Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
In order to counter the mis-information campaign launched by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists, SPUR is creating this new page, exclusively dedicated for "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)".  SPUR cordially invite its readers to contribute to this page (1) by sending FAQs and, (2) by providing facts to various FAQs given in this page . All correspondences on FAQs should be directed to the Webmaster. Please quote the FAQ No (ie: FAQ-???) when sending your contributions to save our Mother Lanka from Tamil Tiger Terrorists.
FAQ - 001 Tamils say that they are discriminated in University education in Sri Lanka.  Is this true ?
FAQ - 002 Tamils say that they have difficulties in living, in other parts of Sri Lanka apart from Northern and Eastern districts.  Is this true ?
FAQ - 003 The war currently being waged by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists against the Sri Lankan government is a terrorists issue, but not an ethnic issue. Do you agree with this statement ?
FAQ - 004 Devolution of power on ethnic basis rather than geographical basis, as proposed by the Sri Lanka government, would mess up the whole issue. In fact, it is the beginning of the war among different ethnic groups.  Do you agree with this statement ?
FAQ - 005 Why do you think that India is opposing the use of its soil as a base for LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists to commence so-called peace talks ? 
FAQ - 006 Tamils claim that they are discriminated by checking at the security barriers with special attention to terrorist information. Do you think that their claim is fair when all the terrorists attacks (including suicide attacks) carried out in Sri Lanka since 1975 have been masterminded and launched by Tamil Tigers, causing loss of many thousands of innocent lives and massive damage to the economy? Should they be checked at all international airports?
FAQ - 007 Do you think that the LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is after a long-lasting "Peace" or "Piece" ?
FAQ - 008 Why is the SriLankan Government rushing into investigate the circumstances of Mr Kumar Ponnambalan's murder but not the more respectable Tamil Leaders such as Mr Neelan Thiruchelvam, even leaving aside the many Sinhalese and Muslim leaders as well as the Buddhist Monks murdered by these terrorists. Could this be to placate the Tamil Terrorists at any cost?
FAQ - 009 Who are "Sinhalas" and "Tamils"
FAQ - 010 Do Tamils have a right to a ‘homeland’ in Sri Lanka?
FAQ - 011 Do the Tamils have a ‘right of self determination’ in Sri Lanka?
FAQ - 012 Are the LTTE ‘terrorists’ or ‘freedom-fighters’?
FAQ - 013 Is the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MOU) signed by the prime minister Mr Ranil Wickreme-singhe with the LTTE Tamil terrorists, valid?
FAQ - 014 Will the MOU, signed by the government with the Tamil terrorists to hand over nearly one-third of the Island to create a SECOND Tamil country, bring peace to Sri Lanka?
FAQ - 015 Are Tamils discriminated against in Sri Lanka?
FAQ - 016 Is there an ‘ethnic problem’ in Sri Lanka?
FAQ - 017 Is LTTE the sole representatives of Tamils?
FAQ - 018 Is LTTE the Liberators or Butchers of Tamils (Part 1) ?
FAQ - 019 Is LTTE the Liberators or Butchers of Tamils (Part 2) ?
FAQ - 020 Is LTTE the Liberators or Butchers of Tamils (Part 3) ?
FAQ - 021 Are Human rights applicable only to Tamils and Muslims?
FAQ - 022 Why do the Tamil elite insist on a federal state?
FAQ - 023  

A considerable amount of information about our country can be found in our web-sites. So please visit them. If you need more information, or have any suggestions (or would like to help or contribute) please do not hesitate to write to us.

What is really happening in Sri Lanka today is that a ‘blood thirsty racist’ group led by some misled Tamils called LTTE is terrorizing against the Govt of Sri Lanka and its people irrespective of their ethnicity with an intention of carving out a separate state. There is no conflict as such between Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community lives in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese population through out the country apart from the Northern part of Sri Lanka. The entire Sinhalese and the Muslims population who lived in the Northern area for centuries were either killed or chased away completely by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists. At the moment, not a single Sinhalese or Muslim is living in Jaffna, but, many thousands of Tamils are living in Colombo.

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