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The United States' top intelligence agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) says that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is the most dangerous and deadly extremist organization in the world. The official website of FBI in its tops story said that LTTE is far more dangerous terrorists outfit than al Queda, Hezbullah or even HAMAS. Read more...

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Tamil Tiger Terror has come to door steps of Australia........... Ban LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in       Australia Under the Criminal Code Act 1995 ...... Ban LTTE Tamil Tiger       Terrorists in Australia Under the Criminal Code Act 1995 ......

Current Significant Issues

What is really happening in Sri Lanka today is that a blood thirsty racist group led by some misled Tamils called LTTE is terrorizing against the Government of Sri Lanka and its people irrespective of their ethnicity with an intention of carving out a separate state. There is no conflict as such between Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community lives in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese population through out the country apart from the Northern part of Sri Lanka. The entire Sinhalese and the Muslims population who lived in the Northern area for centuries were either killed or chased away completely by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists. At the moment, not a single Sinhalese or Muslim is living in Jaffna, but, many thousands of Tamils are living in Colombo in peace with the other communities. Based on 2001 census, the Tamil population in Colombo district is 12.1% (see 2001 census). So, who is discriminated ? Tamils or Sinhalese? Do you need more evidence ?

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Are we serious about a solution based on Indo-Lanka Accord ?

Read more about the 13th Amendment


13th Amendment ........

The ordinary Tamil people don’t care about 13 or 17 amendments. What the ordinary Tamils want is to get on with their day to day life, get on with their agri work in the field, chena, sea, or in the offices and live a peaceful life which they experienced before 1983. We never thought of discrimination, aspiration, grievances before 1983. It was the politicians who planted these poisonous seeds into our hearts and minds. Grievances are there not only for the Tamils but even to the poor Sinhalese people in the South. That’s common to any nationality.




See what LTTE did for the Tamil civilians trying to flee the "Human Shield" of the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists

Caution: Images shown on this web site exposing LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist atrocities maybe disturbing for some users. Please proceed at your own discretion.

“Tamil Tigers”, also called “The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam” (LTTE) declare that they are fighting the government of Sri Lanka to “liberate” the Tamils. During the past three decades of their “liberation struggle” they forcibly abducted an estimated twenty thousand children as young as ten and converted them into human bombs or cannon fodder. Tamil parents who objected to the forcible conscription of their beloved children were tortured or killed in front of their families. Finally, after seven futile attempts at internationally facilitated peace talks and ceasefires, all of which were reneged by the LTTE, the democratically elected Sri Lankan government decided that the only way to liberate the Tamils from the clutches of the LTTE was to eradicate the oppressors. Sri Lanka learned the hard way that any “ceasefire” interval given to these abominable terrorists would be used by them to recuperate, regroup, rearm and attack without warning. Tigers, once the world’s most feared terrorists, are now confined to a few square kilometres of jungle where they have corralled innocent Tamil civilians to be used as human shields. If not for the Sri Lankan government’s concern for the safety of civilians, the LTTE would have been wiped out from the face of earth many moons ago. Tigers make sure that those who try to escape into government declared safe zones are mercilessly killed, mostly burnt alive and the corpses are displayed as a deterrent to others who would try to escape. These photos were taken by a brave Tamil who managed to escape to a safe zone only last week (Read full report).



The monies that have been collected by TD for LTTE war ....

The monies that have been collected by Tamil Diaspora for LTTE war chest runs into billion of dollars during the past three decades. But, where are we now? What have Tamils achieved over the years? Tamils have earned nothing but humiliation and misery. There times I am ashamed to call myself a Tamil to avoid humiliation as Tamils are branded as a set of terrorists.


Indian intervention in Sri Lankan internal affairs


The Tamil Diaspora should at least realize now .....

The Tamil Diaspora should at least realize now that LTTE’s days are numbered and any funds collected for LTTE will benefit only Pirapaharan and his top LTTE hierarchy. Pirapaharan educated his son with your money. His wife is running around the world seeking a safe haven with your money. Pirapaharan built couple of luxurious bunkers with all the modern facility with your money. It is therefore still not too late to stop financing the dying LTTE; stop organizing protest marches, demos and rallies as the Sri Lankan government is not going to stop now until LTTE who also brought misery to the Tamils is completely defeated.


"Tamil Hitler - Made in India" Prabhakaran, who killed Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, is now seeking help from India.

Indian intervention in Sri Lankan affairs

  • They may be strong in armed forces but still they can't find a proper solution to Kashmir Problem (neither military nor political).
  • No matter how strong they are they still have terrorism problems like Chain Bombardments in their capital city, New Delhi, and attacks even inside their Parliament.
  • With all the technology to win space and with all the high tech gadgets in nuclear weaponry, they took more than 30 years to capture a single jungle thief Veerappan.
  • As a nation, collectively they are unable to derive a proper political solution to have a good relationship with neighbouring Pakistan for more than 6 decades.
  • Their politicians are still unable to convince Indian Muslims and Hindus to live in peace and harmony.
  • India had to draw back their RAW (Research and Analysis Wing - Indian intelligence) wing due to their unsuccessful interference in Sri Lanka that resulted in sacrificing their prime minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi. So, they have been unsuccessful in this matter once. So, their predictions are not always correct.
  • India is one of the major parties who aggravated this problem. They trained LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists initially in south India including Prabakaran, Pottu Amman and Karuna Amman. They air supplied food stuff in the past to LTTE when were terribly in need. South India continuously smuggle combat stuff to LTTE.
  • As a nation no matter how hard they try to display a big image of their selves they have critical issues in their own country. They have racial issues, religious issues, economical issues, social issues and political issues. It is not the country we see in Bollywood films. Besides it is highly unethical to interfere the matters of another independent nation because we don't ask them what to do next. India simply don't have rights to do that.
  • South Indian politicians can come to Sri Lanka and travel through out the country to see where ethnic cleansing is. All the southern cities and all the offices there have Tamils living and working in harmony. But any of the northern cities don't have a single Sinhalese.  So, where is ethnic cleansing? So better not use unknown matters for their personal cheap short or long-term political gains.
  • We Sri Lankans don't have any other country to live in other than Sri Lanka. So, if anybody wants to give Tamils a separate country, please separate south India (Tamil Nadu) from what we currently call India, just like Pakistan and Bangladesh, and create a separate state for Tamils in the world. Tamil Nadu has all the necessities for them.


I reminisce with joy and happiness the days before 1983

I reminisce with joy and happiness the days before 1983 when LTTE killed 13 soldiers in Jaffna and provoked the Sinhalese in the South to retaliate. We were living with Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers, Malays like brothers and sisters and that harmony was shattered. We all were one family of one mother Lanka. But unfortunately, LTTE brought us down to ghettos and taught us to hate Sinhalese people. What have we achieved over the last three decades? We have lost our cream of Tamil political leadership sparing only a few like Ananda Sangaree. LTTE killed our educated Tamil politicians; LTTE killed our intellectuals like Dr. Neelan Thiruchelvam, Kethiswera Loganathan, Sam Thambimittu and many others including many Tamil politicians at parliamentary level to village council level. The many youth both men and women sacrificed their lives in this unwanted terrorist war launched by LTTE and ably supported by TD creating a big vacuum in the Tamil population in Sri Lanka. The Tamil minority, once the next biggest ethnic group to Sinhalese has dropped down to third place by Muslims overtaking in terms population. Who is responsible for this catastrophe? We the Tamil Diaspora and LTTE should bear the full responsibility.


Tamil Tiger Terror Machine Forcibly Holding Civilians in the Vanni as a Human Shield

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists are using 'civilians as shields', despite constant urges made by the Sri Lanka Government for the release of thousands stranded in its clutches".

Those who are expressing concern about the security of civilians in the Wanni have stopped short of calling for action against the LTTE, which is using people as a "Human Shield" in Kilinochchi and Mulaitivu. The Sri Lankan government has made arrangements to accommodate civilians to be evicted from the theatre of war, as it successfully did in the Eastern Province. If the LTTE lets go of civilians, the question of their security won’t arise. Therefore, it may be argued that anyone who laments about the plight of civilians without faulting the LTTE or pressuring it to release people in its clutches is, either wittingly or unwittingly, helping further the LTTE’s cause.

To: The Tamil Diaspora living in luxury and funding the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists

So-called NGOs and INGOs ?


Welfare activities

Sponsor a Child (Organised by SPUR)

SPUR child sponsorship programme, called Ranaviru Daruvan, was aimed at helping the children of soldiers who had sacrificed their life or limbs in the war being waged against terrorists in Sri Lanka. In this programme we also included children living in villages under the constant threat of terrorists and had already faced terrorist attacks many times (Click here for details) 

Click here for other SPUR Welfare Projects http://www.spur.asn.au/activites.htm

Madihe East- Tsunami Relief Housing Project - Handing Over Ceremony By Dharmavijaya Foundation - By Ramani D.Wickramaratne - (Full report in SPUR).

Sponsor a child of a war hero deceased or disabled while in action to protect Sri Lanka

A joint project with Sri Lanka Army Seva Vanitha Unit



Ranaviru Foundation (UK)


Apiwenuwenapi.co.uk is the official web site of the Api Wenuwen Api fund raising campaign in UK. The “Api Wenuwen Api Fund” is a collaboration between the The Ministry of Defence and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to build 50,000 houses for the serving Tri-Service personnel.


Thawalama Development Foundation

No. 5, Rajakeeya Mawatha, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.

The Thawalama Development Foundation (TDF) was established on 1994 April 25th to support and assist in the implementation of Project Thawalama approved by the Ministry of Defense on 1994 January 14th. http://thawalama.org

Ranaviru Project of Manel Mal Movement (please download the PDF File)

Please send your donations to 'Manel Mal Movement' to boost the morale of our heroic soldiers. For more information, please access http://www.manelmal.org/

Ranaviru Fund in UK

Rana Viru Fund is established to provide support for the disabled soldiers in Sri Lanka with the support from Sri Lankans around the World. Donations to Rana Viru Fund can be made to our Bank Account and via PayPal..

A full project report will be furnished to all donors at the completion of each phase. If you have donated last time and have not received the Project Report for Phase 1, please write to us at ranavirufund@yahoo.co.uk and we'll send a copy. See details in www.ranavirufund.blogspot.com

Please help us to help those who paid a supreme price for us to live in a Terror Free Country !

Dhammika Siripala For Rana Viru Fund ranavirufund@yahoo.co.uk 


A Backward Glance in Time

SPUR (New Zealand) SinhalaNet

Lanka Herald (Link removed as the URL is now being used by a commercial website)

Sri Lanka Embassy in Geneva
International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research Helabima


Mawbima Lanka


Sri Lanka Army

Sri Lankan War Heroes

The Sri Lanka’s brave soldier known as ‘Hasalaka Weeraya

Chronology of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist's recent attacks on passenger buses and trains
Helahanda Radio in USA Sri Lanka Peace Secretariat (SCOPP) Media Centre for National Security Sinhale  
CASTIS Sinhalaonline Lak Handa (UK) Lanka Daily News

Frequently Asked Questions about LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists (FAQs)

LTTE's ceasefire violations accumulated to date (details in SLMM Website)

LTTE Ceasefire Violations (Sri Lanka Army )

A senior Labour MP in UK has become embroiled in an investigation by anti-terrorism police after speaking at a rally in which suicide bombers were praised, The Sunday Telegraph (UK) has learnt  (click here to read more details).

UNESCO or a FIASCO ? (Click here to read more details)


The International Dimension of Terrorism


A collection of published literature on LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists (click here)(Full report in Sri Lanka Army).(Full report in Sri Lanka Army).

Chapter 01 : Overview Chapter 02 : Binding Legal Process by International Community Chapter 03 : Generic Issues Child Soldiers LTTE Front Organization Fund Raising Arms Trafficking Narcotics Smuggling Human Trafficking Money Laundering Maritime Terrorism Cyber Terrorism Chapter 04 : Links with Other Terrorist Groups Chapter 05 : Country Based Activities (click here to download your copy for lobbying)

International Conference in Countering Terrorism

18 - 20, October 2007 - Colombo, Sri Lanka (click here for details).

The International Dimension of Terrorism (A Publication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist's Child Soldiers

LTTE's Child Soldiers

Children as young as 4-years are being recruited as Child Soldiers by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka

While many thousands of Tamil children being recruited as "Child Soldiers", see how Prabakaran prepares to celebrate his daughter's B'day?

(See LTTE Child Soldiers Web Page)

Living in Fear - Child Soldiers and the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka (A report by Human Rights Watch), http://hrw.org/reports/2004/srilanka1104/

An Urgent Appeal - Please save Tsunami Tamil Children being recruited by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists as "Child Soldiers"

Click here for details - (Please use the facts given in the above sub-webpage in lobbying media, politicians, NGOs etc). Tamil Tiger Terrorists have released only 23 out of many hundreds of children abducted as child soldier after Tsunami. They should release all child soldiers.

Child Soldiers of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka

Child Soldiers of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists (download Power Point Presentation)

LTTE's links with other international terrorist groups

[1]  http://www.senter.no/PDF/LTTEalQaeda.pdf - Osama hand in glove with LTTE - The Times of India
[2]  http://www.svik.org/lttealqaeda.htm - The LTTE - Al Qaeda link
[3]  http://www.svik.org/thai.htm - LTTE and Thailand
4] http://www.slembassyusa.org/defense/2004/amb_black_statement_08sept04.html - Question: Mr. Ambassador, do you find any evidence about links between the LTTE and Al-Qaeda?
[5]  http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items02/241002-1.html
[6] http://www.southasianmedia.net/cnn.cfm?id=221465&category=Politics&Country=SRI%20LANKA

[7]  http://ydeva.info/telling.htm
[8]  http://www.rand.org/pubs/rgs_dissertations/2005/RAND_RGSD185.pdf
[9]  http://www.burmalibrary.org/reg.burma/archives/200111/msg00044.html
  [10]  http://www.state.gov/g/inl/rls/rm/2002/8743.htm   and http://www.ciponline.org/colombia/02031305.htm
[11]  http://www.lanka.net/lankaupdate/29_March_2000.html
[12] http://www.icclr.law.ubc.ca/Publications/Reports/TNOC_LINKS_STUDY_REPORT.pdf
[13]  http://southasia.net/article429.html

[14] http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/countries/nepal/terroristoutfits/index.html
[15]  http://www.ocnus.net/cgi-bin/exec/view.cgi?archive=73&num=19118
[16]  http://cfrterrorism.org/groups/tamiltigers.html


[18] Indian Maoists admit links with LTTE (Web India)

[19] Armed and dangerous: Taliban gear up (Asia Times: 22 December 2005)

[20] British Charity Commission report exposes TRO-terror links (Island: 08 Feb 2006)

(Read the Full List)

[21] Al-Qaeda, LTTE diverting charity funds - US expert

[22] LTTE's links with with Assam Terrorists in India ; India's N-E separatist group linked to Lankan Tigers

[23] Possible links between LTTE and al-Qaeda

[24] US Senate Foreign Relations Committee reveals Eritrea providing direct military assistance to LTTE (Island: 01 Sept 2007)

[25] Tamil Tiger Links with Islamist Terrorist Groups Tue, 2008-03-04 03:08 By Shanaka Jayasekara - Research Paper Published by the International Policy Institute for Counter Terrorism, Herzliya, Israel (Asian Tribune). (Reproduced in SPUR).

[26] Indian weekly reveals LTTE- Lashkar links (Daily Mirror; 30 December 2008)

[27] Military links between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the militant based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) organization go back to the early 1990s (SPUR)


See more details  http://www.spur.asn.au/LTTE's_Links_with_other_terrorist_groups.htm


Recent attacks on Public Transport System by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists


For details please visit http://www.spur.asn.au/Choronology_of_LTTE_Tamil_Tiger_Attacks_on_Passanger_Buses_and_Trains.htm

  • 11 September 2008 - Minor blast on railway track - Sedawatte

  • 10 September 2008 - Minor explosion in Mt.Lavinia

  • 11 July 2008 - Four people including a mother and a son and two other females were killed and 25 others sustained injuries yesterday as LTTE cadres hiding in the Yala National Park opened fire at a Sri Lanka Transport Board bus plying from Moneragala to Kataragama. The incident took place between 50 and 51 Kilometre posts on the Buttala - Kataragama road around 10.30 a.m (read details).

  • 05 June 2008 - Huge Time Bomb Defused Before Five Minutes of its Explosion - RAGAMA: A MASSIVE BLOOD BATH, intended to caused by explosion of 2.5 kg time bomb near a crowded bus halt and a filling station at ALAPITIVALA road MAHABAGE, RAGAMA was prevented just five minutes before its explosion Thursday (5) evening at precisely at 8.25 p.m.. Had the arrival of the Army Bomb Disposal Unit got late to defuse by five minutes, it could have exploded causing a huge carnage on the busy town spot. The Bomb Disposal Team defused it at 8.25 p.m. before it was set to explode at 8.30 p.m.. (Full report in Sri Lanka Army).

  • 05 June 2008 - Huge Time Bomb Defused Before Five Minutes of its Explosion - RAGAMA: A MASSIVE BLOOD BATH, intended to caused by explosion of 2.5 kg time bomb near a crowded bus halt and a filling station at ALAPITIVALA road MAHABAGE, RAGAMA was prevented just five minutes before its explosion Thursday (5) evening at precisely at 8.25 p.m.. Had the arrival of the Army Bomb Disposal Unit got late to defuse by five minutes, it could have exploded causing a huge carnage on the busy town spot. The Bomb Disposal Team defused it at 8.25 p.m. before it was set to explode at 8.30 p.m.. (Full report in Sri Lanka Army).

  • 04 June 2008 - Another bomb has been exploded by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists in a location along the rail track between Wellawatta and Dehiwala railway stations this morning (04 June 2008). It is believed that the bomb had been triggered off targeting the Colombo bound highly crowed passenger train (read details and photos).

  • 30 May 2008 - Sri Lanka police personnel on duty at the main bus stand, Moratuwa have found a claymore mine inside a public transport bus around 9.30 pm, today (May 30). According to the police sources the bomb has been found inside a parcel placed under the rear seat of the bus that completed its trip from Colombo. The bomb has not been armed, but the detonator and few electrical batteries have been found with the bomb, the sources said. Air Force bomb disposal team defused the bomb, the sources added (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

  • 26 May 2008 - 7 civilians were killed including a pregnant mother and 73 more passengers suffered injuries when the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists exploded a bomb inside a highly crowded Colombo-Panadura train around 4.55 p.m on 26 May 2008 (see details and photos).

  • 24 May 2008 - Moratuwa - Vigilant civilians yesterday (May 24, 2008) foiled two cowardly attempts made by LTTE terrorist to massacre civilians in the Moratuwa area (read details).

  • 24 May 2008 - Ganemulla - Sri Lanka Police Special Task Force (STF) bomb disposal team defused a time bomb weighing 1.25 kg this evening found in a public transport bus at Kossinna in Ganemulla (May 24, 2008).

  • 25 April 2008 - LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist's Black Friday Massacre on 25 April 2008 killing 26 and injuring 64 civilians, including a Buddhist Monk on 25 April, 2008. Twenty four civilians returning home after a hard day’s work were killed and another 40 including schoolchildren were injured when a fully packed bus bound to Kahapola was exploded by LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists at 6.45 p.m. at the Piliyandala bus terminal, near Colombo, Sri Lanka.  This bomb attack clearly showed that the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists are not ready to abandon violence and destruction even though the Sri Lankan Government had repeatedly pledged its commitment to peace (Details and photos in SPUR Web page). 

  • 03 February 2008 - LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists Suicide Bomb Attack at Colombo Fort Railway Station targeting civilians on 03 February 2008 A female suicide bomber blew herself up at Colombo's main train station. 12 killed; Over 100 wounded (03 February 2008).

  • 02 February 2008 - Dambulla Bus Bomb  - Another Massive Bomb Blast by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists at Dambulla, Sri Lanka on 2 February, 2008 - 20 killed; 50 Injured (read details);

  • 29 January 2008 - Madhu Bus Bomb Blast - Seventeen civilians, including 11 school children, were killed on Tuesday in an accidental explosion of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist's claymore bomb on a school bus in Mannar district. This territory is held by the LTTE (29 January 2008)

  • 16 January 2008 - Massacre of school children by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists at Okkampitiya, Monaragala in Sri Lanka on 16 January 2008

  • 07 April 2007 - Easter Holidays Massacre in Sri Lanka - LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists attacked a passenger bus to massacre five Sri Lanka Army Soldiers, killing 8 civilians and injuring 28 (Tamil pilgrims of Madhu Church Easter Festival) (Full details in SPUR Web Page)

  • 06 January 2007 - LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist suicide bomb blast one more bus: 15 killed & 40 injured in a crowded bus at Seenigama, Hikkaduwa, south of Colombo in Sri Lanka - 06 January 2007 (Read full details in SPUR);

  • 05 January 2007 - LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist kill 6 innocent civilians and injures another 63, by exploding a bomb in a public passenger bus at Nittambuwa, near Colombo in Sri Lanka on Friday, 05 January 2007 (Read full Details in SPUR Web Page)

  • 15 June 2006 - Kebitigollewe Massacre (15 June 2006), Read full details and phots in SPUR WebPage. Carnage at Kebithigollewa (Photos in Island). Download in PDF 1.88 MB


Latest SPUR / SLUNA / WAPS Media Releases

Media Release by SLUNA (Canada) - Canada Outlaws World Tamil Movement (WTM) - Tamil Tiger Terror Front (17 June 2008)

Media Release by SLUNA (Canada) - Tamil Tiger Terror Machine Continues Carnage Targeting Civilians in Sri Lanka (8 June 2008)

Media Release by SPUR (Queensland) - ANOTHER CARNAGE BY LTTE TERRORISTS (7 June 2008)

SPUR (Vic) Media Release - Human Rights and Terrorism (03 June 2008)

Media Release by SLUNA in Canada : Tamil Tiger Terror Machine Targets Civilians in Sri Lanka (28 May 2008).

see SPUR Media Releases in http://www.spur.asn.au/media.htm)

Last two Sinhala Employees in Jaffna ..... - In fact, two decades ago, the last of the Sinhala employees of the Cement Corporation and Lanka Cement numbering nearly 180 had to leave KKS within eight hours under threat by the LTTE terrorists. MKN may not know that these ruthless terrorists woke up the General Manager and Deputy General Manager at two in the morning, marched them and placed them against the wall of the Cement Corporation and shot them dead point blank. These two officers were keen and had helped the people of KKS whose livelihood depended on the cement industry. These two officers were Sinhala (Island 26, August 2008).


Reports Issued by the Norwegians Against Terrorism

(1) The LTTE is South East Asia with Special Focus on Thailand.  Prepared by R-Senter, Norway - 24 November 2004 http:www.svik.org/PDF/ltteasia.pdf

(2) Report by the Norwegians Against Terror (NAT) - 14 January 2007 - The international Fight Against Terrorism- (report issued by the Norwegians Against Terrorism).  http://www.svik.org/nat1.pdf

(3) Report by the Norwegians Against Terror (NAT) - The Norwegian Peace Facilitators in Sri Lanka - 13 January 2006 (Last Year's Report) - http://www.svik.org/PDF/norway.pdf

(4) Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT) report - 15 August 2008


Read more about LTTE's suicide bombers http://www.spur.asn.au/chronology_of_suicide_bomb_attacks_by_Tamil_Tigers_in_sri_Lanka.htm

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist's recent Atrocities ....

Caution : The images shown in this web page exposing the atrocities of the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists may be found disturbing by some people. Proceed at your own caution.


6 Tamil civilians killed, 20 Tamil civilians injured in LTTE artillery attack at Jaffna on 29 May 2008

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists hand grenade attack on civilians injuring 17, including two children (17 May 2008)

LTTE Tamil Tiger suicide bomb attack near Sambuddhaloka temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka targeting civilians ; 10 killed, over 95 wounded (16 May 2008) Please download your copy of the document in PDF format

Massacre of civilians at Ampare (09 May 2008) See more details in SPUr on 09 May 2008  Tamil Terrorist Bomb Blast, Ampara - Death toll reaches 12 innocent civilians (SinhelaNet). 

Mt Lavinia Bomb attack (23 February 2008)

Colombo Fort Railway Station Bomb on 03 February 2008 (see details and photos in SPUR). http://www.spur.asn.au/LTTE_Suicide_Bomb_Colombo_Fort_Railway_Station_20080203.htm

Deliberate Grenade Attack on Animals in Dehiwela Zoo, Colombo http://www.spur.asn.au/LTTE_Bomb_20080203_Dehiwela_Zoo.htm

On 02 January 2008, LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists killed another two students, Pathum Divanka Chathura Dissanayake (14), and Malith Lasidu Bandara (16) LTTE_tamil Tigers Slave Island Bomb on 2008 January 02;

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists massacre another 10 innocent civilians in a remote village of Kalawalgala, Thanamalwila in Sri Lanka on 18 January 2008.

Massacre of school children by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists at Okkampitiya, Monaragala in Sri Lanka on 16 January 2008

Massacre of civilians in Abhimanpura, Kebitigollewa, Sri Lanka (05 December 2007)

Suicide bomb attack on fellow Tamils in Colombo (28 November 2007)

Bomb attack on civilians, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka (27 November 2007)

Ratmalana Bomb on 28 May 2007 -

LTTE gunmen shot dead, Ven. Hadungamuwe Nandarathene Thero, a Buddhist monk at Mahadivulwewa-Stage 1, in the Morawewa General area, approximately 40 kilometers north east of Anuradhapura, on Sunday the 13th of May. (Full details in SPUR :

New Year Eve Massacre in Sri Lanka - LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists Kill Five More Innocent Tamil Civilians on the Eve of Sinhala and Tamil New Year (Friday, 13 April 2007).

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist's Awaranthalawa Massacre on 12 April 2007 (Full details in SPUR Web Page).

Power Point Presentation on some of the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists attacks  (save and open)

Easter Holidays Massacre in Sri Lanka - LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists attacked a passenger bus to massacre five Sri Lanka Army Soldiers, killing 8 civilians and injuring 28 (Tamil pilgrims of Madhu Church Easter Festival).(Full details in SPUR Web Page).

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist suicide bomb blast one more bus: 15 killed & 40 injured in a crowded bus at Seenigama, Hikkaduwa, south of Colombo in Sri Lanka - 06 January 2007 (Read full details in SPUR)

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist kill 6 innocent civilians and injures another 63, by exploding a bomb in a public passenger bus at Nittambuwa, near Colombo in Sri Lanka on Friday, 05 January 2007 (Read full Details in SPUR Web Page)  Please download the PDF Flyer

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have laid fresh charges against two Melbourne terrorism suspects, accused of being members of the Tamil Tigers (Read more details in SPUR)

LTTE Atrocities - 2006 Review (See details in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

Chronology of LTTE Tamil Tiger Atrocities since June 2005

See full details of LTTE's Somadevi School massacre (7 Dec 2006) in SPUR Web Page

Sri Lanka's Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, escapes assassination by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka ....

Details on LTTE's Suicide Attack in Habarana (2006 Oct 15)

Details on LTTE's Suicide Bomb Attack on Tsunami Devastated Town, Galle

Information Received from Anti-LTTE Tamils

Chronology of Suicide Bomb Attacks by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka

Suicide Attacks by the LTTE

Massacre of Muslims in Muttur by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists on 03 August 2006


Major incidents involving the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists outside Sri Lanka (May 2007)

A home guard beheaded by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists - The tiger terrorists killed a home guard at Sirimangalapura in Serunuwara Police division in Trincomalee. The incident happened at the early morning on 24 July 2006 (Full report in NMAT).


Major General Parami Kulatunga assassinated by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists LTTE_Atrocities_20060626_Parami_Kulatunga.htm

Chronology of Suicide Bomb Attacks by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka (Click here for details).

See details and photos in SPUR

Massive Demonstration to demand banning the Tamil Tiger terrorists under the Criminal Code of Australia.

Organised by several community organisations in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Woolongong etc

(See SPUR Website for more photos, please click here)

Kebitigollewe Massacre (15 June 2006), Read full details and phots in SPUR WebPage. Carnage at Kebithigollewa (Photos in Island). Download in PDF 1.88 MB  Terror Strike on Public Bus in Kebithigollewa Called to Memory

Read full details on Suicide Bomb Attack on Lt General Sarath Fonseka - 25 April 2006.

Kalyanapura, Gomarankadawala Massacre on 23 April 2006

Welikanda Massacre on 29 May 2006   PDF Brochure

LTTE's attack on Sri Maha Bodhiya at Anuradhapura (14 May 1985).

Policemen and security personnels look at the bodies of construction workers who were shot dead by Tigers in an execution-style massacre, 30 May 2006 in Welikanda. ( AFP) (Details in Island). (See more details in SPUR)

LTTE Tamil Tiger Atrocities

This document contains some photographs of poor innocent children, women and men brutally massacred by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists.   Warning: The photographs may offend the sensibilities of some readers.

(see more LTTE atrocities in SPUR Webpage)


Enough is Enough - It is now clear to everyone that all these terrorist activities are being planned and executed by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists living in lodges in Colombo. Therefore, the Sri Lanka Govt should take immediate actions to inspect all these lodges in Colombo and arrest suspected LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists. 

An Appeal to the Defence Secretary

  • Open Letter to Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary, Government of Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka - By Asoka Weerasinghe, Canada (03 January 2008) Click here for the full letter.

  • Open Letter to Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary - Flush out undesirables in Colombo - By Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya, Melbourne, Australia (04 January 2008) - Click here for the full letter.

  • A Plea from a Retired Tamil Public Servant living in Colombo, Sri Lanka (read details).

  • Enough is enough – Please take steps to eliminate terrorism - By Ben Silva, United Kingdom (read full letter)



President Mahinda Rajapaksa requests UN officials to take action against Child Conscription by the LTTE

A list of atrocities committed by the LTTE on Tamils, whom the LTTE say have to be "liberated"(Read the atrocities from May 2002 to September 2003)

Killing / Abduction / Attempt to Murder Causing Injuries to EPDP Members by LTTE since Signing of Ceasefire Agreement on 23rd February 2002 until September 2004



LTTE's deadliest vehicle bomb attacks (June 2007)

Raising the LTTE Flag in USA - The New York Society for United Sri Lankans in a letter addressed to Mr. Evans Owens of the US Embassy in Colombo said if the laws banning the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the US allow a front organization of the terrorists to teach Tamil students of New York such doctrines as ethnic cleansing as correct the proscribing law must be a real ass and a real hollow one (See LankaWeb).

VIP treatments by the Government of Sri Lanka to the terrorist leader who was / is / will be  distributing lies worldwide to damage the good name of the Government of Sri Lanka and who planned the deaths of thousands of defence personnel and unarmed civilians (Read Full details in SPUR).

Imploding Federalism in Australia - Are there Lessons for Sri Lanka? (full report in PDF format).

The Sting in the Tigers' Tale

(read full transcript in SBS Dateline).


The Norwegian Peace Facilitators in Sri Lanka 

Report prepared by Norwegians against Terror (NAT)
Oslo, Friday 13th January 2006

Please download the PDF version of the report and use it for lobbying purposes. www.senter.no/norway.pdf  or www.svik.org/PDF/norway.pdf


Please read in full, the award winning article by Namini Wijedasa - Tigers kill democracy in Batticaloa - Blatant, relentless child recruitment

Tamil Tigers Extort Diaspora for ?Final War? Funds
Tamil Families and Businesses in Canada, UK Threatened  (Full report in Visit Human Rights Watch)    http://hrw.org/reports/2006/ltte0306/

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists continue to assassinate civilians, members of the rival political parties and security personnel under the banner of cease-fire agreement (CFA) 

Press Release by EU - Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union condemning the actions of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)EU Declaration on LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists - 26 September 2005

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists continue to assassinate civilians, members of the rival political parties and security personnel under the banner of cease-fire agreement (CFA). (see details in SPUR) (Read the Media Release by SLUNA, 21 January 2006)

  Liberate Tamils from the LTTE Tiger Terrorists   (more details)

LTTE Front Organisations identified by various sources (See Details in Lak Handa UK) Visit Lak Handa (UK) Home Page



Liberate Tamils from LTTE Tiger Terrorists

Click here for more details


Between February 2002 and August 2005, 2,069 complaints were registered against the LTTE. Of these, 1,693 have been ruled as CFA violations. The SLMM had ruled that the total number of CFA violations committed by the LTTE, involving all categories, is 3,113. Of the 141 cases ruled as CFA violations by the Sri Lankan armed forces, there are no complaints of child recruitment. Pointing out that upto the end of August, the UNICEF had recorded 1,277 outstanding cases of child recruitment, the Coalition emphasised that "the recruitment of any child under the age of 18 for military purposes ? whether forced or voluntary ? is contrary to international human rights norms." (Hindu, 05 Oct 2005)

Media Release - Tamil Tiger Terrorist Attacks Heighten Tensions In Sri Lanka  (Full Media Release of SLUNA, Canada).

Worldwide Protests against the current Norway Government and the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists Atrocities (Read Norway and LTTE)


10 December 2005 in Geneva (Organised by patriots in Italy)


30 October 2005 - Italy, Rome (Piazza Della Republica)


18 September 2005 - Protest opposite UN against LTTE atrocities - A protest rally against political assassinations including that of Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadiragamar, recruitment of child soldiers, import of military weapons and other terrorist activities, was held at the UNO Headquarters, in New York on September 18 (Sunday) between 1.00 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. A large number of Sri Lankans resident in the New York and New Jersey states participated. The protesters forwarded a petition to the UN Secretary-General with copies to other world leaders (Full report in Island).


17 September 2005 (Saturday) - In Kathania (from Piazza Borgo to Piazza Duomo), Italy- 3:30pm


Melbourne (11 September) - A massive protest rally on famous "9 / 11" in front of the State Parliament in Victoria, Melbourne, Australia (Click here for Photos and details). Click here for the Media Release


Vancouver (27 August) - A mass protest will be held at the Georgia Plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 750 Hornby Street (Hornby Street / West Georgia Street), Vancouver


Los Angeles (17 Aug) - Protest in Los Angeles against LTTE (LankaTruth).


Canada (17 Aug) , USA (18 Aug) and UK (19 Aug)  - JVP International takes protests across Atlantic (details and Photos in SinjelaNet)  - Protests in France, Canada and UK against LTTE Protests in France, Canada and UK against LTTE (Lanka Truth).


Paris (17 Aug 2005) - JVP internationally protests against the LTTE (Full details in SinhelaNet)


Canberra (18 Aug 2005) - Australian Sri Lankans stage vibrant demonstrations in front of the Sri Lankan and Norwegian diplomatic missions


International Crisis Group (ICG) - Crisis Expert and Export Crisis? ............

Trying to convince Virginia Judge ...  the "True" nature of the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka ............


Defense of Viginia Judge New South Wales MP lacks credibility (Asian Tribune)


Do 3000 votes justify, challenging a Country?s Sovereignty ? a Sri Lankan asks Ms. Virginia Judge MP (Asian Tribune)


Ms.Virginia Judge, NSW MP defended (Asian Tribune)




Statement made in the New South Wales Parliament on September 15, 2005 (SLUNA)


Another open letter to New South Wales Member of Parliament Ms.Virginia Judge (Asian Tribune : 23 September 2005)


An open letter by a Sri Lankan to Ms. Virginia Judge, New South Wales MP (Asian Tribune: 22 Sept 2005)


"I experienced first-hand a concerted campaign to prevent me from traveling to Tamil Eelam" ? Virginia Judge (Asian Tribune: 17 Sept 2005)


Australian MP carrying dollars to Mullaitivu ? LTTE stronghold (Asian Tribune : 31 Aug 2005)


Jane's Intelligence Reports


The Eelam Peoples Democratic Party (EPDP), alleged that the LTTE was responsible for the killing of journalist Dharmaratnam Sivaram on April 28, 2005.

Probe LTTE atrocities since signing the CFA (click here for details)

LTTE Tamil tiger terrorists air assets a threat to India and Sri Lanka

Assassination of Major Nizam Muthaliff 

It is immoral that LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists want innocent Tamil children to fight the war for them. There is simply no excuse, no acceptable argument for arming innocent Tamil children http://www.spur.asn.au/childwar.htm

So-called Joint Mechanism or P-TOMS


Read Full details on the Supreme Court judgement on P-TOMS

P-TOMS funding ? another let down - By Neville Ladduwahetty

Joint Mechanism, a mechanism for unconditional empowerment - by Neville Ladduwahetty -

Joint Mechanism ? a prelude to Tiger Eelam - by Neville Ladduwahetty

Memorandum of Understanding for Establishment of a Post-Tsunami Operational Management Structure Preamble

Anti-JM protests in Colombo - Norwegians protected Protests held in all major cities

Getting ready for the grand betrayal

Power Point Presentation on so-called Joint Mechanism (269 KB only). Please circulate



 Power Point Presentation on so-called Joint Mechanism (269 KB only). Please circulate 

Sri Lanka Development Forum

Inaugural session held on Tuesday, 16 May 2005

Paper presented by Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thera (read full)

Let's carry the important message given by Ven Rathana thero to all donor countries - Ven Rathana thero used the golden opportunity tactfully to directly address the representatives of all the donor countries and international lending agencies to expose the LTTE. Now, it is the responsibility of all patriots to carry the initial message given by Ven Rathana thero to all donor countries, by explaining in details the danger of this so-called secretive Joint Mechanism (SPUR Media Release)

The link between LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists and the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO)

Read Australia House of Representatives Hansard No 3, 2004 - Tuesday, 7 December 2004 - See Pages 141 - 142
Here below the URL :
A very important statement by Hon Alexander Downer, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Government of Australia. (See Question No 41 in page Nos 141-142 - Government of Australia, House of Representatives, Official Hansard, No 3, 2004 - Tuesday, 7 December 2004)

Over 7,000 NGOs in Sri Lanka; Now NGOs are running the country undermining Sri Lanka's sovereignty. A commission is required to investigate the hidden agenda's of this NGO Mafia, and expel them from Sri Lanka (see details)

The LTTE is South East Asia with Special Focus on Thailand.  Prepared by R-Senter, Norway - 24 November 2004 http:www.svik.org/PDF/ltteasia.pdf  

(Click here for details of the Press Conference held last night)


The forgotten victims of WAR and Peace in Sri Lanka

Navy plans to launch its own website http://www.navy.lk/ on December 10. This coincides with its 54 anniversary.



SPUR Sub - Webpages

Home  SPUR Policy Clarification Massacre of 175 Muslims by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists


Ethnic cleansing in Sri Lanka

Power-point presentation indicating the atrocities committed by the world's most ruthless Tamil Tiger Terrorist group (LTTE) of Sri Lanka (Power Point Presentation)

A Trail of LTTE Atrocities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Prominent Tamil Leaders Assassinated by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists

Prominent Political Leaders Assassinated by The LTTE

Political killings by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists

LTTE Tamil Tiger Atrocities

Power Point Presentation on LTTE Atrocities

Serial Killings of some of the Parliamentarians by LTTE Tamil Tigers

LTTE has so far killed 23 parliamentarians

Please sponsor a "Ranaviru" Child (New Management)

Chronology of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist's recent attacks on passenger buses and trains

450 Years of Colonialism (Part 1 - British Rule) / (Part 2 - Dutch Rule) /  (Part 3 - Portuguese Rule) 
More LTTE Atrocities Page 1 More LTTE Atrocities Page 2
More LTTE Atrocities Page 3 Media Releases SPUR Mission Statement
LTTE bomb attack on Central Bank, Colombo LTTE bombs Sri Dalada Maligawa in Sri Lanka
LTTE Child Combatants  by Rohan Gunaratna SPUR Mission Statement News - Archives
LTTE International Secretariat Two Unmanned Aerial Aircrafts smuggled to Sri Lanka in September 2003... Who has smuggled those two planes ? What
LTTE activities in South Africa

South African LTTE Connections Exposed

International and Regional Implications of the Sri Lankan Tamil Insurgency - Rohan Gunaratne

Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy (World Heritage Centre) WORLD OPINION about LTTE Tamil Tigers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers LTTE Tamil Tigers in Thailand
Gonagala Massacre in Ampare - LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists massacred 61 Sinhalese villagers including
17 Women and 7 children on 18 September 1999
Personal Advertisements
Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers (1)

Child Soldiers (2)

Child Soldiers (from EPDP)

Child Soldiers of The Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

Chronology of Suicide Bomb Attacks by Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka

Suicide Killings - DataChronology of Suicide Bomb Attacks by Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka

Suicide Killings - An Overview

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists bomb Central Bank in Colomo, Sri Lanka killing 58 civilians and injuring several hundreds

Please send your opinion to King Parayakaran or the JVP?

SPUR Advertisements Page
SPUR Foster Parents Project -  "Ranaviru" Child   Tamil National Alliance parliamentary candidate Rajan Sathiyamoorthy was killed by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists on 30 March 2004.

Evangelical movement in North and East led by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists ......LTTE Tamil Tigers Attempt to Assassinate Hindu Leader, Minister T Maheshwaran

Media Release of the World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka Unmanned Aerial Aircrafts Smuggled in September 2003

Norway - "Peace" or "Piece" Brokers in Sri Lanka

Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 1) Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 2) Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 3)
Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 4) Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 5) Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 6)
Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 6) Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 7) Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 8)
Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 9) Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 10) Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 11)
Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 12) Summary of LTTE activities prior to 2000 (Part 13) NGO
LTTE Activities in South Africa Norway and LTTE  
Is LTTE the Sole Representatives of Tamils? - By Prof Shantha K Hennayake The Facts About So Called Discrimination Katunayake International Airport Attack
Please download "Sithumina Vol 1", the monthly electronic news bulletin of SPUR Victoria in Acrobat format Please download "LakHanda Vol 1 in 2004", the news bulletin of SPUR Victoria in Acrobat format LTTE Child Combatants  by Rohan Gunaratna
"Slideshow: Sri Lanka Bombing" link to see the slide show. http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/srilanka/feature2.html

Slide show on Sri Lanka Bombings

Friday 2 March 2001 - Melbourne Central Conference Centre, Melbourne, Australia
Sponsored and organised by
Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc. (SPUR)

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Global Terrorism -
Lecture given by the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London on 15th April 1998.
International and Regional Implications of the Sri Lankan Tamil Insurgency - Rohan Gunaratne
AND THE DEVOLUTION PROPOSALS - overview By S B Hettiarachchi
Kingdom of Jaffnapatnum - "Traditional Homelands" The Verdict of Cartographic History
By Prof. S.Ranwella
Racism: the evil elite of Jaffna - H.L.D. Mahindapala - 6th, October 1996
The revolt of the privileged - H.L.D. Mahindapala - 29th September 1996
The Liberation of Kilinochchi - ACSLU Statement issued after the Capture of Kilinochchi

Bangkok Post 29/10/97 - Tigers adopt a new tool of terror International & Regional Security Implications of the Sri lankan Tamil  Insurgency.
Rohan Gunaratna

South African LTTE Connections Exposed - By Rohan Gunaratna


Peter Chalk

Tamil Tigers receive training in Pan-Negroist South Africa

EU Election Observation Mission (EOM) to Sri Lanka, Parliamentary elections - April 2004
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Ranil's Diary
The Coaliation to Stop Child Soldiers

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists bomb Central Bank in Colombo, Sri Lanka killing 58 civilians and injuring several hundreds

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Hostile Acts by the LTTe Tamil Tiger Terrorists Against the Other Political Parties and Civilians (EPDP) Umberto Gui Assassination of EPDP (Political Party) Members by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists
LTTE Tax System LTTE Political Killings (Muslims) The True History Of Sri Lanka
Voice of Sinhela from Germany Rupavahini News

CAUS (Canada)


P.O.Box 55292, 300 Borough Drive Toronto Ontario M1P 4Z7 Canada

Suicide terrorism: a global threat (Janes's Intelligence)

Tamil Democratic Forum (TDF) in Denmark

Please visit new website

Helabima at http://www.helabima.org/

Sihala Urumaya March to Maniraakulam LTTE Camp:Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4 News from the Official Website if the Govt of Sri Lanka. Persons Chargeable With Treason - THE DOSSIER - The Chronicle Of acts of omission and commission which are seriously detrimental to the Sri Lankan nation and the state. Click on Lakhanda
LTTE Child Combatants  by Dr Rohan Gunaratna In the Shadow of a Cease-fire: The Impacts of Small Arms Availability and Misuse in Sri Lanka, by Chris Smith, October 2003 Tamil tigers in Norway

Mysterious  Sudden  Passing  Away  of The  Most  Ven.  Gangodawila  Soma
Maha  Nayaka  Thera

Sinhala Net

Tigers and us - by Association of United Tamils Overseas (AUTO) London

Child Soldiers - 1 (from EPDP)

Child Soldiers - 2 (from EPDP)

PNM Website

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

LakHanda (UK)

The Mackenzie Institute (Canada)
The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA)   UNICEF Press Releases

Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies



Turning a Blind Eye to Terrorism (The Mackenzi Institute in Canada).

Canada and Terrorism


Atrocities commited by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists to their own Tamil people
International and Regional Implications of the Sri Lankan Tamil Insurgency - ByRohan Gunaratne
The Svik organisation in NorwaySri Lanka 

Ethnic cleansing of Northern Muslims

Sri Lanka Navy
Danish political parties spearhead a move to ban LTTE in Denmark, as well as in the EU (Asian Tribune)

Persons Chargeable With Treason- THE DOSSIER - The Chronicle Of acts of omission and commission which are seriously detrimental to the Sri Lankan nation and the state. Click on Lakhanda (UK) Web Page

Search Engins

The forgotten victims of WAR and Peace in Sri Lanka

Progress of  the Memorandum of Understanding and the Ceasefire Agreement in Sri Lanka

Two Unmanned Aerial Aircrafts smuggled to Sri Lanka in September 2003... Who has smuggled those two planes ? What happened to the investigations ?

Lanka peace process : Voice your opinion to India.Info Web Page


Media Releases of SPUR and WAPS (Contd)


Resolution adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on 20 April 2002 (SPUR)

Environmental Vandal Norway Eyes Sri Lanka?s Rich Environmental Heritage (Full Details in SPUR Web Page : 17 July 2002)

MEDIA RELEASE by Pacific Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (PAPS)


Pacific Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (PAPS) Urges the USA Government to Read the Riot Act to the LTTE (6 July 2002)




Media Release (Thursday, 15 May 2003) by Pacific Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (PAPS) - Elimination of Unsung, Unwept, and Dauntless Defenders of Sri Lanka continues - Government's deafening silence is CONDEMNED (full Media Release in SPUR).

  Media Release (Friday, 16 May 2003) by An Alliance of Expatriate Organisations Put the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission on Notice - STOP INTERFERING AND INFRINGING ON SRI LANKA'S SOVEREIGNITY (read full in SPUR).

Media Release (21 May 2003) - World Alliance of Patriotic Organisations  say "Enough is Enough" and Request President to Disband the SLMM

Open Letter to World Bank Resident Representative in Sri Lanka by Alliance of Sri Lankan Expatriate Organisations - REWARDING TERRORISM AND UNDERMINING DEMOCRACY IN SRI LANKA

Open Letter to Prime Minister of Thailand in Sri Lanka by Alliance of Sri Lankan Expatriate Organisations - Stamp Out Tamil Tiger Terrorist Gun Running - Help Sri Lanka Eradicate Tamil Tiger Terrorism

Open Letter to the President of Sri Lanka (2 June 2003) - The Government Should Not Capitulate to Terrorist Blackmail - Reject Outright the Demand for an Interim Administration

The World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) says in a letter to President and Defence Minister of Sri Lanka "We are deeply shocked by the news that the Defence Ministry is about to issue a dictum to Sri Lanka's Navy to fly the flag of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) when patrolling Sri Lankan seas with SLMM representatives on board Navy vessels".

Media Release by the World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) - 20 June 2003. 'SLEEPERS WAKE! THE WATCHMAN IN THE HEIGHTS IS CALLING' 

World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) - Press Release : 13 July 2003 - The Nation must stand by its Servicemen and Women in this hour of need

Press Release by World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) : Sunday, 30 August 2003 - OPEN LETTER TO WORLD LEADERS AND HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ORGANIZATIONS - Stop killing and intimidating political party members and civilians in Sri Lanka

Press Release by WAPS : Thursday, 11 September 2003 - Linking Aid to Good Governance

Press Release by SPUR :Sri Lanka Police action to remand democratic protesters is a clear violation of human rights (4 November 2003)

Press Release by SPUR :SPUR Rejects Outright Proposal by LTTE Terrorists for Establishing an Interim Self Governing Authority for the North and the East of Sri Lanka (4 November 2003)

Press Release by SPUR :The Sacking of Three Ministers and Suspending Sri Lanka?s Parliament (5 November 2003)


Open Letter to President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaranatunga by the World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) - 4 Dec 2003

Critique of the LTTE?s proposals for an Interim Self-Governing Authority - By Mahinda Gunasekera, Honorary President Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada (SLUNA) - February 2004

Press Release of the World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) - Press Release Ref: A05F/UA/2004 dated February 11, 2004 issued by the Tamil Centre For Human Rights (TCHR) titled Hundreds of Christian Churches Vandalised in Sri Lanka

Media Release - Presidential Commission to Inquire into the Unexpected Death of Venerable Gangodawila Soma Thero (5 March 2004)

Media Release by SPUR - MAXIMISING ELECTORAL POWER (7 March 2004)

Press Release of the World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS)  - SAVE SRI LANKA AND THE SRI LANKAN TAMIL COMMUNITY FROM THE GRIP OF TAMIL TIGER TERRORISTS (19 March 2004)

Press Release of the World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) - Sri Lankans call for annulment of north and east polls (09 April 2004).

SPUR Media Release - Sri Lanka?s Permanent Representative to the UN (17 April 2004)

WAPS Media Release : 31 May 2004 - Proposals to Establish an Interim Self ?Governing Authority for the North/East Region by the LTTE

WAPS Media Release - An Appeal to the Malwatte Chapter Mahanayake - Most Venerable Tibbutuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thero (21 September 2004)

SPUR Condemns the Abduction of Civilians from Trincomalee and Urge the International Community and the Government of Sri Lanka to take Immediate Steps to Secure their Release (24 Sept 2004).

Norwegian Anti terrorism speaker says that LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists sold hundreds of Norwegian passports to Al Qaeda group

Please read the following two reports. If you wish, please get a hard-copy and forward to those individuals / organizations to act against the funding by the Norwegian Government to LTTE, it's front organisations and their paid agents ....

(1) Report by the Norwegians Against Terror (NAT) - 14 January 2007 - The international Fight Against Terrorism- (report issued by the Norwegians Against Terrorism).  http://www.svik.org/nat1.pdf

(2) Report by the Norwegians Against Terror (NAT) - The Norwegian Peace Facilitators in Sri Lanka - 13 January 2006 (Last Year's Report) - http://www.svik.org/PDF/norway.pdf

Please save the innocent Tamil Children from the clutches of the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists

Read more about LTTE's Child Soldiers http://www.spur.asn.au/childwar.htmchildwar.htm


Read more and more about LTTE's Child Soldiers


View how LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists are parading in Government controlled areas



LTTE Tamil Tigers Attempt to Assassinate Hindu Leader, Minister T Maheshwaran (read details in SPUR).

Please download following Power Point Presentations (PPP) for lobbying purposes

Responses to Dr. John Whitehall, Pediatrician Director, Townsville Hospital Neonatal Unit Queensland, Australia.

The Chinese in Malaysia is not entitled to a second homeland in Malaysia where a large Chinese community lives. Its real homeland or native is China . Malaysia is the homeland of the Malays where they are the bhoomiputras. So why should Tamils be entitled to a second homeland in Sri Lanka when next door to this island is their real homeland having a history of many thousands of years of Tamil civilization? Any foreigner has only to visit Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu see the difference between the two countries and find out what the true Tamil homeland or native land is.
Homeland .......We should note the difference between a person's land of birth and his/her motherland (or fatherland as the Germans would say). The latter is the land of our ancestors who built a civilization culture and language for over two centuries. Accordingly Sri Lanka is the motherland of the Sinhalas. They have no other home land or mother land in any other part of the world, unlike the Tamils whose homeland is Tamil Nadu established on January 14, 1969. Ninety percent of the world's Tamil population lives in India and 75 percent of them in Tamil Nadu which is twice the size of Sri Lanka .

Tamil Terrorist Leader Arrested (MP3) audio clip
Listen to Tamil Terrorist Leader Arrested (MP3) audio clip
Tamil Terrorist Leader Arrested (Real Player) - Download audio clip
Listen to Tamil Terrorist Leader Arrested (Real Player) audio clip

Please visit LTTE Child Soldiers Web Page

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists shot this child at point blank range when refused to join

(read more to understand the true nature of the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists)


APRC Proposals ....... The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna has already warned the government that it would face dire consequences, at the forthcoming budget, if it backs the APRC proposals for a Federal State. JHU and MEP representatives of the APRC have publicly denounced the Chairman for his efforts to undermine the mandate received at the last presidential election for a unitary state. The persistent attempt by the Chairman of the APRC to sell a set of proposals based on the very same report of the expert panel, rejected by the main political parties (SLFP.JVP, JHU, MEP etc) who were instrumental when bringing the present regime into power, could drag the ruling circles into a difficult situation unless remedial action is taken in time.
Read more ......

International Crisis Group (ICG) - Crisis Expert and Export Crisis? .............

Open Warrant Issued to Arrest Prabhakaran 

High Court judge Sarath Ambepitiya issued an open warrant through the CID to arrest Prabhakaran and three others who were absconding. He said the LTTE leader was guilty on 51 counts and each count carried 20 years in jail making a total of 1020 years. But for practical purposes the Judge said he was imposing the sentence only on the first ten counts making a total of 200 years in jail.

Wanted by Interpol


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Since the restoration of democracy in the Eastern Province, the Sri Lankan Government has allocated Rs. 6.2 billion for its development.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan, Chief Minister of the Eastern Province (Commonly known as Pillayan, who joined the LTTE at the age of 14 as a child soldier and gave up the armed struggle and choose the way of democracy) at the opening ceremony of the Arugam Bay Bridge.

Canada bans World Tamil Movement

A Toronto-based non-profit organisation has been outlawed by Canadian Cabinet under the Anti-Terrorism Act, in what may signal an aggressive new approach to combating terrorist financing in Canada.

Public Security Minister Stockwell Day announces Monday in Toronto that the World Tamil Movement has been added to the government’s list of terrorist groups. (Adrian Wyld / CP)

Currently listed entities

(read details in Public Safety Canada).

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

Also known as
The Tamil Tigers, the Eellalan Force, the Ellalan Force, the Tiger Movement, the Sangilian Force, the Air Tigers, the Black Tigers (Karum Puligal), the Sea Tigers, the Tiger Organization Security Intelligence Service (TOSIS), the Women's Combat Force of Liberation Tigers (WCFLT)

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is a Sri Lankan-based organization which advocates the creation of an independent homeland in the north and northeastern part of Sri Lanka which it has called "Tamil Eelam". Its war against the government of Sri Lanka has been fought on three fronts: a political campaign, guerrilla warfare, and a terrorist campaign. The LTTE is committed to using a variety of terror tactics in order to achieve its objectives, including attacking political, economic, religious and cultural targets, as well as targeting civilians. The LTTE's campaign has included plans to create Tamil-only northern and eastern provinces, and to this end it has aggressively expelled non-Tamils from these regions. The LTTE also endeavours to eliminate moderate Tamils and other Tamil militant groups that compete with it for influence and power within the Sri Lankan Tamil community.

Date listed
April 8, 2006

Date reviewed *
November 9, 2006

World Tamil Movement

The World Tamil Movement, created in 1986, is the leading front organization for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Canada. The various offices of the WTM in Canada transfer funds to bank accounts in Sri Lanka meant for the LTTE. The leadership of the WTM acts at the direction of leaders of the LTTE. WTM representatives canvas areas in Canada with large Tamil populations demanding large donations on behalf of the LTTE. Refusals to contribute often lead to threats and intimidation.

Date listed
June 16, 2008

(for details, please visit the web page of Public Safety Canada).

In 1926, a statement by Anagarika Dharmapala


Thursday, 16 April 2009 07:02 AM 

We wish our readers a Happy and Peaceful
 Sinhala and Hindu New Year !

12 April 2009 - The President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakase, issues an order to the Forces to halt military operations for the people to celebrate their Sinhala and Tamil New Year.
13 April 2009 - UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, appeals to the LTTE observe the peace pause.
13 April 2009 - LTTE raids and kills Sinhala unarmed 9 villagers including women and children in a remote rural village of Buththala.

14 April 2009 - LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists exercised a second civilian massacre of Sinhalese civilians in a hamlet of Moneragala and continued firing at the Sri Lankan security forces regardless of the two day truce

Video News

Tamil Homeland versus Sinhalese Homeland - By Prof. Shantha K. Hennayake - Department of Geography University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka Introduction The intention of this short article is to highlight some of the fundamental differences between how Tamils and Sinhalese interpret their homeland It is generally known that the Sinhalese perceive the whole of Sri Lanka to be their homeland while the Tamils point out that the northern and Eastern Provinces to be their homeland.   The paper also points out  that extreme Tamil interpretation of the “Tamil homeland” and subsequent attempt to operationalize it through violence and terror has proven not only wrong but it has brought misery to the Tamil society (read full report).

The Role of Tamils in the Ethnonationalist Crisis in Sri Lanka - By Prof. Shantha K. Hennayake, Department of Geography, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka - The purpose of this paper is to study the extent to which Tamil politicians themselves are responsible for the ethnonationalist problem that Sri Lanka is facing today. Enough, in fact too much has been written about the share of the Sri Lankan state, successive governments, and the Sinhalese people in this crisis. There is absolutely no doubt that all these three actors have a very large responsibility in leading the crisis to the present level. Whatever the counter arguments by these three actors, unless they come to accept that both intentionally and unintentionally they are also responsible for the crisis and try to address them we will not be able to find a lasting solution to the crisis. Realization that Tamils, especially the Tamil politicians themselves have been responsible for the ethnonationalist crisis in general and the pathetic state to which the Tamil society in Sri Lanka has been reduced to is of paramount importance today, especially because the democratic Tamil politicians will once again be participating in the governing of the country and debating on how best to take Tamil society forward in the post-LTTE era.   In reality the evolution of Tamil ethnonationalist politics cannot be properly understood without paying attention to the interactive nature of all the actors who include not only the above three but also the Tamil political leaders and Tamil people as well. However, a vast majority of the writings on the present crisis by both Sinhalese and Tamils on the one hand and the popular thinking both here and abroad on the other hand ahs directly and indirectly interpreted Tamil ethnonationalism purely as a form of reactive politics amending and adjusting to the circumstances created by the non Tamil actors in Sri Lankan politics[1]. Some argue that it is only with the emergence of the LTTE that Tamil ethnonationalist politics have become active.  Even here, they argue that they are simply led to take up arms reluctantly because all other attempts ended up in failure. A running theme in the writing of Tamil ethnonationalist politics has been that it is an inevitable process into which Tamil were unwillingly drawn or rather forced by the others[2].  Tamils themselves are seen simply as passive reactors. This is a very popular and powerful “myth” subscribed to by both Tamils and Sinhalese, and Sri Lankans and foreigners. I find this to be a very serious shortcoming in the Sri Lankan political historiography (read full report in SPUR).

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists celebrate Sinhala & Hindu New Year killing three more innocent civilians

Stop LTTE Terrorists from getting on the Oprah Winfrey show. Please sign the petition. 




Video News

Monday, 13 April 2009

WHY “PAUSE” WHEN TAMIIL TIGERS KILLED 6 INNOCENT SINHALA VILLAGERS IN BUTTALA? - By Malin Abeyatunge, Melbourne, Australia - I am at a loss to understand the rationale of the President allowing “pause” for two days to celebrate the Sinhala Tamil Hindu New year in a suitable atmosphere for the Tamil civilians entrapped in the NFZ whilst LTTE has butchered 6 villages including two children in Buttala depriving aluth avurudu celebrations to them forever. These unfortunate villagers would also have been planning to celebrate Sinhala Aluth Avurudu with new clothes, kavum, kokis and kiribath but instead have received bullets from the LTTE murderers. Aren’t the lives of the Sinhala civilians in the South are as important as Tamil civilians in the North? Whilst the peace loving Sri Lankans are concerned about the Tamil civilians entrapped by LTTE, the bloody Tamil Tigers do not care about the innocent Sinhala civilians in the south. LTTE by this act has breached the “pause” again in other areas and shouldn’t have any mercy on this blood thirsty murderers. The two days of pause by the government is more than enough for the LTTE to consolidate their shattered position to a better defense. We should not bow down to the pressure of the so called west oriented International Community. Even at the expense of few entrapped civilians dying (even otherwise some of them will die when LTTE use them as human shield) the armed forces should be allowed to finish LTTE murders once and for all. By the time this letter goes to the media, more harm would have happened to our armed forces in the North and villagers in the South.

Indira Gandhi trained LTTE, they killed her son Rajiv Gandhi and has now beheaded father Jawaharlal Nehru.

Nehru statue before it got beheaded by the LTTE protesters in London

Civilians seek refuge with army - Ampalavenpokkanai - A group of 174 civilians sought refuge with Sri Lankan soldiers of 58 Division manning their defences in the Ampalavenpokkani area yesterday (Apr 12). The group included, 64 children, 54 women and 56 men. Troops after receiving the civilians provided them with food and basic medical attention. They were later taken to the welfare camps in Kilinochchi (Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

Tamil Demonstration is costing the City of Ottawa - By Asoka Weerasigne, Canada - Mayor Larry O'Brien, City of  Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario Dear Mayor O’Brien: CTV has just announced that this Tamil protest along Wellington Street is likely to prove costly for the City. Wrong! It is going to dip into this senior’s wallet, and it certainly is going to cost me a fortune as a Tax payer with a limited income.This protest has been a litmus test for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which has gone awry when one’s “Rights” becomes another’s “harassment impinging on his or her Constitutional  Rights”.  You bet, if this protest was by  Hamas or al-Qaeda supporters carrying their flag and its leader Osama Bin Laden’s portrait around town, there would have been a quick shut down of this demonstration when B’nai B’rith would have taken exception to such blatant terrorist-nonsense and would  not have stayed silent like a bunch of wimps. This is what Canadian hypocrisy is all about and the City is a partner to this hypocrisy.I am told that there are five Tamils on hunger strike on the Hill wanting the Canadian government to demand from the Sri Lankan government for an immediate ‘Ceasefire” of their separatist war.   And that won’t happen for the very reason that the Tamil Tigers have been whipped and pushed into one square kilometer area along the east coast of Sri Lanka. They were chased out of 1,500 square kilometers of territory which these Tamil Tiger terrorists had control of for almost 25 years, until on 26 June 2006, their leader, Prabhakaran  challenged the Government of Sri Lanka saying that this Eelam War 4 would be the Mother of all Wars, being cocky that they would win it. Now their Canadian partners are grovelling for a “ceasefire” when these terrorists are gasping for its last breath on the verge of being annihilated and humiliated. This is what this demonstration is all about (read full letter).

Army snipers gun down 18 LTTE terrorists - Ampelavanpokkana - Army snipers attached to 581 Brigade have gunned down 18 LTTE terrorists ahead of own defence line in general area Ampelavanpokkanai right through out yesterday, 12 April, the military report received from the battlefront said. Meanwhile, troops of 7 Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (7 SLSR) serving under 583 Brigade uncovered 7 x T-56 weapons while conducting search and clear operation in recently liberated areas in Puthukkudiyirippu east, the report added (Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

Vaiko may be arrested again: Chennai police - MDMK leader Vaiko and actor-turned-politician Vijaya T. Rajendherr may be arrested for alleged anti-national speeches, Chennai police Commissioner K. Radhakrishnan said Sunday. "The copies of the speeches by Vaiko and Rajendherr are being analysed for various legal aspects. We have already registered a case against Vaiko. There are possibilities of (police) arresting them," Radhakrishnan told reporters. Vaiko has already been arrested twice on the same charges. Former legislator Rajendherr has switched parties several times. He leads a party All India Latchiya DMK and currently hosts a talk show on Sun TV, a channel part-owned by Dayanidhi Maran, the DMK candidate for Central Chennai constituency. Rajendherr is a bitter critic of Vaiko and the actor-turned-politician Vijaykanth, all of whom espouse the cause of sufferings of the Tamil ethnic minority in Sri Lanka (Full report in Express Buzz).

Sri Lankans in Germany write to Foreign Minister Steinmeier - By Lal Guneratne from Berlin - The "Sri Lankan against LTTE Terror - Germany" (SLGLTG) group have written to Frank Walter-Steinmeier, the foreign minister and the next chancellor candidate from the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Germany, about the deteriorating situation in Puthumathalan area in Northern Sri Lanka, and requesting the support of the German government to put pressure to the LTTE release the civilians trapped in the fighting. The group note that the Sri Lankan government has created a “no-fire” safety zone to keep the civilian population away from areas of conflict. However, the LTTE has placed heavy artillery within this “no-fire” zone, putting these civilians in grave danger. The group also note that the LTTE are forcibly recruiting civilians to be used as human shields in clear violation of their human rights and shooting the civilians who flee the LTTE grip. The SLGLTG points out that supporters of the LTTE are operating in Germany under the pretext of helping trapped civilians and request that the German government puts a stop to these actions. The SLGLTG sent the same letter to the following political personalities: (Full report in the Guardian).

Tamil Hunger Strikers - By Asoka Weerasinghe, Ontario Easter Sunday - Editor (Letters) THE OTTAWA CITIZEN, Sir: ‘These people don’t eat for three days, and there’s no action yet’, says Thula Yoha, complaining about the Tamils who are staging a hunger strike on Parliament Hill wanting the Canadian government to stop the separatist war now that the Tamil Tigers are almost getting annihilated after 26 years of fighting. These Tamils certainly would do anything to get attention. What’s next I wonder! What hypocrisy. They certainly didn’t go on a hunger strike against their Tamil Tiger terrorists, the most ruthless in the world, when they were massacring innocent Sinhalese civilians in the thousands. For these hunger strikers, let me remind them on Easter Sunday that those innocent Sinhalese victims too were God’s children not only the Tamils who have been shot to death by the Tamil Tigers when they try to make a dash to freedom from their clutches in the 'No Fire Zone' along the Mullaitivu coast. Don’t be silly hunger strikers. There is an excellent Tamil Restaurant, Ceylonta, around the corner on Somerset Street. Just be satisfied to have got your names mentioned in the Ottawa Citizen. Now go and have a hearty Sri Lankan lunch or a dinner at Ceylonta. Don’t starve unnecessarily as your hypocrisy is so transparent. And if you want me to, I will pay the bill, just send me the invoice.

57 Div finds more LTTE military items - Visuamadu - Troops of 571 and 572 Brigades uncovered more LTTE war materials while conducting further consolidating operations in general area Visuamadu, military report received from the battlefront said. Troops of 7 Sri Lanka Signal Corps (7 SLSC) serving under 571 Brigade uncovered a LTTE suicide boat, 32 sea mines and many other military items left behind by the LTTE terrorists while conducting the search and clear operation in general area Visuamadu during day hours yesterday, 12 April. Following items are among the items uncovered during the search operation; (Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

Kohona discusses end of the LTTE conflict with US officials - Dr. Palitha Kohona, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Secretary, met with top U.S. State Department officials on Friday 10 April 2009. The end of the 25-year-long conflict with the terrorist LTTE was at the core of the discussions. With about 500 LTTE combatants cornered by government security forces in northeastern Sri Lanka, the Foreign Secretary told the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard Boucher, that Sri Lankan forces are, consistent with government policy, exercising extreme caution to safeguard civilians held hostage in the no-fire zone by the LTTE. The government believes that 30,000 to 60,000 civilians are held forcibly by the LTTE as a human shield in a small area north of Mullaittivu. During the cordial meeting, Assistant Secretary of State, Boucher reiterated the call by the Tokyo Co-Chairs -- which comprises the U.S., Japan, the European Union and Norway - for the LTTE to “allow civilians to move freely out of harm’s way.” The U.S. Assistant Secretary of state also raised the possibility of having an individual meet with LTTE leaders to discuss a surrender under which the LTTE would lay down their weapons. In talks with the Assistant Secretary of state, the Sri Lankan Foreign Secretary vehemently denounced allegations that the Sri Lankan security forces are shelling civilians within the government-declared no-fire zone. He said there is no substantiated evidence to support this claim. Furthermore, there is no advantage at all to the security forces in shelling civilians. On the subject of an IMF loan facility sought by Sri Lanka, the Foreign Secretary noted that Sri Lanka is asking for a standby facility against the backdrop of the global financial crisis. The Foreign Secretary also noted that it was the government -- not the LTTE -- that had declared the no-fire zone to protect the civilians the LTTE had “herded“ into this small area (Full report in Sri Lanka Guardian).

OPEN LETTER TO THE WEST, CHURCH AND THE UNO 48 HOUR HUMANITARIAN TRUCE - By Stanley Perera - My dear Church West and the UNO - Sri Lanka Government under your pressure has now declared a truce to evacuate the Tamil civilians taken as hostage by the LTTE Terrorists. Please be advised that Sri Lankans will not tolerate any further nonsense by the western countries influenced by the church and the UNO influenced by its corrupt officials. I must take my hat off for the courageous and humanitarian action by the Sri Lankan Government in the manner they handled the terrorism bringing in non-significant number of civilian casualties. In that one must be thankful and grateful to the Sri Lankan armed forces. Sri Lanka’s armed forces are considered as god sent humanitarian force to the Tamil civilians, world’s best and number one disciplined army who have demonstrated to the world its capabilities in wiping out of the country the world’s ruthless and most dangerous terrorist organisation. The world must take the Sri Lankan armed forces as an example (Full letter in LankaWeb).

TF-2 uncovered more LTTE military items - Visuamadu - Troops of 622 Brigade serving under Task Force 2 (TF-2) uncovered more military items left behind by the terrorists while conducting search and clear operation in general area Udayarkattu Kulam last afternoon, 12 April. Following items are among the recoveries; (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

Government of Sri Lanka condemns embassy attack in Norway - The Government of Sri Lanka has condemned this violation of Norway's obligations under international law (to provide adequate security to diplomatic premises) in the strongest terms and called Norway to bring the perpetrators to justice immediately. The perpetrators can be readily identified on the CCTV recording which has been made available to the authorities. The demonstrations which had been building up in intensity in the past few days provide an indication that something was being planned (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

PRABHAKARAN FINALLY AGREES TO LET ENTRAPPED TAMIL CIVILIANS ESCAPE TO SRI LANKA GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED SAFE AREAS - By Walter Jayawardhana - The state owned Sunday Observer newspaper said apparently Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Velupillai Prabhakaran has agreed for a “Western” country to evacuate the entrapped civilians in the land demarcated as No Fire Zone to safer Sri Lanka government controlled areas. According to the United Nations the LTTE has not only entrapped those civilians the outfit has burnt boats , banned fishing and shoot at escapees to prevent them from leaving the area as they want to use them as a human shield and employ them , including children for military activities. It is believed the evacuation will happen during the no-offensive pause of 48 hours declared by President Mahinda Rajapaksa marking the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year celebrated by both communities. The newspaper said Prabhakaran has apparently agreed to a rescue mission by a Western country as he has lost all top military leaders in the Puthukudiyiruppu battle and there is no point in fighting it out with the remaining forces now hiding in the no fire zone, the newspaper said citing diplomatic sources. The beleaguered and elusive LTTE chief is now only left with his intelligence Chief Pottuamman as a senior member of his outfit , the newspaper said. The evacuation activity is expected to take place , after midnight of April 12 when the government’s non offensive pause is implemented. The entrapped Tamil civilians will then move over to the Sri Lanka government controlled areas to celebrate the new year, according to the sources. However during this period the Sri Lanka security forces have been alerted to remain in a defensive mode. (EOM).

HANG THE WORLD OPINION. TURN NO-FIRE-ZONE INTO NOW-FIRE ZONE - By Malin Abeytunge - I totally agree with what Mr. S.L. Gunesekera (SLG) said in his letter titled “Miliband: Congenital Idiot Or Pretending To Be One? (Island-10/4/09) about Mr. Sillybrat and his final comments of the current terrorist situation in the NFZ which is reproduced below”. Quote’ There is one indisputable fact that all concerned must realize. If our Forces do not `storm’ the "No Fire Zone" to wipe out the Tigers hiding behind the skirts of the civilians, the Tiger leadership will survive, and, like a malignant cancer, spread its tentacles from Mullativu to other parts of the Country. The LTTE has left us with no alternative other than to storm the "No Fire Zone", the risks to civilians notwithstanding. If we do not do so, we will have to live with the scourge of Tiger terrorism for a further indefinite period and the resultant civilian suffering will be incalculable. While endorsing his above comments to the last word I wish to add a few concerns supporting his view (a) on the part of our armed forces (b) on the part of the Tamil civilians. Our armed forces after coming all the way capturing Pooneryn, Killinochchi and finally Mullathivu now has to wait without firing a single shot when the enemies are within distance sight (avoiding human rights violations meant for small countries like us but not for NATO or America) but facing artillery from LTTE fired under human cover and facing deaths by our soldiers. How frustrated it can be for a soldier to think that he will be the next target even without firing a single shot at the enemy for the sake of protecting another Tamil civilian. I believe, our armed forces had to sacrifice more lives and face casualties over the last few weeks more than they lost capturing Pooneryn, Killinichchi and Mullathivu (Read Full Article)

Norway Sri Lanka Embassy attacked by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Norway raided Sri Lanka mission in Oslo and caused extensive damage.

Sri Lanka embassy stormed - OSLO - NORWAY apologised to Sri Lanka and promised better police protection after Tamil demonstrators seized Colombo's embassy in Oslo on Sunday. 'The foreign ministry has today presented its apologies to the Sri Lankan ambassador in Norway for what happened,' a statement said. Earlier on Sunday a group of Tamil militants had seized the embassy, drawing a protest from Colombo which said that Norway 'had failed in its mission of protection' of the embassy. Even Joerstad, an Oslo police superintendent, told AFP that around 100 Tamil demonstrators tried to storm the Sri Lankan embassy at 2pm (1300 GMT, 9pm Singapore time) and that an unknown number managed to break in. 'There were about 100 outside but we don't know how many went inside the embassy,' Mr Joerstad said. 'They were inside for about four or five minutes and then they went out,' he said. The protesters broke windows and furniture inside the building, he added. Mr Joerstad said the Tamils left the building at the police's request and that no arrests were made, describing the current situation as peaceful. 'Because of what has happened and at the request of the ambassador of Sri Lanka the foreign ministry has asked the police to strengthen surveillance of the embassy,' the statement said. 'I condemn the illegal intrusion of outside persons into the embassy of Sri Lanka and the significant damage they did,' said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere in the statement. Oslo arranged a ceasefire between the two sides in 2002 but it collapsed with the arrival in power in 2005 of hard-liner Rajapakse. An estimated 70,000 people have died in the 37 years of the conflict, among them 2,800 Tamil civilians since January, according to the UN (Full report in Straight Times).

Bombing Rajiv and 'beheading' Nehru - LTTE backers have given India Hobson's choice. They have told her in no uncertain terms that she should either rescue Prabhakaran and give the LTTE a new lease of life or risk her own territorial integrity. Vaiko may not have a massive following as such in Tamil Nadu but his threat to India that Tamil Nadu would face a 'river of blood' in case of Prabhakaran's death at the hands of the Sri Lanka military has found resonance with the LTTE activists both in India and overseas. They threw down the gauntlet by desecrating Pundit Nehru's statue in London the other day. (Nothing could be more ludicrous than the London Indian High Commission's attempt to rule out vandalism. A spokesperson has said, "The bust got separated from the pedestal." How come lifeless busts make voluntary moments?). In 1991, Prabhakaran had Nehru's grandson Rajiv Gandhi assassinated, having taken on the Indian military and killed over 1,400 IPKF soldiers. Eighteen years later, they broke the head of the Nehru statue. The world Eelam Movement's message is loud and clear: It is ready to try to achieve its separatist goal even at the expense of India (Full Editorial in Island).

Norway apologizes for Sri Lanka embassy attack  -- The Norwegian government apologized to Sri Lanka after several demonstrators of the Indian Ocean island country's minority Tamils broke into the Sri Lankan embassy in Oslo yesterday, according to reports reaching here from Oslo. The Norwegian government condemned some unauthorized persons to enter the Sri Lankan embassy and would order the police to give better protection of the embassy, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said in a statement. Earlier yesterday several pro-Tamil Tiger rebels demonstrators entered into the Sri Lankan embassy during a protest in Oslo. " They damaged windows and broke some things inside and then disappeared," a local police officer was quoted as saying, adding that no one was arrested, the officer added. Tamils began demonstration in Oslo last week to pressure Norway to use its influence to stop the violence in the country. Norway arranged a cease-fire between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels in 2002 but it collapsed in 2005. More than 70,000 have died in the civil war since the mid 1980s, according to the UN (Full report in Phullipines Star).

Defensive Ops only - To facilitate civilian movement during Sinhala and Tamil New Year - LTTE asked to lay down arms and renounce terrorism - As the nation celebrates the traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year, President Mahinda Rajapaksa is deeply conscious of the need to give the civilian population entrapped as hostages by the ruthless actions of the LTTE, the opportunity to celebrate these festivities in a suitable atmosphere and to have uninhibited freedom of movement from the No Fire Zone to the cleared areas. With this objective in view, the President has directed the Armed Forces of the State to restrict their operations during the New Year to those of a defensive nature. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is symbolic of the amity prevailing amongst all communities in Sri Lanka. In the true spirit of the season, it is timely for the LTTE to acknowledge its military defeat and lay down its weapons and surrender. The LTTE must also renounce terrorism and violence permanently. Foreign Minister, Rohitha Bogollagama commenting on the Government decision yesterday said that he believes that it is the overwhelming desire of all peace-loving Sri Lankans, both in the country and abroad to see that their brothers and sisters, who are undergoing untold hardship and suffering, will be freed soon from the brutal terror of the LTTE. He also observed that Sri Lanka’s valiant security forces are poised to embark upon this noble endeavour as the remaining part of the humanitarian mission launched by them to eliminate terrorism from the country and restore freedom and democracy to a section of the people, who have been long enslaved by the LTTE. The Minister emphasized that the Sri Lankan armed forces bear an exemplary record of according the highest respect for human rights and upholding International Humanitarian Law in the conduct of their operations to combat terrorism. He highlighted the utmost restraint and high degree of discipline of the armed forces, which have contributed in no small measure to the resounding success of the entire campaign to eliminate terrorism, with great effort to avoid civilian casualties. This is highly commendable when compared to other armed forces in the world, which, in their operations, have clearly failed to even come close to these standards (Full report Daily News)

SCOPP tells The Guardian: Way to end civilian suffering - The way to end the suffering of the civilians trapped in the no-fire zone is for the LTTE, which trapped them, to let them go, says Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha in a letter to the Editor The Guardian, London in response to its editorial of April 11, 2009. In his capacity as the Secretary-General of the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP), Wijesinha further says that the “international community, which kept silent for so long, owes it to the poor suffering Tamil civilians, whom it allowed to be driven from pillar to post over the last nine months, to at least now say categorically to the LTTE that these people must be freed. “No amount of mealy-mouthed ‘balanced’ criticism of both sides will help them, what is needed now is moral courage to address the LTTE forcefully.” Excerpts of the letter: (Full report in Daily News).

Jaffna Bishop thanks Govt Urges LTTE to release civilians - The Catholic Bishop of Jaffna Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Savuntharanayagam while thanking the Government for taking care of 60,000 Internally Displaced Persons in Vavuniya, urged the LTTE to allow the remaining innocent civilians trapped in the battle hit areas to move into safer locations. Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Savuntharanayagam also stressed the need to stop fighting and creating a peaceful atmosphere with the dawn of Sinhala and Tamil New Year.  “Man can overcome evil and hatred by love and kindness. That is why St. Paul says the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central factor of Christian faith. As we celebrate Easter and rejoice with the Sinhala and Tamil in the New Year, we cannot forget the thousands of civilians who are languishing in the No-Fire-Zone in the Vanni. “We are requesting both the LTTE and the Government to stop the war and allow the people to go wherever they feel safe. “The LTTE leadership should not prevent the innocent civilians moving into safer places.The fighting with heavy weapons including artillery must be stopped at all costs (Full report in Daily News).

US to meet LTTE to discuss possible surrender - U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard Boucher, would seek the possibilities of "having an individual meet with LTTE leaders to discuss a surrender under which the LTTE would lay down their weapons," the Lankan Embassy in Washington said yesterday. Boucher had revealed of this attempt during his meeting with Foreign Secretary Dr. Palitha Kohona on Friday (10), according to a release issued by the Embassy. Foreign Secretary Dr. Kohona had met with the top U.S. State Department official Boucher on Friday at the State Department in Washington, D.C. to discuss the end of the 25-year-long conflict with the terrorist organization, LTTE, the release said. During the discussion, Foreign Secretary had assured the State Department official that Sri Lankan forces, consistent with government policy, were exercising extreme caution to safeguard civilians held hostage in the no-fire zone by the LTTE.  Assistant Secretary Boucher reiterated the call by the Tokyo Donor Co-Chairs which included the U.S., Japan, the European Union, and Norway to the LTTE to "allow civilians to move freely out of harms way." "Secretary Kohona vehemently denounced allegations that the Sri Lankan security forces are shelling civilians within the government-declared no-fire zone. He said there is no substantiated evidence to support this claim. Furthermore, there is no advantage at all to the security forces in shelling civilians," the release said (Full report in Island).

LTTE trying to mislead Intl community, says Health Ministry - The LTTE is attempting to mislead the international community by using government doctors, the Health Ministry said yesterday. The LTTE had attempted to spread false report through the international media making use of a statement made by the Provincial Health Directors of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu over alleged shell attacks in the No-Fire Zone. The allegations of shell attacks in the NFZ were totally false, a statement issued by the ministry said. These two health directors have made false claims to some media outlets that several civilians were killed last week due to the shell attacks by government forces at the behest of the LTTE, it said. The statement also said: The two doctors and a small nursing staff have remained with the LTTE and moved to the NFZ when Puthukkudyiruppu fell to the government forces and the hospital staff was evacuated to the government controlled areas. The healthcare officials now function out of a makeshift hospital that the LTTE has setup mainly to treat the injured LTTE cadres. It is believed that the doctors, make these claims to the foreign media on the orders of LTTE, the statement said. The ministry would initiate disciplinary action against the two doctors under the provisions of the medical service rules and regulations, it said (Full report in Island).

Sunday, 12th April 2009

LTTE responds government's humanitarian pause with village massacre - Buttala - LTTE terrorists have responded the government offered humanitarian pause for the on-going counter-terrorist operations, with a brutal village massacre in the Island's South. According to the defence sources, the terrorists have butchered eight civilians including two children at Mahagodayaya village in Buttala last evening (Apr 12), just few hours after His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka declared a humanitarian pause, in view of the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year celebrations. Police said a group of armed LTTE terrorists have stormed the village around 7.10 PM and killed 8 civilians, including two children, three women and three men by shooting them at point blank range. Among the victims were a one and half year-old infant and an 11-year boy. One child and an elderly woman have sustained serious injuries. The injured chilled is being treated at the intensive care unit at the government hospital Monaragala. Defence observers are in the view that the attack is a clear indication of LTTE's lack of scope in finding a political solution to the legitimate grievances of the Tamil-speaking people in Sri Lanka. A senior defence observer speaking to defence.lk said that it is high time for the UN and other international bodies that insist on a ceasefire on the part of the government, to understand the true nature of the terrorism that the Sri Lankan citizen have to live with during last three decades. His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday (Apr 12) ordered the armed forces to remain defensive during the traditional New Year celebrations that's starts form today. The Sinhala & Tamil New Year is symbolic of the amity prevailing amongst all communities in Sri Lanka (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

Tamil Protestors Breathing Life in to the LTTE , Not To The Civilians - By: Dr. Chandrani Gunaratna - News reports from London said at least 100,000 people marched in London on Saturday to demand an immediate end to Sri Lanka 's military offensive against the dying terrorist organization, LTTE that is holding over 70,000 men, women and children as human shields. Waving the red Tiger flag of LTTE, a banned terrorist organization in Britain, and crying about an invented genocide, protestors demanded an end to the offensive and called for a ceasefire while their brethren, being held as human shields by the very same outfit languished in a hot sandy strip of land fearing their so-called saviours' wrath and guns if they tried to leave the desolate land and seek life elsewhere. Why does the Tamil Diaspora call for a ceasefire now? (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

Sri Lankan embassy in Oslo attacked by LTTE supporters - The Sri Lankan embassy in Oslo has been seriously damaged by LTTE supporters. The Government of Sri Lanka has condemned this violation of Norway's obligations under international law (to provide adequate security to diplomatic premises) in the strongest terms and called Norway to bring the perpetrators to justice immediately. The perpetrators can be readily identified on the CCTV recording which has been made available to the authorities. The demonstrations which had been building up in intensity in the past few days provide an indication that something was being planned. The attack was carefully videoed by the attackers and is already available on the following web link (Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

14.5 mm Gun, Recoilless Riffle Barrel & Weapons Found - MULLAITTIVU: TROOPS on search and clear operations in the general areas west of PUTHUKUDIYIRUPPU and KUMARANKULAM recovered nine T-56 weapons, one recoilless riffle barrel, one hundred and fifty anti personnel mines, fourteen claymore mines, one hundred and fifty hand grenades, twenty-six Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) of few accessories of a 14.5 mm gun on Saturday (11) (Sri Lanka Army)..

President Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary, CDS, Tri-Service Chiefs & IGP visit war heroes in hospital - His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the first lady Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapaksa accompanied by Secretary Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Chief of Defence Staff, Tri-Service Chiefs, Inspector General of Police and Mrs. Anoma Fonseka, President Seva Vanitha Army Branch (SVAB) met a cross-section of the soldiers receiving treatment at the Military Hospital, Army Headquarters to extend their new year greetings Sunday (12) Morning. The delegates after visiting every ward in the hospital spoke to them and inquired in to their health condition and exchanged a few thoughts before they gave away gifts to each and every inmate (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).

Troops in Puthukudiyiruppu Receive more IDPs - MULLAITTIVU: WITH ARRIVAL of two hundred and seventy Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from LTTE held PUTUMATALAN area on Saturday (11), total number of IDPs who reached the cleared areas increased sixty seven thousand two hundred and eighty (67280) (Sri Lanka Army)..

1 Km Long Terrorist Earth Bund Captured - MULLAITTIVU: ONE more earth bund built by LTTE terrorist in the north of NANTHI KADAL lagoon was captured by troops Sunday (12) morning. Advance of the troops was resisted by LTTE when the troops reach the thin area in the north of NANTHI KADAL lagoon where LTTE had built about 1 km long earth bund. However, troops captured the earth bund defeating LTTE resistance. Later, troops recovered eighteen T-56 weapons, one mortar, one I-com set and one TATA single cab from the area (Sri Lanka Army)..

Five Farmers Hacked to Dead - BUTTALA: FIVE villages in MAHAGODAYAYA BUTTALA have been hacked to death by suspected Tiger terrorist Sunday (12) evening while they were returning from the their paddy fields. Initial report said a group of isolated Tiger terrorist in the jungle have carried out the murder. Police investigations are on (Sri Lanka Army).

Sri Lankan troops enter no fire zone

Colombo (Xinhua): Sri Lankan troops nearing the end of their campaign against Tamil Tigers have entered the no-fire zone in the north, state radio reported on Saturday.
The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in its main English news bulletin said the army's 58 division led by Brigadier Shavendra Silva had entered Puttumatalan no-fire zone Friday evening.
However, the military is yet to officially confirm the troops' entry to the government declared no-fire zone for the safety of over 100,000 civilians from the minority Tamil community.
The army's 58, 53, 59 and task force eight divisions have been surrounding the area since Wednesday when the government announced its final notice to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels to surrender and allow civilians to escape for safety.
According to Sri Lankan military, the rebel communications monitored have indicated serious difference of opinion among the LTTE members after the announcement.
(Full Report in The Hindu)

Troops clear LTTE positions for civilians to leave no fire zone
2009-04-11 09:48:21

Troops of 58 Division operating in the West of Ampalawanpokkanai area yesterday attacked several LTTE positions in order to make more room for the civilians held hostage by the LTTE to enter into the government controlled areas from the No Fire Zone [NFZ] , the Defence ministry said.
Troops following the clashes, found nine bodies of LTTE cadres, 22 T-56 rifles, one rocket propeller grenade launcher, one pistol, three radio communication sets, and a stock of 25000 ammunition used for T-56 rifles. Also, snipers deployed in the forward areas reported shooting down of 15-armed LTTE cadres, the defence ministry added.
(Full Report in Sunday Times)

Sri Lanka steps up operations near 'No Fire Zone'
 Colombo (PTI):

As the military closes in on the LTTE rebels, the Army has stepped up its operations on the edge of designated security zones in embattled northern Sri Lanka in a bid to flush out civilians trapped in fierce fightings, which killed at least 47 Tamil Tigers, officials said on Saturday. With government troops preparing to inflict a "decisive blow" to the guerrillas in shrinking LTTE-controlled areas, troops operating in the West of Ampalawanpokkanai area yesterday attacked several rebel positions in order to make more room for the trapped civilians in the "No Fire Zone" to escape to the safe areas held by the Army.
The Army recovered nine bodies of LTTE cadres and snipers deployed in the forward areas reported killing 15-armed rebels, the Defence Ministry said.
Meanwhile, the international community, including the United States urged Sri Lankan to protect civilians trapped by fighting with Tamil Tiger rebels.
(Full Report in The Hindu)

270 people seek protection with security forces- Mullaittivu

A total of 270 civilians including 136 children have sought protection with security forces now positioned in general area Ampalavanpokkanai today (April 11).
According to military, 86 men and 48 women were also among the escapees who had managed to free themselves from LTTE hostage. Some civilians had sustained injuries due to LTTE small arms fire directed while fleeing from LTTE, security sources said.
The women and children have undergone unprecedented hardships and exposed to extreme torture the sources further said citing a few escapees.
(From SL Defence Website)

Final battle in the midst of civilians

After the fall of Puthukkudiyiruppu, troops prepare for massive hostage-rescue operation By Asif Fuard With the fall of the final bastion of Puthukkudiyiruppu this week the focus now turns on the ‘no-fire zone’ where tens of thousands of civilians remain trapped.
For well over two moths, the country’s attention has been focused on Pudukkudiyirripu which served as the nerve centre of the LTTE’s military operations in the Mullaitivu district. For several weeks, the LTTE had been taking counter measures to prevent troops from reaching Puthukkudiyiruppu.
The LTTE adopted several strategies -- which included attempts to infiltrate troop defence lines, tactical suicide bombings and even using civilians as human shields -- to buy time and slow the advance of the troops. Bloody battles raged to penetrate the LTTEs’ final stronghold, resulting in heavy casualties on both sides.
(Full Report in Sunday Times)

Tiger leader in move to flee country accepting his defeat LTTE on the verge of collapse:

The LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran along with his Deputy Pottu Amman, who had a narrow escape from being caught by the Security Forces, might be conducting a post mortem to the incident that ended last Sunday. More than 75 per cent of its leadership and the LTTE lost their last stronghold Puthukudiyiruppu to the Security Forces.
A missile fired by troops seeks its target to destroy Tiget boats in the vicinity of an abandoned ship in the seas off Challai. Pic: Rukmal Gamage
The LTTE leader, who groomed these so-called terror leaders for more than three decades, would not have thought that they would have to face such a destiny. All his second and third level leaders got killed in battle.
What LTTE leader never imagined even in his dreams unfolded in reality last Sunday as the 58 Division commanded by Brigadier Shavendra Silva and 53 Division commanded by Major General Kamal Gunaratne finished off the long siege on the last one square km in Puthukudiyirippu stronghold clearing the entire area after fierce battle with the Tiger leaders and cadres trapped inside.
(Full Report in Sunday Observer)


 (By Walter Jayawardhana)

The proxy party of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka(LTTE) , the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in a snub has refused to meet India’s Foreign Secretary Shivashankar Menon to discuss about the Tamils in Sri Lanka refusing his invitation.
Criticising the pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam parliamentary group’s decision, the President of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Ananda Sangaree said he learnt the “foolish and detrimental decision”  with “dismay not to accept the invitation of the foreign secretary for a meeting with him next weeks.”

TNA parliamentarian N.Sri Kantha told an |Indian news service the majority of the TNA members of parliament were not interested in meeting India since they were upset with the regional power for not coming and stopping Sri Lanka’s war with the LTTE. He was quoted having said, “majority of the lawmakers opposed a TNA delegation meeting with Indian officials given the fact that India has never asked Sri Lanka to stop the war in which innocent civilians are being killed." He added repeating the LTTE demand of a ceasefire and insisted that they are willing to meet any Indian official if India takes  "diplomatic efforts to get an immediate ceasefire."
(Read Full Report)

TULF chief tells TNA MPs to keep off Tamil Nadu politics

TULF leader Anandasangaree yesterday called on TNA MPs "to keep out of Tamil Nadu politics at least till the parliamentary elections are over" saying they should reconsider their decision to turn down an invitation from the Indian Foreign Secretary for a meeting with him in New Delhi.
"Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon would not have extended this invitation without reasonable cause," Anandasangaree said in a press statement where he said the rejection of the invitation was "foolish" and "detrimental to the (Tamil) cause."
Despite the TNA MPs having no moral right to represent the Tamils of the North and the East, the Government of India had extended this invitation recognizing them as representatives of the Tamils, he said.
India had done so well knowing that the TNA MPs are only trying to redeem the LTTE and have little interest in saving the lives of the several thousands trapped in the Vanni.
(Full Report in Island)

The 13th Amendment: a red herring, not a white elephant
by Malinda Seneviratne

The Constitution was amended for the 13th time in 1987. It was Rajiv Gandhi’s idea. Sorry, Rajiv Gandhi’s thuggery. Since then Sri Lanka has more or less resolved to live with it, flaws and all. We have provincial council elections contested even by those who violently opposed that particularly nauseating expression of India’s hegemonic aspirations. No proper study has been done, as far as I know, of how effective the 13th Amendment has been in terms of all the things it was supposed to achieve - resolving Tamil grievances and addressing their aspirations included.
The ‘grievances’ themselves and the related ‘aspirations’ have arguably been inflated by the Eelam lobby and its lackeys. The ‘13th’ is therefore ‘not enough’ for some; and for others it is the best given political realities. I contend that the 13th, in terms of real grievances, i.e. those that can be substantiated, and in terms of reasonable aspirations, i.e. in terms of history, geography and demography, is not the white elephant that some have argued it is, but rather a red herring.
‘Self-determination’ is a nice term. ‘Traditional homelands’ is another nice term. They are both capable of arousing passion and obtaining support for political projects. Everyone wants a higher salary, better access to resources, more opportunities for betterment and of course a nation that is made up exclusively of those who share identity. All Tamil leaders from the beginning of the 20th Century have preyed on these eminently human sentiments. They found an ally in the natural antipathy of a majority community that had been subjugated for close to five centuries, had their cultural artifacts vandalized, their temples torn down and replaced with churches, suffered forced conversion and been deliberately by-passed in favour of a minority by foreign rulers in the apportionment of life-improvement opportunities.
(Full Report in Island)

LTTE demonstration countered within an hour

A demonstration held by the LTTE denouncing the ongoing efforts of the government to liberate the country from terrorism and calling for the international community to intervene and prevent the army from entering the no fire zone and destroying the LTTE leadership was held in Milan, the commercial capital of Italy.
A vigilance squad organized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Italy immediately contacted the Ambassador Hemantha Warnakulasuriya. Under his directions the Sri Lankan Diaspora made a counter demonstration outnumbering the LTTE demonstration. Some members of the Vigilance squad photographing illegal display of symbols photographs and insignia of the banned LTTE were prevented by the local Police. The Ambassador immediately intervened and the members of the squad were permitted to photograph the demonstration of the LTTE sympathizers, A spokesman for the Sri Lankan embassy in Italy said the these photographs of the demonstration will be invaluable proof that these demonstrations are part of a grand design to perpetuate the cause of the LTTE and would be submitted to the appropriate authorities for action.
(Full Report in Sunday Observer)

Sri Lanka Foreign Secretary discusses LTTE conflict with the U.S. State Department official
Saturday, April 11, 2009, 19:51 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Apr 11, Colombo:

Sri Lanka's Foreign Secretary Dr. Palitha Kohona met with the top U.S. State Department official, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard A. Boucher on Friday at the State Department in Washington, D.C. to discuss the end of the 25-year-long conflict with the terrorist organization, LTTE.
During the discussion, Foreign Secretary assured the State Department official that Sri Lankan forces, consistent with government policy, are exercising extreme caution to safeguard civilians held hostage in the no-fire zone by the LTTE.
Assistant Secretary Boucher reiterated the call by the Tokyo Donor Co-Chairs which includes the U.S., Japan, the European Union, and Norway to the LTTE to "allow civilians to move freely out of harm's way."
(Full Report in Colombo Page)

GENOCIDE: 'the end of imagination'
(By: Kalana Senaratne)

If countering Arundhati Roy's accusation of an impending genocide (The Silence Surrounding Sri Lanka, 31 March 2009) is the task at hand, then, one needs only to point towards the Reuters photograph that accompanies her article on The Boston Globe website. It captures the return of Sri Lankan Tamils to Government controlled areas. The caption below the photograph reads: 'Sri Lankan Tamil civilians arriving at a government-controlled area after fleeing territory controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam'. How removed from ground reality, I wondered, is this accusation of genocide thrown at us by Roy and some others.
There is a colossal fallacy that surrounds this accusation of 'genocide', or that of an impending one, both from a legal as well as a common-sense perspective. Countering this accusation is necessary only because those who accuse Sri Lanka, or rather President Rajapaksa's administration, of genocide are giving that term (genocide) a somewhat polite meaning. 'Genocide', mind you, is a most atrocious and horrible thing.
(Full Report in MOD Website)

Will the real Prabhakaran ever come forward?
From Mohan Gunaratnam and Ranjit Surendran in Vavuniya

(April 12, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka Guardian) When the military personnel had a “tour” of the luxury bunker of Velu’s son and the 'Beloved Leader' of the Tamil terror enthusiasts now performing on the streets of London, Ottawa and other cities in the west the final ceremonies of rancor, venom and acrimony, there were some incredible finds.
This was at Puthukudiyiruppu, a city prepared as a Tiger fortress devastating whatever that was traditional to Wanni.
One such finding was evidently what Prabhakaran admired most – The Double – with which he cheated the Tamil community and the world at large. His bunker itself was a classic six star luxury.
Ever since his doctored picture with the Chennai film producer Bharathirajah appeared soon after the tsunami, it was suspected something was wrong somewhere. Later when a picture appeared with the Norwegian Tiger fan Erik Solheim, it certainly appeared the Prabhakaran in that picture was not the 5.2 inches reality but a much taller double.
(Full Report in Sri Lanka Guardian)

Both Lalu and Vaiko should be detained under NSA

By Satbir Bedi I have heard Railway Minister, Lalu Prasad Yadav saying “If I were Home Minister, whatever the consequences, I would have had a roller move over the chest of Varun Gandhi for the latter’s inciting the Hindus to act against 15 crores of Indian Muslims”.
It is clear that just as Varun Gandhi wanted to get Hindu votes by speaking against Indian Muslims, Lalu is also hell bent on getting Muslim votes whatever be the consequences. Clearly, he wants to incite the passions of Muslims. A case has been registered against him at the Kishan Ganj police station in Bihar for his threatening remarks. Maneka Gandhi, mother of Varun Gandhi had also written to the SSP, Badayun for acting against Lalu for threatening to kill her son. What Lalu has done is just like what Varun Gandhi has done and if Varun Gandhi is detained under NSA, then Lalu should also be detained under NSA.
On the other hand, the Chennai Police sources said a case was registered against MDMK leader Vaiko after his ‘bloodbath’ speech in which he warned of a bloodbath in Tamil Nadu if Prabhakaran, the Chief of the LTTE got harmed under the current Sri Lankan Army’s operation against LTTE.
(Full Report in DuniaLive.Com)

Saturday, 11th April 2009

Sri Lankan troops enter no fire zone

Colombo (Xinhua): Sri Lankan troops nearing the end of their campaign against Tamil Tigers have entered the no-fire zone in the north, state radio reported on Saturday.
The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in its main English news bulletin said the army's 58 division led by Brigadier Shavendra Silva had entered Puttumatalan no-fire zone Friday evening.
However, the military is yet to officially confirm the troops' entry to the government declared no-fire zone for the safety of over 100,000 civilians from the minority Tamil community.
The army's 58, 53, 59 and task force eight divisions have been surrounding the area since Wednesday when the government announced its final notice to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels to surrender and allow civilians to escape for safety.
According to Sri Lankan military, the rebel communications monitored have indicated serious difference of opinion among the LTTE members after the announcement.
(Full Report in The Hindu)

Karuna's brother-in-law escaped from LTTE clutches
Friday, April 10, 2009, 18:44 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Apr 10, Colombo:

The brother-in-law of former rebel leader and current Sri Lankan government Minister Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna, has escaped from the LTTE in Puthukkudyiruppu.
Military sources said that a youth had surrendered to the military in Omanthai in Vavuniya claiming that he is the brother-in-law of Karuna.
The youth had told the military that he fought in the Eastern region under Karuna Amman several years ago. He later had gone to a foreign country and spent at least one year there and returned to Wanni.
He had escaped from the LTTE while he was in one of the sentry point in the no-fire zone.
(From Colombo Page)

LTTE quelled a civilian revolt in safe zone: Lanka
P K Balachandran

COLOMBO: The LTTE has apparently crushed a revolt by civilians trap
ped in the No Fire Zone (Safe Zone) in north east Sri Lanka, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday.
The ministry said there had been civil commotion and a violent reaction from the LTTE on April 8. Government troops, who were at Ambalavanapokkai West, 400-500m from the Safe Zone, heard loud explosions and gunfire.
Ambalavanapokkanai is a place from where the trapped civilians, numbering about 150,000, can cross over to the army-held side through a causeway, if LTTE allows them to. On Wednesday, troops in the Ambalavanapokkanai area received 118 civilians from the Safe Zone. The Lankan navy too rescued some civilians trying to escape from the Safe Zone in boats.The International Committee of the Red Cross ferried 537 patients and their attenders from Puthumattalan in the No Fire Zone to Pulomoddai in Trincomalee on Wednesday. The evacuation was done by the ICRC using ships provided by the Lankan government.
(Full Report in Express Buzz)


The army yesterday launched a humanitarian operation to free thousands of civilians held hostage by the LTTE in the No-Fire Zone, the Defence Ministry said.
“Humanitarian operations conducted by Sri Lankan Armed forces have reached their final stage; with troops poised to free thousands of civilians in the No-fire Zone,” the Ministry said.
It said troops of the 58-division were spearheading the rescue operations after having established their positions closest to the NFZ border, West of Ampalavanpokkanai and South of Puthumathalam.’
“Troops have identified the best accessible routes for the civilians to come out of the NFZ and established rescue points there and some of these rescue points are located just 150 metres short of the LTTE built earth bund on the NFZ border,” the ministry said.
It said the humanitarian mission was also supported by limited offensives by troops to make room for the civilians to come out of LTTE captivity.
The Army has almost swept away all terrorists strongholds in the northern anterior of the 12-kilometre long NFZ demarcated for the civilians and now have limited their mop up operations to the southern anterior.
(Full Report in Daily Mirror)


Protesting Sri Lankan Tamils are being blamed for beheading the statue of Jawaharlal Nehru outside India House in London this morning. Indian diplomats were informed of the statue’s desecration when they arrived at the premises of the High Commission in Aldwych this morning. The remains of the statue have been bound in a white sheet and are visible for all to see.
When contacted, India’s High Commissioner to UK Shiv Shankar Mukherjee said: “The statue has been damaged and the police are investigating. The police were there at night and they are on the job.”
Said Minister in charge of information at the High Commission, M. Subashini: “All we know is that the statue is broken, not how it broke.”
A spokesman for Scotland Yard said he was not aware of any formal complaint from the High Commission but said, “Any criminal damage will be investigated and the perpetrators prosecuted.”
(From Indian Express)


(By Walter Jayawardhana)

Protestors from an unauthorized Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam demonstration in London are alleged to have beheaded the statue of Sri Jawaharlal Nehru , the founder of free India and first Prime Minister in a symbolic act against the country.
The Metropolitan Police said that they have been investigating into the matter and no arrests have been  made still.

On the day of the incident the LTTE supporters held a demonstration alleging India of supporting the military operation against the LTTE in Sri Lanka in front of the premises.  In the morning the Indian High Commission officials found the smashed up pieces of the Nehru head wrapped up in a sheet.
(Read Full Report)

Britain orders ship with LTTE cargo to return

The British authorities have ordered the captain of ‘Vanangaman’, a ship which set sail from the British port of Southampton for Sri Lanka carrying cargo designated to the LTTE, to turn back and return to England.
This follows a request made by the Sri Lankan Government.
The ship set sail on March 31 bearing an insignia of the International Red Cross Society, but the latter had denied any connection to the vessel ‘Vanangaman’. The ICRC said its insignia had been used illegally.
The vessel carried 2,400 tons of cargo designated to the LTTE and according to intelligence reports she was to load war material on her way to the Northern Sri Lankan coast. The Sri Lanka Navy earlier warned that it would destroy the vessel if ever it entered Sri Lankan waters.
‘Vanangaman’ was due to arrive in Sri Lankan waters on Friday.
(Full Report in Island)

India worries about possible LTTE threat to Sonia
By S. Venkat Narayan Our Special Correspondent NEW DELHI, April 9:

India’s intelligence services have become increasingly concerned about the possibility of an election-time attack by the beleaguered Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) of Sri Lanka on top political leaders in this country, including Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi.
There is no substantive intelligence to suggest that the LTTE has ordered assassinations of Indian politicians or attacks on them. However, the inflammatory language being used by the terrorist outfit’s supporters in Tamil Nadu like Vaiko is a cause for concern, say sources in intelligence agencies.
In a speech in Chennai on Wednesday, Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) leader V. Gopalaswamy, also known as Vaiko, warned of large-scale secessionist violence if Sri Lankan security forces kill LTTE Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran.
(Full Report in Island)

LTTE to blame for suffering of Tamil civilians - Presidents tells Ban Ki-moon

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has told the UN Secretary-General Ban-moon that the suffering undergone by the Tamil civilians in the No Fore Zone in the north of Sri Lanka is the sole responsibility of the LTTE that was holding them as a human shield, despite many calls for their freedom.
This was said when Mr. Ban Ki-moon had a telephone conversation with President Rajapaksa at Libya yesterday (April 9) where the he is at present on a three day State Visit.
In the telephone conversation initiated by the UN Secretary-General to discuss the prevailing humanitarian situation regarding Tamil civilians in the North of Sri Lanka, Mr. Ban Ki-moon had expressed his concern about the thousands of civilian trapped in the No Fire Zone.
President Rajapaksa told Mr. Ban Ki-moon that he understood the Secretary-General's deep preoccupation with the fate and condition of this civilian population, and informed him that all of the suffering of the civilians was due to the LTTE continuing to hold them hostage and as human shields, ignoring the many calls by the UN and humanitarian organizations to free them.
(Full Report in SL Defence)

Boucher, Blake tell Tigers to free civilians

Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard Boucher and US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert O’ Blake, during a meeting with several US-based organizations representing members of the Tamil Diaspora, yesterday called on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to release the civilians held by them, the US Embassy said.
The meeting was called to discuss the humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka.
Boucher and Blake welcomed the opportunity to listen to the concerns and perspectives of the American Tamil Diaspora community and to share the steps the United States is taking to address the humanitarian crisis. They emphasized US concern about the plight of the civilians trapped in the ‘no fire zone’ in northern Sri Lanka. They reiterated that both the Tamil Tigers and the Government of Sri Lanka should stop firing into and from the ‘no fire zone’. They outlined the steps the U.S. has taken to support the civilians in the ‘no fire zone’.
(Full Report in Island)

Sedition case registered against Vaiko
Special Correspondent CHENNAI:

The Chennai City police have registered a sedition case against MDMK general secretary Vaiko for his speech warning that India would not remain one country if the war against the LTTE in Sri Lanka was not stopped.
The case has been registered under 13 (1) b of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act, 2004 (advocating, abetting, advising or inciting the commission of any unlawful activity) and also under Section 124 -A and Section 505 (1) (b) of the Indian Penal Code.
Section 124-A relates to sedition (attempting to bring into hatred or contempt or exciting or attempting to excite disaffection towards the Government established by law in India).
(Full Report in Island)



(By Walter Jayawardhana)

Reminding Sri Lanka in a strongly worded editorial that there cannot be complacency, India’s Tribune newspaper said although it is claimed the back of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTTE) is broken until its leader Prabhakaran is captured there can be no finality about it.  
The Tribune said, “The Sri Lankan army may claim that it has broken the back of the LTTE by wresting control of the north-eastern district of Mullaitivu which it says was the Tamil militant outfit’s “last bastion”, but until its leader Prabhakaran is captured dead or alive, there can be no finality about it.”
The newspaper also reminded that the youth of the terrorist group have to be weaned away from the path of violence and it is a responsibility of the Mahinda Rajapaksa government.

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Here are Top-Rung Tiger Leaders Perished

MULLAITTIVU: THE cream of the LTTE organization appears to be fast dying off, unable to meet the resistance of the troops who have now shown up at the doorstep to the No Fire Zone where Tigers are holding hundreds of Tamil civilians captive, barring them from moving into government-held areas.
Over a dozen of top-rung Tiger leaders, including PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area leader, THAVABALASINGHAM alias THEEPAN alias TANGOPAPA alias THEEBAN, special women’s leader VIDUSHA, Leader for “MALATHI Regiment”, KEERTHI, PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU Military Leader, SUNDARAM alias NAGESH, Military Leader for PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area NADARASA alias GOPAL, Leader for “KUTTI Sri Mortar Regiment”, DURUGA, special leader for LTTE “SODIYA Regiment”, GADAFFI alias VIDUTHALAI alias AMUDAN, Leader for LTTE Special Training School, MANIWANNAN, Leader for LTTE “Artillery Regiment”, and MOHAN, Senior Leader for “SODIYA Regiment” were among the senior Tigers to have died in the confrontations that led to the complete fall of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU.
(Full Report in SL Army)

LTTE leader's situation is similar to Hitler's final days, says Sri Lanka government
 Friday, April 10, 2009, 14:53 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Apr 10, Colombo:

Sri Lanka government today said that the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is facing the same situation as Hitler faced in the final days of his life.
Speaking at a press briefing held in Colombo this morning, Cabinet spokesman, Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa said LTTE leader is also hiding in a bunker like Hitler did in the past.
The spokesman said the government forces have already defeated the LTTE outfit and they only need to arrest its leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.
Minister Yapa said the government forces are now engaged in a humanitarian operation to rescue the civilians held by the rebels in a narrow strip of land.
(From Lanka Page)

Friday, 10th April 2009

15 rebels killed in northern Sri Lanka
COLOMBO, April 9 (Xinhua)

The military in Sri Lanka said Thursday that at least 15 Tamil Tiger rebels were killed in the northern Mullaittivu district on Wednesday as clashes between the government troops and the rebels continued.
Defense officials said the Army attacked the positions of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the northern bank of the Nanthikadal lagoon both in the morning and afternoon, killing at least 10 rebels and injuring 12 others.
In the Ampalavanpokkanai area, the troops attacked LTTE positions Wednesday morning, killing five rebels and injuring eight others.
The military's claims can not be independently verified as international media are not permitted to enter the northern battlefield.
The clashes came after the LTTE lost the last stronghold at Puthukkudiyiruppu on Sunday with more than 400 rebels including several senior leaders being killed.
The military said the rebels are now mixing with civilians in the no-fire zone declared by the government at Puttumatalan area.
(Full Report in XinhusNet)

Holmes tells Guardian newspaper:
LTTE shooting fleeing civilians


UN Under Secretary General Sir John Holmes said that although the LTTE leadership says that the Tamil civilians accompanied them into the war zone voluntarily and they do not want to leave, there are continuing reports of shooting at fleeing civilians, destroying boats to prevent them leaving and forcing them to fight against their will by the LTTE.
He said it is clear that the LTTE is refusing to let people flee, though many are managing to escape somehow. He added: ?I fear the combatants may be gearing up for a final confrontation. This is a very grave situation.?
Sir John Holmes writing in the London?s Guardian newspaper of April 8 said they have told the terrorist group that civilians trapped by the fighting in the North must be allowed a free choice of whether to leave or stay.
The Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations said, the LTTE?s leadership claims the civilians in the conflict zone do not want to leave because they accompanied the LTTE voluntarily in the first place and are afraid of government reprisals. Yet there are continuing reports that the group?s fighters are shooting at fleeing civilians, limiting fishing and sabotaging boats that might be used to escape, and forcing people to fight against their will.
(Full Report in Daily News)

Rebel police firing at civilians in N Sri Lanka: military

COLOMBO, April 9 (Xinhua) -- The Sri Lankan military on Thursday blamed Tamil Tiger rebels' police of firing at civilians in order to deter them from leaving their grasp in the no-fire zone (NFZ) declared by the government in the northern Mullaittivu district.
Officials from the Ministry of Defense said that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) deputy leader Pottu Amman had ordered the rebels' police to fire at civilians who wanted to leave the NFZ.
This was following Wednesday's final notice given by the government to rebel leaders to surrender and let the civilian population to leave Mullaittivu's no-fire zone at Puttumatalan.
The rebels have now been limited to the NFZ of less than 20 sq km, said the military.
The LTTE has been condemned for holding Tamil civilians as human shields. The government said more than 60,000 people have already arrived in government controlled areas while another 50,000 to 60,000 are remaining in the NFZ under rebel hold.
(Full Report in News.Cn)

Civilians attack the terrorists
Civilians within the No Fire Zone have started attacking LTTE terrorists with clubs and knives.

Civilians who managed to escape from the grip of the LTTE said their colleagues, unable to bear LTTE torture, had started attacking LTTE cadres. One civilian said the LTTE opened fire when about 500 people came running towards the Army. Many collapsed. They got into an ambulance. She cannot recollect as to what happened thereafter. Many were injured. The LTTE are mingling among and harassing them. Parents and children unable to bear the harassment attacked the terrorists with knives and clubs. She said they have been imprisoned.
Another civilian said the LTTE was humiliating them. They are taking their children to build bunkers. They do not enjoy freedom. As such, they decided to seek security in liberated areas. The troops are treating them well and meeting all their needs.
(Full Report in ITN)

Army fears clashes between LTTE, civilians
B. Muralidhar Reddy
Gunfire heard after people gathered near Army position
LTTE police chief asked to send cadre to frontline

COLOMBO: The Sri Lankan military on Thursday said serious disturbances had been observed in the “No-Fire Zone” (NFZ) on Wednesday afternoon.
According to the military, LTTE cadre and leaders, including its chief Velupillai Prabakaran, have taken shelter in the NFZ. The Defence Ministry said loud explosions and machinegun fire were heard in the Ampalawanpokkanai area and attributed them to a possible clash between LTTE cadre and civilians stranded in the NFZ.
“Sri Lanka Army units deployed just 500-400 metres short of the LTTE-built earth bund on the border of the NFZ in Ampalawanpokkanai west reported sighting of a large group of people gathering in the NFZ during the afternoon hours before the explosions and shooting began. The sources suspect a serious clash between the LTTE terrorists and their civilian hostages held in the zone,” said the Ministry.
(Full Report in The Hindu)

Blood-bath if Prabha is harmed: Vaiko

According to Indian daily The Hindu a Tamil political leader in India's Tamil Nadu state has warned the government of an eruption of violence if New Delhi did not stop the Sri Lankan government from halting its military offensive against the Tamil Tiger rebels.
V. Gopalswarmy alias Vaiko, the leader of the MDMK party in Tamil Nadu, told a rally yesterday that Tamil Nadu would witness a bloodbath if even the slightest harm befell the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) V. Prabakaran.
Vaiko claimed the minds of the people of Tamil Nadu had reached the point of a volcanic eruption and the Tamil youth in India could join their brothers in Sri Lanka to fight government forces.
If the Argentine-born Che Guevara could fight for the Cubans, why can not the youth from Tamil Nadu fight for the Tamils of Sri Lanka, with whom they have an umbilical cord relationship" he said.
(Full Report in Daily Mirror)

(By Walter Jayawardhana)

Indian police filed a first information report(FIR) against Marumalarchchi Dravida Munnetra Kazagam (MDMK) leader Vaiko for threatening a blood bath in India if alleged Rajiv Gandhi assassination conspirator Velupillai Prabhakaran is harmed.
Under Indian criminal law the first step of starting a criminal investigation is to file a FIR compiled by the police or a citizen.
Vaiko also said that if new Delhi does not stop the war in Sri Lanka,  India would not remain one country” threatening  separatist action.
By London demonstrations and inflammatory speeches in Chennai LTTE proxies are trying to save the LTTE leader, whose days are believed to be numbered, analysts in Chennai said. Vaiko , alleged by his political opponents to be in the payroll of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) faces this police action over the inflammatory statement he made about the banned LTTE and its besieged leader now cornered out gunned and outnumbered,  by a victorious army in the North East coast of Sri Lanka.
The North Beach Police station in Chennai said, "Charges have been made against Vaiko for spreading disaffection among people and speaking against the banned LTTE." The FIR has been registered at that police station as the speech had been delivered in that particular police area.
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Detain Vaiko under NSA: Swamy

CHENNAI: Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Thursday called for the detention of Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) general secretary Vaiko under the National Security Act (NSA) for his statement warning of a bloodbath in Tamil Nadu if the slightest harm befell LTTE leader V. Prabakaran.

In a statement, Dr. Swamy said Mr. Vaiko’s speech at a meeting in Chennai on Wednesday was “highly objectionable, anti-national, and deserving [of] strict action under the law.”
(Full Report in The Hindu)

LTTE threat to Sonia Gandhi and children Home Ministry issues alert

Worries are mounting in New Delhi about intelligence reports of the strong prospect of at attack on the Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi, her children, and other top political leaders of India by the LTTE, during the current election time in India.
The Indian Home Ministry has issued an alert urging the tightening of security when Sonia Gandhi and her two children Rahul and Priyanka, already among the most highly most highly protected public figures in India, canvass for support for the Congress party and its allies in the current campaign for elections to the Lo-----K Sabha.
Although the alert was not specific on the nature of the threat, security analysts in India see a major threat from the LTTE as the intelligence warnings say that Sonia Gandhi and her two children could be attacked because of India not pressuring Colombo to implement a ceasefire with the LTTE. The threat also covers other prominent Congress leaders.
(Full Report in SL Defence)

Miliband: Congenital Idiot Or Pretending To Be One?
 By S. L. Gunasekara

David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary of what once was "Great" Britian, having accepted the self-evident fact that the LTTE is a terrorist organization which our Government is compelled to root out, has then proceeded to "urge" our Government to declare a "humanitarian ceasefire" to enable the civilians being held captive by the LTTE as "human shields" to flee to sanctuary in Government controlled areas !!!
How does Milliband expect our Government to root out the LTTE while ceasing fire. Any fool can see that the LTTE will not surrender. Thus, the only way to root out those terrorist scum is by `firing’ and not by `ceasing to fire’. Surely even Milliband cannot be so blind as not to see this. If Milliband truly believes that terrorists can be rooted out by `ceasing to fire’, it is inexplicable why he does not call for `cesefires’ in Afghanitan and Iraq as well.
Milliband has also deplored the fact that the LTTE has used civilians as "human shields" and urged them to let the civilians go. How sweet !!. Does Milliband seriously think that the LTTE will let the civilians go merely because Milliband urges them to do so ??? Even he cannot be that stupid.
The LTTE has proved beyond doubt that they will never let the civilians go: they have done so not only by words but by deeds as well – i.e by shooting those who seek to go. When the LTTE spares man-power to prevent the civilians from fleeing to safety when there is no cease-fire and they need all their manpower to fight our forces, can even an imbecile think for a moment that they will let the civilians go if there is a ceasefire and no manpower is required to fight our forces ???
(Full Report in Island)

I am dying, Eelam, dying
V Sudarshan

Velupillai Prabhakaran is in an unpredictable mood these days. Sometimes when his gimlet eyes fix on those around him, he looks murderous.
Sometimes he looks like a broken man muttering under his breath, I am dying, Eelam, dying, as though he were in some Shakespearean melodrama.
Those around him are wary of talking to him when Prabhakaran is having a conversation with himself. When they see a rage building up inside him, they keep out of the line of his sight. The only time they go to tell him something is to give the news from the battlefront. Sometimes the battlefront is four kilometres away. At other times it is less than a kilometre away. All the time the battlefield is shrinking. Sometimes they don’t have to tell Prabhakaran some of the news because he can hear it coming too. That is when the Sri Lankan shells come with a high whine and explode and body parts lie everywhere. It is not what the explosion does that is terrible. It is the sound of screaming that follows that is unbearable. The screaming goes on for hours without stop.
(Full Report in Express Buzz)

More civilians flee LTTE clutches to safe zone

The nineteenth batch of 537 patients and civilians was evacuated on board "MV Green Ocean" on Wednesday. The evacuation of patients and civilians trapped in LTTE clutches in the un-cleared areas in Mullaitivu is being carried out under the ICRC flag. The Sri Lanka Navy is providing safe passage to evacuees on humanitarian grounds. Patients among the evacuees, upon disembarkation at Pulmoddai were provided with emergency medical treatment by naval doctors and were rushed to the field hospital in Pulmoddai as well as the General Hospital in Padaviya by the navy personnel for further treatment.
Hospitals have been equipped with adequate stocks of essential drugs and specialist medical personnel are being assigned to treat the sick and wounded as they are transferred to hospitals.The nineteenth batch consisted of 153 adult males, 168 adult females and 216 children in total. Among them were 107 male and 63 female patients needing medical treatment. The evacuees had been languishing in pain and fear due to the LTTE's adamant stance to hold all civilians captive in the un-cleared areas as human shields despite the repeated appeals by the International Community to free all civilians enabling them to safe areas immediately.
(Full Report in Daily News)

Sri Lanka's Tamil MP trapped in the battlefiled - report
Thursday, April 9, 2009, 5:11 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Apr 09, Colombo:

Sri Lanka's Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian for the Wanni District S. Kanagaratnam is reportedly trapped in the no-fire zone (NFZ) in the embattled northeastern coast of Mullaitivu District.
A local news paper quoting TNA General Secretary MP Mavai Senathirajah said the party has no communication from MP Kangaratnam, who went to Mullaitivu at the end of last year.
"This MP has been there for several months now. We have not had any communication with him since then. He is hailing from the Mullaitivu area. His family members are there," the paper said quoting the MP.
TNA is considered a proxy party of the Tamil Tigers and supports self-determination in an independent Tamil homeland.
An estimated 100,000 civilians are trapped in the government demarcated no-fire zone without being able to leave as a majority of them is being held by the LTTE as human shields while some families of hardcore LTTE Tigers are reportedly staying on their own free will.
(Full Report in Colombo Page)

LTTE threat to Kerala banks

 The Reserve Bank of India has alerted all the banks in Kerala to step up security following intelligence reports that LTTE cadre might attempt bank robbery.
According to bank sources, a note has been circulated to the authorities of all major banks including State Bank of India telling them that "LTTE has plans to attempt bank dacoity" and wanted their branches to be on alert to take "preventive measures". Intelligence reports had said that LTTE might infiltrate into the state through the coast and might try to loot banks to boost their financial resources. ecurity had been tightened in all banks across the state, the sources added.
(From Times of India)

No pause to operations - Sri Lanka Govt

The government says that it has no intention to declare a pause in the ongoing military offensive despite calls by the UN. Minister of Human rights, Mahinda Samarasinha told Sandesaya that the UN once proposed a cease fire and later a pause but the government of Sri Lanka has consistently maintained that the rebels should lay down weapons and end hostilities.
We are moving inch by inch to minimize civilian causalities said Minister Samarasinha.
He dispelled reports by health officials from the area and said that they are being pressurised by the LTTE.
Meanwhile, the Defence Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakara denied claims that the Army had used poisonous gases against the LTTE.
We have never used gas or chemical weapons against the LTTE, but there were occasions when LTTE used them , said Brigadier Nanayakara.
(Full Report in LankaNewsPapers.com)

Another massive LTTE armoury recovered in Sri Lanka
The Security Forces have uncovered another massive armoury of the LTTE terrorists.

Our Representative Sujith Vithanapathirana giving more information said the LTTE has been debilitated after the loss of Puthukudiyiruppu which was their stronghold. They had also lost a number of top leaders. At present the terrorists are mingling with the civilians for survival. Yesterday, Task Force Two recovered a weapons storage facility, West of Puthukudiyiruppu. The LTTE had accumulated these weapons during the ceasefire and continuously attacked the Army. The people have to suffer the consequences of the LTTE activities due to the so called ceasefire periods. The LTTE had imported the weapons and concealed them to attack the Security Forces at a later date. The forces are conducting search operations in the captured areas to avert this action. The 8th Vijayaba Infantry Force under the 621st Brigade of Lt. Colonel Athula Ariyaratne under Task Force Two of Brig. Rohana Bandara seized these weapons.
(From Lankanewspapers.com)

Tamil diaspora says LTTE destroyed Vanni Tamils

Mrs. Rajeswari Balasubramaniam of the Tamil diaspora team that arrived in Sri Lanka told The Island though the LTTE designated themselves representatives of the Lankan Tamils they had only destroyed the life of the Vanni based Tamils.
The team expressed their views to the Foreign Ministry officials a few days after their arrival in Sri Lanka.
Mrs Balasubramaniam arrived from London to join the Tamil Diaspora team.
"I totally reject the LTTE’s stance that the Government in the guise of running welfare camps in Vavuniya is resorting to slavery. I visited these camps and realized they were better maintained than such welfare camps in South India", she said.
(Full Report in Island)


 (By Walter Jayawardhana)

As the unauthorized meeting demonstration of the Tamil Tigers was going into its fifth day in the parliamentary square in Westminster London the President of the Sinhala Association of Sri Lankans in the metropolis appealed to the mayor of London to order the police to arrest the leaders of the illegal movement.  

In a letter to Boris Johnson , the Conservative Party mayor of London , Douglas Wickramaratne , the President of the Sinhala Association of Sri Lankans said, “As you are fully aware Tamil Tigers (LTTE) are banned in UK as a terrorist group but demonstrators were allowed to openly display LTTE flags and carry photographs of the terrorist leader. Tamil Tiger supporters showed their arrogant disregard for British laws and openly violated it.”
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Troops restore LTTE’s main battle tank

The LTTE’s T-55 Main Battle Tank (MBT) recovered by the Army from the west of Puthumattalan in Mullaitivu a few days ago was restored to working condition by the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC), the army said. The tank had been turned turtle and half sunk under the soil due to Air Force bombing while the LTTE cadres were using it against the troops.
During clearing operations conducted by the Army, this MBT was unearthed and repaired by the 5th Regiment SLAC.
It was all evident that the LTTE had been using this tank with 100 mm calibre and 6900m effective fire range until the last moment, the army said.
This was the first time the troops found a T-55 Main Battle Tank used by the LTTE.
(From Daily Mirror)

War’s end will help Lanka exploit resources in territorial waters
by Shamindra Ferdinando
Lanka can use funds from friendly govt to finance Iran-led Sapugaskanda project

The Sri Lankan government will claim an extension of its continental shelf before the 1982 UN Commission shortly.
Foreign Ministry sources said that Sri Lanka’s claim would be submitted by May 12, 2009 seeking economic sovereignty beyond the present 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone.
Dr. N. P. Wijayananda, who heads the delimitation of the outer edge of the continental margin project, said that they were in the final stage of the assignment.
Sources said that Sri Lanka had received financial assistance to the tune of USD 5.2 million for the project through NORAD. At the inception of the project in 1999, Wijayananda’s team had functioned as a technical committee before being given a higher status to coordinate with a range of institutions both here and abroad. The Sri Lankan navy has provided critical support to the ambitious project.
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Thursday, 09th April 2009

Today Westminster Bridge and tomorrow it will be Sydney Harbour Bridge or Melbourne West Gate Bridge 
The whole world would have noticed thro BBC channel that LTTE apologists have forcibly entered the Westminster bridge and the British Parliamentary square without  permission from the London Metropolitan Police to protest against Government of Sri Lanka in order to protect the LTTE the most ruthless  outfit in the world facing humiliation defeat in the hands of the armed forces.
They disrupted the traffic by compelling Police to close the important bridge for safety reasons and protest is being continued for third day causing great inconvenience to Londoners. Out of 15000 square kms they held illegally for 26 years is now left with nothing and the so called bravados of the Tamils Prabahkaran and Pottu Amman are hiding behind innocent women and children to protect them from getting killed by Sri Lankan armed forces. Aren’t these so called bravados ashamed to hide behind the poor civilians?
So what are these Demonstrators shouting for with all placards and banners now? Very soon LTTE will go into history as a non existent outfit.  The current demos in London expose that the Tamil Diaspora care less for the rule of law and ready to flout any laws to achieve their ends.
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Loud explosions heard in NFZ, after the final announcements made to LTTE to release civilians
 Several loud explosions have been heard in the NFZ soon after army made the final announcement for the LTTE terrorists to release the civilians held hostage by them this afternoon (Apr 8). The army has made announcement using loudspeakers positioned few hundred meters short of the western border of the NFZ.
Army suspects that the terrorists have launched some sort of an attack at the civilians who tried to escape their rule.
More information will follow...
(From SL Defence Website)

Cooperate with Govt – UN tells LTTE
The United Nations has called on the LTTE to cooperate with the Sri Lankan Government to ensure civilians trapped in the Safe Zone can move freely. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, speaking to reporters at the UN on Tuesday, said that both the Government and the LTTE must also do their utmost to protect human rights.
The UN Chief commended the Government for the efforts it has made to send supplies to the trapped civilians using both sea and land routes.
“I have spoken on many occasions with President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka. As you know, I have sent Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Under-Secretary-General, John Holmes. Even most recently, I have spoken with President Rajapaksa on the necessity and importance of protecting the human rights of civilians who have been trapped in the fighting zones,” he said.
(Full Report in Daily Mirror)

Prabhakaran unwell, says Sri Lankan Govt
Pottu Amman takes charge of LTTE
COLOMBO: The LTTE's dreaded intelligence chief Pottu Amman has taken the overall command of the outfit amid the “fast deteriorating mental health condition” of its supremo V Prabhakaran who is hiding in the ‘no fire zone’ in Sri Lanka's north, the Defence Ministry said on Wednesday.
The no fire zone in Pudukudiyirippu area of Mullaittivu, though demarcated by the government as a safety zone for civilians held by the Tamil Tigers, has now also become the sanctuary for the top rebel leaders, including LTTE supremo Prabhakaran, it said .
“Pottu Amman, the so-called intelligence leader of the LTTE, has now taken the overall command of the terror outfit” with Prabhakaran's mental health condition “fast deteriorating,” the ministry said in a statement.
Amman, having no battlefield experience, has reportedly appointed Velawan, “the last remaining LTTE battle-hardened cadre, as the outfit's new military chief,” the ministry quoted the sources as saying. Amman is also a wanted key accused in the Rajiv Gan dhi assassination case in India. - PTI
(From Business Line)

Tigers face last ditch confrontation
by Shamindra Ferdinando
The stage is now set for the army to rescue civilians trapped in the LTTE-controlled ‘no fire zone on the Mullaitivu coast. The army yesterday ordered the LTTE leadership and ordinary cadres to surrender immediately or face the consequences.
Shortly after the army made the announcement using public address systems, there had been several loud explosions. Fearing an imminent assault, the Tamil Diaspora organised a series of protests in several parts of the world to pressure the Sri Lankan government not to take the initiative.
The 58 Division is now facing the last of Tigers’ earth bunds west of Ampalavankkanai outside the ‘no fire’ zone. The 10 SLLI (Sri Lanka Light Infantry) attached to Brigadier Shavendra Silva’s 58 Division is engaged in operations against LTTE units manning the earth bund. The army said that snipers deployed in the area had gunned down 11 LTTE cadres on Tuesday (April 7).
(Full Report in Island)

Release the civilians – SL Army makes the final announcement to LTTE terrorists
SL security forces have made the final announcement for the LTTE terrorists in Puthumathalan area to let the civilians move in to the liberated areas. The announcement was made using loud speakers. As per the military reports, there are nearly 50,000 civilians trapped in the SL government –declared no-fire zone. Several loud explosive sounds were heard a short while after the Army made the final announcements and the sounds would possibly be some sort of attacks LTTE made on civilians tried to escape, Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara told SINHALAYA News Agency.
(From Sinhalaya News)

Legal luminary H.L. de Silva passes away
SPUR Salutes Late Deshamanya H. L. de Silva for the great service he has done to motherland Sri Lanka !

The pre-eminent constitutional lawyer and a former Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United Nations, President’s Counsel, Deshamanya H. L. de Silva passed away yesterday. He was 81 years at the time of his death. He appeared in the country’s leading fundamental rights cases, including some of the well known cases heard recently before the Supreme Court. H. L. de Silva supported the fundamental rights application filed by the JVP seeking the de-merger of North and East and also an application against the Post-Tsunami Operational Management Structure (P-TOMS) Agreement, entered into between the Secretary to the Minister of Rehabilitation, Relief and Reconciliation and S. Ranjan of the LTTE.
H L de Silva took his law degree in 1951 and was one of the forces that motivated the court to abandon classical legal theories and to embrace a more progressive jurisprudence starting in the late 1970s.
H. L. de Silva also functioned as the legal advisor to Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike and President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge. He also participated at the Thimpu discussions with the LTTE during President J. R. Jayawardena’s regime and was also a member at the Peace talks in Geneva under President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government.
He was also the president of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (1987 – 1989) and was an honorary life member (Honoris Causa) of the Association.
In the late 1970s, at a time when few believed that the Sri Lankan Supreme Court was institutionally capable of initiating fundamental constitutional change, H.L. de Silva strove to transcend the narrow doctrinaire views on judicial review.
(Full Report in Daily Mirror)

Army asks people to leave no-fire zone in Lanka
The Sri Lankan army (SLA) is using loudspeakers and distributing pamphlets in Tamil to urge civilians trapped in the ‘no-fire zone’ to break out of the LTTE control with the number of Tiger cadre deaths crossing the 550 mark in the last six days.
The SLA had encircled the ‘no-fire zone’ in the north-eastern district of Mullaitivu and the remaining LTTE cadres were now trapped in less than a 20 square kilometre area, Sri Lanka’s top bureaucrat, defence secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa told HT.
Troops at some places were positioned few hundred metres away from the designated zone.
“Announcements are being continuously made informing the civilians about the war situation and asking them to walk across to government-run areas,’’ Rajapaksa, who is President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s brother, said.
On Wednesday, several loud explosions were heard in the zone soon after the army made announcements directed at the LTTE to release the civilians. The military could not immediately explain the explosions.
(Full Report in Hindustan Times)

LTTE threat to Sonia Gandhi, security stepped up

NEW DELHI: Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her children — Rahul and Priyanka — face a threat from the banned LTTE prompting the Union home ministry to issue an alert to states to provide tight security cover during their visits.
With the campaign for the forthcoming general elections slowly reaching a crescendo, the ministry has issued a general alert asking the director generals of police of all states to maintain strict vigil when the Gandhi family members travel to the states.
Officials said the alert specifically asked the southern states to keep a close watch of the visit of Gandhi family keeping in mind that the LTTE had carried out an attack on former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, assassinating him during the run-up for elections in 1991, at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.
The roadshows of the Gandhi family have already been curtailed in view of the heightened tensions due to threat from militants.
(From Times of India)

Union Home Ministry: Sonia Gandhi on LTTE Hit List
The Union Home Ministry has issued an advisory to all state DGPs in the Southern States, asking them to maintain extra cautious during the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, as there is a threat to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and some other VVIPs from the banned LTTE. Former PM and Sonia's husband Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by LTTE at a meeting in Sriperumbudur in 1991. Sonia Gandhi remains on the hit list of the LTTE, confirmed the Home Ministry.
The state DGPs have been asked to provide full-proof security and maintain a strict vigil during all elections campaigns of Sonia Gandhi and other VVIP leaders. The LTTE, which is almost wiped out in Sri Lanka, may aim to consolidate its base in India, as it has many sympathisers in Tamil Nadu.
Earlier, the Home Ministry had asked the state DGPs to enhance the security of 11 Chief Ministers in the country in the wake of Naxal and terror threat to their lives.
(Full Report in Breaking News Online)

Is 'Selvaraj Padmanathan' behind LTTE's SAM procurements?
One of the INTERPOL's most wanted terrorist agent Kumaran Pathmanathan. (INTERPOL file photo) KP in guise as 'Selvaraj Pathmanathan', LTTE's 'chief negotiator'.
Alarms were rung among international defence circles as information kept flowing of constant LTTE attempts for arms procurement including acquiring of surface-to-air missiles SAMs) through its' international terrorist enterprise recently. The information received was based on reports, of key discussion rounds held between one of the INTERPOL's most wanted terror agent Kumaran Pathmanadan alias KP, and a group of high-tech weapon smugglers. KP has recently guised himself under the name 'Selvaraj Pathmanathan', LTTE's 'chief negotiator' and 'international spokesperson' evading arrest.
According to defence sources, KP has received direct orders from its overseas based terror cells to speed-up the deal following its Puthukkudiyirippu debacle. Weeks before its humiliating defeat at Puthukkudiyirippu, terrorists fired two surface to air missiles at Sri Lankan Air Force Bell-212 casualty evacuation helicopters.
(Full Report in SL Defence)

 (By Walter Jayawardhana)
The UN Under Secretary General Sir John Holmes said that although the Tamil Tiger leadership say that the Tamil civilians accompanied them into the war zone voluntarily and they do not want to leave there are continuing reports of shooting at fleeing civilians, destroying boats to prevent them leaving and forcing them to fight against their will by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
He said, “. It is clear that the LTTE is refusing to let people flee, though many are managing to escape somehow, and I fear the combatants may be gearing up for a final confrontation. This is a very grave situation.”
Sir John Holmes writing in the London’s Guardian newspaper April 8 said they have told the terrorist group that civilians trapped by the fighting in the North must be allowed a free choice of whether to leave or stay.
(Read Full Report)

Charity had three fundraisers for LTTE - Canadian police
A non-profit organization shut down last year for financing terrorism paid three fundraisers in Montreal to collect money for the LTTE, according to newly released documents by the Canadian police.
The alleged role played by the "paid activists" is revealed in thousands of pages of documents, photos and video filed in Federal Court this week as part of an effort by counter-terrorism officials to dismantle the World Tamil Movement.
(From National Post)

Navy vigilant on escaping terrorists
The Sri Lanka Navy is on alert to prevent any LTTE terrorist escaping from the sea route.
Our Representative Kasun Gunatilake said the Navy will thwart all LTTE efforts to venture past the sea. Lt. Commander Nissanka Wickramasinghe said three Defence Lines have been activated and the first one consists of the Rapid Action Force and the special fleet of small naval vessels. The ITN production team was able to witness at the Putumattalan sea belt that the dedication and determination were not confined only to words. Our Representative said the Navy has averted sea tiger attempts to flee. It is discharging a commendable task assisting the Army. The task discharged by the navy within the sea belt identifying the civilians while giving significant support to the army, is laudable. Commander in charge of Northern Area Rear Admiral D.W.A. Dissanayake said the sea tigers are attempting to attack the Army from small vessels and infiltrate the Forward Defence Line. The Navy and the Army are conducting joint operations identifying civilian vessels among them and destroying enemy vessels.
(Full Report in ITN News)


 (By Walter Jayawardhana)

Two Sri Lankan Tamil women and one Sri Lankan Tamil man have been ordered to re-pay a total of over £180,000 at Harrow Crown Court on 7 April 2009 under the Proceeds of Crime Act in addition to the jail terms already imposed on them. .
Tharani Satkunanathan known as Tara, aged 28 years, was ordered to repay £135,503; Vyson Sivanathan, aged 28 years, was ordered to repay £37,565.77; and Jessica Sohan, aged 21 years, was ordered to repay £10,000.

It was proved in the case that they were involved in a credit card and bank scam which defrauded hundreds of customers who owned bank accounts.
The evidence meticulously complied by the investigation team proved that the defendants assets were the benefits of criminal activity. All three face further prison sentences if the money is not paid back.
DCI Pete Lansdown of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command said:
“This money has been obtained through criminal activity and it is only right that they should have to give it back. This case shows that if you chose to make your living through crime not only will you serve a prison sentence, but you will lose all the proceeds as well, in this case crime really does not pay.

Blood is Thicker than Water
The editorial of the Ministry of Defence website (www.defence.lk) on 7th April 2009 under the title ‘Driven to their death in vain’ is a touching obituary on the deaths of Theepan, Durga, Gadhapi, Nagesh, and Vidusha - middle-rung terrorist leaders - killed in action in Puthukuduyiruppu the day before. It ends with the sentence: ‘We dedicate this editorial to all Sri Lankans who fully realize the diverse forces that by misleading and misguiding the flower of our youth, brought death and destruction to our country, and are now determined to say – Never again’. No admirers of the terrorists – neither the cowardly rump LTTE nor their sympathizers who supported them while they were alive - will be able to honour their memory with as noble a tribute as this, because it was they who helped mislead those brave young people and turn them into brutal killers of their own compatriots in the name of an unrealistic and unjustifiable separatist cause.
(Full Article in Island)

Sri Lanka's Yal Devi train resumes its operation to Vavuniya again
Wednesday, April 8, 2009, 14:52 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Apr 08, Colombo:
 The North-bound Yala Devi train today resumed its operation to Vavuniya Railway Station, the Railway Department said. Exactly 27 days ago, Sri Lanka Railway Department limited the Vavuniya bound Yal Devi train to Medawachchiya, the border city of the North Central Province, due to security reasons.
After the liberation of entire Kilinochchi District the train service was restarted to Vavuniya at the beginning of this year.
Railway Department said they have taken this decision as the northern rail track ending at Kankasanthurai in Jaffna peninsula is currently undergoing repairs.
Due to the terrorist activities of LTTE rebels the Jaffna bound Yal Devi train had been limited to Vavuniya in the last decade. Reportedly the rebels have uprooted the rail line in the rebel controlled areas to build bunkers.
(From Colombo Page)

Wednesday, 08th April 2009

73 Tamil rebels killed in fresh fighting
Troops dig in ahead of final onslaught Pti,
 Afp, Colombo

Hunting for elusive top LTTE leadership after overrunning almost all the rebel bases, Sri Lankan troops have killed at least 73 Tamil Tigers in fierce clashes near the 'no-fire zone' in Mullaittivu in the embattled north.
Sri Lankan troops Tuesday consolidated their hold on newly captured territory ahead of a planned offensive to free civilians trapped in the island's war zone, military officials said.
Security forces are preparing to advance into the last patch of land where the Tamil Tiger rebel fighters have been surrounded along with tens of thousands of civilians.
The Tigers' body count appears to be increasing every day and in the last five days over 550 have been killed, the military said yesterday.
"We are carrying out search operations and have found a large haul of weapons and hiding places," military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.
He said the military would move to rescue the civilians caught in a government designated "safe zone" of 20 square kilometres (eight square miles).
(Full Report in The Daily Star)

FM tells International Community:
Take punitive action against LTTE


Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama told Parliament yesterday the international community should reach a crescendo in calling on the LTTE to lay down arms and allow the people to leave the safe zone, in the absence of which punitive measures would follow.
The Minister speaking at the Emergency debate said, “We welcome the ministerial statement issued earlier this month by the British Foreign Secretary Miliband that the LTTE is a terrorist organisation and that the Government of Sri Lanka has a need to root out the threat from terrorism.
An aspect of this position was also echoed when the European Council in its conclusions on February called on the LTTE to lay down arms and renounce terrorism and violence once and for all, end the inhuman use of child soldiers and forced recruitment and participate in a political process to achieve a lasting solution.
“However, it is regrettable to say that the punitive action on the LTTE by the international community remains largely on paper, where a proscription though in force, its implementation amounts to nothing,” he said.
“I wish to assure to the international community that no one is more concerned than the Government about the trapped civilians and using them as human shields in the safe zone.
It has been the LTTE who has continued to fire at civilians who are trying to escape from its clutches firing heavy artillery from the ‘no fire zone’ and sending suicide bombers to explode themselves in welfare centres.”
(Full Report in Daily News)

Lanka slams IC over lack of action against LTTE
Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, speaking in Parliament today, lashed out the International Community(IC) saying that the punitive action by them against the LTTE only remains on paper. The Minister said that though a proscription is in force internationally its implementation amounts to nothing.
(From Daily Mirror)

(By Walter Jayawardhana)
The Metropolitan Police used anti-terrorist laws to arrest a demonstrator in front of the British parliament for brandishing a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam flag.
The Police said, “ police took into custody an individual on suspicion of carrying articles in support of a proscribed organization.”
When the demonstration blocking the Westminster Bridge in front of the parliament started, hundreds of demonstrators were carrying the red flags of the leaping Tiger , known as the Eelam Flag, which are hoisted by the terrorists at their functions , that contravened Terrorism Act 2000 of UK.
At 12.45 a man was detained for brandishing a Tiger flag. Before that the police conveyed to the demonstrators that the flags should be removed.
Before that the Metropolitan Police of London have made four arrests, one for violent disorder, two for public order and one for the breach for peace when the British Tamil Forum , the front organization for the banned Liberation of Tamil Eelam organized a protest by blocking the Westminster bridge in front of the British parliament to demand “a ceasefire” to save the cornered , battered terrorist leader Velupillai Prabhakaran .
The front organization’s spokesman Suren Surendiran told a television station, "People are blocking the street because they want (a ceasefire) implemented."
In the course of the demonstration they threatened the Police saying that they would jump into River Thames if they were not allowed to speak to Prime Minister Gordon Brown. They did not get a chance of speaking to the Prime Minister and at least  one protester did jump into River Thames who was rescued by the police and sent to hospital for treatment. Police said about 2000 participated in the demonstration. The demonstration has been organized illegally without obtaining permission from the police. When the pro-LTTE demonstrators started pouring in it took the police by surprise. After they were pushed to the parliament square after many scuffles, they once again defied the police by coming in hundreds to the square defying orders to disperse..
A police statement said, “Police marine units and lifeboats were on standby after one man jumped into the River Thames and was taken to hospital.”
(Read Full Report)
Comment : LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist supporters in Australia may follow this action, and may block the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, Harbour Bridge in Sydney and some may jump over the bridges too...

Terrorism powers used as Tamil protestors urged to disperse
Tuesday, 07 Apr 2009 18:07

Police are making use of counterterrorism legislation as they urge peaceful Tamil demonstrators to vacate Westminster.
A 3,000-strong group of protestors made up mostly of students has been demonstrating against government inaction in the Sri Lankan civil war for approaching 24 hours.
After originally occupying Westminster Bridge and threatening to throw themselves into the Thames if their demands to see the prime minister were not met, protestors were forcibly relocated to Parliament Square this morning.
(Full Report in UK News)

Police clash with Tamil protesters 

LONDON (AFP) — Police arrested six protesters at an illegal demonstration by thousands of angry Tamils in London Tuesday, called to press Britain to intervene as Sri Lankan forces prepare a final offensive on rebels.
Amid repeated scuffles, the Metropolitan Police warned it could be forced to make a "huge number of arrests" if the protesters refuse to disperse from outside the Houses of Parliament, where they began their demo on Monday.
The protesters are calling for an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka and want Britain to intervene with the country's government to protect the Tamil people, who they say are being targeted.
Many said they would not disperse until they receive a firm commitment of action from the British government. "We will stay here as long as the killing goes on," protester Guhan Gukendharan told AFP.
But police have warned that they could be forced to make "a huge number of arrests" unless the demonstration is dispersed.
It is illegal under a law which prohibits demonstrations close to Parliament without prior police permission.
(Full Report in AFP)

LTTE on brink of ultimate defeat

The security forces over the weekend recorded the most significant victory in the present military operations against LTTE terrorism by decimating a large number of its top and middle level leadership and capturing the biggest haul of weapons and military equipment so far recovered from the Tigers. The troops had also found around 400 bodies of LTTE cadres; a significant proportion of the remaining Tiger fighting force. With these gains the security forces have come to the final stage of the present military operations launched just two and a half years ago to bring all areas in the country under government control and put a stop to LTTE terrorism. The Tigers who controlled close to 15,000 square kilometres in the North and the East including a large coastal area in both the North-eastern and the North-western coast of the country have now been limited to as little as an 18 square-kilometre sliver of land in the Mullaitivu coast that has been declared a no-fire zone by the government for the safety of the civilians who are held back by the Tigers.
Although the victory gained by the armed forces in Puthukuduyiruppu did not carry the same symbolic value as in the rest of the country like the capture of Killinochchi, Elephant Pass or Mullaitivu, the final battle in Puthukuduyiruppu was the biggest blow dealt on the fighting force of the LTTE which Prabhakaran was able to keep intact through all the defeats in the last several months. Despite losing ground and all its strategic bases, the LTTE leadership was able to keep its main fighting force intact by continuous withdrawals in the face of the superior firepower and manpower of the Sri Lanka army.
(Full Report in The Daily Mirror)

Situation in Sri Lanka in a Nutshell, with reference to demos in London
by Mr Ben Silva, UK

The whole crisis in Sri Lanka is caused by incompetent officials in the Home office allowing nearly 300000 bogus refugees in to UK, turning a blind eye to fund raising and propaganda by bogus refugees, favouritism to Tamils creating a situation where there is a massive imbalance in favour of Tamils.
LTTE and their supporters are engaged in a well-organized, and well-funded propaganda campaign to mislead the international community, particularly Western nations such as UK, EU and Canada. One of the current propaganda campaign’s aims is to discredit the Sri Lankan government and its armed forces. However, it is believed that the real objective of the campaign is to sway the international community to pressure the Sri Lankan government to an unconditional ceasefire, providing the LTTE with yet another opportunity to re-group and re-arm (Ack CSLAT). Each and every ceasefire in the past has been used by LTTE to regroup, rearm and cause more death and destruction. It is very important that LTTE is not given a life line to rearm, regroup and given another opportunity to kill and destroy. LTTE is a big multinational terrorist business, using many fronts, with a profit margin in excess of 200 million dollars (Janes sentinel).
(Read Full Report)

Confronting False Dichotomies - Part 2:
The brazen stance of LTTE many fronts - next target

(c) LTTE Front Organizations and proscriptions/prosecutions/convictions within EU
Notwithstanding this progressiveness the EU counter-terrorism action has shown, it nevertheless has left room for terrorist entities such as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), that was listed through European Council decision 2006/379/EC of May 29, 2006, to circumvent the legal provisions of its proscription, making a mockery of the EU listing.
It does so through its numerous front organizations such as the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) with branches in 9 European States, the umbrella organization Tamil Coordinating Committee (TCC/Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden; WTCC/US; WTCC/Switzerland; CCTF/France, and World Tamil Movement WTM/Canada), the British Tamil Association (BTA), British Tamil Forum (BTF), Tamil Youth Organization (TYO), International Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (ITRO) and White Pigeon operating in the UK and the Tamil Women’s Association.
The LTTE also has syndicates involved in credit card skimming in petrol sheds, telephone card businesses and community shops, which have continued to raise funds.
(Full Report in Daily News)

It's the abolition of the presidency, stupid!
Editorila - The Island)

Promises, it is said, are like babies––easy to make but hard to deliver. As politicians are not bothered about delivery in any form, they go on making promises. Sirima Bandaranaike promised 'rice from the moon' or handen haal and won elections. But, under her watch from 1970 to 77, rice became a luxury hardly available even on earth! J. R. Jayewardene promised to give 'eight pounds of grain' or eta ata free of charge. His free grain became pie in the sky. Ranasinghe Premadasa vowed to eradicate poverty or dugi duppathkama. That poverty defied his methods of alleviation is only too well known. Chandrika Kumaratunga undertook to eliminate dooshanaya ha beeshanaya (corruption and violence). But, later her security division came to be accused of acting as shock troops against the Opposition. Mega corrupt deals like the Waters Edge that took place under her regime have now been exposed.
Now we have UNP and Opposition leader promising to abolish the executive presidency under a future UNP government. This pledge has the trappings of a lapsus linguae in that it has betrayed his desire to stay put indefinitely regardless of UNP reformists campaign to smoke him out. He has spoken for the party over something that would not happen in the foreseeable future––forming a government as well as scrapping the executive presidency. In other words, he has implied he would continue to be in the saddle until the party achieves that feat, never mind when!(Read Full Editorial)

Govt policies enabled us to stand on our feet - PM
 Uditha Kumarasinghe and Irangika Range

Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka told Parliament yesterday that when the entire world has faced a global economic recession, we have been able to stand on our own feet due to the sound policies adopted by the Government to manage the country’s economy.
“However, this position should be maintained further while steps should be taken to implement the proposed development projects.
“We cannot suspend our development projects due to terrorism,” he said.
The premier speaking at the Emergency debate, said even though the Government conducts a humanitarian operation against terrorism, it has been able to launch massive development projects throughout the country. “Our future generation will obtain the results of these development works.”
“We have to make revolution to accelerate the country’s development which was pushed back for three decades due to LTTE terrorist activities. The Government is ready to successfully face this challenge. The Government has already created the necessary environment conducive for it,” he said.
(Full Report in Daily News)

Vaiko shouted down

CHENNAI: Train number 6128 Guruvayur Express came into Chennai Egmore station at 8.50pm carrying two compartment loads of insults for MDMK chief Vaiko, proving once more that more than any issue the Sri Lankan Tamils issue will continue to be the key plank in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.
A group of around 100 students from various colleges spreading awareness about the Sri Lankan issue, as part of an unique campaign conducted by train, and protesting against the arrests of film director Seeman, Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam chief Kolathur Mani and MDMK leader Nanjil Sampath, came to Chennai by Guruvayur Express after starting from Tirunelveli this morning.
MDMK chief Vaiko went to the station to receive them, where he was joined by traders union leader Vellaiyan and Thyagu of the Tamil Nationalist Free dom Movement.
While Vaiko was trying to speak to the students who disembarked from the train, they started shouting slogans asking him to leave.
“Politician leave, vote-picker leave,” arose slogans as students’ temper rose.
(Full Report in Express Buzz)

How Puthukkudiyiruppu Achievement Acquired

MULLAITTIVU: THE TRIUMPHANT end of the military onslaught that bagged the whole of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU LTTE stronghold sans the remaining No Fire Zone (NFZ) strip, to which the LTTE has now crept in with heavy weapons was meticulously planned and effectively executed under the direct and able command of Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, Commander of the Army.
Troops of the Sri Lanka Army reaching almost the end of the month long humanitarian operation in VANNI finally closed in on PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU, the northeastern most coconut and jungle-infested area in MULLAITTIVU district, where no soldier had even dared to tread in. Sunday (5) morning’s completion of most of head-on collisions with terrorists and capture of the entire PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area, other than the NFZ strip marked the closure of a chapter for War for Peace.
Tigers who have been fighting a futile war for the utopian “Eelam”, wanted only by a handful of Diaspora Tamils at the expense of their own civilians were reduced to the plight of a band of ruthless terrorists as the violence used by them intensified day by day.
As the innocent lives of political, religious and community leaders, ordinary civilians and even small children, turned exposed to LTTE threats the government finally requested them to move into the No Fire Zone in PUTHUMATTALAN, as the military thrust was on the increase.
(Full Report in Lanka Times)

Tiger goons flee in underwear from incensed Aussie Sri Lankan women Monday, April 6, 2009 Tiger Terror International: Messing up in Melbourne
From Vinay Vasantakumar in Melbourne

Unfortunately pro-LTTE Tamils in Australia, United Kingdom and Canada and perhaps in other countries too have been engaging in extremely provoking activities especially displaying with coarse and boorish arrogance the Roaring Tiger standard of the LTTE despite the fact this terror organization is banned in several countries.
Tiger Terror International has begun to flex its muscle in Australia. Tiger goons in acts of much provocation tried to attack participants of a peaceful demonstration Saturday March 7 in Melbourne, Down Under and turned it utterly disgusting and foul. They waylaid some of those returning from the demonstration, blocked their passage and heaped a great deal of vulgar verbal abuse and even dared to physically attack them.
This was a group of Sri Lankans who came from the four communities Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers. Their demonstration’s principal aim was to demand from the LTTE to release the thousands they are holding as human shields in Puthukudiyiruppu (PTK) and it was a peaceful one. These goons told them that they were meddling with the Tigers at their peril.
(Full Report in Sri Lanka Guardian)

Tuesday, 07th April 2009

SPUR tells Australian authorities :
Proscribe Tigers
The Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR) has urged Australian authorities to proscribe the LTTE and its front organisations in Australia under the Criminal Code Act of 1995 to prevent them from disrupting ethnic harmony and presenting a threat to the national interest of Australia.
In a memorandum addressed to the Attorney General of Australia Robert Mc Clelland, MP, SPUR said the LTTE facing imminent defeat militarily and politically in Sri Lanka has launched a frenzied and desperate campaign to create tension within the expatriate communities in Australia to tarnish the international image of Sri Lanka.
The memorandum signed by SPUR spokesperson Ranjith Soysa and copied to Australian Foreign Minister and Home Affairs and Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Shadow Attorney General said Tiger supporters travelling in motor vehicles carrying pro Tiger banners and shouting anti-Sri Lanka slogans attacked Sri Lankan Australians attending a peaceful demonstration held on the steps of the Victoria Parliament demanding the release of civilians held by the LTTE.
One of the vehicles confronted the dispersing Sri Lankan community after the rally leading to an ugly scuffle which was reported in the Australian media. Videos of the incident was soon published through the LTTE propaganda network immediately which suggested that it was set up by the LTTE and its allies to discredit the Sri Lankan community.
Some Sri Lankans who were returning home after the demonstration were physically attacked by LTTE goons within the Melbourne CDB in broad daylight.
(Full Report in Daily News)


  I was a participant at the Peace Rally organized by some independent youths with the theme “LTTE-RELEASE INNOCENT TAMIL CIVILIANS IN YOUR CAPTIVITY” on Saturday 4 on the steps of Vic Parliament. The important message is that the Sinhala youths have got together to ask Tamil Tigers to release Tamil civilians in LTTE’s captivity.
 The rally ended peacefully and crowd dispersed peacefully after singing the Sri Lankan and Australian national anthems. However, it is sad to learn that that Tamil Tigers’ planned car parade down the street at the same time has provoked the dispersing crowd which has ended up some Tamil youths attacking a Sinhala youth causing head injuries.
 This has been followed by Tamil Tigers sympathizers damaging four Sri Lankan shops on Saturday night. What all these mean is that “TERRORISM” has come to the door step of Melbourne and very soon, it will spread to Sydney and other cities bringing Toronto behavior to Australia.
 The LTTE sympathizers are taking an upper hand and stoop to lawlessness behavior mainly because LTTE is not banned in Australia. LTTE’s unruly behavior has threatened the social fabric of the Australian society and it’s time now for the Government to act in banning LTTE in Australia.

Malin Abeyatunge

Prabhakaran in no-fire zone or bunker: Army Chief

Colombo: As suspense grows about the whereabouts of LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran after the capture of the last rebel bastion, the Sri Lankan Army Chief on Monday said he believed the guerrilla leader could be in an underground bunker or in the no-fire zone.
During his discussions with US ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake, Sarath Fonseka opined that Prabhakaran might be hiding either inside the NFZ or in an underground hideout.
He also told the top US diplomat that the troops are well-prepared for receiving more and more civilians who are fleeing the rebel territory into Government-held areas, an official statement here said.
(Full Report in Indian Express)

Sri Lankan President Urges Rebels to Lay Down Arms
(6 April 09-RV)
Sri Lanka's president appealed to cornered Tamil Tiger rebels today to lay down their arms and surrender to save their lives and ensure the safety of tens of thousands of civilians trapped with them in a «no-fire» zone. The appeal from President Mahinda Rajapaksa came as the military increased the rebel death toll to at least 453 dead from three days of battles. The executive director of the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, Jehan Perera, says that it is unlikely that the LTTE will put down their arms:
(From Vatican Radio)

Lay down Arms and Surrender !
SL troops order remaining LTTE cadres
 06 April 2009 11:23 pm
As per the sources from Wanni battlefront, troops have announced the remaining LTTE cadres to lay down Arms and surrender to SL Army, prior to launch the operations.
During the last few days, LTTE lost their combatants in scores including several big shots and the remaining are reluctant to fight as the defeat is imminent. LTTE is in a significant lack of combatants and the commanders are isolated in the battlefield, a confidential news source told SINHALAYA News Agency.
An isolated group of LTTE terrorists were encircled and destroyed by the troops of 53 and 58 divisions along with Task Force 8 who have accelerated their offensive during last few days.
Considering the effort and the amount of ammunition used by LTTE terrorists to defend Puthukkuduyiruppu, it’s confirmed that LTTE has entered in to their “last battle”, military sources noted.
LTTE had almost lost their control not only over the ground but also over the civilians. Many LTTE senior leaders have paid the cost of the “Final Battle”. So without proper leadership, the remaining LTTE cadres can never be expected fight back unless they fight for their lives.
(An Adoption of the Sinhalese Article done by C.E. Katuwawalage, SINHALAYA News Agency – 06.04.2009 )

Tamil diaspora urge Prabha to release civilians
 by Franklin R. Satyapalan
One of the members of "Tamil Diaspora for Dialogue" Mrs Rajeswari Balasubramaniam yesterday appealed to LTTE leader Prabhakaran for the release of innocent civilians trapped in the "No Fire Zone".
She was one of the 21 intellectuals who arrived in Sri Lanka last week
Mrs Balasubramaniam is a Writer by profession and Human Rights campaigner who lives in the UK. The other members of the team comprising Lawyers, writers, Doctors, Professors, Academics from UK, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Germany Canada and Australia.
"This is the time for us, Tamils, to rethink anew whether war and destruction is the final solution for Tamils who have lost thousands of them when one looks back after almost 20 years", he said."We Tamils who have borne the brunt of suppression, oppression, battered and bruised over the years must forget the past and think anew. We know that it is not easy to forget the past after what we went through was hell for many years it is not easy but you have to forget the past" she asserted.
(Full Report in The Island)

Driven to their death in vain
For those mislead youth who suffered death to save the lives of cowards

They were brutal. They were trained from their childhood to hate, murder and to believe whatever said by their leader as the ultimate truth. They had started their bloody careers in the LTTE as its "baby killers". When they were lead to commit village massacres, they began with throwing infants to wells and drowned them, they next smashed babies on tree trunks while their mothers watched in horror and grief, they ripped open the wombs of pregnant mothers, clubbed and chopped women and the unborn to death without the least ruffle . Grown into the teens they were sent to the battlefield to fight with the Armed forces. Those who survived won favours of their seniors to rise up in the ranks and became "leaders", "experts", "special leaders", etc in the terror outfit.
They were well honed terrorists. But, they were different from those who robbed their childhood; from those who financed the outfit that destroyed their lives and those who have made their sufferings a lucrative business. They were different because they died for the cause that they truly believed in. We refer to those middle-level terrorist leaders killed in action in Puthukkudiyiruppu.
They were different from their leader, V. Prabhakaran, a megalomaniac, who treats Sri Lankan Tamils as serfs in his personal fiefdom. They believed Prabhakaran when he called himself the "Sun God" and carried out mindless crimes as ordered by him. They never questioned his leadership though he always chose to hide in the background, using the cover of women and children. They never suspected him to be suffering from necrophilia though they saw his ghastly face lighted up every time he sees a dead body. They never knew that they died for a coward and psychopath who live an evil dream.
(Full Report in Ministry of Defence Web)

Army Commander briefs US Ambassador

 US Ambassador Robert O. Blake last morning met Commander of the Army Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka at the Army Headquarters and received an update on the status quo, related to the near completion of military offensives in the deep north and east of Puthukkudiyiruppu in the Vanni.
Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka meeting US Ambassador Robert O. Blake at the Army Headquarters last morning.
Lt. Gen. Fonseka, giving a brief outline of the latest military achievements, loss of so many LTTE terrorist leaders in offensives, the situation inside the No Fire Zone (NFZ) and probably future scenarios told the visiting diplomat that the remaining exodus of trapped civilians could be expected at any moment in view of the prevailing ground realities in the NFZ.
(Read Full Report in Daily News)

LTTE's days numbered as troops make final move to free civilian hostages in Mullaittivu

In what is considered to be the largest humanitarian intervention by a conventional military force in modern time, Sri Lankan security forces despite its prowess in the battlefield have launched a decisive tactical maneuver to free over hundreds of civilians held hostage by LTTE in the thin 17sq.km coastal land strip at Mullaitttivu.
LTTE terrorists tasted worst defeat by security forces with the loss of its long standing 'military' presence at Puthukkudiyirippu, losing over 420 fighting cadres including over a dozen 'high rankers' during four days of pitched fighting.
According to reports received, 53 Division and Task Force -8 troops have recovered over 130 LTTE bodies including those of Theepan, Panjan, Keerthi and Mahindan(a senior sea tiger cadre). 5 VIR, 6 GR infantrymen and 2-Special Forces (2SF) troops have recovered 64, 23 and 43 LTTE bodies during subsequent search operations conducted, security sources said.
(Full Report in SL Defence)

Sri Lanka: Victory over Tamil Tigers near UN Wire
Sri Lankan military officials say the decades-long war against separatist Tamil Tigers has reached the end, with rebels trapped in one small area. Both sides ignored a call from United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for a ceasefire today regarding concerns for an estimated 190,000 civilians trapped in the combat zone.
AlertNet.org (04/05) New York Times, 

The LTTE - The Final Stand with its "Human Shield"

The several thousand Tamil civilians being placed in jeopardy by the LTTE as the end game draws to a close shows the LTTE’s persistent and callous disregard for its loyal supporting cast of civilians drawn into the separatist Eelam cause.
Pressured by the LTTE’s supporting diaspora, legislators and diplomats in countries like the US, Canada, UK and Australia where there are sizeable Sri Lankan Tamil populations, are calling on Sri Lanka’s government for a Ceasefire, without independently researching and familiarizing themselves with the LTTE’s operational strategies,which show clearly that to the LTTE, which has no concern whatever for the people under its control, other than for how innocents lured into LTTE service could be used in order for the Tigers themselves to survive, a ceasefire or truce is only a means to survive for future rounds of war.
These internationals must surely know that they too are being used by the terror outfit as pawns, to assist the group during its "human shield" strategy. Thus, the "human shield" necessitates international groups to reassess their position as it becomes clearer that they must develop more nuanced strategies for supporting civilians while alienating the terror group.
(Full Report in The Island)

Sri Lanka’s success has lessons for other conflicts Political will and using local military capability are critical,
Sri Lanka, one of Asia’s longest-running civil wars seems close to its end just as the US and its allies, including Australia, are intensifying efforts to stop the Taliban and other militants spreading in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The urgency of these efforts was underscored on Monday by the second high-profile terror attack in a month in Pakistan, when gunmen stormed a police academy in Lahore, leaving about a dozen people dead and as many as 100 injured in a siege that lasted eight hours on the outskirts of the country’s second largest city.
 So it is worth analysing how Sri Lanka’s Government and military have retaken so much territory and reduced the fighting power of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, an organisation that, like the extremist groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan, combines conventional warfare The defeat of the LTTE on the
battlefield would be a significant milestone in modern counterinsurgency operations. It would stand in stark contrast to the failure so far of Afghan forces, the United States, NATO and their allies to crush a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, and the inability of the Pakistan Government and military to prevent the spread of extremism inside Pakistan.
(Full Report in Canberra Times of 06/04/2009)

Prabhakaran must surrender
by Aude Sapere
For a long time Sri Lanka heard from some Colombo based experts receiving funds from Western agencies. "Sri Lankan armed forces can never defeat the Tigers" ; "Tigers will make Kilinochchi the Army’s Stalingrad" wrote an Indian expert; "The Tamil tigers are invincible" ; "tigers will regroup and counter attack like on previous occasions and they are only withdrawing for tactical reasons" said a US educated Colombo based expert; These were the mainstream expert views written from their relative comforts of plush NGO offices with questionable accounting practices.
Somehow like most self-styled intellectuals, they too love the sound of their own voices and words. These were the cocksure views that were then carried by Western News organizations. These were the only views given prominence. Labels are put on the Govt.
(Full Report in Island)

Monday, 06th April 2009

(By Walter Jayawardhana)

IN Melbourne Australia pro-Tamil Tiger supporters became violent and attacked Sinhalese owned shops in the suburbs and attacked at least one Sri Lankan student in the streets injuring his head.
Outraged by a very successful rally held in front of the Victoria parliament in Melbourne Australia, to demand that Tamil civilians should be released from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam human shield, pro-LTTE elements became extremely agitated, attacked demonstrators returning home injuring one seriously and attacked Sinhalese owned shops in the suburbs of the city, April 4.
Eyewitnesses said the violence started when pro-LTTE supporters rode in a fast driven vehicle waving red flags of the ferocious Tiger in the area the demonstration was held and later attacking innocent demonstrators returning home with beer bottles and iron rods on a Melbourne street.
Later, the pro-LTTE goons travelled to the suburbs and selectively attacked Sinhalese owned shops, who have nothing to do with the demonstration turning the event to a race riot.
The shops were attacked in the Melbourne suburbs of Dandenong, Clayton, Doveton and Huntingdale.
A Sinhalese university student, profusely bleeding from the attack on his head by the pro-LTTE rioters was admitted to the Royal Melbourne hospital and hospital authorities said he is out of danger. He remains in the hospital for further tests.
The police did not permit the pro-LTTE motorcade to enter the area when the peace rally was held on the footsteps of the Victoria parliament. But defying the police orders LTTE vehicles had entered the area breaking peace, provoking demonstrators and later attacking the demonstrators.
(Read Full Report)

Tigers lose leaders, weapons
Theepan, Gadhafi, Vidusha, Durga killed; Troops recover 400 bodies

By Sunil Jayasiri

The Army yesterday confined the LTTE to a 20 square kilometre ‘no-fire zone’, after killing more than 400 Tiger cadres including six senior leaders after capturing the entire Puthukkudiyiruppu area.
“The only uncleared area left for the remaining LTTE cadres and leaders are the no-fire zone,” military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.
He said several top ranking LTTE leaders were confirmed killed during the fierce battle that lasted three days. The troops recovered 420 LTTE bodies in this area. Among the senior LTTE rankers killed were Theepan LTTE’s former Northern region chief who was involved in capturing the Elephant Pass military base in 2002, Ruben, Nagesh, Gadhafi former body guard of Prabhakaran who also held the position of LTTE weapons instructor, Vidusha ‘Malathi’ female brigade wing head, Durga ‘Soothiya’ female regiment head, and Kamalini LTTE women political leader.
“This was the first time that troops were able to kill such a large number of LTTE leaders in one occasion,” the spokesman said.
LTTE's 'artillery wing' head Manniwannan was killed in the fighting yesterday hours after troops claimed total control of Puthukkudiyiruppu.
He said the 53 Division, Task Force 8 and 58 Division have marched into the remaining LTTE resistance positions killing a large number of LTTE cadres and seizing a large haul of LTTE weaponry.
(Full Report in Daily Mirror)

400 LTTE cadres killed
B. Muralidhar Reddy

COLOMBO: The Sri Lankan military on Sunday claimed that over 400 cadres of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, including at least half-a-dozen senior leaders, were killed as the forces captured the last stretch of land under the Tigers’ control outside the 20 sq.km. government-demarcated ‘no-fire zone’ (NFZ).
According to the Defence Ministry, the forces ousted the LTTE from over a kilometre of land east of Puthukkudiyirippu after pitched battles with the Tiger cadres.
The military believes that the remaining 500-odd cadres and leaders of the LTTE, including its chief Velupillai Prabakaran and intelligence wing chief Pottu Amman, have retreated into the NFZ where thousands of civilians are trapped.
There was not a word from the LTTE on the military claims. The last update on the LTTE official website was on February 24. The site was revived in the third week of February after a gap of three weeks. The estimates of civilians held up in the NFZ vary from 50,000 to 100,000. The advance of the military into the NFZ is a delicate and complicated task, particularly since there are no signs of surrender by the LTTE.
(Full Report in The Hindu)

LTTE last bastion falls Tigers retreat to No-Fire Zone:

Ranil Wijayapala

The LTTE yesterday lost its final stronghold Puthukudiyiruppu and several top rung leaders including Theepan, Vidusha, Durga, Gadafi and Nagulesh compelling Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran to seek refuge in the Safe Zone mingling with the civilians along with remaining top rung leaders Pottu Amman, Soosai and Velavan, military sources told the Daily News yesterday.
The last stronghold of the LTTE fell to the hands of the Security Forces following the 58 Division under the command of Brigadier Shavendra Silva, 53 Division under the command of Major General Kamal Gunaratne and Task Force VIII under the command of Colonel G.V. Ravipriya ended the long siege on the last square km held by the LTTE by yesterday morning.
According to military officials the LTTE’s Northern leader Theepan, LTTE female Leader Vidusha and her deputy Durgha, Batticaloa leader Nagulesh were confirmed killed and Military Wing leader Bhanu was critically injured in the fierce battles that raged during the past few days.
Theepan is the most senior military leader to be killed in the battlefront and his body was recovered by the 6 Gajaba Regiment troops attached to the 53 Division a senior Military official added.
The LTTE leader is now left with only his Intelligence Wing leader Pottu Amman, Sea Tiger leader Soosai and another top rung Sea Tiger leader Velavan to command the battle against the Security Forces, a senior military officials told the Daily News.
(Full Report in Daily News)

Pudukudiyirippu "Liberated” today by 53, 58 Divisions and Task Force VIII
5 Apr 2009 - 14:21

MULLAITIVU: Troops consisting of the Sri Lanka Army 53 and 58 Divisions and Task Force VIII launched a massive attack and "Liberated" the entire area of PUDUKUDUYIRPPIA MULLAITIVU from the LTTE terrorists today , Sunday(05). It is also confirmed by Commanders of 53, 58 Divisions and Task Force VIII that LTTE terrorist leaders including DEEPAN, DURGA, VIDUSHA , NAGESH and GADDAFI were reported killed in the attack while terrorist leader BHANU was also seriously injured.
A total of over 250 terrorist bodies have been recovered by Troops after the attack and many Heavy Artillery guns as well as a large stock of small arms as given below have been recovered.
A total of over 420 terrorist bodies have been recovered by Troops during the last three days of confrontations with the LTTE terrorists.
130mm Artillery guns 03 85 mm Artillery guns 01 30mm Pedal guns 01 Small Arms 600- 700 Huge stock of 12.7 weapons
(From The Media for National Security)

Tiger force annihilated near Mullaitivu civilian safe zone Several senior ‘commanders’ among over 400 killed in 72 hrs
 by Shamindra Ferdinando

The army yesterday brought the entire area outside the civilian safety zone under its control following three days of fighting in the Puthukudirippu east.
Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told The Island that since Friday (April 3), the army had recovered bodies of 420 LTTE cadres. But the actual number of dead could be very much higher than the number of bodies recovered, he said. Although the army hadn’t been positively able to identify bodies, several senior LTTE cadres including Theepan, Ruben, Nagesh, Gadaphi, Vidusha, Durga and Kamalini were believed to among those killed over the past 48 hours.
Responding to our queries, the Brigadier said that the army hadn’t crossed into the civilian safety zone as yet.
(Full Report in Island)

Only Prabhakaran and under 100 LTTE cadres left- Military Spokesman
Mon, 2009-04-06 00:09 By Ravi Ladduwahetty from Colombo

Colombo, 06 April, (Asiantribune.com): The LTTE cadres now left are restricted to Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and under one hundred others who are trapped in the safe zone, Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told Asian Tribune.
The Troops of the 58, 53 Divisions and those of Task Force 8 are consolidating after the capture of the Pudukudirippu town and the LTTE was very restricted in its movements now, he said
He also denied speculation that the LTTE Military Leader who headed the Vanni operation Banu and 90 others had surrendered. There have not been surrendees, but only the dead bodies of the LTTE cadres who have been killed, he said.
There have been a total of 250 LTTE cadres killed today of the total of 420 LTTE cadres killed since the Troops surrounded the Pudukudirippu town three days ago, Brigadier Nanayakkara said.
(From Asian Tribune)

Completely shaken Prabhakaran sighted in the midst of the IDPs in the No Fire Zone
 Update -3 Sun, 2009-04-05 16:21 Colombo, 05 April, (Asiantribune.com):

Army sources said that IDPs fleeing into the Government controlled area told that completely shaken LTTE Leader Prabhakaran was sighted hiding in the midst of the IDPs in the no fire zone.
Sources also said that IDPs confirmed that Charles Anthony the heir apparent of LTTE Supremo was seriously injured and held in the no fire zone and given special treatment.
The army headquarters officially reported that the area was consolidated this morning by the 58th Division under the command of Brigadier Shavendra Silva. A senior commanding officer in the battlefield said that 420 LTTE bodies and 400 T56 weapons were among the items recovered after army attacks in Pudukudiyrippu east.
With this capture of the Pudukudiyrippu east, the LTTE have lost all areas held by them. As a result there is only the government declared No Fire Zone for civilians left for the LTTE to retreat.
Army commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka said operations will be launched to free civilians in the No Fire Zone. The army will conduct that operation as well without causing harm to civilians.
(Full Report in Asian Tribune)

"Forgive me , Nothing is under my control " - Pottu Amman apologizes
 05 April 2009 11:29 pm

Asha Nanayakkara, SINHALAYA News Agency, Colombo, Sri Lanka : LTTE shadow leader Pottu Amman reportedly have broken into tears and apologized for loosing the battle. He was heard saying “Forgive me, nothing is under my control”, military sources claimed by intercepting LTTE’s radio transmissions.
Pottu Amman was considered to be in the battlefield in the recent past as many top level leaders of LTTE have been killed.
Over 400 LTTE cadres were killed during the last week following the fighting erupted between troops and LTTE terrorists, in Puthukkuduyiruppu area. Following the series of defeats, LTTE terrorists have withdrawn to the no-fire zone and have positions explosives among the civilians, which had created havoc among the civilians, security forces have observed.
(From Sinhalaya News Agency)

President calls on Prabha to surrender immediately
By Sandun A. Jayasekera

President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday called on LTTE leader Velupillai Pabhakaran to surrender now with his small number of fighting cadres who had been cornered to the No-Fire Zone or face total annihilation within days if not in hours.
Addressing a function held at the Temple Trees to welcome 3,000 UNPers in the Colombo District to the SLFP fold, President Rajapaksa said the LTTE had come to the tail end of its 30-year barbaric and inhuman terror campaign.
“You have no option but to put down your arms and surrender with your brain washed cadres. It is now time for you to release all Tamil civilians and let them live in peace and harmony,” President Rajapaksa said.
The LTTE was fighting the armed forces behind the cover of the civilians in the No-Fire Zone. He has made the hapless civilians a human shield. But he must understand that he could not continue this any longer.
The humanitarian operations are not against Tamils.
(Full Report in Daily Mirror)

The biggest hostage rescue operation in the world

It is now as clear as daylight that the LTTE has really and truly taken hostage of all Tamil civilians in the "no-fire-zone" (NFZ). Unable to face the army, the LTTE cadres have now run into the relative safety of this zone and are clearly holding the people as hostage there and have resorted to murdering them if they attempted to escape their captivity. The LTTE cadres are the "sole Murderers (not Representatives) of Tamils"
This is no different to what recently happened at some hotels in Mumbai. The terrorists captured these hotels, held the people therein as hostages and fought the Indian Police and the army for nearly three days before the innocent could be freed, and the beastly terrorist could be eliminated. Many lost their lives and many others survived the deadly ordeal. Without exception, everyone blamed the terrorists for the deaths. The Indian security forces took some flak for taking such a long time to make the rescue.
(Full Report in Island)

by Malin Abeyatunge

I am referring to your articles in The Times of India (30/3/2009) titled “The silent horror of the War in Sri Lanka and differently labeled article on the same issue to The Age (3/4/2009) in Australia titled “Sri Lanka's war on the Tamils is about racism, not terrorism”. Both these articles are nothing but a mirror of your sheer ignorance of the Sri Lankan situation unless your intention was to advocate LTTE terrorism. Our First secretary Sugeeshwera Gunaratna has responded to you with the reality, actual facts and figures and you have got it bellyful in response to your article “the Silent Horror of the War……”. I am certain that you will dare to challenge her response and get yourself bogged in the mess you have created. However, I should reiterate the fact that you have no iota of knowledge of the demography of Sri Lanka. You may be a fiction writer but your journalism is at nadir. I shall comment on you as an activist later.
There is no doubt that you have like UN Human Rights Commissioner Ms. N. Pillay been parroting the information borrowed from infamous Tamil Net a.k.a “Lie Factory”of LTTE and other LTTE supported various propaganda networks. I would reiterate the fact that Gunaratna has mention that 54% of the total Tamil population lives in the South together with Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers, Malays and other minorities in response to your letter. Doesn’t that figure alone answers your stand that the war in Sri Lanka is not of racism but of terrorism? Over 50% of the businesses in capital city are owned by Tamils and the rest is by Muslims. You call this war on Tamils? You call this racism? Majority Sinhalese is the smallest minority when it comes to business in the South. We do not have Bhumi Putra like in Malaysia. So her article to The Age that Sri Lanka war on Tamils is about racism and not terrorism is just bunkum.
(Read Full Letter)

Sri Lanka tells MEPs to influence diaspora

Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha has told Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) that some apologists among them are trying to save the LTTE by calling for a ceasefire and trying to stop the Sri Lankan Government from militarily defeating the terrorists.
He also told them that if the MEPs really want to help affected civilians in the uncleared areas in Sri Lanka, they should use whatever influence they have, particularly with Tamil diaspora communities they represent, to bring pressure on the LTTE to let go of the 50,000 people they are holding as human shields.
Sri Lanka’s Belgium, Luxembourg and EU Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha, made these observations in an intervention at a meeting of the South Asia Delegation of the European Parliament Chaired by MEP Robert Evans on March 31, 2009.
Commenting on remarks about a catastrophe by MEPs Aryasinha said that the catastrophe is in the North of Sri Lanka.
“It is that in the uncleared areas, the LTTE is holding as human shields some 50,000 civilians.
The catastrophe is that the LTTE is firing at civilians who are trying to escape from its clutches. The catastrophe is that the LTTE is firing heavy artillery out of the no fire zone.
(Full Report in Daily News)

Ending the Sri Lankan Conflict
By Professor Rohan Gunaratna Head, International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research Singapore

The key to victory or defeat is the human terrain. It is not capturing territory or defeating terrorism. Military, law enforcement and intelligence services cannot end conflicts. They can create the right conditions for political, community, and business leaders and other visionaries to become effective. Even while military operations are going on in the island nation, it is essential to take certain steps to politically, socially and economically consolidate the victory. In addition to politically empowering Tamils, government should socially consolidate and economically develop the northeast.
The Context:
The LTTE as a super-sized hero has been smashed by the Sri Lankan security forces. How did it come about? it came from a protracted, sustained campaign that leveraged hard military power. In doing so, the Sri Lankan forces now seem to be enjoying a pyhric victory. There is no cause for celebration as the tough tasks persist now. In trying to defeat the LTTE in a military conflict. the government has expended enormous resources, diplomatic capital, social capital and international leverage. Prabhakaran, a cruel and a cunning leader who understands international politics has taken 100,000 Tamils hostage. Will the government get into a "gordian knot" of being trapped into a humanitarian crisis? Although the LTTE has been cornered, Prabhakaran has mercilessly taken a hapless Tamil population into a "war-zone hostage".
(Full Report in Daily Mirror)

Sunday, 05th April 2009

Lankan peace rally in Australia attacked
By Kurulu Kariyakarawana

An unruly situation emerged when a group of LTTE activists in Australia tried to obstruct a peace rally organized by a number of Sri Lankan residents in Melbourne on Saturday morning. An association named 'Melbourne Lankan Students' organized a peaceful demonstration in front of the Melbourne State Parliament displaying banners demanding that the LTTE release civilians in the Wanni. Around 2000 people took part in the demonstration.
. The demonstration was staged for several hours before a group of LTTE activists who came to the location in their vehicles started parading the area displaying Tiger flags, rally organizers told Daily Mirror. A clash broke out when a group of activists in one of the vehicles came face to face with a group of peace rally participants. Several activists from both parties were reportedly injured whilst at least one was hospitalized. Melbourne State Police later intervened, eyewitnesses said.
(Full Report and Photos in Daily Mirror)

Sri Lankan anti-LTTE protest in Melbourne
By Srilal D. Perera, Melbourne.

“Number of key speakers addressed the rally including Victorian state MP for Dermont and Parliament secretary for human services & health Mr. Telmo Languiller. In his speech he mentioned that he visited Sri Lanka so many times and its history, beauty and cultural values are second to none. He said that in his most recent visit he had a meeting with the Sri Lankan Prime Minister and he is well aware of the government measures which have been taken to wipe out terrorism from the island and establish long lasting peace. Therefore Mr. Langular urged LTTE Tamil tiger terrorists to release all civilians held as “human shield” to protect themselves from the advancing SL govt. forces. “ (Read Full (Report in Sinhale Hot News)

Ban urges LTTE to let civilians move freely
 2009-04-04 13:36:23

UNITED NATIONS, April 4, 2009 (AFP) - UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Friday urged Tamil rebel leaders to allow trapped civilians to move freely out of the conflict area of northern Sri Lanka.
"The Secretary General calls upon the LTTE (Tamil rebels) leadership to allow civilians to leave the conflict area of their own free will," said a statement issued by UN spokeswoman Michele Montas. "The severe restrictions of the LTTE on their freedom of movement violate international law."
Ban also deplored "the forced recruitment of civilians, particularly children." The UN statement said Ban "is deeply distressed by continuing reports from the Vanni region of Sri Lanka that civilians are at extreme risk, with heavy casualties, and that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are keeping civilians in a very small area of active conflict against their will."
(Full Report in Sunday Times)

111 Tamil Tigers 'killed in fresh clashes' Posted 1 hour 13 minutes ago

Sri Lankan troops advancing on the last remaining pockets of rebel resistance killed at least 111 Tamil Tigers in separate ground and sea clashes, the military said.
Security forces recovered the bodies of 93 Tigers killed at Puthukkudiriruppu while another 18 guerrillas perished in a separate sea battle, military spokesman brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.
"It is one of the biggest blows for the Tigers recently," Mr Nanayakkara said, referring to the military drive to crush Tigers who have been confined to a narrow strip of coastline in the district of Mullaittivu for several months.
He said troops had also captured an artillery gun which had been used by the Tigers to attack security forces moving in on them.
There was no immediate comment from the Tigers.
(Full Report in ABC News)

Around 90 LTTE Rebels Killed In War-Torn Northern Sri Lanka, Military Says
Mayur Pahilajani - AHN News Writer Colombo, Sri Lanka (AHN) -

Sri Lanka military said Saturday that it has killed over 90 Tamil Tiger rebels in clashes with security forces in the war-torn northern region of Puthukkudiyiruppu, the last rebel stronghold.
The announcement followed hours after 11 Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) militants were killed in a naval clash as at least four of their boats were destroyed by the troops.
Sri Lankan Navy intercepted a group of LTTE boats comprising 10 boats, including 3 suicide craft and 7 attack craft, forcing some of them to flee into the no-fire zone, a defense ministry statement said.
Sri Lanka's military has claimed repeated victory against the LTTE rebels as security forces continue to kill militants in their operation in the region.
Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told reporters on Saturday that the army personnel have separately found 58 dead bodies and 35 bodies of the rebels.
"The troops while inflicting heavy damage to the LTTE have seized a large quantity of weapons and vehicles," Xinhua news agency quoted Nanayakkara was quoted as saying today.
(Full Report in AHN News)

Navy foils LTTE Ground Infiltration Attempt: Two LTTE Sea Tiger Boats destroyed and Eleven LTTE Sea Tiger Cadres killed in the Seas off Alampil

In a pre-dawn Naval attack carried out in the seas off Alampil around 01.30 a.m. today (4th April 2009), Sri Lanka Navy’s elite Special Boat Squadron (SBS) completely destroyed two Sea Tiger boats killing 11 Sea Tiger cadres.
LTTE cadres on board a cluster of 10 Sea Tiger boats, which had been launched from the No-Fire-Zone in Puthumathalan around 11.30 p.m. yesterday, had attempted to make a ground infiltration. The boat cluster, which comprised of 03 suicide craft and 07 attack craft, was moving on a southward-bound course when the vigilant SBS personnel on deployment intercepted them and directed Naval gunfire completely destroying two enemy craft and disabling another. Two other enemy craft which had attempted to beach being damaged were destroyed by the Ground Forces, who were alerted by the SLN, quickly reacting to cut off the enemy escape.
(Full Report in SL Navy Web Page)

Army storms in to LTTE defence; seize 130mm Artillery gun- Anandapuram [Updated]

Infantrymen of 14 Gajaba Regiment Operating under 58 division captured a 130 mm Arty gun from the LTTE terrorists this morning (April 04).
According to the defence sources, troops engaged in mop up operations in the Anandapuram area seized the weapon that was being fired by the terrorists on direct mode at the advancing soldiers.
The soldiers have braved the raging artillery fire and captured the gun after attacking its operators.
Also this is set be the first occasion where troops have seized a LTTE artillery gun in direct combat.

(From SL Defence Web)

Troops find Prabha’s personal documents

 The troops of the 53 Division had unearth the vital documents including the birth certificates, horoscopes and albums of the LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran and his family yesterday. He had buried the lot before he fled from his residence in Puthukudiyiruppu east and the troops of 53 and 58 divisions, which encircled the terrorists in a one square kilo metre. According to sources, Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman were inside the area but had fled before the troops entered the territory. SS
(From Sunday Observer)

Lanka army recovers Prabhakaran's limousine

Sri Lankan security forces have recovered a damaged bullet proof limousine belonging to Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran in the island's embattled north, as they pushed deeper into the region to capture the remaining rebel pockets.
The 58 Division troops engaged in search and clear operations in the area in the North East Puthukudiyiruppu recovered a damaged bullet proof limousine "confirmed to have been used by Tiger leader Prabhakaran close to a luxury air-conditioned bungalow inside the one square km terrain surrounded by the Security Forces on Wednesday," the Army said.
Earlier this year, the security forces stumbled upon a damaged bullet-proof vehicle in the erstwhile LTTE areas in Mullaittivu.
(Full Report in Times of India)

'LTTE chief hastily retreats before forces surround area'
Colombo, PTI:

The army believes the two top rebel leaders would be within the vicinity of the surrounding troops even as the security forces recovered a damaged bullet proof limousine belonging to Prabhakaran...
Beleaguered LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran and his top commander Pottu Amman were hiding in an area in the last rebel bastion of Pudukudiyirippu but hastily retreated from there just before it was surrounded by Sri Lankan forces, a top military officer said.
"They have hastily retreated from the area once they got the news that troops were going to surround that area," the state run Daily News quoted General Officer Commanding the 58 Division Brigadier Shavendra Silva as saying.
The army believes the two top rebel leaders would be within the vicinity of the surrounding troops even as the security forces recovered a damaged bullet proof limousine belonging to Prabhakaran as they pushed deeper into the region to capture the remaining rebel pockets.
(Full Report in Deccan Herald)

Prabakaran evades capture: Colombo
B. Muralidhar Reddy

COLOMBO: The Sri Lankan military has claimed that LTTE chief Velupillai Prabakaran and intelligence wing head Pottu Amman on Wednesday evening escaped being caught by security forces engaged in combat with Tiger cadre in their remaining territory in Mullathivu district in the north.
The state-owned English paper Daily News quoted the General Officer Commanding the 58 Division, Shavendra Silva, as saying there were strong indications that Prabakaran and Pottu Amman were inside that terrain surrounded by the troops.
“They have hastily retreated from the area once they got the news that troops were going to surround that area,” Brigadier Silva told the paper and added that a “luxury house” that had been occupied by top-rung Tiger leaders was yet to be cleared by troops as it was heavily mined.
(Full Report in The Hindu)

Security troops capture LTTE’s 130mm Howitzer Artillery Gun

Asha Nanayakkara, SINHALAYA News Agency, Colombo, Sri Lanka : Troops engaged in counter terrorists operations in Puthukkuduyiruppu are have captured LTTE’s 130mm artillery gun, latest information from Wanni battle front revealed.
The captured is in good operational condition, news source further confirmed.
This Chinese made 130mm Howitzer artillery gun has an effective artillery range of 17 to 24 kms. Once attacked, it can cause deadly injuries to the soldiers within the range of 100 meters. Generally in battle fields, 122mm, 130mm or even 152 mm artillery guns are considered to be more powerful as it can cause maximum possible damage to the enemy. However LTTE terrorists are in such a situation that they had to flee leaving their most powerful weapons, military sources noted.
Meanwhile, more than 150 LTTE cadres were killed during the confrontations occurred in the last week, SINHALAYA News Agency learnt.
(From Sinhalaya News)

(By Walter Jayawardhana)

The Secretary General of the United Nations reprimanded the Tamil Tigers for keeping civilians in a restricted area against their will, recruiting civilians for military duties by force and preventing them from leaving the area sometimes also by shooting.
The Secretary General of the United Nations , Ban Ki Moon said he is calling upon the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leadership to allow civilians to leave the conflict area of their own free will. “The severe restrictions of the LTTE on their freedom of movement violate international law. The Secretary-General also deplores the forced recruitment of civilians, particularly children,”the April 3, 2009 statement issued by his spokesman in New York said.
This is the second time the Secretary General appealed to the LTTE leadership to let the civilian go.
The statement further stated , “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are keeping civilians in a very small area of active conflict against their will. While some have been able to leave or escape, reliable reports indicate that the LTTE have prevented others from leaving, including by firing at them.”
(Read Full Report)

Exit the Tiger, Enter the Dragon
Dushy Ranetunge in London

The West wants a "humanitarian pause." Whenever anyone uses the word "humanitarian", it’s like politicians kissing babies - its time to get worried. The word "humanitarian" is another word for "weapons of mass destruction". It smacks of an agenda, certainly not a "humanitarian" one.
Remember the "humanitarian" parippu bombing of Jaffna, the "humanitarian" operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and even Sudan. There was also that very "humanitarian" operation in Mavil Aru, not forgetting the one we are having in the Vanni as well.
Right now in the East coast there is another "humanitarian" Indian army medical team doing you know what.
So has the world, including Austria, Costa Rica and Mexico, suddenly woken up, mounted their white stallions and are galloping to the rescue of Tamils who are "trapped" in between the nasty LTTE and the biscuit and tea offering, cotton wool caring Sri Lankan armed forces?
I suspect that only the galloping part is accurate.
(Full Article in Island)

LTTE’s use of hostages is a grave crime against humanity
By Kumar Rupesinghe

I am glad that this meeting has been called at this time Sri Lanka is going through a major humanitarian crisis. We are going from a massive humanitarian crisis to a horrendous humanitarian catastrophe. 100,000 people are trapped in the area controlled by the LTTE; they are being held as human shields. The Government must do all it can to ensure protection for our citizens and to ensure that we follow the highest standards of humanitarian law.
End of the war?
The LTTE is not prepared to accept that the territorial war has come to an end. The Co–Chairs and the international community have called upon the LTTE to release the civilians being held hostage by them. Some have even called for their surrender.
The civilians who are trapped are undergoing enormous suffering without sufficient food or medication and they are caught in the crossfire. Some will starve and many will die without medicine. The two parties must agree to a humanitarian corridor which enables civilians to leave the area in which they are currently trapped.
(Full Report in Island)

Hemin hemin

The defence and political establishments were confident nearly four weeks ago that the LTTE and Prabhakaran would not be able to hold out for longer than 72 hours. Of course they didn’t say so loud and clear, on the record as it were and, rightly, even now does not formally lay down a timeframe for the ending of the war or, more accurately, the current stage of the conflict. Nevertheless, it is an open secret that there was and/or is strong confidence that the back of the LTTE will be broken by the time the Sinhala and Tamil New Year dawns.
 It will be the hope and wish of the vast majority of the country that such will be the case. Yet nobody must blame either the defence forces or the political leadership for proceeding cautiously for the very good reason that they must ensure that minimum harm is done to the civilian human shield behind which the LTTE is cowering in the small sliver of land it continues to hold in the Vanni. That, then, is where we are at present as advances continue to be made slowly and surely as the LTTE attempts to ratchet up international pressure in the name of the hapless civilians they hold at the point of a gun.
(Full Report in Island)

How the war was won
Shamindra Ferdinando documents the history of the current phase of the military campaign that has boxed the LTTE to a small sliver of territory on the Mullaitivu coast.

Last Thursday’s bloody battle at Anandapuram on the eastern flank brought an end to organized LTTE resistance in the Puthukkudiyirippu area in the Mullaitivu district. The 58 Division troops had fought their way into heavily defended Anandapuram after 53 and 55 Divisions sealed off the area the previous day. The latest loss of territory would thwart any attempt on the part of the LTTE to hold off the army outside the civilian safety zone on the Mullaitivu coast.
By Thursday evening, the army collected bodies of 31 LTTE cadres along with 50 T-56 assault rifles, two rocket propeller grenade launchers, two multi purpose machine guns, one M-16 rifle, two radio communication sets, one GPS device, and one map. The army also recovered one armour plated truck and one speed boat.
(Full Report in Island)

(By Walter Jayawardhana)

President Mahinda Rajapaksa said in Colombo that some representatives of a most cruel terrorist organization have said he should be sent to the gallows for suppressing terrorism and he wanted to tell them that he was ready to climb not only a single gallows but ten to save his motherland from terrorists.
The President said in an obvious reference to recurring statements issued by hired US lawyers by the LTTE that the Sri Lankan President should be sent to the gallows for alleged war crimes in the war against them
He said, “They tell that I should be sent to gallows for waging war against them. To protect this country I am ready not only to climb single gallows but even ten.”
He was speaking at a reception held at the Temple Trees, the President’s official resident grounds where 6000 opposition United National Party members converged from Kalutara District to obtain the governing Sri Lanka Freedom Party membership opposing the policies of their former political party.
During the past few months there had been mass exodus of members from the opposition UNP against the policies of UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe who has not been cooperative with the policies of war waged by the government.
The President said the UNP had been predicting victory for them due to these policies since the Western Province which also encompasses the city of Colombo, described as more cosmopolitan , as they thought they would not follow the other provinces that gave a resounding victory to the President’s Party.
President Rajapaksa said, the Western Province despite the UNP belief , would vote for the government for the suppression of terrorism, the war against terrorism and the vast development work it had undertaken.
The President said the world is waiting to see how the Western Province is going to vote on these policies and he was optimistic of the results. (EOM)

Saturday, 04th April 2009

Sri Lankan troops kill 45 Tiger rebels - military
By Ranga Sirilal

COLOMBO, April 3 (Reuters) - The Sri Lankan military said government troops killed at least 45 Tamil Tiger separatist rebels in fierce battles on Friday in what the government says is its final push into the last rebel-held area.
The campaign to end the 25-year-old war is focused on 21 square km (eight sq miles) of the northeastern coast of the Indian Ocean island, where the army has encircled Tamil Tiger fighters and tens of thousands of civilians.
"Troops recovered 45 bodies of LTTE (Tamil Tiger) terrorists who were killed in today's fighting," said military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara. Troops also recovered arms and ammunition from the rebels, he added.
Nanayakkara quoted intelligence sources as saying that in two battles on March 31 and April 1 troops killed the leader and the deputy leader of the Tamil Tigers' elite Charles Anthony brigade, named after the son of Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.
(Full Report in Reuters)

47 rebels killed in Sri Lanka
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, April 3 (UPI)

 At least 47 rebels were killed Friday in Sri Lanka as government forces attacked Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam militants, officials say.
Defense Ministry sources said among the militants killed in the armed conflict were two top LTTE commanders identified only as Gobith and Amuthab, the Press Trust of India said.
The heads of an LTTE special unit were killed in the village of Anandapuram as government troops attempted to wrestle control of the site away from LTTE forces.
While government forces have been able to force the rebel group out of most of Sri Lanka's eastern province, some unidentified officials suspect the militant group still holds pockets of resistance in the area.
(Full Report in UPI)

Police Commandos ambush LTTE group in Southern Sri Lanka, 13 Tigers killed
Friday, April 3, 2009, 6:13 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Apr 03, Colombo:

Sri Lanka's elite police Special Task Force (STF) personnel this morning attacked a group of LTTE infiltrators detected in the Panama area in the northern part of Yala Sanctuary in Southern Sri Lanka, the military said.
According to the military the police commandos launched a special operation in the area, on intelligence indicating possible LTTE presence. The attack took place close to the 10th Milepost at Lahugla around 10.30 AM.
Defence sources said 13 bodies of LTTE cadres have been found during a search following the attack.
The sources also said that LTTE's explosive expert Paramanantha master is also among the dead.

STF ambush kills 13 Tiger killers on the prowl

Troops stretch their forward boundaries
 LTTE terrorists suffer severe damages in Puthukkuduyiruppu fighting
04 April 2009 12:19 am Asha Nanayakkara, SINHALAYA News Agency, Colombo, Sri Lanka :

As per the latest information from Wanni battlefront, troops of 58 division and Task Force 8 were able to expand their forward defences in Puthukkuduyiruppu by last Thrusday (2nd April).
Both 58 division and Task Force 8 operating under Brig. Shavendra Silva and Colonel Ravipriya respectively had joined at Oranapalai Southeast, Mullaittivu and continuing their offensive, sources stated. Subsequently troops have noticed and attacked a group of nearly 100 LTTE cadres along with 122 mm Artillery Gun and other weapons.
Meanwhile, security forces have recovered 31 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, in a clearing operation conducted subsequent to a clash occurred in Puthukkuduyiruppu. Fierce fighting ensued damages to both parties and troops have found 50 T-56 guns, 2 RPG launchers, 2 MPMGs and 2 radio commutation sets during search operations.
(An Adoption of the Sinhalese Articles done by Su. Hewawasam, SINHALAYA News Agency – 03.04.2009)

Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi receives death threat

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi on Friday received a death threat allegedly from the banned LTTE, police said. Police said a letter carrying the symbol of the proscribed outfit issuing the death threat was received at Karunanidhi's Gopalpuram residence.
Following the threat, security has been stepped up for the Chief Minister, who already is in the 'Z plus' category. A case has been filed with the Central crime branch of the city police which is probing the matter.
Police officials said the Union Home Ministry had already warned of a terror threat to Karunanidhi from LTTE, which is engaged in what is been termed as the "last ditch battle" in Sri Lanka.

LTTE loses two battle hardened leaders Amuthab & Gobith

 Defence Intelligence sources have revealed that leader of the "Charles Antony" band of the LTTE, Amuthab, and former leader of the same band Gobith were killed in recent fighting in Puthukkudyiruppu.
The civilians sought refuge with the armed forces yesterday (Apr 2) also confirmed the fact and told the soldiers that the junior and middle level cadres of the LTTE have lost their faith in the outfit and planning to surrender or seek refuge with the armed forces as civilians .
"Charles Antony" is known to be the elite band of the terrorist outfit that was there in almost all the major battles that the terrorists fought with the Army. The two slain LTTE leaders were known to be the most battle hardened fighters in the band. Unlike the corrupted LTTE top level leaders, they were also known to be treated with respect by the junior cadres, reveal the intelligence sources.
Gobith was replaced by Amuthab few months back as a result of a dispute he had with the LTTE leadership.
(Full Report with Photos on SL Defence)

Ban ‘deeply distressed’ at plight of civilians in northern Sri Lanka
"Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are keeping civilians in a very small area of active conflict against their will

Internally displaced persons on the move in Sri Lanka 3 April 2009 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today reiterated the need to protect civilians trapped in the area of conflict between the Government and Tamil rebels in northern Sri Lanka, voicing concern at reports of heavy casualties, restrictions on movement and forced recruitment, especially of children. “The Secretary-General is deeply distressed by continuing reports from the Vanni region of Sri Lanka that civilians are at extreme risk, with heavy casualties, and that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are keeping civilians in a very small area of active conflict against their will,” his spokesperson said in a statement.
The UN estimates that approximately 150,000 to 190,000 civilians are trapped in the nearly 58-square-kilometre conflict zone. While some civilians have been able to leave or escape, the world body said that reliable reports indicate that the LTTE have prevented others from leaving, including by firing at them.
“The Secretary-General calls upon the LTTE leadership to allow civilians to leave the conflict area of their own free will. The severe restrictions of the LTTE on their freedom of movement violate international law,” the statement said, adding that Mr. Ban also deplores the forced recruitment of civilians, particularly children.
(Full Report in UN News Centre)

UN sends massive food aid for Lankan war displaced
UN humanitarian chief John Holmes had characterized the situation in the north as "extremely worrying," citing ongoing forced recruitment by LTTE within the combat zone, and civilians not being allowed by the LTTE to leave the area.

New York, Apr 3 (PTI) The UN World Food Programme has dispatched 1,000 metric tons of critically-needed food assistance to a designated "safe zone" in the embattled north-eastern Sri Lanka, where more than 100,000 people have been displaced due to fighting. The items were sent aboard a ship chartered by the Government of Sri Lanka, sailing under the flag of the International Committee of the Red Cross, WFP said.
The food aid would be sufficient to feed approximately 100,000 people for 20 days, the agency said.
According to the UN, the area of fighting between Government forces and the rebel LTTE has shrank from 300 square kms to nearly 58 square kms in February, with many civilians - the world body believes between 150,000 and 190,000 - sheltering in a 14-square km "no-fire" zone in the northern Vanni region.
(Full Report in PTI)

by Asoka Weerasinghe (Ottawa) on Monday, 30 March 2009

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee, good afternoon. I am grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to express my concerns on recent events in Sri Lanka. I intend to clarify some of the misconceptions about this ethnic crisis…this terrible war between a legitimately-elected, democratic government…a member of the Commonwealth… and a non-elected group, the Tamil terrorists…the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam…are also known as the Tamil Tigers.
Since 1983 the Tamil Tigers have been creating mayhem on Sri Lanka. For the past 3 decades this tiny island had been in crisis…haemorrhaging its people, its resources, and its soul. Only now when the Tamil Tigers are about to be eliminated; only now after 26 years some countries including Canada are taking an interest in this terrorist war. Such interest prompted Canada to have an emergency Debate in Parliament on Sri Lanka on February 4th. Watching the debate on CPAC, I found it an amazing piece of theatre. It was mostly Sri Lanka Government bashing and not the bashing of the Tamil Tigers who are indeed a killer cult. There were moments of ‘hoax-theatre’ when five Liberal Members of Parliament accused the Sri Lankan Government with ‘genocide’. No doubt those Members have found out since then that, that charge was unfair, unwholesome and incorrect.
(Read Full Speech)

Make NGO’s stay on track
Sat, 2009-04-04 00:53
By Somar Wijayadasa

As international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) continue to multiply in geometrical proportions, there is an increasing need to monitor their activities. At last count, there were over 48,000 international NGOs worldwide-- and growing. Unfortunately, most of them lack transparency and accountability.
Sri Lanka has been a happy hunting ground for NGOs-- both during the tsunami and during the current war in the north. Hardly a day goes by without some outraged public statement critical of the international as well as local NGO’s. There are justified suspicions that some NGO’s – flagrantly abusing the freedom and powers vested in them - are covertly working against Sri Lanka’s interests. Some NGO’s misrepresented their activities and operate under false pretenses. This has now become a common phenomenon in many countries.
(Full Report in Asian Tribune)

Tamil civilians flee from their Tiger 'protectors' as Sri Lanka war worsens

Civilians are fleeing from the Tamil Tiger forces who claim to protect them and revealing the fears of the thousands still trapped by desperate last-ditch fighting.
The haunted eyes of the grandfather who had just escaped from the Tigers at their most furious betrayed the horror he had left behind him. "I want to live, not die, and that's why I have come here with my family," he said.
The exhausted businessman was safe in a Sri Lankan Army base after enduring weeks of terrible stress - trapped among 150,000 other civilians on a seven square mile strip of land on Sri Lanka's north-east coast, short of food and fresh water and incessantly pounded by shells.
The fighters of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who for the last 26 years have claimed to be fighting to protect Sri Lanka's Tamil ethnic minority, have forbidden the refugees to leave - on pain of death.
(Full Report in Telegraph,UK)

(By Walter Jayawardhana)

Having been encircled, outnumbered and outgunned by the Sri Lanka army on all sides and lost their only supply route along which they received all their logistical supplies the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leaders were facing a dilemma either to run away from their enclave , surrender or fight to their deaths.
"The troops seized Pachchapulmudai village. With this, the Tigers have lost their last road link to carry supplies and logistics to the Pudukudiyyirippu junction," an army spokesman said.
A military source said the Sri Lankan troops have cutoff their only supply route and the LTTE cadres remaining in the Pudukudiyippu area are facing a situation in which the LTTE had never faced in their entire history.
According to the military sources the LTTE is surrounded in a narrow sliver of land not exceeding 1 square mile. It was in the same area the army said a day previously that the son of the LTTE leader Charles Anthony was injured with gunshot injuries. Charles Anthony is a commander in the rebel force.
The New York Times said LTTE leader could already be dead or not and carrying on the movement of LTTE could be made much easier only if he is alive.
The Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka addressing a SLFP representatives meeting from his electorate said, if not for the civilians , the army could have finished off the remaining LTTE cadres in 30 minutes.
He added, "The Government can finish off terrorism completely within half an hour if it acted in an inhuman manner. Driving out terrorists (LTTE) from a very small bastion in the north has been time consuming because the Government is acting most humanely considering the safety of civilians held by LTTE as a human shield." (eom)

Truth and Fiction

Arundhati Roy’s opinion on Sri Lanka’s war on terrorism (The Age -03/04/2009) must be treated in the same manner as one treats her other popular writings of fiction, mainly novels. A novelist selects a nucleus, usually one that attracts the reader’s eye, and weaves an imaginary tale in an able manner that arouses human emotions. Unlike in investigative journalism, there is no accountability, and therefore no need to labour in digging out the truth. Rather the author has to concentrate on the optimal use of fiction to maximise the arousal.
Her article is a completely one sided tirade blaming the democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka. She has not said a word about the fact that the Tamil Tigers are well known international terrorists who even killed one of her country’s (India’s) former Prime Ministers, Rajiv Gandhi. Not even a word about the brutality of the Tigers in using civilians as human shields and shooting down those who try to escape from their clutches. She wants the world to force Sri Lanka to stop delivering the coup de grace to terrorism that bled the country for 3 decades. Why doesn’t she tell the world to demand the Tiger terrorists to release the Tamil civilians?
It is acceptable to write fiction in pursuit of fame and popularity. But draping damn lies in the garb of truth is an unforgivable crime.
Asoka Subhawickrama
North Strathfield

by Malin Abeytunge

Last year Rev Desmond Tutu pleaded for UN intervention in Sri Lanka for human rights violation and canvassing to oust Sri Lanka from UJ Human Rights Council. This was his plea “ Sir, We call upon the UK Government to press for an urgent Security Council resolution on the situation in northern Sri Lanka, with the view to dispatching a fact-finding mission there under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General, in furtherance of the Security Council’s primary responsibility under the Charter of the United Nations for the maintenance of international peace and security” Unquote.
He further said in attempt appease LTTE terrorists ““With a terrible record of torture and disappearance, Sri Lanka doesn’t deserve a seat on the UN human right council.” However, he got a belly full of protests on his statements supporting LTTE terrorists from peace loving Sri Lankan all over the world. Now Rev Jesse Jackson (JJ) the so-called Americas leading civil rights activist has caught Desmond Tutu’s decease.
 Rev Jesse Jackson addressing a Tamil Diaspora propaganda in London supporting LTTE terrorists alleged to have said that “the global community has a moral obligation to stop the killings” in Sri Lanka. Addressing a Tamil Diaspora propaganda conference that has blood in their hands in supporting LTTE over three decades, surely he did not imply LTTE when he mentioned killings in Sri Lanka but he meant the Sri Lankan Government.
He has failed or conveniently avoided to utter a word against atrocities committed by Tamil Tigers like forcibly keeping the Tamil civilians using them as human shield, using children as cannon fodder, training Tamil men and women by force to take up arms to fight on the front lines, gunning down fleeing Tamil civilians from the clutches of LTTE, sending suicide women bombers to welfare camps and killing many innocent civilians and the list goes on. He is either totally ignorant of Sri Lanka’s actual situation or conveniently avoiding to put any blame on the LTTE terrorists thus parroting LTTE terrorist version or what comes up as LTTE websites without verifying the veracity of facts.
(Read Full Article)

How the LTTE Hoodwinked the International Community

Please watch the speech of Mr Douglas Wickremaratne on UTube

 Most international media releases continue to carry the following, which is based on LTTE propaganda:
 a. “The rebels have been fighting to create a homeland for the ethnic Tamil minority”.
 b. “Successive Sinhala-dominated governments have been discriminating against the Tamils since independence”.
c. “Analysts say that unless the legitimate grievances of the Tamil minority are dealt with, there will be no peace in the country”. All of this is incorrect, but continues to be recycled as the “background to the conflict” in many news articles even today, using old boilerplate text.
These are what the LTTE propaganda is based on. In fact, their entire existence is based on this propaganda. This article shows that the LTTE, rather than being the representatives of the Tamils, actually has the Tamils intimidated and afraid to come out against them under pain of death (summary punishments have been carried out on many Tamils during the past twenty years, both in Sri Lanka and overseas).
The Tamil Diaspora is not supporting them because they want the LTTE to fight for a Tamil homeland, but because they too are in its grasp. The article also shows that the LTTE is not trying to create a homeland for the Tamils, but is trying to create a mini-state as a safe haven for the LTTE leadership from International law enforcement authorities and which will also serve as a base for their international criminal enterprises. The so-called "atrocities", discrimination and "genocide' are false-propaganda by the LTTE on a massive scale to hoodwink the World's population, particularly those Tamils born after the events of July 1983 when the LTTE who know nothing of the harmony that existed before.
(Read Full Article)

Government extends more facilities to the Relief Centers where the people escaping from the clutches of LTTE are sheltered

On the directions of His Excellency the President relevant Government Agencies have committed their respective services for provisions of cooked meals, Dry Rations, Health and Educational Service, Drinking Water, Temporary Shelters, Model Villages, and several other essential services to the people who escaped the clutches of the LTTE said Hon.Rishad Bathiudeen M.P., Minister of Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services. According to the Minister, up to date over 62,000 persons who fled the LTTE areas have sought Government protection and assistance.
At present 15 Relief Camps are in operation in Vavuniya District.
(Full Report in Relief Web)

Power supply to Northern Sri Lanka under 'Uthuru Wasanthaya'
 Friday, April 3, 2009, 14:24 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Apr 03, Colombo:

 Sri Lanka government has taken measures to provide power supply to every village in the North under a program called 'Uthuru Wasanthaya' (Northern Spring).
Issuing a press release Power and Energy Ministry said they would first reconstruct all the transformers, power cable systems, and electricity sub-stations destroyed by the LTTE.
According to the Ministry the power supply between Omanthai and Mankulam has already commenced after nearly 20 years following the liberation of these areas by the government forces.
The Ministry hopes to extend the power supply along the A-9 Jaffna - Kandy highway in near future.
Sri Lanka government has spent nearly Rs. 210 million to provide the power supply on Mankulam and some recently liberated areas in Vavuniya, Power and Energy Ministry said.

Friday, 03rd April 2009

US, CANADA, UK, EU & INDIA banned LTTE terrorists - Then why not in Australia?

A group of Sri Lankan Patriots living in Melbourne together with Sri Lankan students studying in Australian universities have organized a massive anti-LTTE protest campaign in Melbourne.
Mr Malaka Yapa – one of the organizers of the above event said the proposed protest campaign will be held on next Saturday (4th April 2009) on Bourke Street in front of the Victorian Parliament House at 10.00am.
(Full Report in Sinhale News)

Troops destroy LTTE stronghold in northeastern Sri Lanka, 34 Tigers killed
Thursday, April 2, 2009, 18:40 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Apr 02, Colombo:

 Following intense battles Sri Lankan troops succeeded in gaining control of the last stronghold of the LTTE in the general area of Puthukkudyiruppu this evening killing scores of Tigers, the military said.
The soldiers of 53 and 55 Divisions yesterday encircled a group of LTTE rebels in a 2 square kilometer pocket of land at Anandapuram in Puthukkudyiruppu east and commenced mop up operations today. In a close quarter fighting that lasted till the evening troops battled their way into the pocket held by the Tigers amid stiff resistance.
According to the military, the soldiers have so far collected 31 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, along with a massive haul of weapons including 50 T-56 riffles, two rocket propeller grenade launchers, and two multi purpose machine guns.
Troops also found an armour plated truck and a speed boat during the subsequent search.
(Read Full Report in Colombo Page)

Army annihilates terror pocket in Anandapuram; LTTE lose its final stronghold in Puthukkudiyiruppu

Sri Lankan soldiers today (Apr 2) destroyed the last stronghold of the LTTE in Puthukkudiyiruppu general area. The soldiers of 58 Division marched into the pocket held by the terrorists at Anandapuram, early this morning and wiped out the terrorists in a close quarter fighting that lasted till the evening.
According to the battlefield sources, the soldiers have so far collected 31 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, along with 50 T-56 riffles, two rocket propeller grenade launchers, two multi purpose machine guns, one M-16 riffle, two radio communication sets, one GPS device, and a map. Also, soldiers have found one armour plated truck, and a speed boat during the subsequent search.
The sources said that the terrorists have been so determined to defend the captured pocket situated on the Eastern limits of the Puthukkudiyiruppu built-up, during the last few weeks of the battle. Troops of 53 and 55 Divisions yesterday (Apr 1) made a tactical maneuver by sealing off the 2 square kilometer pocket and commenced mop up operations today. Troops of 20 Gajaba Regiment (20 GR), 4 Gamunu Watch (4 GW), 11 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (11 SLLI), and 8 GR have been engaged in the operations.
Clearing operations are continuing...
(View Photos in SL Defence Web)


(By Walter Jayawardhana)

Army sources said second Task Force soldiers were able to unearth 7500 kilograms of Potassium Chloride chemical in the form of white powder in the Udayar Kattu area in the LTTE enclave now occupied by the army.
Army sources said the LTTE would have used the chemical to manufacture underwater and other explosives and the amount found could have been used for a great devastation.
The chemicals were neatly packed in 70 bags and covered in plastic bags and then buried under the ground.
The buried chemicals were found during a search operation in the jungles of Udayarkattu kulam. Among the other military ware unearthed also included 12 T56 guns, 19 claymore mines , moulds for the manufacture of mortars and large amount of booby traps set in soap boxes.

Army hunts down LTTE infiltrators - Piramanthalkulam North

Soldiers of Army 57 Division now manning the active defence in the rear areas of the main theatre of the battle attacked a group of LTTE infiltrators detected in the Piramanthalkulam North area this morning (Apr 2).
According to the defence sources, the confrontation occurred around 11.45 AM. Troops during the subsequent search found 3 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, 30 camouflage uniforms similar to those worn by the Sri Lankan soldiers, six T-56 riffles , two radio communication sets , eight military packs, two claymore mines , C-4 high explosives , one IED, along with other military items.
Search operations are being continued...
(From SL Defence Website)

Sri Lanka says rebels encircled in fierce fighting

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Sri Lankan troops have surrounded dozens of Tamil Tiger separatist rebels during fierce fighting in the island's north in a drive to end a 25-year civil war, the military said Thursday.
The rebels — who once commanded a de facto state across a large swath of the island's north and east — have been pushed into a small sliver of coastal land measuring just 8.4 square miles (21 square kilometers), on the northeastern coast.
In the latest fighting, the military said government troops had surrounded a group of rebels in an area less than half a square mile (1 square kilometer). A statement on the defense ministry's Web site also said its forces had cut a supply route to the rebels in the Puthkkudiyirippu area.
It said the bodies of 13 rebels had also been recovered
Accounts of the battles cannot be verified because independent journalists are barred from the war zone.
Although there has been heavy fighting in the same area for weeks, the government says it is close to crushing the rebels, formally known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
(Full Report in Associated Press)

‘Corridor for civilian passage’
Express News ServiceFirst Published : 02 Apr 2009 01:32:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 02 Apr 2009 11:36:49 AM ISTCOLOMBO:

The Sri Lankan government is believed to have offered to create a “corridor” in the safe zone, which could be used by the 150,000 civilians trapped in the war zone to head towards government-held territory in the south.
A top official of the government told to The New Indian Express that the corridor would be a No Fire Zone, if the LTTE would agree not to fire and also not to prevent the civilians from leaving.
Defence Ministry spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella told newspersons here on Wednesday that while there would be no ceasefire till the Tigers had laid down their arms, the Sri Lankan forces would refrain from firing if they saw civilians moving to safe areas held by the forces.
Rambukwella said that pauses in firing were taking place already to allow civilian migration. So far, over 62,000 had moved into the government held areas from the conflict zone, he pointed out.
(Full Report in Express Buzz)


(By Walter Jayawardhana)

After those tension filled days when the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna took massive demonstrations to the Norwegian embassy demanding the breaking off of diplomatic relations with Norway once again diplomatic tension is building up between Sri Lanka and Norway after it was revealed that the Norwegian embassy arranged for a meeting between the LTTE’s Chief Arms Procurement officer Kumaran Padmanadan and a UN official.
Kumaran Padmandan , who is wanted by Sri Lanka, India and the Interpol is believed to be having many links with the Norwegian government.
Colombo newspapers reported that the Norwegian ambassador in Colombo , Tore Hattrem was called to the Foreign Ministry and the government expressed its displeasure over Oslo arranging the meeting between the chief arms buyer and the UN official.
It was also revealed that the Norwegian ambassador admitted that such a meeting had been arranged.
(Read Full Report)

S.Lanka summons Norwegian envoy over 'Tiger call'

COLOMBO (AFP) — Sri Lanka said Thursday it had summoned Norway's envoy to complain about the Nordic country's alleged role in arranging a telephone conversation between Tamil Tiger rebels and a UN official.
Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona said the government voiced its "displeasure" over the call supposedly arranged last week between UN humanitarian chief John Holmes and a Tiger leader based abroad.
Kohona said Norway "admitted" helping the international representative of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Selvarasa Pathmanathan, who is better known as K.P., speak with Holmes.
Norwegian embassy spokeswoman Rannueig Skofteland confirmed that the country's ambassador had been summoned for a meeting at the Sri Lankan foreign ministry but declined to comment further.
(Fill Report in AFP)

Interpol wanted terrorist KP seeks Norway assistance, mislead UN

LTTE's in charge of cross border terrorist activities Kumaran Padmandan [KP] is reportedly seeking assistance of the Norwegian government to meet Sir John Holms, Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator of the United Nations.
KP is known to be the LTTE's key link to the global terrorist network through which the outfit has been able to acquire arms, ammo and the technology to sustain its brutal terrorist campaign against Sri Lankan citizens. Also, he is the chief of the outfit's illegal enterprises, including drug trafficking, human smuggling, financial frauds, gunrunning, etc. The Jane's Defence Review recently called the LTTE to be the world's most sophisticated terrorist outfit with its own naval and air assets. The annual income of the terrorist outfit is known to be about US dollars 200-300 million.
(Full Report in SL Defence Web)

UNHCR Welcomes Govt. initiatives on IDPs

The conditions at the IDP sites in North are in line with international standards, UNHCR the international lead agency for the internally displaced persons, says in a statement yesterday (31).
In this statement UNHCR states it wishes to make reference to the Guidance Note outlining principles on protection and assistance with regards to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the Vanni in the districts of Vavuniya, Jaffna and Mannar.
UNHCR welcomes recent initiatives by the government to start the release of persons with special needs (some 371 elderly persons have already been released) and begin reunifying separated families inside the IDP sites. The agency also notes that the government has drawn up a plan to facilitate visits by relatives of the (IDPs) to the sites, once the registration process is complete, the statement added.
In terms of assistance, UNHCR continues to support the government with regular distribution of non-food items and protection monitoring along with efforts to resolve decongestion, among other issues, at the transit/IDP sites.
UNHCR is satisfied with aid distributions so far and will continue to provide assistance to the IDPs at the sites. As displacement continues, the Agency will also carry out regular gaps analysis to better respond to new arrivals in the three districts.

The phenomenal fete of Sri Lanka’s armed forces
Fri, 2009-04-03 00:48 By Shenali Waduge

Why is no concerted effort ever been taken to show the people of the world the reality that countries like US, UK and France have earned more income from arms sales to developing nations than they have given in AID – all these profits accruing from machines designed to kill & main human beings.

There are many who believe a military option is not possible. Given that the UN Security Council’s 5 permanent members and the G8 nations account for 88% of the world’s arms trade can anyone envisage wars and conflicts coming to a close? Military solutions become unbelievable and unimaginable because the very powers that voice calls for peace are the very powers that manufacture and sell arms and ammunitions even going so far as to create scenarios for conflicts. Therefore for a developing nation such as Sri Lanka to actually program a military end to a 30 year conflict is an achievement for its success has been against not only the LTTE but against many of these powerful forces that do not desire for wars to end. Therefore, Sri Lanka’s success story should rightfully find its place in history books.
Sri Lanka’s conflict was categorized as "ethnic" for reasons that suited the existence of the conflict and it has merited those who desired to project Sri Lanka as riddled with ethnic tension. While the conflict benefited nations and Governments which perhaps "created" a new avenue to sell arms to both the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE, it also provided a means to train both parties, while supporting others through the "war industry" – new jobs within the UN, INGO, NGO groups, opening up of new offices in Sri Lanka, disbursement of monies, sensational stories to cover for media agencies and their reporters, facilitating influx of “refugees” that would fill voids in those nations while the LTTE pawn was able to launch their agenda which so long as it did not disturb the arms manufacturers and distributors would be allowed to continue unabated. Of course the LTTE did overstep their mandate by assassinating Rajiv Gandhi in India or did they?
(Full Report in Asian Tribune)

Vital UN food aid en route to displaced persons in northern Sri Lanka

WFP food convoy in Sri Lanka 2 April 2009 – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said today that 1,000 metric tons of critically-needed food assistance has been dispatched to a designated “safe zone” in north-eastern Sri Lanka, where more than 100,000 people have been displaced by fighting. The items were sent aboard a ship chartered by the Government of Sri Lanka, sailing under the flag of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and was due to be unloaded later today.
WFP said the food aid would be sufficient to feed approximately 100,000 people for 20 days.
According to the UN, the area of fighting between Government forces and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) shrank from 300 square kilometres to nearly 58 square kilometres in February, with many civilians – the world body believes between 150,000 and 190,000 – sheltering in a 14-square kilometre “no-fire” zone in the northern Vanni region.
(Full Report in UN News)

Update: UN envoy arrives in Sri Lanka
Thursday, April 2, 2009, 17:37 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Apr 02, Colombo:

United Nation's Representative of the Secretary-General on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons, Walter Kaelin landed in Sri Lanka on Thursday to conduct discussions on the current internal displacement in the country.
He is here on a 5-day visit at the invitation of the Sri Lanka Government. During his stay, he is expected to meet senior government officials, United Nations agencies present on the ground, civil society representatives and also internally displaced persons.
However, it is not clear whether the UN envoy would visit IDP centers in Vavuniya, where over 62,000 civilians are getting shelter.
(From Colombo Page)

Thursday, 02nd April 2009

Prabhakaran's son wounded in Lankan army attack

The 24-year-old son of LTTE chief V Prabhakaran was wounded while fighting against the Sri Lankan army (SLA) in the north-eastern distript of Mullaitivu, the military said on Wednesday.
Charles Anthony, Prabhakaran's eldest son who is claimed to be the brain behind the rebels' air wing, sustained injuries while leading the battle in the remaining LTTE-controlled area, military spokesperson, Brigadier Udaya Nanayyakkara said. The military stumbled upon the information about Anthony's injuries through intercepted LTTE communication. Details of his injuries, however, were not available.
The military also learned about the death of LTTE's technical wing chief S Kirupakaram alias Madivalahan through intercepted LTTE communication.
Kirupakaram was said to be the mastermind and chief coordinator of the LTTE's satellite cum radio communication network. In another development, the LTTE has written to the UN for an ``immediate peasefire'' on the war with the Lankan armed forces.
(Read Full Report in Hindustan Times)

 01 April 2009 11:33 pm 26 views Walter Jayawardhana, SINHALAYA News Agency, Colombo, Sri Lanka :

Sri Lanka military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara said in Colombo that Charles Anthony has been injured by gun shot injuries at the war.
Charles Anthony was engaged in war at Puthukudiyiruppu . He is believed to be the head of the LTTE Air Wing.
He said he was injured in the No Fire Zone in the area and his injuries have been confirmed by military intelligence.
Charles Anthony is the eldest son of the rebel leader’s three children. Nanayakkara said he had received treatment for the injuries at a makeshift hospital of the LTTE in the area.
(From  Sinhalaya News)

Prabhakan's son Charles Anthony confirmed injured
Wed, 2009-04-01 13:51 By Ravi Ladduwahetty- Sri Lanka Editor- Asian Tribune

01 April, (Asiantribune.com): Charles Anthony, son of LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran has been confirmed injured and he is in a make shift hospital in the Pudukudirippu area, Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told Asian Tribune.
This follows the heavy fighting in the safe zone and he has been injured following a series of heavy artillery which has been inflicted on the LTTE by the Sri Lanka Army’s 58 and 53 Divisions and with Charles Anthony also participating in the firing by the LTTE.
He also said that LTTE Leader could also be in hiding in a protected area within the safe zone which is believed to be restricted now to 21 square kilometres.
The Army believed that there are over 50,000 civilians yet trapped in the safe zone and in the clutches of the LTTE.
(From Asian Tribune)

LTTE's technical wing chief killed in confrontation - Mullaittivu

 LTTE's technical wing chief S. Kirupakaran alias Madivalahan was confirmed killed following a confrontation with Sri Lankan security forces at the Mullaittivu battlefront recently, defence sources said citing intercepted LTTE communication.
According to available information, LTTE has offered the self-styled 'Lt.Colonel' status to the slain terrorist on Tuesday (March 31), who was said to be the mastermind and chief coordinator of the LTTE's satellite cum radio communication network.
Madivalahan was born in Jaffna and has reportedly spent most of his time at Trincomalee before joining the terrorist organization as a full time activist. "This is what to be expected in the coming days as more senior tigers will be exposed to direct military attacks" a defence observer said adding that the loss of Madivalahan also underscores the probable end game for the LTTE.
The death of Madivalahan has triggered tension and drawn heavy critics against the present LTTE leadership, amongst the hell bent LTTE diaspora circles in Toronto and London, the observer further stated.
(From SL Defence Web)

12 Tigers in bus and motorcycle killed in Pudukudirippu West
Wed, 2009-04-01 12:51 By Ravi Ladduwahetty- Sri Lanka Editor- Asian Tribune

Colombo, 01 April, (Asiantribune.com): Troops of the 5th Vijayaba Regiment killed 12 Tigers and destroyed a bus and motor cycle in which they were traveling in Pudukudirippu West yesterday, top military sources in the battle front told Asia Tribune
Troops have also been able to recover a haul of cannons, parts of 80 mm mortars, two suicide jackets and two T-56 weapons after the attack on Pudukudirippu West which is north of the Mullaitivu- Paranthan Road, the A 35 trunk road. Troops in the Forward Defence Lines in Pudukudirippu West, on seeing the bus and the motor cycle around 400 metres beyond the FDL, had opened fire with Rocket Propelled Grenades and other sophisticated weaponry, killing the 12 Tigers and destroying the bus and motor cycle.
(From Asian Tribune)

Sri Lankan Rebels Lose Another Key Location to Gov't Troops
2009-04-02 00:58:48 Xinhua Web Editor: Xu Liuliu

Sri Lanka's military said Wednesday that rebels of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have lost another key location in the north in the on-going battle.
The troops have captured Pachchapulimoddai, the eastern edge of Puthukkudiyiruppu where the troops have engaged in fierce fighting with the LTTE rebels for several weeks.
Defense officials said the Army troops inflicted heavy damages on the rebels as they put up resistance, adding that 19 bodies of LTTE fighters were found in subsequent search operations.
The government said that the LTTE rebels are currently limited to an area of just 21 sq km, while 20 sq km of which is the government declared no fire zone.
The LTTE rebels have also faced accusations of holding civilians as human shields.
Aid agencies said a large number of civilians are still being trapped in the conflict area and call on both the warring parties to refrain from attacking civilians.
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LTTE opinion defeated

LTTE’s opinion suffered a severe defeat at the UN Human Rights Conference in Geneva.
Addressing the media at the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights, Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe opined that they initiated action to explain the real situation prevailing in Sri Lanka to all groups and countries represented at the conference. The Government had to face the false propaganda of the individuals and NGOs that joined in the conference representing the UN. The Government had to wage a battle to explain the prevailing situation on a daily basis.
Chief of the Peace Secretariat Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe was among those present at the media briefing.
(From ITN News - View Video)

Tigers do not represent anyone ..... certainly not the Tamil people' says Lord Naseby
Lord Naseby, a veteran Sri Lankan monitor provides an insight to the country's war on terrorism

Lord Naseby, a veteran Sri Lankan monitor provides an insight to the country's war on terrorism "The A9 road to Jaffna was reopened after 10 years. The only sinister element is that the Tigers have forced the Tamil civilians to go with them to provide a human shield. The UN estimates the numbers at 250,000 but other state 100,000, however nearly 50,000 have got out, despite the Tigers shooting some.
Appeals have been made by the UN, the four Co- Chairs, the Red Cross and the civilians to leave as the area of jungle held by the Tigers gets smaller and smaller - but to no avail", states veteran monitor of Sri Lankan Affairs, Chair of All Party Parliamentarian Group Lord Naseby.
"People ask why there can't be a cease fire; the answer is that this terrorist group has held Sri Lanka to ransom for 25 years. They can surrender or be wiped out. The Tigers do not represent anyone - certainly not the Tamil people" he further asserted in a special report provided on Sri Lanka in The House Magazine titled, 'Ransomed in the last redoubt', on March.
(Read Full Article In Mawbima Lanka News)

Sri Lanka says flood of people leave war zone

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — More than 23,000 civilians escaped last month from a war zone in Sri Lanka's north, where the military appears close to crushing the Tamil Tiger separatist rebels, the government said Wednesday.
Tens of thousands of civilians have been trapped by the fighting as the military has rolled up a series of battlefield victories and pushed the rebels into a small sliver of beach and land — measuring just 8.4 square miles (21 square kilometers) — on the northeast coast.
The rebels — who once commanded a de facto state across a large swath of the island's north and east — deny they are on the brink of defeat, but have also appealed for a cease-fire.
The 23,606 who fled in March was down from the nearly 33,000 who escaped in February, but the fighting last month was confined to a smaller area making it harder to flee.
The rebels, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, have denied accusations they are holding the civilians as human shields and that they fire on them to stop them from fleeing.
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Release all the Tamil Innocent Civilians, Lay Down Arms - Sri Lanka Government’s response to ceasefire call by the LTTE Wed, 2009-04-01 05:49 Colombo, 01 April, (Asiantribune.com):

Sri Lanka Governmnet has categorically stated that they will not enter into any ceasefire agreement or a pause in their hostile campaign, as long as the non-state actor LTTE free the entire innocent Tamil civilians held hostages and surrender arms.
This was the latest response of the Government of Sri Lanka to the statement by the LTTE Political Headquarters. The statement said "Our organization wishes to reiterate our agreement to an immediate ceasefire."
A Government spokesman told Asian Tribune, the word "Ceasefire" is not the right parlance at this juncture. He told that LTTE is not a state actor to enter into any ceasefire agreement. It is a terrorist organization proclaimed by India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and also by the European Union.
Entering into a ceasefire Agreement with an internationally proclaimed terrorist organization would amounts to giving credence and recognition, the Government spokesman said.
(Read Full Report in Asian Tribune)

Sri Lanka says international community now realizes that ceasefire is unacceptable
Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 14:27 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. Apr 01, Colombo:

Sri Lanka today said the international community has now realized that a ceasefire between the government forces and the LTTE is totally unacceptable.
Speaking at the weekly press conference in Colombo, Government Defence Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said “It is happy to note that the international community concerned with the situation in Sri Lanka has now realized ceasefire with the Tigers not acceptable at all.”
He also said that Sri Lanka has the bitter experience of earlier ceasefires during which the LTTE used it to strengthen itself.
However the Spokesman said that despite the denial of ceasefire by the government, some elements have misinterpreted the temporary suspension of military activities aimed at facilitating the free movement of trapped civilians.
"As long as President Mahinda Rajapaksa is in power there will be no cessation of military action against terrorism," the Minister said.
(From Colombo Page)

Eurojust hosts tactical meeting on 'LTTE front organisations'
Thu, 2009-04-02 01:12 Brussels, 02 April, (Asiantribune.com):

A Tactical Meeting on "LTTE Front Organisations", was hosted by Eurojust (the EU institution responsible for co-ordination of investigations and prosecutions between competent authorities in the Member States), on 30-31 March 2009 in the Hague, Netherlands. The Meeting was attended by representatives of the Intelligence and Criminal Justice communities of EU member states, non-EU countries including Sri Lanka, and the Europol.

The participants were welcomed to the meeting by Mr. Jose Luis Lopes da Mota, President of Eurojust. The European Union Counter- Terrorism Coordinator Mr. Gilles de Kerchove, also attended the opening session. The participants were given a joint presentation on the current state of affairs by Eurojust/Europol on the LTTE and its criminal activities. Presentations were also made by several participating delegations, followed by workshops on best practices and lessons learned from criminal investigations and prosecutions, and on the best approach to address this type of terrorism.
(Read Full Report in Asian Tribune)

Europeans and their Tribes

The tenth session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva has come to a close without the anticipated assault on the Sri Lankan state. This had been on the cards for quite some time, beginning with the motion against Sri Lanka that had been put forward three years ago.
 Fortunately some concerted diplomatic action, involving regular briefings of all states who were genuinely interested in the country, saw that motion scratched in 2007, and since then there was much less pressure. This year however was different, for the LTTE saw this as their best hope of internationalising the issue. Hence the hordes of LTTE sympathizers who turned up, to buttonhole various ambassadors, to brief the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, to make aggressive interventions during the debate.
(Read Full Article Published in The Island)

The callousness of the international community

  While doubtless the assaults on the Sri Lankan state will continue, at least until the Tigers can no longer operate either from our shores or elsewhere, I believe the last few weeks have helped us to clarify certain misconceptions.  Certainly the problem that is aired accusingly has boiled down to the one simple fact, that there are a number of civilians forcibly kept by the LTTE in the area still under their control, and they will continue to suffer while conflict continues.   Gone however are the claims that they were being targeted by our forces. 
Whilst one cannot be absolutely sure that there is no collateral damage, the care that is being exercised now, the results of the care exercised in the first several months of the offensive, the few instances in which there was evidence of where the shooting came from, all suggest that the Tigers bear the main responsibility for the casualties.   Again, while massive numbers were used earlier, these have now come down, even though none of those who previously cited massive figures has regretted the exaggerations. 
Of course when it comes to casualties, whether the number is big or small is not the question – but by dealing firmly with the figures, we have at least got rid of the canard that the civilians were being starved.  Indeed we have even managed to supply medical assistance up to a reasonable standard, certainly better than in other theatres of conflict, so the fact that we, rather than the Tigers, have been looking after our fellow civilians, is no longer much in question.
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(By Walter Jayawardhana)

The Sri Lanka ambassador to the US Jaliya Wickramasuriya told investors, professionals and the diplomats of the World Affairs Council in Los Angeles that the post conflict future in Sri Lanka would open many a doors to the US investors in the island nation. He said , Demining ,Demilitarization, Democratization and Development would  take place in the country’s Northern province where the security forces are at the tail end of defeating terrorism and added, “We will love democratization at the top of the list but the government is compelled to do away with the thousands of mines buried under the ground and disarming unauthorized parties before democracy and development is introduced to the area.”
 During remarks Monday with the World Affairs Council in Los Angeles , the Ambassador for Sri Lanka to the U.S. , Jaliya Wickramasuriya, presented his views on a post-conflict future for Sri Lanka and the prospects for a strong business climate for U.S. investors. "We will rebuild the north," said the Ambassador, "by using a plan that worked well in our eastern province. We call it the four Ds, which stands for: de-mining, de-militarization, democratization and development." Concerned about land mines and other remnants of militarization, the Ambassador warned about the need to de-mine and de-militarize before proceeding with democracy and development. Citizens in the Northern provinces of Sri Lanka - similar to those in the East prior to 2007 - have not had the opportunity to democratically elect their representatives for decades.
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Wednesday, 01st April 2009

31 LTTE rebels killed in Lanka clashes

T V Sriram Colombo, Mar 31 (PTI)
At least 31 rebels were killed in fierce clashes with security forces in Sri Lanka's north where an LTTE suicide bomber blew himself up fearing arrest by troops engaged in a search operation, even as the government exuded confidence that the war would be over within three weeks.
Troops also captured an LTTE truck carrying a 12.7mm Anti-Aircraft machine gun during operations in the Irnapali area, Puthukkudiyiruppu East, the army said.
As the military began the "final countdown" to capture the entire LTTE-held territory, troops captured an earth bund built by the rebels in Thevvadi area of Mullaittivu amidst fierce gun battles, it said.
The earth bund had been erected by the rebels to stall the advance of the troops into the LTTE area close to the 'No Fire Zone', the army said.
G L Peiris, Minister of Export Development and International Trade, meanwhile, said the war would be over within three weeks.
The foreign nations have also agreed to implement mega projects subsequently, he was quoted as saying.
His comments came amid a series of confrontations in Pudukudiyirippu in Mullaittivu, where troops inflicted heavy damage on the rebels.
(From PTI )

Desperate Tigers Play with Arty Guns, but End in Disaster
2009-03-31 16:00:30 MULLAITTIVU:

 DISASTER struck hard on Tiger terrorists once again at about 11.30 a.m. Tuesday (31) forenoon when Tiger terrorists after bringing a 130 mm Artillery gun, as close as some 200 meters away from troop positions in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU, started launching direct-roll fire (face to face) on the troops.
Timely preparedness and alertness of the troops however prompted action and completely destroyed the LTTE artillery gun with the help of one artillery gun used by the Army and one fighter craft of the Sri Lanka Air Force.
Terrorists started firing after reaching as close as some 200 meters but the troops, mindful of the civilian factor, sought the aerial support to destroy the enemy artillery.
Army troops through technical sources well in advance learnt the movement of this LTTE artillery gun. However, Tigers went on firing the artillery rounds indiscriminately but the troops showed restraint and meticulously use the retaliatory fire. The total destruction of the LTTE artillery was enabled by the Air Force.
Tiger terrorists by doing so have openly flouted standard firing practices and strategies, laid down for conventional warfare, analysts said.
(From Defence Web)

No ceasefire under any circumstances- President Rajapaksa
Tue, 2009-03-31 04:16 By Ravi Ladduwahetty- Sri Lanka Editor – Asian Tribune

Colombo, 31 March, (Asiantribune.com): The Government willPresident Mahinda Rajapaksa not go in for any ceasefire with the LTTE under any circumstances, President Mahinda Rajapaksa told the UPFA Kalutara District United People’s Freedom Alliance organizers this morning.
"We will not cave into pressures from any international quarters locally and internationally and will not stop until the war was completely over," he said.
He said that the delay in finishing the remaining parts of the war was due to the Security Forces being asked to exercising restraint in the conflict zones which has civilians.
He also said that the US$ 1.9 billion credit line was taken keeping in mind the future generations and without conditions without compromising the interests of the nation.
He also said that unlike past leaders who blamed the war as the impediment for national development, this Government had not forgotten the developments efforts while sincerely fighting a ruthless bunch of terrorists
The Government was carrying on with the Norochcholai Hydro Power project the Upper Kotmale Hydro Power Project and the Moragahakanda Reservoir while also simultaneously developing five ports- the Colombo South Port, and the Ports of Galle, Hambantota, Trincomalee and Oluvil.
Commenting on the forthcoming Western provincial Council poll, he said that the criteria to become the Chief Minister would not only be the preferential votes but ability to serve and seniority within the party.
So, do not fight within the party for preferential votes, he said.
- Asian Tribune -

Lanka rejects international calls for ceasefire

T V Sriram Colombo, Mar 31 (PTI)

Rejecting international community's call for a ceasefire with the LTTE, the Sri Lankan government has said this would only help the rebels recover from the effects of the conflict and will prolong the 25-year-old war.
"It is unfortunate that some in the international community have fallen straight into the well-laid trap of the LTTE and are calling for a ceasefire... Which would only help the terrorists to recover and drag this war for another twenty five years," Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona said here.
Kohona said the Tigers have consistently ignored the government's appeals for letting the Tamil civilians trapped in the war zone leave for safer areas, thereby demonstrating "again and again the utter and callous disregard paid by LTTE to the very people they claim to represent".
"As the LTTE's delusion fades into history, the government is calling on Tamils living overseas to return to the warm embrace of mother Lanka and seek a common future with all her other children, whether they be Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese, Malays, Burghers," he told representatives of the Tamil diaspora.
(From PTI )

Sri Lanka rejects latest Tiger truce call

By C. Bryson Hull

COLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's president said on Tuesday a military offensive to crush Tamil Tiger rebels would go on, spurning the struggling separatists' call for a truce.
The Tigers are cornered in 25 square km (10 sq miles) of northern Sri Lanka, encircled by an army fighting to end Asia's longest-running civil war.
President Mahinda Rajapaksa rejected reports that the military would consider a "humanitarian pause." The United Nations wants civilians and others say are being kept as a human shields by the Tigers to be allowed to flee.
"We will not cave into pressures from any international quarters, locally and internationally, and will not stop until the war was completely over," Rajapaksa said in a statement.
The government has repeatedly said it will not stop until the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) surrender or die, and accuses rights groups, the United Nations and others who say too many civilians are being killed of parroting Tiger propaganda.
The Tigers on Tuesday accused the international community and the United Nations of maintaining a double standard by saying the rebels should comply with humanitarian law, while ignoring what it says are attacks on civilians by the Sri Lankan military.

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16th Batch of Patients and Civilians trapped in Mullaithivu evacuated with the Naval Assistance

The sixteenth batch of 540 patients and civilians was evacuated on board “MV Green Ocean” on the 30th March 2009. The evacuation of patients and civilians trapped in LTTE Clutches in the un-cleared areas in Mullaithivu is being carried out under the ICRC flag. Sri Lanka Navy is providing safe passage for evacuees on humanitarian grounds.

The patients among the evacuees, upon disembarkation at Pulmuadai, were provided with emergency medical treatment by Naval doctors and were rushed to the Field Hospital and Base Hospital in Pulmudai and the General Hospital in Padaviya by the Naval personnel for further treatment. Elaborate arrangements have been made to treat the sick and the wounded evacuees once they reach cleared areas. Hospitals have been equipped with adequate stocks of essential drugs and specialist medical personnel are assigned to treat the sick and the wounded as they are transferred to hospitals.
(Read Full Report and photos in SL Navy Web)

Sri Lanka: Ever more sick and wounded evacuated from conflict area to hospital Source: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Date: 31 Mar 2009

Since 10 February the ICRC has evacuated thousands of people from conflict-weary northern Sri Lanka to Trincomalee district for medical treatment. Martin Hermann, an ICRC surgeon, speaks about the evacuated patients and his work.
Why is the ICRC evacuating civilians out of the Vanni?
As fighting between Sri Lankan government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) continues, sick and wounded people continue to arrive at a makeshift health facility in Putumattalan, on the northern Sri Lanka coast. Because of the lack of properly functioning medical facilities in the conflict area, the ICRC has evacuated over 6,600 people – the sick and wounded and their attendants – to Trincomalee district by sea since 10 February. Upon arrival, patients are transferred to hospital for treatment. In Trincomalee Hospital, Ministry of Health staff and an ICRC medical team, consisting of a surgeon (myself), an anaesthetist and a nurse, have treated over 1,900 patients since the first sea evacuation took place.


(By Walter Jayawardhana)

The mass circulated Sunday Telegraph of the United Kingdom in a full page article said the people who escaped from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) controlled area had told them that the remaining people do not like the Tamil Tigers’ dictatorial mini-state any more and they want the Sri Lankan army to rescue them..

Quoting such a man who escaped to Kilinochchi Sunday Telegraph’s Nick Meo said, “What the man had to say about the Tigers would have been unthinkable for a subject of their dictatorial mini state a few weeks ago. ‘The people do not like the Tigers any more,’ he said angrily . ‘They are trapped by them and they are scared. They want the Sri Lankan army to rescue them.”

Reporting from Kilinochchi the Sunday Telegraph staffer said, people are being used as human shields by Tamil rebels who have promised to fight to the death.

The report further said, “The haunted eyes of the grandfather who had just escaped from the Tamil Tigers at their most furious betrayed the horror he had left behind him ‘I want to live not die, and that’s why I have come here with my family’, he said.

“The exhausted businessman was safe in a Sri Lankan army base after weeks trapped with …other civilians in a seven square mile strip of land on Sri Lanka’s North East coast, short of food and fresh water and incessantly pounded by shells.
(Read Full Article)

Letter to Mrs Clinton by a Canadian of Sri Lankan Origin

March 26, 2009

The Honourable Hillary Clinton,
 Secretary of State,
 U.S. Department of State,
 2201 C Street, NW, Washington DC 20520

Dear Madam Clinton,

*Memorandum of **9.3.2009 **by 38 Senators on the** Current Situation in Sri Lanka * * *

The Senators’ memo expressing grave concern over a humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka appears to be inspired by the Tamil Tiger Terrorist Diaspora. Continuous lobbying and sheer repetition of falsehood have perhaps led to the belief that the projected data comprise the truth. My request is to consider this submission as well and to allow the Government of Sri Lanka to bring its war against terror to a relative end.

For over 2500 years of recorded history, Sri Lanka has been focused on defending its sovereignty, never initiating a war, never bartering away its territorial integrity, never submitting to terrorism. For the past nearly 30 years the LTTE has challenged its Government. About the LTTE, please consult FBI reports. It knows nothing but ruthlessness. The cause be whatever, nothing justifies terrorism, child soldiery (*Attachment 1*), drug and human trafficking; extortion, enforced military training even of the aged.* (See E-mail 1 *which follows this.)

As for Sri Lanka’s history, “One of the greatest migrations in Indian history, most far-reaching in its shaping power on the fortunes of this country, took place when Vijaya and his followers landed in Lanka in 543 BC. In less than four generations, barren wastes were turned into fruitfulness by thousands of immigrants from Northern India. Thousands of them came ready from the day they landed on these shores to direct their strength to the development of the newly established State. … They brought with them, within them rather, the ripened fruit of civilization, literature and art, poetry and music.” (/The Revolt in the Temple /by DC Vijayavardhana, page 31, Sinha Publications, 1953, Daily News Press, Lake House, Colombo). Thus North Indian culture was transported “to create and enrich the virgin civilization of Lanka.” These people fused and integrated with the vestiges of the four (/siv/) clans or /sivhela/ - Yaksha (/yakada/ or iron workers), Ráksha, Deva and Nága to form the indigenous nation of Sinhala people. It remains the Resplendent Isle or Sri Lanka. (‘Lanka’ is derived from ‘A-lanka-ra’ - resplendent or splendid).
(Read Full Letter)

Is LTTE the Sole Representatives of Tamils?

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A list of atrocities committed by the LTTE on Tamils, whom the LTTE say have to be "liberated" (A list of atrocities committed by the LTTE on Tamils, whom the LTTE say have to be "liberated" (from May 2002 to September 2003)

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  Chronology of LTTE Tamil Tiger Atrocities since June 2005

Kalyanapura, Gomarankadawala Massacre on 23 April 2006

More Pictures 01
More Pictures 02
More Pictures 03
More Pictures 04
More Pictures 05
More Pictures 06 More Pictures 06 More Pictures 08 More Pictures 09 More Pictures 10

Read more details on Kalyanapura Massacre (SPUR)

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists continue to assassinate civilians, members of the rival political parties and security personnel under the banner of cease-fire agreement (CFA)

LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists massacred 61 Sinhalese villagers including 17 Women and 7 children on 18 September 1999 (Read details)

See how LTTE has implemented the so-called cease-fire agreement

Deadly suicide attack on Sri Lanka navy - Chronology of Suicide Bomb Attacks by Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka (see details in SPUR)

 TRO &  LTTE  NEXUS  Abstracts of articles on the nexus between the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), better known as the Tamil Tiger terrorists (Full report in SPUR).

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