Jaffna University Teachers for Human Rights in special report makes shocking revelations
Daily News : 21 October 1998

Tamil professional expatriates funding LTTE murders of former colleagues in NE

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Jaffna University Teachers for Human Rights in special report makes shocking revelations


Dear Readers:
If you find any useful information with regard to LTTE activities in the newspapers or in the internet, please forward them to our Editor - Latetst News Section.


Dear Rev/Sir/Madam,


A number of organizations in Australia and New Zealand operating under innocent sounding names have been identified as front organizations of the LTTE, better known as Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. The LTTE was able to deceive the world for nearly a decade posing as the liberators of Tamils in Sri Lanka. However, in the last few years, the increasing awareness of the threat of terrorism in the international arena has gradually exposed them to be one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world. The Tamil Tiger terrorists are being increasingly condemned by democratic nations and institutions. Even the once favorable international media has finally opened its eyes. The prestigious New York Times, in a lead story, branded the Tiger warlord Prabhakaran as Pol Pot of Sri Lanka. USA listed the LTTE among the 30 most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world. The Tamil Tigers are banned in a number of countries including USA, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. UN is very keen in eradicating the scourge of international terrorism. Tamil academics and intellectuals (See attached statement of the University Teachers for Human rights –Jaffna, Sri Lanka) are even risking their lives openly castigating the terrorists for their brutality towards Tamils in general and Tamil leaders in particular.

So far, the Tigers have killed 19 Tamil elected parliamentarians. This year alone they killed two elected Tamil Mayors of Jaffna within 4 months of each other. The Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), People's Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) and Eelam People's Revolutionary Front (EPRLF) lost their supreme leaders to the Tigers. All the major Tamil political groups have each lost several of their top rung leaders. The irony is that some of these groups had nourished the Tigers and some others have actually helped them carry out terrorist attacks on the Sri Lankan government and civilian targets in the past. Not even the Tigers' own cadres are spared. Even the war lord's one time closest lieutenant, Mahattaya, was mercilessly executed on mere suspicion. On one occasion, the terrorist leader decreed the execution of an entire platoon of 76 Tiger cadres on suspicion of discussing surrender to the Sri Lankan forces. Last week another 20 cadres were executed by their leaders for attempting to surrender. Once a person falls out of his favour he or she is relentlessly hunted. If the person is not located the death squads are on standing orders to kill the members of the immediate and the extended family. The goons tie the innocents to lamp posts, throw tyres around their necks and burn them alive. Or, they bury them in shallow graves dug by the hapless victims themselves.

Whatever happens to the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the terrorist agents based in developed countries sing their songs of praise. The organizations in Australia and New Zealand have never condemned a single Tiger atrocity to date. On the contrary, they assist them financially, materially and strategically. Whenever the Tigers are in a tight spot in the battle field their mouth pieces abroad make a big cry for "negotiations" and campaign for "third party mediations". They do not tell the world that on three different occasions three different Sri Lankan Presidents called unilateral cease-fires and tried to negotiate with the Tigers. On each occasion, the negotiations were unilaterally scuttled by the Tigers no sooner they finished licking their wounds, regrouping, rearming and preparing for the next surprise attack. The Sri Lankan security forces suffered heavy losses as a result of these "negotiations" and had to start operations from the beginning. During president Premadasa's period in one such cease-fire the government ordered 670 policeman in the eastern region to lay down their arms and let the Tigers take over the police stations. The terrorists not only took over the police stations, but also took the policeman captive. Their hands were tied behind their backs, marched to the nearby jungle and were mowed down with machine gun fire sparing none. Mass graves with the bodies of the policeman were discovered months later by the army who had to wrest control of the area with great sacrifices of their own ranks. Whatever the recent set backs are, the Sri Lankan security forces have liberated more than 80% of the people and the territory held earlier by the LTTE and have finally managed to make the terrorists fight with their backs against the wall. As a result, the LTTE hierarchy have ordered their agents abroad to make the loudest cry for yet another cease-fire and another round of "negotiations" as usual.

Few days ago we received a letter leaked by a disgruntled "volunteer" working at a Tiger front organization in New Zealand. The originator of the emailed letter is and working through The letter is to be copied and sent by the thousand to important institutions throughout the world including yours. The hidden objective of this letter is to make the world community pressurize the Sri Lankan government to call a cease-fire and enter "negotiations" again. However, the subject of the letter is "the mass graves of Chemmani". Chemmani is the place where it is alleged that Sri Lankan forces have killed 300 Tamils. This was an allegation made by a soldier who was indicted by the Sri Lankan police for rape and murder. In spite of the severe war situation the government took steps to investigate the allegation and search the entire area. We hope the Sri Lankan government will not be foolish enough to let this matter rest and lose its hard earned improvement in the human rights record and its credibility. We call upon the Sri Lankan government to investigate the statement of the accused thoroughly, impartially and transparently, verify whether there is a mass grave and if so find the real perpetrators of the crime and give them the severest punishment allowed by law.

At the same time we pray that the world community see through the objectives of the above letter when they receive it, read between the lines and realize that it has been shrewdly drafted by agents of death, destruction and destability; the ruthless international terrorists - The Tamil Tigers. We pray that the world will not fall prey to their propaganda and unduly pressurize the Sri Lankan government to stop the military operations against one of the most brutal terrorist organizations the world has seen.

If you need more information please contact us or visit our Web site: or sinhaya Website

Yours truly


Secretary – SPUR

15 October 1998


A Tamil heroine unmourned and the sociology of obfuscation
Perort No. 17 of University Teachers Human Rights for Jaffna (UTHR-J)
Daily News : Wednesday 30, September 1998
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Tamil Separatism and the examples of Britain, Cyprus and Bangladesh
The Island : 14, 15 and 16 October 1998
by Kamalika Pieris
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Appeal on behalf of Ms Darshini Gunasekera - Lion Air Tragedy

To : Mr Navan Ruban - Former Engineer at Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka
From : Mrs. Ranjini Gunasekera
Meegalewa Galgamuwa
Sri Lanka

I am writing this letter to you as I do not know about your whereabouts and hope you would read this through the Internet.

I hope you will recall the incident at the Meegalewa Mahaweli camp Galgamuwa during the 1983 communal riots where the lives of yourself, your wife & 2 children was at stake. My husband Ranjith Gunasekera who was the OIC of the Police in Galgamuwa went out of his way to rescue you from a wild mob attacking and threatening the lives of your family and yourself after a battle for nearly 2 hours. He rescued you all and kept in the safe custody at our house, where my hospitality and kindness gave you much needed confidence and solace. I hope you would recall this incident and the way we went out of our way to help you, which I am sure would be in your minds even now.

I am now facing a similar situation in Sri Lanka where my daughter Darshini Gunasekera who was the chief stewardess in the inflated Lion Air which was transporting 48 Tamil Passengers to Colombo from Palaly Jaffna on 29/09/1998 has disappeared. I reliably understand that this plane has crashed in an area around manner called the Iranathivu and most of the passengers along with my daughter has survived, and is in safe care of the LTTE.

More or less the whole community of the Galgamuwa & Maho areas who was saved by my husband in a similar fashion to your episode has shown their gratitude and has appealed to the LTTE by letter requesting my daughter to be released if she is in their safe care. The ICRC has by now handed over this appeal to the LTTE hierarchy.

The contents of this letter has already been e-mailed to the relevant sites.

I humbly request you to endorse through Internet or e-mail contents of this appeal and request the LTTE to release my daughter if she is in their safe care.

May god bless you and your family,

Mrs. Ranjini Gunasekera


Dubious fronts of the LTTE
By a Special Correspondent (The Island / Mid-Week Review : 14 Oct 1998)

The agony that Sri Lanka has endured over the last fifteen years has seen vultures of different hues feeding on our misery. The arms smugglers, the politicians, the bureaucrats and technocrats (of the previous government) fattened themselves on the misery of our people. Woe betide them: for they will see their nemesis sooner than later, (wherever they may seek refuge)

And then there were (and are) the seemingly innocuous 'NGO's' both local and foreign who, in the guise of helping the country on the road to reconciliation and peace actually sought (and still seek) to support the dismemberment of our country. Behind some of them are the several 'eminences grises (to render eminence grise into the plural) of foreign secret services and other manipulators (the local jerks do not realise that )

Those who were fooled by the organisation called International Alert included some very 'honourable and highly intelligent' men 'of great character' and undeniably incorruptible. They were given first class air tickets and super-star hotel rooms in Crete, Ireland and Manila. These much-beloved people included general Kalkat, Mr. Dick-Shit (one time 'Viceroy' for India in Sri Lanka: remember that arrogant posture over TV from the ebony throne on the occasion of the tragic Indo-Sri Lanka accord). Others who joined the soup-train included Mr. Sarath Amunugama, the hossanna singing Mr. Bradman Weerakoon, Harry Gunathilake, (we wonder why ) Mr. Mahinda Samarasinghe (ha - ha!) and several others: all seekers of peace.

Let us go back to this organisation International Alert, the nature of which is now even 'prathyaksha' to the Norwegrean authorities on whom light has now dawned but who yet refer to the Sinhala as 'enemies'.

IA's start in the 1980's was with the Sri Lankan problem IA's 'origins is in the conflict within Sri Lanka between Sinhalese and Tamils' as one of IA's publications put it. It was also an origin very much from a non neutral point of view to make 'widely known', 'the present condition of the Tamil people and their genuine demands'. Its stated aims was to support the Tamil cause. As part of this endeavour it also published a fictitious map showing nearly fifty per cent of the Island as main Tamil areas including the central highlands and parts of the South including Hambantota. This was not only propagating the traditional homelands fiction but carrying it to a conclusion beyond the creators of this separatist fiction. One of IA's documents also mentions that its general objectives included alerting on 'mass killings and genocide'. The same document mentions that in Sri Lanka, it is making a 'major effort' on several fronts including 'UN interventions'.

There was no doubt of IA's intentions: its acceptance of a skewed version of Sri Lanka events, a fictitious Sri Lanka history and its advocacy of intervention in the country's internal affairs. These facts, and specially its acknowledged partiality in the Sri Lankan conflict, when put besides the serious charges made against IA by the elected government of Sierra Leone of siding with rebels in diamond smuggling and coup-making, take an ominous tone for all Sri Lankans including our government.

Rupasinghe had in his journal Jana Vegaya firmly taken the view that the Tamil separatists were racists working closely with South Indian groups to subvert Sri Lanka, very much the opposite view of IA. Why then was this charge of conviction and stance ?

In the course of the newspaper debate one Honeywell of IA said that International Alert rejected the Sierra Leone coup (after it took place). But the deposed President of Sierra Leone did not accept IA's word because six months later, he was on American TV accusing IA of involvement in the coup.

Furthermore, the evaluation report by the Norwegian Christiansen organisation pointed out that ' IA has been subject to serious allegations in Sierra Leone which the organisation itself has celebrated as its main achievement (page 1 ) .... IA's neutrality and transparency was widely questioned by the Freetown (Sierra Leone) authorities, international organisation and other governments ... Many in the international community (believed) that IA was working as an adviser (to the rebels), not a neutral facilitator, in the peace process. A's interventions, in particular its continued lobbying of senior politicians and international civil servants despite the Trustees (of IA) decision to become 'non-operational', served to create confusion (and thus suspicion) regarding IA's intentions'. (p 61 )

So IA's credibility, transparency, reputation and effectiveness were all in strong doubt as document by their donors own agents at the end of 1997. But IA had their warning already in 1996 in a British Parliament report .

This report said 'International Alert was, in a sense, the odd man out, being the only NGO amongst governmental regional organisations. Their presence at the talks was controversial for many reasons. International Alert had made the first contact with the (rebel group) RUF and had been successful in persuading Foday Sankoh to release foreign hostages, which raised suspicion that they were not entirely neutral. This concern was fuelled by the fact that International Alert is not seen to be entirely transparent in its actions. This sentiment was expressed.... by members of the government delegation, the press, many NGOs and the public.' (The Conflict in Sierra Leone September 1996, Parliamentary Human Rights Group p 30)

It will be interesting if IA publishes how much they have spent in Sri Lanka, on what activities and on whom. If IA believes in transparency, they should circulate particularly among the parliamentarians and others whom they sponsored, copies of the reports of their donors and of the UK Parliament. The IA may also make public all faxes and the substance of telephone calls to and from IA and its Director in the week immediately proceeding and immediately following the Sierra Leone coup. The British foreign office probably already has this information.

In connection with all the foregoing it is pertinent to refer to the denial by Mr. Ajit Rupasinghe of the National Peace Council, that he participated in a Tiger Event in Geneva.

The following paragraph appeared in the Tiger newspaper 'HOT SPRING' along with a large picture with banners, in an article calling for recognition of the LTTE as a ' liberation organization'! This page also has Tiger flag in the picture.

"Thousands of Tamils joined the march and rally arranged by the Swiss Federation of Tamil Associations in Geneva on 11th August. The procession which began at the main railway station in Geneva ended at the UN building. Rev. Daniel Thiyagarajah from the Vanni, Ms. Karen Parker, Human Rights lawyer from the US, Mr. Ajit Rupasinghe of the National Peace Council, Colombo, Mr. James Karan, President of the International Federation of Tamils, Ms. Eliza Mann of the Tamil Centre for Human Rights, UK and LTTE representative in Switzerland, Nadarajah Muralitharan were the speakers. The rally ended with a liberation song sung in chorus by the thousands of participants at the rally.

This is direct proof of Ajit Rupasinghe and the National Peace Council associating themselves directly with the Tigers and some of their front organisations. This type of association is now banned. The Sri Lanka civil authorities and the armed forces as well as the US and Indian authorities who have declared the LTTE as a terrorist organisation should immediately investigate the NPC to find out if those contacts are continuing and what the past contacts have been.

Also, Ajit Rupasinghe, Jehan Perera and all those who stand for dismemberment of Sri Lanka, talk of self determination. Their questions on self determination should be addressed to the UN, whose former Secretary General Mr. Boutros Boutros Ghali said:

"Sub national, ethnic or tribal factors cannot expect to undermine the political unit in which they exist, while claiming the privileges of a Sovereign nation state it is a generator of ethnic cleansing, racism and crimes against humanity'.

The writer must also refer here to the Tiger front newspaper (edited by Vasantharajah) Tamil Guardian's issue of May 23. This is almost exclusively devoted to denigrating the offensive against the LTTE butchers and glorifying their victories. Its front page is devoted to an exclusive interview with the racist Prabakaran and an article extolling Tiger war efforts. And its back page is devoted to pictures of the Tigers at war. One has a specially macabre picture of Prabakaran posing with a suicide bomber. The paper has also a one page long letter to President Chandrika Kumaratunga by Vasantharajah telling her among others that 'the LTTE is the leadership of the Tigers'. The thrust of this intensely pro-Tiger article is to call for third party intervention in Sri Lanka which the government rejects. As an example of support for the article's ideas if says, 'the National Peace Council, held a well-attended convention recently brandishing the slogan don't wage War on our behalf, adding that this was a sign of the 'Sinhalese' wanting their leaders meaning Chandrika Kumaratunga to 'a just settlement with the LTTE'.

Vasantharajah spells out that this 'just settlement' as a result of external intervention would result in a 'plebistice' in the North-East where 'over 98% would vote for total independence'. Near 100% plebistices which international intervention would bring together with separation reminds one immediately of the rigged 'elections' of dictatorships, well in keeping with Tigers practice of eliminating all dissent. In a similar vein, the paper editorialises on 'Harnessing Sinhala support for peace talks' where it says that the 'LTTE's popularity has skyrocketed'. Interestingly it carries a prominent article by Ajit Rupasinghe, who apart from his National Peace Council affiliations is also identified as the Secretary of the Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist). The article ridicules the current government's defence efforts allegedly quoting two military persons Harry Gonatilleke and Lucky Algama.

Now, the gazette notice (1998 Jan 27) banning the Tigers although less stronger than the equivalent Indian ban has some very tight strictures. It says that the provision of the ban 'shall also apply to every other organisation and to everybody or group of persons engaged in activities substantially similar to those carried on by the Tigers', that is to Tiger fronts. Among the offences listed are 'making, printing, distribution or publication of any writing' by or on behalf or are Tigers. This authorises the minister to investigate any organization or person fronting for the Tigers and forfeit their property.

There is ample evidence to indicate that the Tamil Guardian is a front of the Tigers and that Ajit Rupasinghe is a contributor to this front's organ. This is enough prima facie evidence for Ajit Rupasinghe, his National Peace Council and his political party of which he is secretary to be immediately investigated.


Cheap political tricks and terrorism
message from National Movement Against Terrorism

Let Us Unite To Protect Our War Heroes

In the course of the battles which took place from Sept 20 onwards at Killinochchi, Paranthan and Mankulam, over a thousand of our soldiers sacrificed their lives. Many more were injured and disabled. At this tragic moment, we call upon the Government and the Opposition to cancel all festivals, celebrations and political games and unite to save the country from LTTE terrorism. We also call upon the public to assist the soldiers in any way they can.

The Jathika Sangha Sabhawa held Pirith chanting ceremonies at the Kalubowila Hospital on 10th Sat., and the Matara Hospital on 12th Monday in order to raise the morale of the injured soldiers. The All Ceylon Buddhist Congress and the National Movement Against Terrorism provided food, shelter and other assistance to family members of injured soldiers, who came to Colombo from distant places to visit their loved ones in hospital.

While the Buddhist clergy and the general public cared for the soldiers in this way, the Government and the Opposition carried on their usual political antics.

The Government hid behind the censorship of news from the battlefront and concealed the facts about the soldiers’ lives from the public. Then they secretly disposed of the bodies of the dead soldiers, along with the respect and honour due to them. The Government hid the truth about the military disaster and the loss of life from the people, while hinting at the possibility of racial riots. The fact that the Sinhala people are not rascists has been proved, after 127 attacks by Tamil rascists since 1983 without retaliation. If censorship exists for the purpose of cheapening the lives of our soldiers, it is our view that this censorship is a betrayal of our nation. It is also clear that this censorship does not apply to media institutions which support the terrorists. We therefore call upon the Government to disclose the truth to the nation, and obtain the support of the people for this national struggle.

We also find that the Education Ministry has declared a so-called ‘Peace Week’ from the 12th of this month. While thousands of our soldiers are being slaughtered by Tamil rascist terrorists on the battlefields in the north, the message that the Government is giving their children, their brothers and sisters is that the blame for the war lies with the Sinhala people. What so-called peace movements like the ‘Sudu Nelum’ campaign attempt to do is to prevent our youth from joining the security forces in the defense of our country, and to lower the morale of those who are sacrificing so much for this purpose. It is clear that it is a campaign conducted by those who try to divide this country, assisted by a few political opportunists. This movement spends vast amounts of money on banners, posters and carnivals to spread the message that the Sinhala people are rascists and are responsible for this war. However, it has not put up a single poster in support of the soldiers who sacrifice their lives in the defense of the nation. The Sudu Nelum movement acts for all intents and purposes as a front organisation of the LTTE.

The Opposition United National Party has also acted with total irresponsibility. Some of its leaders have said that the Killinochchi defeat is proof of their view that unconditional peace talks with the LTTE is required. Thousands of people showed their opposition to the UNP view on the 21st of September. In spite of this, the fact that the UNP continues to cuddle up to the Tigers shows that they are traitors to the nation.

We believe that the Government and the Opposition will continue to play their little games until the LTTE captures Colombo. Therefore we call upon the people to extend their support directly to the armed forces to safeguard the nation. We also call upon the people to show their opposition to politicians who play with the lives of our soldiers for political advantage.

In conclusion we state that it is only by completely defeating terrorism that genuine peace can be obtained.





The Press Release appearing below is now IRRELEVANT: Mr Zammit and Mr Bradford can no more be called Hon MP's!  Mr Zammit together with Mr Nadesu Kailainathan whom the Sun Herald called an "open supporter of the Sri Lankan guerilla terrorists, the Tamil Tigers"  were utterly rejected by the discerning Australian voters at the Federal Elections.  Read: Aussies boot pro-Tiger candidates (Daily News : 8 Oct 1998)

Press Release of Mr Paul Zammit MP, Federal Member for Lowe in Australia
Media Release by SPUR on the Media Release of Hon Paul Zammit, Federal MP for Lowe and Hon. John Bradford, Federal MP for McPherson calling for the expulsion of Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth.
Aussies boot pro-Tiger candidates
Daily News : 8 October 1998

The two Australian MPs - John Bradford and Paul Zammit - who issued a press communique demanding that Sri Lanka should be expelled from the Commonwealth were themselves expelled from the new Parliament by the Australian voters in last Saturday's national elections which re-elected Prime Minister John Howard's Liberal Government for another three-year term. Both were renegades from the Liberal Party. Both were lobbied by Fr. S. J. Emmanuel who was here on a tour to drum up support for the LTTE. The high point of Fr. Emmanuel's campaign was to get these two renegade MPs to issue a pro-LTTE press communique.

The third candidate, Mr. Nadesu Kailanathan, who contested under the Labour Party banner was beaten by ever 25,000 votes in the New South Wales (NSW) seat of Bradford by the sitting member Dr. Brandon Nelson. This is a blue-ribbon seat held traditionally by the Liberal Party and Mr. Kailanathan was sent as lamb to slaughter, knowing that he didn't have a ghost of a chance of winning it. Even his chances of getting some neutral votes were blighted when the prestigious Sun Herald ran a story labelling him as an open supporter of the Tamil terrorists. Mr. Kailanathan tried his best to white-wash the LTTE but the Australian voters rejected him lock, stock and barrel.

Members of the Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights (SPUR) too campaigned vigorously against these candidates. On the eve of the election, SPUR ran a $1000 advertisement in the only national newspaper, The Australian warning the Australian voters not to give their vote to candidates who directly or indirectly support the Tamil Tiger terrorists who have been banned by leading members of the international community. In the NSW seats of Lowe and Bradford, people who shared these views launched a house-to-house campaign of letter-dropping, warning voters that a vote for Zammit (Lowe)
and Kailanathan (Bradford) would be a vote for Tamil Tiger terrorists.

Now that the agents of Tamil Tiger terrorists have lost their two key supporters in Parliament they will be lobbying other MPs. But their lobbying has had no effect. It is hoped that the new Government is as committed as before to reject any talks with the agents of Tamil Tiger terrorists - mainly the Australian Federation of Tamil Associations (AFTA) headed by
former academic, C. J. Eliezer, and the Australian Human Rights Foundation (AHRF) which is a well-known front for AFTA. It is headed by Rev. Dick Wootton of the Uniting Church who has lost his credibility as an AHRF spokesman for Sri Lankan affairs.

The direct links between AFTA and the politically linked Australian Human Rights Foundation is a clear example of how bogus human rights organisations are set up to promote separatist politics of the Tamil extremists. The main function of these bogus NGOs (as in Sri Lanka) is to cover up the inhuman atrocities of the Tamil Tiger terrorists. The Christian Churches have been in the forefront of the campaigns to blacken the good name of Sri Lanka and to paint the Tamil Tiger terrorists as a saintly army of Christian soldiers. Rev. Wootton has now taken a back seat after losing credibility even among the Australian NGO groups. After defending Tamil Tiger terrorists for years he has been beaten by their mounting criminal record.


Strengthen armed forces and defeat Tigers - MEP leader Dinesh Gunawardane
(Daily News : 10 Oct 1998)

Mahajana Eksath Peramuna (MEP) leader Dinesh Gunawardane said on Wednesday that if the proposed political package of the PA Government is implemented, a federal Government will be instituted in the Northern district making it easy for the LTTE to wage a war against the Central Government and achieve their final goal of a separate Eelam state.


It is reported that the LTTE has handed over bodies of 600 fighters killed in the four day counter attack by the LTTE. The Army says bodies of LTTE members were also among the pile of bodies handed over to the Red Cross and the Army sifts them carefully to identify bodies of the soldiers. According to Sri Lankan military sources, 477 LTTE terrorists and 262 troops were confirmed killed so far in the battle.  It has been also reported that there had been more than 100 bodies of young children in battle fatigues.  This is an obvious indication that LTTE has suffered heavy casualties in this major battle.  However, the military casualty figures are expected to rise dramatically as more bodies are identified.

Battles are still raging in the general area of Mankulam. According to reliable sources, 42 Liberation Tigers surrendered to Sri Lankan troops that took control of Mankulam today. The SLA is flying a group of Sri Lankan journalists to Anuradhapura to see the alleged surrendees. Sources in Vavuniya claimed that 26 boys and girls, alleged to be the surrendered LTTE fighters, were brought to Vavuniya this afternoon.


Sri Lanka News (1 Oct 1998)

Colombo, 01, October. 1998 - Security sources revealed that intercepted LTTE radio transmissions strongly suggest
that the LTTE was responsible for the crash of the Lionair aircraft, which went missing with 48 passengers on Tuesday

The Russian built AN-24 belonging to the domestic carrier Lionair, was on a routine flight when it Left Palaly airport
in the North at 1:40 pm Tuesday. At 1:50 pm it disappeared from Radar and communication with the control tower was
lost. All 48 passenger on board were Tamils which included 19 women and a child.

Airline officials said that there was no technical defects of malfunctioning of the craft and in such an eventuality the
pilots would have contacted ground control.

According to intercepted LTTE radio transmissions had crashed into the sea off the coat of Mannar, Security sources
confirmed. They added that the LTTE leaders sounded jubilant after they destroyed the plane.
LTTE Attacks Civilian Airliner - All 48 Tamil Passengers and Crew feared Dead

Almost all passengers on the Lionair aircraft that was reported missing from 1.40 pm on Tuesday were Tamil civilians.
The aircraft had crashed into the sea off Mannar coast at 1.50 pm on Tuesday according to an LTTE radio message intercepted by security forces.

Air transport is the main mode of travel to Jaffna as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels occupy a short section of the road linking the peninsula with the rest of the island. Both Monara and Lion Air, the only two private airlines that ply between Colombo and Jaffna, had earlier received threatning letters from the LTTE demanding them to stop flying to Jaffna, accusing them of carrying troops.

The following is the list of passengers: Among the passengers were 19 women and a child. The rest were males.

Mrs. D. Siwapragasam, Mr. I. Rawunathan, Mr. B. Senthliel, Mrs. B. Manoranjitham, Mr. S. Selvakumar, Mrs. M. Mallikathey, Mas. M. Sabesh, Mr. G. Ponnu, Mr. G. Rameshkumar, Mr. I. Kirubakaran, Mr. I. Panitharan, Mr.J. Kumarasamy, Mrs. K. Sinnathangachchi, Mr. K. Partheepan, Mrs. A. T. Coonghe, Mrs. A. I. Fernando, Mr. T. Sivanathan, Mr. S. Ilango, Mr. P. Joseph. Mrs. S. Padrupathy, Mrs. M. Naguleswaran, Mrs. S. F. Pushram, Mr. A. N. Santhiradas, Mr. T. Rodraoe, Mr. K. Ragunathan, Mrs. C. Ragunathan, Mrs. Krishnamurthy, Mrs. K. Nalayani, Mr. K. Nalayani, Mr. K. Shrikanthan, Mrs. Thangavel, Mr. V. Vallipuram, Mrs. V. Balasumbramaniam, Mr. M. Sivakumar, Mrs. S. Yogamani, Mrs. A. Sivapalan, Mrs. S. Sivapalan, Dr. T. Paramasivam, Mr. P. Somasundram, Mr. N. Sabaratnam, Mr. J. Benadict, Mrs. A. Sarasavathy, Mr. V. Panchasaram, Mr. S. Thevarajah, Mr. S. Sinnathamby, Mrs. P. Rajaratnam, Mr. R. Rajee,
Mr. R. Pankirisami and Mrs. B. Mahaluxmavn.


Matoohko Anaioli - Captain, Lysaivanoy Slaihei - Co-Pilot, Kozidv Sergei - Navigator and Anaprynenka Siashei - Flight Engineer.

Cabin Crew:

Dharshini Gunasekara - Chief Stewardess and Chrishan Nelson - Steward.

Security sources are certain that the LTTE is responsible of destroying the plane.  The sources said that those who had listened to the intercepted radio message had said that the LTTE leader sounded jubilant after they destroyed the plane.

Sri Lanka News : 30 Sept 198

Colombo, 30th September 1998--Troops captured Mankulam Town in the North on Wednesday during the on going
Jayasikuru military operations.

A release issued by the Ministry of Defence said troops had destroyed strong-holds of the LTTE on the Mankulam-
Kanagarayankulam road and captured the southern and eastern parts of Mankulam town. The release also said the LTTE
terrorists who have suffered heavy casualties during the confrontations, had been using Mankulam as their most
strategic junction with fortified bunkers and defensive positions.

The release further said that the troops were in the process of consolidating their positions in the captured areas.
Meanwhile, during the confrontations in Kilinochchi and Paranthan areas on Tuesday, 377 LTTE terrorists and 200
soldiers had been killed.

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