Easter Holidays Massacre in Sri Lanka

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists attacked a passenger bus to massacre five Sri Lanka Army Soldiers, killing 8 civilians and injuring 28 (Tamil pilgrims of Madhu Church Easter Festival).


Saturday, 07 April 2007

Five Sri Lanka Army Soldiers travelling in the bus was the target of the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists.  During the claymore mine attack, six passangers died on the spot and the other two died on admission to the Vavuniya General hospital.  Six of the victims were identified as the driver of the bus, Ponnampalam Kirubaharan (Tamil), father of one, 44-year-old mother Nimal Kannahi (Tamil) from Madu Road, Murunkan, and her 14-year-old son Nimal Sasitharan (Tamil), Sagayanathan Soosai (Tamil) and Sri Lanka soldier. Some of the injured passengers are Bakkeer Mohaideen (Muslim), Ponniah Manickavasagar (Tamil) and Sagayathevi Jesunayagam (Tamil).

Is this the liberation of Tamil people ?

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The bus which was hit by a LTTE claymore mine in Vavuniya yesterday

A toddler - Victim of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist’s roadside claymore mine explosion

Victims of a failed attempt by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists to kill five Sri Lanka Army soldiers

LTTE Tamil Tigers killing their own Tamil people in a bid to masscare of five Sri Lanka Army soldiers

Another victim of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists receiving medical treatments

A mother helping a child injured by the LTTE Tamil Tiger blast

Victims of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists receiving medical treatments

Sri Lankan medical workers use a trolley to bring a bomb attack victim into a hospital in Vavuniya

Another victim of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists receiving medical treatments

Another victim of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists receiving medical treatments at the hospital.

Six civilians and a soldier travelling in a civilian bus were killed when terrorists of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam targeted the vehicle by a way side claymore bomb the military said. 

“A LTTE claymore targeting a civilian bus exploded and killed seven and injured 26," said Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe, the military spokesman This bus bombing that happened on April 7 is the second one exploded by the LTTE in a week targeting public transport after it exploded another bus bomb on Monday killing 17 people in the Eastern Province. Like in the case of the previous one LTTE military spokesman Rasiah Ilantheriyan (Marshal) said, this bus bomb that even victimized an army soldier is the work of the Sri Lanka Army. The LTTE is involved in civilian killings at this time while suspected LTTE related “human rights organizations” are carrying on an orchestrated anti-Sri Lanka campaign at various platforms including the World Cricket Cup tournament in West Indies. 

The two bus bombings came after six Tsunami construction workers and four farmers were killed by LTTE terrorists in the Eastern Province. The latest roadside explosion targeting the Sri Lanka Transport Board bus took place on Vavuniya -Mannar road at 7.30 a.m. Five passengers died on the spot while two died after admission to the Vavuniya General Hospital. The Sri Lanka Army said immediately after they heard the bombing army ambulances were rushed to the spot to evacuate the dead and the injured. Blaming the LTTE the Sri Lanka Army sources said, hours before the blast, troops on search and clear operations in Vavuniya on Friday night found one land mine weighing some 15 kg (33 lb.), one claymore mine of about 4.5 kg (10 lb.), a pistol and 39 anti-personnel mines.

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LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist's carnage on 05 April 2007... (just two days ago) 

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