Beheading, ghastly crimes of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka


The LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists killed a home guard at Sirimangalapura in Serunuwara Police division in Trincomalee. The incident happened at the early morning, Monday, 24 July 2006. 


Waiting terrorists of the LTTE in the dark caught and dragged a home guard attached to a police post, severed his head with a sharp knife and took the head away in Trincomalee said Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe the Sri Lanka Army spokesman.

He said the victim in the ghastly act of the Tamil Tigers was a 27 year old home guard named Nissanka Rajith Bandara who walked away from his police post about 100 yards away for a call of nature at night when he met his killers.

When his colleagues in the police post at Siri Mangalapura Police post got alarmed when Nissanka was not returning they searched for him in the nearby jungle at night and discovered his headless corpse.

This is the first time Tamil Tigers have run away with a severed head of one of their victims. The murdered home guard left the police post about 10.50 at night and the terrorists have been waiting to catch him in the jungle. There were signs that he was dragged into the jungle about hundred yards before committing the murder.

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists continue to assassinate civilians, members of the rival political parties and security personnel under the banner of cease-fire agreement (CFA). Politically motivated killings, arbitrary arrests, harassments, abductions, detentions, torture, extortions, intimidations, use of children as child soldiers, disappearances and conscriptions are some of the many fundamental right violations of the LTTE (so-called Liberation Tigers of Tamil eelam). The Tamil People who had been enjoying all the democratic and human rights in those areas have now been deprived of many of their basic rights and hardly one day passes without at least one person getting killed in these areas. The terrorist outfit is continuing its terror campaign freely by eliminating their opponents including Tamils with the intension of carving out a separate fascist state. Read more………



LTTE's Child Soldiers


Children as young as 4-years are being recruited as Child Soldiers by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka


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