Major incidents involving the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists outside Sri Lanka 

In the recent past, there have been many instances in which cadres of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) or their front organizations have been arrested or sentenced to prison for a variety of subversive activity across the world. Some of the major incidents involving the LTTE outside Sri Lanka include:


May 10: Thirunavukarasu Varatharasa, a Sri Lankan citizen, pleaded guilty in a US court to conspiracy to provide material support to the LTTE and attempted export of arms and ammunition. According to the plea agreement, from April to September 29, 2006, Varatharasa conspired with Haji Subandi, Haniffa Osman and Erick Wotulo to export state-of-the-art firearms, machine guns and ammunition, surface to air missiles, night vision goggles and other military weapons to the LTTE.

National Post reported that the LTTE has been aggressively fundraising in Montreal using a sophisticated pre-authorized payment scheme and other methods to collect money from the city's 25,000-strong Tamil community.

May 6: A Hindu temple in south London, which reportedly raises nearly £500,000 each year, may have possible links to the LTTE in Sri Lanka. A BBC report said that the Armulmihu Hindu temple in Tooting "has had its assets frozen pending an investigation into alleged links with the UK banned Tamil Tigers."

May 5: A Singapore-based terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna said that the LTTE has been procuring aircraft, arms, explosives and other technological devices from Australia for more than a decade.

May 1: Australian Police arrested two suspected LTTE cadres, Aruran Vinayagamoorthy (who had access to $5, 26,000 in two bank accounts between August 2001 and December 2005) and Sivarajah Yathavan, after raids in Sydney and Melbourne on the charges of providing material support and funneling money collected from donors in the garb of a Tsunami charity to the outfit.

April 28: Six Sri Lankans, including the prime accused Satrubarajah Shanamugarajah alias Ruby, connected to the LTTE were convicted for organized crime in Norway. More than 5.3 million Norwegian Kroner have reportedly been stolen in Norway's largest credit card scam which has links to LTTE cells in Canada, England, Germany and Sweden.

April 25: The ‘director’ of LTTE in New York, Karunakaran Kandasamy, was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Queens on charges of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. The group headed by him reportedly operated in the US "drawing on America’s financial resources and technological advances to further its war of terror in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. A FBI raid on Kandasamy’s office in Queens has revealed evidence that he raised millions of dollars for the Tamil Tigers through a front organization called the World Tamil Coordinating Committee."

April 8: French Police cancelled the permission granted earlier to hold a protest rally in Paris condemning the arrest of LTTE cadres on April 1. The LTTE-controlled business chamber, youth organization and women front of the outfit were involved in organizing the proposed protest rally.

April 5: A 55-year old Singapore national, Haniffa Bin Osman, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to the LTTE, said US Attorney for the District of Maryland. Three others, including, Haji Subandi and Erick Wotulo, both Indonesian citizens, pleaded guilty to attempting to illegally export arms for the outfit.

A Court in Paris remanded 15 LTTE cadres and released four of them out of a total 19 arrested on charges of illegal fund-raising.

April 1: The leader of the LTTE’s France branch since 2003, Nadarajah Mathinthiran alias ‘Parathi’ and Thuraisamy Jeyamorthy alias ‘Jeya’, who are in charge of the money collection in France, were among 17 LTTE suspects arrested. During 2006, the LTTE reportedly collected more than six million euros where each Tamil family was forced to pay 2000 euros per year and shopkeepers were made to pay 6000 euros.

March 25: LTTE reportedly supplied forged passports to Ramzi Yousef who bombed the World Trade Center, counter terrorism expert Aaron Mannes said.

March 20: Falk Rovik, chief spokesperson of the Norwegians against Terrorism, said in Toronto that the LTTE have stolen hundreds of Norwegian passports and sold them to al Qaeda to earn money.

March 8: Haji Subandi, an international arms dealer from Indonesia, pleaded guilty in a federal court in Guam in USA to conspiring to export guns, surface-to-air missiles and other military hardware to LTTE.

January 30: The Interpol Headquarters in France issued a worldwide arrest warrant for the LTTE Sea-Tiger leader, Thillayampalam Sivanesan alias Soosai, identifying him as a fugitive wanted for prosecution consequent to the facts forwarded by the Central Investigation Department to Court.

January 19: Police in Chennai, capital of southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu, arrested G. Elango, a LTTE agent carrying a British passport, along with 28 ATM cards. Elango illegally withdrew over INR 30 lakh from the ATMs and later sent it to the UK through unauthorized channels. Elango, hailing from Middlesex, is reportedly a shareholder in 'Thamilini' -- a cash and carry grocery shops chain operated by the LTTE in UK.


November 1: A family of three, Sivarajah Yathavan, his wife Abirami Yathavan and, P. Senthuran, father-in-law of Yathavan, reportedly conduct LTTE operations in Victoria, Australia.

August 30: Indonesian police arrested 13 LTTE suspects during a recent raid in the southern Java coast. The suspects were reportedly moving to Australia.

Two more Sri Lankan men - bringing the total charged to seven – are arrested by the Toronto Police in connection with a massive fraud that police suspect may have affected thousands of Mississauga residents. Detectives are probing the trail of stolen cash to determine whether loot was sent to Sri Lanka for the LTTE.

August 28: A British doctor, Murugesu Vinayagamoorthy alias Dr. Moorthy, a senior LTTE intermediary, is arrested from New York for aiding the LTTE by facilitating the purchase of American rockets and British submarine technology.

August 24: A LTTE operative in Canada, "Waterloo Suresh" Sriskandarajah, allegedly used student couriers to smuggle war-related items to the outfit. FBI documents said that he told the students to hide the contraband with "teddies and chocolates."

August 23: Authorities in Thailand arrested three Sri Lankans, Asirvatham Sathyapavan, Thevarajah Sashiharan and U. G. Gunapala, who were procuring arms for the LTTE. They were arrested while trying to ship arms and ammunition, including a variety of pistols and 45,000 rounds of ammunition, to Mullaitivu.

Two Tamil Canadians, Ramanan Mylvaganam and Piratheepan Nadarajah, are arrested in an alleged conspiracy to buy weapons for the LTTE.

August 22: Thirteen suspects with close links to the LTTE, including "Waterloo" Suresh alias Suresh Skandarajah, are arrested from Buffalo, New York, San Jose, California, Seattle, Washington and Connecticut following the Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) and FBI probe into allegations that LTTE sympathizers in North America tried to buy missiles and move terror funds.

July 19: The LTTE is entrenched in Canada and uses a Toronto-based "front organization" called the World Tamil Movement (WTM) to raise money for arms, says a summary of an ongoing RCMP investigation. The RCMP 58-page document refers to the WTM as "the Canadian arm" of the LTTE.

May 31: Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera informs that the LTTE funnels contribution through Malaysia and Singapore to buy weapons in Thailand and Cambodia.

May 25: Sri Lanka urges Gulf Arab states to ban the LTTE in their countries in order to block the funds to the outfit.

May 10: According to the Netherlands Minister of Justice, Donner, and Minister of Immigration, Verdonk, there are signs that the Tamil community is being intimidated by the LTTE to raise funds.

April 16: Canadian Police raids the office of the World Tamil Movement in Montreal, the first raid after the Canadian Government proscribed the LTTE as a terrorist group and seized computers, files, LTTE flags and other political documents.

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