LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist kill 6 innocent civilians and injures another 63, by exploding a bomb in a public passenger bus at Nittambuwa, near Colombo in Sri Lanka on Friday, 05 January 2007.

Media Release - The Government of Sri Lanka and the International Community, including India should take decisive actions to stop Tamil Tiger Terrorists from killing innocent civilians - The Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR), an 11-year-old human rights organisation operating from Melbourne, Australia condemn the Tamil Tiger Terrorist's despicable attack on innocent civilians. The LTTE has killed close to 30 and injured more than 80 civilaians in bus bombs and suicide missions carried out over the weekend at Nittambuwa and Seenigama in Southern Sri Lanka respectively. The audacity of the Tiger terrorists is breathtaking as so called one of its leaders Seevatahnam Puleedevan, issued a statement on 4 January 2007 that the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka would have to face "serious consequences" if the air force continues to carryout attacks against Tiger bases in north of Mannar in the northern Province. The tiger terrorist's words have been transformed to deeds as clearly demonstrated by the tragic attacks on the civilian busses just 2 to 3 days after Puleedevan's despicable utterances. The duplicity of the Tiger Terrorists has been once again exposed as Puleedevan is the head of the so called Tiger Terrorist's Peace Secretariat, an organisation frequently visited by the Norwegian peace facilitators, the SLMM and members of INGOs local and international. Unless the Government and the international community take decisive action to isolate the LTTE terrorists, they will continue to undermine democracy in Sri Lanka and driving the 99% of the people who yearn for peace spiralling in to an environment of despair (Full report in SPUR).

Bus blast kills six, injures 50 LTTE behind explosion: COLOMBO: A bomb exploded aboard a private bus plying between Nittambuwa and Giriulla via the Kandy-Colombo route killing six and injuring over 50 passengers yesterday. Ten were critical, sources said. A child was among the killed. The blast took place at Nittambuwa around 6.45 p.m. According to Police, at the time of the blast there had been about 80 passengers aboard the bus. A spokesman for the Media Centre for National Security said the injured were rushed to the Wathupitiwela, Gampaha and Colombo hospitals for treatment. "It was an act of terror targeting innocent civilians by the LTTE," Military spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe said. According to the Military spokesman, preliminary investigations revealed that the bomb weighing two kilos had been fixed under a seat of the bus and had been triggered close to the Damro factory at Nittambuwa junction. Government Defence Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said the LTTE which is losing its battle in the North and East was now acting in a manner to distract the Government's attention it was giving to the North and East and has targeted unarmed civilians in the South. "Historical evidence points the finger towards the Tigers for the blast," he said. "These are signs of desperation in view of the defeats the LTTE had suffered. Public support in the past had helped the Security Forces to minimise the incidents in the country. "We count on public support to continue our fight against terrorism. We assure that all measures have been taken to ensure security in the country despite this sort of provocation by the LTTE," the Minister said. According to Police, heavy damage had been caused to the bus. "Steps had been taken to douse the fire and bring the situation under control," Brigadier Samarasinghe told the Daily News. Police and Army launched joint search operations in the area. Sources said following the blast, the Colombo - Kandy Route was temporarily closed (Full report in Daily News).

Six killed in bus blast - Fifty injured, ten critical as powerful time bomb explodes in Nittambuwa Police curfew clamped to track down suspects Govt. accuses Tigers of cowardly act -  At least six people including a child were killed and fifty injured when a powerful time-bomb exploded inside a packed private bus in Nittambuwa last evening, police said. Panic reigned the Gampaha district town after police clamped a night curfew soon after the blast that took place around 6.35 pm. Police said the bomb believed to have been set off by the LTTE critically injured about ten who were rushed to the Wathupitiwela and National Hospital. DIG D.W. Prathapasinghe said the private bus carrying about 80 passengers was plying between Nittambuwa and Giriulla when the explosion near the Damro showroom at Kalalpitiya ripped the bus that immediately turned into a fireball. The rush hour blast also forced the temporary closure of the Colombo-Kandy Highway while the police curfew in Attanagalla Division Secretariat area would be lifted at 6 am today, DIG Prathapasinghe said. “We have already taken ten suspects for questioning and a search operation is underway,” the DIG said last night. Meanwhile, military spokesman Prasad Samarasinghe accused the LTTE of carrying out the deadly attacks on innocent civilians. “This is clear that the Tigers had carried out the attack,” the spokesman said. He also said the Tigers had used about two kilos of explosives for the bomb. According to initial investigations, an unidentified man had left the bus after fixing the time bomb under a seat. He said most of the injured were rushed to the Wathupitiwala hospital while the critically injured were brought to the National hospital (Full report in Daily Mirror).

A Bus bomb kills 05 civilians , injures over 50 - Nittambuwa - Suspected LTTE terrorists exploded a powerful bomb inside a civilian bus in the Nittambuwa town this evening (Friday the 5th of January). According to the available information, five civilians were killed and over 50 others were injured in the explosion. The explosion occurred in a privately owned bus that was traveling to Giriulla form Nittambuwa along the Colombo- Kandy highway. According to the police sources, the explosion took place at the 26th milepost, close to the "Damro" showroom around 6.35p.m. Following the explosion, the bus was caught in fire and the fire fighters took steps to control the fire. The casualties initially evacuated to the General Hospitals at Gampaha and Wathupitiwala. The hospital sources told that the conditions of 10 injured civilians are in a critical stage. The critically injured patients have been later transferred to General Hospital Colombo and Ragama. Meanwhile, the explosive specialists suspect that the bomb was fixed to a seat of the bus. The weight of the bomb as guesstimated by the specialist is about 2-3Kg. The police curfew has been enforced until 6.00a.m tomorrow (Saturdays the 6th of January) in the Nittambuwa police area to facilitate a special search operation undertaken by the security forcers. The commuters are advised to use alternative route to Colombo-Kandy highway since the road is presently closed at Nittambuwa. Speaking to the media government's Defence Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that this cowardly attack at innocent civilians undoubtedly bore the hallmark of the LTTE, though it may be too early to make an official comment on this regard. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or the LTTE is a terrorist organization that has been fighting for a separate and ethnically pure Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka since 1983 (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

Sri Lanka bomb kills 5 bus passengers, military says; air force bombs rebel bases - A bomb triggered in a bus by suspected Tamil Tiger rebels killed five people in Sri Lanka on Friday, the military said, as the government launched its third airstrike this week on rebel naval bases in the northeast. The blast occurred in Nittambuwa town, 25 miles northeast of capital, Colombo, said an official at the Defense Ministry's national security media center. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity citing the center's policy, blamed Tamil Tiger guerrillas for the attack. Rebel officials were unavailable for comment. Thirty other passengers were injured in the blast, the official said. The explosion comes two days after the rebels warned the government of "serious repercussions" following an air force raid on Tuesday allegedly killed 16 ethnic Tamil civilians in the northwestern Mannar district. Bus driver Nimal Hettiarachi, 40, told The Associated Press that the explosion occurred within 10 minutes after starting the journey from Nittambuwa. He said that the blast came from the rear part of the bus, which was carrying about 65 passengers. Four badly burned bodies were recovered soon after the explosion, he said. Earlier Friday, the air force bombed the Chilawatte Tamil Tiger naval base in northeastern Mullaithivu District, air force spokesman Group Capt. Ajantha Silva said, adding that the target was hit but that he did not know if the strike caused any damage or casualties. It was the air force's third raid in as many days on rebel targets. "The target was a launching pad of the Sea Tigers," Silva said, referring to the rebels' naval wing. The Sea Tigers ensure rebel supplies reach the South Asian island by sea, and occasionally launch attacks on the Sri Lankan navy. Meanwhile, three others were killed in separate incidents. Brig. Prasad Samarasinghe, the military's spokesman, said rebel gunmen shot and killed a police officer in the northern garrison town of Vavuniya on Friday (Full report in USA Today).

Five killed in bus blast near Colombo - At least five people were killed and 50 others were injured, when a powerful bomb ripped apart a private omnibus at Nittambuwa near Colombo on Friday. The bus, packed with passengers, was on its way from Kandy to Colombo, a security official told Hindustan Times. The police suspected the hand of the LTTE in the blast. An observer of the Sri Lankan security situation said that the incident indicated that the LTTE had begun to take soft targets outside the highly guarded capital city of Colombo (Full report in Hindustan Times).

Bomb attack on Sri Lankan bus kills at least five - Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels set off a bomb in a bus in western Sri Lanka on Friday, killing at least five people and wounding 30, the military said, as fighting raged in the north and east of the island. Around 80 people were aboard the bus when the blast occurred in the town of Nittambuwa, 36 km (20 miles) north of Colombo, during evening rush hour. "It was a bomb inside the bus, very powerful, the bus caught fire," said military spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe. "The Tigers are targeting civilians." He said the bomb was place beneath a passenger seat. There was no immediate comment from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who want to carve out a separate homeland for minority Tamils in the east and north of the island. Samarasinghe said at least five people were killed and he expected the death toll to rise further. "There are at least 30 injured, 10 of them serious, the number may go up." The blast in the relatively peaceful west took place at a time when the Sri Lankan military has launched air and artillery attacks on the LTTE in the north and the east of the island (Full report in Reuters UK).

LTTE Suicide Attacks Have Killed 435 Civilians & Wounded Over 2,410 - THE BOMB BLAST AT PITHTHALA JUNCTION, COLOMBO 3 on 1st December 2006 targeting Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapakse was the 73rd suicide mission carried out by the LTTE since 1987. The first LTTE suicide attack was in Nelliadi, Jaffna in 1987. A suicide cadre named Millar drove an explosive laden lorry into an Army camp in Nelliadi on 5th July 1987. 19 soldiers were killed while 31 were wounded in the attack. 3 LTTE terrorists were also killed in the mission. The Janes Defence website says that the LTTE has carried out the largest number of suicide attacks up to the 2000 followed by Hizbullah, Hamas and the PKK. It also says that the LTTE tests the effects of explosives on dogs and goats to make sure that the attack is successful. Around 435 civilians have been killed and over 2410 injured in LTTE suicide attacks carried out since 1987. In 2006 the LTTE carried out 7 suicide bomb attacks killing over 165 people. 86 civilians were killed and another 1200 were injured on 31st January 1996, when the LTTE terrorists opened fire and detonated a suicide vehicle bomb in front of the Central Bank building causing extensive damage to infrastructure around (Full report in Media Centre for National Security).

Bus explosion in Sri Lanka kills five and injures at least 18 - Munza Mushtaq – Reporting from Colombo - At least five civilians were killed and another 18 injured when an explosives laden bus exploded at Nittambuwa today evening. The incident occurred at around 6.30 p.m. on the Colombo – Kandy road. The private bus was traveling from Nittambuwa towards Giriulla, when the explosion occurred. Nittambuwa police told the Asian Tribune that out of the injured ten were very serious and were rushed to the Colombo National Hospital's accident service, while the other injured were admitted to the Gampaha hospital. Investigations are being carried out to ascertain how the explosives were transported to the bus. Police also informed that the Colombo - Kandy road has been closed following the explosion. Meanwhile, the government's Defence Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella who came on state television soon after the incident called for public cooperation and vigilance to avoid such incidents in future. He also accused the LTTE of committing the act, since the Tamil tiger rebels have lost miserably in the hands of the security forces in the recent past (Full report in Asian Tribune).

Bus Blast Kills Five & Injures at Least 50 Passengers - GAMPAHA: AT LEAST FIVE PASSENGERS were feared dead and fifty more received injuries in a blast that was triggered inside a bus bound for GIRIULLA from NITTAMBUWA this evening at about 6.40 p.m.. The blast, believed to have been caused by LTTE terrorists could have been triggered using an explosive device that might have been placed inside the bus. Five of those passengers in the crowded bus died on the spot following the explosion. All the injured were evacuated to VATHUPITIWALA and GAMPAHA hospitals. The areas has been cordoned and investigation have begun. More details are yet to be ascertained (Full report in Sri Lanka Army).

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