Enough is enough – Please take steps to eliminate terrorism

By Ben Silva, United Kingdom

We should ask the Western Governments that turn a blind eye to terrorist fund raising, should we surrender to terrorists who massacre innocent people. We certainly should not surrender to terrorists and enough is enough. We should fight terrorism with renewed vigour. We should check lodges and take whatever measures, our security experts recommend, including increased use of security cameras in strategic locations, to minimise the danger due to terrorism. It is suspected that terrorists operate from lodges. It is essential that GoSL have sleeping agents to keep an eye on Lodges. Further it is essential that immediate action is taken to inspect lodges and flush out the terrorists. The public also should be encouraged to keep an eye on suspicious characters. Care of course must be taken not to harass our peace loving Tamil brothers and sisters. The Tamil community should expose the LTTE elements hiding amongst them. We are not against our Tamil brothers and sisters but against those mentally deranged terrorists. This is the time for Tamils in Colombo show solidarity with the Sinhalese and others in Colombo.

It is rather sad that some members of the judiciary do not realise that Sri Lanka is facing a terrorist threat funded by external organisations and the situation we face is grave. I hope that judiciary show that they are able to grasp reality and exercise common sense, at least to a level of a member of the public.

It has to be recognised that Sri Lanka is attacked by a ruthless terrorist group. If any one overrides the judgement of security experts, then those people should be made financially responsible for the damage done and taken as criminal negligence if any deaths occur. With authority, there should be responsibility as well. I mean if anyone has the authority to override the judgement and knowledge of security experts, then that person should be held responsible for the damage done. The protection of life, which is the highest form of human right should have priority over some fancy ideas of a judge. Many will question the prudence of reducing security checks. Security checks and the timing of security checks (ie when and how ) should be carried out on the judgement of security experts and again not on any fancy idea of a judge. If terrorists know that night time checks are minimum then, terrorists are likely to make use of that and are likely to carry out their illegal activities during the night. Surely any one with common sense, would be able to work that out. I have to ask, reluctantly, do we have people in the legal profession that lack common sense, that decisions are taken to put lives at risk. The two bomb explosions that happened and the resulting loss of life could very well be the result of reduced security checks. I believe it is safer to inconvenience people than give opportunities for terrorists to kill. In UK when there was a security scare only one transparent small bag was allowed into planes and people were only allowed in after through checking, severely inconveniencing people. We could perhaps encourage the use of transparent containers, for transport of items, in public places.

.The masses and the general public should be educated about the threat we face, improve communication facilities using the internet, give military training to volunteers as a matter of urgency. Further, Western countries should be informed of their responsibility if they allow fund raising for terrorism.

There is also a need to teach our history to the masses and build up a feeling of belonging, to neutralise the Tamil racism practiced by LTTE. Again I stress the importance of self reliance in the defence field, with the help of overseas friends. As a matter of urgency we should start joint ventures in the military field , with foreign friends, with the view of cutting costs and developing our skill base. Come on IESL members, please do not be a bystander, do some thing useful for the country's defence and allow our young engineers to develop skills, and contribute to the economy.


Friday, 10 January 2008


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What is really happening in Sri Lanka today is that a ‘blood thirsty racist’ group led by some misled Tamils called LTTE is terrorizing against the Govt of Sri Lanka and its people irrespective of their ethnicity with an intention of carving out a separate state. There is no conflict as such between Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community lives in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese population through out the country apart from the Northern part of Sri Lanka. The entire Sinhalese and the Muslims population who lived in the Northern area for centuries were either killed or chased away completely by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists. At the moment, not a single Sinhalese or Muslim is living in Jaffna, but, many thousands of Tamils are living in Colombo.

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