LTTE's Suicide Bomb Attack on Tsunami devastated town, Galle, in Sri Lanka; One civilian killed, 11 Civilians Injured - 2006 October 18

 Chronology of Suicide Bomb Attacks by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka

Galle, about 70 miles south of the capital, Colombo, is one of the country’s oldest and most picturesque ports and the site of a 17th century Dutch fort that is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is home to hundreds of expatriates from Asia and Europe, including about 50 Britons, and has been the focus of reconstruction efforts by aid groups since the tsunami.

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists threatened to cripple the tourist industry in Sri Lanka’s south, which has continued to attract visitors to its beaches despite the 2004 tsunami and an upsurge in violence this year. 

LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists attack Tsunami ravaged Town of Galle, Sri Lanka

The suicide raid in Sri Lanka by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists killing four and injuring a large number of sailors and civilians in the southern port city of Galle on Wednesday, caused wide spread panic among the civilian population, of this once Tsunami ravaged southern city of Sri Lanka.

The Tamil Tigers terrorists have been terrorising the civilian population of Sri Lanka over the past 30 years in order to carve out a second Tamil national homeland in the North and the East of Sri Lanka. Yesterday's terrorist atrocity will cause havoc to the south of Sri Lanka, an area that was already severely affected by the Asian Tsunami of December 2004 in devastating its economy and the lives of the people who were looking forward to the tourism season. Galle is a picturesque international tourism region and is also the home to the UNESCO World Heritage listed 17 century Dutch ramparts, and an ancient walled city.

The tragedy of Galle was then portrayed around the world's television screens as the town where the passenger buses were floated around in the Tsunami waves, drowning hundreds of innocent schoolchildren. Galle was also the region in which the Tsunami engulfed over 1000 persons in a passenger train. Now it is the turn of the Tamil Tiger terrorists to add to the tragedy of Galle by this cowardly attack on the population of Galle.

These cowardly terrorist attacks are designed to instil fear in the civilian population, and are carried out by young indoctrinated and underage Tamils conscripted to the terrorist cadres. Elements within the international community also tend to support the Tamil Tiger terrorist cause, considering it as a 'freedom struggling' or a 'national liberation struggle'.

In Sri Lanka, there is no further need for any national liberation struggle. It is a free nation where freedoms are already enjoyed by all communities, in the most democratic way. Those who promote transnationalism in minorities would now need to look to the west, and the developed countries with immigrant populations. Similar problems are now raising their ugly head, by the pursuit of overseas national rights by immigrant populations, and the seeking of additional homelands by immigrant populations. In Australia, Prime Minister John Howard has rightfully stated and encouraged the learning of English and the embracing of Australian values to those who have sought to make Australia their new home.

Therefore, those who promote a so called 'national liberation struggle' by the Tamil Tiger terrorists are only promoting a bloodbath of the innocent civilians and the underage Tamil conscripts to terrorism in Sri Lanka. They have now promoted and caused untold misery to Tsunami ravaged Galle struggling to recover from the effects of the devastating Tsunami.

LTTE raises stakes in tourist belt bombing - The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) opened a new front against the Sri Lankan Government yesterday when rebels posing as fishermen blew up their boats in an ambush on a naval base in the southern tourist belt. At least one sailor was killed, two are missing and a dozen were injured in the attack in Galle harbour. Fourteen civilians were also wounded. A pro-LTTE website said 15 rebels were on the boats and all are believed to have died in the attack. The authorities imposed an open-ended curfew on the town after mobs began to target Tamil-owned shops. Police brought the situation under control by firing on the crowds. Most analysts agree that Sri Lanka is now at war in all but name. However, they say both sides are likely to sit down for face-to-face talks in Switzerland at the end of the month to revive the peace process. Keheliya Rambukwella, the government's defence spokesman, accused the rebels of attempting to provoke a backlash against ethnic Tamils that could help them win international sympathy ahead of the peace talks. ``We ask the people not to fall into the trap that has been laid by the LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, or Tamil Tigers],'' he said. A violent backlash by the majority Sinhalese against Tamil civilians could strengthen the Tigers' claim that the Tamil people can live in peace only if they achieve a separate homeland. Since the rebels and government last met in February, Sri Lanka has been shaken by daily violence. The attack in Galle came two days after a rebel bomber killed at least 95 sailors near the town of Dambulla, about 100 miles northeast of the capital, Colombo, the most devastating suicide attack on the military since the two sides agreed to a ceasefire in 2002 (Full report in Hindu).

Suicide boats attack harbour in Sri Lanka - At least four people were killed and 11 wounded in a major suicide bombing against Sri Lanka's southern naval and commercial port of Galle. Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels entered Galle Harbour in boats and at least three rebels and a sailor were killed. "They came in three boats and we blew all three of them. Two small patrol crafts of the Navy were damaged in the fighting," a Navy spokesman said. Another senior military officer said there were three explosions within minutes when the attack began. He said there were five rebel boats and two of them detonated on entering the base. Residents said they heard 10 powerful explosions as well as heavy gunfire. The attack on the Dakshina naval base is the second in three days. Nearly 100 people, mostly sailors, were killed in a suicide bombing on a naval convoy on Monday. News of the raid sparked rioting in Galle, with shops belonging to the minority Tamil community targeted by the majority Sinhalese. Galle is about 113km south of the capital, Colombo, far from the northern and eastern strongholds of the rebels where much of the violence has been concentrated. It was hit by the 2004 tsunami and has been the focus of reconstruction efforts by many aid groups (Full report in New Zealand Herald).

Suicide attack in Sri Lankan resort town kills 1 sailor - Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels posing as fishermen blew up two boats in a suicide ambush on a Sri Lankan naval base, killing at least one sailor in the first such attack on the southern coast popular with tourists, the military said. A pro-rebel Web site said 15 rebels took part in the attack. Military officials could not confirm the number of insurgents involved, but it said all were killed. Two other sailors were left missing and 12 were wounded in the attack, which damaged two navy fast boats and another small boat in the resort town of Galle, a Defense Ministry spokesman said. Fourteen civilians also were wounded. The ministry spokesman, who commented on condition of anonymity because of ministry policy, said it was unclear how many rebels had been killed. The pro-rebel TamilNet Web site said 15 rebels entered Galle harbor in five boats and that three boats exploded. There was no official comment from the Tamil Tigers (Full report in WHDH World News).

LTTE suicide attack averted - Galle [3RD Lead] The LTTE terrorist's attempt to ramp explosive laden suicide craft into the Galle harbour and the Sri Lanka Naval camp area "Dakshina", was comprehensively averted together by the Naval and Army troops said the Defence correspondent from Galle. It has been reported that five explosive laden vessels under the guise of fishermen engaged in the attack around 07:45 a.m. Wednesday, the 18th of October. Three suicide boats were completely destroyed by the Navy whilst the other two exploded themselves at the close proximity to the harbour. Naval spokesperson Commander D.K.P Dassanayake, said that two Naval Inshore Patrol Craft (IPC's), were damaged due to explosions. Reports stated that fifteen LTTE terrorists were believed killed and the extent of the damages to civilian property is yet to be assessed due to the terrorist attack. The Special Task Force has sent reinforcements to the location and the security in area is beefed up. Police curfew has also been enforced and a counter terrorist operation is under way. Meanwhile, the Galle- Matara main road is remained closed to facilitate the counter terrorist operation. According to the available information, a civilian and a sailor was reported dead and at least 26 others including civilians have suffered injuries due to the incident. The injured were immediately transferred to the General Hospital Karapitiya. Deputy Inspector General - Galle, Jayantha Gamage, said that Police curfew was imposed in the area to facilitate search operations (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

LTTE attack on Galle repulsed - Sri Lanka on Tuesday "repulsed" an attack by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the Galle harbour and Sri Lanka Navy camp Dakshina in the tourist town in the south. It asserted that it would not be deterred by such acts in the run up to the October 28 and 29 talks with the Tamil Tigers. In a statement, the military said five "sea tiger" suicide boats, disguised as fishing boats, arrived to attack Dakshina at 7.45 a.m. "The Navy destroyed three suicide boats and the other two approached the Galle harbour and detonated at the entrance. One sailor was killed and 11 were injured. One sailor is missing in action. The situation has been brought under control," it said. A fall-out of the incident was the reported mob attacks in the town on select establishments and shops. The Government was at pains to emphasise that situation was under control and there was no reason to panic (Full report in Hindu).

Navy foils LTTE suicide bid on Dakshina base - COLOMBO: The Navy yesterday foiled an LTTE attempt to launch a suicide attack on the Dakshina Naval base when it destroyed five suicide boats speeding towards the harbour mingling with fishing boats. Navy Spokesman Commander D. K. P. Dassanayaka said Inshore Petrol Craft (IPC) located at the Marshal Point, where the Navy conducts routine checks on the boats entering the harbour spotted the Tiger boats speeding towards the harbour entrance at around 7.45 a.m. "Naval troops on board the IPCs and the shore batteries engaged the Tiger boats, completely destroying three of them," Commander Dassanayaka added. "The remaining two suicide boats were blasted just outside the harbour entrance. The blasts damaged two Water Jets (Inshore Petrol Craft) of the Navy," he added. Commander Dassanayaka said in the encounter that lasted nearly 15 minutes, one sailor was killed and 12 others injured. Two sailors were also reported missing following the confrontation. "We believe at least 10 LTTE cadres on board the suicide boats were killed," he added (Full report in Daily News).

LTTE SUICIDE BOATS ATTACK SRI LANKA’S SOUTHERN NAVAL PORT OF GALLE KILLING ONE AND INJURING 26 - (By Walter Jayawardhana) - The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) terrorists sent its marine wing suicide bombers to Sri Lanka’s Southern harbor Galle and attacked its base of the Sri Lanka Navy. Initial reports said that at least 100 Sea Tigers came in five boats and attacked the the naval base. Two of the boats , believed to be operated by suicide bombers exploded against the naval base. One dead body has been carried out of the harbor to the hospital morgue. The dead person is believed to be a Navy sailor. Naval sources said at least 26 people have been injured and admitted to the the karapitiya Teaching Hospital. Hospital sources said that the condition of three victims of the LTTE attack was very grave. Sri Lanka Army, the Special Task Force and the Sri Lanka Air Force were summoned to tackle the conflict. Search operations were launched near Rumassala Mountain and in buildings near the Galle Post office and Dangedera on information that terrorists escaped to those areas. Residents said ten big explosions were heard in the area during the morning hours. Reports about the attack were sketchy. An old abandoned ship anchored in the harbor was seen on fire filling the area with thick black smoke. The attack came two days after the LTTE suicide bombers attacked a navy convoy of buses carrying service men going on home leave and killed atleast 105 men. (EOM).

Tiger bid to blast Galle Naval base foiled *Suicide craft mingled with fishing boats *Desperate bid to create backlash in South - An LTTE suicide squad attack on the Southern Naval base ‘Dhakshina’ in Galle, at around 7.45 a.m. yesterday, was foiled by the Navy. Five Tiger suicide craft reached the entrance to the Galle Harbour posing as of fishing boats, but the Navy acted swiftly to destroy them. All LTTE suicide cadres on board were killed, Defence Spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said. One sailor and a civilian were killed and 24 injured in the attack. The civilian had died due to shock. The injured are being treated at the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, Galle. Among them are 14 sailors, hospital sources said. The LTTE is desperately trying to inveigle the people in the South to create a backlash, on the Tamils living in those areas, through such provocative acts, Rambukwella said adding that the terrorists planned to enter the port of Galle with the motive of attacking the merchant vessels berthed there. The Minister appealed to the masses to be calm, exercise restraint and not to fall into the LTTE trap. He was addressing the media at the weekly defence briefing. The Government is ready to go ahead with the proposed talks scheduled to be held in Geneva on October 28 and 29 he said. "We are not holding talks to appease the LTTE but the Tamils in the North and the East have genuine grievances and they have not been resolved by successive governments. We will go beyond the CFA and try to address these issues," he said (Full report in Island).

Tigers go to Galle  - The LTTE seems to be desperate for a spectacular attack on a military installation in time for the Geneva talks to enhance its bargaining power and to boost the morale of its allies engaged in fund raising. Having failed at the battle front, it has apparently turned to soft targets like the security service personnel on non combat duty and small military detachments. Yesterday’s attack in Galle could be considered part of its strategy to gain some mileage in the run up to the talks. The tenacity with which the LTTE is pursuing the Navy indicates that it has suffered heavily at the hands of the Navy, the worst blow being the recent sinking of its arms ship. The LTTE usually opens four fronts simultaneously in taking on a government—military, economic, political and propaganda. Apart from avenging its defeats, shifting the Navy’s focus from Trincomalee and causing its limited resources to be overstretched, with the Galle attack the outfit may have sought to weaken the government politically. If the LTTE can make the war spill over into the South proper, which is President Rajapakse’s stronghold, it can help strengthen the hands of his political opponents. A strong presidency attracting the main Opposition party to its orbit is a difficult proposition for the LTTE. The day a southern consensus emerges with the two main parties speaking in one voice, the LTTE will be left without an excuse to refuse to discuss a political deal on the grounds that it cannot be implemented due to differences between the SLFP and the UNP (Full Editorial in Island).

Situation calm in Galle - COLOMBO: The Police curfew clamped in the Galle city in aftermath of the LTTE attack on the Galle Naval Base as a security measure, was lifted at 3.45 p.m. yesterday and reinforced at 7.00 p.m. "Soon after the attack, ground troops, STF, Army and Navy personnel were deployed to maintain law and order in Galle," SSP Galle Keerthi de Silva said. Two persons arrested by police were being questioned, police said. The injured were rushed to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital with the Security Forces' help. The Galle main road and Galle and Matara Road were sealed while the Forces conducted search operations. Only vehicles carrying airport bound passengers and those on emergency mission were allowed to pass, SSP de Silva said. "We also turned back school buses, closed schools and evacuated students with the Security Forces' help," he said. According to the SSP, the situation was brought under control and a joint cordon and search operation was conducted by the Security Forces in the Galle city and its suburbs (Full report in Daily News).

Navy foils Sea Tiger attack on Galle base - 36 arrested, hunt on for more suspects - A daring suicide attempt by Sea Tigers on the ‘Dakshina’ naval base in Galle was thwarted by a three pronged operation by the security forces last morning, a navy spokesman said. The navy spokesman at the Galle base said five LTTE explosive-laden boats mingling with a flotilla of fishing boats opened fire using Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG) and small arms and attempted to force their way into the ‘Dakshina’ base prompting heavy retaliatory fire by the Navy. “The fishing boats are usually checked before they approach the Galle port area and as we began to check these boats as usual, the five LTTE boats increased speed in an attempt to enter the navy base,” the spokesman said. The two-hour battle resulted in at least 17 deaths including one sailor, a civilian and an estimated 15 rebel cadres who were on board the five rebel boats while two other sailors are reported missing. At least 14 civilians, most of whom were employed at the naval base and 12 sailors injured in the confrontation were admitted to the Karapitiya hospital. The navy spokesman said three LTTE boats were destroyed on the perimeter of the Navy base while two other boats which managed to enter the base were also destroyed. He said the ensuing explosion caused minor damages to at least two Navy vessels including a water jet parked at the boat yard. “We suspect that one of the larger vessels anchored at the base may have been a target for last mornings attack,” the navy spokesman said (Full report in Daily Mirror).

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