING FROM KANUGAHAWEWA to KEBITHIGOLLEWA belonging to the Sri Lanka Transport Board with about 100 passengers mainly from the YAKAWELA area was trapped in an LTTE claymore mine explosion at VIHARAHALMILLEWA, KONGOLLEWA  killing 64 passengers and injuring over 70. The powerful explosion had thrown the bus off the road to a distance of about 20 meters. ANURADHAPURA
14/06/06 Home Guard WASANTHA SENEVIRATNE Shot Dead (see details)
A HOME GUARD,  was shot and killed by a LTTE armed group at MAMADUWA, VAVYNIYA 
14/06/06 Soldier Lance Corporal R.A. Victor (29) killed (see details) A SOLDIER WAS SHOT DEAD at KALLIYANKADU in JAFFNA The victim,  was examining a motor bicycle at a check point when terrorists opened fire at him from a distance location of 50 meters to the check point. JAFFNA
14/06/06 Tamil civilian PHILIP MARIYANAYAGAM (56) killed by LTTE (see details) AN LTTE PISTOL GANG killed a Tamil civilian near the cement building on the JAFFNA hospital road . His assailants were riding a motorcycle.
14/06/06 LTTE shoots and seriously injures TAMIL CIVILIAN, MUTHUKARUPAN WIJEKUMAR  (see details) TAMIL CIVILIAN, MUTHUKARUPAN WIJEKUMAR was seriously injured when he was shot on by a six-member armed gang, suspected to be Tamil Tigers (LTTE). VAVUNIYA
13/06/06 Two Policemen injured by LTTE Grenade Attack On Roadblock (see details)
TAMIL TIGERS (LTTE) lobbed a hand grenade at the Police roadblock at Telecom Junction, ERAVUR .
Two Policemen were injured in the explosion and admitted to BATTICALOA Hospital
13/06/06  HOME GUARD, U. ANANDA PREMATILAKE shot dead (see details) HOME GUARD was killed by an unidentified armed group in his village at HALMILLAPOTHANA, KANUGAHAWEWA, KEBETHIGOLLEWA KEBETHIGOLLEWA
13/06/06 Two soldiers injured due to hand grenade attack on troops (see details) TROOPS DEPLOYED AT THE TRINCOMALEE-ANURADHAPURA junction were attacked by Tamil Tiger terrorists (LTTE) with hand grenades . Two soldiers were injured and admitted to hospital. TRINCOMALEE
12/06/06 Tigers Kill Former Comrade a Tamil J. PODI PULENDRAN (20) (see details) TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) TERRORISTS shot dead a young man after dragging him out of his home in ERAVUR, BATTICALOA . He was dragged out despite the pleadings and cries of his mother. He had left the LTTE after one-and-half years and re-joined his family. BATTICALOA
12/06/06 Tamil Political Party Member Escapes With Severe Injuries (see details) AN ATTEMPT TO GUN DOWN a Tamil political party member by an unidentified person suspected to be a Tamil Tiger terrorist  failed. He, however sustained severe injuries and was admitted to the JAFFNA Teaching hospital for treatment.
12/06/06 Soldier injured when Tamil Tigers throw hand grenades (see details) TAMIL TIGERS threw a hand grenade at an Army check point in URUMPIRAI junction, JAFFNA . One soldier was injured and admitted to military hospital JAFFNA
12/06/06 Tigers Injure Asst. Divisional Secretary aTamil  KADIRAMALANADAN PASANTHAMAN, & Four Others (see details) TIGER (LTTE) TERRORISTS BLASTED a claymore mine in un-cleared areas off NEDUNKERNI, MULLAITTIVU injuring a Tamil Assistant Divisional Secretary his driver and three others . The victims were travelling in a double cab when the terrorists exploded the mine . MULLAITTIVU
12/06/06 Blast Kills Soldier As Passenger Bus Passes (see details) TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) TERRORISTS blasted a claymore mine killing one soldier and injuring one civilian at RASENDRAKULAM, NELUMKULAM on the VAVUNIYA-MANNAR road . The injured soldier was engaged in a route clearing patrol in the area with others. VAVUNIYA
12/06/06 Divisional Secretary Injured In LTTE Claymore Mine Explosion (see details) An LTTE claymore mine explosion at NEDUNKERNI, PULIYANKULAM in un-cleared areas has reportedly injured one Senior Government Administrative Official, his driver and three others . VAVUNIYA
12/06/06 Home Guard Injured In LTTE Fire (see details) TAMIL TIGERS (LTTE) directed small arms fire at the SERUNUWARA Police Post, TRINCOMALEE .. One Home Guard on duty sustained injuries in the LTTE firing and was referred for medical treatment. TRINCOMALEE
11/06/06 Soldier H.B.S. KUMARARATHNE (34),Dies Due To LTTE Fire (see details) TAMIL TIGERS from un-cleared areas fired and killed a soldier on duty at the VAVUNATHIVU Forward Defense Line (FDL), BATTICALOA  BATTICALOA
11/06/06 LTTE Hand Grenade At Troops Explodes Near Medical Centre Injuring Eight Civilians & One Soldier (see details) HAND GRENADE EXPLOSION detonated by LTTE terrorists targeting troops on route picket duties at THIRUNAVELI junction, JAFFNA injured at least eight civilians including a teenage boy and one soldier.  Wife of the JAFFNA VOG (Visiting Obstetrics Gynecologist) is also among the injured civilians. JAFFNA
10/06/06 LTTE Gunmen Storms Bus and Kills Two Passengers (see details) A Terrorist opened fire inside a bus which was transporting civilians from MUTTUR to TRINCOMALEE  at PULLIADI junction. Due to the firing two civilians including a child (10) were killed and another civilian was seriously injured. TRINCOMALEE
10/06/06 LTTE Gun Fire Severely Injures a Muslim Civilian ABDUL JAVAHEED (36) (see details) Suspected LTTE gun fire severely injures a civilian . His condition is critical and warded at the AMPARA Hospital. AMPARA
10/06/06 Two more Civilians MADEE (40) a Tamil and MOHOMED ISMAIL SUNNI (18) a Muslim who refused To Pay Ransom To LTTE Shot Dead (see details) Two more innocent woodcutters,  who refused to pay ransom to LTTE fell victim to LTTE fire at KORAGNAPAGNA in TRINCOMALEE.
They along with four others were returning home on their bullock carts when a group of LTTE terrorists encountered them at KORAGNAPAGNA in un-cleared areas and questioned about ransom.
09/06/06 Attempt By Tamil Tiger Terrorists To Assassinate Kopay Grama Niladhari  a Tamil JOSEPH RATNARAJAH (56) (see details) THE GRAMA NILADHARI of KOPAY  a father of two children accused of co-operating with the Security Forces and thereby considered a traitor by the LTTE was shot inside his residence .His condition is critical and warded at the JAFFNA Teaching Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU). JAFFNA
09/06/06 A Dead Body of a Tamil Civilian killed by LTTE SRIDHARAN WAIRADARAN (20) recovered (see details) Troops on route clearing duties at PATHTHINIPURAM recovered a civilian dead body on a tractor with gun shot injuries which is believed to be carried out by the LTTE .
09/06/06 Army Soldier Injured Due to an LTTE Attack (see details)
LTTE launched a small arms fire at the Army troops performing duties in SINHAKANDA area a. LTTE fled the area due to the Army retaliatory fire. One Soldier sustained minor injuries. TRINCOMALEE
09/06/06 Three injured when Tamil Tigers throw Hand Grenade On Civilians (see details) LTTE TERRORISTS threw a hand grenade at civilians who were inside a boutique this  at BAZAAR Road, VAVUNIYA. VAVUNIYA.
08/06/06 Entire Tamil Family - SINNAIYAH MOORTHI MARTIN (38) (husband), ANTHONY MERY KULAS (27) (wife), ANNE LAKSHITHA ARUNA (09) (daughter) and ANNE DILAKSHAN ANPIYA (07) (son) Hacked To Death by LTTE (see details) An entire family who had been co-operating with the Security Forces was hacked to death in the village, VANKALAI, MANNAR around 12.00 p.m. mid night. MANNAR
08/06/06 Unidentified Gunmen possibly LTTE Kill Another Tamil Civilian JOSEPH KAMALARAJ (30) (see details) A CIVILIAN on a motor bicycle in ANDANKULAM, TRINCOMALEE was shot dead by an unidentified gunmen suspected to be a Tamil Tigers .The reason for this assassination in still unknown. TRINCOMALEE
08/06/06 Blast Kills SLA Officer J.D.S.N. SIRIWARDENE and injures another (see details)
AN LTTE CLAYMORE MINE blast killed one Sri Lanka Army Officer and seriously injured one soldier at PARAPPAKANDAN, UYILANKULAM  
06/06/06 LTTE Terrorists Throw Hand Grenades At Security Forces and injures three soldiers and a policeman (see details)
LTTE TERRORISTS threw two Hand Grenades at a security point at BMC Junction, MANNAR 
One grenade exploded causing injuries to three soldiers and a Police Constable on duty at the post.
06/06/06 Tamil Civil Security Guard SIVALINGAM RAJINI KADAN (26) Shot And Killed By LTTE (see details)
A SECURITY GUARD, attached to a civil security firm serving at the main entrance to the BATTICALOA hospital was shot to death by LTTE pistol men while he was on duty.
06/06/06 LTTE Cowardly Attacks Continue Mingling With Crowds and injures soldier (see details)

ONE SOLDIER ON PICKET DUTIES IN AMMAN junction,  received injuries on when a group of LTTE men threw a Hand Grenade at them .
LTTE men after mingling with civilians threw the hand grenade towards the soldier and vanished immediately after the explosion.
06/06/06 Tamil School-Teacher YOGARAJAH SATEESHWARAN (24)Dragged Out Of Bus & Shot by LTTE (see details)
SCHOOL-TEACHER, who opposed Tamil Tiger (LTTE) conscription of school children in  area was shot and seriously injured after he was dragged out of the bus, was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)  VALAICHCHENAI
06/06/06 Tamil Tiger Terrorism kills Tamil Sales Executive & Two Police Constables (see details) Tamil Tiger (LTTE) terrorists in their seemingly un-ending orgy of bloodshed and violence claimed the lives of two Police Constables (PCs) and a Tamil Sales Executive  in  BANDARIKULAM, VAVUNIYA while they were proceeding in a private vehicle  of the SINGER Company Ltd   VAVUNIYA.
05/06/06 LTTE PISTOL MEN kill a Tamil THANGANAGAR KUGAN (28) and another civilian (see details) LTTE PISTOL MEN shot and killed two more civilians in SERUNUWARA, KANTHALAI around 7.00 p.m.
The bullet-riddled bodies of the two civilians were found by the KANTHALAI Police.

05/06/06 One soldier killed and another Private K.P. DISSANAYAKE injured (see details) a soldier on duty at a sentry point in ACHCHANKULAM, MANNAR was injured when LTTE terrorists in hiding fired at him using small arms and several rounds of 40 mm Grenade Launchers .He later succumbed to his injuries and another 
  sustained severe injuries in the LTTE firing and was admitted to MANNAR hospital for treatment.
05/06/06 Ex-EPDP Member a Tamil KESHAMAN ANANDAN  & His Cousin  RATHNASINGHAM PODINI Gunned Down While Asleep (see details)
AN EX-EELAM PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY (EPDP) member and a close relative of his were shot and killed by LTTE pistol men at their residence in VELANI, KAYTS around 10.30 p.m.
05/06/06 Soldier killed in LTTE Fire (see details) ONE SOLDIER ON OBSERVATION POST duty at NANATTAN, MANNAR died Monday (05) around 3.30 p.m. when Tamil Tigers opened fire at him. MANNAR
04/06/06 Soldier B.A.D.U.N. DE SILVA Injured In LTTE Hand Grenade Attack Dies At Hospital  (see details) SOLDIER WHO WAS ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL after being injured in LTTE hand grenade explosion  succumbed to injuries at the COLOMBO National Hospital  MANNAR
03/06/06 One More Soldier W.G.D.I. JAYATISSA Dies and another injured In LTTE Claymore Mine Attack (see details) ONE SOLDIER WAS KILLED and another injured Saturday (03) around 7.50 p.m. when LTTE (Tamil Tiger) terrorists detonated a claymore mine on an Army vehicle at ODDUPEDY, JAFFNA.
03/06/06 Tamil Civilians E.SITTARAVEL (42) and NALLIAH WIMALENDRAN who Refused To Pay Ransom To LTTE Killed (see details)
Investigations revealed that the two victims,  were killed by LTTE since they refused paying ransom to LTTE when they were in un-cleared areas.

03/06/06 LTTE Kill Bus Depot Security Officer a Tamil VAIDYALINGAM MUJEEWARAN (26) (see details) TWO MOTORBIKE-RIDING LTTE GUNMEN shot and killed the security guard of the VALAICHCHENAI Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) depot .
Tamil Tigers had gone there for some undisclosed purposes became angry when they were refused entry 
and  Tamil Tigers shot him dead on the spot.

02/06/06 LTTE Hand Grenade Explosion At Vehicle Park Injures Civilian (see details)
AN UNIDENTIFIED PERSON lobbed a hand grenade at the vehicle park in VAVUNIYA town Friday (02) around 5.30 p.m..One civilian was injured and one vehicle was damaged in the hand grenade attack.
02/06/06 ONE MORE MUSLIM CIVILIAN A.L.RAKIBULLAH receives injuries (see details) The MUSLIM CIVILIAN received injuries Friday (02) at about 4.45 p.m. when an unidentified person fired at him when he was in MUTUNAGAR  TRINCOMALEE
02/06/06 LTTE Blow Off Another Land Mine Kills A Soldier  (see details)


A SOLDIER DIED whilst on route clearing in VANDARAMULLA, on BATTICALOA – POLONNARUWA Main Supply Route (MSR) Friday (02) around 12.20 p.m. by Tamil Tigers detonating a land mine using a remote controller from a distance BATTICALOA
01/06/06 LTTE Claymore Mine Kills One Soldier and severely injures two soldiers(see details)
TAMIL TIGER TERRORISTS activated a claymore mine against an Army ration distribution vehicle at WANKALE south NARUVILIKULAM Thursday (01) evening around 7.25 p.m.
In the claymore mine explosion, one soldier was killed and two soldiers were severely injured.
01/06/06 One More AP Mine Blasts Injuring One soldier  (see details)
EXPLOSION OF AN ANTI – PERSONNEL MINE (APM) planted by LTTE terrorists Thursday (01)  KILALY, JAFFNA injured one Army soldierwhile patrolling the area at the time this mine went off. JAFFNA
01/06/06 EPDP member a Tamil KANDIAH ARUMALINGAM (62),Injured In LTTE Explosion (see details) Victim injured when an LTTE Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was activated aiming the EPDP political office in BATTICALOA.
01/06/06 Two EPDP members Tamils SEBASTIAN IRAYAPPAN (37) and ARUMUGAM LOGANATHAN (19) shot dead (see details) The victims were distributing THINAMURUSU Tamil Newspaper in the area on their push bicycle at the time they were gunned down by the LTTE at a place closer to 38th Communication centre in PANDARIKULAM, VAVUNIYA. VAVUNIYA.
31/05/06 LTTE Hand Grenade Explosion Injures Two Policemen (see details) Injured when AN UNIDENTIFIED TAMIL TIGER lobbed a hand grenade at the PANDIRIPPU Police Post, KALMUNAI Wednesday (31) around 7.50 p.m.  KALMUNAI
01/06/06 EPDP member a Tamil KANDIAH ARUMALINGAM (62),Injured In LTTE Explosion (see details) Victim injured when an LTTE Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was activated aiming the EPDP political office in BATTICALOA.
31/05/06 Teenage boy RAMAJEYAN VINAYARAJ (14) shot and injured (see details) A FOURTEEN YEAR old boy was admitted to hospital for immediate treatment after he was fired upon by LTTE at URANI, BATTICALOA around 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday (31). BATTICALOA
31/05/06 Tamil Tigers Kill One More Home Guard (see details)
Tamil Tiger terrorists using small arms and hand grenades attacked three Home Guards at a post around 12.45 a.m. and fled in the darkness killing one of them.
31/05/06 Tamil Tigers Kill One More Soldier (see details) ONE SOLDIER PROVIDING security to the Telecommunication building, died when Tamil Tiger terrorists directed fire at them. JAFFNA
30/05/06 Soldier Injured In LTTE Fire (see details)
AN UNIDENTIFIED TAMIL TIGER TERRORIST, who suddenly appeared  opened fire with a pistol towards the troops at the roadblock and soldier on duty received injuries and was admitted to PALALY hospital. CHULLIPURAM roadblock in JAFFNA
30/05/06 Tamil civilian THANGARAJA REJINIKANTH (24) killed (see details) AN EX-LTTE CADRE (Tamil Tiger), who refused the LTTE demand to rejoin the organization was shot dead by unidentified Tamil Tiger gunmen  PETHALAI, BATTICALOA 

(access full web page about this) 

Twelve innocent civilians who were working as labourers at OMIDIYAMADU border village, WELIKANDA were killed by Tamil Tiger terrorists Monday (29) evening at about 6.30 p.m.
30/05/06 One Police Sergeant and one Constable injured (see details) TWO POLICEMEN WERE INJURED when LTTE terrorists activated a claymore mine on Police personnel at SALAMPEKULAM between 10th and 11th Mile Posts on MANNAR – POMPEMADU road. SALAMPEKULAM
29/05/06 One soldier, Private G.U. BATUGAMPOLA of HANDAPANGODA, INGIRIYA killed and two others (see details) TAMIL TIGER TERRORISTS ACTIVATED a claymore mine on an Army foot patrol killed and two others were injured in the explosion. BATTICALOA
29/05/06 Lance Corporal D.M.VIJITHA KUMARA killed (see details) SUSTAINED INJURIES in LTTE firing at PETHALAI, BATTICALOA succumbed to gunshot injuries on admission to BATTICALOA hospital.
29/05/06 4 Tamil civilians MICHEAL JESUDASAN, S DEWARASAM (30), AMIRTHALINGAM SABESHAN (23), WIMALASUNDARAN KEKULA RAJ (23) killed (see details) LTTE has killed former members of EPDP and those who had served in JAFFNA Police station some time back. JAFFNA
29/05/06 Muslims In Muttur Remain Regardless LTTE Threat To Vacate Home (see details)
TAMIL TIGERS HAVE DISTRIBUTED leaflets in  MUTTUR area,  demanding the Muslim community to vacate the area within three days of the notice.  MUTTUR
27/05/06 Darrel Perera, Nihal de Silva (N.S.) - author of ‘The Road from Elephant Pass’, Nandana Abeysuriya, Condista Abeysuriya, Chandhi Asirvathan, Anula Asirvathan and the volunteer guide Anura Dissanayake killed by LTTE landmine. (see details) vehicle carrying six local tourists and a guide got caught to a suspected LTTE landmine.
26/05/06 LTTE Terrorists Gunned Down Two More Civilians (read full details) LTTE TERRORISTS CONTINUING their ruthless killing spree shot two more civilians to death in ACHCHUVELI, JAFFNA on 26th May 2006 around 8 p.m.
26/05/06 One soldier injured in LTTE attack (read full details) LTTE TERRORISTS Friday (26) launched a mortar attack on troops who were conducting a search in PONTHIVUKANDAL, MANNAR around 5.30 a.m.
 One soldier was injured in the attack and admitted to the MANNAR hospital
25/05/06 Civilian, a Muslim RAMAZIN ASADI (26),shot in his chest (read full details) Tamil Tigers shot and injured the civilian close to ANURADHAPURA junction in TRINCOMALEE Thursday (25) morning. He was shot in his chest by two motorbike-riding Tamil Tigers when he was working in his garden.
25/05/06 Police Constable AROGGIYAM PRASANNA killed (read full details) POLICE CONSTABLE returning home after duty was ruthlessly shot dead by Tamil Tigers in KALLADY on BATTICALOA – KALMUNAI road Thursday (25) afternoon around 4.00 p.m. BATTICALOA
25/05/06 A Civilian And A Soldier Die Off The Claymore Attack (read full details) A claymore attack aimed at troops on foot patrol brought death to a civilian and a soldier today (25) evening at KOKUVIL, JAFFNA another soldier injured due to the attack was evacuated to the hospital. JAFFNA
25/05/06 Policemen JAYARATNE and NAVARATNE and auxiliary policemen RAMANADAN and BADURDEEN killed (read full details) While on duty near the FAILVAN Mosque at UTTUKATTANKUDY on BATTICALOA–KALMUNAI road when the Tamil Tigers activated another claymore mine and killed all four of them. UTTUKATTANKUDY
24/05/06 LTTE Claymore Mine Kills Two More Soldiers & Policeman Increasing Death Toll To 125 (read full details)
TAMIL TIGERS (LTTE) in hiding once more activated a claymore mine in THANDIKULAM, VAVUNIYA area Wednesday (24) morning at about 9.30 a.m. and killed two more soldiers and a Police Constable (PC) carrying meals in a tractor.
24/05/06 Three Teenagers Returning After School Abducted & Released (read full details) THREE TEENAGERS returning from private tuition classes in PETHALAI, BATTICALOA have been abducted by suspected LTTE cadres on Tuesday (23) at about 5.00 p.m. and subsequently released after about an hour, the Police were told. BATTICALOA
23/05/06 Pre-Dawn LTTE Attack Takes One More Life 
One Soldier Killed (read full details)
ONE OF THE SOLDIERS on duty closer to the Forward Defence Line (FDL) at IRAMPERIYAKULAM, VAVUNIYA died due to small arms fire directed by terrorists Tuesday (23) morning around 3.25 a.m. IRAMPERIYAKULAM, VAVUNIYA
23/05/06 Colombo-Bound Train Comes Under Terrorist Fire - passengers escaped unhurt but one of the carriages received slight damages. (read full details) LTTE TERRORISTS hiding in jungle areas between VANDARAMOOLAI and DEVAPURAM area in BATTICALOA opened fire at the moving “night mail” passenger train at about 6.00 p.m. on Monday (22) while it was proceeding towards POLONNARUWA. BATTICALOA 
22/05/06 LTTE kills civilians WIJESIRI PRIYANTHA (28) , IGNATIUS WESTMOND BARTHWELOT (20) and ex-Police Constable, JAMALDEEN MOHOMMED ROSHAN (35) (read full details) Shot and killed by LTTE in different places. AMPARA, BATTICALOA and JAFFNA
21/05/06 Tamil civilian GOPAL BALASUBRAMANIYAM (47) killed (read full details) SUSPECTED LTTE GUNMEN on a motorbike had stormed the house of a civilian in UNIT 09, KANTALE and gunned him down on Sunday (21) around 12.30 noon. KANTALE
21/05/06 Lance Corporal K PIYADASA  (read full details) died in explosion of another LTTE claymore mine followed by a shower of fire at troops the same day around 8.20 a.m. 
21/05/06 Killed Lance Corporal JAYAMPATHI BANDARA and injured another soldier.  (read full details)
LTTE (TAMIL TIGER) TERRORISTS activated a claymore mine targeting troops on route clearing duties at IRANAIIRRUPPAIKULAM, VAVUNIYA VAVYNIYA
20/05/06 Teenage Tamil boy who turned down LTTE order shot dead
.Preliminary investigations confirmed that the victim had rejected the LTTE demand to join the organization as a child soldier. (read full details)
S. SATHYAM (12) of MAVADIODAI, MANKERNI was with his grand mother in her residence at MAVADIVEMBU when Tamil Tiger (LTTE) terrorists shot him dead in front of his elders.
One person, a Tamil, SUBRAMANIUM KRISHNAMOORTHY (25) injured (read full details)
Civilian’s House Under Hand Grenade Attack. Injured, who was inside the house, has received injuries in the explosion and admitted to BATTICALOA hospital. BATTICALOA
19/05/06 Lieutenant K.A.A.S. KODITHUWAKKU and Corporal W.D.P. WIJETUNGA (read full details) Killed by LTTE attacks on Army FDLs MARUTHAMADU, ARIYAKIRITTAKULAM area in OMANTHAI, VAVUNIYA
18/05/06 Rival LTTE men gun down candidate and his supporter - BALASUBRAMANIUM KAMAL RAJ (27), SURESH (29) (read full details) shot and killed them at close range.
18/05/06 LTTE’s Sniper Fire Kills Another Soldier - Private M.A.R. PUSHPAKUMARA (read full details) Killed by AN LTTE SNIPER FIRE directed at a sentry post MUHAMALAI, JAFFNA
17/05/06 LTTE Claymore Mine Takes Two More Lives Of Soldiers (read full details) took the lives of two soldiers of the Army after detonating a claymore mine around 8.15 a.m.
17/05/06 LTTE Pistol Men Grab Another Prey SELVARASA SIRIDAS (36) (read full details)
TWO LTTE PISTOL MEN on a motorbike Wednesday (17) morning shot and killed a civilian JAFFNA
16/05/06 Terrorists Strike At Army Truck Injuring Two Soldiers (read full details) 
LTTE terrorists in hiding activated another powerful claymore mine this evening (16) at about 4.00 p.m. and injured two soldiers near 11th Km post VAVUNIYA
16/05/06 Terrorists Blow Up Home Guard ANURA THILAKARATHNE Using Claymore Mines (read full details) 
detonated two more claymore mines this morning (16) around 7.15 a.m. in THAMBALAGAMUWA, KANTALE and killed one Home Guard.
16/05/06 The twenty-year old GEETHA PONKALAN SELVAKUMAR (20) who was providing assistance to the fellow-patient died of pistol injuries received inside the ward itself, but the LTTE target, THURESH KUMAR (24) survived with severe injuries. (read full details) 
Injured THURESH KUMAR was lying in hospital for treatment after LTTE WANNI men struck him on a previous occasion since he was against the LTTE. BATTICALOA
15 / 05 / 2006 R.K. Piyasena of Rajagalatenna (read full details) Shot dead by LTTE paddy field in track No.39 within Bakkiella police division 
15 / 05 / 2006 AHAM RAZUL (35) of JINNA NAGAR, THOPPUR (Muslim) (Read full report). found murdered by LTTE using sharp weapons while he was delivering bread as usual. DEHIWATTA junction, THOPUR in TRINCOMALEE
14 / 05 / 2006 SINNAIAH JAYA CHANDRAN (28) and RAMANADAN SEKAR (34) (Tamils) (Read full report). gunned down by LTTE. PERIYAPALAM area, TRINCOMALEE
14 / 05 / 2006  PASUWALINGAM KANDEEPAN (24) (Tamil) (Read full report). murdered by LTTE ATTCHUVELI and AVARANKAL in JAFFNA.
14 / 05 / 2006 R. SUNDARAN (30) of ATCHCHUVELI, (Tamil) (Read full report). murdered by LTTE ATCHCHUVELI
13 / 05 / 2006 Two soldiers of Sri Lanka Army and a civilian (Read full report). One civilian, who sustained injuries in the explosion, was also admitted to JAFFNA hospital. LTTE terrorists lobbed one hand grenade towards troops returning to the KALLADDY Army detachment in JAFFNA. JAFFNA.
13 / 05 / 2006 ADAMBAWA SAHEEL (26) (Muslim) (Read full report). LTTE shot another youth at the point blank range and brutally killed KATHTHANKUDI town center
13 / 05 / 2006

Two Soldiers Killed In LTTE Ambush - Corporal N.A.C. Deshapriya and Lance Corporal W.A.S. Thusitha Kumara (Read full report).

LTTE men in hiding ambushed them. NOCHCHIMODAI, VAVUNIYA
13 / 05 / 2006 Private W. L. Dissanayake (Read full report). TROOPS DEPLOYED NEAR THE CHUNDIKKULI girls school on COLOMBOTHURAI road, JAFFNA were fired upon by LTTE terrorists from a distance location on Saturday (13) around 8.05 a.m. HUNDIKKULI girls school on COLOMBOTHURAI road, JAFFNA
12 / 05 / 2006 LTTE Pistol Men Kill Policeman And A Civilian. KANDAIYA SHIVAGHANAM (43) who was the owner of the hair dressing station at the THUMPALAI junction, JAFFNA (Tamil civilian) (Read full report). AMIL TIGER TERRORISTS FROM LTTE PISTOL GROUP shot and cold bloodedly killed a civilian THUMPALAI junction in JAFFNA
12 / 05 / 2006 N. S. Weerasinghe, a resident of 88, GONADENIYA, KALAWEWA, THALAWA in ANURADHAPURA was attached to the VAVUNIYA police station at the time he was assassinated by terrorists (Read full report). LTTE PISTOL MEN in their unabated killing spree gunned down another Policeman on duty THAMBANKULAM police post in VAVUNIA
11 / 05 / 2006 TWO HOME GUARDS on duty at the DADAYANTHAWALA police road block in AMPARA were severely injured. The injured were immediately evacuated to the base hospital AMPARA and Home Guard W. Rohitha succumbed to his injuries on admission to the hospital. LTTE threw a hand Grenade  (read full details). DADAYANTHAWALA 
11 / 05 / 2006 17 Navy sailors (Read full report); The crew list of - Dvora-P-418:- EALP Edirisinghe, RMDHS Rathnayake, DW Premalal, PLGS Kumara, MATSL Perera, DMPGS Wickramathilake, TBC Kumara, HNG Nelson, TN Priyanandana, MCK Dissanayake, DDP Kumara, AMAN Bandara, RMDS Rathnayake, RAR Kumara, SHJ Sanjeewa, MMCK Bandara, EACP Edirisinghe and AM Tissa Abeykoon. Meanwhile, wreckage of a vessel was also found at the site where the incident occurred. Sergeant A.M. TISSA ABEYKOON, attached to the Sri Lanka Signal Corps (SLSC) (Read full report). Suicide attack by LTTE - AN ATTEMPT BY A CLUSTER OF LTTE SUICIDE BOATS with as much as 15 boats to assault and destroy a heavy Troops Carrying vessel (PEARL CRUISER) off the VETTILAIKERNI VETTILAIKERNI
11 / 05 / 2006 Injured two soldiers and killed one civilian (Read full report) struck two military checkpoint KALLIYANKADU and VELVETITHURAI in JAFFNA
10 / 05 / 2006


H.G. Wijeratne (49) father of three children lying alone in his resident at No. 138, GRAVELKANDA, PADAVIYA. (read details) Killed by LTTE (read full details). PADAVIYA.


10 / 05 / 2006 Two sailors (read full report) Two sailors were injured this morning when reported LTTE cadres triggered a powerful claymore mine close to Vellani junction in Kayts, Jaffna. Vellani junction in Kayts, Jaffna
09 / 05 / 2006 Lieutenant J.S.M. HEWAGE of the 8th Gemunu Watch was among five Army personnel who sustained serious injuries when LTTE men activated a claymore mine targeting their vehicle on 22nd April 2006. Another officer died on the spot in the explosion. (See Situation Report 22nd April 2006) LTTE men activated a claymore mine (read full details). SINHAPURA, WELIKANDA
07 / 05 / 2006 THARAKA SANDARUWAN KRISHANTHA (26) of NEERVELI South (Tamil) (read full details). shot dead by LTTE THIRUNELVELI area in JAFFNA o
07 / 05 / 2006 SEVEN POLICEMEN ATTACHED TO THE BATTICALOA Police station were injured; One civilian who was at the scene also sustained injuries (read full details). the number of injured Policemen and civilians had risen to fourteen including two civilians. Injured Policemen admitted to the BATTICALOA hospital for treatment have been identified as Sub Inspector ARIYAWANSA, Sergeant NAVARATHNA (8339), Sergeant STEPHEN (16344), Woman Police Constable SANDHYA (712), Police Constable 40235 WASAANTHA, Police Constable WEERAKOON (6689), Police Constable MANOHARAN (15987), Police Constable RATHNAYAKE (39712), Police Constable KEERTHIRATHNA (23799), Police Constable NIMALARATHNA (6044), Police Constable DAYANANDA (5406) and Police Constable CHANDRAN (1041).  The two civilians, M. KILOJAN and S. DEVENNDRAN who sustained injuries in the terrorist attack are also lying in hospital (read full details). An explosion of a hand grenade lobbed by two motorbike-ridding Tamil Tigers towards the Police station in BATTICALOA BATTICALOA
07 / 05 / 2006 THARAKA SANDARUWAN KRISHANTHA (26) of NEERVELI South (Tamil) (read full details). shot dead by LTTE THIRUNELVELI area in JAFFNA o
07 / 05 / 2006 SEVEN POLICEMEN ATTACHED TO THE BATTICALOA Police station were injured; One civilian who was at the scene also sustained injuries (read full details). the number of injured Policemen and civilians had risen to fourteen including two civilians. Injured Policemen admitted to the BATTICALOA hospital for treatment have been identified as Sub Inspector ARIYAWANSA, Sergeant NAVARATHNA (8339), Sergeant STEPHEN (16344), Woman Police Constable SANDHYA (712), Police Constable 40235 WASAANTHA, Police Constable WEERAKOON (6689), Police Constable MANOHARAN (15987), Police Constable RATHNAYAKE (39712), Police Constable KEERTHIRATHNA (23799), Police Constable NIMALARATHNA (6044), Police Constable DAYANANDA (5406) and Police Constable CHANDRAN (1041).  The two civilians, M. KILOJAN and S. DEVENNDRAN who sustained injuries in the terrorist attack are also lying in hospital (read full details). An explosion of a hand grenade lobbed by two motorbike-ridding Tamil Tigers towards the Police station in BATTICALOA BATTICALOA
05 / 05 / 2006 Two Sri Lanka Army soldiers (read full details) ROOPS PROVIDING SECURITY near the office of “Uthayan” newspaper on KASTHURIYA Road in JAFFNA were fired upon by LTTE men Saturday (06) around 12.10 p.m. KASTHURIYA Road in JAFFNA 
05 / 05 / 2006 Police Constable W.T.WAJIRASIRI (39) received injuries and admitted to BATTICALOA hospital but later succumbed to injuries (read full details) Terrorists of LTTE pistol group on Friday (05) around 11.30 a.m. shot at Police personnel on duty.  BATTICALOA town. 
05 / 05 / 2006 S. PRADEEPAN (26), a trader (Tamil) (read full details) Two unidentified gunmen, suspected to be Tamil Tigers, who came on a motorbike shot and killed a Tamil civilian on Friday (05) around 4.10 p.m.  KOVILGAMA, KANTALE.
05 / 05 / 2006 NE MORE POLICE CONSTABLE died and four others were seriously injured (read full report). Tamil Tigers activated a claymore mine on a Police Double Cab MANDAN in NELLIADY, JAFFNA.
05 / 05 / 2006 Three Policemen sustained serious injuries and were subsequently admitted to hospital after the claymore trapped to a branch of a wayside tree was triggered by a remote controller (read full report). LTTE claymore mine targeting a Police jeep was activated by hiding LTTE terrorists.  THE RAILWAY STATION ROAD AT PANDARAKULAM, VAVUNIYA
04 / 05 / 2006 PAKYARASA NARESH KUMAR, said to be a former LTTE member (Tamil)  (read full details) killed by LTTE THAMBILIVIL, THIRUKKOVIL
04 / 05 / 2006 Private M. P GUNARATHNA (S/02597) of the Sri Lanka Army, who was severely injured on Wednesday (03) when terrorists fired on them while the troops were taking their meals to the CHULLIPURAM Army Camp, succumbed to injuries at PALALY Military Hospital late Thursday (04) evening. errorists fired on them while the troops were taking their meals (read full report). CHULLIPURAM Army Camp
04 / 05 / 2006 One of the soldiers injured in the LTTE firing was evacuated to Military Hospital PALALY. (read full report). An LTTE cadre has meanwhile fired a few rounds of small arms towards the troops INUVIL, JAFFNA
04 / 05 / 2006 Danny Douglas and Pushpakumara (Two Home Guards). Home Guards H. DANIEL FERNANDO (HG 40938) of 400 Acre Garden, ULUKKULAMA, VAVUNIYA and GUNATHILAKEGE PUSHPAKUMARA (HG 40488) of FISHERY Village, PERIYAULUKKULAMA, VAVUNIYA died in the explosion when both of them were returning to the Police station after their duty at the post. (read full report). killed in an LTTE claymore mine attack (read full details) Avaranthulawa in the Chettikulam police area in Vavuniya
04 / 05 / 2006 A Police Constable on duty at the Clock Tower in VAVUNIYA was injured when a terrorist hurled a Hand Grenade at him Thursday (04) at 12.15 p.m. (see details) Hand Grenade attack Clock Tower in VAVUNIYA
04 / 05 / 2006 Two policemen, one army soldier and 10 civilians injured (see details) Tamil Tiger attack on the Police personnel near the clock tower in VAVUNIYA town
04 / 05 / 2006 One soldier who sustained injuries in the incident was admitted to PALAY hospital (see details) A TAMIL TIGER TERRORIST who was hiding on the slab of the THIRUNAVELI market in JAFFNA today (04) around 2.05 p.m. indiscriminately opened fire at troops providing security near the market  THIRUNAVELI market in JAFFNA
03 / 05 / 2006 One more Police Constable attached to the VAVUNIYA Police station; One civilian who was in the scene at that point of time also received injuries in firing  (see details) received injuries when Tamil Tiger terrorists fired at him on VAVUNIYA.
03 / 05 / 2006


injured one Policeman on duty (see details) An explosion of a hand grenade lobbed by Tamil Tiger terrorists Post near the BATTICALOA Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) Depot at NADAVANVELI 
03 / 05 / 2006 Two soldiers received injuries due to LTTE firing and were admitted to PALALY hospital for medical treatment (see details)
fired by LTTE CHANKANI area in JAFFNA
02 / 05 / 2006 Sergeant G.W. RUWAN KUMARA of 2nd Battalion Sri Lanka Army Corps of Military Police (SLACMP) (See details) succumbed to injuries while being treated at COLOMBO National Hospital (Read details) Colombo
01 / 05 / 2006 ONE MORE SOLDIER of the Sri Lanka Army sustained injuries (Read details)  LTTE terrorist, hidden inside a house threw a hand grenade at him NELLIADY, JAFFNA
01 / 05 / 2006  One Sailor and four passengers in the three-wheeler died on the spot and injured one more sailor (Read details).  (See details in SPUR). Hiding LTTE terrorists targeting Naval troops who were proceeding along the road activated the IED fixed on to a stationary bicycle parked by the wayside In the heart of TRINCOMLAEE town near SHANMUGAM Vidyalaya 
01 / 05 / 2006 killed two civilians and injured three others. Five fishermen in the lake from which the victims were to collect sand, have reportedly gone missing  (Read details). Four civilians, engaged in sand collection labour work were proceeding in the area on their lorry when LTTE gunmen suddenly confronted the lorry and indiscriminately went on firing at them at about 8.30 a.m. killing one of them on the spot. THALGASWEVA, BOGAS Junction area on PULMODAI road in WELIOYA
01 / 05 / 2006 One motorbike rider. Three labourers sustained injuries in the lorry attack were evacuated to hospital (Read details). Somapalage Kumaradasa (41), the lorry driver and the motorcyclist K.B. Gamini Kularatne. (details in Daily Mirror). shot by LTTE THALGASWEVA, BOGAS Junction area on PULMODAI road in WELIOYA
30 / 04 / 2006 One civilian died in the LTTE firing and three other civilians sustained injuries  (Read details). LTTE TERRORISTS FOR THE FIRST TIME after the Cease-Fire Agreement (CFA) was signed mounted fierce simultaneous Artillery and Mortar attacks towards the Forward Defence Line (FDL) Army Camps at KOKKUTHUDUVAI and KOKILAI areas in WELIOYA during late hours on Sunday (30) creating a sense of fear and panic among the civilians in those fishing hamlets.
LTTE terrorists on boats with heavy guns have first carried out fire attacks from the coastal areas, bordering un-cleared areas towards the FDL in KOKILAI camp in civil populated KOKILAI fishing village while simultaneously directing artillery and mortar fire rounds at KOKKUTHUDUVAI Army detachment, around the same time
30 / 04 / 2006 One soldier  (Read details). One soldier was injured in the grenade explosion and admitted to BATTICALOA hospital after the attack. BATTICALOA town center 
30 / 04 / 2006 RUWAN SAMEERA of NUGELANDA, RAJAGALATENNA, AMPARA and W.M. CHULA of the same area (Read details). Two villagers going for work in their paddy fields in NUGELANDA area, AMPARA were fired upon by LTTE gunmen  NUGELANDA area, AMPARA
30 / 04 / 2006 W. K WICKRAMA, farther of two children and a resident in BELIATTA, MATARA (Read full report). Civil clad LTTE pistol man covertly approaching towards the checkpoint shot Police sergeant W K WICKRAMA from behind and vanished from the area.
The Police sergeant who sustained severe injuries succumbed to injuries on admission to the VAVUNIYA hospital. 
SANASA roadblock in VAVUNIYA
29 / 04 / 2006 VINAYAGAM KANDASAMY (27) and VADIWEL PERAVI (18), Tamil civilians (read details). shot and killed two more civilians in call blood KINNIYADY, BATTICALOA
29 / 04 / 2006 WAIRAVAMUTTU NAWARAYHNAM (71), A Tamil civilian  (read details). sustained severe injuries to his hands was admitted to the BATTICALOA hospital immediately IRIDIYAPURAM, BATTICALOA
29 / 04 / 2006 PRIVATE D.S.S.P. GUNATHILAKE attached to the 1st Battalion Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps (read details). Who sustained severe injuries in the suicide attack on 25 April 2006 at the Army Headquarters succumbed to her injuries on 28 April 2006 around 9.30 a.m. while undergoing treatments in the National Hospital Colombo Colombo
29 / 04 / 2006 Corporal B. A. D. PRASAD of 10th Gajaba Regiment (read details). injured on 15 April 2006 LTTE claymore attack in MUNNIMURIPPU in MANNAR road succumbed to injuries in ANURADHAPURA hospital on 27th April 2006 around 11.10 a.m. MUNNIMURIPPU in MANNAR
28 / 04 / 2006 Vice Chancellor (VC) for Eastern University Mr ABDUL GANEE HUSSAIN ISMAIL (Read details)  (Full report in Daily Mirror).  (Full report in Island). Two motorbike-riding gunmen confronted the VC’s vehicle and opened fire at it indiscriminately but the driver managed to escape with four gunshots received to the outer body of the car. ATTALAICHCHENAI near MINODUKATTU bridge in OLUVIL, VALAICHCHENAI
28 / 04 / 2006 Private SUNIL WICKRAMASINGHE of KEKIRAWA LTTE sniper (Read details) NANADDAN, MANNAR
27 / 04 / 2006 rivate P. PRADEEP KUMARA of the Sri Lanka National Guards (SLNG) succumbed to injuries at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at JAFFNA teaching hospital.Two soldiers received injuries following the explosion and were evacuated to PALALY Military and JAFFNA teaching hospitals.  LTTE terrorists covering behind civilians threw the hand grenade and ran away after creating panic among the public who were busy in the area.  (Read details) VANNARPANI, JAFFNA
27 / 04 / 2006 Two Sri Lanka Navy sailors, K.L.N.YASARATHNE and V.G.S. GOONASINGHE (read full report). The sailors, K.L.N.YASARATHNE and V.G.S. GOONASINGHE were proceeding towards JAFFNA when LTTE terrorists in hiding activated the claymore mine with a remote-control device and killed those passing Navy personnel on the spot. JAFFNA, close to the Holy Cross junction,
27 / 04 / 2006 Three Sri Lanka Army soldiers (read full report). and injured two STF personnel (read details) The group of soldiers after day’s duties at about 4.30 p.m. was bathing in the lake when LTTE terrorists detonated another claymore mine after the previous claymore mine explosion. NARAVILKULAM, MANNAR
26 / 04 / 2006 Killing four innocent civilians and injuring twelve personnel including two sailors of the Sri Lanka Navy (read more details) gangs of Tamil Tiger (LTTE) terrorists directed a barrage of motor fire towards the naval jetty MUTTUR, TRINCOMALEE
25 / 04 / 2006 Police Constable ABEYRATNE (read more details) Tamil Tiger (LTTE) terrorists shot at a Police foot patrol BATTICALOA – KALMUNAI road.
25 / 04 / 2006 9 killed. 27 injured. Commander of Army, General Sarath Fonseka critically injured (Read full details in SPUR).

Sergeant W.A.M. PRIYANTHA (S/34753) - 4th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, Corporal K. WARUSAWITHANA (S/2L00040) - 2nd (Volunteer) Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps, Lance Corporal O.K.D.P. VIRAJ (S/676049) – 3rd Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police, Lance Corporal G.M.S.L. JAGATH (S/408689) – Gemunu Watch, Lance Corporal D.M.S. SUNIL RAJARATHNE (S/34196) – 1st Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, Private W.D.S.K. DEVASURENDRA (S/409111) – 7th Gemunu Watch, Private DAMINDA ATTANAYAKE (S/602069) – Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps and the civilian, Ms. NIRUPA PRIYANGANI of KURUNEGALA died on the spot and Corporal Y.L.A.C.R. YAKANDAWALA (S/675382) – 1st Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police succumbed to his injuries at COLOMBO National Hospital Wednesday (26) morning (read more details)  PRIVATE D.S.S.P. GUNATHILAKE attached to the 1st Battalion Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps died on 29 April 2006  (read details). Sergeant G.W. RUWAN KUMARA died on 02 May 2006 (read details)

WICKRAMASINGHE (O/62317) - Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, Major M. P. RAMANAYAKE (O/3389) – 14th Sri Lanka Light Infantry, Major CHAMINDA EDIRISINGHE (O/3845) – 14th Sri Lanka National Guard, Staff Sergeant J.M.S. WIJESOORIYA (S/82752) – 1st Sri Lanka Army Service Corps, Staff Sergeant S. M. D. DESHAPRIYA (S/42925) - 4th Gemunu Watch, Sergeant H. G. D. JAYANTHA KUMARA (S/550731) – 1st Commando Regiment, Sergeant G.W. RUWAN KUMARA (S/90921) - 2nd Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police, Corporal H. PRADEEP KUMARA (S/401268) – 5th Gemunu Watch, Corporal S. H. SISIRA KARUNARATNE (S/00099) – 2nd Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment, Lance Corporal N. H. SILVA (S/605509) – 1st Sri Lanka Army Medical Corp, Lance Corporal D.A.P. SENEVIRATNE (S/553765) – 1st Commando Regiment, Lance Corporal A.M.A. SUSANTHA KUMARA (S/553785) - 1st Commando Regiment, Lance Corporal P.D.M. PATHIRAGE (S/552247) - 1st Commando Regiment, Lance Corporal P. H. PUSHPA KUMARA (S/460791) – 1st Gajaba Regiment, Lance Corporal G. K. SARATH (S/00427) – 2nd Sri Lanka Army Service Corps, Rifleman R. M. U. KUMARASIRI (S/366578) – 4th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, Private P. KEERTHIRATHNE (S/307378) – 4th Sri Lanka Light Infantry, Private L. S. K. SILVA (S/02239) – 5 Sri Lanka Light Infantry, Private K. M. C. L. BANDARA (S/464620) - 4th Gajaba Regiment, Private K. ANURADASA (S/360347) – 4th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, Private W. P. RUWAN KUMARA (S/01114) – 12th Sri Lanka National Guard, Private J.R. RAJAPAKSHE (S/379084) – 7th Field Sri Lanka Engineers, Private R.G.S. RANJITH KUMARA (S/412527) – 7th Gemunu Watch, Private SITHARA GUNATHILAKE (S/59427) – 1st Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps, GOONARATHNE (Civil) and W.G. SUNITHA RAJAPAKSA (Civil) are among the total of 27 personnel injured in the LTTE suicide attack

A suicide bombing inside the main military headquarters here 'critically ounded' Sri Lanka's army chief Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka and killed five of his bodyguards, officials said. Fonseka's convoy was targeted as it drove past the army hospital well within the high security zone, police said, adding that they suspect that a woman suicide bomber may have carried out the attack. 'Five of his bodyguards who escorted the car on motocycles were killed on the spot,' a police official said, adding that more than a dozen were wounded. 'There are casualties but the fate of the commander is not known yet,' police chief Chandra Fernando told Agence France-Presse. 'He was critically wounded.' (read more details) Colombo
24 / 04 / 2006 DON JAYASEKARA RANJITH HEMASIRI JAYASEKARA (43) of Hotel OSHIN, ANDANKULAM, TRINCOMALEE (read more details) LTTE (TAMIL TIGERS) PISTOL GANG after storming a hotel in ANDANKULAM, TRINCOMALEE late night on Monday (24) had butchered its owner after firing on him at close range. ANDANKULAM, TRINCOMALEE
23 / 04 / 2006 Kalyanapura, Gomarankadawala Massacre on 23 April 2006

Six (6) innocent Sinhalese farmers (full report in Sri Lanka army).

The school boys D. ARUNA SHANTHA (17), R. CHAMINDA SANDARUWAN (16) and farmers, CHAMINDA SUSANTHA (27), A. AJITH KUMARA (18), D.S. LALITH (18) and D. WASANTHA KUMARA (24) of KALLAMPATTUWA died in the brutal LTTE attack (read full report). 

Click here for more details in Sinhela Net 

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More Pictures of the massacre 06

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Read more details on Kalyanapura Massacre


Armed LTTE terrorists indiscriminately fired on those farmers who were from neighbouring villages.
One Home Guard who also does farming during his leisure was also among those slain farmer

Read more details on Kalyanapura Massacre

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists massacred 61 Sinhalese villagers including 17 Women and 7 children on 18 September 1999

24 / 04 / 2006 Sri Lanka Army soldiers, Private M.P.D.S.K. JAYASINGHE killed and Private H.M.K. BASNAYAKE (injured) (read full report). a gang of LTTE terrorists taking cover behind a building directed fired at the troops on piquet duties.  SARASALAI in JAFFNA
24 / 04 / 2006 Pushpakumari, a young mother while she was breastfeeding her infant at home (read full report). hacked to death by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists BLOCK ‘C’ area of SERUNUWARA in TRINCOMALEE.
24 / 04 / 2006 RAZEEK SHAREEF YASMY (3 years) Muslim infant while he was with his mother (read full report). Three LTTE terrorists on motorbike after their failure to apprehend the prey, brutally assassinated a three-year old infant and severely injured his mother, who is now placed on a life saving machine at POLONNARUWA hospital MUSLIM COLONY, KADURUWELA, POLONNARUWA
24 / 04 / 2006 M.H.B. HERATH BANDARA and S.SUNIL RATHNAYAKE, both from KALYANAPURA, GOMARANKADAWALA - two Home Guards while they were proceeding from their duty post towards the DUTUWEWA base (read full report).. died on the spot when terrorists in hiding directed a rain of gunfire towards the Home Guards on foot. KALYANAPURA, GOMARANKADAWALA,
23 / 04 / 2006 AMITHANATHAN KENNEDY (40), Tamil shot dead by a suspected LTTE gunman NAWANTHURAI area, JAFFNA
23 / 04 / 2006 Two army soldiers injured (full report in Sri Lanka army).   WADUMUNAI entry/exit point at WELIKANDA
22 / 04 / 2006 Two soldiers killed and injuring four others (Read details). bumped off by LTTE terrorists between THANDIKULAM and KIDACHOLEI
22 / 04 / 2006 Three-wheeler driver, named GURUNDAN JENADAN (22) (Tamil) (read full report). shot dead by LTTE IRUPPALAI Junction in JAFFNA
22 / 04 / 2006 One army officer killed (Read details). Army vehicle was blown up in an LTTE claymore explosion SINHAPURA, WELIKANDA
22 / 04 / 2006 Private S.A SARATH  (Read details). Tamil Tigers detonated a claymore mine on troops KALMADU in VAVUNIA
21 / 04 / 2006 The Police Constable, INDIKA SAMARANAYAKE (PC 38074) and the Home Guard K.T. RANJITH SWARNAPALA (GD 25175). Severely wounded another Sub Inspector D.M.K DISSANAYAKE and Home Guard E.P SOMASIRI (GD 21926).  killed in the LTTE blast on the spot and the explosion (Read full details). The Police team, attached to KANTALE Police station was proceeding from KILIVEDDY to SERUNUWARA area around 1.20 p.m. this afternoon when Tamil Tiger terrorists in hiding activated the claymore mine. THANGANAGAR, TRINCOMALEE
21 / 04 / 2006 Kiled one home guard (Read full details) terrorists detonated a claymore mine and fired on a Police patrol on road clearing duty DEHIWATTE, TRINCOMALEE
20 / 04 / 2006 MUMOMAD NISAR (31) of No 82, 6th Lane, MANIPURAM, VAVNIYA  (Read details). A muslim civilian. Victim’s wife has also been injured in firing and admitted to VAVUNIYA hospital. shot by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists Vavunia
19/04/2006 The Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) activist, SELLADORAI SIVAKUMAR (32) of SINNAURANI, BATTICALOA  (Read full details), Sivakumar is a Tamil civilian. LTTE pistol men shrewdly approached him and shot him at close rang inside the public market at BATTICALOA
19/04/2006 THAMBAPULLE AMBIGA PAGAN (38) of PALANI KOVIL Avenue, KOPAI South, KOPAI. (Read full details). He is a Tamil covilian. The LTTE assassins fled the scene immediately after they have shot the victim near KONDAVIL junction in JAFFNA.
19/04/2006 Two unidentified civilians with cut injuries from the general area of MAHARAMBAKULAM, VAVUNIYA (Read full details), TTE men had carried out the killing in retaliation against their anti-LTTE stand, MAHARAMBAKULAM, VAVUNIYA
19/04/2006 Jongman Lee (51-years), South Korean (read full) (Read full details) LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists claymore mine  Vavunia
18/04/2006 K.GOWRYBALAN (32), MAHADEVAN KISHOR KUMAR (20), BALASUBRAMANIAM KANNADASAN (27), THANGARAJA RAVEENDRAN (27) and SELLAPPU KAMALLA DASAN (25) (All Tamil civilians) Attack by LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists (read full report) PUTTUR in JAFFNA
17/04/2006 Killed four (4) and injured seven (7) Sri Lanka Army soldiers (read details).  Monday’s (17) LTTE claymore mine attack on the Armed Forces and the Police was the 14th (Fourteenth) one after Tamil Tigers intensified terrorist attacks using deadly claymore mines on the Security Forces and the Police on 08th April 2006. Sixteen Army soldiers, Ten Navy personnel, Three Air Force personnel, Two Police officers, Two Home Guards and Fourteen civilians perished in brutal LTTE attacks after the Geneva talks held in February, this year.
A total of Thirty Three service Police personnel and Home Guards and Fourteen civilians were killed in those LTTE attacks causing injuries to Forty service and Police personnel and Sixty One civilians. The number of injured remains at One Hundred and One as on Monday (17). In addition, Eight Navy personnel have hitherto gone missing after another LTTE sea attack. LTTE terrorist have also abducted at least four civilians after the Geneva talks.
killed four more soldiers and injured seven more using one more claymore mine.  VEPPANKULAM, VAVUNIYA
17/04/2006 Five Sri Lanka Army soldiers (read details). The Airman, B.M. THILAKERATNE succumbed to his injuries early Friday (21) morning around 2.30 a.m. (Read full details) Tamil Tiger terrorists have also gone on firing on the Air Force convoy soon after they (LTTE) triggered the claymore mine KIRAN in BATTICALOA
16/04/2006 Danasiri, a resident of Tekkawatte (read details) Shot dead by LTTE Vavuniya 
16/04/2006 Private A.R.S. SANDARUWAN received severe injuries in the explosion and was to be airlifted to COLOMBO for immediate surgery while Recruit M.A.K.N. GUNASEKARA was admitted to PALALY hospital with minor injuries. (Sri Lanka Army soldier) CLAYMORE MINE ATTACK directed by Tamil Tigers at troops on foot patrol (Read full report). PASMANG junction in SARASALAI, JAFFNA
15/04/2006 Lance Corporal N.W.A.P.S. PERERA (Read full report). due to LTTE small arms fire  KAITHADI, JAFFNA
15/04/2006 Three (3) Air-Force personnel, Sergeant Jayantha, Leading Air Craftsman Jayantha and Leading Air Craftsman Jayasekara (Read full report). Air Force jeep (3151) with three Air Force personnel were proceeding towards HABARANA - TRINCOMALEE main road from KAPPALTHURAI Air Force detachment when LTTE terrorists blew up the Air Force jeep using a powerful claymore mine. 
Two of the victims died on the spot and the third one died on admission to hospital. 
15/04/2006 SULAIMAN NETTHIWELLA THAMBI LATHIF (32). Shot dead by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists (Read full report). ODDAMAVADI in BATTICALOA..
15/04/2006 Five (5) Army soldiers killed and eight (8) soldiers injured (read details) TERRORISTS ONCE AGAIN RAISED their ugly heads on Saturday (15) afternoon when a powerful explosive device triggered by terrorists in hiding killed five more soldiers and injured eight others at MUNNIMURUPPU in VAVUNIYA.
The Army bus carrying soldiers on duty came under LTTE explosive device attack killing 05 of the soldiers on the spot after the LTTE explosive device were detonated by terrorists.
12/04/2006 A senior officer and a soldier of the Sri Lanka Army (Read full details) brutally shot and injured by an LTTE pistol men MIRAVODAI Army camp, BATTICALOA, 
11/04/2006 Eleven Navy Personal and Injures Eleven Other Including Two Foreigners (Read in full) Tamil Tigers (LTTE) detonated a power full claymore mine at a convoy of the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) personal about 20 k.m. South of TRINCOMALEE
10/04/2006 Killed seven persons including five soldiers and injured three.  Two civilians, PATHMANADAN (55) and PRADEEP (29), working for a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), HUDEC CARITAS, engaging in tsunami rehabilitation work in JAFFNA, who were traveling in one of their vehicles from the opposite direction at that point of time fell victim to the explosion.
Two more HUDEC members, THAPARADARAN (48) and AJANTHAN (28), inside the NGO vehicle were severely injured in the explosion and admitted to General Hospital JAFFNA.
The claymore mine detonated on an Army double cab proceeding towards MUHAMALAI from KODIKAMAM destroyed the vehicle causing death to five soldiers and severe injuries to another traveling in the vehicle (Full report in Sri Lanka Army). MIRUSUVIL in JAFFNA
09/04/2006 SIWALINGAM PUSHPARAJA (15), and KRISHNAPILLAI AJITH (21) (Both Tamil civilians) TWO TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) PISTOL MEN from the LTTE Wanni faction have shot and injured one school boy and another civilian  KARUVANKRNI junction in VALAICHCHENAI
09/04/2006 Two persons believed to be Karuna supporters (Tamils) (Read details) shot and injured allegedly by LTTE cadres  Karuvankaram
08/04/2006 A Civilian & Soldier Injured (read details in Sri Lanka Army) a claymore mine aiming an Army truck was detonated by Tamil Tigers (LTTE) at NEERVELI in JAFFNA. 
One soldier inside the truck was injured. The truck was badly damaged.
One civilian who was passing by at the time of the incident was also wounded and admitted to the hospital for the treatments.
08/04/2006 The soldier, Private K.A. KULANAYAKE was killed and another Sergeant K.G. T. WASANTHA KUMARA seriously injured in the LTTE attack (read details in Sri Lanka Army) LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists launched a fierce attack on a post situated on the perimeter defence of the SELVANAGAR Army detachment using several rounds of mortar fire and Rocket Propel Grenades (RPG) followed by small arms fire. Selva Nagar
07/04/2006 B.A. Bawa (30) and V. Tahibu (35) (Muslims) shot with a T-56 weapon Katuwanvila in Welikanda
25/03/2006 Attack on Sri Lanka Navy Six LTTE suicide cadres blew themselves up with their trawler sinking a naval Dvora wounding 11 sailors. Eight other sailors missing were believed to have been killed, a senior Navy official told the Sunday Observer yesterday. However, this attack seriously breached the Geneva joint declaration signed between the Government and the LTTE. Six members in the LTTE trawler were also killed in the blast that occurred around 10.30 am ob 25 March 2006. Kuthiraimalai off Kalpitiya.
24/03/2006 ONE TAMIL BUSINESSMAN, PONNAIYAH MURUGES (45) was killed and his assistance NAGAPPAN RAMESH (30) was injured According to the Police, the assassins who came in a vehicle have opened fire indiscriminately at the “Vinayagar Stores” in PUDUKULAM, VAVUNIYA killing its owner PONNAIYAH MURUGES (45) on the spot before they fled. The victim’s assistance NAGAPPAN RAMESH (30) who was inside the shop at the time of the incident has received severe gunshot injuries and was initially admitted to VAVUNIYA hospital later he was transferred to ANURADHAPURA general hospital due to his worsening health condition.
Investigations were revealed that deceased had refused the LTTE demand for ransom several times. 
23/03/2006 The Tamil students, R.R. SARADHA (16), M.S. SINDRAJA (16) and D. WANITHA (16) Abducted by LTTE VAVUNIYA
21/03/2006 KUMARASINGHAM NAVAN (20), an advanced level Tamil student of THIRUKKOVIL VINAYAGAPURAM School, BATTICALOA (Read full details) abducted by a group of LTTE cadres, while on his way back home after school, on 21 March 2006 around 3.30 p.m, claimed a complain made by his father SELLAIYAH THANGANESHAM to THIRUKKOVIL Police. Further the complainant has told the Police, that he saw his son KUMARASINGHAM NAVAN (20) was being given LTTE training at the KANDIKUDICHCHI ARU LTTE camp when he went to inquire about his missing son. BATTICALOA
17/03/2006 SEENITHAMBI THANGARAJA (16 year old innocent Tamil student) nd another eighteen-year-old youth SINNAYAH RAMESHWARAM  a complaint made by a mother at KIRAN in BATTICALOA on 17 March 2006, the VALAICHCENAI Police has commenced investigation into abduction of two children by the LTTE on 12 March 2006 around 4.30 p.m. VALAICHCENAI
13/03/2006 SUDAKARAN SULOCHAN (15) and JEYARAJ KISHNAN (15) LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists on a white coloured van, abducted two school children, Monday (13) evening at about 5.00 p.m. at PETHALAI, VALAICHCHANAI while those students were returning after attending private tuition classes.  VALAICHCHENAI town
06/03/2006 ABDUL MAJEED JAUFER (32) of RAHUMANIYA STREET, ERAVUR shot and killed NAVALADY lane in ERAVUR town
27/06/2006 A FIFTEEN-YEAR OLD BOY abducted and conscripted to the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) has escaped LTTE detention and surrendered to the Police at BATTICALOA on Tuesday (07), March 2006. He was only 14 years of age when he was taken away forcibly with three of his friends to give him one-month long LTTE training in their place of detention. The teenager has however managed to escape from LTTE detention on 4 March 2006 and reached his home to inform of his abduction. The escapee has further told the Police that there are over 70 more teenagers including his three abducted friends being given training in this KOKADICHOLAI LTTE camp. The victim, according to the complaint, was in a Kovil (Hindu Temple) area in KOKADICHOLAI, BATTICALOA, with three of his friends when he and his three friends were abducted by the LTTE on 27 Battocaloe
01-02/03/2006 Both teenagers X and Y are 15 and 17 years of age and are schoolboys at Trincomalee Mavadichchena Vidyalaya and Sirasamaba College respectively at the time they were abducted and taken away by armed LTTE men. Those escapees have further told the naval troops that more than 100 children of the same age range are receiving LTTE weapon training in the same camp at SAMPOOR. armed Tamil Tigers stormed their houses and took them away by force late night on 01st & 2nd March 2006 to be detained afterwards at an LTTE camp at SAMPOOR.  Trincomalee
05/03/2006 11 year old child in Colony 11, Central Camp, Ampara Abducted by LTTE. LTTE is destroying childhood of Tamil children for the sake of their terror leader Pirabaharan’s blood thirst. It is reported currently there are more than 400 children in “Tora Bora” and “Sinna Pillumale” LTTE training camps. Central Camp, Ampare.
05/03/2006 Mohamed Navas, 22 (a former Sri Lankan army soldier), Muslim shot three times in his chest at his home Valachchani 
28/02/2006 A. DINESHWARAM (23), A Tamil civilian. Abducted by LTTE KILIVEDDY area in TRINCOMALEE.

Geveva Talks

22/01/2006 SINNATHAMBI THEVARASA (29) of NIMESHAN VEEDIYA, VISHNU KOVIL road, KIRAN (Tamil) LTTE gunned down a twenty-nine year old civilian resident in KIRAN last night (22) around 10.30 p.m KIRAN
20/02/2006 THAMBAIAH GANESH (25) of GOODSHED Road, VAVUNIYA (Tamil) abducted by LTTE Vavunia
20/02/2006 KAILASAPILLAI RAVEENDRAN (21) after calling him out to the entry gate in his home compound (Tamil) shot by LTTE VANDARAMOOLAI area in BATTICALOA
19/02/2006 Innocent Tamils Some of the villagers were severely beaten by armed LTTE men for reasons known only to them IRANDAL village in PUTTUR, JAFFNA
13/02/2006 One Tamil civilian injured. Five grenades were thrown into the TELO (Tamil political party) office, four of which exploded Eastern Sri Lanka
12/02/2006 H.G.F. Premakumara of Passara (Sri Lanka Navy Sailor) A sailor who was critically injured after the LTTE allegedly exploded its own boat off Talaimannar 
10/02/2006 U.L. NAJEEB DEEN (44) of Sector 01, AKKARAIPATTU shot and injured a farmer KANNAGIPURAM in AKKARAIPATTU
08/02/2006 NAGENDRAM GNANASELVAM (24) of KUPPILAN North, ILLALAI, brutally hacked with a sword by LTTE ILLALAI
05/02/2006 KUMARA MOHAN RAJ (22); (see details in SPUR, News on 02 February 2006) abducted by two armed LTTE cadres while he was at home at about 9.15 p.m. on Sunday (5th).  SEVADI ROAD, MAVADIVEMBU 
04/02/2006 Mr. MURUGARASU THAVARASA (56), Principal of  VALACHCHENAI Hindu College (see details in SPUR, News on 02 February 2006) abducted by LTTE (and later released)  VALACHCHENAI
28/01/2006 R.B. BALASUBRAMANIYAM CHANDRAKUMAR of KADIRASAN road in VAVUNIY; inflicted injuries on three civilians. Those three victims, SIROSA DEVI (36), SUREJA (14) and THAMILSELVAM (12) who received injuries were rushed to the VAVUNIYA hospital Grenade attck KADIRASAN road in VAVUNIYA 
28/01/2006 Sri Lanka Army soldier injured A soldier was injured when an army sentry point in Chullipuram, Jaffna came under a grenade attack last night sentry point in Chullipuram, Jaffna
25/01/2006 One Police Constable injured. Grenade attack PUTHOTTAM in VAVUNIYA 
24/01/2006 FIVE EXPLOSIONS TRIGGERED in five different Urban areas namely BORELLA, NUGEGODA, WATTALA, KIRIBATHGODA and MOUNT LAVINIA Tuesday (24) evening between 8.15 – 8.45 p.m. caused no damage or any loss of human lives.
However, no casualties have been reported at the time this report was filed. 
24/01/2006 Subramaniam Sundarajan,  Journalist of Tamil newspaper ‘Sudar Oli’, SUBRAMANIUM SUHIDRARAJAN of ORR’S HILL, LOWER Road, TRINCOMALEE (an employee of the TRINCOMALEE Port Authority) Killed (Full report in Island). Trincomalee 
23/01/2006 K.K. KAMALACHANDRAN (34) dedd and JOSEPH JEGADAS (50) injured, both Tamils firing triggered by an unidentified LTTE gunman VAVUNIYA
23/01/2006 one Police Constable  Hand grenade attack ARSADY, BATTICALOA
23/01/2006 sri Lanka Army soldiers; Lance Corporal S. KUMARA, Private T.D. TENNAKOON and Private U.N.UPUL CHANDANA killed and two (2) injured. The death toll of Army personnel butchered by LTTE terrorists to-date after 1st December 2005 to forty (40). LTTE claymore mine targeting troops on foot patrol (Read Daily Mirror for details) URANI, BATTICALOA
22/01/2006 Kanagasingham Kamalachandra (35), a prominent tuition master and a reputed civilian in Vavuniya, a father of three (Tamil) was killed and another person injured (Read details in Daily Mirror). The gunmen had reportedly come on a motorcycle and fired several rounds at them and fled the scene Tonikkal off Vavuniya
22/01/2006 One (1) Police Constable injured two more LTTE terrorists on a speeding motorbike flung a hand grenade  KADDAIMUNAI, BATTICALOA 
22/01/2006 Four Police Constables were admitted to hospital after the incident. Fired KANATTA AKKARAIPATTU – SAGAMA road
21/01/2006 Two (2) Sri Lanka Army Soldiers explosion detonated by LTTE TRINCOMALEE town.
21/01/2006 Three (3) STF Police Officers (Read details) Injured Akkaraipattu
20/01/2006 Home Guard H.D.N. MADUGALLAA (26) and civilian W.D.M. NAVARATNE (34) killed by LTTE SOMAPURA jungle in SERUNUWARA, TRINCOMALEE
19/01/2006 N.RAMESH KUMAR (21), K.SHANMUGARAJA (36) and J.SUNDARAM (40) of ERAKARI Street, MORAKOTTACHENAI A few suspected LTTE gunmen have reportedly opened fire at three civilians  MORAKOTTANCHENAI, BATTICALOA
19/01/2006 Sri Lanka Army soldier grenade attack ALAVAI in JAFFNA. 
19/01/2006 Reserve Police Constable MOHAMMED ABDUL GAFFOOR, Reserve Police Constable W.M.K. WIJEKOON and Reserve Police Constable W.H.D. PETER DANISTER FERNANDO, The young teenager died in the same explosion has been identified as K. DIVAKARAN (16) who is also a school-goer.  claymore mine attack THANDAVANVELY in BATTICALOA
19/01/2006 Death to three policemen, one civilian and injured thirteen other policemen, seven Army personnel and three civilians.  “push bicycle-type” claymore mine explosion about 500 meters to the north of BATTICALOA centre 
19/01/2006 Fourteen more Police Constables, seven Army personnel and three civilians sustained injuries in the attack, some of who have already been transferred to COLOMBO for immediate surgeries. . Three injured civilians have also been identified as KAMALENDRAN (23) of No.177, TRINCOMALEE road, BATTICALOA, KUJENDRAN (15) of No. 32/1, LOYIDS avenue, BATTICALOA and ROSALIN (38) of No. 36, SELVANAYAGAM road, BATTICALOA. detonation of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), tethered to a stationary bicycle on the roadside by Tamil Tigers in hiding, affected a jeep carrying a combined team of sailors and policemen ANURADHAPURA junction in TRINCOMALEE
18/01/2006 Police Constable (WPC) returning after traffic duty and seven others hand grenade attack BATTICALOA town
17/01/2006 Twelve (12) Sri Lanka Navy Sailors and a civilian (Read details in SPUR) Claymore mine (Full report in Island). Trincomalee
17/01/2006 One (1) Sri Lanka Army soldier (Read details in SPUR) claymore mine attack.  SARASALAI, JAFFNA
16/01/06 Suppiah Murugan (31) (read full details) The victim, a native of Trincomalee, was employed in an eating-house in Urumpirai. Shot while eating 'Koththu Roti' by LTTE JAFFNA
16/01/06 Muralitharan (25) (read full details) The victim, a native of Nelliady, was shot dead in Raja Veethy (The King’s Way) on his way to Jaffna with his brother JAFFNA
16/01/06 Navaratnarajah Jegatheeswaran (26) (read full details) The victim, a former member of the EPDP who had left 5 years ago, became a family man and father of two and worked as a labourer in the Nelliady market was shot dead by the LTTE at 8.45 AM. NELLIADDY
16/01/2006 AHAMED LEBBE WAHID (38) killed and THARU THAMBA ARDAM (36) injured Grenade attack THARU THAMBA ARDAM of ALAMKULAM, ADDALACHCHENAI, AKKARAIPATTU escaped death only with serious physical injuries and was subsequently admitted to hospital AKKARAIPATTU
16/01/2006 Private S. SAMANSIRI  (Read details in SPUR) LTTE hand grenade attack. The injured LTTE suspect, J. SUDASAN KAMALADASAN (25) of AKBAR STREET, ELUTHUR was admitted to hospital for treatment under MANNAR Police custody. hospital junction in MANNAR
16/01/2006 HAKINI DANESHWARI (51), RENUKA MOJANSVI (30) and SHANUKA MARJAN (23) - Tamils (Read details in SPUR) LTTE stormed a house during the wee hours on Monday (16) around 1.00 a.m. and assassinated three women who were fast asleep inside the house ANIPAY, JAFFNA
16/01/2006 GOPAL KRISHNAN SURESH (18) and CHANDRAN SASHIKUMAR (26),(Tamils) (Read details in SPUR) shot dead DEANS Road, AKKARAIPATTU
16/01/2006 GISHAN (38),(Tamil) (Read details in SPUR) shot dead NELLIADY, JAFFNA
16/01/2006 BALAKUMAR (Tamil) (Read details in SPUR)   URUMPIRAI Hindu College in JAFFNA
15/01/2006 A Civilian, RAJAKULASINGHAM (60) (Tamil) (Read details in SPUR) Injured VEPPANKULAM, VAVUNIYA o
15/01/2006 S. Ganeshalingham (PLOTE Member, Tamil) shot dead Kodigamam
15/01/2006 two (2) Tamil civilians, MADIVADAN KUMAR and M. RAJU (Read details in SPUR) shot and injured PALLATHOTAM
15/01/2006 One Air Force Officer and three civilians, V CHANDRADASAN of No 316, AMBUVELIPURAM, TRINCOMALEE, M VARADAN of No 603, SELVANAYAGAMPURAM, TRINCOMALEE and V VIJEYARASA of No 313, AMBUVELIPURAM (Tamil) (Read details in SPUR) Injured one airman of the Sri Lanka Air Force and injured three other civilians who were passing AMBUVELIPURAM junction in TRINCOMALEE
14/01/2006 Private K.S PRASAD KUMARA (Read details in SPUR) shot dead MALLAKAM, JAFFNA
14/01/2006 NAMAN RAJAN (29) of ARIYAMPATHI east, BATTICALOA - Tamil (Read details in SPUR) shot dead by Wanni tigers on his way home after participating Thai Pongal pooja in Punacholai Kovil at Thirunethikirny, Ariyampathi east, in Batticaloa district ARIYAMPATHI area, BATTICALOA
14/01/2006 Two navy soldiers (Details) (Read details in SPUR) landmine attack Kayts islet in northern Jaffna
13/01/2006 ARUNABALAN SUNDARALINGAM (36) (Tamil, EPRLF Member) (Read details in SPUR) LTTE pistolmen shot and killed an Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) member KALLADY area, BATTICALOA.
13/01/2006 A policeman on foot patrol and a civilian (Tamil) (Read details in SPUR) LTTE cadre lobbed a bomb (Read details) near the Kopay Police Station
12/01/2006 Injuring a Police sergeant and three police constables (Read details in SPUR) grenade (Read details) Parameshwaran junction in Jaffna 
11/01/2006 a woman resident at MADUVIL north, JAFFNA (Read details in SPUR) shot dead MADUVIL north, JAFFNA
11/01/2006 THAMBI NADEESHAN (Tamil) (Read details in SPUR) shot and killed  THIRUPPIDY, JAFFNA
11/01/2006 Sri Lanka Army soldiers (8 killed and injured 9);  7th claymore mine attack within the matter of few weeks. The  following nine (9) Sri Lanka Navy sailors were killed in the blast: K. K. Chandrapala; A. S. Dhanapala; M. Fernando; S. M. Subasinghe; S. K-Prasath Nilantha; H. Gunatilake; G. G. Athukorale; W. G. A. Wijeyasooriya and M. M. P. Ajantha.  claymore mine attack  (Read details). A BUS CARRYING SAILORS OF SRI LANKA NAVY was blown up at CHEDDIKULAM, 24 km southwest of VAVUNIYA while it was proceeding towards MANNAR by Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in another brutal claymore mine attack this evening (12) around 4.05 p.m Cheddikulam-Medawachchiya road
10/01/2006 One Policeman was injured   near the 3rd mile post, SELVANAYAGAMPURAM in TRINCOMALEE
10/01/2006 A civilian A CIVILIAN WHO WORKED at a shop in the CHAVAKACHCHERI town was shot dead CHAVAKACHCHERI
10/01/2006 Pavalarani Kanapathipillai (Tamil) kidnapped her from her house in Mattuvil and shot her dead. Mattuvil
09/01/2006 WEERAVANNAN (25), A Tamil civilian (Read details in SPUR) shot and killed THIRUNAVELI junction in JAFFNA 
09/01/2006 RATHNAM KARUNAKARAM (32) of No 03, KOKAVIL, NAWALKUDA, AKKARAIPATTU (A Tamil civilian) (Read details in SPUR) shot and injured AKKARAIPATTU and KALMUNAI road in SINNAPPILI area
  harmasena and Ranatunga (Army Intelligence Officers) Killed (Read details) Skandapuram cemetery at Thawsikulam in Vavuniya. 
08/01/2006 Three soldiers in the truck sustained injuries and were admitted to the Navy hospital TRINCOMALEE after they were transferred from MUTTUR hospital (Read details in SPUR) came under LTTE fire KADDAIPARICHCHAN from THOPPUR in TRINCOMALEE
08/01/2006 one soldier killed and another injured (Read details in SPUR) one soldier killed and another injured MALIGATHIVU, PAHALA THOPPUR, about 21 km south of TRINCOMALEE, 
08/01/2006 Three (3) sri Lanka Army Soldiers Injured (read details) Muttur
08/01/2006 Two Sri Lanka Army soldiers Grenade attack Near the Sub office of Valigamam east Pradeshya sabha building along the Jaffna Point Pedro road in Kopay
08/01/2006 One soldier was killed and another injured (more details) The group of soldiers on patrol had tried to check a van when the wanni tigers who were in the van had attacked the soldiers. When the soldiers retaliated the tigers had fled in the van Maligathivu area at Pahalathopur in Trincomalee
08/01/2006 Sinnarasa Rasaiah, 47, from Vinayaga Mudaliyar (VM) Road in Point Pedro town (Sri Lanka Army Informant) shot dead Point Pedro
08/01/2006 Adhmaguru Prasad, hailing from Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh was working as a Radio engineer in the Hyderabad-based private tele-services company's branch at Colombo (read details) Killed shot dead in a close range by an two-member unidentified gang in front of his office.
07/01/2006 13 Sri Lanka Navy Sailors; A nearly 4-year-old cease-fire between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tiger rebels is coming under pressure after at least 13 sailors were killed when an explosives-laden boat rammed into a Sri Lankan navy vessel early Saturday.  (Details in Sunday Observer). Killed. In one of the worst TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) attacks, LTTE Sea Tigers early this morning (07) around 1.00 a.m. blew up a Naval vessel Fast Attack Craft (FAC) with 15 sailors on board while it was in the seas off FOUL POINT, TRINCONMALEE. A huge explosion trigged off by Sea Tigers perished two Naval officers and 13 sailors, according to another Naval vessel on duty at sea in close proximity.  at the Foul Point, near the port of Trincomallee
07/01/2006 Kennedy (A PLOTE Member)- Tamil (See details in SPUR) shot by LTTE pistol gang in front of Jaffna Teaching Hospital
06/01/2006 Several injured (See details in SPUR)  LTTE grenade attack KOPAY Police station in JAFFNA
06/01/2006 No one injured (See details in SPUR) attacked by LTTE Tamil Tigers with a hand grenade SIVAN KOVIL in the general area of ANAIPANTHI 
05/01/2006 Sergeant A.K.W.S. JAYANTHIKARA (39) of WELANTHALAWA, ARANAYAKA (See details in SPUR): another soldier injured. injured (Later died on 08 January 2006)  EECHCHANKULAM, VAVUNIYA around 9.15 a.m..
03/01/2006 Nadaraja Balendran alias ‘Atlas Bala’ shot dead Wellawatte
03/01/2006 Sellathamby Visagaratnam, 55 (Chief priest at the Santhively Kannagi Amman temple). (See details in SPUR) shot dead (Full report in Colombo Page).  Alaiyadychcholai in Kiran Valaichenai
03/01/2006 two soldiers, B.G.A.K. Nandasiri and R.M.P. Dilina Kumara injured in a grenade attack Tsunami refugee camp located at Kalmunai road, Batticaloa.
31/12/2005 Krishnaswamy Thirunawakarusu (Vavunia PLOTE Leader) (See details in SPUR)  (Full report in Daily Mirror). abducted  and later killed Veppankulam in Vavuniya
30/12/2005 Six Army Soldiers grenade attack a short distance away from 52-4 Brigade Headquarters at Varani in Thennamaratchchi 
30/12/2005 two unarmed Police Constables  (Full report in SPUR). Attacked by LTTE pistol gang. Four pistol shots injured one of the Police Constables seriously but the other one escaped unhurt. LTTE pistol men after firing mingled with the public in the area and fled the scene. BATTICALOA
29/12/2005 Police Constables, SENANAYAKE (29094), DHARMASIRI (095), ANURA (31746) and WIJERATHNE (38271) (Full report in SPUR). injured in the attack were evacuated to the hospital. PETALAI, KALKUDA on the SIVAM KOVIL road 
29/12/2005 Private K.C.R. KODIKARA  (Full report in SPUR). Tamil Tiger opened fire on a night patrol of the troops and Policemen  
27/12/2005 The soldier Private W.M.G. RUWAN CHAMEERA (Details in SPUR) received injuries when a group of LTTE cadres from the opposite side opened fire VANNARAPANNAI in JAFFNA
27/12/2005 A soldier (W D Sunil) was killed and several civilians injured. Private W.B. SUNIL (50), a resident in the area was at home with his wife, L.K.GNANAWATHI (54) and his brother-in-law, K.K.PREMADASA when those intruders fired a couple of T-56 rounds and simultaneously threw two hand grenades at the house causing a huge fire ball (Details in SPUR) LTTE cadres hurled a grenade accompanied by shooting at the house of the soldier at the 4th mile post in Trincomalee around 8.35 p.m. Trincomallee
27/12/2005 Twelve (12) Sri Lanka Army Soldiers. Those killed were Sergeant K. PREMASIRI (S/276008), Corporal W. DANAPRIYAWANSA (S/275024), Corporal B.L.U NANDANA (S/278172), Lance Corporal K.M.A PUSHPA KUMARA (S/276203), Lance Corporal D.M. DISSANAYAKE (S/278035), Signalman B.M. LIYANAGE (S/278065), Recruit K.R. FERNANDO (S/154805), Private WEGANTHALE (S/650863), Private J. GAMINI (S/00894), Private J.M.C. SANDANAYAKE (S/02609), Private L.A. YASARATHNE (S/04983) and Private R.M.G. RATHNAYAKE (S/776389).
Those injured in the attack 2nd Lieutenant M.A.T. SAMPATH (O/66152), Signalman R.P. PREMADASA (S/279419) and Lance Corporal D.M. DISSANAYAKE (S/01102) are receiving treatment at the hospital.  (Details in SPUR) (Details in SPUR)
Mine blast Jaffna-Point Pedro road in Jaffna around 12.50 p.m.
27/12/2005 Police Constable Abeykoon (10156)  (Details in SPUR) Police sources said two men were passing the area where the Army and the Police were conducting the operation when the constable stopped the two men passing. One of them had pulled out a pistol, shot the police constable and fled. The other man was however arrested and detained for questioning. Park Road inVavuniya
27/12/2005 Constable Niyas (killed) and the constable Navaratnam Injured) (Details in SPUR) LTTE had shot them from behind the Mariamman Kovil. While tension prevailed in the area. Pandirippu near Kalmunai
27/12/2005 Private RUWAN SAMEERA (Details in SPUR) A pre-dawn Tamil Tiger (LTTE) fire attack COLOMBUTHURAI in JAFFNA
26/12/2005 Police Constable J. M KARUNARATHNA shot and injured; escaped with injuries PUTTUR, BATTICALOA
26/12/2005 MANIKYAWADUGE MAYURA KUMARA (27) (Details in SPUR) shot and injured by an unidentified LTTE gunman. LINGANAGAR, TRINCOMALEE
26/12/2005  Thirupan Master alias Veerappan Thirupan (PLOTE Vauniya political wing leader)  (Details in SPUR) An LTTE pistol group member arrived at the tea boutique where the PLOTE leader was having a cup of tea and had shot at Thirupan Master around 5.15 pm Rambakulam Road in Vauniya
26/12/2005 KURUKKAL SUBRAMANIYAM SADEESH KUMAR (23) of the KALI KOVIL at KOLAVIL, AKKARAIPATTU; A Tamil Hindu priest (Details in SPUR) shot and injured (Details in SPUR) AKKARAIPATTU
25/12/2005 Ramanan  (Muslim); A Three-Wheeler Driver (Details in SPUR) shot dead;  the body of Ramanan was recovered near fourth milepost along Trincomalee-Kandy highway with gunshot injuries. Trincomallee
25/12/2005 Wijeseelan to death (Tamil); A Three-Wheeler Driver (Details in SPUR) knifed to death; The body of Wijeseelan was recovered from the Kanniya-Wilgam Vihare junction; Trincomallee
25/12/2005 Three (3) Sri Lanka army soldiers (names not released) Three more soldiers on routine duties had to seek admission to the PALALY Military hospital after Tamil Tigers around 10.30 a.m. on Sunday (25) as LTTE threw a hand grenade and caused injuries to the troops VELVATITHURAI, JAFFNA
25/12/2005 Hon Joseph Pararajasingham, Tamil Mp in Batticalo (Read the Press Release issued by Sri Lanka Joint Operations Headquaters). (read details in SPUR). Killed by LTTE gunmen Batticaloa
24/12/2005 THAMBILEBBE ABDUL MANAP (35) killed and S.G.T DUDAR ATHIF (38) injured - Muslin (Details in SPUR)  one killed and another injured Batticaloa
24/12/2005 A.H. SHAIBU (45) of No 335, KUDAPOKUNA, WELIKANDA (Muslim) (Details in SPUR)  shot dead KUDAPOKUNA in POLNNARUWA
24/12/2005 WEERAKKODY ALBERT HENRY (64) of TRINCOMALEE shot dead by suspected Tamil Tigers pistol group while victim was driving his lorry with his own son their way home ORR’S Hill, TRINCOMALEE
24/12/2005 Three civilians of PATTIYAKULAM, TRINCOMALEE  who went to collect firewood, have been abducted by LTTE  PATTIYANOOR, TRINCOMALEE
24/12/2005 Sri Lanka army soldier (name not released) one soldier received serious injuries when suspected Tamil Tigers threw a hand grenade at a sentry point.  VELVATITHURAI, JAFFNA
23/12/2005 Names not released (Tamil woman) (Visit SPUR for details) Explosion of an LTTE hand grenade and simultaneous firing  CHAVAKACHCHERI
23/12/2005 15 Sri Lanka Sailors killed and many more injured.  Master Chief Petty Officer M.A.T.Mallikarachchi of Hataraliyadda, Chief Petty Officer W.C Pushpakumara of Kahatuduwa, Petty Officers C.N Perera of Katugastota, K.S.R. Vithana of Embilipitiya, B.L. Wasantha of Balapitiya, Leading Seaman K.A.U.C. Kuruppuarachchi, Leading Transport Assistant D.N.N.R. Dissanayake of Teldeniya, Leading Seaman N.D.K. Dassanayake of Poddala, Leading Patrolman R.K. Dayananda of Hidogama Anuradhapura, Transport Assistant R.M.G.S. Rathnayake of Seepukulama Kahatagasdigiliya, Engineering Mechanic N.R.C.S. Niroshan of Passara, Able Seaman K.G.S.L. Kumarasinghe of Matale and Able Patrolman R.H.A. Amarasinghe of Katupota.  (Visit SPUR for details) - A NAVAL CONVOY proceeding to THALAIMANNAR from MANNAR around 2.25 p.m. on Friday (23) afternoon with thirty sailors aboard a bus and a Navy truck was blown up in at least two explosions, triggered off by Tamil Tiger (LTTE) terrorists in the general area of NADUKUDHA in MANNAR. This is the first Tamil Tiger (LTTE) attack of this magnitude, in which so many were killed and injured after the Cease-fire Agreement (CFA) was signed between the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and Tamil Tigers (LTTE). killing at least 12 sailors and wounding 18.

It is suspected that LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists have used Thermobaric weapons for this attack (see details)

Claymore mine at Pesalai, in the district of Mannar
23/12/2005 D. Sajan Dhanapala (Sinhalese) (Visit SPUR for details) Tamil Tiger rebels shot and killed an army intelligence agent Friday, in the first known attack in the tea-growing central part of Sri Lanka Nuwara Eliya
22/12/2005 Sri Lanka Army Soldier (Name not yet released)  (Visit SPUR for details) One soldier received injuries when two motorbike riding Tamil Tigers lobbed a hand grenade at troops on duty at a piquet point in the IRUPALAI area Thursday (22) around 4.20 p.m. IRUPALAI 
22/12/2005  Private K.K.S.P. ARIYARATNE   (Visit SPUR for details) Tamil Tigers directed fire towards troops at an Army point in THIRUNELVELY west, the same day around 6.30 p.m. causing injuries  THIRUNELVELY west
22/12/2005 Ms T.P.W. LEENAYATHI (18) of WELLA street, Boundary road, ERAVUR; The deceased’s father T. KANDARASA (45) who was an eyewitness to the murder also received injuries in Tamil Tiger firing before those terrorists abducted MAHENDRAN (17) and P.K.S. PAKYANADAN (19) after firing two shots towards them  (Visit SPUR for details) when she attempted to prevent abduction of her beloved younger brother, MAHENDRAN (17), and her cousin P.K.S PAKYANADAN(19) for LTTE conscription who were at home when four armed Tamil Tiger terrorists stormed her house in the dark ERAVUR 
21/12/2005 Sri Lanka Navy Sailors, Petty Officer P. PARANAWITHANA, Leading Patrolman S.R. GUNAPALA and Able Patrolman R.A.T. BANDARA abducted and killed. Engineering Mechanic S.G.T. SANJEEWA who received serious injuries has now been admitted to ANURADHAPURA hospital for surgery and treatment. Captured and killed (see details in SPUR)


21/12/2005 Eleven (11) soldiers of Sri Lanka Army killed two Sri Lankan soldiers and wounded nine others (see details in SPUR) in the government-held north,
21/12/2005 causing death to Corporal K.A.VIPULA SHANTHA of 14th Battalion Sri Lanka Light Infantry (14 SLLI) and injuries to Major M.W.M.B. CHANDRASEKARA, Major M.P. RAMANAYAKE, Corporal M.G. GUNARATHNE, Lance Corporal K.M. JAYASOORIYA BANDA and Lance Corporal K.M. KARUNARATHNE, urled three grenades and simultaneously fired on a passing military vehicle with soldiers (see details in SPUR) KACHCHAI, JAFFNA
21/12/2005 four policemen and two civilians lobbed a hand grenade (see details in SPUR) Nallur
20/12/2005 RAJASINGHAM alias BABUJI (EPDP member) (Details in SPUR) abducted by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists Kayts
16/12/2005 SIVAPULANDU PASSIRASA alias THRAN (28) of No 19, SAMAGI MAWATHA, KUDAPOKUNA,  killed by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists at close range using a pistol while he was watching television at his home.  KUDAPOKUNA, WELIKANDA
14/12/2005 Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Margherita Boniver tried to assassinate by shooting her helicopter Arumugam Bay
12/12/2005 TWENTY POLICE CONSTABLES, one Sub Inspector and three Sergeants narrowly escaped death with injuries.   LTTE threw two hand grenades PESALAI, MANNAR.
12/12/2005 Mr. Sinnathamby Ganeshalingam alias Farook by the LTTE  abducted on 12.12.2005 by a gang of ten armed men at Asikulam in Vavuniya. (see details) (see details in SPUR) Asikulam in Vavuniya.
12/12/2005 Two soldiers  Seriously injured when they trod on a claymore mine during a routine patrol Wandaramulla in Eravur
12/12/2005 Injured 18 policemen and critically injuring two soldiers Tamil Tigers continued its acts of provocation against the Security Forces and Policemen in the North and East exploding claymore mines and carrying out hand grenade attacks. Pesalai and Batticaloa
11/12/2005 DAVID MICHAEL COLLIN alias MURALI (35) of No 58, MECCA Road, TRINCOMALEE. This was the 35th EPDP activist/supporter to lay his life in the face of Tamil Tiger terrorism and violence. Killed near ALLERS GARDEN Refugee camp in UPPUVELI on TRINCOMALEE – NILAVELI main road
11/12/2005 Police Constable MAHESH RANASINGHE (PC 38716 Tamil Tiger gunmen kill PC and escape with their women cadre VAVUNAYA Hospital this afternoon (11) around 2.40 p.m..
09/12/2005 C. JEEVANADAN (28) Kali Kovil road, KIRAN- Tamil shot him dead near 27th km post  VALACHCHANAI – BATTICALOA main road
09/12/2005 K. P. SHASHIKUMAR of Vishnu Kovil road, KIRIAN unknown gunmen of the LTTE at his home in KIRAN, BATTICALO
09/12/2005  MOHOMMED SELLADU LEBBE (52) of ERAVUR Killed .K. Saw Mill on the PUNNAKUDAH road, ERAVUR
08/12/2005 Five civilians


Injured in LTTE hand grenade attack
08/12/2005 STF constables, PC INDIKA (PC 39344), PC WANNINAYAKE (PC 22301) and PC RANJITH (PC 30996), attached to the KANCHANAKUDA STF camp Injured in LTTE hand grenade attack
08/12/2005 SURERASA YOGESHWARI (27) and SURERASA LINGAM KUTTI (16) The assassination has been committed by SURERASA SIVALINGAM (15) of LTTE, the victims’ brother who lobbed a hand grenade at them subsequent to firing using a T-56 weapon MAVADIVEMBU, about 19 km northwest of BATTICALOA
07/12/2005 one killed and seven injured Terror tactics of suspected Tamil Tigers (LTTE) struck once again this afternoon (07) around 3.55 p.m. in VAVUNIYA town centre claiming the life of a civilian and inflicting injuries on eight others, including a soldier VAVUNIYA
06/12/2005 Lieutenant T.R. Mutugalage, Corporal B.E. Samarasinghe, Corporal Ajith Kumara, Private K.M.P. Attanayake, Private K.G. Dayawansha, Private W.P.I.W. Wijetunga and H.A.S. Udayasiri  claymore mine attack Kopay, Jaffna
05/12/2005 MOHAMMED FAROOK alias MOHOMMED RIZVAN (30) and MOHOMMED ABU UBEDHA gunned down by MARADAMUNAI beach, about 25 km. north east of AMPARA
05/12/2005 Kalwunkerni Post Mistress Komathi Veerapathiran (35) of School Road, Kaluwunkerni (Tamil) kidnapped and hacked to death by the LTTE cadres Kaluwunkerni 
05/12/2005 Balasingam Premanathan, known as ‘Appan,’ age 30 of Pandiyankulam (Tamil) hacked to death 8th ward, Mallavi, formerly of Kopay
05/12/2005 Another soldier killed by LTTE's claymore blast Kondavil on the Palaly-Jaffna Road
04/12/2005 Six soldiers of Sri Lanka Army killed by LTTE's claymore blast Kondavil on the Palaly-Jaffna Road
02/12/2005 Corporal T.S WITHANAWASAM, Private K RAJARATHNE and Private K.A.S. DISSANAYAKE Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in hiding threw two more hand grenades at an Army bunker  CHAVAKACHCHERI at the KODIKAMAM road, JAFFNA
02/12/2005 Mr Wimalawansa (56) - Sinhalese shot and killed by Sellakumar of LTTE Trincomalee
02/12/2005 A.L.M.Faleel (The Divisional Secretary, Kaththankudi in the Batticaloa District) - Muslim He was shot by two members of the LTTE who had come on motor cycle to the Divisional Secretary’s Office Kaththankudi in the Batticaloa District
18/11/2005 Police Sergeant WICKRAMASINGHE (10847) Fired upon by a lone Tamil Tiger pistol man received injuries to his left hand and the body While providing security to Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) office at POINT PEDRO
18/11/2005 OHAMMED ABUBAKAR (52) , MOHOMMAD IBRAHIM , M.A NURDEEN (54) and M.I. MUSTHAFA The pre-dawn grenade attack inside a Mosque   on Friday (18) killed four Muslim devotees and injured twenty-one Muslim prayers, including a little child An AKKARAIPATTU suburb
16/11/2005 Police Constable G.D.C. JAYARATNE (PC 30769) and Private M.M. SAMAN NALINDA Grenade attack causing severe injuries KULAWADIKOLANI, BATTICALOA
16/11/2005 Private W.G.C.K CHANDRASENA, Private P.S.P.PATHIRANA and Private H.K. MANOJ RANDIK Grenade attack IRIDIYAPURAM, BATTICALOA
16/11/2005 H.M. PREMATHILAKA (HG 26800) of No. 154, MAHA ULPOTHA, ARALAGANWILA Injured HANDAPANWILA, about 25 km southeast of POLONNARUWA  
16/11/2005 Home Guard, H.M. SUSANTHA PATHMA KUMARA (HG 47372) of No 349, PELETIYAWA, ARALAGANWILA  Killed HANDAPANWILA, about 25 km southeast of POLONNARUWA  
12/11/2005 Private G.G.J KUMARATUNGA  Stabbed the soldier on the head and back. 
GANESHAPURAM about 06 km northwest of VAVUNIYA town. 
07/11/2005 VELAYUDAN GNANENDRAN (40) of No 01, GABADAPITIYA, SAGAMA Road, KANNAGIPURAM, AKKARAIPATTU (Tamil civilian). Shot and killed KANNAGIPURAM, about 15 km west of AKKARAIPATTU  
06/11/2005 Wife of RASAPUTHRAM SASAKUMAR (33) of No 123, ALAIADIWEMBU, AKKARAIPATTU (Tamil) shot and killed ALAIADIWEMBU, about 3 km away from AKKARAIPATTU town.
04/11/2005 K.S. NALINDA PRIYANKARA (22) of No. 35, ABEYAPURA, UPPUWELI (This is the second attack on Sinhala three-wheeler drivers in the area after Tamil Tigers killed one several days ago while he was in the area of ORRS HILLS in TRINCOMALEE) Shot and injured SELVANAYAGAMPURAM, TRINCOMALEE
01/11/2005 RAJENDRA REJINIKANTH (24) - Tamil Shot dead NELLIADY, JAFFNA
31/10/2005 Reserve Police Constable G.R.LALITH BANDARA (RPC 38155) - Sinhalese Seriously injured KANDARMADAM Junction, about 2.5 km of JAFFNA center
31/10/2005 Reserve Police Constable M.ARIYARATHNE (RPC 28909), Reserve Police Constable D. GUNAWARDENE (RPC 34506) and Reserve Police Constable P. KRISHANTHA (RPC 31305) (All Sinhalese) Granade attack KANDARMADAM Junction, about 2.5 km of JAFFNA center
29/10/2005 Lieutenant Colonel T.R. MEEDIN (39) of the Military Intelligence Corps in COLOMBO - Muslim Shot dead by LTTE Colombo
29/10/2005 N. H. M. ABEYRATNE (38) of Refugee camp, KANNADIPURAM (Suinhalese) Tamil Tigers shot him at point blank range AKKARAIPATTU
27/10/2005 A.W.P ANURA (28) of No 358/4, TRINCOMALEE road, MARATHADY (Sinhalese) - A Member of the North & East Sinhala Organization (NESO) 0- Sinhalese shot dead Trincomallee
24/10/2005 A constable attached to the Batticaloa police Critically injured Jayanthipura
19/10/2005 P.WEERASINGHAM (53) - Tamil - Village State Official (Gramasewa Niladhari) shot and killed THADDANKULAM, about 20 km west of VAVUNIYA town
19/10/2005 a Muslim civilian was killed killed Akkaraipattu,
16/10/2005 Two female civilians who received injuries during the incident have been admitted to the VALAICHCHENAI hospital by firing thirty T-56 rounds at Sri Lanka troops when they were returning to KINNIYADI camp MEERAVODAI, KINNIYADI
14/10/2005 Police Constable is W.A. AJITH PRIYANKARA (PC 32667) of UDAGAHAWATTA, WEKANDAWALA, WEERAKETIYA Shot and killed around 8.50 p.m. in the general area of NELLIADY, JAFFNA
14/10/2005 Police Constable A.K.A HEMAPALA (PC 2768) of No.171/70, RANWALAWALA, TANGALLE Shot and injured around 8.50 p.m. in the general area of NELLIADY, JAFFNA
13/10/2005 Dilanga Dissanayake (S/14Q01554) - 25 Years (Sinhalese) Killed - LTTE had launched this attack from the direction of LTTE controlled area across the Santhiveli lagoon. SANTHIVELI, about 20 km northwest of BATTICALOA
12/10/2005 K. Rajadorai (53), The Principal of Jaffna Central College (Tamil) gunned down by LTTE around 4 pm yesterday, when he was about to attend a cultural show at the Weerasingham Hall as the Chief Guest. Jaffna
12/10/2005 N Sivakadasam (59), The Principal of Kopay Christian College (Tamil) Who had risen against continuing child conscription by the LTTE, was shot dead on Tuesday night by a LTTE pistol gang member. Kopay
10/10/2005 MOHAMMED ABUBAKAR SAHABDEEN (43),chief organizer for POTTUVIL. This is the 27th EPDP political activist/member to fall victim to Tamil Tiger violence after the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) was signed. Killed by LTTE members age range of 12-15 years of age  as he stepped out of a teashop in the general town area of POTTUVIL.
10/10/2005 EPDP member, SIVALINGAM VILVARASA (35) shot dead by LTTE Pistol gang 6th Post, ADIMOTAI junction at UPPUVELI, TRINCOMALEE.
10/10/2005 Army Officer Lieutenant V.P. MITHRAPALA Injured sentry point at ABYAPURA
09/10/2005 DHARMAKULASINGHAM Injured by a petrol bomb HARRIS EMPORIUM of No. 62, WELLAWATTE
09/10/2005 LTTE cadres held seven civilians (two Sinhalese and five Muslims) to ransom and wanted Rs. 35,000/- (about US $ 347) if they were to be released. abducted and held in ransom ONEGAMA jungle, POLONNARUWA
08/10/2005 M. CHANDRA KUMAR (A Tamil civilian) Tamil Tiger (LTTE) cadres, led by KANNAN had caused injuries to a civilian ALVAI, POINT PEDRO
08/10/2005 Six Police personnel who were inside the jeep
Grenade attack while it was moving from VALAICHCHENAI to KALKUDAH
07/10/2005 RAJKUMAR SWAMIGAL (34) of No 86, PALALY Road, THIRUNAVELI; A HINDU PRIEST (SWAMIGAL), attached to SRI GAYATHREE KAMAKODI PEEDAM Hindu Ashram (monastery) in MEESALAI, about 19 km east of JAFFNA town, abducted and badly assaulted by masked Tamil Tigers (LTTE) was airlifted to COLOMBO for immediate medical attention Sunday (09) night.
07/10/2005 SELVARAJ SELVAKUMAR (14) and ARUMUGAM PARAMANADAN (26) 2 Killed and another 9 injured by LTTE Grenade attack VINAYAGAPURA, BATTICALOA,
07/10/2005 K. AMURTHALINGAM (15) and WELAUDAN (14) - Tamil abducted KUDAPOKUNA, about 15 km northwest of WELIKANDA
07/10/2005 MALLIKA AIRANGANY her husband M. RANJITH JAYASIRI and his assistant A.P. ANURA JAYANTHA (Sinhalese) abducted MAVADICHENAI, TRINCOMALEE
07/10/2005 SELVARAJ SELVAKUMAR (14) and ARUMUGAM PARAMANADAN (26) - Tamils Killed by a Granade attack  VINAYAGAPURA, BATTICALOA
07/10/2005 Kandasamy Senthil Kumar(35), Chairman for Kolombuthurai, Uyilanadankulam Hindu Kovil in Jaffna (Tamil) Killed Jaffna
06/10/2005 - Nine civilians and a policeman were injured Valachchenai
06/10/2005 Kingsley Weeraratne (34) of No. 67, Mahamayapuram, Matco, Trincomalee (Sinhalese) sustained fatal six pistols shot injuries on his head before he fell dead on the spot Pallaiyoottu, about 2 km northwest of Trincomalee
06/10/2005 S. Vijayakanth (26) a clerical staff of the EPDP (Tamil) Injured No 16 Nelson Avenue, Bampalapitya, Colombo
05/10/2005 S. MOHAMMED VAHAB (28) - Killed (Muslim) and MOHAMMED SULAIMAN LEBBE JAYANOOR (32) of No. 93/1, SINNATHAMBI road, KALMUNAI-03 - Injured (Muslim) Killed and injured UDAYAR junction on Beach road, KALMUNAI
04/10/2005 K.A. SAMPATH (26) of No. 88, MAGULPOKUNA, WELIKANDA shot and injured WELIKANDA.
04/10/2005 A prison officer was injured Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) opened fire at the van around 11:00 a.m. local time (0500 GMT).      Muttur, 230 kms east of Colombo
03/10/2005 Two police constables Several rounds of T-56 firing directed from the rear damaged the rear windscreen injuring the Police officers VELLAVELI, about 8 km west of KALAWANCHIKUDY
03/10/2005 Corporal S.P. SENDANAYAKE (S/402256) - Sinhala A grenade and small arms firing simultaneously MANKERNI, about 38 km northwest of BATTICALOA
03/10/2005 KARTHIKESU SENDURAN (22) - Tamil- The student, who has been selected to JAFFNA University for his graduate studies in 2006 killed for as he has not obtained a LTTE permit to transport sand for his construction work VALLIPURAM area in JAFFNA


KITNAN PARAMESHWARAM (42) - Tamil - 25th EPDP supporter to have been killed by Tamil Tigers after the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) shot and killed VANNARAPANNAI, NEW Road, ARUGALMADAM, JAFFNA
02/10/2005 CANDAIAH PONNARASA alias KUNAM (45) of No 15, SAMAGI road, KUDAPOKUNA - Tamil shot and killed KUDAPOKUNA, POLONNARUWA
30/09/2005 MAHADEVA DEVARADAN (23) of KALKUDAH road, VALACHCHENAI- a Tamil civilian shot dead by LTTE 10.40 p.m. in the general area of JETTY, VALAICHCHENAI
30/09/2005 EALANADAN MADIVADAN (23) of No.05 Beach road, NAVAKKUDAH - a Tamil civilian shot dead by LTTE 10.40 p.m. in the general area of JETTY, VALAICHCHENAI
30/09/2005 UWANATHAN BAHANU (21) VIPULANANDA road VALAICHCHENAI - a Tamil civilian injured dead by LTTE 10.40 p.m. in the general area of JETTY, VALAICHCHENAI
30/09/2005 Name not known - the Sinhalese majority was shot dead in the neighboring eastern district of Ampara killed Ampare
29/09/2005 KRISHNAPULLAI YOGAKUMAR (38) - Tamil shot and killed Road, BATTICALOA
29/09/2005 A. S. HAKEEM from MUTTUR Muslim Gunned down by 3 LTTE pistol men on a motorbike (JH 0506) PALANAGAR, about 15 km south of TRINCOMALEE
27/09/2005 T.M. SUNIL (46) of IRIDIYAPURAM, BATTICALOA - Sinhala shot dead by LTTE pisto; gang NAVALADY, 33 km north west of BATTICALOA
27/09/2005 SINNAIYAH RAMALINGAM (78) - Tamil hacked to death ILANDAMODDAI, about 16 km south east of MANNAR
27/09/2005 LEELAWATHI SUBRAMANIUM alias SHANTHI (36), shot and killed NAVANTHURAI, 2 km northwest of JAFFNA town
24/09/2005 WELU KRISHOKUMAR (26) - Tamil shot and Killed by LTTE pistol gang Batticaloa
24/09/2005 P. MATHKANDHU (65) - Tamil Injured by a hand Granade ANURADHAPURA junction, TRINCOMALEE
22/09/2005 Police Sergeant, P.K. WIMALAWARDENA (54) - Sinhalese This was the 24th Police officer to be slain by Tamil Tigers after the Cease-fire Agreement between the Government and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) was signed.  Tigers have committed their 539th lapse. shot and killed 400m away from the AKKARAIPATTU Police station
21/09/2005 The state official, A. JEEVARATHNAM of JEEVANAGAR, KALMADU - Tamil killed


1 - killed

2 - Injured

VINAYAGAPURAM, BATTICALOA inside his residence after firing a spray of small arms rounds and detonating a hand grenade.
21/09/2005 Private R.M.S. CHANDANA, Private A.M. ADHIKARI and Private H.A. AJITH KUMARA of the Sri Lanka Army, and Police Constable SOMASIRI (all Sinhalese) Injured by a Grenade attack IRUDIYAPURAM, BATTICALOA
19/09/2005 two soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army  Injured by throwing a hand grenade while on duty TRINCOMALEE Monday (19) night at about 8.00 p.m
19/09/2005 MALASURIN WIMALESHVARAN (23) - Tamil Killed VELLAVELI, about 8 km west of KALAVANCHIKUDY
16/09/2005 RATNAM SARVALOGANANDAN (45) of 141 A, MANNAR road, KURUMANKADU (an elected councillor in JAFFNA based VALIKAMAM local council (Pradeshiya Sabha) in 1997) - Tamil killed TEAKKAWATTA Junction, VAVUNIYA. 
14/09/2005 Rev SABHANANDA SHARMA (28) - Tamil Hindu Priest Killed ANJANEER Hindu Temple (Kovil) in MARANDANAMADAM, JAFFNA
10/09/2005 Sivaraj Thartheepan (24) - PLOTE Member (Tamil) He was injured when traveling along with the PLOT member, a 45 year old Vishvarasa who died on the spot at the shooting. The security forces made arrangements to admit him to the Colombo National Hospital who died in the hospital 3rd Lane, Thirunawathkulam, in Vavuniya
09/09/2005 Gopal Vilvarasa aka Kethees (45) - Tamil (Former PLOTE Member) Killed Vavuniya
09/09/2005 IVARASA PARADEEPAN (24) - English Teacher (Tamil) Killed Thirunakualm in Vavuniya 
09/09/2005 Mohammed Rafeek (Muslim) Killed 2nd Cross Street in Vavuniya
08/09/2005   2 policemen killed and six injured THALANKUDAH, KATTANKUDY
05/09/2005 Bombardier (Corporal) G. R. P. P BANDARA (35) of HANKOLEWATTE, KURATIHENA, HETTIPOLA - Sinhala Killed BLACK BRIDGE, CHENKALADY 
05/09/2005 Jegath Kumara (32), Anurudda Kumara and Gunadasa WGuruge - All Sri Lanka Army soldiers Injured two different locations on Batticaloa Valaichenai highway around 5:30 p.m
04/09/2005 R.A ANURUDDHA KUMARA of 3 Sri Lanka National Guard (SLNG): 55th assassination after the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in 2002 between the Government of Sri Lanka and Tamil Tigers Killed SITTANDY
04/09/2005 NADESHALINGAM KRISHNAKANTH (14) - Tamil and a Sri Lanka Army soldier Injured SAHIRA Vidyalaya Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Centre in the general area of BATTICALOA
03/09/2005 GAMINI PREMARATNE - (Police Constable - Sinhala) Injured Kalmunai
02/09/2005 L.V.Pradeep Kumara (30) of Sirimapura, Trincomalee - Sinhala Killed Trincomalee
02/09/2005 Kanakathipillai Naguleshwaran (37) of Kalmunai  Killed Bolawatta in Wennappuwa
31/08/2005 Nimal Jeyathilake, M.J. Weeraratne and M. Dissanayake (injured);  injured Batticaloa-Valaichenai 
31/08/2005 Two soldiers, Mr. Santha, 20, and Mr. Herath, 25, injured Cobra junction of Valaichchenai
31/08/2005 One policeman injured Santhiveli junction in Eravur 
27/08/2005 W. JOHN SILVA (75),147 Milepost, Kandy road, THAMBALAGAMUWA - Sinhala Killed THAMBALAGAMUWA 
24/08/2005 Rasaratnam Srikanthan (58) - Tamil Killed KOVIL KULAM, VAVUNIYA
20/08/2005 NADARAJAH KESAVAWARMA (25) - Tamil killed SAMANAMKULAM junction, VAVUNIYA
20/08/2005 SELVANAYAGAM PRIYANTHA (22) - Tamil Abducted WELIKANDA
19/08/2005 PARIDDIN MOHOMMADU PABRIDIN (17), MEERA SAIBU RAVILAN (60) and LAMILAM SUMEYA (23) - All Muslims shot at civilians and robbed their motorbike  KATTANKUDY, BATTICALOA
17/08/2005 K W SARANATH (17 Years) of No.131, 2nd LANE, NITHYAPURI, TRINCOMALEE - Tamil Abducted NITHYAPURI, TRINCOMALEE
17/08/2005 SOMAPALAN JEGADEESWARAN alias MADEE - Tamil killed by an LTTE pistol man KURUMANKADU, VAVUNIYA
16/08/2005 Lance Corporal, H.K.A. HENDENIYA (30) of YAMANMULLA, AKURANGODA, and MATALE - Sinhalese killed KESELWATTA Army post, MUTUR 
13/08/2005 Hon Laksman Kadirgamaer (Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka), A great Tamil Leader (for details, please visit SPUR for details) - Tamil Killed at his residence, Colombo
11/08/2005 JEEWANI (17) - Tamil abducted by LTTE men on 11 August 2005   KAYTS, JAFFNA
13/08/2005 A civilian residing in the general area of KALUWANKERNI have complaint to the troops on duty on 12 August 2005 around 10.40 a.m. that LTTE men have kidnapped his son for conscription on the same day morning - Tamil Abducted KALUWANKERNI
12/08/2005 Police Sergeant ATHUKORALA (38) - Sinhalese Killed DEHIATTAKANDIYA, POLONNARUWA
12/08/2005 The Policeman, MOHOMMED HANIFA FAROOK (944) - Muslim shot and injured ETTUVAIKKAL bridge on KARATHIVU – AKKARAIPATTU 
08/08/2005 S. HANDUNGE CHAMINDA (32) -  - Sinhalese killed MBALAMA, MAHAOYA
04/08/2005 The Superintendent of Police for JAFFNA Mr. W.D. CHARLES WIJEWARDENE  - Sinhalese abducted and later killed; Another six (6) police officers abducted, their fate is unknown. Jaffna
02/08/2005 K. NALAKA SAMPATH KUMARA (22)  - Sinhalese Killed


29/07/2005 Udayasiri (20 - Sinhala) killed and M. Nalaka and Ranjith Dissanayake abducted. - Sinhalese Killed Pannalagama, Ampara
28/07/2005 Sooriyapillei Nixon (22)  killed by LTTE pistol gang Kuddattanai, Pothpathy in Point Pedro
27/07/2005 PANNIRAA GEORGE alias PAKYA RASA RAMESH (27) - Tamil killed BATTICALOA.
Date as shown

1. Nesathurai Vinodaraj (17) (31 May 2005)
          2. Kumarasami Siyamalan (15) (16 July 2005)
          3. Nesathuri Ramesh (15) (31 May 2005) 
          4. Kaneshan Kadiresan (17) (16 July 2005) 
          5. Maheswaran Kaliyugan (15) (24 July 2005)
          6. Kanaganayagam Sudarshan (17) (16 July 2005) 
          7. Kunam Janarhanan (17) (23 May 2005)
          8. Devendran Jegan (17) (16 July 2005) 
          9. Thiyagaraja Arulsivam (16) (05 May 2005)
          10. Kanagasabai Vinodraj (17) (16 July 2005)
          11. Kunarattinam Raguraj (17) (16 July 2005)

21/07/2005 RPC M.WEERASINGHE (37) - Sinhalese Killed POTTUVIL
21/07/2005 Three STF personnel - Sinhalese Injured by Grenade attack Akkaraipattu
16/07/2005 Grama Niladhari (Village State Official) of KALMUNAI MARIMUTTU PASKARAN (51) - Tamil Killed KALMUNAI
16/07/2005 Army soldier of Sri Lanka Artillery Regiment, M.S.K. KANDEPOLA - Sinhalese Killed Picket point at VANDARAMOOLAI along BATTICALOA
16/07/2005 ARUMAUGAM KUWENDRAN (28) - Tamil Killed TRINCOMALEE
14/07/2005 Nine civilians and a soldier of Tsunami relief centre Bomb thrown causing injury MUTTUR
14/07/2005 SI, RANJITH LOKUHETTY (39) - Sinhalese Fire attack THAMABALAGAMUWA

Grama Seva Niladhari for Ollikulam, Mohomadu Abubakar Tahar (Muslim)

Fire attack Ollikulam, Kattankudy
13/07/2005 One Army officer and nine soldiers Grenade and Fire attack TRINCOMALEE
13/07/2005 Sangapillai Periyambaram (A.L.Student) - Tamil Killed Thalavai in the Eravur police area
11/07/2005 Soldier - Sinhalese Wounded TRINCOMALEE
12/07/2005 13 POLICEMEN Grenade attack UPPUVELI, TRINCOMALEE
12/07/2005 SANGARAPILLAI JERRYMBAN (19) - Tamil Killed KALAVAI

TWO of NIB: Police Constable  B.G.KAPILASIRI (Tamil) and Sergeant M.O.L.RAFFAIDEEN (Muslim)

One killed and one seriously injured KALMUNAI
04/07/2005 Two political rivals (EPRLF) -- Tamil Killed TRINCOMALEE
02/07/2005 Constable M.S. Roshan - Sinhalese Killed Kalkudah

Three army soldiers:Sergeant R. M. S. KULARATNE, Lance Corporal K. W. SAMAN KUMARA, Trooper CHAMINDA KUMARA - Sinhalese

30/06/2005 13 Muslims Abducted (later escaped) KUDAPOKUNA
20/06/2005 Home Guard SAHAN NANDASIRI (24) - Sinhalese Killed SERUWILA
10/06/2005 Corporal B.H.M. PREMATHILLEKE (37) - Sinhalese Serious injury CHENKALADY
26/06/2006 T. MAHESWARAN alias RAJAN (31) - Tamil Serious injury BATTICALOA

Those countries and individuals who help LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists should be held responsible for these atrocities .................After signing the so-called JM or P-TOMS with the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka, LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists have killed many civilians .......

Chronology of Suicide Bomb Attacks by Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists continue to assassinate civilians, members of the opposition political parties and security personnel under the banner of cease-fire agreement (CFA). This is a record since 24 June 2005, since signing the Joint Mechanism (JM).

Under the Banner of Cease-fire Agreement for Eelam War IV.......

Media Release - Tamil Tiger Terrorist Attacks Heighten Tensions In Sri Lanka - The Tamil Tiger Terrorists have carried out 76 separate attacks during the last six weeks from December 2, 2005 to January 14, 2006 mainly targeting Sri Lanka’s security forces causing the death of 78 service personnel and further injuring 107 others.  The civilian casualties in the same period numbered 36 killed and 30 injured, most of whom are Tamils considered political dissidents by the LTTE, whilst 8 Moslems and 2 Sinhalese are amongst those gunned down.   The details of the incidents could be viewed at the following website, the url for which is The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has as usual denied responsibility for the attacks on the armed services, claiming that it is the work of disgruntled civilians demonstrating their anger against the security forces.  These denials have been totally rejected as the civilians would not be resorting to claymore mine attacks nor would they have explosives laden boats for suicide attacks at sea.  However, it is true that a section of the civilians including students have been instigated to attack the security forces with grenades given to them by the LTTE, and such civilians used as human shields for armed attacks by the terrorist cadres on military checkpoints and camps with the specific intention of provoking retaliatory attacks that would result in civilian casualties. The LTTE has violated the Ceasefire Accord (CFA) from the day they signed it in February 2002, with the total violations exceeding 7000 up to now, including the killing of over 550 civilians and security forces personnel, abduction and forced conscription of over 3500 children, and a host of human rights abuses such as torture, assaults, threats, extortion. etc., as reported on by the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, UNICEF and Human Rights Watch. ..... The international community should realize that they cannot be selective in the treatment of terrorists, and the resulting destabilization in any region will have a debilitating impact on other regions as well (Full Media Release in SPUR).

Given below the details of those who have been killed and subjected to threat and intimidation by the LTTE after 26 September to date:

On 27 September 2005 : Jeyarasa Leelavathy, (37), from Oddumadam, Jaffna was shot dead.

On 27 September 2005 : Tennakoon Mudiyansalage Sunil (46), an auto-rickshaw driver and resident of Iruthayapuram, Batticalao was shot and killed.

On 28 September 2005 : A Tamil businessman from Vavuniya, Thirukumar Kalimuthu, (35), who visited Colombo on business was abducted from a lodge located at Dam street, Colombo.

On 30 September 2005 : Abdul Samadhu Hakeem alias Madukara Hakeem (42), the leader of a Muslim armed Group was killed at Palainagar, Mutthur. His body was found riddled with eight bullet shots.

On 03 October 2005 : Kandiah Ponnurasa, (45) was shot and killed at his house in Kudapokkuna in Polannaruwa district. His wife, K. Leelawathy sustained injuries and was admitted at Polannaruwa Hospital.

On 03 October 2005 : Krishnan Parameswaran (40) an EPDP cadre was shot and killed at Puthu Road in Anaikoddai area in Jaffna.

On 03 October 2005 : Karthikesu Senthoorchelvan, (22) of Varany, a Jaffna University student and a driver of a Canter ELF truck was killed in the East Point Pedro area located in the Vadamaradchi region in the Jaffna district.

On 03 October 2005 : Ponnuthurai Subenthirakumar (32) a jewellery-shop-owner in Chunnakam, was shot and wounded at Kantharodai in Chunnakam and subsequently he succumbed to the gunshot injuries.

On 03 October 2005 : Kitnan Parameswaran (42) a music teacher by profession and a supporter of the EPDP was shot and killed at. New Road, located at Vannarponnai, Aarukaal Madam, Jaffna,

On 05 October 2005 : Rasarathinam Rajavinothan (30), a video shop proprietor was shot dead at Dutch road, Uduvil, Jaffna.

On 06 October 2005 : LTTE’s time bomb blast destroyed the vehicle of Anthonypillai Jeyaraj, Private Secretary of MinisterDouglas Devananda EPDP Secretary General in front of the “Thinamurasu” office, located at Nelson place Wellewatte. Sutharsingh Vijayakanth, an EPDP member who was near the vehicle was injured and admitted in the Colombo Kalubowila Teaching hospital. It was a powerful bomb and the vehicle was completely destroyed and the office of “Thinamurasu” was also damaged badly.

On 06 October 2005 : Armed men shot dead Kingsely Weeraratne, alias 'Suriya' (34), a senior member of the EPDP, at Palaiyootru, in Trincomalee town.

On 07 October 2005 : Senthilkumaran, from Kolumbuthurai attached to the Ministry of Hindu Cultural Affairs under the Minister Douglas Devananda.

On 07 October 2005 : A Muslim who sell coconut, Seenimohamed Wahab (34) of No. 86 Beach road, Kalmunai, was shot dead near Amparai - Kalmunai. Sulaiman Lebbe Jeinu (26) of Sinnathamby Lane Kalmunai 3, who accompanied Wahib was admitted to the Amparai hospital with severe gun shot injuries.



LTTE's links with other international terrorist groups


[1] - Osama hand in glove with LTTE - The Times of India
[2] - The LTTE - Al Qaeda link
[3] - LTTE and Thailand
4] - Question: Mr. Ambassador, do you find any evidence about links between the LTTE and Al-Qaeda?

  [10]   and



(Read the Full List)

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Tamil National Alliance parliamentary candidate Rajan Sathiyamoorthy was killed by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists on 30 March 2004.

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Tiger rebels torch refugee camp in north Sri Lanka


Kudatane, in the southern region of Jaffna





22 December 2004

Kumarasamy Gokulan (aged 19) and Packiyarasa Dinesh (aged 18) abducted


Mayilambaveli, Batticaloa


M KAYUHAN (14) abducted



24 January 2005

fired shots at the home of a Tamil soldier,




Sixty children orphaned or affected by the tsunami had been recruited from transit camps to be used as combatants. 



as at 31/01/2005

Shooting on the forward defense lines at Kilali by Wanni tiger organization which resulted in the death of a soldier of S.L.Army.

H. Upul Priyadarshana & a corporal injured



An LTTE pistol man shot and killed a displaced tsunami victim


Batticaloa town


LTTE admitted that they had abducted over 20 underage children to their organization in February.




armed LTTE cadres had assaulted a twenty –year old youth  and taken him away by force into un-cleared areas.



27 February 2005

During the ceasefire period Wanni tiger organization has murdered seventy four members of rival Tamil organizations says US State Department.




According to latest statistics from US State Department about 5000 children are being detained by Wanni tiger organization.




LTTE cadres had abducted three Muslim youth,

Abdul Hameed Raheem (aged 24)

Kirimichchai, Vagarai, Batticaloa,


Hacked with swords and beaten with iron rods and attempted to kill

Gopalapillai Mohan (aged 28) and Mohan Thulasi,

Thonikkal village, Public Well Road, Vavuniya



detained and tortured to sign a letter of resignation from the post of Trustee of Era Patheeswarar Hindu Temple, which is a cash cow

Rajasingham Jayadevan, a British citizen


27th December 2004

The LTTE shot dead. The victim was a member of PLOTE movement

Alagaiyah Kirupairaja (aged 38)

Kallady, Batticaloa (opposite Batticaloa police station)


LTTE had shot

S. Ravindran (aged 26)

Near Karuwakerni railway station


The LTTE had kidnapped at gunpoint

Lingam master (aged 40)

Welkula Raod, Vavuniya


LTTE grenade attack




 Former PLOTTE Member of Batticaloa killed by LTTE wanni pistol gang. 


Velautham Ilankeswaran (27- Tamil), Alakaiah Kirubeswaran (37- Tamil)


Tuesday, 08 March 2005

A correpondent of a Tamil news paper was killed at Ara-yampati,


Sath-acharalingam Amaladas (Tamil)

Kat-tankudy of Baticaloa. 

Monday, 07 March 2005

A former provincial correspondent of a Tamil newspaper and ex-member of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) and another six Tamil civilians.


Paraswaralingam Kamaladasan (26 - Tamil) -


Sunday, 06 March 2005

 Massacre  (6 civilians killed

(4) Wounded







 PLOTTE Cadre, Shot and wounded. A brother of Karuna loyalist,


Arachecal Selvarajah (25), Asoka Wijesooriya (48), Segu Lebbe Abdul Jabbar (42), Mohamadu Hanifa (32), Mohamudu Lebbe (33) and Asinam Lebbe (28).


Tharushika Madushanthi (18 - Sinhala), Dilki Sandaruwani (3 - Sinhala) , Jesima & an infant ;  Kandiah Kaneshalingam (28- Tamil


Mylvaganam Pulenthiran (26- Tamil)












Opposite Peoples bank; Batticaloa north of Batticaloa 

Saturday, 05 March 2005

The LTTE had killed a Karuna loyalist


Madurangala, Welikanda


shot and killed.

Sugu Sellawanadan and Gunasekaran Subramanian


14th March 2005

LTTE grenade and gunfire attack at

EPDP politician, RAVIMOHAN with a Police escort led by Sergeant PIYAL PERERA (No 22264) wounded



LTTE gunmen boarded a bus and shot dead a civilian informant for the police and armed forces.

Edmund Pragash Rasan (28)


Friday, 8 April 2005

Unidentified gunmen, suspected to be from LTTE have shot and killed Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) member. 



Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Vocational Training Director who worked for the Ministry under EPDP leader Douglas Devananda, was gunned down by suspected LTTE pistol gang members

Thiyagarajah Kailanadan (55)

Kathankudi in Batticaloa

Monday, 4 April 2005

EPDP cadre, of was shot dead with a 3.8 pistol by gunmen who arrived on a motorcycle

Kokiladasan Gowindan, (21)


Sunday, 3 April 2005

shot dead

Myilvaganum Jeyaganesh (23 – Tamil),

North Batticaloa

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

An instructor ayyached to the Batticaloa Teacher’s College was shot dead by LTTE

Christin Ganajodi Selvapillai (39 – Tamil)

Periyaurani, Batticaloa

Wednesday, 09 March 2005


Krishnasothi Gnanasothi

Oorani in Batticaloa

Wednesday, 09 March 2005

abducted and killed

3 Muslim Civilians

Redeepokuna, Welikanda

Wednesday, 09 March 2005

Samurdhi worker was shot and killed

Seevarathinam Arulampalam (44)


10th of April 2005,

A longstanding member of the EPDP and the Deputy Organiser of the Trincomalee District was shot and brutally killed by the LTTE.

Vijayadas Wijeyendran alias Kunchan (30)


April 12, 2005

The LTTE had kidnapped a youth

K.Ganesh (20)

In front of the Kumaran Video store in Trincomalee

8th of April 2005

The LTTE cadres, who came in a motor cycle shot down a youth,

Sivagnanam Selvam Kirupakaran (aged 28)

Kalladi, Uppodai


Member of the Porative Pradeshiya Sabha from EPRLF shot dead by the pistol gang of the Wanni Tigers

Forty year old Murugesu  Wardharaja, - killed

Paddy Marketing Board in Batticaloa.


There has been an exchange of fire between the police and the Wanni Tigers at in Batticaloa

PC Shelton Nawarathna (31) - killed



abduction of the Galkissa Terrorist Investigation Unit.

Police  Inspector, T. Jayarathnam



The LTTE pistol gang reportedly gunned down an EPRLF member - the second such attack in the East within 24 hours.

41-year-old M. Vardarajah, a fish vendor,

Kallady in Batticaloa


Tamil militants have killed a policeman attached to the Counter Subversive

Policeman Shelton Navaratne




LTTE cadre opened fire at the chief trustee of Aanaipanthi Chinna Pillaiyaar Temple, Mr. Mathiyalahan

Two children Ravichandran Suhanyaand and Jeganathan Nidhiyanandana and a jail employee were reported injured. Mr. Mathiyalahan fatally wounded

Batticaloa town


The LTTE attacked a vehicle convoy carrying Minister Douglas Devananda's  assistant A. Jeyaraj and several others.

injuring four policemen

Valachchenai in Batticaloa


56-year-old LTTE member who allegedly molested

a 13-year-old schoolgirl



The blindfolded body with his hands tied together dead with a gunshot injury in his head was found.   According to a poster placed near the corpse, the victim was killed for supporting an LTTE rival faction.    




suspected LTTE men exploded two hand grenades causing damages to two vehicles and a hotel.   



19 May 2005

an unknown person, suspected to be from the LTTE, has lobbed another hand grenade into a culvert near the NEW CITY JEWELLERS



19 May 2005

An unidentified gunman, suspected to be from the LTTE, shot and killed one more Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) member and injured another



18 May 2005

 LTTE has shot and killed



19 May 2005

LTTE  assassinates Commanding Officer of the 1st Military Intelligence Corp of the Sri Lanka Army

Major Nizam Muthalif



LTTE followers detonated a hand grenade at a vegetable stall run by a Sinhalese businessman, disrupting normalcy in the town.

Six civilians were injured in the explosion and later admitted to the Trincomalee Hospital.



Sun TV office in Vavuniya came under a grenade attack of suspected that an LTTE cadre, Vavuniya Police Inspector Abeysinghe Bandara said the damage caused by Wednesday's attack was estimated to be around Rs. 1 million.






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