A powerful bomb in Vavuniya, 10 killed, 73 injured including 12 soldiers, seven policemen and many civilians.



LTTE Atrocities - Bobm Attack on Sri Dalada Maligawa.JPG (399932 bytes)

The Bomb The Blast The Damage International Condemnation
Sacrilage at the World Heritage Buddhist Shrine



LTTE Tamil Tiger Fundraiser Suresh to be deported from Canada

A Canadian court has cleared the way for the deportation of a Sri Lankan Tamil fundraiser alleged to have links with the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists.

For more info on LTTE activities in Canada, Please Click here


Open letter to British High Commissioner
Nonchalant British attitude to LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka

A recent news item disclosed that the Australian government had refused entry to Anton Balasingham, said to be the political adviser of the ruthless leader of the LTTE, and his Australian wife Adele.

This welcome enlightened stand presents a glaring contrast to Britain’s inscrutable, spineless attitude. On spacious legal grounds, shelter cover and protection are afforded to the sworn enemy of Sri Lanka, the LTTE movement and its leader Prabhakaran, a veritable second Hitler.

Click Island : 13 January 2000 for full details


What Tamils can do against Prabhakaran's tyranny
Daily News : 12 Jan 2000

Mr. Prabhakaran claims to be the heroic leader fighting the cause of the Tamil people. He seeks a separate state in the North and East of Sri Lanka. How does he seek to achieve his objectives?

1. Driving out a number of Tamil families from the North and East and taking over their land and possessions.

2. Instilling fear and taking revenge on all Tamils who do not agree with his policy or methods.

3. Assassinating all Tamil leaders who seek to fight the Tamil cause with moderation and dialogue with the Government.

4. Forcing a number of school-going Tamil youth to go forward to fight the Sri Lanka army, while he is safely hidden in a concrete castle somewhere in the North East. Nowhere in history has a leader sent others forward while he stays safe in the background.

5. Brainwashing Tamil youth to sacrifice their own lives as 'suicide bombers', to kill and destroy life and property, to achieve his cause. As concerned Tamil people, what can we do against such tyranny?

* Collectively resist and refuse to help with funds, when LTTE followers, both here and abroad, solicit money so that they can buy armaments and drugs for the cause.

* Recognize that, if the war continues, it is the Tamil people as well the others in this country that are badly affected. Our property and many of our family members will be lost. Let us speak out with one voice. Prabahakaran cannot kill us all!

* Counteract the false propaganda spread by LTTE abroad that influences people and even leaders of other Nations, so that the people of other lands do not assist the LTTE and also blacken the image of the country and people of this land.

* We must educate our children here and overseas so they will open their eyes to what is really happening, and say NO to Prabhakaran, the terrorist leader who pushed others forward to fight for his glory.




A Declaration on Measures to Eliminate Terrorism was ratified at a conference organised by the National Movement Against Terrorism (NMAT) held at the BMICH on 4 Jan 2000.

The declaration drafted by the participants at the conference called upon the government to set in motion the Plan of Action suggested and stated that they offered the government their complete and unstinted support.

The declaration states: "Sri Lankans living here and abroad make the following appeal to all Sri Lankans and the international community. We do so out of love for this country, for the protection of its territorial integrity and its unitary status for the strengthening of our democratic institutions and for the achievement of an honourable peace."

Stressing the need to "comprehend that the on-going military conflict is not an ethnic conflict," the Declaration gives reasons for reaching such a conclusion.

"We appeal to all Sri Lankans and the international community to give deep and meaningful thought to the plight of this country and society, and co-operate voluntarily to eliminate terrorism," the Declaration stated.

"The conference was attended by Sri Lankan representatives living in 16 countries and a distinguished forum comprising professionals working in various fields in Sri Lanka.

The topics under discussion included the spread of terrorism, its economic impact and its development internationally with papers being presented by Professor Oliver Abeynaike, Prof. A.V. de S. Indraratna, Dr. Arjuna Zoysa and Dr. Rohan Gunaratne.

A book titled "Gonagala massacre" was also presented to the people by the NMAT at the conference.


Civilians appeal to LTTE to stop shelling

The innocent village folk and the fisherfolk in the Jaffna Peninsula have appealed to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to stop shelling their habitats and allow them to live peacefully.

The village heads from Thenmarachi area in the Jaffna Peninsula have sent a memorandum early this week through the representative of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) in Jaffna to be handed over to the LTTE leadership in Wanni. 

Click Sunday Observer : 9 January 2000 for details

"Take your people and go!": A reply to Father Emmanual.

6 January 2000

Open Letter to H.E Chandrika Kumaratunga
President- Republic of Sri Lanka

Dear Madam President,

We send our warm greetings on your election as the President of the Republic of Sri Lanka for a second term. We also wish to
express our great relief that you escaped the terrorists’ despicable assassination bid, albeit with injuries. The entire nation was
indeed fortunate that their leader had the good fortune to survive an attack by a Tamil Tiger suicide bomber. No other political
leader in the past, escaped an attack ordered by the world’s most abominable terrorist leader, Prabhakaran. We wish you
good luck and long life.
Click for details


SPUR Media Release
5, January, 2000


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Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike issuing a message on the suicide bomb attack that took place opposite her office
has said that the time has now come to destroy the menace of terrorism which has taken thousands of lives of innocent
public servants and civilians. The message has further said: " It is indeed a great tragedy that some of the personnel
attached to my office and an officer of the Kollupitiya Police Station have been brutally killed when a woman terrorist
bomber exploded herself. I extend my deepest sympathies to the families of the dead. I also wish all those who were
injured a speedy recovery. While this menace of terrorism, which killed thousands of civilians should be condemned, you
will all realise that the time has now come for us to collectively get together for the total eradication of control terrorism."
The Prime Minister has also appealed the public to act with patience and wisdom.

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Another LTTE suicide Bomb Explosion in Colombo to assassinate Sirima Bandaranayake, 12 killed, 28 injured


Kumar Ponnambalam shot dead


For lasting peace, terrorists must be defeated militarily — Army Chief
Sunday Island : 2 Jan 2000
by Chittaranjan de Silva

Army Commander, Lieutenant General, Srilal Weerasooriya said yesterday that it is necessary to crush terrorism militarily to bring about lasting peace to the country.

Defeats such as in the Wanni, which are temporary, have to be borne sometimes when battles are fought, he said.

" Don’t be perturbed by the defeat in Wanni," he said while addressing a gathering of army officers, which included the top brass of the military, at the Army Headquarters to mark the dawn of the year 2000.

He urged the army not to dwell in the past, but to move forward with conviction.

Lt. Gen. Weerasooriya , while applauding the army for their victories in Paranthan and Elephant Pass, also
commanded the soldiers for the bravery they displayed in these battles which raged even as the millennium

"The enemy tried several times and failed to take the Elephant Pass camp. They have now given up the attempt
and have stopped attacking the camp after their causalities mounted", he said.

"The enemy has suffered heavily and has been defeated by the troops in Paranthan and Elephant Pass and we
have the edge over them now," Lt. Gen. Weerasooriya said.

The army commander asked the people to always remember that the army is fighting and sacrificing their lives in
the North-East on behalf of our motherland.


Call to declare Prabhakaran an ‘International terrorist’
Sunday Island : 2 Jan 2000

An organisation representing a number of Sinhala associations based in London has appealed to all foreign
ambassadors and other heads of foreign diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka to request their governments to urge
United Nations to declare the Tamil terrorist leader Velupillai Prabhakaran an International Terrorist and a War
Criminal. An international warrant on charges of crimes against humanity is called for to be issued against
Prabhakaran and his associates.

United Organisation for the Defence of Sri Lanka (Sinhale), (UODSL) (S) has quoted the London Times (16th
October 1999) which stated that the ‘Tamil Tigers terrorist leader Prabhakaran is responsible for the death of
over 90,000 Sri Lankan citizens’.

UDOSL (S) has also appealed to the various governments to shut down the fund raising operations of the Tamil
Tigers (LTTE) front organisations in their respective countries. The atrocities committed by the Tamil terrorists
during the past sixteen years listed in the petition, is a horrendous litany of gross inhumanity and barbarity.

The systematic genocide of over ninety thousand men, women and children most of them Sinhalese, a record
second only to that of late Pol Pot.

Sri Lankan political leaders are reminded that to negotiate with terrorists, with a view to handing over control of
any part of the sovereign territory of Sri Lanka or which cause secession are a treasonable offence under the


Sri Lankan President vows to crush terror, achieve peace

December 23, 1999 - Ceylon Daily News

"It is with an intense and an immeasurably deep sense of gratitude to all my Sri Lankan brothers and sisters, who
have once again reposed their faith in me as their President, that I humbly accept this electoral victory that has been miraculously bestowed upon me.

"Particularly I must thank all those who have prayed for my well-being in the days since the terrorist cowards made their attempt upon my life, as well as those who have also prayed and worked so hard for this victory. Truly, from the
depths of my being I thank you.

"I humbly request that the entire nation keep one minute's silence with me now in memory of those whose lives were stolen in the terrible destruction of December 18; indeed, in memory of all Sri Lankans who have lost their lives due to this hideous conflict.

"Friends, there is not one doubt in my mind that this victory with which the gods have seen fit to honour me is a victory not only for myself, and not only for my two children whose mother has been spared, but a resounding victory for our
entire nation. This victory is without doubt a very special and portentous gift of the gods.

"For I believe that there now stands before you, before this nation, the one leader who is the single most qualified to lead us to the peace we long for. There now stands before you the one leader who understands precisely the sorrow in our nation's soul. The one leader who has felt every human pain that it is possible to feel, and yet has survived with the strength, the ability and the resolve to triumph over pain and to eradicate its source.

"I have suffered our nation's sorrow in every way humanly possible: in the vicious pain of losing a father. In the loving pain of motherhood. In the soul-destroying pain of losing a husband. And now finally, I have nearly stepped over the threshold of my life into the deep abyss of the unknown darkness, only to be miraculously saved by the powers that be in order that I serve you further with even more passion and with even more dedication than I have before.

"The night of 18 December 1999 will go down in history as the night this land was touched by the hand of darkness one too many times. To all those who have ever doubted my resolve to lift the curse of hatred and death that has fallen
upon our land, I offer the challenge to look into my face now and voice your doubt. I challenge them to say, if they dare, that Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga is not genuine in her desire to forge a permanent peace with the
arms of compassion and love.

"I will answer them, indeed the very wounds I bear will answer them that there is no individual on this Earth more determined than I am to end this country's wretched and mindless bloodshed and destruction. I will answer them that there is no other political leader in this country who sees so clearly as I do the enemy that walks so freely about in our land. That enemy is hatred and he stands in front of my as I speak. I see him. I know him. I, and my family, and
this nation, have felt his touch one too many times.

"Indeed it is with unshakeable confidence that I declare that I have felt his touch for the last time. Because from this day forward I shall not rest until I have rid this land of hatred and its curse of death and destruction.

"This new lease of life, this national miracle, shall be the beginning of a new destiny for our country. Our vow and our destiny are that peace must reign. 

"But peace does not arise from nowhere, just as presidents do not arise from nowhere. As a President is elected vote by vote by the individual hands of our people, so peace must be elected soul by individual soul.

"Peace is a battle.

"Peace is never given freely, never acquired.

"Its conquest is the result of courage and of respect for others.

"It demands awareness and commitment from everyone.

"Peace is not the law imposed by the mighty, but that which is founded on equality and dignity of all peoples.

"And so the task of forging peace falls not only to your President but to all of us, including those who have in the past stood back, uncertain as to which role they should play. all of us, from this day forward, each and every single day,
must elect peace into their hearts and into their lives.

'To the millions of Sri Lankans whose eyes are open to the truths of the spirit, my victory stands as a singularly fitting symbol of what must now come to pass. For as I hold the unique distinction of being the one political leader
against whom an LTTE assassination attempt has failed, I say that I, as the President of this nation and the leader of all my peoples, of all races, religions and political beliefs, will be the one political leader against whom the entire LTTE terrorist enterprise will fail.

'There are many who have watched this election campaign despairing that no politician talks about solving the ethnic conflict for any reason other than to win the people's votes. To any of you who have doubted, I say that my wounds are proof of my sincerity. When I first declared the Presidential election nearly one and a half years before its due time, I clearly stated that my main objective was to end the war and bring in peace without any further delay.

'In fact, I truly believe that the gods have spared me to achieve just this purpose of peace and national reconciliation. And if I did not believe that, then I would not be worthy of the high office to which you, my brothers and sisters, have
once again called me.

'And so to the root of our current problem. Again I say, look at me, look at my wounds. These are not the wounds of politics. These are not the wounds of a just fight for equality. These are not the wounds of a noble cause of independence and self-determination. These are the wounds of sheer, naked, and unadulterated hatred of man for man, and disregard of all that is humane which raises man from the sheer bestiality of animalism to that heavenly realm
of spirituality. Those who inflict such wounds can no longer be allowed to go unchecked and unpunished.

'Let all those who act in the name of hatred and terror in the North-East and their supporters in the South be warned: far from being weakened by fear of attack, our resolve has been incalculably strengthened by your cowardice.

'Let all those who aid and abet terror be warned, let those who by act or omission support terror be warned, let those who secretly or openly condone the path of violence pursued by the cowards of the LTTE be warned: the days of
terror in this land are numbered, and that number is small.

'Let all citizens of this country, Tamil and Muslim and Burgher and Sinhala, be warned that this Government will not for one second be deterred from taking the strongest possible action against anyone who supports terror.

'The people of this country have made clear their desire. They seek peace, and have elected a leader of peace; they seek national unity, and have elected a leader who has proven able to unify our forces. But it is also certain that they
also seek brotherhood, and they have therefore elected not only a strong President but clearly shown their support for a strong and vibrant opposition.

'I believe that we must fully appreciate the meaning of the size of the victory that I have won. It is clear to me that the people of this nation do not intend the torch of peace to be carried by one half of our people while the other half rest. i
believe that our people intend these two parties to share the burden appointed to us by destiny. This nation has the strength to create two strong parties. I believe that these two strong parties together must use this strength to once
again create the nation.

'The political fight is never an easy one. I therefore sincerely commiserate with Mr. Ranil wickremesinghe in his unsuccessful attempt to win the presidency. And yet I say to Mr. Wickremesinghe that he should take heart. He must take heart, because the very significant support that he and his party commands can mean one thing and one thing only: that the people of this country still intend for him to play a major role in our effort to forge a new Sri Lanka of tranquillity and tremendous opportunity that stands so close at hand.

Mr. Wickremesinghe, I stretch out my hand to you to join this government, both you and your supporters. I call upon you and your supporters to honour now by your actions the commitment to which you gave yourself throughout your
election campaign, the commitment to this nation's peace, without compromising in any way with those who attempt to sow terror even for narrow political gains.

At the same time, I stretch out my hand to the leaders of all our nation's communities and faiths. Together, let us set out to clear away this culture of terror and death, let us invite all our cadres to join in this journey to rehumanise
our nation's soul. Let us do as our various faiths tell us all to do, and leave behind the pettiness and spitefulness and difference to achieve this first, mot desperate and mot urgent target of peace, before we attempt to achieve all else.

'I sympathise with those young and innocent people of our nation who have for too long been intimidated by terror into supporting the LTTE. I embrace you as dearly as I embrace my own children, and entreat you to give up this hatred which is growing away at your heart, and join in this nation' collective noble effort for your salvation and ours. It is only through that understanding that you will be able to convince your leaders that hatred is not the solution to any
human problem.

'In particular, I stretch out my hand to all our Tamil brothers and sisters who believed, mistakenly, in the benevolence of Mr. Prabhakaran to the negotiating table without any further delay. I urge you to persuade with every conceivable
argument anyone who is a member or a supporter of the LTTE to renounce violence and join us in establishing peace.

'I still believe in the goodness of man.I believe the time has finally come for the goodness of man to reign supreme throughout this nation. This is my one ambition, and from the achievement of this ambition, everything else that we
long for and cherish will flow without hindrance.

'From the threshold of death I have come back in order that I join with all of you to achieve this most urgent and noble task for our beloved land, for our people, and for our children.'


Prabhakaran should give up his politics of terror and come to negotiating table - President Chandrika16.jpg (11260 bytes)

President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, in an exclusive interview with the BBC, said the LTTE leader Velupillai
Prabhakaran must give up his "fear of peace" and come to the negotiating table.

"Prabhakaran should give up his politics of terror. He has to fight for his people with his heart and mind," President
Kumaratunga told interviewer George Arney.

The text of the interview:

Q: - It's going to be difficult for you, isn't it. I mean what kind of effect will it have? Are you going to be afraid to go out now?

A: - I'm surprised. I don't feel fear. But I don't think, I feel ... the fact that I've been saved in this way. I'm the only leader in Sri
Lanka, I feel that there is something special that somebody somewhere wants me to do.

Q: - You say that you feel that you've been saved for a purpose?

A: - Well, you know, I was attacked on the night of 18th December. I was obviously surviving in and out of consciousness
now that people say what was happening. The first thing I thought of what my children must not see me covered in blood,
because they had seen their father assassinated like that.

I heard people say that the people, our supporters were on the road because. It's election time trying to kill tamils and kill the
UNP people because they felt the UNP was also conspiring in this whole thing. And my first reaction was go on air, tell them I
don't want a single Tamil or anybody touched in vengeance.

Q: What about your future dealings with the Tigers and now after what happened can you deal with them?

A: We have solved all the other major problems in our country, the challenges My Government faced when we came in. This is
the only one left. And I think for the sake of my country, and my people whom I love very much we have to negotiate with
Prabhakaran. If he is willing to give up his devonian ways, If he is willing to give up the only weapon he knows, which is that of
terror and hatred. If he is willing to come into the democratic process and sit down and talk.

Apart from separating the country, I am willing to talk about anything else.

Q: How likely is he to come for talks?

A: I believe in great goodness of man, And I believe that the Tamil people for whom I and my Government have done so
much, has to look at the truth in the face. They have to stop supporting terror. They have to stop supporting the destruction of
their own people. They have to tell Prabhakaran, lad here, stop. Come to the negotiating table. And here I want to tell you
something I have not said up to now.

We had a honeymoon period of eight months discussing with them. We gave everything the LTTE asked for which was good
for the people of Jaffna and the North. We only didn't withdraw the Army. We said if the talks are going well we will withdraw
the Army. He broke down the talk. So I wrote to him. We exchanged 40 odd letters. I said we have already got on paper a
series of political proposals which can end the Tamil people's problems and end the war.

Shall we start discussing?

He returned and started attacking. He has boxed at every point when actually and constructively we have said we are willing to
discuss. And all I can say is that the LTTE does not want a political settlement. They wanted to kill me before the political
settlement came in.

And he also wanted to cause among the people who were already on the streets if not my call from the near dead bed.

At that time they did not know whether I was not of danger. Thank God I still had my mind to talk. And probably he wold have
walked in and taken over, because the Army was also very confused but I have a message for the Tamil people.

There is no doubt that Mr. Prabhakaran does not want a peaceful political settlement. We have offered everything other than a
separate State. We have offered the most extensive devolution. I've said we are walking to discuses quite flexibly on what is on
the table.

We have offered equal opportunities, and Bills and all kinds of thing for the Tamil people. I've ensured that not a single Tamil
has been touched for the last five years under all the provocations that the LTTE was making to make Sinhala people kill Tamil
people like, under the last Government. We have protected them. Whenever it comes to discussing a political settlement he
evades and kills.

Q: He wants to fight on?

A: Yes, he wants to fight on. Probably I believe the Sri Lankan Tamils abroad who are living in their isolated, luxury in ivory
towers, they have to take a decision in this moment of decision. I am talking to them with the wounds my on face. I have does
so much for them, I don't know why they cannot see and think.

They are being influenced by lies spread by the LTTE. I am not telling them to hate their leader as he hates me. All I am saying
is persuade him that he has to give up his politics of the terror. It's terrible he has to fight for his people with his heart and mind.
He has to come to the negotiation table. He has to give up this fear of peace. He has an obsessive fear of peace.

Q: Why do you think Tamils living abroad could bring any influence on Mr. Prabhakaran?

A: Because they are financing him. And he buys arms with their money.

Now, I would like to tell you something. Since mid 1997 ... I have agreed to two international facilitators who have been
shuttling in up and down between the LTTE and my Government trying to bring them to the negotiating table. They have
refused completely.

Q: Could you tell me who those negotiators have been?

A: Yes, I think I will say that today. The first one was the chief Emeka Anyoku, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth,
and finally after one and half years they refused him like hot potatoes saying 'we dot want to talk to him? No reason given. The
Norwegian Government has been talking with Mr. Balasingham in London. They kept them dangling again and said we will see
after the Election. I said if they say that they are going to definitely try and get me. So all I want to say is we have used two
respectable international facilitators. It's a lie that they want to discuss, they have not discussed

Q: After your swearing in as President for the second time you asked Ranil Wickremesinghe your opponent in the Presidential race to join hands with you. What exactly did you mean by that? You are asking him to join a Government of national unity.

A: Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe must prove to the people of my country that he can work in a mature way with an honest,
sincere, committed Government like mine, to solve this problem together, inviting the LTTE. I don't mind with Prabhakaran or
whoever comes, we will talk and solve the problem. Thereafter we can have a National Government together.

Q: After your terrible experience do you feel more optimistic or less optimistic about the chances for bringing peace back to Sri Lanka?

A: I have a message, for my countrymen and perhaps for the world. This happened to me exactly seven days before the birth
of the prince of the peace, just seven days before Christmas. I have been attacked with the weapons of the hatred and terror.
But somehow I have been spared to live to talk of love and compassion and forgiveness. And I think this is a moment for all of
us to rise to a high point of human spirituality where nothing else matters, more than the advancement of man through the use of
his man's most noblest possessions, his mind and heart.

chandrika11.jpg (7681 bytes)ranil1.jpg (20812 bytes)LTTE's suicide bomb attacks to assassinate both Chandrika and Ranil 


The Federal Government of Australia has turned down a request to visit Australia by the chief ideologue of the LTTE Tamil Tigers, and his Australian wife, just weeks before the suicide bomb blast to assassinate both the Sri Lankan President, Chandrika Kumaranatunga and the Oppossition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe

Over 240 LTTE Tamil Tigers dead .......



Foreign Terrorist Organizations (by US State Department) : 8 Oct 1999

Yes, LTTE is in the Foreign Terrorists List by US State Department

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists kill 58 Sinhalese villagers 17 Women and 7 children

Thousands of civilians living in villages in eastern Sri Lanka have fled their homes in fear of more attacks by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists

March for Peace by USLA New Zealand

MEDIA RELEASE - 8 September 1999

Yes,   LTTE is in the US Terrorists List

List of Foreign Terrorist Groups (Washington Post : 8 Oct 1999)

Statement by John Murphy (Labor MP for Lowe) in Australia

A letter to Hon. Kim Beazley, MP
Leader of the Opposition, regarding the statement made by Hon John Murphy MP

Update on Human Rights from Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra

The reply to Prof. A. J. V. Chandrakanathan's (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) open letter sent to the UNDP

Open reply to Hon John Murphy MP by SPUR

International Conference on Measures against Terrorism, on 21 Dec 1999 at BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka

International Conference on Tamil nationhood held in Canada and Dr. Jayalath - by SPUR (Sunday Observer : 13 June 1999)

International conference on Tamil Nationhood - by SPUR in Australia (Daily News : 2 June 1999)

International Conference on Tamil nationhood held in Canada - by SPUR (Island : 3 June 1999)

Protest on Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene’s visit to LTTE Conference in Canada - by USLA in New Zealand ( Island : 3 June 1999)


Balasingham’s Swiss visa refusal widely welcomed (Island : 12 Aug 1999)

Balasingham, Fox and the Swiss Government (15 August 1999)

Multi-Religious Complex at Muthurajawela



Comments by SPUR - Foreign Correspondent (FC) Program on Jaffna, Sri Lanka on 29 June 1999

The Supreme Court granted leave to proceed in a fundamental rights petition filed by members of the National
Movement Against Terrorism (NMAT)

Jayalath, Wickramabahu and other "Singhalese" Judas  - by Asoka Subhawickrama of SPUR (Island : 27 July 1999)

Open Letter to Dr. Liam Fox M.P., Shadow Secretary of State, United Kingdom


Please visit the Web Page of Sri Lankan High Commission in Australia

New Website - Reality of Sri Lanka


LTTE's attack on Madhu Church

Investigation Reveals No Mass Graves In Chemmani
(Sri Lanka News : 15 Oct 1999)
No point in talking to Tamil Tigers
Canberra Times : 13 October 1999

The LETTER headed 'Atrocities occurring in Sri Lanka too' (CT, September 30) truly summed up the inexplicable apathy shown by the world community towards the barbaric nature of Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger terrorists. As proof, the author cited the response to the terrorists' recent atrocity of chopping to death 58 sleeping villagers in eastern Sri Lanka on September 18. However, in the same breath the writer broaches the alleged accidental bombing of civilians by the Sri Lankan forces and calls for peace discussions with the terrorists. I wish to point out that whilst no civilised person could ever justify the killing of innocent non-combatant civilians by any party, such occasional deaths are practically unavoidable when fighting a cowardly enemy who use civilians as human shields. It must be pointed out that even NATO, with the world's most sophisticated weaponry and intelligence systems, failed to avoid such ' collateral damage''. Scores of people died in their bombing raids against Milosevic. Any intelligent person would clearly distinguish between such accidents and deliberate killing of innocents using machetes and daggers. Finally, it must be stressed that attempts at talking to such a set of brutal terrorists are doomed to fail. Tamil Tigers, who used three previous attempts at negotiation with them only for regrouping and rearming before unilaterally scuttling the truce, are determined to exploit any lull in the military exercise. The only way the world can help stop such inhuman atrocities is to do what the world did to Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam and Milosevic.

Merrylands, NSW



Foreign Terrorist Organizations (by US State Department) : 8 Oct 1999

Yes, LTTE is in the List

News from Rajiv Gandhi Assassination

LTTE violates pledge not to recruit child soldiers

UN Under-Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflicts Olara Otunnu last week accused the LTTE of violating its
pledge to the international community not to recruit child soldiers.

'According to reports reaching my office, they continue recruiting children below 17', Otunnu said in an exclusive interview with
the Daily News. 'Even I receive information on abduction of schoolchildren by the LTTE in Northern Sri Lanka,' he said.

Click Daily News : 11 Oct 1999 for details

Island: 4 Oct 1999
LTTE uses Internet sites for fund-raising
14th Symposium on International Terrorism

(Opening Address by R. E. Kendall Q.P.M.M.A.Secretary General of Interpol)

The presence of the International Community and of our organization here is certainly one way to tell you, minister
and your people, that your country, that has suffered so much at the hands of terrorists, is not alone in its struggle.

It is certainly sad to see such a beautiful country, rightly called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, being so affected by
the scourge of terrorism. It is my sincere hope that when you, delegates to this symposium, leave Sri Lanka in a
few days, you will know more also of the terrorism situation in Sri Lanka. I believe it is very important that we
share our experiences. Terrorism in this country is a day-to-day reality.

The killing of nine police officers in Batticaloa some time ago, and the murder of a member of parliament at the
end of July are just two of the most recent terrorist acts perpetrated against the Sri Lankan people, not to forget
the number of innocent civilian victims including women and children.

The theme for this year’s symposium is the financing of terrorism. This is in keeping with last year’s symposium in
Spain, which focused on terrorist support networks. For any terrorist organization to continue to operate, it must
either receive or be able to generate financial resources. One comment often heard in discussions on terrorism is
how it has changed over the last few years. How it has become more violent and indiscriminate.
Click : The Island : 4 Oct 1999 for full details


Nanuoya track blasted
Sunday Times : 3 Oct 1999
The rail track close to the Nanuoya railway station was blasted in an explosion last evening, disrupting upcountry train services, Railway sources said.

They said the blast took place 20 minutes before a train passed the place and railway workers had been sent to the area to carry out repairs.
LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists attack a Chinese Commercial Ship
LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists massacre 58 Sinhalese villagers : 17 Women,  2 pregnant mothers and 14 children. The victims were dragged from their sleep and butchered.
International Conference on Measures against Terrorism (21 Dec 1999 at BMICH in Sri Lanka)

Open Letter to Dr. Liam Fox M.P., Shadow Secretary of State, United Kingdom

New Sub-Page - LTTE Violence in London

The reply to Prof. A. J. V. Chandrakanathan's (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) open letter sent to the UNDP


British Shame (SPUR : 15 Sept 1999)

Please visit the Sub-Web Page of Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam of TULF LTTE ASSASSINATES MODERATE TAMIL LEADER (Sri Lanka News Update : 1 Aug 1999) Balasingham, Fox and the Swiss Government Multi-Religious Complex at Muthurajawela
Daily News : Wednesday 29, September 1999

Tigers exposed in Swiss newspaper
'LTTE condemning Lankan Tamil community to intellectual paralysis'

K. Srithavan, a Sri Lankan Tamil mathematician who fled Tiger-held Jaffna and lived among the Sinhalese for nearly 10 years
before emigrating to Europe, has exposed the terror tactics of the LTTE in an interview granted to the influential Swiss
publication Le Courrier.

The interview, which appeared on September 18, 1999, was titled `A Tamil Professor Denounces the Terror of the Tigers'.
"The recent murder of MP Neelan Tiruchelvam- to be added to the list of murders of other moderate elected Tamil officials
from our community, such as the previous mayors of Jaffna, shows that they do not value peace or nor do they value
democracy. What is the point of gaining independence if it is to live in a fascist State thereafter ?".

The following is a translation of Michael Roy's interview with Srithavan:

Because they were at the center of the reflection about the totalitarian drift of the armed movement for independence of the
"Liberation Tigers" in the 1980s, some Tamil intellectuals who were militating in favour of Human Rights have had to flee. Such
was the case for the mathematician K. Srithavan, who took shelter for ten years in the southern part of the country, and who
explains the Tigers' strategy of action. Hence, by means of terror and threats, the movement has restrained all inclination for
discord in the Tamil community. But the Tigers are not the only ones to be pointed out. Intellectuals are also denouncing the
exactions of the Sri Lankan armed forces and the officials silence surrounding them since 1995.

A Tamil professor is denouncing the terror of the Tigers


Living in hiding for the past ten years in the Southern part of Sri Lanka, a Tamil militant for Human Rights explains the
totalitarian drift of the armed movement for independence.

In Sri Lanka, one does not criticise the Tamil movement for independence with impunity. Even though one belongs to these
people and one is only trying to describe the excesses of the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam (LTTE).

How do you explain the fact that when there are demonstrations of the Tamil community in Europe, the participants come
massively and wave LTTE flags?

What the Tigers have done in Sri Lanka, they have easily reproduced among the diaspora. Using terror and threats, they are
condemning the Sri Lankan Tamil community to intellectual paralysis by preventing all forms of dissension. It is especially easy
among the refugees abroad since they are in fact considered as traitors for having fled. These 'traitors' can make amends by
complying with the demands of the LTTE, giving money, participating to the demonstrations, supporting the cause... and most
of all, by not criticising the Tigers. In Paris, an emancipated journalist was killed. In Canada, violence was used against another

The list of threats and retaliations is long. When a person shows some hesitation, the LTTE will then forward a message saying
that they know the whereabouts of his family in Jaffna... These intimidation techniques are slowly but surely making their way. It
is especially easy, since when one obeys the Tigers, one can live without problems abroad. Besides, most of the refugees have
a better life in Europe than they did in Sri Lanka. A lot of them do not want to be sent back to their country. In that regard, they are better off if the war keeps going on.

In 1995, the LTTE broke off the peace dialogue, claiming that the Government did not take them seriously. What do you think
about that?

That is a complete lie! Back then, President Chandrika Kumaratunga had won the election upon the basis of her commitment
for peace. In the South, the Sinhalese population was in her favour, as it was starting to grow really tired of the war and its
disastrous implications on the economy.

As for the LTTE, they kept on demanding military concessions during the peace talks - which were difficult to accept on the
part of the Army - without considering a global solution, acceptable as much for the Sinhalese community as for the Tamils.

The problem with the LTTE is that they do not accept anything other than separation and independence. In the course of the
past few years, the nationalist cause has been identified and considered to be sacred with its leader Prabhakaran. The elite of
the "Black Tigers" responsible for the suicide-attacks, take the oaths in person before the leader. There is a somewhat religious
aspects to the ritual. LTTE fighters are sometimes sent to the front on some targets that are purely symbolic, just so people will
talk about the LTTE abroad or in order to keep the troops still motivated after a period of inaction. They will not hesitate to
deliberately gather some civilians on some strategic locations, so that if the Army attacks them, they can then denounce
everywhere a blind blood bath.

In other words, so many people have been sacrificed in the name of Eelam - the precious land - that today, Prabharakan can
no longer accept anything other than independence. He presents himself as entrusted with a sacred mission. And those who do
not follow him, are considered as impure and deserve to be eliminated.

As for me, I blame the Tigers for not giving our community the right to choose freely its future. If the community thinks that
independence is worth fighting a war against the Sri Lankan State, then it becomes a democratic decision, and I can no longer
challenge its legitimacy. However, I can assure you that if we were to let the community decide between the federalist option
without war or the armed conflict for independence, 99% of the Tamils would vote in favour of the first solution.

Your are referring to the "peace package" proposed by the government at the beginning of its mandate. What happened to it?

The initial project was completely washed out. The problem comes from the fact that there are two major parties in Sri Lanka
which are alternatively assuming power. But, neither one of these parties wants that the other reaps the benefit of peace
agreement for the country under its presidency. In Parliament, each one has the necessary means to block the necessary
constitutional reform.

The project of the Government elected in 1994 was to go back to some sort of Federal State. As I mentioned it before, it was
then an auspicious time for peace. As for the LTTE - all wrapped up in its 'going all the way' logic - they broke off negotiations
and picked up their weapons rather than trying to get some additional concessions. As a result, the whole political climate in the
South has changed. From the moment the State was forced to go back into war, Sinhalese people were no longer ready to be
flexible with the Tamil expectations. In other respects, discords between the two major parties rose again, particularly
concerning the strategy to follow.

It is unfortunate, because I remain convinced that a determined and creative Government can fight the opportunist opposition of its rival, with the support from the population, if peace hands in the balance. One can win over the support of the Tamil
community through the actual implementation of measures of autonomy. That was only, and not the military way, can we beat
the LTTE.

I believe it is vain to want to try negotiating directly with the Tigers. The recent murder of Tamil Parliamentarian Neelan
Tiruchelvam - to be added to the list of murders of other moderate elected Tamil officials from our community, such as the
previous murders of the mayors of Jaffna - shows that they do not value peace nor do they value democracy. What is the point
of gaining independence if it is to live in a fascist State thereafter.
Another 2 Bombs in Negombo




Peacemaker turns bus broker
Lalith Kotelawala's multi-billion rupee offer direct to CBK

Private sector's main peace broker, Lalith Kotelawala, who wants to end the ethnic conflict by talking to LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, was last week busy negotiating another deal - a multi-billion rupee offer to supply buses to the government.

Click Sunday Times : 26 Sept for details



Whither the Tamil conscience? by Radhika Coomaraswamy (Island : 22 Sept 1999)

Note from SPUR: Radika Comarasawamy is the United Nations Special Rapportuer on violence against Women and is a well known Human Rights activist. She has completed an exhaustive report on Violence against Women which is being
discussed at the U.N Sub-Commission om Human Rights. Recently she was mandated by the U.N to probe Human Right violations in Afganistan and had submitted her findings recommending that Human Rights norms have to be restored.
Radika Commarasmay also did a study of U.S prisons accused of sexual misconduct against its women prisoners.
Radika is a Sri Lankan Tamil and is Director of the International Centre for Ethnic Studies in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists massacre 58 Sinhalese villagers : 17 Women and 7 children
The victims were dragged from their sleep and butchered

At least 58 Sinhalese villagers, including women and children, were butchered by armed LTTE ultras in eastern Ampara district, in the wee hours today.   The victims were dragged from their sleep and butchered. Those who tried to seek refuge in the nearby dense jungles were chased and killed. Terrorists struck at three villages of Kalpengala and Bedirekka of Ampara about 270 km from here at about 4 a.m. At least 47 people were killed in one village while seven others were killed in two other villages.

Click here for details


March for Peace by USLA New Zealand

International Conference on Measures against Terrorism (21 Dec 1999 at BMICH in Sri Lanka)

Open Letter to Dr. Liam Fox M.P., Shadow Secretary of State, United Kingdom

New Sub-Page - LTTE Violence in London

The reply to Prof. A. J. V. Chandrakanathan's (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) open letter sent to the UNDP


British Shame (SPUR : 15 Sept 1999)

Please visit the Sub-Web Page of Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam of TULF LTTE ASSASSINATES MODERATE TAMIL LEADER (Sri Lanka News Update : 1 Aug 1999) Balasingham, Fox and the Swiss Government Multi-Religious Complex at Muthurajawela
Tamil Sports Festival
Velauthan (27) charged on three counts

Biganathan Velauthan a 27 year old unemployed Tamil youth is being charged in the Ealing Magistrate's Court on 9th
September on three counts - one for possession of a section 1 firearm (presumably hand gun), causing bodily grievous hurt and possession of two stolen credit cards. This is sequel to the incident that took place on August 30th Bank holiday when the United Tamil's Organisation held the 4th Annual Tamil Cricket and Sports Festival in Southall, West London. A second suspect has been directed to report to the Southall Police station in 3 weeks time. Scotland Yard officials confirmed that the Police was called shortly after 4.30 p.m. when information was received that a man has been shot in the leg.

Click Daily News : 8 September 1999 for full details

No talks before polls: LTTE

The LTTE had told the late A C S Hameed that it would not hold talks with the Sri
Lankan government before the national elections next year, it is reliably learnt.

Click Hindustan Times : 8 Sept 1999 for full details

Media Release
4 September 1999
Tamil Tigers kill another Tamil leader and issue death warrant to 5 Tamil leaders

LTTE violence for the first time spread to London

Police seize 42 kg of LTTE explosives from Badulla

Police seized 42 kilograms of high explosives from a suspected hideout of Tamil tiger rebels in a tea-growing area, thus averting an attack on th capital.

for details, Click Indian Express : 27 Aug 1999


Sri Lanka's Ambassador to US says UK ignores Tamil rebels

Tamil Tiger rebels, considered a 'terrorist' group by Sri Lanka and the US State Department, have openly operated a base in London to fund the group's activities, said Sri Lanka's Ambassador to the United States, Warnasena Rasaputram.



The Island : 27 August 1999
Amnesty International reveals LTTE addresses in the West
by Sumadhu Weerawarne

Despite denials of most European countries that the LTTE or its fronts operate from their countries, an appeal made by the international human rights organisation, Amnesty International for individuals in these countries to make their appeals to the LTTE to stop killing MPs of the North and East, including local government politicians has listed addresses to which appeals can be sent.

Informed sources said that this was a clear indication that the LTTE or their fronts are operating from these countries despite denials by the governments concerned. Most of these governments have publicly condemned the LTTE for many terrorist acts, the most recent condemnation being issued on the assassination of Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvam. Of the nine addresses given, four are post office box numbers but this still reveals the existence of LTTE operatives in these countries.

In the case of Canada, the government considers the LTTE to be a terrorist organisation. But the name of the World Tamil Movement with a street number in Ontario has been given. Most such organisations take up the position that they are not LTTE fronts but the fact that they can deliver letters to the LTTE is proof of the nexus with the terrorist movement, a senior diplomat said.

The addresses given by Amnesty International for the appeals to be sent are as follows:

Mr. V. Manoharan
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
International House
Eelam House 202 Long Lane
London SE1 4QB, United Kingdom
Telegrams: LTTE, 202 Long Lane, London, SE1
Faxes: +44 171 403 1653
Salutation: Mr. V. Manoharan
Salutation for addresses listed below:
Tamil Co-ordinating Committee
341, rue des Pyrenees
75020 Paris, France
Telegrams: Tamil Committee, 341 rue des Pyrenees, 75020 Paris, France
Faxes: +33 1 435 81191 (may get a wait signal, ?attendez s?il vous plait?)

World Tamil Movement
64, Eaton Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4J 2Z5, Canada

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
P.O. Box 47
7600 Struer, Denmark

World Tamil Coordinating Council
Gold Gasse — 8
7000 Chur, Switzerland

Tamil Coordinating Committee
P.O. Box 1699 Viika
O110 Osto 1, Norway

Tamil Coordinating Committee
P.O. Box 694, Mulgrave North
Victoria 3170, Australia

Tamil Confederation — Germany
P.O. BOX 340251
5270 Gummersbach 34, Germany

Tamil Coordinating Committee
Groot Hertoginnelaan 106
2517 EL Den Haag, The Netherlands and other Tamil Organizations in your country.

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY.Check with the International secretariat, or your
section office, if sending appeals after 6 October 1999.


Five Tamil leaders immediate targets of LTTE, warns Amnesty

Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger guerillas have targeted Tamil politicians for assassinations, the London-based human rights group Amnesty International warned Wednesday.

Click Times of India : 26 August 199 for full details


LTTE cannot kill peace, says - Inderfurth

US assistant secretary of state in charge of South Asia Karl Indurfurth has said LTTE's attempts to kill the peace process in Sri Lanka by assassinating moderate Tamil leaders would not be successful and forces of peace would eventually prevail in the island nation.

Click Times of India : 21 Aug 1999 for details


Anton Balasingham, Dr Liam Fox and the Swiss Government



UK urged to arrest LTTE leader Chinthana Parsadaya calls for legal action against Balasingham  
Balasingham’s Swiss visa refusal widely welcomed (Island : 12 Aug 1999) Balasingham, Fox and the Swiss Government (15 August 199)


Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi by LTTE


LTTE Tamil Tiger plot to assassinate Sonia Gandhi

LTTE car bomb threat to Sonia Gandhi Sonia faces death threat from LTTE (Island : 26 May 1999) Click here to see how LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi LTTE plotting to assassinate Sonia Gandhi? (Island : 28 May 1999)


Island : 12 Aug 1999

Balasingham’s Swiss visa refusal widely welcomed

The refusal of the Swiss Embassy in London to grant a visa to the LTTE’s theoretician Anton Balasingham, to visit Switzerland this week to attend a series of LTTE organised events was widely welcomed in Sri Lanka.

A spokesman of the Swiss embassy in Colombo said that the London Embassy would not have turned down the visa application without consulting the police in Switzerland.

Sri Lanka’s National Movement Against Terrorism [NMAT] last Saturday [7] wrote to Switzerland’s Ambassador in Colombo protesting against the LTTE organised demonstration at the United Nations against the Sri Lankan government. A senior NMAT spokesman yesterday said that although the LTTE was able to hold their protest as scheduled, Switzerland’s refusal to permit Anton Balasingham to take part in the Geneva protest was welcome. Foreign Ministry sources and NMAT’s
Champaka Ranawaka said that it was a move in the right direction.

Click here for full details


LTTE delays land route opening

The opening of a land route to and from the LTTE controlled region would be delayed by at least 24 hours. ICRC’s Information Officer Harha Gunewardene last night said that the exit and the entry point to the uncleared region would be available hopefully by Monday. Vavuniya Government Agent K. Ganesh is making arrangements to send 500 people and 10 lorry loads of supplies to the uncleared region, Gunawardene said.

Click Sunday Island : 8 Aug 1999 for details


Lankan government ready to talk to LTTE despite 'atrocities'

COLOMBO: The Sri Lankan government has said that despite the long list of 'atrocities' committed by the LTTE, it was still open to talks with the rebel outfit to find a peaceful settlement to the country's ethnic war, if the latter renounced its 'violent campaign' for a separate Tamil Eelam and agreed to work for a political solution, reports PTI.

Sri Lanka's permanent representative to the UN HMGS Palikahara, conveyed the government's stand to the UN Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities (PDPM) in Geneva on Wednesday, a foreign ministry release issued here said.

Click Indian Express on 7 August 1999


FA 87
3 August 1999
Dr Neelan Tiruchelvam

Click here for the Media Release

Australia should ban LTTE - SPUR

LTTE Tamil Tiger Suicide bomber kills another Tamil Leader, Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam of TULF

Click here for the sub-page of Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam


Island : 27 July 1999
Jayalath, Wickramabahu and other "Singhalese" Judas
by Asoka Subhawickrama,
Public Officer - Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR)

We were not amused by the pilgrimage of Dr. Jayalath Jayawardana and Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratna to the Tiger "Conference" in Ottawa. As for Wickramabahu we do not intend to waste our energy; he is just a wondering jew in the political desert and no sane person takes him seriously. However, Jayalath is a MP from one of the two largest national parties in Sri Lanka and requires attention.

Click here for full details


25 July 1999
Her Excellency Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga
The President
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Your Excellency,

Multi-Religious Complex at Muthurajawela

Click here for the letter


Statement by John Murphy (Labor MP for Lowe) in Australia
A letter to Hon. Kim Beazley, MP
Leader of the Opposition, regarding the statement made by Hon John Murphy MP
Update on Human Rights from Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra Open reply to Hon John Murphy MP by SPUR


LTTE Tamil Tiger rebels sink civilian carrier


The Supreme Court yesterday (16 July 1999) granted leave to proceed in a fundamental rights petition filed by members of the National Movement Against Terrorism (NMAT) and some residents of Nuwara Eliya against the transfer of SSP Pujitha Jayasundera following a confrontation between the NMAT and the CWC supporters during an anti terrorism campaign by the former in Nuwara Eliya on 29th April.

Click Daily News on 17 July 1999 for full details



(Following is a report of Rt Rev Kenneth Fernando’s sermon and the informal discussion thereafter at St Anne’s Church,
Homebush Road, Strathfield, NSW 2135, Australia on 23 June 1999. Rt Rev Kenneth Fernando, Bishop of Colombo, is the
highest ranking pontiff of the Anglican denomination in Sri Lanka. The total number of Anglicans is only half a percent of the
population of Sri Lanka. About 80% of Sri Lankan Anglicans are Tamil by ethnicity. However, with funds from UK where the
headquarters are located (and where Henry VIII founded the denomination in the 16 th Century) the church wields some
power in the social and political scene in Sri Lanka.)

Click here for the Report

Can Mr. John Murphy, MP or Bishop Fernando please answer this?


Thanking the parents for their valiant children

The Sri Lankan youth are as dedicated to our Land as any - anywhere else. Sacrifices are
made so that we can live in peace -- of mind and body. Who do we have to thank for that?

Minister of Irrigation and Power and Deputy Minister of Defence Gen. Anuruddha Ratwatte never forgets to thank the parents of our youth who are in the Armed Forces, because it is they who educate their children with just social and religious values. They make the sacrifice of seeing their young sons pack their bags and march off to war. Some young men pay the supreme sacrifice and leave their parents proud yet empty in their hearts for the loss of a child can be the greatest of sufferings.

Click Daily News : 6 July 1999 for full details

DN_990706_A.jpg (19563 bytes)


"I want to live, not die for something called liberation that’s no where near"
Island : 8 July 1999 (by Kesara Abeywardena)

My company leader brutally assaulted me and later shot me as I refused to swallow a cyanide capsule when the Ranagosa troops rounded us up said sixteen year old J. Weerasingham Sujata of the LTTE Women’s Battalion who was undergoing treatment at the Colombo Army Hospital yesterday.

"I want to live, not die for something called liberation that’s no where near" she said with tear washed eyes. Sujata and a host of other children were forcefully recruited by the LTTE in December 1998 while at school. She was studying in year 10 at the Jaffna Muthiyangi Government Tamil school.

"We were taken to the Natchikudi camp where we received one and a half months rigorous training in rifle and RPG guns. We were not treated well and food was not sufficient. Our leaders kept saying that we should sacrifice ourselves for the cause which is an illusion I think."

Sujata is from the Karavadi village in Jaffna. Her father is a farmer and she has an elder sister, a younger brother and a younger sister in her family.

Although she had been with the LTTE for around six months this was the first time she had participated in active combat.

"I can remember there were around 100 of us women cadres when the army ambushed us in the night. Our leader decided that all of us should commit suicide and blasted ourselves with grenades. I was unconscious and suffering from severe wounds till late evening the next day when the army found me and another girl," she said.

She also said that there were many children and teenagers forcefully recruited by the LTTE in its armed troops. " We were suffering a lot. We were not allowed to see our families and those who wanted to leave the LTTE were not allowed and some who fled were killed," she added.

J. Weerasingham Sujata is only another victim suffering from this fierce war dragging on for more that seventeen years. Thousands of children have suffered the same fate during the past years.

In the adjoining bed to Sujata was 27 year old Pathmanathan Selvanayagam of Puthur Jaffna who was crying out in pain due to the wounds he had suffered.

" I was travelling on a motor bike when a member of the LTTE stopped me and got into the backseat. Near an army check point the soldiers identifying the LTTE member fired at us and I got wounded," he said.

A father of two children he said that it was because of the LTTE member that he got wounded. "The LTTE is continuously using innocent civilians as shields for their activities" he added.


The Madhu Church Feast
By Nalin de Silva

In this article I wish to discuss the article"Hidden Dangers of the Madhu feast" by Mr. Jeyaraj and an interview given by Bishop Rayappu Joseph to the Sunday Times of 27th June. Mr. Jeyaraj in his article points out the risks that the Sinhala Catholics would have to take if they were to go to Madu this year after a lapse of more than ten years. The government may have been interested in seeing that many Sinhala pilgrims went to Madu this year due to political reasons. However it cannot be denied that due to the military operations under the present government the Sinhala Catholics are now in a position to go to Madu after a long period. There is nothing wrong if the government claims credit for that achievement, which after all is a fact. Why should we prevent the government from taking credit for what they have done? Has the government politicised Madu by making way for the Sinhala Catholics to attend the feast? It was the LTTE, which politicised Madu by having their camps in the vicinity of the church.

For full details, Click Island : 7 July 1999

600 civilians flee from LTTE controlled area to Government controlled area

The reply to Prof. A. J. V. Chandrakanathan's (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) open letter sent to the UNDP According to reports in the Australian press, controversial umpire Darrell Hair received a death threat from LTTE

Stop funding LTTE, urges Tamil paper

Amnesty opposes child Tigers

Unilateral Declaration of Independence ploy of LTTE Eeelamists fails (25 April 1999)

Procession and Rally held on 20 May 1999 organised by NMAT

Terrorism Vs National Movement Against Terrorism Sinhala Veera Vidhanaya Vs The politician

Regarding the Statement made by John Murphy (ALP Member for Lowe in Federal Australian Parliament)........



Hela Rana Gee

On: 01 August 1999
AT: Elphinston Theater; Maradana.
FROM: 1830 to 2135

Two songs each will be sung by the following singers
W.D. Ameradeva
Victor Ratnayake
Sanath Nandasiri
Malani Bulathsinhala
Lakshman Wijesekera
Madumadawa Aravinda
Ivor Denis
Kapila and Probodha

There will be a dance troupe), a 10mint.
speech each by S.L. Gunsekera(English) and Champika Ranawaka(Sinhala); and
a 10 mint.flim(produced for NMAT) shown in between the songs.

The tickets are priced at Rs.500.00, Rs.200.00 and Rs.100.00.
There are only 900 tickets for sale.

We will have songs where the audience will be requested to take part.

If any one of your members/friends are in Colombo on holiday, during this
time please inform them about this. If they contact us on 075-350032 when
over here we could always make arrangements regarding the sale of


Rajiv Gandhi Murder Case

The final judgment (Frontline : Volume 16 - Issue 11, May. 22 - June 04, 1999) A mystery solved (Frontline : Volume 16 - Issue 11, May. 22 - June 04, 1999 A commendable role (Frontline : Volume 16 - Issue 11, May. 22 - June 04, 1999) Out of the TADA net (Frontline : Volume 16 - Issue 11, May. 22 - June 04, 1999)


NMAT fumes at Perumal
Sunday Times : 27 June 1999

The National Movement Against Terrorism has reacted strongly to proposals made by former EPRLF Chief Minister Varatharaja Perumal for more devolution of power to the provinces.

NMAT spokesman Champika Ranawaka said President Kumaratunga instead of meeting Mr. Perumal should have arrested him.

He said Mr. Perumal's proposal to change the national flag would destroy the historical nature behind it.

He said the flag had been designed in 1947 not just by the Sinhala majority but by Tamils, Muslims and others also.

Mr. Ranawaka said Mr. Perumal had violated the constitution and the law by hoisting the Eelam flag in 1990 and he should have been arrested instead of being given an audience with the president


LTTE, in financial crisis
Daily News : 24 June 1999

COLOMBO, Wednesday (Lankapuvath) - The LTTE which is facing a severe financial crisis has now resorted to sell the organs of its wounded members in an attempt to collect funds while leader Velupillai Prabhakaran himself was reportedly
living on tansplanted kidneys, security sources in the North told Lankapuvath. 

The sources said the kidneys and eyes of many terrorist cadres, critically wounded in fightings with Government troops have been removed and sold to foreign countries at millions of rupees.


Sinhalese are not racists -NMAT
Sunday Times : 20 June 1999

The National Movement Against Terrorism is warning the government of serious consequences if effective steps are not taken to defeat the objectives of what it sees as Tamil racists and expansionist.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, NMAT leader Champaka Ranawaka said the tolerance of the Sinhala people in the face of more than 100 provocative attacks since 1983, had proved to the world they were not racists. Instead it was the racists in the north, who had carried out the worst forms of ethnic cleansing.

He said the NMAT was not forming a political party of a Sinhala army but its objective was to defeat terrorism.

Click Sunday Times : 20 June 1999 for details


Report confirms LTTE plot to kill Sonia Gandhi
The Times of India : 14 June 1999

COLOMBO: A leading US intelligence magazine has confirmed reports about a LTTE plot to assassinate the Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Sri Lanka's state-run newspaper reported on Sunday.

Click here The Times of India : 14 June 1999


Amnesty International - News Release - IOR 42/06/99
10 June 1999
USA leads in blocking efforts to stop use of child soldiers


Balasingham shifts to U.K.
Hindu : 9 June 1999
By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

ONTARIO (Canada), JUNE 8. Anton Stanislaus Balasingham, theoretician and political adviser to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), has shifted his base to London from the northern Sri Lankan mainland of Wanni, according to Tiger circles.

Click HINDU on 9 June 1998 for full details



Honourable Vijaya Gunawardana, 1998 SPUR President was laid to rest on Thursday the 3 June 1999 in Glenroy, Victoria with the attendance of the largest number of Sri Lankan mourners ever seen in Australia.

Click here for details


Media Release by SPUR
2 June 1999

Amnesty International has accused the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) of reneging on the pledge they made to the United Nation’s special representative on children, Olara Ottunu, last year in May that they would not recruit children under the age of seventeen as fighters.

Click here for the Media Release


National Movement Against Terrorism
380, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.
Tel. 075-350032 / 075-348331 E-mail

The National Movement Against Terrorism and the Sinhala Veera Vidahana will hold a public meeting on the 2nd of June 1999. All patriotic citizens of this country are invited to attend. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the grave situation which has arisen in the country.

Click here for full details


Amnesty opposes child Tigers

COLOMBO: Amnesty International has launched a campaign against the recruitment of child soldiers by Sri Lanka's Tamil
Tiger rebels and called for a global halt to underage warriors.

Amnesty, in a report sent here on Sunday, said the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) continued to ``forcibly
recruit'' children as young as 14 despite a promise not to do so.

Click TIMES OF INDIA 31 May 1999 for full report


Thai P.M., Lanka F.M. join hands to combat Tiger activities

Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai of Thailand assured Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar in Bangkok on Friday, May 28 that Thailand would fully cooperate to stop weapons and other logistical supplies from Thailand reaching the LTTE and will not permit any group to use its territory for subversive activity against Sri Lanka.

Minister Kadirgamar is on a tour of South East Asia seeking assistance from friendly governments to interdict arms supplies destined for Sri Lanka.

A press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday said:

Click here Sunday Observer : 30 May 1999


Defining terrorism in Sri Lanka
Sunday Observer : 30 May 1999

Terrorists as a species rarely come out into the open. Their movements and operations are secret. They have the constant advantage of being an enemy in disguise. Only a blurred frontier divides terrorism from complete diabolical lunacy. Insurgency is a hydra headedmonster.

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Suicide LTTE bomber kills top EPRLF leader



News from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lanka


News from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The University Teachers for Human Rights (UTHR Jaffna) has accused the LTTE of turning little Tamil children into cheap cannon fodder, in a move that was only bringing progressive ruin on the Tamil people. Media reports quoting the latest bulletin of UTHR (J), have said that the LTTE is in the process of destroying itself and is experiencing its worst ever manpower shortage. Quoting the bulletin, reports further said that like every fascist movement, the LTTE will run the course of destroying itself, and that it is also characteristic of them that in their final inferno they try to take large numbers of their own people down with them. The bulletin has been quoted as saying that the LTTE always administered the supplies of essential goods sent by the Government keeping its military needs in view and profited from black marketeering and artificially creating shortages. Meanwhile, media reports have said that according to latest reports from Jaffna, the LTTE in a desperate effort at creating a fear psychosis have sent out warnings to Government offices and the Petroleum Corporation to remain closed on
Tuesdays and Fridays.


Sri Lanka: The Victim Of Vicious Propaganda & Tiger Terror
A letter from :
United Sri Lanka Association, Inc, P.O.Box: 4179, Wellington, New Zealand

to the The Editor
Massey University Student Association, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

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LTTE shuts door on religious peace delegation
Hindustan Times : 29 May 1999

A 200-member delegation of the high-profile Buddhist-Christian clergy from south Sri Lanka, which went to Wanni to meet LTTE leaders Tamilchelvam and Karikalan, has come back disappointed because Tiger leaders refused to meet them, sources say.

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Canberra Times : Wednesday, 26 May, 1999
Tamils not exiled: they chose to go

WE WELCOME the statement of the Australian Cricket Board chief executive Malcolm Speed (CT, May 18, p.21) that there is no reason why the Australian tour of Sri Lanka should not go ahead, the Warne-Ranatunga exchange notwithstanding. Associations (AFTA) secretary Ana Pararajasingham's distortion of facts that "tens of thousands of Tamils were driven out of Sri Lanka by the fanaticism and chauvinism of Ranatunga and his ilk''. Tamils have never been wilfully driven out of Sri Lanka. On the other hand, some Tamils made use of a difficult situation in Sri Lanka to migrate to greener pastures searching better economic prospects.

Sri Lanka High Commission


Sonia faces death threat from LTTE
The Island : 26 May 1999

A leading Indian newspaper said yesterday that the Indian Police have warned the Congress President Sonia Gandhi of threats to her life from the LTTE.

The Indian Express, quoting police sources said, the Intelligence Bureau had intercepted wireless messages between a Chennai-based LTTE operative and one based in Jaffna, which revealed that the terrorist groups was targeting Sonia Gandhi because it feared a crackdown on its bases if she became Prime Minister.

The newspaper said.

"It was the Special Protection Group (SPG) which recently warned Sonia Gandhi of at least two specific threats to her life from the LTTE. According to SPG sources, it was the Intelligence Bureau (IB) which had unearthed a plot to assassinate her during her election tours.

SPG Director M. R. Reddy met Sonia in mid-May, when she was still Congress president, and requested her to be extremely cautious while making public appearances. A major security review was then undertaken by the elite group.

According to the sources, last fortnight the IB intercepted two wireless messages between a Chennai-based LTTE operative and one based in the Jaffna mainland which revealed that the LTTE was serious about targeting Sonia because it feared a crackdown on its bases if she became prime minister.

The sources say the messages specifically stated that for the LTTE, Sonia becoming prime minister would be a "disastrous" development.

Intelligence sources say that while the LTTE factor has always been taken into cognisance while making the threat assessment for Sonia specific and serious. They say that LTTE had planned sophisticated bomb blasts, probably in Tamil Nadu, where her husband was killed by a LTTE suicide bomber in 1991.

The renewed threat from the LTTE has led to the Tamil Nadu police being asked to commence raids on LTTE hideouts in Tamil Nadu. Some suspects are said to have been arrested.


Media Release from National Movement Against Terrorism


LTTE car bomb threat' to Sonia
The Hindu : 25 May 1999

NEW DELHI, MAY. 24. The Government is fine-tuning the security arrangements with an aim to plug the possible loopholes in the security cover provided to the Congress(I) president, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, following a heightened threat to her life.

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Volume 16 - Issue 11, May. 22 - June 04, 1999
India's National Magazine on from the publishers of THE HINDU
The final judgment

The Supreme Court, holding the LTTE alone responsible for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, awards death sentence to three of the 26 accused and life imprisonment to four persons and acquits the rest.

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PLOTE-TELO clash over tax collections
Hindu : 24 May 1999

COLOMBO, MAY 23. Shattering all semblances of normality, armed cadres of the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) and the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) entered a phase of internecine killings recently, culminating in the bombing of a PLOTE office in Vavuniya and a token disarming of the cadres of both groups by the Sri Lankan Army last week.

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Meeting with Laos PM
Kadirgamar voices concern over LTTE activity

Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirga-mar last week expres-sed concern over possible LTTE activity in the region when he called on the Laos Prime Minister Sis-avath Keobounphanh, Foreign Mi-nistry said in a statement issued yesterday.

Kadirgamar last Thursday began a ten day tour of Indo-China which will take him to Laos. Viet-nam, Cambodia
and Thailand.

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Prof. Chandrakanthan of Concordia University made an unfair and unjustified attacak on the UNDP -- an internationally recognised UN agency -- simply because it did not go along with his Tamil separatist politics. This reply is in defence of the UNDP and to meet the allegations made by agents of Tamil Tigers who are branded as terrorists by members of the international community

The reply to Prof. A. J. V. Chandrakanathan's (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) open letter sent to the UNDP

Dear Prof. Chandrakanthan,

Your open letter to Ms. Lisa Hiller of the UNDP does not reflect the temper of a theologian or an impartial academic because the contents confirm that it is an outright tirade against UNDP report for not taking sides - meaning your Tamil separatist side. We do not believe that the UNDP report is biased one way or other. It is the duty of international organisations like the UNDP to be objective in their analyses and if, in the course of performing their duties, their findings are not to your liking it is unfair to blame the organisation or the writer of bias. But if, as you say, the report goes against the separatist politics of your elusive "Tamil nation" then it is your duty to examine why it is so and not blame Ms. Hiller or the UNDP for it.

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A Postscript

Minster Saumyamurti Thondaman, immediately after the fracas in Nuwara Eliya, sought intervention of President Kumaranatunge to consolidate his anarchic stance.

In his letter to the President, he attributes the rally to Sinhala Weeravidhanaya – A society of Sinhala patriots, and not to National Movement against Terrorism, the movement actually involved in organizing the rally.  Points in his letter taken from SUNDAY TIMES, 9th May 1999, pg.10:

? His party would reconsider its’ decision to support the Governing People’s Alliance Party in the forthcoming elections if this
situation is not resolved. (In the Central Province, Minister Thondaman’s CWC holds balance of power with six members – Estate Tamil Block Vote.)

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Stop funding LTTE, urges Tamil paper
Times of India : 17 May 1999

COLOMBO: A newspaper published by Sri Lanka's Tamil community on Sunday urged a halt to foreign funding for Tamil
Tiger rebels, saying an Indian court ruling on the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case was an indictment on the guerrillas.

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Cricket Umpire Receives a Death
Threat from LTTE Tamil Tiger

The Daily Telegraph, Wednesday 12 May 1999 - Page 72 (Back Cover- Sports Page


How the Red Cross double crossed Govt and gave arms to LTTE
Daily News : 12 May 1999

Arrest of Eeswaranathan:

Reliable sources told the Daily News that:

On 10.04.1999, the SL Army of Brigade Headquarters, Vavuniya had arrested Nagamani Eeswaranathan of 1st Lane, Pattanichchi, Puliyankulam, Mannar road, Vavuniya who had been a driver of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Branch at Vavuniya. He had joined the SLRC, Vavuniya in 1996, and in 1998, he was tasked to work under Sivanadan Krishor of the
SLRC in Vavuniya. His duty was to transport mail from Vavuniya to the uncleared areas, and Mr. Krishor had introduced the LTTE representative POOANNAN, based at Thunukkai, to coordinate LTTE and NGO matters in the Wanni. He used to transport the mail, along with the Postal Department representative, three days a week in a Double Cab vehicle, passing several Check Points manned by the SL Army. He also had to obtain a vehicle pass from the LTTE Check Point at Thunukkai, during his journeys.

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Death sentence confirmed for four
Hindu : 11 May 1999

NEW DELHI, MAY 11. The Supreme Court today confirmed the death sentence on four of the 26 accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, reduced to life imprisonment the sentence on three others and acquitted the remaining 19.

The four sentenced to death are Nalini, Santhan, Murugan and Perarivalan. Robert Pyas (Accused-9), Jayakumar (A- 10) and Ravichandran (A-16) were sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Lanka government paper compliments Karunanidhi for crackdown on LTTE
Indian Express : 11 May 1999

COLOMBO: A Sri Lankan state-owned newspaper today complemented the Tamil Nadu chief minister and DMK president M. Karunanidhi for carrying on with the crackdown against the LTTE and asked the island government to "foster and consolidate" political ties with Tamil Nadu. In a lengthy editorial, the "Daily News" said Karunanidhi's recent statement that the Indian security forces had considerably reduced the activities of the LTTE and its supporters in Tamil Nadu reflected how the Indian national interest reigned supreme in the minds of India's political decision makers, reports PTI.

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Maths teacher taken into custody at Nugegoda
Daily News : 11 May 1999

The Intelligence Gathering Unit (IGU) of the Mt Lavinia Police unravelled in investigations that a maths teacher taken into custody at an army check-point at Nugegoda on suspicion on February 26, was one of the key suspects wanted in
connection with last year's Dalada Maligawa bomb explosion, reliable police sources said.

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Madhu and Jehan Perera
The Island : 11 May 1999

In the past, the Sri Lankan forces had conducted exceedingly difficult operations with minimum civilian casualties and collateral damage. When the government troops swamped the pilgrim town of Madhu there had been no artillery fire, air strikes and no civilian casualties.

Comparing this with the Balkan war when NATO air strikes bombed the rail-road bridge over the Morava river, a missile struck a passenger train cutting it into half, killing 28 and injuring 16. A similar incident occurred when air strikes hit a bus killing a number of civilians. The third was when a trailer load of Serbians were bombed on the assumption that they were returning after setting fire to a Kosovo village.

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Police question Sri Lankan on Melbourne Hindu temple fire
Daily News : 11 May 1999

San Francisco, May 9 - Melbourne police have questioned a Sri Lankan man to determine if he was involved in the firebomb that was thrown into a Vinayaka temple in Knox on March 18.

Senior Detective Marcus Boorman, contacted from here on the telephone, said that police are preparing a so-called "brief of evidence" against the Sri Lankan to present to a magistrate, who will determine if there is enough evidence to file charges against him.

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Save Our Sri Lanka
An Organization Dedicated to Preserve the Unity, Integrity and Peace in Sri Lanka
P. O. Box 571630
Houston, TX 77057
April 27, 1999


Jack Waterford
Canberra Times



Dear Jack,

On behalf of the U.S. citizens of Sri Lankan descent who are resident in Houston, Texas; and who are extremely concerned about the restoration of peace in our beloved motherland, I wish to make some specific comments on the recent attempt by Kathir Ravichandran to ‘pull wool over the Australian eyes’ by capitalising on the Kosovo situation, and I also wish to make general observations on the LTTE propaganda machinery on the International scenario.

Ravichandran and many other LTTE propagandists living in Australia are attempting to draw a parallel to the unfortunate plight of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo to that of Tamils living in Sri Lanka. Rather than being gullible to the blatant lies of these propagandists, if anyone looks a little deeper into the situation of the two countries, it is apparent to any sensible person who goes by factual evidence, that the so-called liberator of the Tamil people - Velupillai Prabhakaran, could be compared with Milosevic, as he is the one responsible for ‘ethnic cleansing’ by large scale murder of non-Tamil civilians in his attempt to carve out a hypothetical ‘Tamil Homeland’ within Sri Lanka. In fact he is even worse than Milosovic, as he has murdered thousands of Tamils from the simple farmer to the Tamil intelligentsia and Tamil politicians, who were in disagreement with his agenda. Under Prabhakaran’s directive, the LTTE assassins have gunned down or mercilessly assaulted many Tamils living in other countries, who have been bold enough to publicly denounce his murderous methods.

Prabhakaran forcibly drove out the entire Tamil population of Jaffna (northern peninsula of the island) of more than half million people, and used them as a ‘human shield’ from the advancing government troops. Later, this entire population returned to Jaffna and requested the troops to remain there, in order to protect them from the wrath of this murderer, who has been compared to Hitler and Pol Pot. It has been clearly stated by U. N. agencies that more Tamils have been killed by Prabhakaran than by anyone else.

Factual evidence clearly indicates that it is Prabhakaran and his followers who carry out systematic ethnic cleansing in Sri Lanka, and he is also the real perpetrator of the Tamil people. The attempt to make use of the Kosovo situation by LTTE supporters for their propaganda, is nothing but an insult to the intelligence of the Australian public.

 The LTTE set up a very successful international propaganda system at a very early stage, when they first commenced their brutal objective, which became so efficient to cover up their foul deeds and portray them as being committed by the government troops or the Sinhala community. They became very clever at portraying themselves as the victimised under-dog. This ploy became extremely successful in the western nations, India, United States, Canada and Australia, so much so that LTTE created a major infrastructure to support their war effort back in Sri Lanka, even with covert assistance of the governments of some of these countries.

However, to their grief many of these countries realised that unknowingly they have been tricked to allow a virulent form of cancer to grow within their shores. India paid a supreme price when their former Prime Minister was eliminated by the LTTE. Canada and many western countries were plagued by the lawlessness of LTTE cadres, running amok with their narco-terrorist activities. United States took a firm lead to curb the spread of this cancer, by declaring LTTE to be a Terrorist Organisation and banning it. Many other countries followed suit to prevent LTTE from carrying out their foul deeds within their shores, on realising that these are "Wolves in sheep’s clothing".

Without mincing words, we must state that it is beyond our comprehension how the LTTE murderers find a safe haven in Australia, and how the LTTE propagandists continue to test the patience and intelligence of the Australian government and its people, with their false campaigns.



Eddie Edussuriya
Secretary, S. O. S., Houston, Texas.

Please visit Save Our Sri Lanka from Terrorism (USA) Web Site


New London-based LTTE publication detected
Daily News : 11 May 1999

The Intelligence Gathering Unit (IGU) of the Mt Lavinia Police detected a new London-based LTTE publication believed to be circulated among former militant organisations in a bid to induce them to take up arms again, police said.

The publication which is called 'Thamil Eelam,' and giving a London address as its place of publication comprises eight pages and gives a Marxist bent, the sources said.

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Prabhakaran well, says LTTE
HIndu : 10 May 1999

COLOMBO, MAY 9. A senior LTTE field commander has denied reports about its chief, V. Prabhakaran, suffering from a serious kidney ailment, saying the LTTE leader had just recovered from a bout of fever.

The weekend Sunday Times today quoted Karuna, one of Prabhakaran's military aides, telling his fellow field commanders over the wireless radio network that the LTTE leader had suffered from fever and since recovered and taken charge of his duties.

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According to reports in the Australian press, controversial umpire Darrell Hair received a death threat from LTTE

Albright wants US to adopt tough line against LTTE
Click here for the Statement of the Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright Testimony before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, State, the Judiciary and Related Agencies  February 4, 1999, Washington, D.C
Tamils’ silence over Jaffna mass grave raises questions

Publications of the Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry

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