A Plea from a Retired Tamil Public Servant living in Colombo, Sri Lanka

January 5, 2008

Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, 

Defence Secretary, 

Government of Sri Lanka 


Sri Lanka

Dear Sir:

I am a retired Hindu Tamil public servant living in Colombo since 1950.  We are totally against the hidden agenda's of the LTTE.

Over the years, I have seen and read the details of many bomb blasts carried out by LTTE. It is a disgrace to the Tamils. Hindu Tamils had a very proud culture. LTTE has destroyed the good name of the Tamils. They have destroyed the future generations of Tamils.  Now, the entire world considers Tamils as "Terrorists". It is not true.  The LTTE should be held responsible for the damages done to the Tamils.

This latest bomb explosion in Slave Island makes the life of every citizen, Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims etc unsafe in Colombo. It is a well known secret that several hundreds of LTTE terrorists are now living in Colombo, and as an innocent Tamil, I urge you sir, to take immediate actions to arrest all LTTE personnel based in Colombo. 

I thought it is my duty to write to you Sir, as the daughter of my neighbour was badly injured in the central bank bomb attack. 

As a Tamil, since that date, it is so embarrassing to face them. They are a very decent family. That terrorist act was a huge black mark to the entire Tamil community.

Please, please let us live with our Sinhala and Muslim brothers & sisters in peace as in the olden days. Last time you were very sympathetic and released those who were rounded up for living in Colombo no apparent reason. Unfortunately, we are now paying the price for that error of judgment.


As a Tamil living in Colombo for the past 50 years, I urge the Defence Secretary to take immediate action to direct the necessary authorities to inspect all lodges in Colombo, and arrest all personnel linked to LTTE. Until this happens, Colombo is not a safe place to live for anyone, Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims.


Yours sincerely



N Sivalingam


Sri Lanka


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What is really happening in Sri Lanka today is that a ‘blood thirsty racist’ group led by some misled Tamils called LTTE is terrorizing against the Govt of Sri Lanka and its people irrespective of their ethnicity with an intention of carving out a separate state. There is no conflict as such between Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community lives in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese population through out the country apart from the Northern part of Sri Lanka. The entire Sinhalese and the Muslims population who lived in the Northern area for centuries were either killed or chased away completely by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists. At the moment, not a single Sinhalese or Muslim is living in Jaffna, but, many thousands of Tamils are living in Colombo.

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