LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists fire at Somadevi school and village of Somapura killing 4 and injuring 13 hurting many teachers and students on 7 Dec 2006.

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The LTTE terrorists fired artillery at the Somadevi School at 11.30 a.m, today, Thursday the 7th of December injuring a teacher and 11 school children. They have been admitted to the Kantale hospital and two children received severe injures out of them. Some of the seriously injured have been airlifted to the Anuradhapura hospital with the assistance of SL Air Force.

LTTE terrorists again began shelling the same area at 12.20 p.m killing three including a ten year old child and two civilians of the village. This provocative artillery fire is expected to continue as it is the usual practice of the LTTE Terrorists in a desperate bid to get cheap propaganda mileage.

The six year old schoolgirl of Somadevi Vidyalaya who was injured when the LTTE shelled the school.

The house in Kallaru damaged by the LTTE shelling which also caused the death of three civilians.

It has been the practice for the LTTE terrorists to take positions in the midst of people and fire small arms or hurl grenades at the Security Forces expecting them to retaliate. When such incidents do occur troops even prejudicing their lives refrain from retaliation as they are aware of what the Tigers really intend to achieve.

The motive behind this use of people as a cover is clear. Troops are also well aware that pro-LTTE media outlets have prepared their propaganda in advance expecting troops to retaliate so that they could blame the Security Forces for any loss of civilian life.

Another innocent victim of a senseless conflict This young girl was among the victims of an LTTE shell attack on a school in Kallar last morning

The LTTE terrorists have now gone a step further. They now locate their artillery in the densely populated areas so that Troops will retaliate with artillery or indirect fire . This cynical plan of the LTTE is also known to troops in the operational area.

The tiger pattern of firing at the village and the school was brought to the notice of ICRC, SLMM and the UN representatives in the area and requested that the tigers were instructed to keep the civilians away from their gun positions to avoid any casualties to them during retaliatory fire.

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