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   The New Constitution opens the door to the Tamil Tiger terrorists to legitimize and escalate the massacres of non-Tamils in the North and the East.
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Lanka party terms Norwegian envoy Tigers' stooge

Norway's ambassador to Sri Lanka has come under a scathing attack from a left-wing political party here that claimed the envoy had become "a mouthpiece" for the Tamil Tiger separatists. The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) has denounced Oslo's efforts to broker peace between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and threatened to "resist the interference in Sri Lanka's affairs through every peaceful means possible." In a strongly-worded letter to Norwegian Ambassador Jon Westborg sent onThursday, the JVP's politburo upbraided the envoy for having "misled" its members into hurriedly meeting him on October 30, two days before a three-member Norwegian delegation met LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran in a rebel hide-out.

"We do not know whether you had any ulterior motives to hear what we would say and pass that to the LTTE leader," wrote the JVP, angry that the ambassador had said he would be "leaving Sri Lanka" the following day. "We do not know whether you and your government have already recognised the so-called Tamil Eelam as a separate state," the party fumed.

Diplomats at the embassy were tight-lipped about their reaction, only saying that they had seen the letter. "We have taken note of the contents and will reply soon," said Norwegian diplomat Tomas Strangland.

The party has turned down an official invitation to opposition members to visit Norway, saying its members refused to visit the country "as long as you allow the LTTE to engage in activities against our country."

The JVP has questioned Norway's credentials on assuming the role of facilitator when it allowed the Tamil separatist group to run an office in Oslo. It has also declared that Norway has a history of religious and racial discrimination in having Lutheranism as its state religion and stipulating that the monarch should be a Lutheran.

Pointing out that the Oslo-brokered peace deal in the Middle East appeared to be in total disarray, the JVP says it sees Norway's "interference creating a separation that will plunge Sri Lanka into more bloodshed."

Ambassador Westborg is no stranger to opposition from Sinhala nationalists to peace envoy Eric Solheim's efforts. In April he watched the Norwegian flag being burnt outside the embassy gates by angry demonstrators who included Buddhist monks.

A month later, a grenade was lobbed into the embassy by an unidentifiedassailant just as Solheim and Norwegian deputy foreign minister Raymond Johansen wound up a visit to Colombo.(IANS)

Prabhakaran meets Norwegian envoy in Wanni
Calls for govt to stop war, sets conditions for peace

LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran on Wednesday called for the immediate
cessation of hostilities, removal of military aggression and occupation,
withdrawal of economic embargo as essential pre-requisites to resume
political negotiations with the Sri Lankan government, when he met Erik
Solheim the special Norwegian envoy, the LTTE announced on Wednesday

The LTTE, in a special communique issued from its International Secretariat,
London on Wednesday night stressed that the government should take the
initiative by relaxing the conditions of war if they wanted genuine peace. The
talks took place in the Wanni.

Government officials said that the Norwegians briefed the government of the
Wednesday's talks.

The UNP said that they welcome the ongoing Norwegian efforts to bring the
two parties back to the negotiating table.

The LTTE communique said: Prabhakaran called for the de-escalation of the
armed conflict and restoration of normalcy in the North and East, as essential
pre-requisites to resume political negotiations with Sri Lanka government. He
clarified LTTE's position on peace talks when he met the Norwegian
delegation at Malawi, in the Northern Wanni region.

Mr. Erik Solheim, the special Norwegian envoy for Sri Lanka, Mr. Jon
Westborg, the Norwegian Ambassador in Colombo, Ms. Kjersti Tromsdal an
executive officer in the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, went to the LTTE
controlled region of Wanni on a fact finding mission. The Norwegian
delegation met the LTTE leader in the evening. Tamilselvan the head of the
LTTE's political wing and Sankar, a senior LTTE cadre were also present at
the meeting. The meeting lasted two hours.

The LTTE leader blamed the government for having unleashed a genocidal
war against the Tamil people and as a consequence the Tamils had suffered
enormously. He declared that the government was not sincere in seeking a
peaceful resolution of the conflict but escalating war of aggression against the

Discussing about the prospects for peace talks, the LTTE leader suggested a
process of de-escalation of the conflict as a necessary pre-requisite for a
dialogue. By de-escalation Prabhakaran meant the cessation of armed
hostilities, the removal of military aggression and occupation, the withdrawal of
the economic embargo and the creation of conditions of normalcy in the Tamil
homeland. The LTTE leader also insisted that the Sri Lanka government
should take the initiative of relaxing the conditions of war if they wanted
genuine peace.

The delegations discussed several pertinent issues and the discussions were
cordial and constructive.

Prabha_and_Solheim_Nov_2000.jpg (9651 bytes) Sri Lanka Marxists slam Oslo peace bid

Sri Lanka's main leftist party Friday asked the government to stop using Norway as a third party to end the island's drawn out Tamil separatist war and accused Oslo of being partisan.The MarxistJVP, or People's Liberation Front, accused Oslo of supporting Sri Lanka's separatist Tamil Tiger guerrillas and having secret talks with Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran. "We ask the government to take steps immediately to ensure that neither Norway nor any Western power gets involved in the conflict in this country," the JVP said in a one-page statement

Where is Dinesh and Rathnasiri Wickramanayake ?

LTTE plan to kill prominent politicians in Uttar Pradesh in India.

Lucknow, Oct. 31. (UNI): The Uttar Pradesh Government has issued high alert after Intelligence reports of two LTTE rebels, one
of them a France-based member of its suicide squad, planning to sneak into the State to kill prominent political personalities.  The Central Government has asked the State administration to give adequate security to the leaders on the basis of reports of Central Intelligence agencies.   "The LTTE has revived plans to target political leaders while the identity of such leaders is not yet known," a communication to the State Government says.  The plan, according to the communication, is coordinated by a Bangkok-based person named Radha alias Lokendra Rasa.  Indian Intelligence agencies have come to know that Radha has directed two LTTE activists -- Jeeva and Seelan -- to carry out the plan. 
Thousands of villagers stormed a rehabilitation center for former child soldiers Wednesday, killing at least 22 of the inmates who had taken one of the camp officers hostage. Earlier, the Sri Lanka Government blamed "Sihala Urumaya" for this massacre.  Now, the investigators of the Sri Lanka have come to the conclusion that hardcore LTTE Anthony James had surrendered with the sinister motive to create havoc in the detention camp. The leader of the Up-Country People's Front (UCPF) and United National Party (UNP) parliamentarian,  P. Chandrasekharan, was detained in the early hours 30 Oct 2000 following violent clashes in Sri Lanka's central hills on Sunday, 29 Oct 2000.

JVP opposes limousines for law-makers in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's People's Liberation Front (JVP) who once violently opposed Indian-made merchandise has asked the government to stop issuing luxury limousines for legislators and instead offer cheap Indian cars.  The JVP said Monday that they opposed the state giving a concessionary loan of $26,500 to legislators to import a luxury vehicle free of all taxes.  The favourite among legislators is the Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Montero, Nissan Patrol four-wheel drives and top-end BMW and Mercedes Benz cars.

Charities watchdog in raid on Tamil agency
By Fran Abrams, Westminster Correspondent
The Independent Times in London : 29 October 2000

Charity investigators have frozen the bank accounts of a London-based refugee agency, and are also questioning three other charities accused of giving money to the Tamil Tiger guerrillas in Sri Lanka.

The Charity Commission raided the offices of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) in Walthamstow on Thursday and seized documents relating to its finances.

The Tamil Tigers – the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – are at war with the Sri Lankan government in a campaign for an independent state. Amnesty International says their forces have committed "deliberate and arbitrary killings of civilians, torture, hostage-taking and abductions".

The commissioners began investigation after a complaint by Lord Avebury, the vice-chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group. They started a formal inquiry into the TRO when the charity failed to reply to a request for information. The other charities approached are the Tamil Refugee Training and Employment Centre, also in Walthamstow, the Tamil Refugee Action Group in Vauxhall, and Cancer Aid Sri Lanka in Hounslow.

Lord Avebury's complaint followed claims in the Island, a Sri Lankan newspaper, that several charities in the UK were controlled by the Tigers and used for fund-raising and propaganda; registering as charities had allowed them to move funds from the UK to Sri Lanka without paying tax.

A Canadian Senate committee found earlier this year that terrorist groups were using charities there to raise money. An adviser to the committee, Don Gracey, said later that the TRO, which operates in several countries, was one such body identified. 

Yesterday the Charity Commission confirmed that it had launched a formal inquiry into the TRO under the 1993 Charities Act.

No one was available for comment at the TRO or Tamil Refugee Action Group. A trustee of Cancer Aid Sri Lanka said its activities were entirely above board, and a committee member of the Tamil Refugee and Employment Centre said it would be happy to put an end to rumour-mongering.

JVP will counter SLMC, NUA `blackmail'

JVP yesterday (28 Oct 2000) expressed willingness to unconditionally support the PA government to ensure stability and prevent the government being held to ransom by the SLMC/NUA combine.

The JVP said that they were ready to support the government to ensure a majority on proposals that benefited the people and the country even if it had to do without the support of the SLMC/NUA.
Villagers End Hostage Crisis In Sri Lanka

After surrender to the army, or capture, the former child soldiers spend a year in the government center getting psychological counseling and learning a trade.  The inmates switched off all the lights of the camp, chased away the security staff and closed the gates, said the police officer in Colombo.  Thousands of villagers stormed a rehabilitation center for former child soldiers Wednesday, killing at least 22 of the inmates who had taken one of the camp officers hostage, the police said. After hearing of the trouble inside, about 3,000 villagers armed with stones, knives and iron rods raided the center at dawn Wednesday, torching two of its buildings.

Lanka minorities worried over PA-UNP bid for pact

THE TAMIL and Muslim minorities in Sri Lanka are expressing concern over two developments: One is the ongoing bid by the ruling Peoples' Alliance (PA) and the opposition United National Party (UNP) to enter into a pact; and the other is the clarion call given by the Sinhala Buddhist clergy for the formation of a National Government comprising the PA and the UNP.
US probes Tamil Tiger links in USS Cole suicide bombing: report

US investigators are looking into whether Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels were involved in the bombing of the USS Cole in the
Yemeni port of Aden, a press report here said Sunday. The Sunday Island said the US was investigating whether Sri Lanka's rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who are known for their signature suicide attacks, had a hand in the October 12 bombing.
The Island newspaper quoting diplomatic sources said Washington had not formally asked for Colombo's help but noted that the US military has been co-operating with Sri Lankan security forces in recent times.

Waste of Public Money ........

  • 44 Cabinet Ministers
  • 44 Cabinet Deputy Minsters
  • Several Hundred Provincial Ministers 

Sri Lanka may enter the Guiness Book of Records with the largest cabinet of ministers comprising 44 members being formed in the new millennium. The Kumaratunga government which pledged to keep the cabinet at twenty before the 1994 polls, accusing the UNP of having large cabinets and wasting state funds, had thirty one members in the cabinet they ruled the nation for the first six years. Now they have increased it further by another 13 members. When 44 deputies are appointed, the total of ministers and deputies will rise to 88. It is learnt that there would be more than 44 deputies in this government. In the last government though the cabinet was 31, the deputies totalled 43.

Who is the President of Sri Lanka ?  Chandrika or Rauf Hakeem ?

Here are the results of the Year 2000 (most corrupted General Election in Sri Lankan history), based on "bullets", not "ballots" (estimated over 900,000+ "Hora Chanda")
Election Results On-line by Island      By Sri Lanka Information Department    Seats allocations in various districts     Latest Results from ColomboPage
  Live election results from     Here are selected Members             It's the beginning ! ...........................

Expressing confidence in Mrs. Kumaratunga's approach to resolving the ethnic issue, Mr. Hakeem hailed the proposed new Constitution as ``courageous'', but said the hardline utterances of the Prime Minister, Mr. Ratnasiri Wickramanayake, on the Constitution and the LTTE pointed to a ``sorry state of affairs'' within the PA.

Key Muslim ally sets deadline for Sri Lanka coalition
Sri Lanka's main Muslim party Saturday issued a 100-day deadline to President Chandrika Kumaratunga to implement controversial constitutional reforms or risk a collapse of the country's shaky new coalition.

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), whose support helped Kumaratunga's People's Alliance (PA) form a coalition, fired the first salvo against Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake.

The coalition was formed Friday, along with the regional Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP).

The SLMC, which became kingmaker after bagging 10 seats in Tuesday's election, said it was opposed to prime minister Wickremanayake's call for an all-out military campaign against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

"I am totally opposed to what the PM has said," Hakeem said.

"We have not spoken to the other Tamil parties as yet, but there is a need to leave a door open to have talks with the LTTE."

The Tigers have been fighting a decades-old war for an independent state in the country's northern Jaffna peninsula.

On Saturday, the SLMC's joint-leader Rauf Hakeem reiterated the party wanted to be "fiercely independent" and warned Kumaratunga their support was based on "irrevocable conditions" and that they would not hesitate to pull out if their demands were not met.

The SLMC would use its newly-won leverage to usher a new democratic political culture in this majority Sinhala Buddhist nation, he added.

President Kumaratunga said before Tuesday's election that a Norwegian-backed peace bid with the Tamil Tigers had been put on hold because she was convinced the guerrillas were not interested in peace negotiations.

Hakeem said he was giving President Kumaratunga's administration 100 days to press ahead with a draft constitution bill which envisages turning the country into a de facto federal state.

The bill, which failed to win approval in the previous parliament in August for want of a two-thirds majority, also sought to establish independent commissions to manage the police, elections, the judiciary and the civil service.

The President vowed to enact the new constitution even if she failed to muster the two-thirds majority, adding she would do so by turning the parliament into a constituent assembly.

"We have a condition that in the first 100 days they must have the independent commissions and the draft bill implemented," Hakeem said. "It is a package deal."

Hakeem also asked the Tiger rebels to be "practical and enter talks," saying it was in the interest of the main opposition United National Party (UNP) to support the constitution reform bid.

Hakeem held talks with the UNP before pledging support to Kumaratunga's party.

Hakeem said the UNP was "selfish" and wanted to form a government of its own with Muslim support just to get into power. "We had no confidence in the UNP to put together a disparate coalition."

In exchange for its support to the government, the Muslim party is getting two cabinet portfolios, "three or four" junior ministries and another "two or three seats" in parliament, Hakeem added.
Minister accuses Minister of planning to rig

PA General Secretary D.M. Jayaratna has appealed to President Chandrika Kumaratunga and the Commissioner of Elections
to take prompt action to prevent alleged moves by a cabinet colleague to rig polls in the Kandy district.

In a letter to the President he said "I informed you on September 18 by telephone and thereafter by letter about the increase of
violence in Kandy and wanted you to take action..

"You promised me that either you will summon the DIG to Colombo or give him directions over the phone instructing him to
take action against those creating violence. But probably due to heavy pressure of work related to security the message has not
been conveyed. You told me that such persons will not be given Cabinet portfolios even if they win. Even in a broadcast you
told the same thing. The Police are awaiting your instructions, I told you that we could win in this district with a fair election. But
today we are being discredited. There are party supporters who are blaming us. As you told me I discussed matters with all
parties and the police. There are at least six underworld gangs operating in Kandy. These people in masks are scaring the
people at nights."

"There are 35 state run buses at the Mahaweli Digana Village hotel in Kundasale. About 800 persons are stationed there. At
nights poll cards are being collected.

'The plan was to enter the polling booths the previous night and stuff the ballot boxes on the day of elections with ballot papers
marked for one candidate. Petroleum Corporation and State buses are going to be used for the purpose.'

'These plans are not a secret in Kandy. Even if we win, people will claim we have rigged the election. The people believe that
due to family connections you were not taking action

"It is good if you could take steps to prevent this."

Mr Jayaratna named a cabinet colleague who was allegedly responsible for the preparations to rig elections. He said he was
writing in his capacity as the PA district leader, and Party General Secretary as the public and the Maha Sangha are questioning
him about it. In his letter to the Commissioner of Elections Mr. Jayaratna said.

"The trend of election violence in Kandy is high. Underworld gangs are already in operation. At nights they collect poll cards.

"People in civvies are carrying weapons. Vehicles are being kept in preparation to move about on election day and rig the poll
after chasing away polling agents. Action also has been taken to threaten officials not to report these malpractices even after the
elections," the letter added.
Lanka PM escapes LTTE assassination bid

Colombo: A possible LTTE attempt to assassinate Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ratnasari Wickramanayake has been averted with police seizing explosives and dynamites from three suspected Tamil tigers militants hours before he addressed an election rally at his home constituency Iiorana on Saturday, media reports said on Monday.
‘New Constitution in next Parliament’

Colombo, Oct 5: Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has reiterated that a new Constitution aimed at devolving more power to the Tamils will be passed in the next Parliament.

“The new Constitution will be passed with a simple majority if the ruling party fails to get a two-third majority at the October 10 parliamentary elections,” said the President in an interview published in the latest issue of ‘Business Today’.

However, Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremenayake has expressed a different view saying there are no such moves and the draft
Constitution will be comprehensively revised after discussions with the clergy and other sections of society.

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LTTE gets shipload of weapons

The LTTE has brought a shipload of heavy weapons and unloaded them at Mullaitivu in the east early this month, the local media has reported, quoting army intelligence. The arms and ammunition, including long-range weapons, artillery rounds and mortars, were reportedly purchased from a South American country.  Only two days ago, more than 100 mortar rounds were fired by the LTTE in the Weli Oya general area.

LTTE poses threat to Tamil Nadu leaders - Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar has said that LTTE is a 'great threat' to Tamil Nadu leaders, that the people of Tamil Nadu know it, and that is why they are not supporting it.  In an interview to the state owned 'Daily News' while in Washington recently, Kadirgamar held that mass support for the LTTE was virtually nil in Tamil Nadu because the people of that Indian state had a first hand experience of the LTTE's ruthlessness and lawlessness. "The Tamil Nadu people found that the LTTE is a very dangerous entity to live with and entertain, because they (the LTTE) are completely lawless," the minister said.   Kadirgamar recalled the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and the killing of a number of Sri Lankan Tamil leaders living in Tamil Nadu which had shown the people of the State that LTTE was 'ruthless on principle', that it was 'very dangerous' to have it in their midst, and that it was "a great threat to the Tamil leaders
in Tamil Nadu too". 

Fighting erupts in Sri Lanka, toll exceeds 40
Intense battles raged in Sri Lanka Tuesday as government troops mounted a fresh onslaught against separatist Tamil Tiger
rebels, leaving at least 40 dead, the defence ministry said. Government troops backed by aircraft and artillery launched the latest drive, the fourth in a month, and regained control of a 10 square kilometre (3.8 square mile) area in the northern peninsula of Jaffna. The defence ministry said five soldiers were killed and 30 others wounded in the offensive launched at dawn, while another eight died and 15 more were wounded during "consolidation."

Military Equipment for Personal Use of Polticians !
Who authorised this ?

It is no secret that the army in the North and East are hampered to a very great extent in their operations for the want of sufficient aircraft. There have been many reports in crisis situations where the lack of a sufficient number of aircraft, such as for the transport of wounded soldiers from the battlefield to hospitals, has been acutely felt.

While censorship prevents us from detailing the deleterious effects of the lack of sufficient numbers of aircraft, it is essential that public attention should be drawn to the fact that the few aircraft that the Air Force possesses should be solely deployed for military purposes and nothing else.

The tragic death of SLMC leader Mr.M.H.M.Ashraff and 15 others in the helicopter crash on Saturday near Aranayake revealed that the limited number of aircraft possessed by the Air Force is also being deployed by politicians for electioneering. And this is happening while a large-scale military offensive is on in the Jaffna peninsula, as stated by the Defence Ministry.

An independent inquirey should be made to expose the person who authorised the release of such military equipment for the private use of politicians.
LTTE collects $ 4m monthly

THE LIBERATION TIGERS of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) collects anything between $ 3 million and 4 million every month from fellow Tamils residing overseas for its armed separatist movement in Sri Lanka, according to Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshaman Kadirgamar.

Kadirgamar, himself a Tamil, told the International Conference on War Affected Children in Winnipeg, Canada, last week that with the huge amount of money collected overseas, the LTTE was not only arming itself to the teeth, but recruiting and deploying boys and girls as young as ten in combat roles.

"Age has been of no consideration so long as the child can carry a gun," Kadirgamar said. In 1998 the LTTE had promised UN Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflict Olara Ottunu that it would not recruit boys and girls less than 17 years of age. But this promise had not been kept, the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister said.
Bombs found
Phuket-Four bombs were discovered near a Phuket shipyard where a submersible allegedly owned by members of Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels was being built.  The rusty bombs, believed to be the same type of munition used during World War II, were trapped in the fishing net of a local fisherman who found them while operating near Koh Si-lae in Phuket. Police rushed to inspect the bombs after being alerted about their discovery. The Naval Ordnance Department would be asked to send experts to examine them.
LTTE hand seen in killing of Lankan minister
High-level probe ordered into chopper crash

A high-level probe has been ordered into yesterday`s helicopter crash which killed senior minister and Sri Lanka Muslim
Congress leader M H M Ashraff and 14 others, amid speculation that the LTTE could have shot down the chopper in central
Sri Lankan forests, media reports said today.
Misuse of Military hardware by the politicians.
Several Millions of public money wasted - Air force M-17 helicopter crashes while transporting Minister Ashraff and his henchmens for political meetings.
Who is going to pay for it ?
A Sri Lankan air force helicopter (to be made available for the war0front) used for transporting politicians crashed in central Sri Lanka Saturday (16 Sept 2000).  The MI-17 chopper of the Sri Lankan Air Force, which had a two-man crew, was carrying the minister, his three body guards and eight of his party colleagues from Colombo to Amparai in the south east.   The helicopter went down in the village of Debathgama in the Kegalle district, police said. The Mi-17 helicopter was flying between the capital Colombo and Ampara, 220 km to the east. A State funeral would be accorded.

In 1976, when the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) passed the famous Vaddukodai resolution, which called for an independent Tamil State, one of the delegates representing the Muslims of the eastern province was a young lawyer, Ashraff..

The tragic death of SLMC leader Mr.M.H.M.Ashraff and 15 others in the helicopter crash on Saturday near Aranayake revealed that the limited number of aircraft possessed by the Air Force is also being deployed by politicians for electioneering. And this is happening while a large-scale military offensive is on in the Jaffna peninsula, as stated by the Defence Ministry.

Who authorised the mis-use of Military hardware for political meetings ?
Tractors and Trailers for transporting heroic soldiers ! - Military Hardware or Politicians !
Sri Lankan Air Force Commander Jayalath Weerakody appointed a court of inquiry into the crash of the MI-17 helicopter in which Minister A H M Ashraff and 12 others were killed.

Between the devil & the deep blue sea

Another LTTE Suicide Bomb Attack - 8 killed, 28 wounded - Suicide bomber detonates explosives strapped to his body, killing himself and four others outside the main Eye Hospital in the capital Colombo.  The suicide bomb attack just outside Sri Lanka's main eye hospital Friday came even as security forces remained on alert for just such an attack ahead of the October 10 parliamentary polls. At least six died when a man believed to be a member of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) detonated explosives strapped to his body, witnesses said.

A senior Sri Lankan minister escaped a possible assassination attempt in an LTTE
suicide attack that left seven persons dead and 28 injured in central Colombo this
morning.  The bomber, who was lurking at the main gates of a hospital trggered a powerful explosion minutes after the convoy of minister for helath Nirmal Siripala De Silva, entered the compound of his office located a few yards away from the hospital, eye witnesses said.  De Silva later said he was climbing the stairs of his office, when he heard the blast. Minutes later army helicopters were seen hovering around to locate two other accomplices of the suicide bomber.

LTTE_suicide_bomb_2000_sept_15_4.jpg (10189 bytes)LTTE_suicide_bomb_2000_sept_15_5.jpg (18937 bytes)LTTE_suicide_bomb_2000_sept_15_7 (36163 bytes)LTTE_suicide_bomb_2000_sept_15_2.jpg (8563 bytes)LTTE_suicide_bomb_2000_sept_15_6 (6139 bytes)

LTTE_suicide_bomb_2000_sept_15.jpg (18483 bytes)

LTTE_suicide_bomb_2000_sept_15_location.gif (4702 bytes)


Who is this Perumal ?

Perumal the man who was responsible together with the IPKF in training a Tamil National Army (TNA) the eyebrows of whose young members were often shaved off for easy identification, it is not merely eyebrows that are shaven or raised but anger. On March 1, 1990 Varathrajah Perumal, Chief Minister of the North Eastern Provincial Council in violation of the sixth amendment which is still in force, was to Declare Unilateral Independence and set up a separate Eelam state. In late 1999 on the invitation of this government the chief ministerial pestilence was back. When he fled Lankan shores ten days after his infamous UDI in March 1990 he was to make a telling threat. "I will never give up the Eelam state. I will prepare for it and be back," he told mediamen. Click for details on PA Government National List Member Vartharajah Perumal - back to get his Eelam

A large number of the LTTE Terrorists (Eelam supporters) are contesting for the forthcoming general election as independent candidates and under various political parties. Vardharaja Perumal is one of them.

Perumal on March 1, 1990 declared the Free and Sovereign Democratic Republic of Eelam by moving a resolution in the North-East Provincial Council.

Vardharaja Perumal to be nominated as Vice President of Sri Lanka ?


Chandrika nominates Vardharaja Perumal as PA candidate, another strong Eelam supporter who declared a separate Tamil state in the north and the east of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka's main opposition has slammed President Chandrika Kumaratunga for nominating a Tamil politician, who once threatened to declare a separate state for Tamils, as a candidate of her ruling People's Alliance (PA) for the coming parliamentary polls. Kumaratunga's estranged brother, Anura Bandaranaike, who is a member of the opposition United National Party (UNP), said they were appalled by the inclusion of Annamalai Varadarajaperumal in the PA's 'national list' or list of candidates to be nominated to Parliament based on the votes secured by the party under the proportional representation system.

Varadarajaperumal, who was chief minister of the Northeastern Province before he fled to India in March, 1990, after threatening a unilateral declaration of independence for a Tamil state called Eelam, said on his return that he did not believe separation was the solution to end the island's 17-year long ethnic conflict. He also said that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) must be included in any negotiations for a political settlement "within a united Sri Lanka."

At a public rally in the central Kandy town, Bandaranaike asked how Kumaratunga could include among its ranks "a traitor like Varadarajaperumal who declared a separate state in the north and the east of Sri Lanka."

AGAIN! --- Chandrika and her uncle’s Chanda War!
Whatever the short-term outcome of the current military campaign in the North, the operations and the final result should be evaluated in the
light of repeatedly time-proven facts. The quintessential element for success in war is the soldiers’ morale. Next come other tools of paramount importance such as effective weaponry, training, troop strength etc. In Sri Lanka, just to prove their dictum that the terrorist separatist crisis cannot be solved militarily, the Government deliberately make sure that the most essential item - the soldiers’ morale - is at the lowest ebb. They do this by openly declaring that the territory taken back through the supreme sacrifice of our heroic soldiers will be handed over to the enemy not withstanding whatever the outcome of the war. Moreover, they deliberately deny other essential items such as weaponry, vehicles, food and water etc to the soldiers. Just imagine, whilst the politicians imported a shipload of latest series bullet proof BMW cars for their MPs, 25 airmen were killed within the same week while travelling in the war zone in a lubberly tractor trailor, instead of an anti-mine troop carrier. To make matters utterly worse, the rulers use the soldiers as pawns that can be sacrificed for short-term gains in times of elections. Military operations must be ordered after careful strategical and logistical planning by by experts in the field. In Sri Lanka, they are ordered by idiotic selfish politicians or those decorated with bogus meaningless military titles in times of elections instead of in times of strategic martial importance. The military experts with unblemished track records are relegated to office work in Colombo, keeping them away from victory in the warfront.

Lankan jets destroy LTTE sea base
COLOMBO: The air force MiG-27 aircraft bombed and destroyed a Tamil rebel coastal base in a renewed offensive to weaken the guerrillas in the northern Jaffna Peninsula, a military spokesman said on Thursday.  After a three-day lull in fighting, the aircraft returned on Wednesday and targeted the Sea Tiger base at Vidattaltivu, 230 km north of Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital, military spokesman Brig. Sanath Karunaratne said.

Sihala Urumaya National List

1. R. S. Wanigasuriya, 2. S. W. Walpita, 3. Prof. A. V. D. de S. Indraratne, 4. Major General Thilak Paranagama, 5. Dr. Nevil Karunatilake 6. Dr. Jayasena Dissanayake, 7. Mithra Wettimuni, 8. Pushpamala Iriyagolla Dharmasena, 9. Lieutenant Colonel Anil Amarasekara, 10. Malinga Herman Gunaratne, 11. Samini Perera, 12. Dr. Ranjani Ratnapala, 13. Prof. Buddhadasa Hewawitharane, 14. Malinga Peiris, 15. Dr. Lincoln Bastian, 16. Dr. Gamini Karunanayake, 17. Jayanath Rajapakse, 18. Chandra de Zoysa, 19. R.C. Gunaratne, 20. C. P. B. Mahadiwulwewa, 21. Jerry Ubayasiri, 22. D. L. M. de Seram, 23. Lieutenant Colonel Parakrama Mollagoda, 24. Wijedasa Hettiarachchi, 25. Gunasoma Wanigasekara, 26. Nandasena Ranpatabandi, 27. Lional Felix Yahampath and 28. Anil Piyadasa Jayawardane.

Newspaper blocks fair opportunity for Sri Lanka High Commission (Canberra) to reply. Australian Press Council strongly disagrees with Canberra Times.
In adjudicating, on 24th August 2000, a complaint made by the Sri Lanka High   Commissioner in Canberra against the Canberra Times newspaper, the  Australian Press Council (APC) strongly disagreed with the newspaper about  its decision against   giving the High Commission a fair opportunity to reply  to an article carried in the newspaper. Following is the adjudication made by the APC. The Australian Press Council has upheld one element of a complaint by the  Sri Lanka High Commissioner against the Canberra Times and dismissed  another. The complaint arose from a 10 June 2000 article in the newspaper  headlined, "Tamils pay high price for failed bids at better life". It was essentially about the maltreatment, including torture and other  abuses, allegedly meted out to many Tamils "forcibly" returned to Sri Lanka  from countries where they had failed to gain political asylum. Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to Australia, H.K.J.R. Bandara, complained not  only that the article was unfair but that three attempts by him and his High  Commission to have a response published had failed. He also objected to the  use of a picture and a caption which read, "Hidden from view: the Sri Lankan  Government will not say how many Tamil prisoners are held in its jails". In the Press Council's view, the newspaper had every right to publish the  original article. The issue of human rights in Sri Lanka is an important one  for a newspaper like the Canberra Times, published in Australia's capital  city and being a journal read by the diplomatic community; especially as the  story concerns a nation which has close links to Canberra, diplomatically,  commercially and culturally. (full report)
LTTE Terrorists at Yala on the way to Kataragama
A group of more than 40 LTTE cadres, who attempted to enter the Yala National Park through Colombuthurai on Sunday, confronted the STF, resulting in the death of at least ten Tigers, sources said. The attempt is believed to be a failed attempt on the part of the LTTE targeted at the Kataragama area. A map of Kataragama was found with the dead Tiger cadres, sources revealed. The cadres, who fled with their casualties when the STF retaliated, were carrying heavy weapons and engaged in a battle that lasted over two hours.
Perumal to contest on PA ticket
The former chief minister of Sri Lanka's northeastern province, Annamalai Varatharaja Perumal, who fled to India in 1990 after declaring unilateral independence for the Tamil-majority province, will be among the nominated members of the ruling People's Alliance (PA) for the October general election.
230 Tigers dead, many more injured.
In the heavy fighting that is going on east of Jaffna town since Sunday morning, over 344 Sri Lankan soldiers and LTTE combatants may have been killed.   About 800 armymen, have been wounded in the past 24 hours of intense fighting, in which the security forces have used MBRLs, MiG-27s and heavy artillery.  Around 300 LTTE rebels were also wounded. The Tigers have hit back with artillery too.  The Island newspaper today carried a report from Jaffna saying that LTTE fire had damaged two Antonov aircraft.
General elections are scheduled for 10 October, 2000 and the ruling government is planning to gain ground in the north ahead of polls to compensate for the reverses suffered in April 2000.
COLOMBO: Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake and 18 ministers were among legislators who rushed to grab duty free cars doled out by the government just hours before Parliament was dissolved.

Several Members of Parliament (MPs) who sat in the House for less than a week also grabbed the windfall that will enable them to import luxury limousines duty free, parliamentary officials said.

They said the government was also advancing the money to legislators to import the vehicles. MPs also have the luxury of repaying the cost of the cars over a period of 48 months without any interest being charged. The immediate import bill is to cost the state a staggering
$4.71 million.

Some 178 government and opposition MPs hurried on August 19, the day Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga dissolved Parliament ahead of the October polls, to put their names on a list which has now been given to the director general of customs, press reports
Divaina_2000_Aug_20.bmp (211162 bytes)
LTTE Landmine blast kills 15 airmen in Sri Lanka

Tamil Tiger rebels blew up a military vehicle in northern Sri Lanka Friday, killing 15 airmen as government forces killed five guerrillas in a battle elsewhere, the defence ministry said. The powerful landmine attack in the northern district of Vavuniya was aimed at air force men returning home on leave, defence officials said, adding that the victims were travelling in a tractor-trailer.

Tractor trailer is a very common means of transport provided for the Sri Lankan soldiers in the battlefield. Sri Lankan Authorities should take immediate actions to provide proper military hardware including transportation for these heroic soldiers rather than spending (wasting) millions of Rs for bribes for MP's to vote in favour of the proposed constitution bill, and duty-free luxury vehicles (Benz & BMW's etc) for MP's.

Sihala Urumaya - USA


We are very proud to inform you that a Sihala Urumaya branch was opened
in USA on July 29th 2000. We are planing to held a grand fund raiser on
17th September 2000.

Contact :

Sihala Urumaya USA Branch,
P.O. Box 744,
Gardena, Ca 90248.
Tel: (310) 323-9210


Tigers attack military camp in northern Lanka
Tamil Tiger rebels attacked a military camp in northern Sri Lanka on Tuesday, wounding at least 20 government soldiers, a defence ministry spokesman said. The rebels from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam fired several artillery shells into Uylankulam area in Mannar, 220 km north of Colombo, said Brig. Sarath Karunaratne. The army shot and killed one rebel whose body was  found in a subsequent search of the area, Karunaratne said.

Government forces shot dead at least 10 Tamil Tiger rebels in fresh fighting while the guerrillas continued shelling military positions, leaving 22 soldiers wounded, officials said Tuesday (29 Aug 2000).

SU2.jpg (248757 bytes)

Canadian postal dept in a fix over Prabhakaran stamps

An order for a large number of personalised postage stamps with the photograph of Velupillai Prabhakaran, leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka, has placed Canadian postal authorities in a fix.

On April 30, postal authorities had launched the "Vanity Stamp" project whereby individuals could send photographs to be reproduced on postage stamps. Each "Vanity Stamp" with a postage of 46 cents costs the individual one dollar.

The officials had obviously not thought that some terrorist organisations could take advantage of this project. So when an order was placed for stamps with Prabhakaran's photograph, they were caught unawares. They could not fulfill the order without offending the government in Sri Lanka. The LTTE, which is fighting for a separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, has been at war with the Lankan Army since 1983.

According to a report in the National Post, the order for the stamps has been put on hold for the time being. Tim McGurrin, spokesman of the Canada postal department, is quoted as saying that the order was put on hold last week after officials failed to identify the LTTE leader. Under the rules, the postal department must have the clearance of the person photographed. The report adds that the postage stamps were ordered to augment the LTTE's international propaganda campaign.
Counter terrorist propaganda
The Canadian authorities, according to our main news item yesterday, have clamped down on an LTTE stamp racket. The LTTE, it says, had almost succeeded in getting a stamp printed in Canada in collaboration with the Canadian police by pulling the wool over their eyes.
The stamp, it is said, was to be printed at the request of the LTTE front organisation called United Tamils. The officer-in-charge of the 42 Division of the Canadian police when contacted by The Island had admitted the police had been taken for a ride, and promised prompt action to save the image of the police being tarnished by the sordid operations of the LTTE.(read in detail - Island Editorial)
Post office halts 'vanity stamp' linked to terror group
Canada Post has halted production of a batch of personalized postage stamps that seem to bear the likeness of the leader of the Tamil Tigers -- an order apparently placed to augment the terrorist organization's international propaganda campaign. The stamps appear to feature a photograph of Vellupillai Prabhakaran, the 45-year-old mastermind behind the notorious Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
Major General Janaka Perera.jpg (20207 bytes) Lt. General Srilal Weerasooriya talks with Chief of Staff Major General Janaka Perera, after he handed over the command of the Sri Lanka Army to Lieutenant General Lionel Piyananda Balagalle at the Army headquarters, yesterday. (Pic by Nimal Dayaratne)
Earnest Appeal to Major General Janaka Perera – Great Son of Mother Lanka
We, appeal to you, heroic Major General Janaka Perera, not to submit to frustrations deliberately created by the greatest national traitors Sri Lanka has ever seen.
You, who was sent to Jaffna at the eleventh hour to your certain death, took over a demoralised force with outdated weapons, faced and stopped the "unceasing waves" (sic) in-the-track and decimated and routed the so-called "invincible" Tamil Tiger terrorist ranks need not be told the merits of perseverance. In the name of mother Lanka, we implore you not to resign your rank but to take courage and bear the insolence of the traitors.
They killed our hero General Kobbekaduwa out of fear of his popularity. They want you to resign, and it will be easy for them to make you another victim of treachery. Green or Blue, they are all the same, greedy, vulgar, immoral and selfish politicians (Deshapalu). Take heart, the end of the traitors' reign is near. We are with you!

Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR)
Reg No. A 003 07777 M
P.O. Box 4066
Mulgrave, Victoria, VIC 3170, Australia
Phone: 0411 287 434 , +61 2 9682 7864 and +61 3 9548 0276
Fax: +61 2 9682 7864  and +61 3 9548 0276

Lankan army generals mull premature retirement: Report
At least two senior Sri Lankan army generals are contemplating premature retirement in protest against the appointment of a retired army general, Maj. Gen. Lionel Balagalle, as chief of the army, media reported on Tuesday (22/8/2000).  Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera, currently chief of staff and Maj. Gen. Neil Dias, commandant of voluntary forces, are likely to put in their papers soon to protest Balagalle's appointment, according to the reports.

"I will take a decision keeping the interest of the country in mind", Major General Janaka Perera said.

Sri Lankan Army Braces For Major Rebel Offensive
The Tamil Tigers, the guerrillas fighting for an independent state in Sri Lanka, are poised for a major offensive intended to
consolidate their hold on the Jaffna Peninsula, the commander of government forces on the peninsula warned over the weekend. The commander, Major General Anton Wijendra, has stepped up security, ordered construction of new bunkers and put troops on heightened alert in Jaffna, and the city's almost entirely Tamil population has begun evacuating areas where fighting is expected. General Wijendra said the guerrilla offensive would probably begin ''within the next few weeks,'' after the university entrance examination period and a local Hindu festival that ends late this month.
Varatharaja Perumal to contest from Jaffna
The Chief Minister of Sri Lanka's short-lived North-Eastern Provincial Council, Varatharaja Perumal, has decided to contest from Jaffna in the October 10 general election. Mr. Perumal, who leads a dissident group within the Eelam People's Liberation Front, said his group would contest the election independently in Jaffna and the Vanni, and in alliance with friendly parties in the three other electoral districts of the Tamil-dominated north-east.

For the last couple of days MIG 27 aircraft, recently acquired by Sri Lanka air force, have been pounding the rebel positions in the northern Wanni mainland and the Jaffna peninsula. Government troops in the peninsula have conducted several limited operations to flush out the guerrillas from their strongholds. More than a dozen guerrillas have been killed in current offensive.

New Army Commander
Major General Lional Balagalle has been appointed as the Commander of the Army by President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga with effect from August 24, a press release issued by the Information Department said on 18 August 2000.
Major General Lional Balagalla.jpg (3839 bytes)
Hundreds rally against LTTE in Switzerland
Hundreds of Sri Lankans living in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Holland and the United Kingdom together with
Buddhist monks demonstrated in front of the United Nations head office in Geneva, Switzerland last week to urge Swiss
authorities to close down LTTE terrorist offices and LTTE fund collections in Switzerland.

Grateful Sri Lankans in San Jose, California remember Lt Gen Denzil Kobbekaduwa

denzil2.gif (66168 bytes) A series of events relating to the commemorating the 8th Death Anniversary of the Lt. General Kobbekaduwa started with an almsgiving to the Maha Sanga at the Dharmapala Institute, Campbell, California on the 5th of August 2000. This was followed by a Bodhi Puja conducted by the chief incumbent Ven. Ketawela Gnanadhaja on the 6th bestowing merits on the late General and invoking blessings on the Country and armed forces.  There are many ways that Sri Lankans living abroad do help our country in its hour of need. Many of us Sri Lankans feel a sense of duty to help our armed forces in whatever way we can. With this intention in mind a group of Sri Lankans living in the San Jose California area calling themselves the "Yuthukama" group have launched a fund to raise money to expand the "Victory" military hospital in Anuradhapura. The fund was launched on the 6th of August on the day commemorating the death of Lt. General Denzil Kobbekaduwa, one of our countries finest heroes. A presentation was made about the fund by the group's president Lakal Nanayakkara where, the blue prints for the proposed second floor of the hospital building were shown and the estimated cost of $30,000 Dollars was given. An account has been opened for this fund by the Lt. Col. Dammika Perera memorial trust foundation, another fallen war hero. Brigadier Halangoda G. O. C. Mannar who came forward with the suggestion of initiating this project will supervise the project.

For Deatils Click : Lt. Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa Commemorations in San Jose, California (Bless Forces : 17 Aug 2000)

Nine year old killed in blast – the ruthless suicide bombings of Tigers

"Die for me - I will give you a brighter future,” Prabhakaran tells his brainwashed youngsters.
Prabha with child soldiers.jpg (8550 bytes)
Philippines on alert for possible Tamil Tiger fund-raisers
Philippine authorities have been put on alert for Tamil guerrillas from Sri Lanka who may enter the country to raise funds, immigration commissioner Rufus Rodriguez said Tuesday.  Immigration officials at airports and other points of entry to the country are under orders to screen arriving Sri Lankans to make sure they have legitimate reasons for coming here, he told reporters. Rodriguez said the foreign department has alerted immigration officials that Tamil guerrillas might be seeking to enter the country to engage in illegal activities to raise funds for their separatist struggle. The department's warning in turn, resulted from a letter sent to the Philippine consulate in Bangladesh, warning of Tamil guerrillas smuggling undocumented Sri Lankans into the Philippines so they can travel to other countries.
My mother was planning to resign at the end of the election campaign," Anura Bandaranaike said. "I met her twice after her 'resignation' and I strongly feel that she was forced to leave."
Stubborn Sri Lanka President said - "We will never abandon the new constitution"
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