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War Heroes Day Today, 7 June
Sri Lankan Minister of Industries C V Gooneratne, and 19 others were killed, over 50 wounded in a LTTE suicide bomb attack in Ratmalana during ceremonies to mark the War Heroes Day.
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The Sri Lankan Government today accused the LTTE of preventing large number of civilians from crossing over to Army-held areas in the embattled northern Jaffna peninsula in order to conscript the general populace.
LTTE bomb attack at a Tamil religious ceremony in Vavuniya Kovil wounding many Tamil innocent civilians
After inducting fresh troops to stem the tide of military losses in northern Jaffna, the Sri Lankan Government has said it will reinforce its Navy with more Israel- made missile-fitted combat whose missiles have a range of 36 km, craft along with equipping the Army with new ground weapons from Europe.
Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga today denied having made a fresh offer to LTTE leader V Prabhakaran to make him Chief Minister of northern province in a recent television interview.  Stating that the media had completely misquoted her on this issue, an official statement here said all that Chandrika referred to during her interview to the New Delhi Television was the offer she made to Prabhakaran during her first peace talks with the LTTE in 1994, soon after she was elected as President.
New York police set up barricades outside Canada's United Nations mission yesterday to allow American Sri Lankans to protest against alleged fundraising in Canada for Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers, one of the world's most ruthless terrorist organizations.
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Dear Ranjan - We salute you for your service to the Nation 
Here we are expressing our immense gratitude and appreciation to young Dr.Ranjan Seneviratne for his courage to join the Palali airbase medical team in treating injured heroic soldiers. He has taken this brave step leaving behind his family in UK with two kids, risking his own life."
SPUR in Australia

Canadian funds back terrorism:
Ward Elcock, the Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
'If you tolerate these activities you can run into problems' - National Post : 2 June 2000

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Today (2 June 2000) marks the thirteenth anniversary of the bloody massacre and the brutal mutilation of 33 young monks and their mentor Chief Priest Ven. Hegoda Indrasara at Arantalawa in Amparai, by the ruthless and blood thirsty LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists.

The International Community is demanding resignation of both Canadian Federal Ministers, Hon Paul Martin and Hon Maria Minna from the Canadian Parliament.
Martin faces further grilling over Tamil dinner - Paul Martin, the Finance Minister of Canadian Federal Parliament, faced renewed demands in the House of Commons on 31 May 2000 to explain  why he and other senior Liberals dined recently with an organization identified as a front for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Another 26 Tamil rebels killed  --- Twenty-six Tamil Tigers, including 11 women fighters, were killed in armed confrontations with the Sri Lankan security forces in the country's north and east even as the Army claimed to have repulsed the LTTE's rocket-propelled grenade attacks at Chammani and Colombothurai near Jaffna town.  
Government said soldiers had seized a cache of weapons left behind by rebels retreating from Ariyalai and Chavakachcheri.  The haul is said to have included assault rifles, machine guns and 81mm mortar, a
global positioning system and night vision glasses.
Tamil Tigers suffer 'heavy losses' - 116 rebels killed and many more injured.
The Sri Lankan army says its troops had advanced towards Chavakachcheri, east of Jaffna town where there have been intense clashes between the two sides.
The United States Monday rejected Tamil demands to partition Sri Lanka and warned that
separation in the island could have serious long-term implications for neighbouring India.
The Sri Lankan navy sank a Tamil rebel suicide boat t as well as another packed with explosives before it could ram a navy gunboat off the coast of Mullaitivu.
The Sri Lankan government did not respond to the LTTE’s offer of a 12-hour ceasefire in the Thenmarachchi division on Saturday because it was but a ploy to force civilians to move out for political and military reasons, the military spokesman, Brig Palitha Fernando, said.
Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers (MBRL), artillery, mortars, vast stocks of shells and ammunition arrive in Jaffna - Army ready to chase the waves
Please pay tribute to our Heroic Soldiers - Sri Lanka War Heroes Day : 7 June - The 'grave crisis as regards national security' and crowned each and every member of the Security Forces who are 'leading the forefront of this battle with the blessings of all the people' saying; "I also wish to state that we have decided to observe a special day dedicated to the welfare of the war heroes. This War Heroes Day will be observed on June 7." - President Chandrika Kumaratunga appeals to the Nation
Some powerful countries which want to get a foothold in the region are helping the LTTE in its fight against Sri Lankan forces in Jaffna Penunsula, Sri Lankan Minister for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Mahinda Rajapaksa said. He expressed doubt over the Norwegian initiative to broker peace in the strife-torn island nation saying: "Sri Lankan people might not trust them (Norwegians) as an impartial peace broker.
In an apparent show of moral support for Sri Lanka Gulf US warships move towards Arabian sea
The fabricated story of "Evacuation of Sri Lankan security Forces from Jaffna Peninsula" of UK and CNN media is a LTTE strategy to demoralise the brave Sri Lankan Security Forces.
American Buddhist priest wants to join Lankan army in fight against terrorism
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam may be smuggling arms through Thailand, the Thai government said on Thursday.  "It is possible that there is arms smuggling" to the (LTTE) through Thailand, Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai told reporters.
Tigers may be smuggling arms through Thailand - The Daily Star (6/5/2000)
Defying the 1800 hrs deadline set by the LTTE for surrender of 40,000 soldiers, the Lankan troops today advanced towards enemy positions with new weapons, inflicting heavy casualties
Bomb rips through Norwegian embassy in Sri Lanka - Another work by LTTE ??
LTTE rebels attacked Kalladi village, near eastern Batticaloa town, second day in a row, killing six civilians, including two children, and wounding three others.
Nearly 2000 Buddhist Monks at Kataragama Pinkama to Bless Security Forces
On 25/5/2000, a landmine explosion in a northern Sri Lankan town killed two Tamil politicians belonged to the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE).
A blast ripped through the Norwegian embassy on Wednesday hours after Norway's deputy foreign
minister Raymond Johansen left the island after a peace mission.
India and the United States ruled out support to any independent Tamil State carved out of Sri Lanka.
Indian withdrawal offer ???? - Sri Lankan official sources privately expressed displeasure and described India's offer as a move that could further demoralise the soldiers resisting an offensive by the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).  "We have asked for help, but not to withdraw from Jaffna," a senior government official who declined to be named said. "We have sent not only more weapons, but more modern weapons and troops to defend Jaffna." The official said government soldiers were prepared to defend their positions and fight on, but the Indian move could place the military on a "withdrawal mode." QUASHING PERSISTENT reports in the media about the imminent possibility of evacuating Sri Lankan troops from the Jaffna peninsula, Lankan High Commissioner in India Mangala Moonesinghe said that evacuation was not on the cards now.
Another LTTE suicide Bomb attack - LTTE Tamil Tiger guerrillas staged a suicide bomb attack on 23/5/2000 against a regional politician who escaped with minor injuries   The bomber detonated explosives strapped to his body while visiting ruling party politician, M. K. Gunawardena, at his home in the north-eastern town of Kantalai.
LTTE suffers major diplomatic defeat at UN -  The 19-member UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) has refused to grant NGO status to the Tamil Centre for Human Rights because of its links to "terrorist activities" in what was described as a major diplomatic defeat for the LTTE.
Sri Lanka troops kill over 150 Tigers in fresh attack -
In a decisive battle around Sarasalai in the Thennamarachchi sector of the Jaffna peninsula Sri Lanka Army has inflicted under mentioned casualties to the LTTE.
over 150  - LTTE cadres killed.
212 - LTTE cadres wounded in action.

This includes a few top run Field Commanders. It is reported that due to desperation their star Field Commander 'Karuna' also has come to the front to push their fighting cadres but miserably failed to achieve desired results and run away from the battle lines in double quick time
15 civilians killed and several woundedin LTTE shelling at Kaithady
Los Angeles Time (19 May 2000) reports........The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who have won a series of victories against Sri Lankan forces in recent weeks, are stepping up attacks against ethnic Sinhalese civilians living in the region that the rebels claim as their homeland. The Tigers are bombing schools, wrecking Buddhist temples and shooting civilians in a campaign to force thousands of ethnic Sinhalese from their homes. The attacks are directed at Sri Lanka's majority Buddhist Sinhalese living in areas dominated by the mostly Hindu Tamils.......
European Parliament urge the governments of the member states of the EU to take steps to proscribe
organisations operating on their territory which continue to provide financial and other support to terrorist actions in Sri Lanka, and in so doing, to relieve the intimidation by the LTTE of Tamil people living in third world countries
The overall commander of the security forces in northern Sri Lanka said today his troops in the embattled Jaffna peninsula were determined to fight it out ``to the last man''. He further said troops in the peninsula were determined to fight the rebels and would never vacate Jaffna. On the LTTE's appeal to surrender, he said ``there is no question of surrender.'' Military officials in Colombo said ``it is another ploy of the LTTE after offering a ceasefire on May 8''.
LTTE Spreading to India !!! - Karnataka police alert against LTTE - Police are maintaining alert about any suspected LTTE activity in the city in the wake of the heightened conflict between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan security forces.
SRI LANKAN police have unearthed a plot to assassinate several senior Cabinet ministers, politicians and some police officers in Colombo with the arrest of a priest of a temple yesterday.  Investigations have revealed that the wife of the priest of the Kathiresan Kovil had been allegedly storing explosives and suicide kits for the use by LTTE hit squads in Colombo
Sri Lankan army, which has declared yet another amnesty for its deserters to rejoin the ranks, today said over 1500 deserters have reported for their duties during the past few days
From SVV Web Page - Reliable sources have informed us that newly-imported Israli-built Kfirs bombers have been accurately attacking LTTE positions in the Southern part of  Jaffna peninsula. The army is also now provided with multiple rocket  launchers. With successes attendant upon these weapons the morale of the Sri  Lankan Army and the police in the Jaffna peninsula is high.
In a major breakthrough, the Sri Lankan police has arrested 12 suspected LTTE suicide-bombers, who were to
assassinate several important personalities, and seized 120 kgs of explosives
The head of the LTTE's clandestine radio `Voice of Tigers' has succumbed to injuries suffered during the recent bombing of the rebel communication tower at north-west Ponneryn
The Sri Lankan Government has debunked the LTTE claim that fierce onslaught by its cadres forced government troops to abandon a military complex at Kaithadi in Ariyali sector, saying that the Army has no
major base in the area and that only defence lines have been re-adjusted.
SPUR wishes its readers and  the people in Sri Lanka,  a peaceful "Wesak" without destruction from LTTE Tamil Terrorists
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LTTE bombs Buddihst Wesak Festival - More than 29 (25 civilians and four security personnel) were killed and another 78 ( among the 78 injured 54 were Tamil civilians)   wounded when a powerful bomb of LTTE ripped through a crowd of people attending a Buddhist celebration (Wesak marking the birth, enlightenment and the passing away of the Lord Buddha) in a Mangalaramaya Vihara (Buddhist temple) in Batticaloa (eastern Sri Lanka)

CID bust another multi billion rupee human smuggling LTTE operation involving Sri Lankan Tamil holding two Australian passports, one suspected to be a forgery.
Norway which was trying to facilitate the peace process had also now realised the LTTE was cheating.
Canadian cabinet ministers are undermining the global fight against terrorism
LTTE's mortar fire has killed four civilians in Jaffna. The shells, which were
fired into the Gurunagar area in the south-east of the town, injured nine people.
The Government of China has assured its fullest support in efforts to resolve the on-going conflict.
Chinese Ambassador, Zhang Yun has expressed his government's concern on the present situation and assured his country's fullest co-operation to Sri Lanka
The DMK came out openly against the LTTE, asking how an organisation which had indulged in the killing of prominent Tamil leaders in Sri Lanka could claim itself to be the saviour of the Tamils there.
The LTTE in an attempt to bolster its cadres conscripted nearly 150 students last week which resulted in parents of the children staging a protest demonstration at Malawi in Wanni and Batticaloa.
The Government charged the LTTE with ``conscripting 140 school children despite continuing protests from parents'' adding that it had requested the International Committee of the Red Cross to ``advise the LTTE to refrain from firing shells into populated areas''.
Marumalarchi DMK (MDMK) General Secretary Vaiko has reiterated his demand that the Indian Government
should give arms supply to the LTTE
Grim battle on, Colombo denies reports of exodus
In the face of escalating fighting in Jaffna, the Clinton administration has said it was watching the situation carefully while saying there were conflicting reports on what is happening in the peninsula.
The Government rejected rumours spread by LTTE agents that said that the LTTE had taken over the Jaffna Kachcheri yesterday and also the Special Media Information Centre (SMIC) in a statement issued denied the false story saying "This rumour is totally false". According to the SMIC communiqué, "An armed group of twelve LTTE infiltrators who have been living among the civilian population in Jaffna for some time has attempted to force themselves into the Kachcheri premises last night. Security forces retailed by killing all the members of the group".
Sri Lankan troops smash key LTTE facilily
The Sri Lankan security forces Friday claimed that they have destroyed a ``main supply route'' and ``the main communication tower'' of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) near Pooneryn
I shall be happy if Tigers form homeland, says Karunanidhi
India decides to continue ban on LTTE
BBC Sinhala news programmes suspended by SLBC
SRI LANKAN President Chandrika Kumaratunga on Thursday told troops fighting in Jaffna that the "most modern equipment" were being acquired and these would reach the battlefronts "in a few weeks,"

"Let us strengthen ourselves and fight to silence the enemy guns and liberate the North and the rest of the areas from the LTTE. Already steps have been taken to provide you with the most modern armaments, equipment and the technology needed. This equipment will reach you within the next few weeks," she said.

"Although there have been setbacks in the past, let us resolve to correct our wrongs and reorganise ourselves to defeat the enemy. Sung Tsu, the world famous philosopher on military strategy has said that setbacks are stepping stones for victory. History records that even kings Dutugemunu,Gajaba,Vijayabahu and Parakramabahu, have suffered defeat at the hands of the enemy at some stage. But each time they faced such setbacks, they had fought the enemy with renewed strength and achieved victory. Dear war heroes, we too have to follow in the footsteps of our past heroes. Although we have suffered setbacks in the past few days, let us overcome them and march forward bravely to wipe out LTTE terrorism," Mrs Kumaratunga said.
Israel had agreed to sell eight Kfir fighter planes for a total of $ 24 millions to Sri Lanka - Kfir fighter jets yesterday bombed and destroyed enemy bunker lines in Ariyalai, Tanankillappu and Pooneryn killing 96 terrorists. Although the Tigers are making desperate attempts to advance the determined Government forces have frustrated their every attempt.  Monitored LTTE transmissions revealed that 96 Tigers have been killed and a large number injured during the last 12 hours while troop casualties according to the Special Media Information Centre (SMIC) are two officers and 31 soldiers killed in action.
More than 96 LTTE cadres were killed during confrontation in heavy fighting with the security forces in Ariyali and Thanankilappu area on Wednesday.  During the heavy fighting between the security forces and the LTTE in Jaffna peninsula in the last two days, two LTTE majors known as "Thillip" and "Sudha" were killed.
The Foreign Ministry on Thursday summoned Canada’s High Commissioner in Colombo Ms. Ruth Frances Archibald to the ministry and expressed its "serious concern" that two Cabinet Ministers of the Canadian Government, Finance Minister Paul Martin and Minister of International Co-operation, Maria Minna had attended a function organised by the Federation of
Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT), a well known LTTE front organisation. Foreign Ministry sources said that Ms. Archibald undertook to convey these concerns to the Canadian Government. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner in Ottawa, Ananda Goonesekera, called over at the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, and expressed similar concerns, the Foreign Ministry sources said.
Sri Lanka has acquired new fighter jets from Israel and is awaiting a shipload of arms from Pakistan, highly placed Government sources here said.  Sources pointed out that seven Israeli Kfir fighter jets had already arrived in Sri Lanka. Besides, Israel has also landed 24 containers of arms and equipment in Colombo.

Reports of Jaffna being in danger totally misleading: Navatkuli bridge intact, troops foil LTTE attacks Troops in strength continue to hold the bridge at Navatkuli. Many attempts by the terrorists to advance towards the bridge have been repulsed by the troops.

The Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Canadian High Commissioner in Colombo, Ruth Frances Archibald, yesterday and expressed ``serious concern'' about the `participation' of the two Ministers along with other MPs and members of the Toronto City Council on May 6, 2000.

Despite their military gains, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) may now encounter tougher resistance from the Sri Lankan troops who are now getting fresh arms supplies from abroad, highly-placed sources in the Government said.  Sources here pointed out that the arrival of arms and ammunition for the Sri Lankan soldiers, which has already begun, is likely to make a material difference to their combat strength in the coming days.

I grieve for my soldier
He is my son
He is my brother
He is my nephew
And he is me!
Let us not dance while he falls forever
As his red blood – my blood – flows on our land
Let us grieve for him
And when we grieve for him
We grieve for all our fallen heroes
Of our Motherland

LTTE seen buying time with ceasefire offer  - The rebel Tigers may not be in as strong a position as the recent military victories suggest. Monday's offer of a ceasefire, shows that the LTTE needs time to re-group. The analysts say the LTTE has lost a large number of its fighters since taking control of Vanni and Elephant Pass and needs time to recoup its losses.
More than 30countries have pledged support to Sri Lanka in its battle against the LTTE separatists
LTTE rebels offer ceasefire, Sri Lanka Govt says NOThe Sri Sri Lankan Government has rejected a rebel offer of a temporary ceasefire to allow its troops to withdraw from the northern Jaffna
peninsula. In a nationally televised address, President Chandrika Kumaratunga said her government had no intention of abandoning Jaffna to Tamil Tiger rebels. "We shall leave no room for the LTTE  to again fasten their fascist grip on the... Tamil people living in Jaffna," President Kumaratunga said.
India not for Eelam, asserts Vajpayee -  With the constituents of the National Democratic Alliance and the Government's supporting parties speaking in different voices on the Sri Lanka issue, it was left to Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, to categorically state that India was not for a separate Eelam
Sophisticated weapons for Troops in Jaffna to fight Tiger terrorists  - Jaffna troops have been strengthened with a large stock of sophisticated weapons to fight against the terrorists and security forces are now strengthening defence lines while continuing to pound rebel positions with artillery, military sources said.
The Tamil Nadu Government today banned a meeting of an organisation considered to be pro-LTTE and arrested its leader P Nedumaran for attempting to hold the meeting in defiance of prohibitory orders at Chidambaram in Cuddalore district.
The Sri Lankan air force has bombed Tamil Tiger positions around Elephant Pass in an effort to halt a rebel advance.
RUSSIA said that the LTTE was a real threat to the security of the South Asian region and called upon the international community to band together to fight terrorism, which it stressed, was a global phenomenon.

A statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow and obtained by The Hindustan Times, said that Russia had received with "concern" the aggravation of the situation in Sri Lanka by the military activities of the LTTE. "In Moscow it has been noted that prolonged armed conflict in Sri Lanka and the accompanying extremism and terrorism not only create a real threat to the security and territorial integrity of this country, but are also a destabilising factor in the general context of the rather difficult situation in South Asia."
Sri Lanka mounts air attacks as Tiger rebels maintain Jaffna pressure
India and the United States are in continuous contact over the unfolding military crisis in Sri Lanka. The Foreign Secretary, Mr. Lalit Mansingh, has been in touch with the U.S. Ambassador, Mr. Richard Celeste, here, for an exchange of views on the Sri Lankan developments.
No withdrawal of troops from Jaffna: Lanka
Sri Lanka Islamic Society appealed to all Muslim organisations and the Islamic community to refrain from  organising various festivities as the country is facing a criticalsituation with the war blazing in the northern Jaffna peninsula.

"Our motherland is now in a very critical situation. Day by day it is going from bad to worse. We have an obligation not to hold senseless tamashas while our troops are engaging in a fierce fight to save the country," Moulavi Samsudeen Niyas Mohamed told a press conference yesterday.
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A young Buddihist monk consoles an injured heroic soldier from Elephant Pass

A static demonstration organised by the Comite Pour La Paix Du Sri Lanka in Switzerland was carried out outside The United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, on Wednesday 26th April 2000 between 12O0 and 1800 hrs. Many Sinhala people living in various parts of Switzerland attended this vigil. A support group, organised by the Sinhala Bala Mandalaya of the UK also had travelled by coach to take part in the activities. The famous ‘Chair of mines’ representing the victims of land mines offered a
cool shadow to the participants on this sunny and warm day.

The purpose of the demonstration was to :

1) Draw the attention of the International community regarding acts of terrorism perpetrated by the Tamil terrorists; and

2) Point out some of the misrepresentation of facts by certain NGOs who are partial and openly sympathise with the LTTE and the adverse reflections cast on Sinhala people as a result.

A petition containing some of the concerns of Sinhala people was also handed over to the U N Commissioner on Human Rights by the Secretary of Sinhala Bala Mandalaya. The Commission was in session during the demonstration.
Sinhala_Bala_Mandalaya_Protest_Geneva_26_April_2000.jpg (115466 bytes)
They made the supreme sacrifice for the motherland onbehalf of us ....
Major_General_Percy_Fernando_1.jpg (27590 bytes)
MAJOR GENERAL FERNANDO P.P. (PERCY) RWP RSP PSC Precious husband of Padma (Paddy), loving son of late Capt (QM), P.L. and Grace Fernando, beloved son-in-law of late Sirisena and Anula Kodikara, much loved brother of late P.C. Cyril), Lilian, late Major Walter, Evelyn, Vinitha, Mervyn, Shanthi and Sydney, devoted brother-in-law of Pat, P.C., Dr Nelum, late M.D. Fernando, S. Gajaweera, Erin, late Vipula and Chandrani and of Kamala de Silva, George, Samson, Sarath and Lal, died in action. Remains will be cremated with full Military Honours at the Borella General Cemetery on Wednesday 26th April at 5 p.m. Cortege leaves residence No.23, Army Housing Scheme, Thunbowila, Piliyandala at 3.00 p.m
JAYATHILAKA ­ BRIGADIER BATHIYA. Beloved husband of Shashika (Sri Lankan Air Lines), loving father of Sachini and Druvisha (Visakha Vidyalaya), loving son of Hemarathne Jayathilaka and Prema Samaraweera, brother of Nisanka, Koshika and late Captain Nalin Jayathilaka, loving son-in-law of General Hamilton Wanasinghe and Ira Jayathilaka, brother-in-law of Nihatha Wijesinghe, Upul Basnayake, Major Sanjaya Wanasinghe Diluka, Juthika, Dharshika, Dasantha and Sumathi, made the supreme sacrifice for the motherland. Cremation at General Cemetery Kanatta at 3.00 p.m. on Wednesday the 26th. Cortege leaving residence Madugahawatta Kalukondayawa Malwana at 12.30 p.m.
AKMEEMANA ­ BRIGADIER NEIL. Beloved son of Nelson and Sheela Akmeemana (retired Dept. of Health), dearly beloved husband of Subadra (Air Lanka), dearest father of Janith, Dinith (St. Thomas College, Bandarawela), and Keshara, loving brother of Shamalee (Vishaka MMV, Badulla), Deepika (J.R. Jayawardena MMV, Dummalasuriya), Pavithra (Mahamodera Hospital, Galle), and Fl. Lt. Nalaka, brother-in-law of Nalin de Silva (Uva Provincial Council), Lalith Jasenthuliyana, Upali Shantha (RDA) and Nishanthi, died in action. Funeral procession will leave residence 20/A3, Bandaranayaka Mawatha, Badulla on 26th Wednesday at 2.00 p.m. for burial at Bandarawela Public Cemete
COLONEL HARISH HEWARACHCHI (Old Anandian) (S.L.L.I.) Son of Mr and Mrs Wijepala Hewarachchi, beloved husband of Nilanthi (nee Stanley), father of Sithira,  (Student, Ananda College, Colombo) and baby Senali, son-in-law of Mr and Mrs G. Stanley, brother of Saman Devika (staff, Girls High School, Mt. Lavinia), Biyanka (staff Gurukula Vidyalaya, Kelaniya) and Rashika (Air Lanka), brother-in-law of Dhammika, Jayanath (Assala Arachchi Construction Co. Maharagama), Ranjith (Nawajeewana, Tangalla), Dumil (Police Dept.), and Renuka (Salmi U.K. Ltd.), Chamri, Mahesh, (Maharajahs), Lukshman (Trans Asia Hotel), died in action at Elephant Pass on 22.4.2000. Funeral at Godigamuwa Cemetery, Maharagama at 9.00 a.m. on 26.4.2000. 273/9, 5th Lane, Chandana Gardens, Pamunuwa Road, Maharagama.
........... and another 72 heroic soldiers.

Thousands flock to donate blood
Elephant_pass_Blood_Donation_1.jpg (17470 bytes)Elephant_Pass_Blood_Donation_2.jpg (23562 bytes)

Several Buddhist monks of the Gangaramaya Temple and students of the technical institute at Hunupitiya were among those who donated blood on the instructions of the incumbent of Gangaramaya, Ven. Galaboda Gnanissara Thera.

Tactical Withdrawal to safeguard Jaffna Peninsula - Army Commander
Sri Lanka Forces hit back in Jaffna - The Sri Lankan Defence Ministry says its forces have begun new large-scale operations against Tamil Tiger rebels in the northern Jaffna peninsula after losing control of a key mountain pass at the weekend.
PLEASE DO NOT believe propaganda by LTTE and their media mouth-pieces. 79 heroic soldiers (including 7 Officers,  Brigadier Percy Fernando and Colonels Neil Akmeemana and Bhatiya Jayatilake,  son-in-law of Ex Army Commander Hamilton Wanasinghe) sacrificed their lives to save our Mother Lanka during the Elephant Pass Battle,   minor injuries to 400 heroic soldiers.  The Sri Lanka army has redeployed most of the weapons and vehicles.  Troops have lost only one artillery gun. A few military items which could not be moved were made unserviceable to ensure the prevention of the enemy utilising them. 
State-run radio in the capital of Colombo appealed to people to donate blood, apparently fearing heavy casualties in
the fight for Jaffna, which the military captured from rebels five years ago. The report said 500 people had already lined up to donate blood.
Troops valiantly fought back, killing 197 terrorists and injuring several hundreds of their cadres during the last few days. It is believed that there are many Tamil youths of South Indian origin among the dead. The LTTE is reportedly facing a severe manpower shortage as they had use their full strength and suffered heavy losses in the Saturday's fighting. Ground attack jets of the Sri Lanka Air Force engaged identified terrorist targets in depth causing severe damage to the LTTE.

OFFICE BEARERS (Subject to confirmation) :-


The Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar, has lodged a ``strong protest'' with the Indian Government against remarks reportedly made by the MDMK leader, Mr. Vaiko, at an ``LTTE- sponsored meeting at Geneva''.
suggesting that the LTTE should continue its campaign to kill the Sri Lankan President, Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga. 
Sri Lankan troops have withdrawn from their key Elephant Pass base after a ferocious attack by Tamil Tiger rebels on the complex.  Troops had ``tactically'' pulled back their defense line north of Elephant Pass and the Iyakachchi camp, the final bastion protecting the military base, amid heavy mortar and artillery fire by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
We are  positive that our heroic soldiers will fight back and recapture the lost  areas. So many have given their lives in vain, but the Sinhala people have gone through this before in our history,.... and have come back to win.
Troops pound LTTE positions at Elephant Pass
The newly appointed Overall Operational Commander for North Major General Janaka Perera, with Security Forces Commander for Jaffna Major General Sarath Fonseka took positions in the battle field of Elephant Pass yesterday and marked `several significant achievements by last evening in the fierce battle,'
President Chandrika Kumaratunga has appointed   Major General Janaka Perera, a top officer of the anti-terrorist commando regiment and Deputy Chief of Staff of Sri Lanka Army to lead the forces in Jaffna and to save our Mother Lanka from LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists.  Defence officials say Major general Janaka Perera will be overall operations commander in the area.  Major General Perera led the forces that ousted the rebels in 1995 from Jaffna, the former rebel stronghold.
Air force jets bombed Tamil Tiger rebel positions Thursday amid reports that the guerrillas overran several military camps and captured a quarter of a strategic northern highway.
India to extend ban of LTTE for two more years, says L. K. Advani
Signifying the re-assertion of Sinhala nationalism in Sri Lankan politics, those disillusioned with the mainstream political parties and who want to oppose ethnic separatism and terrorism tooth and nail, are to form a new political party in the next few days.
Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Mahinda Rajapakse subsequent to his being conferred with the honourary title of "Sri Rohana Janaranjana" by the Malwatte Chapter of the Syhyamopali Maha Nikaya was accorded a tumultuous welcome at Bentota
Brand UK terrorist state, Lanka tells US - Six of the terrorists groups banned by the US including the LTTE have their headquarters in London - The Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), has appealed to the US Secretary of State to list Britain among states sponsoring terrorism across the world.
25 LTTE Tamil youths and young LTTE Tamil women were arrested during a combined search operation by the Sri Lanka Army soldiers and police in Keselwatte, Colombo on 8 April.
The Sri Lankan Government has rejected the LTTE's twin pre-conditions of declaring a cease-fire and confining the
troops to barracks for resumption of peace talks under the facilitation of the Norwegian Government.
The head of the LTTE Finance Division, Visendrarajan and his family members, share holders of two shipping companies registered in Sri Lanka and England have purchased six ships. Investigators suspect that these ships have been utilised for gun running and transporting shipments of armaments to the LTTE.
More than 2000 protestors gathered at the YMBA, Borella, yesterday, including 50 Sinhala organisations, to declare seven principles as non-negotiable conditions when enacting the new constitution.
The Canadian Government will crackdown on organisations who raise funds on Canadian soil for terrorist organisations, a spokesman for the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Canada told Lankapuvath
Sri Lankan Army encircles 700 rebels in Jaffna
The Australian delegation at the ongoing United Nations Commission on Human Rights sessions in Geneva, while expressing concern about the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, condemned the continuing LTTE attacks on innocent civilians and their use of child soldiers.
Lanka Army surrounds Tigers in Jaffna
More than 2,000 monks led by Mahanayaka Theras are expected to take part in a demonstration in Colombo on Thursday to protest against proposed constitutional reforms, talks with the LTTE and Norwegian involvement
To bargain from a position of strength 'LTTE plans to capture Jaffna before peace talks'
President Chandrika Kumaratunga said Friday the military offensive against Tamil rebels will continue until the
guerrillas agreed to lay down their arms, state-run television Rupavahini reported.
150 LTTE men killed, 350 injured in offensive
Both the European Union (EU) and Australia on Wednesday (29/3/2000) condemned the brutalities of the LTTE during the ongoing country situation debate of the Commission for Human Rights in Geneva.
Canadian law enforcement authorities are at present gathering evidence from several murder victims' families in Canada, with a view towards prosecuting an LTTE Tamil refugee for mass murder, according to reports from Canada.
The Thai military confirmed Tuesday (28/3/2000) that Sri Lanka's separatist group, LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists have a presence near the famed resort island of Phuket.
National Post in Canada investigates the International Human Smuggling Network of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka
Heavy fighting in northern Sri Lanka - Attempts to lift peace hopes by several thousands of Tamil people joining
a peace march in Jaffna on Saturday was marred by a renewed series of Tigers military assaults on the Jaffna peninsula, including artillery attacks on the Army's Elephant Pass base.
The Latest threat to the Regional Security in South East Asia - The LTTE has set up a new naval base at the Thai holiday island of Phuket to transport large consignments of weapons and drugs after closing down its previous base at a Myanmar.
A powerful parcel bomb was detected in the Colombo bound night mail train from Vavuniya just before it was scheduled to leave the station on 25 March 2000. The bomb was diffused by the SLA bomb disposal team.
International Passport racket exposed in Bangkok - A Canadian passport bearing a
Sri Lankan Tamil name, for example, sells for about $7,000.
LTTE wants ceasefire before talks
The smuggling ring, which has ties to the Tamil Tigers, supplied Sri Lankans with forged Canadian citizenship cards and drivers'
licences, and phony passports from Canada, Singapore and Malaysia, so they could bypass immigration controls and board
flights to Canada.
Sarath Kongahage, MP Opposition United National Party (UNP) has urged the Sri Lankan Parliament to pass a resolution seeking international military assistance, short of troop deployment, to combat the separatist LTTE.
Tamil guerilla leader Anton Balasingham given kidney transplant in Norway
Volunteers of Eeelam Supporters Organisations Coordination Committee were taken into custody Monday when they attempted to take out a procession and hold a demonstration in front of the USIS here to protest against U S President Bill Clinton's visit to India.
UNP MPs criticised Norway's involvement in the peace process and questioned the government as to why it chose Norway as the facilitator when Foreign Ministry votes were debated in Parliament on 20 March 2000.
Clinton faces LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists threat in India  An American Intelligence team has identified the LTTE as the main threat during the United States President Bill Clinton's visit to India since the US government has named the LTTE as a terrorist organisation and banned its operations in the US, an Indian newspaper reported.
The LTTE, positioning itself in the big league, has now been identified in US intelligence reports as the foremost threat to US President Bill Clinton on his tour of India. The LTTE leader is said to be smarting from the decision of the US State department to categorize the LTTE as a terrorist group. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam will go all out to register its presence during President Bill Clinton's visit to the Indian sub-continent.
Sri Lankan Airforce jets bombed Tamil tiger rebels in the northern Jaffna peninsula causing heavy casualties to the guerrillas.
The four Buddhist Mahanayakes (prelates) of Sri Lanka have jointly written to Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga to stop the talks with the LTTE through a foreign facilitator and take all steps to crush the terrorists militarily.
The National Movement Against Terrorism (NMAT) staged an aggressive demonstration on 15 March 2000, outside the Royal Norwegian Embassy against Norway's involvement in the peace process between the government and the LTTE.
JVP also has expressed its opposition to the government seeking assistance from Norway to bring the LTTE to the negotiating table.
Police probe possible links with LTTE: German nabbed assembling plane
War to continue if talks fail: Chandrika - Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has said that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has displayed a propensity for peace talks and the government will have to continue the war if negotiations with them do not succeed.
A Sri Lankan professor, who is alleged to be an LTTE member, and lived in the United States for some time was arrested on 13 March 2000 in Rajagiriya by an army intelligence unit in connection with the LTTE attack at Rajagiriya last Friday (10/3/2000)
Dilan Perera willing to go to Wanni to help secure release of those in LTTE custody
Death toll rises to 28, 18 suspects arrested. 5 Tamil Tiger rebels blew themselves up after being surrounded by government forces Another suicide attack on Civilians - Another suicide  bomb blast in Rajagiriya, Colombo, at least 26 killed and more than 50 wounded during the evening rush hour on Friday (10 March 2000). They fired indiscriminately at vehicles trapped in the evening rush-hour traffic. .
Subversive LTTE involvement with Pakistani military intelligence and Mumbai- and Karachchi-based drug
traffickers poses a new threat to India, according to a leading Indian weekly magazine.
Canadian financed terror bombs, Sri Lankans say Tamil Tigers used TNT to kill dozens in 1996 attack - National Post (Canada)
500 Tamil captives tortured by LTTE in underground cells - Eyewitness accounts of the four security personnel recently released by the LTTE confirm more than 500 Tamil captives remain in custody in the LTTE's underground prisons and are undergoing torture. Only a few of them were later released. What happened to the rest of them subsequently, was not known. Their parents and relatives have had been waiting for the last several years with tear-filled eyes expecting with tension that their beloved ones would one day return home.
Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunaga is viewing the on-going Norway-brokered "talks about talks" with scepticism, because of the LTTE's proven propensity to break away the moment it is ready for war again. It has already put across an impossible condition, namely, the withdrawal of the army from the North -East of Sri Lanka.
'LTTE is behind Ponnambalam killing'
Both Mahanayakas say 'NO' to reforms
Buddhist groups rise against Norway's facilitation role in Lankan conflict
Another attempt to Bomb Badulu Train  - A high powered bomb planted under a culvert along the railway line at Radella to blast the Badulla - Colombo mail train was detected by Lindula and Talawakelle police 2/3/2000.
One Sri Lankan Army soldier was killed and an Army Brigade commander Colonel Piyal Abeysekara escaped unhurt, when a suspected LTTE suicide-bomber exploded herself near the Army vehicle at around 10.30 am at Inner Harbour road, Trincomalee on 2/3/2000.
Anton Sivalingam one of the EPDP's Municipal Council members in Jaffna was shot dead by two members of the LTTE pistol group at around 12.30 p.m. on Wednesday March 1, 2000. The Chairman of the Pt.Pedro Urban Council and EPDP organsier in Pt.Pedro, Mr.Iyathurai Sri Rangeswaran, escaped from a LTTE grenade attack at Manthikai around 7.20 p.m.
A "suicide jacket" fitted with two explosives, resembling the ones used by the LTTE suicide-bombers, was detected by
sniffer dogs in Parliament on February 14.
A one-week amnesty for armed forces deserters to return to active service brought in 2,289 of a estimated 12,000 deserters, according to an Operation Headquarters spokesman
As the Norwegians continue with their effort, the National Sangha Council, the National Joint Commission, Sinhala Veera Vidhana [SVV] and National Movement Against Terrorism [NMAT] espousing the Sinhala cause have joined hands to campaign against the ‘treacherous moves’.
Granade attack on Deputy Minister of Plan Implementation and Parliamentary Affairs, Shantha Premaratne; Our Politicians are fighting for local cricket council elections in Minintale while LTTE Tamil Tigers are gradually swallowing the Country, and many thousands of Sri Lankans are in refugee camps in their own country.
LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists suicide bombers use dogs, goats in experimental dummy attacks 
Hunger Strike in Wanni by POW's - Another "Trap" by LTTE ??????
All Security Forces should be withdrawn from NE prior to "Piece Talks" - Dharmalingam (LTTE Chief in Olso)
More and more ....... demands from LTTE Tamil Tigers
An attempt to bomb Colombo (Katunayake) international airport -Three LTTE Tamil Tiger rebels with 4 kg of explosives arrested.
Negombo police on Thursday (24/2/2000) arrested a 22 year old Tamil youth with a cache of arms and ammunition including a claymore mine, one detonator and several kilograms on explosives at the Negombo bus stand
When D. I. G. Kotakadeniya asked his policemen to check each and every house of the Tamils for explosives, which have not come from heaven, Tamil Politicians got him transferred by using their influence on the President who has only a one-vote majority in Parliament.
LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists, including children and women soldiers, attacked Muththur Muslim Central College in Trincomalee on 22 Feb 2000
Tigers : In Break With Tradition , Women Flocking to Ranks (Los Angeles Times Front Page : 21 Feb 2000)
French Police raided LTTE funded TV station in Paris and shut it down,
Tigers want withdrawal of all government troops from the north and east prior to the resumption of talks
Political circles expect the LTTE to demand that the Sri Lankan Government jettison other moderate Tamil parties from the negotiating process and treat the Tigers as the sole representative of the Tamil people
Police have put into effect a series of steps including the extensive use of dogs to sniff out explosives and formed a special strike-force in a bid to check LTTE operations in the hill country
Italian authorities have filed action against six Tamils residing in Italy, charging them with organising activities for LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists
Janata Party President, Dr Subramanian Swamy has asked the Centre to lodge its protest to Sri Lankan government for involving Norwegian government in its mediation efforts to settle the ethnic strife.
Fierce fighting at Paranthan - 14 Tiger terrorists and 7 soldiers were killed
At least 13 policemen were killed and 15 wounded when LTTE Tamil Tiger rebels attacked a bus in Batticaloe
Sri Lanka rebels planning more attacks (ABC News : 13/02/2000)
80 kg (176 pounds) of explosives and five other jackets packed with explosives ready for suicide bombers had been recovered in recent search operations near the northern town of Vavuniya
A suicide three-wheeler packed with high explosives apparently to be used in an assassination attempt on hill country politicians was impounded by police in Ampara.
Tamil Tigers 10th attack (2 poweful bombs) in Badulu train -foiled
Another Two LTTE Bombs - in Pettah and Wattala
Tamil Tigers intensifying attacks on Sinhala Civilians
Another 2 LTTE Bus Bombs in Bibile & Medagama in Monaragala, 1 killed, over 50 injured - all Civilians
Lord Naseby urges international community
Pressurise Prabhakaran to hold talks with government
Why facilitate or mediate "proven failures"?
There would not be peace without crushing the LTTE’s military power - Army Commander Lieutenant General Srilal Weerasuriya
Tiger attempt to blast Trinco harbour foiled
LTTE forcibly enlisting school children say Jaffna University Teachers Human Rights Group
LTTE, an organisation with long-term strategic goals, has developed contingency plans to target nuclear facilities in South India.
Funding terror: The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and their Criminal Activities in Canada and the Western World
A Report prepared by the Mackenzie Institute, a non-profit organization based in Canada. Hard copies of the article can be obtained from The Mackenzie Institute, P.O. Box 338, Adelaide Station Toronto, Ontario M5C-2J4
Mackenzie Institute boss Thompson gives lowdown on ...How Canada funds terrorism
Another 3 Tamil Tiger bus bombs in Sri Lanka
Urugodawatte, Banduragala and Kadawata
LTTE is pressurizing innocent Tamil children to join LTTE Terrorists force
Two Tamil youth shot Ponnambalam: Eyewitnesses
Another Parcel Bomb in Polonnaruwa - Colombo night mail train
No withdrawal of troops for talks with LTTE - Chandrika
Polgahawela Tamil Tiger Bus Bomb - LTTE Tamil Tigers exploded another bomb, at least 20 innocent civilians injured. 23 LTTE suspects arrested.
Amnesty International - News Release - ASA 37/03/00   28 January 2000  SRI LANKA  Amnesty International condemns Vavuniya bombing.
LTTE is gearing up for an all-out war while Norwegian diplomats are trying to prepare the ground for - 4 th peace talks (similar to 1st, 2nd & 3rd).LTTE declares year 2000 as "Year of War"

Tigers planning to launch more attacks on the 4 February (Independance Day)

Another Bomb - Government forces defused a LTTE parcel bomb found in Batticaloe in Sri Lanka Friday, a day after 11 people were killed and 73 others wounded in a bomb attack in Vavunia.
Ten more civilians sentenced to death by a Kangaroo court run by the LTTE
Kumar Ponnambalam assassinated by a business rival???
Another LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists bomb in Vavuniya, 11 killed, 73 injured including 12 soldiers, seven policemen and many civilians.
LTTE has executed 14 innocent Tamil civilians
46 suspected Tamil Tigers arrested in Kandy

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