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Unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Maha Sangha
(Ananthariya Maha Papa Karma)
Bomb attack to National Council of Buddhist meeting

A meeting of top Buddhist monks was bombed and three (3) people were injured Sunday (6 Aug 2000) as they prepared to protest government secret plans to turn Sri Lanka into a de facto federal state.  Buddhist monks were preaching non-violence and calling for unity in ethnically-fractured Sri Lanka when a powerful blast ripped through the venue in Colombo. "The man tried to hit our meeting," said Buddhist monk, Ven Thiniyawala Palitha, pointing to two patches of blood just behind the car of top Buddhist monk Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero. "I was watching from an upper floor." Leading monk Maduluwawe Sobitha's car was slightly damaged by the bomb that went off in the hands of the attacker who cried in pain asking for help. "This is a time when we should shed all difference and unite in our peaceful campaign," Ven Sobitha Thero said as dozens of shocked monks and laymen gathered outside the two-storied building.

Ven Hadihalle Wimalarasa began death fast as Sri Lanka reform protests grow

Saffron-robed monk Hadihalle Wimalarasa began the death fast opposite a sacred tree after a large group of clergymen marched through the streets of Colombo, witnesses said, as legislators began a debate on the draft constitution.

Both the government and the opposition, ending the secret talks that went on for months at the Temple Trees and elsewhere, have finally agreed to give in to the demands of the Colombo based separatist Tamil parties. They have fully agreed to merge the north and the east and hand it over to one race, namely the Tamils (Click for full article).
Sri Lanka Security Forces killed 41 LTTE Tigers
President Chandrika Kumaratunga's People's Alliance MP Jayasena Rajakaruna (MP for Bingiriya in Kurunegala District) told parliamentary officials that he would step down from Sunday as he could not vote in favour of a draft constitution bill.  Jayasena Rajalkaruna of President Chandrika Kumaratunga's Sri Lanka Freedom Party, quit after expressing reservations over the new Bill and its provisions to devolve powers to Tamil-dominated northeastern province. We salute Mr Rajakaruna for his brave and heroic decision- SPUR.
The only aim of these cunning and selfish politicians is to be in power at whatever the cost to the Nation.Chandrikas_Package_protest_1.jpg (15429 bytes)
The entire proposed constitution is based on the racism, it is not the solution to the racism, it encourages the racism. It is NOT a "Caesarian operation" to the problem.
Proposed Constitutional Reforms - Devolution of powers on "Ethnic Basis" - Foolish idea in the Sri Lankan history - An authorised  Licence to LTTE for Ethnic Cleansing in North - East Provinces.
Devolution of powers on ethnic basis would lead to :
  • beginning of a permanent war between different ethnic groups in Sri Lanka ;
  • systematic elimination (ethnic cleansing) of Sinhalese and Muslims in North - East provinces in Sri Lanka by the LTTE.

At the end, in a year or two, President Chandrika Bandaranaike may receive the "Norway Government Noble Prize for Peace" by sacrificing few thousands of innocent poor lives of Sinhalese and Muslims in North-East provinces.

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CAUTION : Some media (newspapers and LTTE and Sri Lanka Government websites) are reporting that Monks are on a war path as Sri Lanka pushes reform plan, which is completely incorrect. The Monks are protesting peacefully (NOT WAR PATH) against the President Chandrika Kumaratunga's radical so-called ethnic peace (secret piece) plan.
3 August 2000 - BLACK AUGUST DAY for Sri Lanka
The New Constitution encourages LTTE for systematic mass ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslims in North East within next 10 years before the referendum to be held in 10 years time ......
The proposed bill provides for the creation of eight semi-autonomous regional councils, one of which will be governed by minority Tamils for five years without an election.  The government is also proposing a key territorial concession to the Tamils by temporarily uniting the Tamil-dominated northern province with the multi-ethnic eastern provinces to form the country's largest regional council. The united north-east regional council is to function for 10 years after which a referendum is to be held to decide if the merger of the two provinces should continue.

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) said it would mobilise supporters to demonstrate before Parliament on Thursday demanding the Bill not be tabled in the interests of the Sinhala people.

"I appeal to you (Kumaratunga) to refrain from presenting this bill in parliament," leading monk Madihe Pannaseeha urged as he addressed the crowd.

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President Chandrika Kumaratunga flew to the hill country town of Kandy this morning by helicopter to meet the chief priests of the Asgiriya and Malwatte order of monks whose representatives were present at the demonstration in Maharagama. The two chief priests have been at the helm of the opposition to the draft constitution and recently wrote to legislators asking them not to vote for the bill when it presented in Parliament.  They urged the government not to go ahead with the proposed peace package and vowed to defeat the proposed legislation with mass agitation.

Meanwhile, after a long silence on the constitutional reforms, the Janatha Vimukthi Perumena(JVP), which spearheaded violent protests against the 13th Amendment in 1987, today said it would mobilise supporters to demonstrate before Parliament on Thursday demanding the Bill not be tabled in the interests of the Sinhala people.

Prabhakaran is gearing up for a major offensive to be launched during election period.
Sri Lanka's Selfish Political Leaders Exposed (Horungeth Horu, Kamba Horu)......................
Did Chandrika meet LTTE leader in London ???????

According to Ranil Wickramasinghe, Sri Lanka President Chandrika Kumaratunga held secret talks with a London-based LTTE leader, Anton Balasingham, the main ideologue of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who is responsible for killing of  many thousands of Sinhalese, Muslim and Tamil civilians and bombing many temples, buses, trains and city centres in Sri Lanka.

Did Ranil meet LTTE leader in Singapore ???????

Tamil businessman's relative admits links with LTTE -   Leader of Sri Lanka's opposition United National Party (UNP) Ranil Wickramasinghe on Sunday suffered a major embarrassment as a close relative of a Tamil businessman, whom he met in Singapore recently, admitted that her family was a prominent overseas supporter of the LTTE. In an interview to Sunday Times newspaper, Sharmalee Gnanakone, sister-in-law of Tamil shipping magnet Charles Gnanakone settled in Singapore, said her husband Jayantha Gnanakone was indirectly in contact
with the LTTE and supplied medicines and essential food
supplies to the Tamils living in rebel-controlled areas.

Sri Lanka Minister, M. H. M. Ashraff  escaped from a LTTE's bomb attack
Sri Lanka troops defused a powerful bomb planted on the main railway track in Bambalapitiya, Colombo
President Chandrika Kumaratunga's decision to press ahead with plans to turn Sri Lanka into a de facto federal state in exchange for ethnic peace has attracted a determined opposition from the Maha Sangha.

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"We will not allow anyone to split this country into pieces," said Ven Akuretiye Nanda
Former VC of the Pali and Buddhist University.
The High Priests of Malwatte and Asgiriya chapters have conveyed their strong opposition to the new constitutional proposals
Hundreds of saffron-robed Buddhist monks held a meeting here Saturday (29 July 2000) to protest the political package which Kumaratunga says will be presented in the 225-member parliament on Thursday. The monks will hold another meeting Tuesday to escalate protests against the reforms, shortly before parliament completes its six-year term on August.  The most senior High Priests in Sri Lanka have appealed to all MP's to defeat Kumaratunga's controversial plan and registered their protest with Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, G. L. Peiris. "The High Priests of Malwatte and Asgiriya chapters of Buddhism have conveyed their opposition to Minister Peiris," a source close to the senior monks said last week.
Most Ven. Madihe Pannaseeha leads protest on constitutional proposals
Parliament is likely to be dissolved in the last ten days of August, probably on any day between August 20 and 24, 2000. Over 3,000 bhikkus and 2,000 lay leaders from all parts of the country are expected to attend a national Sangha convention to protest against the new constitutional proposals organised for 3 pm on August 1 at the National Youth Council Auditorium, Maharagama. The National Joint Committee (NJC) said that the Mahanayaka Theras of the three Nikayas will preside at this meeting. The principal speakers will include the Mahanayaka Theras and Ven. Madoluwawe Sobhitha Thera, President of the Jatika Sangha Sabha.
Maha Sangha wants Major General Janaka Perera and Major General Sarath Fonseka to be sent back immediately to Jaffna to lead the troops to protect Sri Lanka from LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists.
Sharmalee's Tiger affair - Sharmalee Fernando, alias Gunawardene alias Gnanakone, wife of businessman Jayantha Gnanakone arrested and released by Police last week has declared her husband and she are totally supportive of the LTTE cause. In a frank and free interview with The Sunday Times, she said that even if LTTE leader Prabhakaran was eliminated the cause of the Tigers will go on for another 50 years if necessary.
Sri Lanka formally asks Britain to ban LTTESri Lanka has formally requested the United Kingdom to ban the separatist Tamil Tigers, whose international headquarters are in London.  Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar made the request during talks in London with the UK Foreign Office Minister, Peter Hain.  The Foreign Office has confirmed the request and said Mr Hain told his Sri Lankan counterpart that the UK Government would consider it.
The post of Overall Operations Commander, which Maj. General Perera held, has been scrapped. We sincerely hope that they can be replaced by officers of equal or even better calibre, if available. It was also reported that the ‘government t had informed Army headquarters that the security situation in Jaffna has improved and that the LTTE is no longer capable of seriously threatening areas held by the army’.

There is to be a demonstration to show the public outrage against the proposed Devolution Package.

Date: Wednesday 26th of July
Time: 12:00 - 14:00
Place: Sri Lanka High Commission, 13 Hyde Park Gardens, London W2 2LU
Nearest Tube: Lancaster Gate (Central Line)
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LTTE Tamil Tiger Terror heat on Olympics in Sydney, Australia
FIVE people with suspected terrorist links have been deported from Australia in the past year as fears grow of a threat to the Sydney Olympics.  Another illegal immigrant who was picked up outside NSW was found to have links to the Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger terrorist group, which was behind a 1996 explosion in Colombo that killed 90 people and injured more than 1400 other.
LTTE Tgers Terrorists making hectic preparations for war to be launched during the forthcoming general elections ...........
Behind the relative lull in the battle fields of the north, the LTTE Tamil Tiger guerrillas are making hectic preparations for war.  The clandestine Voice of Tigers radio, heard in the Wanni and the Jaffna peninsula, was making repeated calls for fresh recruits to join in what it called decisive battles ahead.  These calls have been followed by propaganda campaigns, where video footage of the recent LTTE seizure of the Elephant Pass defence complex, has been shown in public areas under their control
"This plan is unacceptable to us and we reject it. This plan betrays Buddhism,''
-  Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha, President of the National Council of the Buddhist Clergy
Sihala Urumaya party said the arrest last week of a retired army general, Ananda Weerasekara, in connection with murders allegedly committed 12 years ago was motivated by political reasons. After retiring from the army, Major General  Weerasekara set up an organisation called the Sinhalese Veerawidhana, or Sinhala Heroes' land, which is closely linked to the Sihala Urumaya aiming to contest up coming elections. The general's supporters in the Sihala Urumaya said the reasons behind the decision to charge him are political. They said there was no evidence against the former general, and that the government wanted to discredit him because of the threat posed by his party to the Peoples Alliance (PA) party of President Chandrika Kumaratunga. "This is a politically motivated arrest," Sihala Urumaya general Secretary Thilak Karunaratne said adding that they condemned the charges brought against Weerasekara.

Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka have destroyed a school bus for the second day running near the northern town of Vavuniya.

Sri Lanka opposition leader pulls out of peace talks
Sri Lanka's main opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe Friday pulled out of government-led talks aimed at resolving the island's Tamil separatist war, party officials said. Wickremesinghe announced his withdrawal from the bipartisan talks when he met President Chandrika Kumaratunga to protest against an alleged smear campaign against him by the government, party sources said.

Sri Lanka, Thailand agree on intelligence exchanges
Sri Lanka and Thailand have agreed to exchange intelligence on Tamil Tiger rebels who reportedly made Thailand their new base for gun running, the government said Thursday.   Sri Lanka's defence secretary Chandrananda de Silva visited Thailand and held talks with deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Banyat Bautadtan recently, the government's Special Media
Information Centre (SMIC) said. "At the discussions between Sri Lanka delegation and the deputy prime minister the two sides decided to exchange intelligence reports about the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) activities," the SMIC said.

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) terrorists exploded a bus after disembarking all passengers in northern Vavuniya
on 20 July 2000. The bus carrying 19 passengers and some schoolchildren were proceeding from the main Vavuniya bus depot to a nearby place when terrorists stopped the bus and asked the passengers to get down. Thereafter, the bus was exploded.

The LTTE's attempt to blast the Trincomalee-Colombo Mail train at Pallaiyuttu near Trincomalee failed on Tuesday (18/7/2000) as the bomb exploded even before the train reached the spot. Troops recovered a few batteries, 100 meters of wire and a motorcycle.

Opposition and UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe is reported to have had lengthy discussions with a well-known Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader during a recent private visit to Singapore with his wife on June 18, 2000.  The meeting between Wickremesinghe and Gnanakoon, the Tiger leader who is in charge of LTTE shipment of arms and ammunition for the terrorists in Sri Lanka, took place at the Conrad Hotel and lasted two hours, according to the Daily News.

Sri Lankan security forces killed some 943 Tamil Tiger rebels between April and the middle of Juy 2000.  The fatalities included 13 self-styled lieutenant colonels, 59 majors, 63 captains, 68 lieutenants and 70 second lieutenants, the SMIC said, adding that most of those killed were Tigers from the eastern Batticaloa region.

Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Thailand, HE Mr Karunatilake Amunugama escorted to the suspected LTTE's shipyard in Phuket
Thailand_LTTE_submarine.jpg (27116 bytes)
The submersible being built in a Phuket shipyard in Thailand is similar to a vessel used by Tamil Tiger rebels, Sri Lankan ambassador HE Mr Karunatilaka Amunugama said on 14 July 2000.  The envoy, who made a one-day trip to the province where he was briefed by Phuket Governor Charnchai Soontornmust, said later that the vessel, once completed, could accommodate two to three people. Mr Amunugama did not elaborate on the discovery of the vessel in the yard partly owned by a suspected sympathiser of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.  He said he had inspected the vessel when he was taken to the yard by Mr Charnchai, Vice-Adm Sanay Chaichomlert, the Third Fleet commander, and Pol Maj-Gen Kongphol Suwannarak, the Phuket police chief.

Switzerland asked to probe Tamil groups -  Sri Lanka has asked the Swiss authorities to investigate Tamil Tiger fund-raising activities in Switzerland.  It is concerned at the growth of Tamil Tiger support groups in Switzerland, where 30,000 Tamil refugees live.

UNICEF slams Tigers on child soldiers - COLOMBO, JULY 13. The United Nations Children's Fund, (UNICEF), today accused the LTTE of breaking a commitment not to recruit children for combat in its war against the Sri Lankan state.  The UNICEF representative in Sri Lanka, Mr. Colin Glennie, told journalists that the situation for children in areas held by the LTTE had worsened since the promise given by the group's representatives in 1998 to the visiting U.N. special envoy on children and armed conflict, Mr. Olara Otunnu.

Why Double Standards ? Some are more equal than others - Rs. 5 Million to CV's children
The government has decided to pay Rs. 5 million as compensation to the bereaved three children of slain minister C.V. Gooneratne and his wife, sources said. The compensation has been approved by the cabinet and be paid shortly. Each of the Gooneratne children would receive Rs. 1,545,000 as compensation from the state.

Tamils fed up with Lankan war -  Although 20 per cent of the 22 million people of Sri Lanka are Tamil, fewer than a million now live in the LTTE-dominated North. More than 80 per cent of the Tamils live in areas with a significant - if not overwhelming - Sinhala population, including the cities of Colombo and Kandy. These individuals have the most to lose in case Eelam becomes a reality. "Modern Tamil youth are not the boys who underwent armed training after the LTTE was formed from the Tamil New Tigers in 1975", an ex-fighter now turned businessman in Batticaloa said. "They want good jobs and to settle in Australia or America, not to die for Eelam". However, the LTTE continues to have a reservoir of committed fighters, including over two hundred "human bombs" scattered across Sri Lanka and outside waiting for activation, according to a Sri Lankan official.

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Tamil Tigers attack another Buddhist Temple
Tamil rebels attacked Valigamvehera Buddhist temple in northeast Sri Lanka. A Buddhist priest received injuries and four civilians were killed due to the terrorist mortar fire.

The University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) (UTHR) said in a report today that the forcible recruitment had increased since the rebels launched an offensive to re-capture the northern Jaffna peninsula in April 2000. The LTTE is forcing children to join their ranks to fight Government troops and many of the youngsters are being killed in action, a Human Rights Group said.  The Rights Group, made up mostly of Tamils who used to teach at Jaffna University, said a fresh child-recruitment drive began on May 5, soon after the rebels captured the key `Elephant Pass' military base on an isthmus connecting Jaffna with the rest of the country.

112 Tamil Tiger rebels have been killed in fresh conflicts in the north and northeast of Sri Lanka as government troops launched counter offensives against the separatists.

Buddihist Delegation to Thailand 1.jpg (644968 bytes)

Buddihist Delegation to Thailand 2.jpg (131442 bytes)

Sri Lanka President Chandrika Kumaratunga Friday (7 July 2000) ended a first round of talks aimed at hammering out a political solution to the island's Tamil separatist war with no final agreement. Kumaratunga held lengthy talks with opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe on a new constitution designed to end the bloodshed that has claimed over 60,000 lives, but failed to agree on transitional provisions.

Major General Janaka Perera directing Sri Lanka Armed Forces - More and More losses to Tigers - The rebel Voice of Tigers Radio reported that 32 Tamil Tigers were killed while repulsing a government attack in Nagarkovil, in the northern Jaffna peninsula.  Another three were killed when a nearby base came under fire.
Sri Lanka monks urge Thailand to ban Tamil Tigers
Sri Lanka Tigers pay homage to 188 suicide bombers on Black Tiger day

Lankan troops kill 50 rebels, capture territory -  Troops recaptured sections of the northern
Jaffna Peninsula after destroying two Tamil Tiger rebel bunker lines and killing more than 50 guerrillas

Government soldiers mounted a fresh offensive against Tamil Tiger guerrillas in northern Sri Lanka Tuesday, killing at least 23 rebels for the loss of two soldiers.  Troops attacked a bunker line of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) at Nagarkovil in Jaffna while soldiers also mounted ambushes against rebel reinforcements.
Army destroy LTTE HQ: 02 leaders and 28 Tigers killed - Thirty Tigers including LTTE regional leader and a female Tiger leader called Ramani were killed by security forces during an attack on a terrorist headquarters at Athawetunawewa in Welioya area.
Govt. consults all, but not the Sangha - Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhita Thera (President of the Jatika Sangha Sabha (National Sangha Council)
Sri Lankan Troops launched a new operation at the village of Gajabapura on Friday and attacked suspected positions of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), killing 30 rebels including LTTE Area Leaders Jeevakumar and Ramani.

A Norwegian peace initiative to end the 17-year-old civil war has failed to take off with Tamil Tiger
rebels outrightly rejecting the government's autonomy offer. ``On Friday, the rebels dismissed the government peace plan as ``ludicrous'' and vowed to continue its violent campaign for a separate Tamil homeland.

Largest anti-LTTE show-of-force ever held in Canada

Lankan expats rally against LTTE fund-raising on Canadian soil .......

 Canada_rally_20000616_A.jpg (64462 bytes)Canada_rally_20000616_B.jpg (23455 bytes)

Canada_rally_20000616_C.jpg (23697 bytes)Canada_rally_20000616_D.jpg (27473 bytes)

Protest in Canada 16 June 2000.jpg (37290 bytes)

Muslims barricaded roads and forced closure of shops, schools and government offices in an eastern town Thursday to protest the killing of a Muslim by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists.

The Sri Lankan police claimed to have arrested an LTTE woman suicide bomber,  the 27-year-old Yogalingam Vijitha, who was designated to attack a police station at Negambo, north of capital Colombo.   She was later sent to Colombo in the company of two other bomber trainees. All three have been arrested.

The Maha Sangha, the highest body of the Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka, has bitterly complained about being kept out of the on-going discussions between the ruling Peoples' Alliance (PA) and the opposition United National Party (UNP) on a new constitution to grant a high degree of devolution to the Tamil areas of the country.

The LTTE pistol gang shot and killed two members of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) Vinayagamoorthi Pushparangan (26) and Somasundaram Manivannam (28), on Wednesday (28 June 2000) in Batticaloa.  
The LTTE has rejected the Sri Lankan Government's offer for ceasefire to be followed by peace talks, saying the cessation of hostilities would occur only if the 30,000 troops were withdrawn from northern Jaffna peninsula

Rana Viru Seva Authority
Rana Viru Housing – A House for every service person in operational areas.
(Rana Viru Seva Authority – Housing Development, Account number – 0747-08-0000436-8, Bank of Ceylon, Taprobane Branch).
Rana Viru Education – A scholarship for every child in GCE O/L, GCO A/L classes of every service person in operational areas.
(Rana Viru Seva Authority –Educational, Account number – 0747-08-0000439-5, Bank of Ceylon, Taprobane Branch.

Another attack on civilian targets - LTTE Tamil rebel carried out a suicide attack on a ship carrying food and other items for civilians in Jaffna.  It is reported that rebels deployed six members of an elite suicide squad to sink a merchant vessel which they alleged was carrying arms and ammunition.

The Sri Lankan government's efforts to end the 17-year-old Tamil separatist war suffered a serious setback on Friday as the Tamil Tiger rebels rejected its offer to join an Interim Council after giving up arms.


To urge the Canadian government to put an immediate stop to the fund raising activities of Tamil Tigers.
To demand the resignations of Federal Ministers Paul Martin and Maria Minna for attending fund raising dinner to aid terrorism in Sri Lanka.
To force the proscription of blood thirsty LTTE in Canada.

Venue: Canadian Consulate
550 S. Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(Closest Intersection: 6th Street and Hope)
Date: Friday July 07, 2000
Time: 2.30 pm

Show your solidarity for a movement to save a nation on the brink of extinction at the hands of foreign conspirators!!!

No LTTE Tamil Tiger rebels in interim council - Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has, in a statement, denied reports that Tamil Tiger rebels will be included in a proposed interim council.

The new Chief of Staff of the Army Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera assumed duties at Army Headquarters last afternoon (20 June 2000) at an auspicious time.  He will continue to lead the operations in North as commander in addition to his new duties.

Customs officials on Monday took into custody six crates which they suspect to have contained anti-armoured tank equipment at a warehouse in Wattala police area, Customs sources said.
The Democratic and Republican co-chairs of the Congressional Caucus on Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Americans have condemned the recent terrorist attacks and wanton killings of innocent civilians by the
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).  Deputy Minister of Posts Telecommunica-tions and Senior Muslim Congress member, A. L. M. Hisbullah yesterday rejected the LTTE offer to extend Tamil Eelam to the Muslims saying his party was for devolution within a united Sri Lanka.
Prominent Muslim politicians in Sri Lanka, including minister for sports M H M Ashraff, have rejected
LTTE's call to Muslims to support formation of Eelam, a separate state for the Tamils, and said the community will continue to strive for the unity and integrity of the country.
More than ten Tiger suicide bombers were arrested by police in Kotahena
Fundrasing for Construction of the "Shakyamuni Vihara" in Melbourne to be cancelled - Donate all money in aid of war victims of Sri Lanka - Ven Gangodawila Soma Thero (Chief Incumbent of Noble Park Buddihst Vihara Victoria in Melbourne) - Fundraising on 25 June 2000 in Melbourne
About 250 members of Canada's Sri Lankan community rallied on Parliament Hill on 16 June 2000 to demand the Canadian Federal Government put an end to terrorist fundraising on Canadian soil.
Tamils threaten to sue the National Post in Canada
LTTE Attacks National Post (Daily News : 16 June 2000)
Today The Canadians are unable to buy The National Post newspaper in Vancouver because the LTTE supporters have blocked all the National Post vending machines in the Greater Vancouver area. They have placed a notice on the vending machine of the National Post stating that "in case of problems please call ??????????". When you call that number a Tamil person answers the phone to inform you that you should buy the Globe & Mail instead of National Post. In our humble opinion it appears that the Tamil Tigers have started limiting our freedom of expression. If the LTTE has the capability to attack democratic institutions in Canada, the day is not far away for their quest for another Tamil Homeland in Canada. They need to be stopped as soon as possible.
Canada's Tamils under scrutiny - BBC : 16 June 2000
Concern is growing in Canada that Tamil Tiger rebels from Sri Lanka are using the country's liberal traditions and legal system to raise funds and conduct propaganda campaigns.  Canada has one of the world's largest Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora populations - around 155,000.   Newspaper reports allege that a number of expatriate Tamil organisations in Canada are actually fronts for the Tigers, and have used their legal status to raise more than $14m for the militant group. Canada's Minister for External Affairs, Lloyd Axeworthy, said the government was working on legislative amendments to stop fundraising for terrorist groups for which Canadians had "no tolerance".  He was speaking in parliament last week after a bomb in Colombo killed the Sri Lankan Industry Minister, CV Gooneratne.
Second LTTE suicide-bombing in eight days in Colombo - Today (14th June 2000) around 8.20 a.m. at Wattala, along Colombo – Negombo Road near Gemunu Cinema Hall, a LTTE suicide cadre exploded a bomb targeting a bus carrying Air Force personnel. Two civilians were killed and seven other people, including Air Force personnel wounded.  The bomb, which was triggered prematurely, killed the bomber himself and two by-standers.  The bomber, a young boy in a bicycle, tried to get at the Air Force bus near Gemunucinema on the main airport road. But unable to reach the target because of heavy traffic, he exploded his device prematurely. The window panes of the Air Force bus were shattered but the wounded servicemen inside escaped with minor injury. The suicide bomber was knocked down by a cyclist as he tried to jump in front of the military bus.  "If not for the cyclist, there could have been a bigger tragedy." 
Suicide_blast_wattala_14_June 2000_A.jpg (31983 bytes)
'I'm appalled at how the Tamil Tigers have abused our hospitality'
-  Martin Collacott (National Post : 13 June 2000)

Support from Canadian sources has been a major factor in nurturing the vicious and bloody campaign of terrorism being waged by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. What is surprising and disturbing is that some Canadian leaders still refuse to admit that by cultivating the Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils -- a key front organization for the Tigers in Canada -- they continue to encourage funding that has in large measure made possible the insurgency and acts of terror that have killed tens of thousands of Sri Lankans.

(Martin Collacott was the Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and also served as ambassador to Syria, Lebanon and Cambodia)

Asylum requests of all 14 Tamils have been rejected by the Dutch authorities

Discovery in LTTE activities may force rebels to quit operations in South Thailand, Phuket (Bangkok Post : 11 June 2000)

Tamil Eelam group wants India to lift ban on LTTE

SomeTamil students of University of Morauwa are connected to the C V Gunaratna suicide bomb incident.

Britain Condemns Assassination of Minister C.V.Gooneratne  - Speaking in an adjournment Debate on Sri Lanka in the House of Commons in London 7 June 2000.   Foreign Office Minister Peter Hain said the  fatal bomb attack in Sri Lanka "Even as we speak, reports are coming through about a suicide bomb attack near Colombo in which Industrial Development Minister C.V. Gooneratne, and at least 20 others have been killed and several seriously wounded at a memorial parade commemorating War Heroes Day, said Press Release issued by British High Commission  last evening.

Government jets and artillery bombarded rebel bunkers in heavy fighting in the Jaffna peninsula as the
military, with fresh supplies, attacked guerrilla positions, even as the LTTE appealed to international humanitarian agencies on Saturday to work out a cease-fire.

The World Tamil Movement was to have held a rally on 10/6/2000 at  the Molson Amphitheatre, but the company that manages the downtown venue abruptly cancelled the event yesterday "in the interest of public safety."

News just now received from Phuket in Thailand - Mini-sub fever, sparked by newspaper reports of a submarine being built in a Phuket shipyard for Sri Lanka’s rebel Tamil Tigers, reached a new pitch at the weekend with reports of another small sub sighted in the waters off Koh Hey Island, south of Phuket's Chalong Village.

The major owner of the Seacraft Co shipyard where the mini-sub was found is Christy Reginald Lawrence, understood to be a Tamil traveling on a Norwegian passport. He was arrested by Phuket Marine Police in April for smuggling, and is currently out on
bail.  Pol Capt Pailin Jamjamrat of Phuket Town Police Station, who was initially in charge of the case, revealed that, in addition to the smuggling charge, Mr Lawrence was also arrested for illegal possession of walkie-talkies. “I don’t know where he is right now, but he must be in Thailand because his passport has been stamped so that he is barred from leaving the country; he must wait at least until his two cases with us are settled. If he escapes, all of the assets put up for bail by the Norwegian government will be seized,” said Pol Capt Pailin.(Nation : 7 June 2000)

In a significant development, the Minister of External Affairs, Mr Jaswant Singh, is scheduled to arrive here on an official visit on Sunday to hold discussions with the Sri Lankan President, Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga

Internet Website for Armed Forces Personnel - The Ranaviru Surakum Ekakaya (RSE), the Human Intervention Unit of the Presidential Secretariat, has opened a website on the Internet to obtain donations for the welfare of combatants and their families to coincide with the Ranaviru Day (June 7) states Media Release issued by the Special Media Information Centre. Its web address is

National Post (8 June 2000) reports ......  Ruth Archibald, Canada's High Commissioner, admitted at a national conference that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were active in Canada.  She said: "Probably none of the monies collected by the LTTE in Canada ended up in Sri Lanka, but may be going towards the purchase of arms in other countries. We need the co-operation of other countries to look into this."

Slain Lankan Minister's wife, Mrs Shyama Goonaratne and two others, who were among 60 people injured in the blast, succumbed to their injuries on Thursday taking the number of victims to 25.
Clinton condemns Lankan bombing, calls for peaceful solution
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