Monday, 28 May 2007 - The LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists exploded a claymore mine at Ratmalana during evening peak-hours targeting civilians.

Seven civilians killed; 37 injured including six STF personnel.

SPUR unreservedly condemn Tamil Tiger Terrorist’s brutal attack on civilians and urge the International Community to unconditionally support the Sri Lankan Government’s endeavours to eradicate the scourge of terrorism from Sri Lanka, so that it can protect human rights and secure sustainable peace for all its citizenry.

Six-year-old Pavithra who was on her way back home to Boossa with her mother and two brothers after an alms giving, had to go through the ordeal of seeing her seriously injured mother with blood soaked clothes being admitted to hospital after the bomb blast. Besides, she was also clueless about the whereabouts of her two brothers by the time she came to the hospital accompanying her mother. Our photographer Indraratne Balasuriya captured distraught little Pavithra carrying her mother’s hand bag and inquiring about her brothers, being comforted by the Kalubowila hospital staff.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Western Democracies must garrotte Tamil Tiger Terrorists to stop them from bombing civilians - SPUR unreservedly condemn Tamil Tiger Terrorist’s brutal attack on civilians and urge the International Community to unconditionally support the Sri Lankan Government’s endeavours to eradicate the scourge of terrorism from Sri Lanka, so that it can protect human rights and secure sustainable peace for all its citizenry. ..... The Australian Government owes it to the peace loving people of Sri Lanka, the democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka and over 110,000 hard working Diaspora living in Australia to ban the Tamil Tiger terrorists under Australia’s Criminal Code Act of 1995 to protect human rights in Sri Lanka and secure sustainable peace. The tiger must be belled (Read full Media Release).

Casualties in Ratmalana Tiger Blast Rise - MONDAY (28) EVENING’S DASTARDLY LTTE crime at BELEKKADE junction, RATMALANA bringing death toll to eight by this evening (29) as an STF trooper seriously injured in the blast heaved his last breath in COLOMBO National Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Police Constable CHAMINDA DISSANAYAKE ( PC 20700) of “Padmavila”, Pannalawela, Lunuwaththa, Uva Paranagama who underwent two surgeries died of his claymore blast injuries. Seven more civilians died in the attack have now been identified as Mr. USHAN DANANJAYA RAJAKARUNA (20) of Boossa, Mr. M.G SAMANTHA GUNARATHNA (32) of Silvester Rd, Rathmalana, Mr. R. SHANTHA KUMARA of Hikgahawaththa Mawatha, Boralesgamuwa, Mr. ROSHAN HERATH of de Sarem Rd, Mt Lavinia, Mrs. S.H RAMANI of Boraluhena, Pitigala, Elpitiya, Mr. D.S BALACHANDRA of Katubedda, Moratuwa and Mrs. IYIRANGANI of Rathmalana. Their remains after the post-mortems were taken to their homes as of Tuesday (29) afternoon amidst moving bursts of tears and agony. Some of them were reportedly rushing home after their purchases at the famous BELEKKADE Junction in the south of COLOMBO. Five Special Task Forces (STF) personnel and thirty-two civilians are still lying at COLOMBO National Hospital, COLOMBO South Hospital and PANADURA Base Hospital as a result of their severe injuries in the claymore blast triggered by Tiger terrorists. Investigators grilled eye-witnesses and bystanders in the area for possible clues as the initial inquiries confirmed the claymore mine has been activated from a video shop that remained closed at the time of the explosion. It is still too early for the investigators to ascertain the target of the terrorists though they do not rule out a planned attack on the Security Forces that move often in the area. Tiger terrorists now badly beaten elsewhere have infiltrated the south disguised as civilians and are trying to create chaos and bloodbaths targeting innocent civilians of all communities. The funeral of the slain STF Police Constable was to be accorded a funeral with Police honours (Full report in Sri Lanka Army).

LTTE EXPLODES TWO WAY SIDE BOMBS IN THE BUSY SECTION OF THE COLOMBO FORT AND INJURES 7 INCLUDING CIVILIANS - By Walter Jayawardhana Los Angeles - Suspected terrorists of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE) Exploded roadside bombs installed on two parked motor bicycles in the the busy market area in the down town of the Colombo city injuring three civilians and four army personnel. Sources in the Ministry of Defense said the explosion occurred in the first Cross Street of Colombo Fort close to the Gate # 4 of the city’s harbor. Sources said Improvised Explosive Devices , believed to have been mounted on two parked motor bicycles have been detonated remotely by the terrorists injuring the civilians on the road and the army personnel just passing by in a bus. The sources said the attackers may have targeted the army vehicle. Only four soldiers were traveling in the bus and none of them were severely injured. Bomb squad officials who examined the bus said the charred remains of the motor bicycles were found on the road near the bus and the windows of the bus have been blown out. The injured civilians and the military men have been admitted to the National Hospital in Colombo and the medical sources said the condition of two of the injured were critical. The terrorist attack came hours after the marine wing of the LTTE- the Sea Tigers attacked the Delft Island in the Jaffna peninsula killing several Sri Lanka Navy personnel. The Defense sources said 12 LTTE boats led by three suicide boats attacked Delft island in the Northern Province and the gun battles that started at 1 a.m. had lasted until 7 a.m. on Thursday. According to Naval sources one attack boat sank before others withdrew (Full report in Go2lanka).

Death Toll rises to 8 in the Terror bomb blast - Rathmalana - Death toll of the Rathmalana bomb blast has risen to eight as one of the Special Task Force (STF) Personnel succumbed to his injuries at the National Hospital Colombo last night (28). Earlier, seven civilians, four males and three females died immediately after the indiscriminate bomb attack carried out by the LTTE terrorists at Rathmalana, in the Colombo suburb last evening. 36 people including five STF personnel sustained injuries in the incident. The bomb, which had been planted under the roof of a wayside shop, was exploded around 5:40 p.m. targeting the civilians using Colombo-Gall main road. A police truck carrying STF personnel was too caught in the explosion. STF officials said that there were nine police commandos in truck at the time of the explosion. Six civilian vehicles were also badly damaged in the incident. Bags, shoes and slippers of the victims were seen strewn on the road. The Police truck had been moving from the STF Training School in Katukurunda to its camp in Gonahena, Kadawatha when the explosion occurred.  Military officials said the terrorists have clearly targeted the civilians in guise of attacking a military target as the bomb was timed with the office crowd returning home after work. Military Spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe said that the bomb might be a claymore mine triggered using a remote control device. The shop where the bomb was placed had been closed for more than 1 1/2 years and some repairs had been effected to it a few days ago. Brigadier Samarasinghe requested all citizens to be vigilant on their surroundings at all times and to inform any suspicious activity to the security forces immediately as possible. He said that the support of civilians is vital for preventing such unfortunate incidents. Meanwhile, President Mahinda Rajapaksa condemning the attack said that the LTTE was trying to achieve its narrow objectives through such cowardly attacks at innocent civilians. In a statement, the President expressed his condolence to the families of those who died in the attack and wished speedy recovery for the injured (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

Deliberate attack to cause civilian unrest - Dr. Kohona - COLOMBO: The Peace Secretariat (SCOPP) has condemned yesterday's bomb attack as an act which was deliberately carried out by the LTTE to cause civilian unrest. The Secretary General of the Secretariat for Co-ordinating Peace Process in Sri Lanka (SCOPP), Dr.Palitha Kohona said, " The attack was deliberately carried out during rush hours of the day when people were returning to their homes after their day's work." The LTTE had detonated the bomb at 5.40 pm. The bomb had been set off from a CD vending shop alongside Galle road near the congested Belek Kade Junction at Ratmalana. Dr. Kohona further added, "The LTTE has once again proved that the only mechanism they deploy to achieve their political objectives is violence and terror." Information and Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa said the LTTE had carried out the attack to provoke the public. "They carry out cowardly acts of this nature out of frustration more than anything else with their losses in the Eastern Province especially in Thoppigala area owing to the military successes achieved by the Government forces," he said (Full report in Daily News).

Sri Lanka rebels kill 7 in police truck bombing: military - The Sri Lankan military says suspected Tamil Tiger rebels attacked a police commando truck with a roadside bomb overnight, just south of the capital Colombo, killing seven civilians and wounding 36 other people. The rush-hour attack on a main road that runs past a military airport just outside the capital, is the latest in a series of such ambushes blamed on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in recent months amid a new chapter in the island's two-decade civil war. "There was a Claymore mine explosion targeting an STF (elite police commando) truck in Ratmalana," military spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe said. "It's obviously an LTTE Claymore. They have planted it in an abandoned shop." He says 36 others, including six Special Task Force police commandos, were wounded. The LTTE, who are fighting for an independent state in north and east Sri Lanka, were not immediately available for comment on the attack. The bombing comes just days after suspected Tigers targeted an army bus near the entrance to Colombo port, killing one soldier and injuring six other people. It also came after a fierce naval battle on Thursday (local time) off the island's far northern Jaffna peninsula, in which the military and Tigers each claimed to have inflicted heavy casualties on their foe. Fighting is now focused on the north after the military captured the Tigers' eastern stronghold. The Government has started to resettle the first of around 100,000 war-displaced in captured rebel areas in the eastern district of Batticaloa (Full report in ABC Online).

Seven killed in Columbo bomb blast - At least seven people were killed and 39 others wounded in a powerful roadside blast near a key military base just outside Sri Lanka's capital, hospital sources said. Doctors at the Colombo South hospital said 34 people were being treated there while five more were in two neighbouring hospitals. A total of seven civilians were killed, doctors said. Among those wounded were seven commandos of the police Special Task Force whose truck was targeted in the roadside bombing blamed by the government on Tamil Tiger guerrillas (Full report in Sydney Morning Herald).

6 dead in Sri Lanka blast - Six civilians reportedly were killed Monday in Sri Lanka in a mine explosion targeting a nearby truck carrying police commandos. The blast, blamed on Tamil Tiger separatists, also wounded 25 others including four police commandos, CNN reported. The incident occurred in Ratmalana, a suburb of Colombo, capital of the Indian Ocean island nation. Those killed were bystanders. The report quoted police as saying the claymore mine was placed on the roof of a nearby building and activated by a remote control. Ratmalana is the site of a domestic airport and a military air base, the report said. The rebels, who have been fighting for a separate homeland for the Tamil-speaking minority, are believed to be bringing their insurgency closer to the country's capital. Three days ago, another explosion on an army vehicle in Colombo killed one soldier and injured three soldiers and three civilians (Full report in Washington Post).

LTTE strikes in Ratmalana: Six killed, 28 injured in mine blast - Six died and more than twenty four civilians and four Special Task Force (STF) personnel were injured when the LTTE exploded a 10 Kg claymore mine targeting an STF truck 100 yards from the Belek Kade junction in Ratmalana around 5.45 p.m. yesterday (28). The Media Centre for National Security said nine STF personnel, including a sub inspector had been in the truck bound for Colombo, at the time of the attack. The injured were rushed to the Kalubowila and the Panadura hospitals. Among the dead were three women. They succumbed to their injuries on admission to hospital. Some of the victims were critically injured, the hospital sources said. The bomb had been placed under the roof of two wayside shops. According to military sources one of the shops had been closed for more than 1 ½ years and some repairs had been effected to it a few days ago. The truck had been moving from the STF Training School in Katukurunda to its camp in Gonahena, Kadawatha when the explosion occurred. A number of vehicles were damaged by the explosion. Traffic on the Galle road had to be diverted via other routes police said. Bags, shoes and slippers were seen strewn on the road. A massive search operation was mounted in the area in the aftermath of the blast, but no arrests had been made at the time this edition went to press (Full report in Island).

LTTE claymore attack kills 7 civilians Targets STF truck in a crowded city: Ratmalana: The LTTE exploded a claymore mine at Ratmalana last evening killing seven civilians and wounding 37 others including six STF personnel. The bomb went off around 5.40 p.m. as an STF truck went past Belekkade Junction, Ratmalana where the claymore was planted, on a roof of a closed down shop. The truck veered off the road with the impact of the blast. The military accused the LTTE of targeting civilians in the guise of military targets, carefully choosing soft spots where civilian presence is abundant. An STF truck travelling from the Katukurunda training base to Gonahena Camp at Kadawatha, carrying nine STF personnel including a police Sub Inspector, was damaged in the mine attack, military spokesman Brig. Prasad Samarasinghe said adding that the LTTE was behind the ruthless attack. "They did not even consider that the place was brimming with civilians at the time," condemning the attack the Brigadier said. The injured were rushed to the Kalubowila and Panadura Hospitals and the National Hospital, Colombo. Around 10 pm yesterday, 31 (including five STF men) were receiving treatment at Kalubowila, 2 at Panadura, and another 2 (one STF) were at the National hospital (Full report in Daily News).

Civilian Death Toll at Rathmalana Rises - MONDAY (28) EVENING’S CLAYMORE ATTACKED of the Tiger terrorists rose the death figure to seven as one more civilian succumbed to injuries in hospital while being subjected to a surgery. The claymore explosion perpetrated on crowded township at RATHMALANA, south of COLOMBO claimed the lives of seven civilians and injured thirty six civilians and six Special Task Forces (STF) personnel (Full report in Sri Lanka Army).

LTTE bomb blast kills 7 civilians and injures 36 others - Rathmalana - Seven civilians were killed and 36 others including 6 police personnel were injured when the LTTE terrorists carried out an indiscriminate bomb explosion at Rathmalana this evening (28). The apparent target of the bomb was a truck carrying Police Special Task Force personnel, though the explosion was staged on a road heavily crowded with innocent civilians returning home after work. The bomb which is suspected to be fixed on the roof of a shop has been set out around 5.40 this evening. The truck which was carrying nine STF personnel from Katukurunda Training School to Kadawatha has caught into the explosion in front of the shop situated between the Maliban junction and the Belek Kade junction on the Colombo-Galle main road. The injured have been rushed to General Hospitals at Kalubowila and Panadura. According to the hospital sources seven civilians, five males and two females have died in the incident. Two of the injured in serious conditions have been admitted to the Colombo National Hospital. Investigation are in progress (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

LTTE Terror on Highway at Rathmalana Kills Six Civilians - SIX CIVILIANS DIED, at least fourteen civilians and four Special Task Force (STF) personnel were injured in another bomb explosion at BELEKKADE Junction, RATHMALANA, confirmed to have been triggered off by LTTE terrorists this evening at about 5.40 p.m. when an STF vehicle was proceeding towards COLOMBO. This explosion, detonated most probably using a remote-controlled claymore mine is the second one within a matter of few days after the terrorist attack on RECLAMATION road COLOMBO on 24 May 2007. Today’s rush hour explosion killed six civilians after they were admitted to Hospitals. All other injured were dispatched to COLOMBO National hospital, COLOMBO South hospital and PANADURA base hospital. The STF vehicle was slightly damaged with its windscreen completely smashed. Police investigations are in progress (Full report in Sri Lanka Army).

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