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The United States' top intelligence agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) says that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is the most dangerous and deadly extremist organization in the world. The official website of FBI in its tops story said that LTTE is far more dangerous terrorists outfit than al Queda, Hezbullah or even HAMAS. Read more...


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 Saturday, 13 August 2011 08:18 AM  


Norway has reaped what they sowed !

Read an article titled "Norway … Do You Understand Now?" written by F Rovik, A Norwegian retired crusader against terrorism (Read full article by F Rovik in Lanka web ; 23 July 2011).   (Re-produced in-full in Sri Lanka News Online)

‘Humanitarian Operations - Factual Analysis’ out today - by Ridma DISSANAYAKE - The report compiled by the Defence Ministry containing detailed information regarding the humanitarian mission is to be made public, said Director General of Media Centre for National Security Lakshman Hulugalle. The report titled Humanitarian Operations, Factual Analysis was handed over to President Mahinda Rajapaksa by Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa at Templee Trees on July 27. The Defence Ministry has made all arrangements to release the 161-page report titled Humanitarian Operation - Factual Analysis at a formal ceremony at the Hilton Hotel today. This report contains all the details of the humanitarian mission conducted by the Sri Lankan Army,Navy and Air Force. The Defence Ministry had been entrusted with the task of preparing the report, intended on providing accurate responses to the various acts alleged to have occurred during the humanitarian mission (Daily News ; 1 August 2011).

Freedom in the North - by Wasantha Priya Ramanayake Translated by A A M Nizam - Mahattaya alias Mahendrarajah was the second in command of the LTTE in the past. He was a relative of Prabhakaran. He was second to none but only to Prabhakaran. It was this ‘Mahattaya’ who was the leader of the LTTE delegation that held talks with President Premadasa. These talks ended with President Premadasa winning over Mahattaya to his side. Or else getting Mahattaya hooked up. Mahattaya who was charmed by President Premadasa is reported to have told a story like this. “When you visited Jaffna as the Prime Minister I waved the national flag to greet you as a student at that time. When you come to Jaffna again as the President I will be raising that flag to greet you as the Chief Minister of Jaffna.”  It did not take much time for Prabhakaran to become aware of all these things. It was a conspiracy from his side. Prabhakaran killed Mahattaya and all his buddies and ended up with killing President Premadasa as well. This was how President Premadasa’s plan to win over the North ended. Prior to that Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike also launched a similar plan. That was by enrolling Jaffna Mayor Duraiappah of the Federal Party as a member of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. The then Tamil leaders of the North could not stomach Duraiappah becoming an SLFPer. Ultimately the SLFPer Duraiappah had to pay the prize with his life. This assassination was carried out by a youth of a gang who were boastfully called as ‘Boys’ by the Tamil United Front. He was Velupillai Prabhakaran. It was this slaughterer who later on became the leader of the LTTE. He did not spare not only Duraiappah, but also the ilk of Amirthalingams as well (Daily News ; 1 August 2011).

On keeping things in the neighbourhood in South Asia - Nirupama Rao, India’s soon-to-retire Foreign Secretary, when asked about the Channel 4 video purporting to comment on the last days of the LTTE’s military, is reported to have said that Sri Lanka should look at the video carefully. Well, that’s already been done. Channel 4’s mal-intent, unprofessionalism and scandalous lack of integrity have been adequately exposed. The good lady probably knows this. On the other hand, she adds a comment: ‘As per the video, there were human right violations during the last few days of the war they were fighting. It cannot be justified any way. But it was a war zone. It should also be taken into consideration that there were tragedies in Sri Lanka.’ (Daily News ; 1 August 2011).

Norway has reaped what they sowed ! - Suicide Bombings, killing innocent civilians, terror, frighten were new and yet the most unexpected things for Norwegians until 23rd July. The twin terror attacks, have given Norway a glimpse of what Sri Lankans experienced for nearly 30 years; a taste of what it feels when innocents are killed in scores. Now the dearest Norwegians can imagine how terrorism is like, after their recent bad experience of one day by comparing the past three decades of sad history in Sri Lanka; when LTTE terrorists killing more than 70,000 of innocent civilians. The then Sri Lanka’s Peace Facilitator, Norway (the unofficial sponsors of LTTE) has reaped what they sowed. In No way we can deny the fact. Still the Prime Minister and high profiles are in shock to make themselves understand what really happened. The attacker is also twisting the story in courts. Norway has so luke warm, so lighter rules and regulations when it comes to crimes. Numerous extremist groups operate freely just under the nose of the officials. Literally Norway is the best breeding ground in Europe for such illegal groups. Total responsibility of these attacks lies with the Norway Security Forces. This might be only the beginning; unless immediate precautions taken, Norway is at it. Terror had already struck now; what needs to be done is, come out of their covers and truthfully support to eradicate terrorism. Terrorism is terrorism, no matter in which form it comes. There is no discrimination of good or bad terrorism when it is Sri Lanka, Norway, United Kingdom or even in United States of America. Sri Lankans are waiting to see the honest policy about terrorism and its effects of Erik Soheim – Norwegian Minister of International Development - who supported brutal LTTE terrorists officially and under arm (Sinhalaya News ; 1 August 2011).

An appeal to my Congressman on behalf of Sri Lanka - by Anjalika Silva, USA - Congressman Van Hollen, As one of your constituents originally a Sri Lankan and now a voting American, I was offended by the support given by Congress for screening a disputed piece of video sponsored by Channel 4 –”Killing Fields in Sri Lanka” which was not prevented by any quarter of the congress. Your constituents and Sri Lankans who are offended by this kind of misrepresentation to discredit a sovereign nation prevailed on Congressman James McGovern. His phone lines appeared to have been deliberately staffed by incompetent interns who gave us wrong contact information for him. I would like you to read the article below that has been dismissed by the “so called UN Experts” because the writer is of Sri Lankan origin. However, he has technically sound knowledge and should not be dismissed based on his credentials. Also he has nothing to gain as he is providing an objective analysis based on technical data. I hope you will take the initiative to speak for those Sri Lankan Americans who vote for you. We are not powerful donors because we do not have access to extorted funds earned by the pro LTTE diaspora who have huge reserves built by extorting from other diaspora, human smuggling, drug smuggling and other crimes. Without being able to match the huge donations accompanied by falsified evidence, they seem to be heard over us. Our voices are not heard within the walls of Congress because the truth does not have to be so fiercely defended with monetary baits (LankaWeb : 31 July 2011).

Appraising the terrorist – A strategy doomed to failure - By Paul Harris For the WAPS Conference, Oslo, August 20 2004 [Submitted by Hela Puwath: This paper has been widely published in the past few years, but we believe we should re-read it as a reminder to assess what has (not)changed since Paul Harris’ speech. We are eternally grateful to our great leaders, and the brave Sinhela youth who gave their life to reclaim the only country we can call our own. But we should be reminded that the danger still exists, in a different and more insidious form – Tamils backed by our former enemies in the West and Tamil Nadu India. We can substitute TNA for LTTE now. Have “Tamil aspirations” changed? It would be informative to hear Paul Harris’ assessment of the danger we face now.] It is a privilege to be speaking to you today. I would like to be able to say it is a pleasure. But it is not. For me, it is a matter for profound regret that I am today talking at a conference which could turn out to be an inquest on the terminal division of the sovereign state of Sri Lanka. A few brief words as to why I – an Englishman – stand here today. My formal academic qualifications are as a political scientist. But I think on-the-ground experience is of rather more relevance. I have carried out conflict analyses for Jane’s Intelligence Review in Bosnia, Kosovo, Nepal, North East India, Aceh, East Timor, Uganda, Algeria, Eritrea, Sudan, Nagorno Karabakh, the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic and, of course, Sri Lanka. It’s a tricky job working as a professional prophet of doom. Fortune tellers may be comfortable with predictions in a darkened room, but making them in print is always hazardous. I didn’t always get it right, of course. But I did most of the time (LankaWeb : 31 August 2011).

C-4 granted permission to visit SL - By Shamindra Ferdinando - The government of Sri Lanka has invited the UK-based Channel 4 News to visit Sri Lanka to study the ground situation. Sri Lanka’s No: 2 at the UN Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva has informed Foreign Affairs Correspondent of Channel 4 News, Jonathan Miller of Sri Lanka’s readiness to facilitate a visit. Ambassador Silva told The Island yesterday that he had informed both Channel 4 News headquarters in London and Miller the outfit could send a team to Sri Lanka. Asked whether the government had initiated the move on its own, the serving officer emphasised that Miller had sought an opportunity to visit Sri Lanka when they met in Manhattan recently. The Major Gen. said that one of his aides had videoed the conversation between him and Miller and it could be made available for verification. The former General Officer Commanding (GOC) of 58 Division said: "Immediately after Miller left I got in touch with Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and sought his advice regarding Miller’s appeal.The Defence Secretary gave his consent. After failing to reach Miller on his hand phone, I left a message with his London office and about 90 minutes later he got in touch with me." The Channel 4 News produced ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ at the behest of self-exiled Tamil community. Maj. Gen. Silva said that in spite of receiving Sri Lanka’s consent over two weeks ago, the British outfit was yet to get in touch with him regarding their visit (Island ; 31 July 2011).

Fallout of Norway terror attack ! - P. A. Samaraweera, Australia - The twin attack in Oslo on 22nd July sent shock waves around the world. Prior to this, an incident spotlighted by western media was the 9/11 tragedy. Before this, western countries had the impression that terrorism was confined to the 3rd world and considered it as their problem. Some offered to be peace makers. One of them Norway, has now been paid back in the same coin.  With regard to the Oslo terror attack, people are wondering, how one man could organise and execute such a complex operation single handedly? The LTTE took years to learn the expertise in explosives and in the process several Tiger combatants died or became disabled.  Breivik had also modified a semi-automatic rifle to be used as an automatic. And he is supposed to have transported explosives, arms etc., from his farm to Oslo, a distance of 100 miles, all by himself.  If Breivik learnt the expertise in explosives and meticulously planned the strategy for the attack without any support, he is unique. The Right-wing extremists in London had denied any links with him. Sri Lanka had an abundance of ‘experts’ in this area before the end of the war and most of them have gone as refugees to western countries including Norway, a safe haven for terrorists. Therefore, Norway is not short of ‘experts’ in making car bombs !  So, people wonder, from where he learnt this ‘highly sophisticated expertise’ (Island : 31 July 2011).

Two with LTTE links repatriated - Two people detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in Malaysia for links with the terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LLTE) have been repatriated to Sri Lanka. Malaysian Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said details on the repatriation of the two will be revealed tomorrow. He said the ministry is considering to release Immigration Department officers detained under ISA for their involvement in human trafficking. "We are considering to release the officers as they may have repented and want to be with family members during Ramadan. "Decision whether to release them or not is based on police information," he said after presenting aid for mosques and suraus in Sembrong parliamentary constituency in Nyior today. Any decision on the matter would be based on security and public order. The seven Immigration Department officers were arrested last year. Hishammuddin said human trafficking syndicates profited a lot from such activities. "If the 500,000 illegal Bangladeshis in the country pay RM10,000 each to the syndicates, they stand to make RM5bil." On the release of six Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members from detention under the Emergency Ordinance, he said police are still investigating it. "The Prime Minister has said action depends on directive from the Attoney-General's Chambers. I have to agree with AG's decision." (Daily Mirror : 31 July 2011).

Jayalalithaa reiterates embargo call - Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has urged the Indian Central Government to impose an economic embargo on Sri Lanka for alleged 'war crimes' and atrocities committed on the ethnic Tamil community by the Mahinda Rajapakse-led Government. A recent UN report accused Colombo of targeting Tamil civilians during the army onslaught on the militant outfit, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), in 2008-2009. The report specifically accused the Rajapaksa Government of widespread shelling, including targeting field hospitals, denial of humanitarian aid, and rights violations against people inside and outside the conflict zone on the northeastern coast of the island nation. Demanding justice for the Sri Lankan Tamils in a resolution passed by the Tamil Nadu assembly, Jayalalithaa had called for an economic blockade against neighbouring Sri Lanka in June. Addressing a news conference in Chennai, she asserted that AIADMK lawmakers would be raising the issue before other parties during the Parliament's Monsoon Session beginning on August 1. "Yes, our Members of Parliament will definitely be raising the issue on the floors of both houses of Parliament, with regard to the atrocities committed against Sri Lankan Tamils and the resolutions passed in the Tamil Nadu assembly to declare those guilty of war crimes as war criminals and to see that they are made to appear before the International Criminal Court for inquiry," said Jayalalithaa. "We have also been insisting that an economic embargo should be imposed against Sri Lanka. Our Members of Parliament will raise these issues in both the houses," she added (Daily Mirror : 31 July 2011).

Another protest will be in Sydney, next Saturday

See more photos of the Melbourne protest in Sri Lanka News Online

Please download the Petition, sign and forward to the organisers

Aren't the LG elections in the North confirm that Tamils are racists ? - By Malin Abeyatunga, Melbourne, Australia - Most recent election for LGs n the North gave astounding victory for racist TNA. They managed to get  18 out of 26 LGs in the North and UPFA managed get only three local bodies i.e. Delfts, Kayts and Vilonia. I am not an expert to critically analyze the election with numbers, figures and population spread etc to suck that UPFA did not loose in the North. On 28 April 2010, I wrote a letter to the papers and websites titled “Uthureta Kiri Dakuneta kekiri” where the Government, the INGOS, Foreign funded NGOS, foreign Governments were focusing every thing on the North and East and the South was completely forgotten except for some development projects in Hambantota. I requested in that letter for the President not to forget the southerners who put him to highest pedestal as President at the Presidential election and the general election. I will have to reiterate this fact in terms of the LG elections in the North and like to look at a different perspective of the results.TNA being a LTTE proxy still haven’t given up the LTTE ideology with a few exception like national list MP Sumanthiran who appears or pretend to be moderate. Reiterating the facts in my earlier letter, President has done more to the North and East over the past two years. In the remote areas of rest of the country, the poverty is in rampant, people walking miles to get their drinking water, lives in mud thatched pelas, no proper sanitation, no pipe born water or electricity, no proper transport for the children to attend schools, dilapidated bridges which joins villages each other, dilapidated roads etc. But just above a half a million people in the North are enjoying the dividends of the war for which many of them were at one time part and parcel of LTTE willingly or unwillingly. Leave that aside, SLG liberated the Tamil population almost whole of North and East from the clutches of LTTE. That itself is enough for the Tamils in the North to support UPFA instead of TNA (Sri Lanka News Online ; 31 July 2011).

Mr. Solheim, it’s time to stop helping terrorism - By K. Amila Wijesekara (A Sri Lankan from Denmark) - As you all know so far few days have been past after a terrorist suspect carried out a twin attack in Norway. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Sri Lankans to condemn those attacks and extend my sympathy to the families and people who lost their loved ones. At the same time if we take our memory a few years back, as you all know, people who live in Sri Lanka suffered almost 30 years of bloody war and it caused significant hardships for the population, social system, environment and the economy of the country. Thanks to the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government LTTE terrorists were defeated and war was ended two years ago. If we go back to 9 years in the past, as we all know Norwegian government mediated to bring about a ceasefire between Sri Lankan government and LTTE terrorist group. Norwegian Minister of International Development, Erik Solheim acted as an international peace keeper between both sides. I would like to emphasize as a matter of fact that the said ceasefire was just limited to papers and ineffective talks. I would like to ask Norwegian international peace maker Erik Solheim and his Norwegian government whether they have genuinely carried out peace talks? As a fact myself and the people of Sri Lanka emphasize that their genuine aim had not been bringing peace to Sri Lanka but to help LTTE terrorist group and make Sri Lanka one of the most dangerous war zones. Their aim was to sell weapons to the both sides and make profit. At the same time when there is a war it damages the country’s economy a lot so that we automatically are compelled to obtain loans from the western world. Third World countries like Sri Lanka have to pay back these loans with high rates of interest and the country becomes unstable as a result (The Nation : 31 July 2011).

Only 2,924 ex-LTTE combatants remain in detention in Sri Lanka - Commissioner General of Rehabilitation in Sri Lanka, Major General Sudantha has said that only 2,924 former Tamil Tigers soldiers are remaining in the rehabilitation centers of Sri Lanka. They are to be released to the society after completing the rehabilitation process, the Commissioner General has said. According to Ranasinghe the government's rehabilitation program has been a success and 7,969 ex-LTTE combatants have already completed the rehabilitation and been released. The rehabilitated cadres have been given vocational training and education facilities to improve their skills and knowledge. During the last stages of the war 11,664 former rebels surrendered to the security forces. About 160 of them who are hardcore LTTE cadres are detained and facing court hearings for the crimes they committed during the war (Colombo page : 31 July 2011).

Two with LTTE links repatriated - Two people detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in Malaysia for links with the terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LLTE) have been repatriated to Sri Lanka.  Malaysian Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said details on the repatriation of the two will be revealed tomorrow.  He said the ministry is considering to release Immigration Department officers detained under ISA for their involvement in human trafficking.  "We are considering to release the officers as they may have repented and want to be with family members during Ramadan. "Decision whether to release them or not is based on police information," he said after presenting aid for mosques and suraus in Sembrong parliamentary constituency in Nyior today.  Any decision on the matter would be based on security and public order. The seven Immigration Department officers were arrested last year.  Hishammuddin said human trafficking syndicates profited a lot from such activities.  "If the 500,000 illegal Bangladeshis in the country pay RM10,000 each to the syndicates, they stand to make RM5bil."  On the release of six Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members from detention under the Emergency Ordinance, he said police are still investigating it.  "The Prime Minister has said action depends on directive from the Attoney-General's Chambers. I have to agree with AG's decision." (Daily Mirror ; 31 July 2011).

More garbage flowing down a sewer called Canal 4 - By Malinda Seneviratne - Years ago, when I was an undergraduate, there was among us a highly talented boy. He was extremely intelligent and although he hardly ever studied or visited the library always produced excellent results at examinations. He was also a musician and one of the most accomplished I’ve heard on the Israj. He was an actor and a sportsman too, his pet discipline being wrestling. He was literally all over the university, engaging in numerous activities even though he spent his morning teaching, having got an appointed on account of his qualifications in the field of music. This boy, who always spoke sense, would on occasion come out with a monumental gaffe. The running joke about him was that when he did slip, he slipped so bad, not least of all because he would add gaffe to gaffe in the process of trying to rectify things. Channel 4 reminded me of his a few days ago. A few weeks ago, Channel 4 came up with a film on Sri Lanka, replete with a cast of shady characters all portrayed without mentioning their involvement in terrorist activities. It always happens. Hatred and ego are the parents of error. It was a full-of-holes production and the holes have been pointed out and indeed, a full review would, I believe, show that the holes are larger than actually seem (The Nation : 31 July 2011).

Mr. Solheim, it’s time to stop helping terrorism

‘Solution should be acceptable to majority community’ : Sumanthiran’s statement creates furore in TNA - by P. Krishnaswamy - In what seems as a rift within the ranks of the TNA parliamentary group on the problems of people in the North TNA MP for the Jaffna district M.A. Sumanthiran told a recent meeting of party supporters in London that their proposal on a political solution has to be acceptable to the majority community. This statement having apparently irked the party hierarchy, TNA MP for the Batticaloa district P. Ariyanethran in a counter statement said that it was Sumanthiran’s personal view and not that of the party.  After the July 23 LG polls, at the London meeting attended by the Tamil diaspora community, parliamentarian Sumanthiran had said that any proposal from the Tamils by way of a solution to the problems of people in the North should be acceptable to the majority community as well and, therefore, the Tamils’ approach on the matter should be milder. He also said that much headway had been made in their ninth round of talks with the Government on evolving a solution. Following the LG polls in which the North-East Tamils had given a clear mandate to the TNA, the Government has now focused more attention on evolving a solution, he said. The meeting was held under the auspices of the London branch of the TNA. While senior members of all political parties representing the Tamil-speaking people of the North and the East, including the Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP), the People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), the All Ceylon People’s Congress (ACPC), the National Congress and the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), welcomed the stance of parliamentarian Sumanthiran, sources close to the TNA told the Sunday Observer that the statement is now the topic of heated discussions within party circles (Sunday Observer : 31 July 2011).

Sumanthiran’s statement, a wake-up call - A Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian has advocated a change of attitude of the Tamil diaspora. TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran had told his party’s UK branch in London recently, that the current political environment demands that the Tamil diaspora changes its attitude. His bold and candid statement is not only an eye-opener to all Tamils living here and abroad, but also to his own fellow TNA Parliamentarians. The Government has taken cognizance that the Tamil voters have given a clear mandate to the TNA at the recent Local Government (LG) elections. Hence, it behoves those elected from the TNA to develop those areas with the Government’s financial support. As Parliamentarian Sumanthiran has pointed out, nobody should thwart the attempts being made to renew the stalled bilateral talks between the Government and the TNA to seek a peaceful and permanent solution to the grievances of people in the North. There is an ongoing dialogue between the TNA and the Government to find solutions to the problems faced by people in the North and the East. The last three meetings between the TNA and the Government were encouraging and there were positive suggestions by both parties. At this crucial juncture, this could pave the way for an honourable solution acceptable to all, irrespective of their ethnic affiliations. MP Sumanthiran hit the nail on the head when he said that to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the problems of people in the North, the blessings and endorsement of the majority Sinhala people is essential. The MP has suggested that there should be a positive change of heart and mind among the Tamil diaspora. He said that such an attitude would help expedite the process to find a permanent solution (Sunday Observer ; 31 July 2011).

LG poll strengthens TNA bargaining power - Last week’s local government elections may have been a mini-poll but its political reverberations are being felt quite strongly in the corridors of power in the ranks of both the government and opposition political parties. The results in the south were a foregone conclusion and the ruling United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance (UPFA) won all the councils on offer. It was the however the results in the North - where free elections were being held after thirty years - that were more intriguing. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) swept the board in most councils except for a handful that went to the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) and the UPFA. If the ‘mandate’ from the south was welcome for the UPFA, so was the ‘mandate’ from the North to the TNA. It will be recalled that the poll was held at a time when the government is under intense pressure and scrutiny from the international community over human rights and war crimes allegations. Moreover, neighbouring India was insisting on more devolution for the North and East. In such a scenario, the ruling party would have hoped for a better performance in the North so that it could have told the world that despite all the propaganda against it, the masses in the North had endorsed their policies. It was not to be. The TNA romped home in almost all the councils in the North and what was striking was that they secured a very high percentage of votes. This is in turn has provided the TNA with the opportunity to claim the mantle of being the ‘sole representatives’ of the Tamil community (The Nation : 31 July 2011).

Norway killer for Muslims’ eviction from Sri Lanka - The man who exploded bombs in the Norwegian capital of Oslo and gunned down at least 76 young people in cold-blood at a nearby island resort, investigators have found, has been a keen student of modern terrorist warfare and made some reference to Sri Lanka's Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and has offered his support to some weird theory that Sri Lanka was preparing to deport all Muslims from the country.   (Sunday Times ; 31 July 2011).

North and South: Elections and engagement - By Kanishka Ratnapriya - The North and South are divided in their voting. But they are very clear about who should represent them. Hence, even though the elections were divisive the franchise has become a powerful tool which shows that the political groups of the North and South must sit down and engage in serious discussions. The 2010 Presidential elections, the 2010 General elections and the recently concluded local government elections all show that there is a clear polarisation of views between Northern and Southern Sri Lanka. This is a clear cut national truth which should not be distorted. It is a divide that must be addressed through a dialogue with each ‘other’. In the real politick or power politics of today’s electoral environment the TNA represents the Northern people and the UPFA represents the Southern people. It is time for them to start seriously talking to each other about what their respective constituencies want. This is a dialogue of necessitude in which the reasons are clear (The Nation ; 31 July 2011).

Annual National Farmers’ Week in Vavuniya: Focus on Northern farmers - By L.S Wdaarachchi - The paddy production in 2010 was 2.92 MT which exceeded the country’s annual requirement. The production of essential food items has sharply increased during the past few years due to the agriculture-friendly policies of the present government, said Agriculture Ministry Secretary K.E. Karunatileke. In an interview with Sunday Observer on the “6th National Farmers Week” to be held in Vavuniya from August 1 to 5. Excerpts of the interview: (Sunday Observer ; 31 July 2011).

Humanitarian operation: Defence Ministry report tomorrow - The Ministry of Defence is to release a 161-page report titled 'Humanitarian Operation - Factual Analysis' at a formal ceremony tomorrow justifying the use of military force to defeat the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in May 2009. It is a unified effort by a number of state agencies and individuals to project the situation in the country before, during and after the military defeat of Tiger guerrillas. Though expressly not stated, it would also be the government's answer to the UN Secretary General's Advisory Panel's report on allegations of human rights violations in Sri Lanka during that period. The Government expects to make available copies of the report to all countries and diplomatic missions in Colombo, the UN agencies as well as Non Government agencies and the media, a Defence Ministry official said yesterday. The Sunday Times learns that the report will detail the capabilities that the LTTE had, and how it grew from a small rag-tag military outfit to an almost conventional army with a sea and air wing as well. It refers to the atrocities committed by the LTTE, the list of civilian killings, the assassinations of democratic leaders and how the LTTE disturbed normal civilian life. It contains details of the LTTE having dominated 100 per cent of the North and 50 per cent of the East, where the Police and even the Army could not enter; that a de-facto separate state was already in existence. The report refers to the efforts by successive governments to bring the LTTE to the negotiating table from Thimpu onwards. It also contains details of the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord of 1987, the peace talks with Norwegian facilitation etc. There is a reference to the Mavil Aru anicut incident and what happened. The report states that more than 30,000 civilians were affected by the LTTE capturing this anicut when their water supply for their paddy fields and normal drinking water were cut off. The report states that there was "no other option" but to launch a limited military operation to recapture the irrigation works, but then the LTTE had simultaneously attacked military positions in Trincomalee which triggered a much larger confrontation with the Security Forces (Sunday Times : 31 July 2011).

‘Solution should be acceptable to majority community’ : Sumanthiran’s statement creates furore in TNA

To Howard Berman, Hillary Clinton, Ban Ki Moon, UK Channel 4, and others seeking to accuse Sri Lanka armed Forces for War Crimes. - By Charles.S.Perera “- ………..It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they have, thus far, so nobly carried on. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us – that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the last full measure of devotion – that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom; and that this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” ( from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address ) In 1861 there was no terrorism. Any revolt against the government became an armed conflict-a civil war. In 1862 the Emancipation Proclamation to end slavery in America was opposed by the Southern States which had large numbers of agricultural Farms and depended on slave labour. Eleven of these States formed in to a Confederation and rose in rebellion, as a war goal the abolition of slavery proclaimed by the US Government.. Twenty Northern States that had already abolished slavery along with five border states formed into a Union . The army of the Unionists confronted the Confederates in a war to end the rebellion demanding separation from the United States. The civil war that followed between the Unionist Armies and the Confederate Armies in which an estimated 700,000 had died was the most bloodiest of the civil wars (LankaWeb : 30 July 2011).

No votes or peace in appeasing West and Jaffna jingoism - by H. L. D. Mahindapala - The most pragmatic solution to the Vadukoddai War waged relentlessly by the Tamil Tiger terrorists was prescribed by the London Times on August 10, 1995. (Please note the date). In a telling editorial it said: “The elimination of one man, Prabhakaran, could fashion a miraculous change in the island’s politics of conflict. An exhausted Tamil population, in the north and east of Sri Lanka, is in the evil grip of one man and his army of fanatics. Mrs. Kumaratunga must continue to try to liberate them, both by the force of arms and by the strength of her political logic.” Every line of this quote turned out to be prophetic. And what is more, the longest running war in Asia ended precisely on the terms outlined by The Times. As predicted, the “liberation” of the Tamils from “the evil grip of (Prabhakaran’s) army of fanatics” came with “the elimination of one man, – Prabhakaran”. The history of the failure of all Sri Lankan peace talks – not to mention the failures of the regional and international formulas for peace — finally left only one option open: a military solution. The success of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s military offensive in ending Vadukoddai violence confirms the necessity and the inevitability of using whatever force that was required to eliminate Prabhakaran from the political equation. The fire of the north had to be fought with the fire of the south and to moralize on alternatives is as futile as all the peace formulas that took the nation deeper into endless cycles of violence (LankaWeb : 30 July 2011).

Shavendra alleges British media plot to discredit the government - By Shamindra Ferdinando - Sri Lanka’s Deputy UN Representative, Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva, alleges a British media plot to discredit the government of Sri Lanka at the behest of the UK-based LTTE operatives. Responding to queries by The Sunday Island in the aftermath of the UK-based Channel 4 News confronting him outside his offices in Manhattan, he emphasized the need to expose those behind the Channel 4 News operation targeting Sri Lanka. ``Channel 4 News is nothing but a media outfit hired by the LTTE activists to harass Sri Lanka on the diplomatic front,’’ he said. The Major General’s staff, too captured the confrontation outside on the pavement on video and a subsequent interview in the 20th floor of the UN building in New York. Maj. Gen. Silva challenged Channel 4 News to telecast the entire meeting with him alleging the British network of working overtime for the LTTE. "They never expected us to record the interview and release it through the Sri Lankan media. Now it is on the net. The bottom line is that they probably felt they could overwhelm me by ambushing me on my way to office. But I was prepared and had equipment to record the scene," the Gajaba veteran said. The former General Officer Commanding (GOC) of 58 Division challenged Jonathan Miller, foreign affairs correspondent of Channel 4 News, to reveal the identity of the so-called Sri Lankan army officer who alleged the then Brigadier Shavendra Silva had received instructions from Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to finish off those surrendering on the Vanni East front (Island ; 30 July 2011).

Terrorism in whatever form should be eradicated - Ven. Battaramulle Seelaratana - Condemning the twin terror attacks in Norway, Janasetha Peramuna leader, Ven. Battaramulle Seelaratana thera says that acts of violence of this nature drives home the message that the world should take a united stand against terrorism.  Terrorism, in whatever form, should be condemned and eradicated from the face of the earth, he said. "Norway should now play a lead role in combating terrorism and help in efforts to make the world a safer place to live in", the prelate said in a missive to Norwegian premier Jens Stoltenberg. As a recognized political party in Sri Lanka, the Janasetha Peramuna takes a firm stand against terrorism, from whatever quarter it may emanate from, Ven. Seelaratana thera stressed. The bomb blast outside the Prime Minister’s office and the subsequent mass killings in an island in Oslo killed 77 people and wounded scores of others (Island : 30 July 2011).

Denzil Kobbekaduwa - Denzil left us on Saturday August 8, 1992, with a number of others who were in that vehicle which was land-mined at Araly Point. This is one of the many tragedies of our times. My connection with him dates back to our school days at Kandy. Since Father Neil will not be available on August 8 this year, Lali and the family had the 19th death anniversary mass at her parish church, St Theresa’s, Thimbrigasyaya, on July 18. Seated there that evening, my mind went back to that Saturday on which Denzil died. It was at a seminar that the late founder of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Ashraff who announced that Denzil had died. This appreciation is also a reflection of our times. Denzil was one of those who wanted to solve our national problem as soon as it was possible. He, being mindful of his men defending the nation in fighting with perhaps with one of the most powerful terrorist organizations in the world, wanted to negotiate with the other side from the position of strength. However, there were those who even in the 1990s were against a political solution. That evening at the Cathedral where I was working, we had a wedding at which a VVIP was one of the attesting witnesses. Soon after he signed the register he told me "Father, I am so sad today; therefore, I will not be attending the post wedding reception" (Island ; 30 July 2011).

A Public protest in Melbourne against fake video in Channel 4 (UK) and ABC

30th July 2011 (Saturday)

From 10:00 am to 1.00 pm.

Venue: Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

Contact: Kalinga – 0423 936 711, Osanda – 0468 904 297 and Malaka – 0403 040 659


Click here for details in Sri Lanka News Online

Northern resettlement: Iran’s FM pledges Rs.220 million - by  Sha Jamaldeen in Tehran - Iranian Foreign Minister Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi has pledged to consider a grant of nearly Rs.220 million (US$ 2 million) for a refugee resettlement project in the North. This follows a recent visit to Iran by Industry and Commerce Minister, Rishad Bathiudeen who has planned to commence a pilot project to resettle 1,000 families out of nearly 20,000 families who were driven out by the LTTE in 1989 - 90 from the North, sources said. Minister Bathiudeen told Foreign Minister Salehi during the visit that the government of Sri Lanka will provide land and other infrastructure facilities for the Northern Muslims to be resettled in their original homes which required US$ 5 million to build the first 1,000 houses to kick start the resettlement. He told the Iranian Minister that the Sri Lanka government, President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa would give top priority if funds for housing were available. Minister Bathiudeen also thanked the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation for agreeing to spearhead this pilot project and also to provide micro economic assistance to set-up self employment in agriculture, fisheries and farming for the families who settle down back in their original areas of habitation. The Rs. 220 million grant will also be a gift from the Iranian government for the Northern resettlement programme in addition to the gift of the Rs. 165 million housing project in Batticaloa already completed and due to be gifted to the people at a ceremony on Saturday. The meetings were arranged by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Tehran, following a request by Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa inviting foreign aid to redevelop the North, devastated by 30 years of war which ended in the defeat of the LTTE in May 2009 (Daily News ; 30 July 2011).

And some tears cannot go uncommented... - by Malinda Seneviratne - A few years ago, when I was associated with the National Movement Against Terrorism (NMAT), I helped put together a booklet about media representation of the conflict. The title was 'Some tears are not newsworthy'. It spoke to inequality and privileging apparent in how the unfolding events were being portrayed in certain sections of the media, both local and foreign. The book focused on the shameless downplaying and even non-mention of atrocities perpetrated by the LTTE. It was wryly observed that people generally misname terrorist as rebel if the theatre of operation is in any country other than one's own. The complicity of certain sections of the foreign media in the terrorist project was apparent even back then, i.e. long before Channel 4 became the post-war Voice of Tigers, so to speak (Daily News ; 30 July 2011).

Another 9,182 IDPs to be resettled - Resettlement Minister Gunarathna Weerakoon yesterday said 271,602 IDPs who were provided accommodation in Ananda Kumaraswami, Kadiragamar, Arunachalam, Ramanadan, welfare villages in Vavuniya have already been resettled in their original villages, states a ministry release. Number of welfare villages have reduced to two with the successful resettlement of over 98% of IDPs in their original villages. Only 9,182 IDPs are living in Kadiragamar and Ananda Kumaraswami relief villages and 1,600 persons among them are to be resettled on August 02. People go back to villages will receive dry rations for a period of six months, a livelihood allowance of Rs 25,000 (Daily News ; 30 July 2011).

SL’s march into the future and the Emergency - The state’s decision to progressively relax Emergency regulations and do away with them completely by the end of this year, is news that would be warmly welcomed by most Sri Lankans with an interest in this country’s future. Sensible sections are unlikely not to appreciate the reasons that led to the clamping of the Emergency, but by the same token, they are bound to question the need for its continuance, now that the conflict has drawn to a close. As we see it, the worst of times, from the security viewpoint, are now over. The LTTE’s military capability is, of course, in a shambles and it could no longer pose a credible immediate military threat to the state of Sri Lanka and its vital interests. Therefore, further dismantling Emergency regulations would be the most sensible course to adopt in this context. The national interest precedes all other interests and this goes without saying, but it is also integral to the country’s interests to restore to the people their fundamental rights. That is, the task of progressively democratizing Sri Lanka should be persisted with. We do not narrowly interpret the national interest to mean the establishment and strengthening of national security only, although this security dimension is of crucial significance to a country’s overall interests and development (Daily News : 30 July 2011).

NORWAY - THE EARTHLY VALHALLA OF PEACE AND TRANQUILITY! - Norway ,the land dotted with spectacular fjords; Of breathtaking beauty; And peaceful serenity, Had its enviable composure; And self- assured sangfroid, violently shattered, By a lightning, devastating attack, (Island ; 29 July 2011).

C4 has many concoctions - Govt rejects allegation in latest one - More episodes to follow - The government yesterday totally rejects claims made in the latest Channel - 4 video, Mass Media and Communications Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said yesterday. Answering queries raised by the media during the weekly cabinet briefing, the minister said that it was another attempt to tarnish the image of the country using fabricated material. The minister recalled, he had predicted that the Channel - 4 possessed several such videos at the time when the first one surfaced. "Plans to air these videos at the time by Channel 4 had to be shelved due to efforts taken by the government to counter them", he added. When questioned on his reaction over an alleged comment made by former President Chandrika Kumaratunga's son over the phone to his mother regarding the channel 4 video, the minister said that if this was truly the case it was very unfortunate. He recalled that the LTTE had tried to assassinate former President Kumaratunge using a suicide bomber which blinded her in one eye. The British Channel 4 aired another video on Wednesday night featuring a man with his face blurred on the screen. It claimed that the man on the video was a Lankan soldier engaged in the final stages of the conflict. However, Military Spokesman Major General Ubhaya Medewala denied that any solider gave such an interview to the Channel 4. Speaking over the phone Major General Medewala said: "They are attempting to justify the fake videos previously aired by the TV station'. Meanwhile, when questioned on what action the government would take in the face of repeated airing of such videos by Channel 4, Minister Rambukwella said that the government would make use of all avenues at its disposal to counter such false propaganda (Sri Lanka Defence Ministry : 29 July 2011).

24th Anniversary of the Great betrayal

Today is 29th July 2011. The so called “Indo- Lanka Peace accord” was signed in Colombo on 29th July 1987, exactly 24 years ago (Read more about the consequences of this Indo - Lanka accord)

Indo – Lanka accord was signed by the then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and the then President of Sri Lanka J.R.Jayawardena amidst heavy protest campaigns launched island-wide by the Sri Lankan patriots against the Indian invasion.

Are we serious about a solution based on Indo-Lanka Accord ?

Read more about the 13th Amendment to the Constitution)

C4 has many concoctions - by Rasika SOMARATHNA - Govt rejects allegation in latest one - More episodes to follow - The government yesterday totally rejects claims made in the latest Channel - 4 video, Mass Media and Communications Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said yesterday. Answering queries raised by the media during the weekly cabinet briefing, the minister said that it was another attempt to tarnish the image of the country using fabricated material.  The minister recalled, he had predicted that the Channel – 4 possessed several such videos at the time when the first one surfaced.  “Plans to air these videos at the time by Channel 4 had to be shelved due to efforts taken by the government to counter them”, he added. When questioned on his reaction over an alleged comment made by former President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s son over the phone to his mother regarding the channel 4 video, the minister said that if this was truly the case it was very unfortunate. He recalled that the LTTE had tried to assassinate former President Kumaratunge using a suicide bomber which blinded her in one eye. The British Channel 4 aired another video on Wednesday night featuring a man with his face blurred on the screen. It claimed that the man on the video was a Lankan soldier engaged in the final stages of the conflict. However, Military Spokesman Major General Ubhaya Medewala denied that any solider gave such an interview to the Channel 4. Speaking over the phone Major General Medewala said: "They are attempting to justify the fake videos previously aired by the TV station’. Meanwhile, when questioned on what action the government would take in the face of repeated airing of such videos by Channel 4, Minister Rambukwella said that the government would make use of all avenues at its disposal to counter such false propaganda. The government has taken a number of steps to make the world community aware of the true happenings during the ‘humanitarian operation, he observed. Minister Rambukwella said that the detailed report compiled by the Defence Ministry on the conduct of the humanitarian operation would be made available to all. The report was handed over to the President on Wednesday by Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. The details of the report would be made available to the international community through relevant Sri Lankan missions abroad. Through Lankan missions all steps would be taken to make the international community aware in this regard. The minister also described the report as a ‘public document’ and added that it would soon be released to the local media (Daily News ; 29 July 2011).

UK should act against Channel4 - gota - By Supun Dias - Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa questioned the credibility of the latest Channel-4 video broadcast on Wednesday night charging that the British Government should take action against Channel-4 for airing what he called “irresponsible videos”.  In the fresh documentary broadcast on Wednesday night over Channel-4, two people claiming to be soldiers had alleged that Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa had ordered Brigadier Shavendra Silva to execute those who had surrendered.  “Will Shavendra Silva tell everyone what he is doing and what he is going to do?. They quote two people claiming to be soldiers and alleging that the executions were done by us.  These are false propaganda”, the Defence Secretary told the Daily Mirror.  “The United Nations Country Representative at that time Neil Burhne never informed us about people who were surrendering to the security forces. How can they say that the United Nations estimated that 40,000 civilians were killed during the last days of the war? The Mullaitivu Government Agent had 300,000 registered civilians and at the end of the war it was 294,000. The rest, most of them LTTE cadres were killed during confrontations with the security forces and some of them managed to flee to Canada and India”, Mr. Rajapaksa said (Daily Mirror ; 29 July 2011).

Another Channel 4 fake Video

Sri Lanka should take legal action against Channel - 4

Car used by LTTE seized in TN - The Indian Police has seized a car, suspected to have been used by LTTE militants, in Tamil Nadu, police said today. ‘Q’ branch police seized the vehicle following their suspicion that it could have been used by some militants to escape to Sri Lanka. The vehicle had Coimbatore registration number, police said. The ‘Q’ branch of Tamil Nadu police deals with extremist activities (Island ; 28 July 2011).

Batting for terrorists a la Hague - British Foreign Secretary William Hague cut a very pathetic figure the other day when he announced his government's decision to expel the Libyan diplomats considered loyal to Gaddafi, whom NATO forces are all out to oust with the help of rebels in Libya. He knew Britain, thanks to the wrong foreign policy of successive governments, was left with egg on its face as it was only two years back that the Labour government had curried favour with Gaddafi, the bad guy, by engineering the release of convicted Lockerbie bomber, Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi. Hague found himself in a contradiction. The British Foreign Secretary, in an obvious bid to save face, chose to blame a controversial medical report for the release of the bomber, which he called a grave mistake. The reason given for al-Megrahi's parole was the confirmation by some doctors that he was dying of cancer. But, contrary to that much advertised prognosis, he is still alive and makes appearances on TV in Libya much to the consternation of the families of the Lockerbie disaster and to the embarrassment of both the UK and Scottish governments (Island ; 28 July 2011).

Another Channel 4 fake - SL Army - The Sri Lanka Army today said that the latest Channel-4 video, released last night, featuring two soldiers, is a fake. "Persons appearing in this latest video are not from the Sri Lanka Army. This is yet another attempt to justify their earlier video," Military spokesman Maj.Gen Ubaya Madawela said. In the newest episode released by Channel-4, a witness, who had worked under the then head of 58th division of the Army, Brigadier Shavendra Silva, in the frontline towards the end of the civil war, claimed that Brigadier was ordered by Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa “to finish the job by whatever means necessary.” Meanwhile, deputy permanent representative of Sri Lanka to the UN, Major General Shavendra Silva dismissed the new allegation when he was confronted outside the United Nations building in New York by the Channel-4 journalists (Daily Mirror ; 28 July 2011).

Devolution of power and resources on "ethnic basis" is very dangerous

Hillary Clinton's Wagging Tongue - By Malin Abeyatunga, Melbourne, Australia - The Island’s Special Correspondent S Venkatanarayan reported on 19/7/11 that Ms Clinton has said: "We do not believe that there are any terrorists who should be given safe haven or a free pass by any government, because left unchecked the consequences of that kind of terrorist activity or intimidation can become very difficult to manage and control.". Mark the highlighted words. How about LTTE? While Hillary Clinton is uttering the nonsense, USA has made a safe haven  and a free pass for the LTTE terrorist rump which is still  a banned terrorist outfit. Is the ban for name sake like no action talk only (nato).? Hasn’t the USA made a safe haven for remnants of LTTE?. We are aware that before the LTTE was defeated militarily, the LTTE activists among the Tamil Diaspora had a  free go to do anything what they want to keep the LTTE war machine going like fund raising, money laundering, procuring arms, trafficking human cargo and drugs etc with the blessings of the American State and the politicians. Recently, an American Congressman took the initiative in showing the Channel 4 fiction film in Washington to hail the LTTE terrorists and bash Sri Lanka. True the USA government managed to arrest and jail few LTTE men for procuring arms but that was only a tip of the iceberg. This is what Hillary Clinton had  said on her presidential campaign in 2007 quote” I believe that terrorism is a tool that has been used throughout history to achieve certain objectives. Some have been ideological, others territorial. There is personality driven terrorist objectives. The bottom line is that you cannot lump all terrorists together. And I think we’ve got to do a much better job of clarifying what are the motivations, the raison d’etre of terrorists (sources Asian Tribune 2007 November).  She categorized terrorists as bad terrorists (probably meant Muslim terrorists)and good terrorists(definitely LTTE). What made Hillary Clinton to categorize terrorists good and bad perhaps to put LTTE into the Good Terrorist category as she was supposed to have received funds from LTTE for her presidential election campaign. However, when the Sri Lankan Diaspora found out that LTTE was also funding her election campaign, her Email was bombarded with thousands of protest Emails by patriotic Sri Lankans spread all over the world where finally she had to ask her election campaigner to refuse to accept any funds received from LTTE Diaspora. A Tamil organization called “ Tamils for Obama” also campaigned for President Barack Obama but I don’t know whether there had been any transactions of funds between them.. I wish to reiterate what former President George Bush (Jnr) had to say about terrorists. He said “Terrorist is always a terrorist wherever they are. We have no business with the terrorists” (Sri Lanka News Online ; 28 July 2011).

Travelling Thirty-three Years Down Memory Lane - By Lt Col (Retd.) Anil Amarasekera. The Jaffna town looked no different from what it was in 1978 when I visited this city in 2009, after the war came to an end. Not many new buildings had been constructed within the town while a few of the existing buildings were very dilapidated perhaps by being partly destroyed during the war. However the beautiful Fort where a magnificent church once stood within together with some ancient buildings from the colonial era had all been completely destroyed. The ramparts of the Fort remained more or less intact though breached in several places. What deeply depressed me was to see just empty ground within the fort with debris of the ancient buildings that thirty three years ago were well maintained and a joy to the eyes of those who appreciated ancient architecture of the Portuguese, Dutch and British periods. I was also shocked to see the state of the Jaffna Railway Station that had been destroyed as a result of the war. This was a very lively place thirty three years ago from where people commuted by train to maintain a link between the north and the south. Though the Jaffna town except for what I have mentioned above remained just the same and was just as busy with people moving about to transact business as in the good old days, the suburbs of Jaffna and most of the other towns and villages in the Jaffna peninsula where some beautiful buildings once stood now contains only walls of buildings with most of their roofs completely destroyed. Travelling along the coastal road from Point Pedro to Thondamannaru it was with great difficulty that I was able to even locate the premises of the Velvettithurai Army Camp that I commanded over three decades ago. Here too like within the Jaffna Fort all buildings had been flattened to the ground. The two and three story palatial houses that were owned by the rich smuggling community of Velvettithurai had also been raised to the ground and not even a trace remained of the parapet walls that surrounded these colossal buildings (Asian Tribune ; 28 July 2011).

Sri Lanka slams another Channel 4 documentary as fake - Sri Lankan army today dismissed as 'fake video' a television documentary aired by the British TV station Channel 4 which accuses troops of violating human rights. “The Channel 4's website has yet again carried another fake video. They carry an interview allegedly given by a soldier. There was no such soldier in the Sri Lanka Army nor there were any such incidents during the humanitarian operation (the decisive phase of the war with the LTTE),” Major General Ubhaya Madawela, Military spokesman, said. Madawela said the latest documentary was being promoted by Tamil LTTE supporters who has sought asylum in the West. They fund these campaigns so that their period to remain in those countries will be extended. The documentary shows obscured visuals of alleged two Sri Lankan soldiers who recall the events during the last stage of the war with the LTTE in May 2009 (Indian Express : 28 July 2011).

Sri Lanka rejects latest Channel 4 video - The Sri Lankan government has once again responded against another video footage which was aired last night by Britain’s Channel-4, which alleged that the Sri Lankan military had been involved in atrocities during the final phase of the country’s conflict in 2009. The latest video footage features two persons claiming to be former Sri Lankan soldiers who wished that their identities remain anonymous. One of the soldiers who were being interviewed by Channel-4 said that senior Defence officials had authorized executions of Tamil Tiger (LTTE) suspects. The Channel- 4 claims have been denied by the Sri Lankan government which challenged the authenticity of the information the British TV station had aired. Sri Lanka’s Military Spokesman Major General Ubaya Madawela told Haveeru that the continuous broadcasting of such videos is part of Tamil Tiger propaganda aimed at tarnishing Sri Lanka’s image. “We have credible reasons to believe that the individuals appearing on the video are not Sri Lankan soldiers. This is part of a planned LTTE propaganda campaign organized with the motive of tarnishing our image,” he said. “This is not the first time Chanel-4 has done this. All these videos are completely false and they have no concrete facts. This is another attempt to justify their previous video." The latest Chanel-4 video also has focused on the deputy permanent representative of Sri Lanka to the UN, Major General Shavendra Silva who was commanding the vital 58 division during the final phase of the conflict (Haveeru Online ; 28 July 2011).

Clearing KKS gets going - The inaugural ceremony in connection with the removal of wrecked ships at the approach to the Kankesanturai harbour and adjoining sea areas was launched on Tuesday with Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa participating yesterday as the chief guest. As a result of the LTTE’s activities about six ships had been sank in the approaches to the Kankesanturai Harbour. Some ships had been sunk almost 15 years ago. The main objective of the project is to remove these sunken ships. Recently an agreement of understanding for removing these ships and for the development of Kankesanturai Harbour was signed between Sri Lanka and India with the participation of Indian High Commissioner Ashok K.Kantha and Harbour and Highways Ministry Secretary Mrs. Sujatha Cooray. According to this agreement the Shipping Corporation of India is in charge of this work. The removal of the ships is being done by Resolve Salvage and Fire Asia (Pvt) Ltd., along with the local agents Prudential Shipping Lines (Pvt) Ltd. The works of removing the ships commenced on Tuesday and the project is to be completed before the end of the year (Daily Mirror : 28 July 2011).

President has a bigger mandate against devolution - The Tamil National Alliance(TNA) which secured 18 local councils yesterday insists on the devolution of police and land powers without which they claim a political solution could not be reached, emphasizing that ‘lasting peace, justice and democracy’ in the North depends on such devolution. Then the President has a bigger mandate not to give these powers. They’re talking of their mandate- how about ours- one accepted by a larger majority by the whole country? The President also has the mandate of the minority communities. And this is a so-called mandate coming from a local government election which will really decide fixing street lamps or community taps etc. Under the Constitution a mandate has to be obtained in a referendum or a Presidential or Parliamentary election (Daily Mirror : 28 July 2011).

Patriots were cursed not too long ago... - by Malinda Seneviratne - ‘You’ve been writing a lot about intersections lately,’ a friend observed. I don’t know. I never planned it that way. I’ve come to a point where I think life is nothing but a set of intersections. We see some while some remain invisible. We notice some and un-notice others. Maybe this is true for coincidences too. The how and why of it is I am sure made for stimulating exploration and perhaps it is laziness and nothing else that make me wary of engaging with such questions. All I know is that certain things happen when they are needed. For several months I’ve wanted to write about a man and a book. Since I know him and since he’s a friend, he and his book have got constantly pushed aside. Friends can and will wait, I’ve always believed. This morning I was determined to do justice to the book he had kindly sent me, not by way of review, but comment. Frankly, I would not dare attempt review simply because of the voluminous nature of the information within the covers and the lack of academic training to evaluate the worth of the same (Daily News : 28 July 2011).

Tamil migrant deported for connection to war crime - A Tamil refugee claimant who arrived off Canada’s West Coast aboard the MV Sun Sea last year has been ordered deported over allegations he committed a war crime in Sri Lanka, the Vancouver Sun reported. The migrant, who can’t be identified, appeared before the Immigration and Refugee Board in April, and a written decision was issued this week. The man admitted he was a member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which is banned terrorist organization in Canada (Daily News ; 28 July 2011).

More buses strengthen northern fleet - by Irangika RANGE - Eight new Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) buses will be added to the northern fleet to streamline the public transport system in the north. “The government has paid special attention to establish the transport service in the north since the private sector has not been functioning there for the last 15 years,” Transport Deputy Minister Rohana Kumara Dissanayake told the Daily News. “We handed over 10 new buses for 10 new routes to the depots in the North last month,” he said. He explained that transport service in the Northern Province was below expectation and the efficiency had remained zero for many decades as a result of terrorism. “Today 185 SLTB buses function on a regular basis to meet commuter demand within the northern region. But it is necessary to add 284 buses to the northern fleet to fit into the timetables to provide an efficient transport service,” Dissanayake said. “The requirement will be fulfilled gradually with the addition of more buses to the routes in the North once the 100 new imported buses arrive,” he said. The government took measures to set up new bus depots and renovate those destroyed by LTTE terrorism while adding 10 new buses to the existing fleet to meet the demand of commuters. Infrastructure facilities including roads which were badly damaged due to the war have been improved, Dissanayake said. All depots in the north earn a daily revenue of around Rs 1.6 million from public transport. “We are committed to promote the public transport service in the Northern Province,” the deputy minister added. The deputy minister had handed over a stock of tyres valued at Rs 1.3 million to the Jaffna depot as well (Daily News : 28 July 2011).

Anti-Sri Lankan international actions could cause setback to economic revival of areas devastated by the War – Defense Secretary - Sri Lanka’s Defense Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said that steps being taken by the anti-Sri Lankan international elements to destabilize and isolate the country as a revenge for standing firm against their maneuvers to halt the war could cause a debilitating setback to the economic revival of districts devastated by war and the war displaced could experience further problems.  He has said what is pathetic is that those pushing for crippling economic sanctions are the same calling for post-war national reconciliation and urgent assistance to Tamil people. He has accused the opposition political parties of making baseless attempts to target the security forces of involvement in the recent local government elections in the North and thereby providing feeder material to anti-Sri Lankan International elements to strengthen their vicious campaign against the country. He said that the results itself has proved the fallacy of these accusations and if the security forces were involved in such activity he has questioned how could it be possible for the Tamil political parties to win majority of the Councils in the North (Asian Tribune : 28 July 2011).

Norway – Open Questions on the Breivik -  Prof. Hudson Mclean Just when the Tamil voters in the North are rejecting the Gift of Friendship offered by HE Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Sinhala population, a massive bomb explodes in Oslo Norway, combined with a massacre of innocent youth and children at a Youth Rally. This picture aptly reminds and brings back the horrific memories in Sri Lanka where Buildings, Airport, Army camp were destroyed, innocent village peasants fast asleep on their floor mats when the LTTE Tiger Terrorists slayed entire families. Except in the Sri Lankan national media, there were no significant coverage of several such events of the poor Third World peasants plight in any global media! Anders Behring Breivik, following the bombing and gun rampage, is in custody and has admitted carrying out the attacks, his lawyer and a judge have said. This event has created enormous publicity on all European media! Breivik is descibed as an “Ultra Right Wing, anti-Muslim, anti-Marxist is now a Global Star with his sarcastic smile, printed and published everywhere! So far there is no information of several of the important issues which brought home the tragic event, such as-; (Lankaweb : 27 July 2011).

Norwegian ‘peace evaluation’ delayed - By Shamindra Ferdinando - Norway seems to be reluctant to make public a costly evaluation of its unsuccessful peace efforts in Sri Lanka. Although Norway initially planned to unveil the final report in the first week of April 2011, ahead of UNSG Ban Ki-moon’s unsubstantiated ‘war crimes’ report, an influential section in the Norwegian government is concerned about the outcome. Sources told The Island that in view of a spate of revelations made by WikiLeaks with regard to the Norwegian-led peace process since February 2002 the interested parties would not be able to manipulate the Norwegian evaluation. The Norwegian government may not want the report to cause further embarrassment to its allies by exposing sharp discrepancies in the UNSG’s report. Last Friday’s massacre carried out by 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik, son of a retired Norwegian diplomat couldn’t have come at a worse time for those behind the peace evaluation. International news agencies quoted Norwegian authorities as having said that the assassin’s primary grouse had been the failure on the part of Europe to tackle illegal migration. Norway in supporting the LTTEwent to the extent of providing secret passage to wanted Sri Lankans to reach Norway. The Norwegian report is expected to shed light on some key issues, including the LTTE walking away from the negotiating table during Ranil Wickremesinghe’s tenure as the Prime Minister, assassination of the then Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar and an attempt to save the lives of top LTTE commanders and their families (Island : 27 July 2011).

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa .... - Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa hands over a report titled "Humanitarian Operations Factual Analysis" compiled by the Defence Ministry to President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees (Island ; 27 July 2011).

TULF condemns Norway massacre - TULF leader V. Anandasangaree yesterday condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Norway. The following is the full text of a letter sent to Norwegian Ambassador Hilde Haraldstad by veteran politician Anandasangaree: "The Tamil United Liberation Front very strongly condemns the two dastardly acts of terror that cost many innocent lives. We Sri Lankans are aware, as to how painful it is for the relatives and friends of victims, to bear the agony of loss of lives. These foolish assassins never realize the permanent agony they inflict on the survivors and on the kith and kin of the victims, through their acts by which they gain nothing. The TULF very sincerely expresses its deepest sympathies to the grieving relatives and friends of the victims of these two attacks and also to the Government of Norway. Let these poor souls rest in peace." (Island ; 27 July 2011).

Poor man's smallpox affecting the rich - Duplicity of the developed world is the medium in which global terrorism thrives like maggots in muck. Time was when its tolerance of and support for terrorist groups, which plagued the Global South, seemed to pay in that it managed to be free from terrorism. But, today, it is hoist with its own petard as evident from the recent twin terror strikes in Norway. Emerging evidence that ultra right extremists responsible for the attacks in Norway have links with some groups of their ilk in the UK has jolted the British government into keeping a close tab on those elements. But, the Cameron government, while taking such precautions against possible threats to British interests, has permitted a dangerous outfit, the LTTE, responsible for hundreds of acts of brutal terror, far worse than the London bombings and the attacks in Norway, to raise funds and gain legitimacy by operating a bus service in Britain, as we reported yesterday. It is indeed a very sad day for British democracy! The US is planning to cut aid that it claims to give Sri Lanka while allowing the LTTE to operate freely on its soil. The message other violent groups in different parts of the world have got from these two countries is that terrorism works! (Island ; 27 July 2011).

Norway is a safe heaven for LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists

Read an article titled "Norway … Do You Understand Now?" written by F Rovik, A Norwegian retired crusader against terrorism (Read full article by F Rovik in Lanka web ; 23 July 2011).   (Re-produced in-full in Sri Lanka News Online)

A Letter sent to Eric Solheim, Minister for Messing Small Nations!, Norway (Read the letter by Vajira Warnakulasuriya in full)

Deportation of LTTE asylum seeker triggers panic among terror cults - In what is seen as the west's realization of the existence of many manifestations of terror, Canada in a latest move has ordered the deportation of a member of LTTE over allegations of war crimes. According to defence observers, the decision has triggered panic among members and remnant groups of LTTE who under guise of charity had financed a global terror outfit for more than two decades. CBS news reports, of a Tamil refugee claimant who arrived off Canada's West Coast aboard the MV Sun Sea ordered deported over allegations he committed a war crime in his home country of Sri Lanka. The migrant, who can't be identified, appeared before the Immigration and Refugee Board in April, and a written decision was issued this week. The man admitted he was a member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, or Tamil Tigers, and he testified at his hearing before the refugee board. The written decision is heavily redacted and does not outline the specific allegations against the migrant, but he was accused of counselling others to commit a war crime. It's also not clear whether the migrant offered any type of defence, although the refugee board adjudicator Geoff Rempel writes that his decision was based in large part on the migrant's own account of what happened. Nearly 500 men, women and children arrived aboard the MV Sun Sea last year, and so far six have been ordered deported, CBC reports (Sri Lanka Defense Ministry : 27 July 2011).

Anuradhapura 'Abimansala' for Dependent War Heroes Opened - 'One of the most valuable qualities of a commander is a flair for putting himself in the right place at the vital time' - Field Marshal Viscount Slim. The state of the art, 'Abimansala' (wellness resort), on the banks of the ancient Nuwara Wewa in Anuradhapura, exclusively designed to house dependent Army War Heroes for the rest of their life-span, was ceremonially vested in disable warriors by His Excellency, the President Mahinda Rajapaksa this morning (26) at the request of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya. President Mahinda Rajapaksa as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces whole-heartedly supported the need for establishment of such wellness resorts for rest and recreation of those permanently disable War Heroes, as projected by the Secretary Defence Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Commander of the Army, and swiftly allocated this picturesque 5 acre state land, adjoining the Anuradhapura, Nuwarawewa for this noble cause (Sri Lanka Defense Ministry : 27 July 2011).

Canada deports another Sun Sea Tamil migrant for alleged war crimes committed in Sri Lanka - The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) of Canada has ordered a Sri Lankan Tamil refugee arrived aboard the MV Sun Sea in Vancouver last year to be deported over allegations he committed a war crime as a member of the terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Canadian media reported. The IRB in a written statement released to Canadian media on Tuesday has said that the migrant, only identified by a number, has admitted being a member of the outlawed terrorist group LTTE when he testified before the Immigration and Refugee Board in April. The statement said the guerrilla group, "actively promoted, advocated, or encouraged" other Tiger members to carry out an offence in contravention of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act. The IRB adjudicator Geoff Rempel has noted that his decision to order deportation was largely based on the migrant's own account on the alleged crimes. The details of the crimes the migrant may have committed have reportedly been heavily redacted from the decision statement. However, the Tamil refugee was accused of counselling others to commit a war crime. With the latest case, the IRB has ordered the deportation of six of the 492 migrants arrived on board the MV Sun Sea last August at the Vancouver shore. Five others were ordered to be deported earlier for being members of a terrorist organization or for engaging in people smuggling. Canadian federal government authorities have accused 32 asylum seekers aboard the MV Sun Sea of having links with Sri Lanka's vanquished terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The IRB reportedly has ordered the release of at least 49 women and 157 men out of the 492 carried by the MV Sun Sea. All migrants on the MV Sun Sea have filed refugee claims (Colombo page : 27 July 2011).

Targeting SL could pose further problems to IDPs - Defence Secy - The war displaced could experience further problems due to foreign action targeting Sri Lanka. What is pathetic is that those pushing for crippling economic sanctions are the same calling for post-war national reconciliation and urgent assistance to Tamil people, the Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa said. The recently aired Channel 4 video is obviously a key element in their overall strategy to undermine post-war development programme by isolating the country. Unfortunately, their plan could cause a debilitating setback to the economic revival of districts devastated by war, he said in an interview with The Island. Sri Lanka's case shouldn't be considered an isolated case. Powerful armies fighting non-state actors in different regions are also accused of war crimes. The international press is inundated with reports regarding war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas, though some are talking as if we are the only country under fire over excessive use of force, the Secretary added. Responding to a query about the remaining ex-LTTE cadres, the Defence Secretary said they too, will be gradually released this year. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is aware of the progress. In fact, the IOM supports Sri Lanka's rehabilitation efforts, he said. Strong security measures must be in place to meet any eventuality, Secretary Rajapaksa said responding to the recent terrorist attack in Oslo (Sri Lanka Defense Ministry : 27 July 2011).

UN officials’ Channel 4 video analysis - ‘Forensic Hoax’ - The qualifications, credibility and background of persons called in as experts by two UN Special Rapporteurs to study the Channel 4 videos are being called in question following revelations of falsehood, misrepresenting qualifications, perjury, and biased observations in their previous investigations.  These persons with questionable records were used to claim the authenticity of two C-4 videos allegedly showing atrocities by the security forces in the last phase of the humanitarian operation against terrorist LTTE.  Two high ranking UN officials hell-bent on using the disputed Channel 4 ‘Killing Fields’ video as a springboard for initiating an international war crimes investigation against Sri Lanka have misled the world and are getting away with it under the cover of ‘forensic science’, states the Sri Lanka-USA Update website.  Accordingly, an investigation into the background of the ‘experts’ the two officials, Special Rapporteur Philip Alston and Special Rapporteur Christof Heyns, commissioned to authenticate the disputed video has revealed some startling discrepancies and shocking professional lapses which question the legitimacy and objectivity of their findings as much as their professional credentials (Daily News : 27 July 2011).

Agri boom in North - by Suraj A Bandara in Jaffna - The fertilizer subsidy given by the government has helped agriculture in the Northern region. The government should be praised for supplying farmers' requirements, a farmer in Urumpirai, Jaffna, R P Devadasan said. "Farmers were earlier confronted with many difficulties and some even abandoned agriculture since the cost of production was high. But during the last six years, there is a revival in agriculture in the Northern region, Devadasan told the Daily News. He said, during the conflict, harvest was confined to only limited areas. But after the war, the demand for Jaffna products increased. Now many farmers who have half an acre of land, earn over Rs 30,000 a month selling their agricultural product," Devadasan said. He also said people in Jaffna praise President Mahinda Rajapaksa for his services to the country. "Our villagers are of the view that the government has done much to rebuild the war affected areas while thousands of development programmes are being carried out in the region," Devadasan said. "The main problem people in Jaffna had earlier was the transportation of crops. Many roads were in a dilapidated condition and drivers were reluctant to travel to cultivated areas since the vehicles could get damaged while travelling. But within the last three years, almost all roads have been reconstructed and vehicles can travel to areas where crops are being cultivated, he added (Daily News : 27 July 2011).

Tamil migrant to be deported over war crime - A Tamil refugee claimant who arrived off Canada's West Coast aboard the MV Sun Sea last year has been ordered deported over allegations he committed a war crime in his home country of Sri Lanka. The migrant, who can't be identified, appeared before the Immigration and Refugee Board in April. A written decision was issued this week. The man admitted he was a member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, or Tamil Tigers, which is considered a banned terrorist organization in Canada. The written decision was heavily redacted and did not outline the specific allegations against the migrant, but he was accused of counselling others to commit a war crime. It also wasn't clear whether the migrant offered any type of defence. Geoff Rempel, the refugee board adjudicator in the case, wrote that his decision was based in large part on the migrant's own account of what happened in interviews with border officials and in testimony at his immigration hearings. Mr. Rempel wrote that statements the migrant made “amounted to him deliberately urging or inciting” others to commit a war crime. “His statements, viewed objectively in context, actively prompted, advocated or encouraged the commission of the offence,” wrote Mr. Rempel. The migrant was among nearly 500 men, women and children who arrived aboard the MV Sun Sea last year. All were ethnic Tamils from war-torn Sri Lanka, and all made refugee claims. Most have been released, but eight men, including the migrant in this case, remain in detention. The government has requested admissibility hearings for about 50 migrants to determine whether they are ineligible to remain in Canada, primarily because of alleged links to the Tamil Tigers. So far, six have been deported, while the refugee board refused to deport nine of them. Several of those cases are now the subject of appeals in Federal Court. Similar allegations were levelled against a number of passengers who arrived a year earlier on a separate ship, the MV Ocean Lady. The Ocean Lady arrived off Vancouver Island in October, 2009, carrying 76 Tamil men, although none of the allegations against them were substantiated at the Immigration and Refugee Board. Four men have been charged in connection with the Ocean Lady's arrival. Vignarajah Thevarajah, 33, Francis Anthonimuthu Appulonappa, 33, Hamalraj Handasamy, 39, and Jeyachandran Kanagarajah, 32, were arrested in Toronto last month and charged with human smuggling. They appeared at a bail hearing in Vancouver last week, and a decision on whether they'll be released until their trial is expected on Friday. Earlier this month, news surfaced that another ship carrying almost 90 Sri Lankan Tamils was stopped by authorities in Indonesia. It's unclear where that vessel was heading. Numerous news reports said the ship's final destination was New Zealand, while the Sydney Morning Herald reported there were charts on board indicating it was prepared to travel to Canada. The federal Conservatives were quick to jump on the possibility of another migrant ship, with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney holding it up as proof that Canada needs tougher laws to combat human smuggling (Daily Mirror ; 27 July 2011).

'East now finding its lost glamour' - The Eastern people are living in peace and harmony after many decades and they witness much development and are improving their social well being, said Road Development, Housing and Construction, Irrigation, Rural Electrification and Water Supply Minister M S Uthumalebbe speaking at the inauguration of a road at Padiyathalawa, Maha Oya, Ampara. "Thousands of acres of lands which were barren for nearly three decades are being cultivated. Acres of paddy can be seen," he said. Earlier, the expenditure was handled by the LTTE. Funds were spent for their bunkers in Mullaithivu and Killinochchi. But today funds are allocated for the development of the Eastern Province, he said. "However, the TNA has decided to destroy this harmony and are trying to make the Easteners suffer once again," he said. "They have forgotten how the LTTE killed hundreds of monks in Aranthalawa, hundreds of Muslims during prayers at Kathankudy and Eravur and the Hindu Gurukal who garland our President at Vakarai. Where was the TNA at such instances," he questioned (Daily News : 27 July 2011).

Minister inaugurates wreck removal project at KKS Port - by Chaminda PERERA - Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa yesterday inaugurated the wreck removal project at the Kankasanthurai Harbour yesterday. The wrecks of over six vessels sunk in the KKS port would be salvaged under this project as part of KKS port development project which is funded by the government of India. Minister Basil Rajapaksa waved a flag to mark the inauguration of the project in the presence of Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Ashok K. Kantha. These vessels were sunk in the KKS port 15 - 20 years ago and they have impeded the commercial operations of the port for the last two decades. This project is to be completed by November. The governments of India and Sri Lanka entered into a Memorandum of Understanding over the KKS harbour development project which will be carried out in six stages. The project includes preliminary hydrographic survey, geo technical investigation and preparation of detailed project report, wreck removal and disposal, dredging in the port, rehabilitation of break water and other facilities and the preparation of detailed hydrographic survey and port chart. These projects would be funded by the Government of India. RESOLVE Salvage and Fire (Asia) Pte, a subsidiary of US based RESOLVE Marine Group inc has been awarded the contract by the Shipping Corporation of India, the administrator of this project. The wrecks have impeded safe access of ships to the KKS harbour. Scanning of a 500m radius from each wreck will also be carried out under this project to ensure safer transit of ships to the KKS port. The company has mobilized a team of experts to cut up the wreckages and bring them a shore, enabling the dredging and rehabilitation work in the port (Daily News : 27 July 2011).

Avoiding extremes – lessons of last Saturday’s election - by Prof Rajiva Wijesinha, MP - I was not entirely surprised by the results of Saturday’s Local Government election. I had said I thought the government should be happy if it got 30 percent of the vote in the North. It got less in most places, but it managed at least 20 percent almost everywhere, which it should see as a good base on which to build. It also managed to do comparatively well in Kilinochchi, which is where it had concentrated its development efforts. Interestingly, the TNA had allowed the TULF to contest two of the three Pradeshiya Sabhas in Kilinochchi that voted last Saturday, and in both those the government got over 40 percent of the vote. In fact it did almost as well as the TULF in Poonakary, and had the SLMC contested together with the government, it might well have won. In Karachi on the other hand, where there were the greatest number of allegations of strong-arm tactics, it did much worse. Whether or not elements in or close to government were responsible for whatever prompted the allegations, I hope this will serve to convince government that any trace of strong-arm tactics can only be counter-productive (Daily News : 27 July 2011).

Alex Neve – Channel 4 Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields video - By Asoka Weerasinghe, Canada - I have been privy to the letter sent to you by Ira de Silva of London, Ontario, dated 24 July, where she quite rightly questions why Amnesty International (AI) is taking upon itself the task of promoting Channel 4’s video Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, when there has been digital video experts and video forensic analysts reasoning that this video is a fraud, and military commanders in the battle field identifying stills from different locations having been married by the producers of the video to fit their horror storyline to tarnish Sri Lanka’s image internationally. And I personally believe that AI has now taken the lead in the sinister international campaign aiming at reversing Sri Lanka’s war victories and its reconciliation progress between the aggrieved communities through political and economic means. I also believe that AI’s lead is to help a small section of the international media at the behest of certain vested interested groups of the Tamil Diaspora to push Sri Lanka back to a war by lacerating the wounded island that is attempting to heal after a 30 year long war. And let us not kid ourselves, if the reconciliation process takes hold in Sri Lanka, there shuts the window of the lucrative business opportunism for the LTTE rump to hoard millions and millions of dollars a month, and for the international human rights groups like yours for their funding survival as there will be one less issue to cough and exaggerate about. And that is the rub, isn’t it Alex? This is no fairy tale. Looking for the motives of AI’s involvement in Sri Lanka, you will see what this Crystal Ball reader is seeing and saying (LankaWeb : 26 July 2011).

The search for innovative and creative ideas - By Neville Ladduwahetty - The US Secretary of State during her visit to Chennai is reported to have stated that the US is looking at “some innovative and creative ideas to break the impasse over the Sri Lankan Tamil issue”. The idea explored thus far to break the impasse over the Sri Lankan Tamil issue since 1987 has been a political arrangement based on the Indian model in the form of the 13th Amendment. Since this arrangement was brokered by India and advocated for Sri Lanka, it may be correct to conclude that this model has served India well. On the other hand, IF this is not so, Sri Lanka should not be faulted for exploring fresh approaches that are innovative and creative” as stated by the US Secretary of State.For instance, the situation regarding Education and Health under the Indian model is contained in an article titled “The Indian model” by Gurchran Das in the journal “Foreign Affairs” of July/August 2006. Despite the lapse of 5 years since this article was published the basic situation is not much different today (Lankaweb : 26 July 2011).

Wishful Thinking By TNA Where The President’s Unflappable Stance Needs No Criticism As The TNA Were And Still Probably Are An LTTE Proxy - Lankaweb Weekly Editorial July 27th 2011 - The Tamil National Alliance(TNA) may have swept the board in Saturday’s local council elections in the North but have no entitlements to demand equality with the Government if this is what they are seeking.They have said that it would be impossible to reach a political solution and bring about lasting peace, justice and democracy in the North without the devolution of police and land powers and perhaps a modicum of attention might have been in order towards these requests had they not been once supportive of the LTTE as there is always the risk of a resurgence of the deposed Tamil Tigers if they were given the slightest opportunity and to grant powers the TNA is requesting could precipitate just that!. The President has responded wisely that their demands cannot be met as Policing and Land Powers are non negotiable and the entitlement of any Sovereign Nation particularly with aspiring disruptors of the Sovereignity of Sri Lanka (Lankaweb ; 26 July 2011).

Let's talk about innovation and creativity Ms. Clinton - By Malinda Seneviratna - US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has voiced concern over the plight of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Sri Lanka and said that the United States was looking at some innovative and creative ideas to break the impasse over the Sri Lankan Tamils issues. This was in Tamil Nadu, where she was being hosted by Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, once an LTTE sympathizer and a willing approver of Delhi's policy of arming, funding and training Tiger terrorists. Clinton, for the record, received campaign funds from a pro-LTTE group in the USA, let us not forget. These are lovely and thought-provoking words and sentiments, though. It is good when anyone expresses concern about fellow creatures; 'love thy neighbour as thyself', 'may all beings be happy' and all that comes to mind. Let's start with the IDPs. When it became clear that the LTTE would be militarily crushed and that the hundreds of thousands held hostage by that terrorist organization, the Government of Sri Lanka knew there would be an 'IDP-situation'. This is long before anyone in the West thought 'IDPs' or had their hearts bleeding on account of the same. Not only were facilities to accommodate them constructed, it was done with the input of available expertise and maximum deployment of resources. True, the numbers exceeded expectation but adjustments were made to make sure that things were manageable (Daily Mirror ; 26 July 2011).

Eelam buses run in UK; registered as ‘L77E’ - By Shamindra Ferdinando - In the wake of UK based Channel 4 telecasting ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’, British Tamils are stepping up their propaganda campaign targeting Sri Lanka. The campaign goes parallel to the UK-headquartered Global Tamil Forum (GTF) exploiting its contacts with the British Conservative and Labour parties to push for international war crimes probe. A driver training school, set up by Tamil Diaspora in the UK, had recently launched ‘eelam buses’ to promote their macabre cause though the LTTE remained a proscribed organization in the UK. UK based sources told The Island that the project couldn’t have been launched without the tacit understanding of British officials. Sources said that Act First, a north west London based driver training school, had received bus registration L77E UK, which looked like LTTE UK. Sources said that it would be interesting to establish the identity of those employed by Act First as instructors as well as the sponsors. Responding to a query by The Island, sources said that British authorities had allowed the LTTE to propagate a separate State in Sri Lanka, while pushing the government of Sri Lanka on the diplomatic front. Sources said that the failure on the part of Britain to put an end to LTTE operations was having a negative impact on Sri Lanka’s efforts at national reconciliation. Sources said that the LTTE’s latest project in the UK would inspire similar operations where the group was trying to re-organize following the crushing battle field defeat suffered in the hands of the Sri Lankan military (Island ; 26 July 2011).

Accountability issues and post-war stability - By Shamindra Ferdinando - Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa says the government will not tolerate any party other than the police and armed forces carrying weapons. The Defence Secretary insists any party, including those who once supported Sri Lanka’s war against the LTTE will not be allowed retain weapons under any circumstances. In an interview with The Island in the wake of Saturday’s impressive electoral victory in the second phase of local government polls, the war veteran discussed a range of contentious issues. Excerpts of the interview: (Island ; 26 July 2011).

Work on restoring Kankasanthurai port gets under way - A mere five days after India and Sri Lanka signed a memorandum of understanding, work started on a port project that will boost economic activities in Jaffna and its neighbourhood. The Kankasanthurai port was the lifeline of the Northern Province. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) sank six ships in the harbour and in its channel between 1994 and 1996, as the outfit tightened its grip on the Tamil-dominated north. After the LTTE lost out in the war, the Sri Lankan government has been rebuilding infrastructure in the north. In the first phase of the project, the wrecks will be removed before the monsoon sets in, by mid-November. Simultaneously, the Indian public sector engineering consultant, RITES, is working on a detailed project report, having completed the hydro-graphic and geotechnical studies. This report will be ready in the next few weeks. “Once the detailed project report is accepted by the government of Sri Lanka, we will commence work on the deepening of the port,” Indian High Commissioner Ashok K. Kantha said (Hindu : 26 July 2011).

Chidambaram received Rs 5000 Crores kick back in Spectrum Scam – Dr. Subramanian Swamy -  By K.T.Rajasingham : Speaking to Asian Tribune, Dr. Subramanian Swamy said ignore the utterances of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa. He also alleged that India’s Home Minister P. Chidambaram received a cut of Rs. 5000 crores in the 2G Spectrum Scam.  He said that Jayalalithaa was just indulging in her usual jingoism. Therefore, Sri Lanka should not take her seriously. He further pointed out that her utterances do not have any impact, and her comments will not make any difference to the centre. Dr, Subramanian Swamy, the Janatha Party President was earlier the Minister of Commerce & Industry and also the Minister of Law & Justice in the Union Government of India. He was a Member of Rajya Sabah for the first time from 1974 to 1976 and later from 1988 to 1994 and also Member of Lok Sabah from 1977 to 1979, 1980 to 1984 and also from 1998 to 1999. When asked about the Darusman report he said, "I don’t think very much of it, because they have found and have held both the Sri Lankan Army as well as the LTTE guilty of crimes.” He said that this report was lobbied for and got it done. “So this is just a report and nothing is going to come out of it." (Asian Tribune ; 26 July 2011).

Tamil diaspora in the USA stressed that the Channel-4 video clip is totally fabricated and utterly false - Tamil diaspora living in the USA has expressed strong protest against the broadcast of Channel-4 video clip in the country. Mr. Joseph Navarathnam a resident in Washington has published a letter in the Asian tribune website in this regard. He has pointed out that the creators of the so-called video clip are attempting to create a crisis situation in Sri Lanka again and thereby harass the Sri Lankan Tamil community. He pointed out that the content in the Channel-4 video clip is totally fabricated and baseless. The main objective of the actress who performed the main role of the film is to express her chauvinistic ideas. Aim of the US congressman Gim Macgurvan who organized this film was to politically attract Tamil community living in his electorate in the USA. Mr. Navarathnam further says that the aim of the representatives of international organizations that supported the film is to raise funds for LTTE. They have become millionaires by these activities in the USA. Mr. Navaratnam pointed out that these millionaires spend the funds to make Sri Lankan Tamil children in the North suicide bombers of the LTTE (SLBC : 26 July 2011).

SL, NZ discuss ways to stop illegal migration - Minister of External Affairs Professor G. L. Peiris had bilateral discussions on the sidelines of the Regional Forum in Bali, Indonesia, with Murray McCully, Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand.  Among the matters discussed was the issue of illegal migration, in the context of regional security.  The vessel ‘Alice’, currently apprehended in Indonesian waters, was believed to be travelling to a destination which could possibly have been New Zealand. This represents continuity with the problem posed by illegal immigrants who arrived in Canada on previous occasions on board ‘The Ocean Lady’ and ‘Sun Sea’ Prof. Peiris discussed the implications of these developments with Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird on the sidelines of the Regional Forum in Bali.  The issue of illicit migration was also touched upon during a conversation which Minister Peiris had with Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. The Government of Australia was dealing with matters connected with the vessel ‘Ocean Viking’ which had reached the shores of Australia (Island : 26 July 2011).

Food for thought for Eric Solheim - by Goolbai Gunasekara - While every compassionate being sympathises with the Norwegian tragedy, every Sri Lankan cannot help but wonder whether the ‘Face" of Norway’s meddling, Eric Solheim,now, really understands what it was all about. I do not remember any great outpouring of sorrow from him when the LTTE massacred sleeping villagers (including children), set off bombs killing hundreds and behaved in the manner of terrorists all over the world. It is well known that Eric Solheim was sympathetic to the LTTE cause. Now terrorism has hit Norway. Perhaps Sri Lanka should send its own ‘Face’ to broker a peace between Norway’s Government and Norway’s terrorists with instructions to behave EXACTLY the same way as did Solheim in Sri Lanka. And if Norway decides to execute the terrorist leaders in their country, let us have a plan in place for their rescue! I remember being taught (can’t remember by whom), that there is such a thing as a ‘National Karma’. If this is so, the Karmic laws have acted extremely fast in the case of Norway and have hopefully given the arch-hypocritical Eric Solheim food for deep introspection (Island : 26 July 2011).

Sanga praises armed forces - Former Sri Lanka cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara today said Sri Lankans were indebted to the armed forces for the sacrifices made in bringing about a bright future for the country and that on every possible occasion they would remember these sacrifices. Making the comment to the Air Force media before departing to Jaffna on the 25th day of the 'Trail' - a fund raising walk to build a children's cancer ward in Jaffna, Sangakkara also hailed the project vowing to give his fullest support. Sangakkara flew to Jaffna from Katunayake on a Helitours Antanov 32 flight of the Air Force. Commenting on the fund raising walk, Sangakkara said this was a much needed worthy cause deserving maximum support, the Air Force website said. Sangakkara also hailed the service provided by SLAF's Helitours saying it had the potential to reach international level (Daily Mirror ; 26 July 2011).

Q Branch gets info on LTTE remnants in Tamil Nadu refugee camps - Indian ‘Q’ Branch Police said it has received information that there are LTTE members in refugee camps in Sivaganga district in Tamil Nadu. Roughly 100 families are currently taking shelter in the five refugee camps within the Sivaganga district and the Q Branch Police believes that remnants of the Tamil Tigers are amongst them, reported Indian media. It has been reported that LTTE cadres who fled Sri Lanka during the final stage of the humanitarian operation entered India through the Rameshwaram coastline and arrived in the Sivaganga District. An LTTE member had been arrested in the Sivagangai area recently after he had reportedly fled police custody after being arrested and charged with smuggling a group of Sri Lankans illegally from Andhra Pradesh to Australia two years back. With this arrest the Q Branch Police had commenced inquiries into each refugee housed in the camps in the Sivaganga District and according to Indian media are keeping a sharp lookout for any LTTE suspects (ISRIA).

That horrendous mass murder in Norway and Solheim - Whilst our thoughts and sympathies go out in full measure to the parents and the families of those who were senselessly killed by this raving extreme right wing lunatic, my thoughts also go out to the horrific MASS MURDERS committed by the Norwegian supported LTTE. To recall but a few, the Pettah bus stand bomb, the Maradana bomb both killed hundred, the Central Bank bomb which also killed hundred, the massacre of over one hundred Buddhist monks at Aranthalawa, the slaughter of over a hundred Navy personnel who were resting at Habarana, on their way to Trincomalee, the attack on the premises of the sacred Bo Tree at Anuradhapura and the killing of pilgrims as they were in prayer; the attempt to sink a ship, which they almost did, with 800 military personnel on board and the slaughter of 600 Policemen who surrendered to the LTTE on the orders of a naïve President, who believed that they would be permitted safe passage out of the Eastern Province (Island : 25 July 2011).

A tale of two isles - Norway, still reeling from last week's twin terror strikes, is said to be struggling to make sense of the carnage. The criminals responsible for those cowardly attacks stand condemned for their barbarity.  Living in a country which had been known until last week as one of the most peaceful places on earth, the Norwegians may not have ever thought they would one day have to taste terrorism in this dreadful manner. It is only natural that, stunned, they find it extremely difficult to come to terms with what has befallen them and their beloved country.  The Norwegians are, as is the way with all disaster victims, trying to reassure themselves that the carnage they have just witnessed is a one-off simply because a lone assailant has claimed responsibility for it. But, let them be warned that there could be much more to the acts of savage terror at issue than meets the eye. Norway is a haven for terrorists of all sorts and it has its share of neo-Nazis, Jihadists and xenophobic far right extremists champing at the bit; given half a chance, they will bare their fangs. Anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant tensions are also said to be high in that country. It is a powder keg to all intents and purposes! (Island : 25 July 2011).

Kankesanthurai cement factory to be commissioned by year end - By Pabodha Hettige - Following the recommendations of a special committee the government has decided to commission the Kankesanthurai Cement Factory, State Resources and Enterprise Development Ministry Secretary Dr. Willie Gamage said. "Once the factory starts functioning it will, along with the other cement factories functioning in the country, produce enough cement to satisfy domestic needs," Gamage said. Sri Lanka now imports cement from other countries for domestic needs. The Cement Corporation and Lanka Cement Limited will be amalgamated to operate as Kankesanturai cement factory. Kankesanturai cement factory will start functioning at the end of this year with a cement bagging plant and the authorities hope to start production next year. "To start the operations at least a capital of Rs. 10 billon is required. It will have to be generated without the assistance of the Treasury," Gamage said. "We are planning to generate the capital by obtaining a loan or by issuing public shares," he said. The Kankesanturai area has raw materials enough for the production for nearly 100 years, Gamage said. He said that the ministry has now turned the Sri Lanka Cement Corporation into a profit making company by reducing the burden of debt from Rs. 300 million from a total debt of Rs. 900 million (Island ; 25 July 2011).

Sri Lanka elections & Tamil voter mentality - by Shenali Waduge - Democracy in Sri Lanka accepts the right for political parties to contest & people to vote for their choice but in reality governance will fall into one of two parties only. That is the undeniable truth. The recently concluded local body election results were proof that delivering peace, offering freedom, providing development has no bearing on the minds of Tamil voters. It is important that the rest of Sri Lanka & the world read the message behind the results. Why would Tamils continue to vote for separatism? The propaganda campaign championed by separatist activists both home & abroad have orchestrated the necessity to separate & fight for a Tamil eelaam. Sinhala racism is what they use & Sinhala discrimination is what they say is enough grounds to seek refugee status & for foreign Governments to side with the separatist agenda & support a separatist homeland quest. Thus, 1million Tamils today have made up the Tamil Diaspora, in the height of the LTTE they were able to accumulate USD300m annually, foreign leaders & Governments have openly supported the quest for eelaam though banning it (LankaWeb ; 25 July 2011).

Norway attacks: in today’s world, nowhere is safe - Norway’s experience of extremist violence holds lessons for us all.  The tragic loss of life in Norway caused by Friday’s massacre, with almost 100 fatalities recorded so far, evokes our deep sympathy and solidarity with the citizens of a country that was our wartime ally, and is a long-standing friend. The inevitable characterisation of this tragedy as "Norway’s 9/11" is not inaccurate: among such a small and close-knit population, the impact of this attack will be comparable to the trauma experienced by America 10 years ago. Norwegians will now face the dilemma already confronted by many other countries of how to reconcile efficient security measures with personal liberties, and the ability to live in a civilised way with ensuring that the public is protected. The implications of this mass murder have a resonance far beyond Scandinavia. For Britain, it is a salutary reminder that anarchy and tragedy can erupt in even the least likely venues: the complacent dictum that "it could never happen here" no longer applies anywhere. In our dangerous and uncertain world, there are no safe havens (Island ; 25 July 2011).

Views of the readers of CTV Montreal on "Norwegian terror suspect admits firing shots"

N.Paul : Norway keep on supporting terrorism, like the LTTE Tamil Tigers, it's called KARMA, what goes around come around for what you did to Sri Lankan people by helping the worlds most ruthless terrorist outfit the LTTE. GOD is there after all (Read comments in CCTV Montreal : 23 July 2011)

Nimal R  : "A Terrorist any where is a Terrorist everywhere" this the fact the Nowegian government should conceive now.For so many years, the Nowegian governments allowed the Tamil Tiger terrorists to operate from Norway and carry out a brutal war in Sri Lanka. They used to call them rebels and wanted the Sri Lankan governments to have 'peace' talks with them.Now, the Norwegians would have an experience on their own from a terrorist attack. Tamil Tigers used to carry out so many such attacks in Sri Lanka (Read comments in CCTV Montreal : 23 July 2011)

LTTE Tamil Tiger leader, Prabhakaran with Norwegian Government officials.

LTTE Tamil Tiger leader, Prabhakaran with Eric Solheim of the Government of Norway, exchanging gifts. 

F. Rovik - Norwegian crusader against terrorism questions....Norway … Do You Understand Now? 

(Read full article by F Rovik, a retired crusader against terrorism in Lanka web ; 23 July 2011).  (Re-produced in-full in Sri Lanka News Online)

Restoring the mental health of conflict-hit soldiers - Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge - Former security forces victims of the conflict undergo a range of mental health problems. The Eelam war which lasted for about 20 years in Northern Sri Lanka has caused numerous physical and mental health ailments among the survivors. The LTTE or the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam had captured a considerable number of servicemen during the war and some of them were executed. The remaining victims were handed over to the ICRC (International Red Cross) and now they are free. Many former victims have dreaded memories. Most of them suffer from PTSD. To become a victim is a traumatic experience although the Geneva Conventions protect security forces victims from maltreatment and assure them of certain basic needs. The words can hardly explain the physical and mental agony experienced by former security forces victims. They are like the living dead (Daily News : 25 July 2011).

Like Tigers Norwegian massacre suspect used fertilizer to make bombs - by Walter Jayawardhana in Los Angeles - Norwegian terrorist bombs that killed more than 90 people - mostly young summer vacationers have been ironically made with fertilizer , a method popularized by the Tigers in Sri Lanka during the heyday of the LTTE terrorism. Norway has allegedly become a safe haven for the ex-LTTE terrorists but there is no indication that the most recent bombing incident is directly connected with the Tigers who allegedly received the sympathy of the ruling Labour Party of Norway. In fact, the alleged sympathies of the alleged suspect of the bombing were with the Norwegian conservative wing opposition. When Sri Lankan government banned artificial fertilizer to the North and East the State Department officials expressed shock and dismay against the decision saying it could be described as an anti-Tamil move. It was Sri Lankan officials who told them fertilizer could be used to make devastating bombs. This was later proved to be true in the terrorist bombings in the United States. The suspect of the bombing incident later appears to have moved out of the city and established Breivik Geofarm, a company Norwegian media is describing as a farming sole proprietorship set up to cultivate vegetables, melons, roots and tubers (Daily News ; 25 July 2011).

North-East Tamils selected racism instead of peaceful cooperation

Norway carnage suspect admits responsibility - Attacks planned over a long period - Worst violence since World War II - Sri Lanka condemns acts of terrorism in Norway The Sri Lankan government condoles with the Norwegian government, the people of Norway, and the families of the victims of the dastardly bombing and shooting incidents that took place in the centre of Oslo and at the youth camp near Oslo on Friday, and assures that Sri Lanka stands with the people of Norway and offers its deepest sympathies. External Affairs acting Minister Neomal Perera states that it is sad to see the Norwegian people experiencing this kind of terrorism, as Norway has a low crime rate and the Norwegians being a peace loving nation as much as Sri Lanka, and adds that our hearts go out to the Norwegian people, in this moment of sorrow. He added that there is no other country which would better understand the pain and the suffering of the Norway people at this devastating time, than Sri Lanka, as Sri Lanka too had suffered the same pain and sorrow so profoundly during the last 3 decades at the hands of the most brutal terrorism outfit in the world. The acting minister reminded that the entire international community, that they have a moral responsibility and an undeniable stake to unitedly work towards combating terrorism which is a menace, destroying valuable lives and especially hindering development in developing countries (Daily News : 25 July 2011).

When the outskirts of fear invade your home... - by Malinda Seneviratna - At least 91 people died when a gunman ran amok on Utoeya island, Norway, on Friday (July 22, 2011), hours after an Oslo bomb killed seven. Eric Solheim, Norwegian Minister and a long supporter of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam who is often described as the face of Norway’s ‘peace efforts’ in Sri Lanka, was not dumbfounded by the attacks. He said it was too early to speculate about the identity of the gunman. He also said that the ‘horrible’ massacre was ‘an attack on Norway’s democratic values’. He expressed ‘enormous shock’ (Daily News : 25 July 2011).

Media and the suffering of the Tamil people - by Dr. Noel Nadesan - A balanced outlook of the issue, which rarely gets an airing. It is most important to realize this key fact, that the LTTE killed more Tamil people than the SL Armed forces ( that includes LTTE fighters as part of the direct military operations). The problem with the Diaspora is that they are so brainwashed into to not accepting that fact, partly as few have been confronted by the ground situation and not been able to communicate directly with Tamils who have lived through this horror for the past 30 years. PP : Well said Dr.Nadesan. You have spoken the absolute truth after visiting war affected areas. Channel 4 Video is a fake. We must all get together and help Sri Lanka to go forward. The Diaspora who helped the LTTE should be dealt with. I myself have visited the war zone during the so called peace accord and met many civilians. The people who suffered most in the 25 years is not the LTTE but the Tamil civilians. At least now after 28 years of war let’s help them to enjoy a normal life and see what a country can give without a war. Well done again Sriyan. This is an excellent article coming from a veteran journalist who has dedicated his life for independent journalism. Most Tamils who were victims of LTTE's atrocity will be grateful to you for your courage to reveal the true facts. Ranjith : I salute you for your impartiality. Your courage is commendable and every Sri Lankan (including Tamils) know what the LTTE did to Sri Lanka during the 33 year war. Let us hold hands, we Sri Lankans to re-build our country, for we have lost much time, not for the Sinhalese, not for the Tamils, not for the Muslims, but for all Sri Lankans. We need people like you in Sri Lanka. When you decide to go back you are most welcome. I live in Melbourne and plans are already in place for me to go back too (Daily Mirror ; 25 July 2011).

Similarity between LTTE and the Oslo Terror suspect.

Like LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists, Norwegian massacre suspect used fertilizer to make bombs

Read details in an article written by Walter Jayawardena (Daily News : 25 July 2011).

Media Release by SLUNA in Canada - Deepest Sympathies on the Tragic Loss of Life - by Mahinda Gunasekera Honorary President - Hon. Jens Stoltenberg, Deepest Sympathies on the Tragic Loss of Life; We write to convey our deepest sympathies on the tragic loss of life in the City of Oslo and Utoya island caused by senseless violence apparently aimed at changing certain Norwegian government policies. We are deeply affected by the loss of life of so many innocent young people on Utoya island whose lives were snuffed out in the prime of their youth in this vain attempt to give a political message by a misguided individual or group. We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the immediate family members of the victims on their sudden and unexpected personal loss. We as Sri Lankans understand the impact of your country’s tragedy as it was almost a daily occurrence in our motherland over the past three decades to hear of death and destruction caused by the deliberate detonation of over 385 suicide bombings by killers wearing cyanide capsules in their necklaces, planting of bombs in buses, trains, shopping centres, exploding claymore mines and carrying out machete attacks at midnight on remote villages to ethnically cleanse parts of the country sought for a separate state called “Eelam” of all non-Tamils by members of the internationally designated terrorist group known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) also called the Tamil Tigers. Sri Lanka is today breathing the air of freedom following the military defeat of the Tamil Tigers in May 2009, bringing to an end their reign of terror and restoring the right to life of all her 21 million citizens who were constantly targeted by these terrorists (LankaWeb ; 24 July 2011).

Retribution with Arrears! - by Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya Melbourne - Minister for Messing Small Nations! Norway Erik Solheim - I am immensely disappointed that you were deprived of joining your bosom Terrorist General Velupulle Prbakaran in Hell! You under the pretext of a Peace moderator sent the best in the business of war strategy as instructors abusing the Diplomatic immunity to train the LTTE cadres to make them the Worlds renowned Terrorists! You and those sadistic butchers of LTTE derived their satisfaction in killing, maiming thousands of innocent Sri Lankans right across this tiny Island! Around 800AD the barbaric Vikings terrorized the Mediterranean, if one were to read that history, the horrific atrocities perpetrated by your ancestors were despicable. Later for some stroke of good fortune the later generations of your barbaric ancestors became civilized. However with the passage of time, that submerged violent tendencies begun to surface gradually. Thus you became a sham moderator to pass on your cruel strategy to a selfish, disgruntled group of robbers & cold blooded murderers how to capture a piece of land that belongs to a Peaceful Nation, just the way your ancestors captured the Mediterranean lands! Well now the time has come to receive the retribution with arrears! (LankaWeb : 24 July 2011). (Sri Lanka News Online ; 25 July 2011).

Norway gets its due reward for supporting terrorism - By Garvin Karunaratne, Ph.D.Former Government Agent, Matara District - A bomb blast in a Norway office block gutted it with fire. A few minutes later a gun man opened fire on a youth congregation and this left 94 dead. Many are yet missing. Retribution does come- sometimes in driblets and at times delayed and that is what the Superpowers do have to understand when they plan and implement forays into sovereign countries and become terrorists themselves in actual practice, though they function under the pretext of being peacenicks. As F.Rovick of the Norwegians Against Terrorism has said, “ the time is long overdue (for Norway) to issue a complete apology to the people of Sri lanka and other nations wherever Norwegian funds have been used to prolong or create conflicts”. Let us look at what Norway did to Sri Lanka. It all began with the Red Baana Settlements done during the reign of President Jayawardena, when Norway without the knowledge of the Government brought Tamil youths from the Hill Country and settled them in the Vanni, to colonise the Vanni with a Tamil population. This was stopped by the Government when it was brought to its notice but the settlements created stood firm and Colonel Anil Amerasekera reported that he found that many of the Tamils taken as a human shield by Prabhakaran in his last days were Red Baana Tamils. This was a secret attempt of Norway to change the demography of the Vanni. . This area was very sparsely populated by a few Sinhala and Tamil settlements and the Red Baana was a clear attempt to make the Vanni into a Tamil area. I know of the Vanni because I have traversed on many a Vanni track for my irrigation development tasks. What a cool and calculated attempt- all done without the knowledge of the host Government! During the time when Prabhakaran ruled with an iron fist, threatening every Tamil in the North with the gun, stealing their young ones to make suicide bombers of them, Norway played a very dubious role in supporting the LTTE. Its lieutenants like Solheim pretended to support the Government but in actuality supported the terrorist LTTE (Lankaweb : 24 July 2011).

UN Officials' Channel 4 Video Analysis - 'Forensic Hoax' - Two high ranking UN officials hell-bent on using the disputed Channel 4 ‘Killing Fields’ video as a springboard for initiating an international war crimes investigation against Sri Lanka have misled the world and are getting away with it under the cover of ‘forensic science.’ An investigation into the background of the ‘experts’ the two officials, Special Rapporteur Philip Alston and Special Rapporteur Christof Heyns, commissioned to authenticate the disputed video has revealed some startling discrepancies and shocking professional lapses which question the validity and objectivity of their findings as much as their professional credentials. In addition to hyping up and misrepresenting the qualifications of the ‘experts’ they commissioned to authenticate the video, the two officials used their high office to fool people into believing that ‘forensic video analysis’ – the apparent process their experts used to determine that the video was unaltered footage of live executions and atrocities by Sri Lankan forces captured on cell phone cameras during the final days of the war – is an objective, infallible scientific process. In reality, the entire body of ‘forensic science,’ some of it a hodge podge of procedures developed by cops and popularized by CSI television shows, has come under attack in recent years. "There is no scientific foundation for it," Arizona State University law professor Michael Saks is quoted as saying. "As you begin to unpack it you find it's a lot of loosey-goosey stuff." The ‘loosey-goosey’ discovered in unpacking the Channel 4 video ‘forensic analysis’ is set forth below (Sri Lanka - USA ; 24 July 2011).

Christian Terrorism comes to roost in Norway!;  Don’t cry for bogus human rights Scandinavia! - by  Ratanapala - For over 30 years Sri Lanka suffered at the hands of the Racist Tamil Tiger Terrorist called the LTTE, butthe Lynch Mob calIed International Community always justified the terror in Sri Lanka as those due to unspecified Tamil Grievances or Aspirations and discriminations by the majority Sinhala Buddhists. The fact that terrorism is not the answer for unspecified and unsubstantiated accusations did not enter their minds as their plan was to dismember Sri Lanka to suit their geopolitical agenda for South Asia – balkanization of India!  The Norwegian Prime Minister said that his childhood paradise has been turned into hell. Altogether a total of 91 are reported killed and unspecified number injured. The Norwegians are very rightly outraged that this sort of terror attack has happened in their remote haven of peace. UN Secretary General Christian Ban – ki – Moon says “ We stand together with people of Norway”. He nor any of his predecessors stood any time with the people of Sri Lanka when she was bleeding for 30 years from terrorism sponsored by the Christian West.  The description of the carnage takes me to similar scenes perpetrated by Tamil Tigers bringing terror over 1000 times and many times more brutal to Sri Lanka,during a period of over 30 years. In Sri Lanka nearly 100,000 people died because of proxy Christian Terrorism perpetrated by the Christian West using their cat’s paw the Tamil Tigers – LTTE. What happened in Norway is no different from the happenings at Dollar Farm, Kent Farm, in the so called “Border Line Villages”, at Religious Places, places of economic interest in Sri Lanka – systematic murder of innocent civilians, men, women and children. Norway wasthe seen hand of this hydra headed monster – Christian Terrorism, although others in the west were no less liable or visible. Coming as Peace Merchants they actively aided and abetted with Tamil Racist Terrorism in Sri Lanka in every which way possible. Their doings and dealings are now history (LankaWeb : 24 July 2011).

North-East Tamils Selected Racism Instead of Peaceful Cooperation - by Kumar Moses - North-East Tamils said no to development and cooperation and instead voted for racism. Tamil racist political parties – TNA and TULF won most LG bodies in the north and in all Tamil majority areas in the east where the election was held. TNA canvassed on a platform of ultra Tamil racism and as usual they won the majority vote of Tamils. This is hardly surprising as Tamil racist political parties have regularly won elections in the north since 1947. They even won the most votes at the 2010 April General Election (Lankaweb ; 24 July 2011).

TAMIL TIGER Industry and its’ BUSINESS PARTNERS - (PART ONE) - By Hasaka Ratnamalala - Even though Sri Lankan Government won the war against Tamil Tigers, they are not winning the media war directed against them by Tamil Tigers and their affiliated partners. One major reason for that is “Tamil Tigers” industry. Tamil tigers are not only a terrorist organization but it also has become a massive “industry” in the county and in the Diaspora. Even though Tamil tigers are gone for good,” industry” still exists. If the Sri Lankans wanted to have a real peace in their country, it should find ways and moves to destroy the “Tamil Tiger” industry sooner than later. Whoever, engaged in “Tamil Tiger” Industry, still making good money. Even in the economic disasters in US and Europe or the anti terrorist funding laws in the same countries couldn’t even touch or bring down this industry. There are people in the Diaspora who never been employed in their life time; but driving Volvos, Benzes and Cadillacs. There are also many none Tamils such as Journalists, media organizations and NGO personnel who are actively living upon “Tamil Tiger” industry; will they be silent if there is a danger to their livelihood? No, they will do whatever necessary to keep the industry going. Recent Channel 4 video on Sri Lanka is one such desperate attempt to save the “Tamil Tiger” industry. Normally in the business world, if you are a CEO of a publicly trading company and lied to boost your stock you will end up in jail. But in the Tamil Tiger industry it is different; they will treat you like a hero. Not only that you will gain lots of wealth as well. Just take a look at and see how much money they have earned from the recent wave of Sri Lanka bashing. Forget about all the foreign trips and speech requests; received by the director of the Channel 4 film. How about Channel 4 earnings from it? How about all of a sudden, NGO reports on Sri Lanka such as recent ICG report; timed to be published into to this occasion. How much do you think they earned from the report (HR Blog in Sri Lanka ; 24 July 2011).

LTTE remnants in Sivaganga refugee camps? - Indian ‘Q’ Branch Police says it has received information that there are LTTE members in the Sri Lankan refugee camps in Sivaganga district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Roughly 100 families are currently taking shelter in the five refugee camps within the Sivaganga district and the Q Branch Police believes that remnants of the Tamil Tigers are amongst them. It has been reported that LTTE cadres who fled Sri Lanka during the final stage of the war entered India through the Rameshwaram coastline and arrived in the Sivaganga District. An LTTE member had been arrested in the Sivagangai area recently after he had reportedly fled police custody after being arrested and charged with smuggling a group of Sri Lankans illegally from Andhra Pradesh to Australia two years back. With this arrest the Q Branch Police had commenced inquiries into each refugee housed in the camps in the Sivaganga District and according to Indian media are keeping a sharp lookout for any LTTE suspects (Island ; 24 July 2011).

Dealing with Jayalalitha - cording to Venkat Narayan’s report from Delhi (‘The Island’ of July 22) on the meeting between our High Commissioner in India and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha, "significantly" she did not say anything about the war crimes that the UN and the global media say were committed by the SL forces. The silence was indeed so significant that it has the effect of a thunderclap (Island ; 24 July 2011).

Norway opens investigations to inquire links between the Oslo attack and the LTTE - Norwegian security forces have opened investigations to find whether the LTTE is involved in the Oslo bomb attack. Norway was home for the Nediyawan, who is considered as the current military leader of the LTTE, and many other hardcore elements of the terrorists outfit. The LTTE elements in Norway once illegally entered in to the Sri Lankan embassy in Norway and made damages to the property of the institution. Meanwhile, the Norwegian government has extended its support to the investigation conducted by the Netherlands government against the LTTE leaders including Nediyawan. Military analysts contemplates that the Norwegian government extended support for this investigation as a result of vengeance of them against the LTTE leaders (SLBC ; 24 July 2011).

President makes late night call to console Norway - By Our Diplomatic Editor - President Mahinda Rajapaksa telephoned Norway's Ambassador Hilda Haraldstad on Friday night (11.30 pm Sri Lanka time/8 p.m. Norway), who is on vacation to convey the Sri Lankan government's sympathies to the government and people of Norway following the bomb explosions in its capital, Oslo. President Rajapaksa had conveyed the sympathies of the Sri Lankan government and its people and expressed "the solid support" of Sri Lanka to Norway to eradicate terrorism both bilaterally and internationally. He also referred to what Sri Lanka had undergone for three decades and said he wished Norway would be able to deal with acts of terror swiftly (Sunday Times ; 24 July 2011).

Lankan soldiers sent back from TN: Indian reports - Twenty five Sri Lankan soldiers who went for special training in a defence academy in Tamil Nadu on Friday were sent back to Sri Lanka because of protests from some Tamil groups there, Indian media reports said yesterday. They said the 25 soldiers were scheduled to take up special training at the elite Defence Service Staff College at Wellington in Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu. The soldiers were put on a bus to Chennai from where they were to take a flight back home, the reports said. Some 200 activists of various pro-Sri Lankan Tamil outfits had earlier staged a demonstration in front of the Madras Regimental Centre (MRC) at Wellington to protest over the training programme. The protesters were from the Periyar Dravida Kazhagam (PDK), Naam Tamizhar Party (NTP) and the Viduuthualai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK). Military spokesperson Ubaya Mediwala, however, denied any Sri Lankan soldiers had been listed for a training programme in South India (Sunday Times : 24 July 2011).

Born again into a life worth living for; Rehabilitated ex-LTTE cadres return to their future empowered with skills and confidence - By Chandani Kirinde - Twenty-two-year-old Ramachandran Dushani is days away from leaving the rehabilitation centre for female ex-combatants of the LTTE, at Poonthottam in Vavuniya. She’s happy to be reunited with her parents and sister after more than two years, but her joy is mixed with a feeling of apprehension about how accepting society would be of her, once she returns to her home in Wattakachchi in Kilinochchi. “I don’t know what to expect when I go home, but I am eager to recommence my studies,” she said. Dushani was taken away forcibly by the LTTE in September, 2007 (Sunday Times : 24 July 2011).

Norwegian supported LTTE terrorism for more than 25 years.

Read an article titled "Norway … Do You Understand Now?" written by F Rovik, A Norwegian retired crusader against terrorism (Read full article by F Rovik, a retired crusader against terrorism in Lanka web ; 23 July 2011)

It's time for expats to develop North - By Shanika SRIYANANDA - Sellasamy is among thousands of voters in Northern Sri Lanka who exercised their franchise at the local government polls in the North, that concluded yesterday. Being a pro-government supporter, whose generations were SLFPers, he is confident that the government would expand its stronghold in the North at the election. Overjoyed at seeing President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who visited the doorstep of the Northern Tamils, Sellasamy said many villagers felt the warmth of the Head of State who rescued thousands of civilians from the iron grip of LTTE terror. “We now see development. We have peace now. We don't have to run for our lives at night. What more we want”, he queried showing the newly tarred road. The tarred road, which leads to the main town remained bumpy previously, has now made their travel easy and fast. With his tour to the North, President Rajapaksa goes into Lanka's history as the leader, who had the longest stay in the North since independence. From Monday to Wednesday, he visited Kayts, Kopai, Pooneryn, Chavakachcheri, Jaffna and Kilinochchi met people and initiated several development projects in the North. The President who addressed several public rallies said he was delighted to speak in Tamil and appealed to the Tamil diaspora who still attempt to disrupt normalcy, tarnish country's image and pumped massive amount of money to the LTTE, to invest money to develop the North and also to improve the living conditions of Northern Tamils. At the ceremony to lay the foundation for a hospital complex at the Regional Hospital in Pooneryn, he said it was urgent to rebuild the country which was pushed back by 30 years of ruthless LTTE terrorism. People in the North warmly welcomed the President, and appreciated his leadership for saving them from terror and also the government's support to develop their villages (Sunday Observer : 24 July 2011).

Rule by ballot after years of rule by bullet begins in North - At the elections held yesterday to 65 local government bodies which had to be postponed due to election petitions, the government had thrown its full weight behind its propaganda campaign in the North. A large number of UPFA Ministers and MPs had been vigorously campaigning in the province for several weeks in support of the party candidates in the running for 16 local bodies in Jaffna district and three bodies in Kilinochchi district. At the inception of the UPFA campaign, the situation in the North appeared unfavourable for the government. However, a few days later signs of improvement in the prospects for the government began to appear. Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa perhaps made the biggest contribution to the UPFA campaign addressing no less than 75 propaganda meetings covering 14 local authority areas. On one occasion he stuck to the campaign trail for than five consecutive days. Minister Rajapaksa who had been in the thick of development activity in the North under the Uturu Vasanthaya programme, in fact, was no stranger to the people in the North (The Nation : 24 July 2011).

Jayalalithaa to visit Sri Lanka? - By S. Selvakumar - Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram has seriously considered visiting Sri Lanka and to see for herself the conditions prevailing in the North and the welfare of the families resettled there since the end of the war against LTTE over two years ago. She has indicated this to journalists who met her after her hour-long meeting with Sri Lankan High Commissioner Prasad Kariyawasam in Chennai on Friday at Fort St. George. Earlier on Wednesday she had a meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also in Chennai at the same venue. At this meeting, too, Clinton expressed US concerns over the resettlement of displaced Tamils in the North of Sri Lanka. At both meetings, the Sri Lankan Tamil issue was highlighted and Jayalalithaa was compelled to take a positive step, according to Tamil Nadu based TV channels. The Sri Lankan Tamil issue that she made as the main platform during her campaign at the recent State Assembly elections was attributed to her massive victory. Chennai based Tamil political sources has told Tamil Nadu TV channels that her image would get a further boost if she make a visit to the North of Sri Lanka and study for herself the conditions prevailing there. At Thursday’s meeting with the Chief Minister, Kariyawasam was accompanied by Chennai based Sri Lankan Deputy High Commissioner V. Krishnamoorthy. Kariyawasam extended the invitation to the Chief Minister on behalf of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and if the visit materialize it would be the first visit by a Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to Sri Lanka. Earlier in 1970, former Chief Minister M. G. Ramachandran paid a visit to Sri Lanka but that was much before he became Chief Minister. That visit was on the invitation by the Sinhala cinema artistes and was sponsored by the now defunct Independent Newspapers Ltd. publishers of Dawasa, Sun and Dinapathi newspapers. The talks with the Sri Lankan High Commissioner mainly centered around the alleged harassment of Indian fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy and also the welfare of the resettled Northern Tamils after the end of the war in May 2009 (The Nation : 24 July 2011).

Solheim feels ‘enormous shock’ - Norwegian Minister Erik Solheim, who was the face of peace efforts in Sri Lanka, Saturday said the “horrible” massacre of 91 people was an attack on Norway’s “democratic values”. “This is the most horrible attack on Norway in peace time,” the minister of environment and international development told IANS in a telephonic interview from London, while on his way to Oslo. “We are a small and peaceful country. We have never experienced any such thing. This is an enormous shock,” he added. “It is an attack on Norway’s democratic values,” he added. Solheim’s comments came a day after the Scandinavian country was stunned by a powerful car bomb that killed seven people in Oslo and the later massacre of 85 mostly young people in a small island 40 km away. Solheim, a member of the Socialist Left Party, which is in alliance with the Labour Party, said the government was engaged in efforts to take care of the injured and the families of the dead. The minister told IANS the meeting on the island that was targeted was “a traditional summer camp where Labour Party leaders go and make speeches ... and the young discuss politics”. Solheim has travelled to India and Sri Lanka frequently in his former capacity as Norway’s special envoy to Sri Lanka (Sunday Observer : 24 July 2011).

Norway should stop providing a safe haven for terrorist and war criminals

Read an article titled "Norway … Do You Understand Now?" written by F Rovik, A Norwegian retired crusader against terrorism (Read full article by F Rovik, a retired crusader against terrorism in Lanka web ; 23 July 2011)

View developments in the North positively - The Government has not only restored law and order in the North, but also restored democracy in the region after many years. People in the North too have been given an opportunity to elect people of their choice to run their regional administration at local government level. Having liberated the Northern and Eastern Provinces from the clutches of LTTE terror, the Government launched an ambitious program to usher in a new era for the people in those provinces. Billions of rupees have been expended on infrastructure development projects in the North and the East and anybody visiting the area could see the vast amount of funds that have been pumped into the North after its liberation. Regretably, certain countries and a section of the international community are still attempting to project a dismal picture of it. Some countries not only poke their snouts in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka, but also pontificate on the type of governing system that we should adopt. Most of these organisations are blissfully unaware of the real situation that prevails and the coexistence of the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others. Their chief occupation is to blow things out of proportion and raise a big hue and cry that there is an ethnic problem in Sri Lanka (Sunday Observer : 24 July 2011).

India cans Lankan soldier training - Following protests from Tamil outfits, a proposed programme to train 25 Sri Lankan soldiers at the Defence Service Staff College at Wellington in nearby Nilgiris district has been cancelled, officials said yesterday (July 23). The Lankan soldiers, who reached the college Friday for the month-long training, were sent back following the protests, they said. The soldiers were sent in a bus to Chennai from where they would return to Sri Lanka, the officials said. Over 200 activists of various pro-Sri Lankan Tamil outfits had staged a demonstration in front of the Madras Regimental Centre (MRC) at Wellington protesting the training programme. The protesters included members of Periyar Dravida Kazhagam, Naam Tamizhar Party and Viduthualai Chiruthaigal Katchi. They alleged that Tamils in Sri Lanka were suffering at the hands of that country’s Army and the decision to provide training to the island nation’s soldiers in Tamil Nadu was condemnable (The Nation : 24 July 2011).

Civil flights to Kilinochchi begins - By Sarasi Paranamanna - Civil aviation is to commence between Ratmalana and Kilinochchi from July 28. Air Force launched the flight service after opening the reconstructed airstrip in Kilinochchi recently. Air Force spokesman Wing Commander Andrew Wijesuriya noted that the civilian air flight is scheduled to take off every Thursday starting from next week. Tickets which are priced at Rs.7,500 can be reserved by contacting Sri Lanka Air Force Helitours (The Nation : 24 July 2011).

Parliamentary Select Committee will work on political solution: Rajapaksa - President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s roadmap for finding a 13th Amendment-plus political solution will take the Tamil question in Sri Lanka to a Parliamentary Select Committee, which will look into it and propose suitable constitutional amendments, and then on to Parliament. Meanwhile, local elections in the Northern Province, which were held on Saturday, would be followed by a Provincial Council election. Asked about the absence of an enduring political solution 26 months after the war with the LTTE ended, the Sri Lankan President told me over a breakfast meeting at Temple Trees in Colombo: “I have asked my party and others to propose a Parliamentary Select Committee to look into a political solution, any amendments to the Constitution. Whatever the Parliamentary Committee recommends to me, I will accept – and ultimately it has to go to Parliament.” (The Nation : 24 July 2011).

Remaining issues addressed with political stability: Jaffna Commander - Jaffna Army Commander, Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe, speaks to The Nation on the role of the Army in Jaffna peninsula, especially in the backdrop of the local government elections. He says that so much had been done and many things to be done. With that political stability, when new people, new blood is infused into the society in the political stream, other issues could also be addressed for people to enjoy a normal life (The Nation ; 24 July 2011).

NORWEGIAN MASSACRE SUSPECT LIKE THE TAMIL TIGERS USED FERTILIZER TO MAKE BOMBS -  By Walter Jayawardhana in Los Angeles Norwegian terrorist bombs that killed more than 90 people –mostly young summer vacationers in that country have been ironically made with fertilizer , a method popularized by Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka during the heyday of the LTTE terrorism in the Indian Ocean island nation. Norway has allegedly become a safe haven for the ex-Tamil terrorists but there is no indication that the most recent bombing incident is directly connected with the Tamil Tigers who allegedly received the sympathy of the ruling Labor Party of Norway. In fact, the alleged sympathies of the alleged suspect of the bombing were with the Norwegian conservative wing opposition party which are right wing and Christian fundamentalist . When the right wing government of Sri Lanka banned artificial fertilizer to the North and East of the country State Department officials expressed shock and dismay against the decision saying it could be described as an anti Tamil move. It was Sri Lankan officials who told them fertilizer could be used to make ferocious bombs. This was later proved to be true in the terrorist bombings in the United States. The Suspect of the bombing incident later appears to have moved out of the city and established Breivik Geofarm, a company Norwegian media is describing as a farming sole proprietorship set up to cultivate vegetables, melons, roots and tubers. A supply company has come forward to say that it delivered six tons of fertilizer to this company in May – an ingredient used in bomb-making. The Norway Post said: “Norwegians went to bed following serious terrorist attacks Friday night, and woke up to a national tragedy: Saturday morning it became clear that 84 young people had been massacred at a political youth camp, while 7 had been killed in an earlier bomb blast in Oslo (LankaWeb : 23 July 2011).

Define A Terrorist, Freedom Fighters or a Lunatic! - Prof. Hudson McLean - Sad events in Oslo Norway, where a “right wing” sympathiser is branded conclusively as a “Terrorist” without any investigation, when compared with the events during 30 years by the LTTE Terrorists were branded as “Freedom Fighters”, just anything other than criminal terrorists, is considered unfair biased journalism. Erik Solheim International Development Minister of Norwegian Government was “Doctor Death” promoting Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka, supporting them with weapons and funds to commit death, destruction and annihilation of Sri Lankan population. Life does the Full Cycle. The gunman identified locally as Anders Breivik, 32, who is said to have right-wing and anti-Muslim views, hopefully be kept alive to stand trial and allowed to defend himself in a Court of Law, may be declared as “of unsound mind” or “under the influence of narcotics or intoxicated with alcohol” or “mentally disturbed by acts of society”. Under such conclusions, he may be confined to a life of Scandinavian Prison Luxury for the rest of his life. I have studied the Prisoner Welfare schemes in Scandinavian Prisons, and most prisoners prefer to spend their Life in Prison, rather than spend their Life in Family Prison with a nagging 90+ kilo terror of a domineering wife. After this dramatic unfortunate episode, hopefully Norwegians may look back and think of the mayhem and murder, the Royal Norwegian government and its Minister for International Development Erik Solheim helped to create in Sri Lanka by helping, funding, training, the criminal Terrorists LTTE, disgustingly defined as “Freedom Fighters”. Colonel Karuna may bear witness to the Bribery & Corruption which ensued (Lankaweb : 23 July 2011).

Killer in Paradise? Really?!? While Norway has a history of supporting suicide terrorists? - Alastair Reynard Reports by the research organization Norwegians Against Terror (NAT) have claimed that many Sri Lankan Tamils, including LTTE terrorist cadres, were able to come to Norway on documents and passports bought from corrupt employees of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. NAT has also shown that the Norwegian Foreign Ministry and the Oslo Municipality have given millions to the LTTE terrorists through front organizations, notably the TRO (Tamil Rehabilitation Organization).  TRO is a well know front for the Tamil terrorists!!! Others have attributed Norwegian involvement in Sri Lanka and support for the Tamil separatist cause to Norwegian politicians’ interest in gaining the votes of the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora in Norway, providing job opportunities for professionals in the significant Norwegian ‘peace industry’, and business for the Norwegian oil industry. Some critics have suspected that Norway may want control over the marine and off-shore mineral resources in Sri Lanka’s north and east after the establishment of a separate state (through terrorism!). NAT claims that the Norwegian government increased aid to the LTTE terrorists while LTTE’s CFA violations were soaring, that it failed to stop LTTE fundraising in Norway, and continued funding LTTE front organizations in Norway and some LTTE-friendly individuals and organizations including politicians, journalists, and journalist organizations in Sri Lanka among others. It says that Norway arranged and paid for LTTE propaganda trips and lobbied against terrorist listing of the LTTE in the European Union. NAT has questioned the statement of Erik Solheim that ‘the LTTE will never be classified as a terrorist organization by Norway’. NAT has also charged that Norwegian military support and intelligence has been given to the LTTE terrorists, including a tour for a LTTE delegation to Norwegian Special Forces training camp in Rena, Norway. According to the IPS news service, former members of the Norwegian Special Forces allegedly provided military training to Tamil Tigers in Thailand, which has become a nerve center of the LTTE terrorist’s international network (Lankaweb ; 23 July 2011).

"It may be an LTTE cadre shooting an army man" - Mahinda bluntly denies charge of war crimes - Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has bluntly denied the charge that his securitty forces had committed "war crimes" against unarmed Tamil civilians during the last stages of the socalled Eelam War that ended 26 months ago. In an interview to The Hindu newspaper published today, he simply dismissed British TV Channel 4’s controversial documentary "Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields" by calling it a "film." A panel of United Nations experts and global media have been insisting that at least 10,000 to 40,000 unarmed Tamil civilians may have been killed during the last phase of the war, which ended with the killing of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran on the banks of the Nanthikadal lagoon in the Northern Province on May 18, 2009. The newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief N Ram asked the president about the allegations of human rights violations and the much-debated documentary, which showed gruesome and distressing footage and charged that the Sri Lankan army and government had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in the final stage of the war against the LTTE. Rajapaksa referred to the footage showing close-range executions of naked men with their hands tied behind their backs, and asserted: "It has been filmed in Tamil. If the footage is true, it was not the LTTE cadres who were being shot. It must be the army boys who were (being) shot (by LTTE cadres)." The President explained: "The man who is shooting, his belt is not the army belt. It is the LTTE belt. If it (what is shown in the documentary) is true, the LTTE cadre is shooting an army man. If it is not true, it’s a film. It is not a true documentary. We are looking into the matter." He said allegations supported by evidence will be enquired into. "The LLRC (Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission) has already requested (for) the original of this (footage). We said if anybody had any evidence against any police officer or army officer, at any time, we are ready to look into it. This can be from top to bottom." Rajapaksa expressed happiness over Sri Lankan High Commissioner Prasad Kariyawasam’s meeting with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayaram Jayalalithaa on Thursday (Island : 23 July 2011).

Time to nip Eastern terror in the bud

File Photo : Eastern Province Chief Minister S. Chandrakanthan in conversation with Karuna (former military commander of LTTE)

Time to nip Eastern terror in the bud - The news that a state bank in Puttur in the Batticaloa district was robbed a fortnight ago should have raised the collective eyebrows of the defence establishment. If it didn’t, what followed this week surely must. The person arrested by Police was none other than a senior cadre of the Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP), a political party led by Eastern Province Chief Minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan. Ever since the end of the Eelam war in May 2009, the fact that armed cadres roam the North and East has been an open secret. It is not an issue the authorities will easily acknowledge but for the civilian population of that region, it is a fact of life they have come to terms with. In what may be called a ‘geopolitical reality’ of the North and East during the war, successive governments realised that armed groups which broke away from Velupillai Prabhakaran’s Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) needed weapons for their protection and survival. When the war came to a halt in May 2009, these groups grabbed the chance to gain the upper hand. Their armed cadres, having tasted power that flows from the barrel of a gun, were not ready to give up that authority easily even though the threat from the LTTE no longer existed. Compounding this factor further were the alliances these armed groups had formed. Most of them had allied themselves with sections of the ruling United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance (UPFA) in one way or another. Among them are followers of Douglas Devananda, Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan and Chandrakanthan. Their supporters still carry arms and are theoretically at least, subservient to their ministerial patrons. From time to time, some of them take the law into their own hands (The Nation : 24 July 2011).

Isn’t it suicidal to attack Tamils and TNA now? - Jayalalithaa versus Rajapaksa - The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is certainly a quick learner and her best guru has been none other than her bete noir, President Mahinda Rajapaksa. A commentary on July 7 in the Indian website expressbuzz.com/opinion reads as follows and illustrates mounting pressure that will unavoidably harden Delhi’s stance. "Jayalalithaa has submitted a memo to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that lists demands for post-conflict Sri Lanka. She has said that the Sri Lankan regime should be held accountable for war crimes during the last days of the fratricidal war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), where thousands of civilians were killed and hundreds of thousands became refuges, Tamil areas of the north were reduced to rubble, and humanitarian assistance to Tamils denied. Jayalalithaa has asked that Colombo immediately transfers adequate powers to the north and east of the island nation so the Tamils can have autonomy of governance, a long-standing Tamil demand. Jayalalithaa has insisted that India should impose economic sanctions on Sri Lanka if it does not comply. In effect India should change its policy on Sri Lanka" (Island : 23 July 2011).

Govt. asks critics to look at themselves in the mirror - By Shamindra Ferdinando - The government alleges Sri Lanka is being targeted over alleged ‘accountability issues’ by those under heavy flak themselves for ‘war crimes’ in their so-called global fight against terrorism. Authoritative government sources alleged that a section of the international community seemed to be taking pleasure in Sri Lanka bashing on the basis of ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ produced for global telecast by UK’s Channel 4 News at the behest of the LTTE. The government was responding to US House Foreign Affairs Committee decision to ban aid to Sri Lanka unless the government showed ‘accountability’ over final phase of military operations directed at the LTTE. The announcement was made as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concluded a visit to India in the backdrop of US and its allies pushing Sri Lanka on the diplomatic front. Referring to recent statement issued by the US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) sources said unlike the unsubstantiated 50-minute documentary ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’, the US administration had been accused of authorizing war crimes in post-9/11 Al Qaeda attacks. The HRW said it believed there was sufficient basis for the US government to order a "broad criminal investigation" into alleged crimes committed in connection with the torture and ill-treatment of detainees, the CIA secret detention and torture programme. Such an investigation, the HRW said would necessarily focus on alleged criminal conduct by former President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and CIA Director George Tenet. UN Human Rights Commission has called for an explanation over the execution of an unarmed Osama bin Laden during a raid in Pakistan by US personel. Sources said that the US, while denying assistance to the government of Sri Lanka had assured its commitment to humanitarian aid, de-mining activities and ongoing projects to promote democracy and good governance. Sources alleged that both during and after the war, the US and several other countries and organizations continued to promote democracy and good governance, which basically meant providing financial support for those issuing statements critical of the government and armed forces. The government said that those embassies which recommend funds for local NGOs should investigate how the money was spent. Sources emphasized the importance of investigating foreign cash flow as the US was now probing Pakistan for financing an US-based organization allegedly engaged in a programme to influence decision makers. According to state banking sources, the Centre for Policy Alternatives, National Peace Council and Transparency International Sri Lanka during 2008 to 2010 had received a staggering amount of money. They said the CPA has received Rs. 272.31 million during the three-year period. The NPC and TI have received Rs. 171.23 million and 174.79 million, respectively. The funding sources included Meyers Norris Penny Ltd RM (Canada), Canadian International Development Agency, Berghof Foundation (Germany), Facilitating Local Initiatives for Conflict Transformation (Germany), Stichting Cordaid (The Netherlands), Norwegian Embassy, Commission Des Communautes (Norway), ICT for Peace Foundation (Switzerland), Dep. F. Auswaert, Angelegenheiten (Switzerland), Swedish Embassy, Swedish International Development Agency, Goldman Sachs Grant (UK), Minority Rights GRP Ltd BCA (UK), European Commission, Transparency International Division (UK), Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (UK), European Union, Diakonia (US), Forum of Federations/Forum Des (US), International Media Support (US), the Ford Foundation (US), Fredskorpset Bergen (US), National Endowment for Democracy (US), Partnership for Transparency Fund (US) and Academy for Educational Development (US). Of Rs. 618.33 million received by the CPA, NPC and TI during the three-year period, Rs. 111.48 million had been donated by various other sources (Island ; 23 July 2011).

Death toll rise to 92

Terrorist attack in Oslo, 22 July 2011


LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist attack in the village of Kebitigollewa in Sri Lanka on 15 June 2006 (Click here for details)  Read summary of LTTE Tamil Tiger Atrocities

Powerful twin bomb blasts rock Oslo government buildings

Massive Bomb targeting a civilian bus in Abhimanpura, Kebetigollewa in Sri Lanka on 05 December 2007 by the LTTe Tamil Tiger terrorists (See details)

(See Photographs in Daily Mirror ; 23 July 2011)

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Reports Issued by the Norwegians Against Terrorism

(1) Report by the Norwegians Against Terror (NAT) - 14 January 2007 - The international Fight Against Terrorism- (report issued by the Norwegians Against Terrorism).  http://www.svik.org/nat1.pdf

(2) Report by the Norwegians Against Terror (NAT) - The Norwegian Peace Facilitators in Sri Lanka - 13 January 2006 (Last Year's Report) - http://www.svik.org/PDF/norway.pdf

The LTTE is South East Asia with Special Focus on Thailand.  Prepared by R-Senter, Norway - 24 November 2004 http:www.svik.org/PDF/ltteasia.pdf

Is LTTE linked to this bomb blast through other international terrorists organisations? Worth investigating !!!!!

See LTTE's Links with other Terrorist Organisations

Norway … Do You Understand Now? - F. Rovik - Retired crusader against terrorism - The time is long overdue to issue a complete apology to the people of Sri Lanka and other Nations where Norwegian funds have been used to prolong or create conflicts write F. Rovik formerly of Norwegians Against Terrorism.  F. Rovik - A Norwegian retired crusader against terrorism in a statement went on to say as follows:  Friday 22nd July 2011 will be remembered in Norwegian history as the tragic day where one our worst tragedies have befallen. During my years working for NAT, I could say to the Norwegian Government and to the Norwegian politicians… we already told you so?  Anyhow I am indeed very sad that we were not able to communicate to Norwegian politicians about the dangers of providing a safe haven for terrorist and funding terrorists.  Norwegian nationalists hate the Norwegian foreign policy and mismanagement of Norway’s huge oil wealth. Nationalists are in all political parties and most of them used peaceful methods to get their views known.  Nationalists are of the opinion that the country’s wealth should be used to help the Norwegian poor, sick and retired, instead of buying positions for Norwegian politicians in the UN and other international organizations.  During my work in NAT we were approached by many weird and extremists, some of them were Nationalists. We told them to solve the problems using a word processor instead of using guns and bombs.  Anders Behring Breivik is a 32 year old Norwegian Nationalist. He is a member of the Norwegian Free Masonry order at the Johannes Chapter.  He has anti-Islamic views. He had police permit to have guns and legally was in the possession of a Glock pistol, shotgun and a rifle. His military background is limited to the mandatory 12 month service that all Norwegian males have to do.  Through his company GEOFARM he had access to huge amount of fertilizer that is likely to have been used in the bomb targeting the Norwegian Prime minister’s office.  The motive seems to be political and his frustration of the Norwegian Left-wing government of alleged mismanagement of Norway. The terrorist attack is not done due to insanity, but a carefully planned act of terrorism. He has no excuse for committing this atrocity against innocent people.  For the Norwegians, the terrorist attacks are a wake-up call. Now they know what terror is. Even though the acts of terror lasted only for a day, but they should get some idea of what life has been for the Sri Lankan’s who have lived with the Norwegian supported LTTE terrorism for more than 25 years (Asian Tribune ; 23 July 2011).

Boomerang on Norway - By Malin Abeyatunga, Melbourne, Australia - I have quoted a below a part of a letter I sent to media soon after the bomb blast in Bombay saying that we should not condemn any bomb blasts killing innocent civilians in the countries who have been supporting the LTTE by providing safe haven, assisting financially and propagating their Eelam Agenda.Quote “Sri Lanka is the most affected country in the world by terrorism. We have seen how the LTTE terrorists have killed thousands of innocent civilians, destroyed remote villages killing of thousands of innocent villagers, bombing of public establishments including tourist hotels, Central Bank, country’s main airport and bus terminal etc., in the past. LTTE’s terrorist atrocities continue to date because the countries like Norway, UK, USA, Canada, India, Australia and some EU countries are still complacent with LTTE’s dubious operations in procuring arms, raising funds and even some politicians attending and addressing LTTE sponsored rallies and meetings. Therefore, in conclusion, I for one will not condemn terrorists’ acts in countries who harbor, nurture and support terrorists. Unquote It has come true today when I listened to BBC morning news today that there has been bomb blasts in Norway capital Oslo and a youth camp on an island close to Oslo in quick succession killing 7 in Oslo and 10 in the youth camp and injuring many. A BBC correspondent in Norway said that this is the most severe act of violence since world war 11. I have no qualms that USA, UK and all other western countries didn’t spare a wink to condemn this act. But when thousands of innocent civilians were killed in Sri Lanka (only 17 deaths in Norway) by continuous bomb blasts, suicide bombers, claymore mines etc, Norway and the rest of the western world kept mum without condemning those heinous crimes but instead increase their support to LTTE thro dubious means. We still haven’t forgotten how Norway Embassy in Sri Lanka used its diplomatic immunity to get state-of- the art communication equipment to LTTE. Therefore, as a Sri Lankan, I am somewhat reluctant to condemn the people behind this bomb blast for the simple reason the Oslo people are seeing the brutality of terrorism in their own soil with their own eyes. I hope Norwegian Authorities will at least now realize their past “wrongs” by financing, assisting, appeasing and collaborating with LTTE and “correct” the future in dealing with Sri Lanka. They should immediately stop campaigning against Sri Lanka for alleged war crimes (Sri Lanka News Online ; 23 July 2011).

Nip in the Bud - By Malin Abeyatunga, Melbourne, Australia - Today's Island (21/7/11) reported that a senior cadre of Eastern Province Chief Minister S. Chandrakanthan’s party TMVP was arrested yesterday by the CID at Wennappuwa for masterminding the robbery of Rs. 160 million cash and Rs 15 million in jewellery from the People’s Bank branch at Puttur two weeks ago. When a criminal of a close associate politician is caught, it’s more than usual for a politician to disown such criminal. It is alleged that S.Chandrakanthan a.k.a Pillayan has disowned TMVP criminal as a close associate who has been arrested for the above robbery. It is also alleged a prominent TMVP member who was arrested for a murder has been released due to some political intervention. One can imagine what would be the situation if police powers are given to Provincial Councils.This is an alarming situation taking us back to post 1983 LTTE’s clandestine operations to find money for their cause.Now that the funds collected by the remnants of LTTE among the Tamil Diaspora in the west are used for other purposes like producing film clips and pay the western media to show them as real situations (‘Sri Lanka killing fields” is a case in point) against Sri Lanka, buying politicians, academics, journalists, so called humanitarian organizations to talk for them etc,. Who knows the local remnants of the LTTE may be trying to find funds on their own to regroup by robbing banks. This situation endorses the necessity of the Government to continue with the Emergency regulations and anti-Terrorism laws to meet such threats.A terrorist outfit does not need thousands of members to create mayhem in the country. A few tens of terrorists can do an irreparable damage. Look at what is happening in India (twice in Bombay in the recent past) where a few terrorists under various groups in various states bomb trains, other public transport, police stations and market places etc. Sri Lanka cannot rule out that this will not happen here again. A few terrorist elements can create a calamity for many (Sri Lanka News Online ; 23 July 2011).

Time to identify elements working with sinister agendas - By S Akurugoda, Melbourne, Australia - According to media reports, Housing and Construction Minister Wimal Weerawansa warned the public to be cautious of some elements working inside the government to destabilise the country. The Minister noted that while the country was now moving forward after the end of the war, there are attempts by some groups overseas to target the economy. Addressing a meeting at Homagama the Minister has said that these groups have the support of some elements in the government who are working with sinister agendas. The ruling coalition consists of parliamentarians with different interests. There are hardcore supporters of 13th Amendment and Federalism even among SLFP parliamentarians. Most of these members who share similar views have no real mass support. Some are national list MPs. Others are either members of the ‘three wheeler’ parties or who have changed sides to suit their personal agendas and have nowhere else to go. Although President Mahinda Rajapakse has done a wonderful thing by keeping all these elements together, probably with the intention of achieving political stability as a short term measure, we are now witnessing some of its negative effects almost one after the other. Propaganda machinery of the LTTE support groups abroad is active as never before. The LTTE rump spend all their funds with the help of westerners to ensure war crime chargers are laid against the security forces and to replace the current leadership with a puppet regime by hook or crook. The infamous Ban Ki-moon Report, Chanel 4 and its repeats broadcasting over various western media throughout the world and the most recent screening of the Chanel 4 documentary by the so-called US lawmakers and rights advocates and calls for an international probe into Sri Lanka's civil war is an indication towards this direction (Sri Lanka News Online ; 23 July 2011).

The terrorists have attacked the Centre of Oslo. What has Eric Solheim got to say ? - By Charles. S. Perera - The Global Tamil Forum of the Pro LTTE terrorist Catholic Father Emmanuel Joseph may have in his Global Tamil Forum, experienced terrorists who may have one time or another participated in terrorism in Sri Lanka alongside Prabhakaran or his son Charles, and perhaps there are among its members experts in explosives and suicide bombers. Many of them may be Catholics or just Christians , who knows there may even be fundamentalist Christians among them. Father Emmanuel Joseph is in Germany where there are as many as 60 thousand Sri Lanka Tamils. Norway has over 13, 000 Sri Lanka Tamils and over 7000 of them in Oslo. Amoung them too there may be many Sri Lanka Tamils who were terrorists who left Sri Lanka after the elimination of terrorists in Sri Lanka. It has been said that the Norway Embassy in Sri Lanka had provided facilities for many of them to leave Sri Lanka to Norway. Eric Solheim is a well known Sri Lanka Terrorist supporter. It is said that the man who placed the bombs and masterminded the attack in Oslo is a fundamentalist Christian. It is strange from whom a fundamentalist Christian living in Norway learnt to make bombs and place them effectively in important buildings. The Norwegians are very peaceful people, as the world know of them. It cannot be ruled out that Anders Behring Brieivike the presumed killer had contact with some one who has expertise in explosives and placing bombs in strategic places (LankaWeb ; 23 July 2011).

Terrorist bombing in Norway - by ?Asoka Weerasinghe, Canada - The Editor (Letters) THE OTTAWA CITIZEN; Sir: In reference to Norway’s terror-bombing you said, “Nobody really needed to be reminded that terrorists can strike anywhere, any time. We all know that global terrorist networks or monomaniacs can find an excuse for violence in any nations policies and values.” And Prime Minister Stephen Harper condemed this senseless attack in Norway that claimed 87 lives as a “barbarous” attack. I now understand what the island of Sri Lanka went through in their 30 year war with the Tamil Tiger terrorists when the terrorists blasted 388 suicide bombings killing thousands of innocent civilians. But what I do not understand is why the western nations call the Sri Lankan Government and their soldiers “war ciminals” for having got rid of the most ruthless terrorists in the world, the Tamil Tigers militarily on 19 May, 2009. When since that day there haven’t been a single suicide bombing in Sri Lanka and people are moving around the island without any fear having helped them by their government and soldiers to re-claim their ‘right to life’. It is a strange world with strange values that we live in. One value for the western developed nations when they are attacked by suicide bombers and another for the developing island nation of Sri Lanka when attacked with suicide bombs by the Tamil Tiger terrorists. Go figure that one out!  (LankaWeb ; 23 July 2011).

Norway gets a ‘taste of terrorism’ - Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Australia - On 22nd July, the centre of Oslo had been rocked by a bomb blast by terrorists. Initial fears were that the Prime Minister was caught in the mess as it had been near govt quarters but he had escaped. Hundreds had been trapped in devastated buildings and at the time the death toll was not known. And people had been evacuated from the city. One hour later there had been another powerful explosion and people had been fleeing from the city centre. Followed by this it was reported that a gunman dressed as a policeman had gone on a rampage in the island of Utoeya where the Prime Minister was to address a meeting. While expressing sympathy for this tragedy which led to eighty or more deaths and more than 100 casulties we have to say incidents like this were common in Sri Lanka for 3 decades while Norway was conducting bogus peace talks with the LTTE. Eric Solheim, Jon Westborg and Mrs.Kjersti Tramsdal visited Vanni several times for talks with the tigers which were all heavily tilted in favour of the terrorists. It was an open secret that Norway backed the tigers. Norway funded the terrorists and allowed them to open an office in Oslo. Their sympathy was towards the terrorists. As a result of their backing the tigers carried on their rampage having a field day in Sri Lanka for 30 years. And now Jihad Terror Group is paying back in the same coin to Norway. With this terror attack we hope Eric Solheim and his ‘gang’ who led the peace talks can visualise what Sri Lanka went through before May 2009. Towards the end of the war when the Sri Lankan Embassy office in Oslo was attacked by the LTTE backers nothing was done by Norway to punish the culprits. And after the war some tiger leaders were given asylum in Norway. Now Norway is getting a ‘taste of terrorism’ ! (Lankaweb ; 23 July 2011).

Proud mother Dingiriamma from Dambulla and her courageous son !

The journey is now over; the proud mother, Dingiriamma, has done her part as a mother to bring her little handicapped boy to where he is today (click here to read the article by Capt Elmo Jayawardena). 

Clinton and Jayalalitha get creative on IDPs - One did not think that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayaram Jayalalitha and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have much in common, although both are seasoned politicians in their own ways. The former leads a state in the world’s largest elective democracy, and the other holds unelected office of much power in the world’s most powerful elective democracy. At their recent meeting in Chennai, they displayed another commonality, which was not so evident till then. It is their ability to shed copious crocodile tears for the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. In this instance it was the Internally Displaced Tamils or IDPs of Sri Lanka, and in their chorus of sorrow and concern for them, one saw more than a touch of self-serving political interest, rather than the genuine interest of the IDPs themselves. One must not forget that Hillary Clinton, accepted money from supporters of the LTTE, a terrorist organization banned in the USA, in her primary campaign against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. She did refund the money from the Tamils for Clinton, after the obvious embarrassment to her cause, only when a Sri Lankan diplomat told her the truth about her donors. Let’s believe she did not know of their terrorist links when she took the dollars (Daily News : 23 July 2011).

Bomb blast rocks Oslo government buildings - A powerful bomb blast rocked government and media buildings in Norway’s capital Oslo yesterday, causing “deaths and injuries” and dealing heavy damage, police said. Police said a bomb was behind the explosion and Norwegian media reported that at least two people died. “A powerful explosion has taken place in the government quarter,” Norwegian police said in a statement. “Police can confirm there were deaths and injuries following the explosion in the government quarter this afternoon,” police added later. Images on Norwegian television showed the prime minister’s office and other buildings heavily damaged, sidewalks covered in broken glass and smoke rising from the area. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was reported to have not been in his office at the time of the blast. Police had sealed off the area, which houses the offices of the prime minister, the finance ministry and the country’s biggest tabloid newspaper Verdens Gang (VG). Two Cabinet ministers told AFP that Stoltenberg had been scheduled to be visiting areas far outside Oslo on Friday. News agency NTB also reported that Stoltenberg was “safe”. Witnesses said the damage was extensive and that injured victims could be seen. “I see that some windows of the VG building and the government headquarters have been broken. Some people covered with blood are lying in the street,” a journalist with public radio NRK said from the scene. “There is glass everywhere. It is total chaos. The windows of all the surrounding buildings have been blown out,” said NRK journalist Ingunn Andersen. The radio reported that the explosion seemed to happen near the finance ministry, which is near the Norwegian prime minister’s office and the VG editorial offices. Photos posted on the NRK website also showed shattered glass in front of the devastated facade of the VG building, soldiers closing off the area and people surrounding someone apparently injured in the blast (Daily News : 23 July 2011).

ARE YOU AMONG THEM? - By Gomin Dayasiri - Amidst us live the good and the honourable. They are still around and can be found. Probably you are among them. Sadly, many have resigned to the inevitable: knowing, little or nothing is achievable, withdraws gently to a silent pasture to graze and gaze. A foot backwards is a footprint in the wrong direction. Each such step leads to a decadent, debased, debauched, society of which we complain and in which we live. Are we a bunch of Mr. Do Little’s and Mrs. Do Nothing’s? Wailing and weeping that society is crumbling is an armchair pursuit, a recreation that provides no respite but yet what more can be done without Power, Privilege and Position? To walk on the corridors of power, holding a position of privilege is to enter the chamber of the ludicrous- to see not, hear not and talk not, of the happenings under the canopy. Strength of their characters are drained; none of the favored dare do otherwise- what, to lose all? Instead, grasp what is in hand and reach out for more. Just write off those that carry the triple-P, they live too close to paradise. Still, there are others outside the charmed circle of servile sycophants, worth talking to. This is addressed to such. Society has a voice to speak and an ear to hear. Most are prepared to listen but who dares to speak? Many are not positioned to speak, a few that could, do it in the privacy of trusted company and the message does not carry the required distance. With many ears eager to give a hearing there are not sufficient voices to make the soundings. The voice of any politician is weighted being over privileged that it does not ring true, to a moderate ear. Voices, untainted with hidden agendas are heard scarcely. The fault lies in not exercising the freedom of expression that can be stretched to a comfortable length, in times of peace. Don’t pardon timidity and frailty that accompanies it. Victor Ivan travelled beyond the frontiers pelting stones at the cloistered and cocooned. He became an untouchable because he dared to confront. Except for a fearless few in the media where have all the good men gone? There is more fear than reason to fear; silence of the lambs persists (Daily Mirror ; 23 July 2011).

DEC for K'nochchi - by Irangika RANGE - The government will set up a new Dedicated Economic center (DEC) and Lanka Sathosa outlet in Kilinochchi, with immediate effect to provide relief to consumers as well as farmers in the region. Cooperatives and Internal Trade Minister Johnston Fernando said that the government will spend around Rs.175 million for the DEC in Kilinochchi. Construction of the proposed DEC is expected to be completed within six months. It will have 350 trade stalls and will provide marketing facilities for producers to sell their products, such as, vegetables, rice, meat and fish, spices and other items. The Sathosa outlet will be constructed within three months at a cost of Rs.30 million. A fuel filling station will also be constructed under first phase of the project. Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne and Hambantota District Parliamentarian Namal Rajapkasa laid foundation stones for the construction of the DEC and the Sathosa outlet in Kilinochchi yesterday. The minister said that the DEC will further strengthen the farmer community in the Northern region who could obtain fair prices for their agricultural products from these economic centers. Consumers in the North will be able to purchase fresh and quality consumer items transported from several parts of the country at a cheaper rates. Meanwhile, a paddy store house with a facility of storing nearly 2500 metric tones of buffer paddy stock was opened in Ramanadanpuram, Kilinochchi yesterday. The paddy store which was totally destroyed by terrorists during the war has been renovated by the government to avert any future rice storage (Daily News : 23 July 2011).

KKS harbour project will generate more jobs - Indian envoy The allied activities of the Kankesanthurai Harbour project will generate employment in the area, Indian High Commissioner Ashok K. Kantha said. He was speaking at a ceremony to sign the memorandum of understanding to develop the Kankesanthurai port between the Indian government and the Ports and Highways Ministry at the ministry on Thursday. President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited India in June 2010. In a joint declaration issued on the occasion, it was agreed that India would extend assistance for the rehabilitation of the Kankesanthurai Harbour among other infrastructure projects in the Northern Province. The documents were signed on behalf of the Indian government by High Commissioner Kantha and on behalf of Sri Lanka by Ports and Highways Ministry Secretary Sujatha Cooray. Ports and Highways Deputy Minister Rohitha Abeygunawardena and Sri Lanka Ports Authority chairman Dr. Priyath B. Wickrama also participated. The Kankesanthurai Harbour project will be aided by a mix of grant funding and concessional credit from the Indian government. While the total expenditure on the project will be determined by the Detailed Project Report (DPR) that will be prepared, the Indian government has already committed approximately Rs 2.2 billion for three initial elements, consisting of the preliminary hydrographic survey, geotechnical investigations and DPR preparation and wreck removal and salvage. The Indian government will also provide additional grant funding for the dredging of the harbour and concessional credit for the rehabilitation of the breakwater and construction of a new pier and attendant port facilities (Daily News ; 23 July 2011).

Monitoring Lankans in Oslo - Sri Lankan officials in Oslo are monitoring the situation and initial reports show no Sri Lankans were affected by the blast that occurred short while ago, Sri Lankan Embassy sources in Oslo told Daily Mirror online (Daily Mirror ; 22 July 2011).

Explosions rocks central Oslo - Update: 10:16 ET, 4:16 p.m. Oslo] At least one of the explosions happened near some government buildings, said Walter Gibbs, a journalist with Reuters. He said he saw eight injured people, including two or three with serious wounds and one who looked dead. Reuters reported that the prime minister was safe. [Update: 10:11 a.m. ET, 4: 11 p.m Oslo] A second blast was heard in central Oslo shortly after an initial explosion rocked the city, a reporter for Norwegian state broadcaster NRK told CNN Friday. Linda Reinholdsen said there was a state of confusion in the city and several government buildings were affected. See photos from Norway state TV. [10 a.m. ET, 4 p.m. Oslo] An explosion rocked a part of central Oslo, Norway, on Friday, state TV reported. State TV broadcaster NRK said on its website that windows in several buildings had been blown out and people were in the street bleeding. News reports suggest the government building has been affected (Daily Mirror ; 22 July 2011).

Clearance of ships sunk by LTTE to cost India Rs. 2.18 bn; ICRC-hired ‘Sea Dancer’, ships carrying essential items to Jaffna civilians among wrecks - By Shamindra Ferdianndo - Planned removal and disposal of six vessels sunk by Sea Tigers off Kankesanthurai during the war will cost a staggering Rs. 2.18 bn. The operation expected to be completed before end of this year is funded by a grant from India under an agreement aimed at restoring Sri Lanka’s main northern harbour at KKS. A military official placed the total number of ship wrecks in and outside the KKS harbour at seven, though the Indo-Lanka agreement referred to only six wrecks. According to him the seven ships sunk by Sea Tigers included both SLN and civilian vessels such as Sea Dancer hired by the ICRC to move medical and other essential items to Jaffna peninsula. Responding to a query by The Island, the official said that the agreement finalised on Thursday (July 21) envisaged the removal and disposal of six wrecks by M/s Resolve Salvage and Fire (Asia) Pvt. Limited. The military said that Sea Dancer had sunk after hitting a sea mine in spite of the LTTE’s assurance that it wouldn’t target the vessel. MV Maho carrying essentials had hit the Sea Dancer wreck, the official said adding both wrecks were at the harbour mouth. The military said that among the ship wrecks in the harbour were SLNS Edithara and two other vessels, including a tug, while there were two wrecks a short distance away from west of breakwater. During the war, the LTTE made several attempts to isolate some 40,000 security forces and police personnel deployed in the Jaffna peninsula at the height of the conflict by cutting off the only sea route via the KKS harbour. The SLN suffered considerable losses in its untiring efforts to keep the sea supply route open (Island : 22 July 2011).

India’s Sri Lanka Problem – July 20,2011 - by Ira de Silva London, Canada - The Editor, Wall Street Journal Asia, Hong Kong - Dear Sir: Reference the Op-Ed by S. Dhume which reads “India’s Sri Lanka Problem” my initial reaction on reading it was that perhaps it should have read “Sri Lanka’s India Problem”. It was to satisfy India’s policy during the period of Indira Gandhi’s premiership of “ruling” the Indian ocean referred to as the “Indira Doctrine” that India developed the LTTE terrorist group to destabilise Sri Lanka because India did not “approve” of Sri Lanka’s friendship with the U.S. At that time India favoured a close relationship with the Soviet Union. Ironically when India threatened military action against Sri Lanka in 1987. the U.S. and the so-called international community turned a blind eye, tacitly supporting India in it’s aggressive policy violating principles of international law. It is much like the policies of the U.S., U.K. and other western countries today engaged in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan illustrating the “policy” that if they have bigger armies, bombs, drones, aircraft and other tools of war they believe they have the licence to invade, kill, support terrorist groups, create refugees by the million and destroy countries that they want to punish for their own interests. Sri Lanka has been a pawn in Indian politics whenever the Central Government in India wanted votes in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is important to remember that after India gained independence from the British, Tamil Nadu wanted to separate from India leading to an amendment to the Indian constitution to prevent it. Rather than create a separate country for Tamils in Tamil Nadu, the homeland of all Tamils, the Indian government in general and the Tamil Nadu government in particular turned their attention to creating a separate state for Tamils by dividing Sri Lanka. To this end the Central Government and State of Tamil Nadu has supported LTTE terrorism provided funding openly from the State government while the Indian government provided the military training, bases and diplomatic support. It has been the policy of the Indian Government to support Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka as and when it suited it all in the name of the importance of India. The writer seems to support this concept of India being the big bully of the neighbourhood because the argument against Sri Lanka is “how can India expect more clout on the world stage when it wields so little influence in its own neighbourhood?” (LankaWeb ; 22 July 2011).

Hillary Clinton should not have discussed Sri Lanka’s internal affairs with a Chief Minister of an Indian State harbouring supporters of Sri Lanka Terrorists banned in USA - By Charles.S.Perera - League of Nation was set up immediately after the second world war to stop military confrontation of Nations against nations, and instead to provide a world forum where differences between nations could be resolved in dialogue. Later on as more and more countries became Independent from colonial rule, the League of Nations was replaced by the UNO, still with the same noble intention to allow Nations to settle their differences in dialogue in the forum of Nations where all Nations met as equal members of the UNO. But to-day despite the good intention of the “fathers” of the League of Nations, the rich and powerful Nations have bloated their status of equality in the UNO, taking over the responsibility to decide on the internal affairs of smaller and weaker Sovereign States, and determine their continued existence as independent Sovereign Sates, stepping over the authority of the UNO and its Security Council. The President of the USA George Bush waged war against Iraq, President Barrack Obama let the USA Armed Forces enter the Sovereign State of Pakistan to murder a terrorist leader without consulting the Government of Pakistan. President Nicolas Sarkozy, unilaterally recognized a group of Libyans as the Provisional Government of Libya and waged war against the Sovereign State of Libya abusing the sanction of the UN Security Council to control the air space of Libya, in which despicable “war” USA and UK joined in using their NATO forces to continue bombardments killing unaccounted numbers of Civilians (LankaWeb : 22 July 2011).

The same logical reason... - by Mano Ratwatte - In Germany, former Nazi leader Rudolph Hess’ grave holding was destroyed to stop it from being used as a pilgrimage site by neo-Nazis. Hess died in 1987 when he committed suicide at Spandau. His bones were exhumed this week. The remains are going to be cremated and then scattered at sea to prevent it from being a gathering place for Nazis. Look at what the American government did with Bin Laden’s remains. It was the same logic. Take note of how the US is going after its terrorist enemies. President Obama authorized the assassination of American citizen and terrorist leader Alawiki who was deemed to be extremely dangerous. There will be no trial or arrests; similarly the operation against Bin Laden was a "no prisoners" operation for very valid reason. Those who are deemed dangerous enemies are killed. Anyone recall how the British Special Air Services (SAS) assassinated 4 unarmed Irish terrorists in Cyprus? The 1980s period will be remembered for the high numbers of IRA members who were specifically targeted and summarily executed by the security forces and in particular by the SAS. Weren’t there several high paid apologists for the Tigers who were critical and questioned the smart decision of the Sri Lankan government when it disposed of the master terrorists remains the same manner for the same logical rational reason? Are there not many top Tiger leaders living in Britain and other places under the auspices of the regimes in those nations? (Island : 22 July 2011).

MDMK to hold demonstration - The Vaiko-led MDMK on Friday announced staging a demonstration outside the Parliament on August 12, pressing for various demands on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, including calling upon New Delhi to cancel its trade and economic agreements with Colombo. The party's top policy-making bodies including the Parliamentary Board took a decision in this effect today, and said that Vaiko will lead the demonstration. The protest would demand for India canceling its trade and economic agreements with Sri Lanka, and urge New Delhi to stop backing Sri Lanka in the international forum and express its support for international probe against killings of Tamils in the island nation, the resolution said. Vaiko will also lead a hunger fast on August 17, demanding the Tamil Nadu to uphold its rights in the Mullaperiar issue with its neighbour Kerala and condemn the latter for its stand on building a new dam in place of the existing one. Tamil Nadu and Kerala are locked in a dispute over the Mullaperiar dam, with the latter proposing to construct a new reservoir amidst Tamil Nadu's opposition that it will be deprived of water if a new dam came up (Daily Mirror : 22 July 2011).

A Golden Opportunity for Northerners to Shed Racist Politics and Embrace Development - by Dilrook Kannangara - Although the remaining Local Government elections are a minor event in the election calendar compared the General Elections, it is a good opportunity to shed racist politics that plagued the north since 1947 and open a new chapter in inclusive politics and development. It is an opportunity not to be missed. For most northerners who have lived through the horrors of racist politics of riots, satyagrahas, threats of racial violence, death and destruction, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If they miss this opportunity, they may not get any in their lifetime. Northerners need to break away from 64 years of continued racist politics and give inclusive politics a chance. That paves the way for harmony, reconciliation, trust and development (LankaWeb : 22 July 2011).

The BBC’s unforced, unacknowledged errors - by Prof. Rajiva WIJESINHA, MP - I have a certain affection for the BBC, which has grown considerably since Channel 4 began its programme of using every trick in its repertoire to denigrate Sri Lanka. Though the BBC too was not perfect, it did have certain standards, as was clear for instance when it refused initially to telecast the first film Channel 4 showed, on the grounds that its authenticity could not be substantiated.  The faults of the BBC are those of any other media outlet - and perhaps all humanity - a tendency to dramatize and exaggerate, to concentrate on what makes the points it wants to highlight and ignore the opposite. But it generally tends to do this with a sense of responsibility and even if its perspectives are undeniably British - so that Al-Jazeera for instance seems more rounded in comparison - it does evince that sense of fair play which some Britishers used to cherish.  Given the ruthless Murdoch approach to media manipulation and the manner in which, like the Gadarene swine, other outlets felt obliged to follow suit, the BBC has been comparatively dignified (Daily News ; 22 July 2011).

US lauds Army’s demining efforts - by Chaminda PERERA - The US government Wednesday lauded the demining efforts of the Sri Lanka Army, and other local and foreign demining organizations in the North and Eastern provinces. According to US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Patricia Butenis, the Sri Lanka Army and other demining organizations have cleared large swathes of land in the North and Eastern Provinces of mines. Butenis was speaking at the handing over of four trucks to the humanitarian demining unit of the Sri Lanka Army at the US embassy in Colombo. Military spokesman Major General Ubaya Medawala accepted the donation on behalf of the Sri Lanka Army. “Thanks to the efforts of the Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lankan and international demining organizations, a large swathes of the North and East are now cleared of mines and such dangers can be put to rest, she said. She said the United States government has made a contribution of more than US$ 10 million for the demining efforts of Sri Lanka Army and other demining organizations since 2009. Butenis said that she inspected the demining dogs donated by an American non profit organization, The Marshall Legacy, at Sri Lanka School of Military Engineering in Embilipitiya last Monday. She recognized that the areas dotted with landmines are a major impediment for the resettlement and resumption of livelihood activities of the people displaced by the terrorist atrocities. “The landmines scattered around the North and East of Sri Lanka have meant that families cannot return to their homes and livelihoods”, Butenis added. The United States last year provided five ambulances and four Toyota Hilux double cabs to the Sri Lanka Humanitarian Demining Unit and provided comprehensive training to the officers and military personnel of other ranks in demining (Daily News : 22 July 2011).

Ex-LTTE cadres integrated into society - by Priyanka KURUGALA - The Rehabilitation Authority has taken steps to integrate former LTTE cardres into society with immediate effect. The authority has given priority to young former LTTE cardres in this exercise, Prison Reforms and Rehabilitation Minister Chandrasiri Gajadeera told the Daily News. A number of rehabilitated former LTTE cardres and those who are ill have been released by now. Around 2,700 former young LTTE cardres are being rehabilitated in six rehabilitation centres in the country. The ministry has taken steps to conduct this rehabilitation programme successfully, he said. "On the other hand we are giving them a good education to prepare them for the Advanced Level examination and vocational training. "Along with these educational programmes, the ministry has taken steps to teach them subjects, such as, music, dancing and the arts. There are five students in these camps who were able to obtain marks that qualified them for Medical College and the engineering Faculty," the minister said. The Rehabilitation Authority has graded these youths and according to their aptitude, has taken steps to provide vocational training based on their individual abilities. Computer training, carpentry, masonry and other vocational training are given by the Authority, he said (Daily News : 22 July 2011).

'Fisheries sector making strides in N-E' - by Ridma DISSANAYAKE - The fisheries industry will be developed in the North and East on a large scale within the next two years, said Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne. The minister was addressing the people of Puthukudiyiruppu. He participated in an inspection tour of Mullaitivu, Kilinochchi and Mannar districts recently. Minister Senaratne released Rs.150,000 worth of 75,000 fry of fish to the Udayarkattu reservoir. He said the Eastern Province produces 30 percent of the total fish cultivation. Arrangements are in place to produce 50 percent of the fish cultivation from the Northern Province. The Fisheries Ministry will uplift the fisheries community. The ministry will distribute 20 canoes and fisheries equipment. The Iranamadu and Udayarkattu reservoirs have been opened to the fisheries industry. The ministry will provide all the facilities for fishermen to increase their fish cultivation, the minister said. Minister Senaratne also laid the foundation stone for an aquaculture office in the Kilinochchi District (Daily News ; 22 July 2011).

Lingering memories of a frontline Commander - by Rasika SOMARATHNA - A Most Noble Profession - Memoirs That Linger, a book written by former Commander of the Sri Lanka Army (1994-1996), General Gerry de Silva, on his experience as a top ranking military officer was launched on Wednesday. During the launch held at the Ramada hotel - Colombo in the presence of a large gathering of past and present top ranking military officials, General de Silva (retd) presented the first copy of the book to Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. Speaking during the launch, Prof Rajiva Wijesinha, MP noted that A Most Noble Profession was a book which presented a graphic account of the evolution of Sri Lanka Army in one of the most crucial periods in the country's history. Speaking on its contents, Prof Wijesinha said that the book included a detailed narrative of General de Silva's experience as an officer during the JVP insurgency. It contains the beginning of LTTE militancy and how it grew as a potent force. It also presents vivid details of various battles fought by the military to defeat terrorists, he added. He not only talks about the cruelties and the ruthlessness of the terrorists but also the plight of those who became victims to it, he observed. Dr. Wijesinha said that the book presents interesting observations on politico-military strategies adopted by various regimes and also ponders on challenges faced by the nation during the post-conflict era. He also commends the government's role and its commitment in winning the humanitarian mission, Prof. Wijesinha added. While describing the launch of A Most Noble Profession-Memoirs That Linger as a most timely one in a country where war literature is a scarcity, Prof Wijesinha urged other top military officials to come up with their own memoirs as well to provide others with information and help them to learn from the past (Daily News : 22 July 2011).

US says Sri Lankan government's record on resettling IDPs good

Louise Arbour: The ICG’s comment on Sri Lanka’s “triumphalism” - by Asoka Weerasinghe, Canada - I just read the ICG statement in an AP report which said: “Sri Lanka’s postwar policies are a hindrance to reconciliation between country’s embittered ethnic communities, two years after the end of a civil war, and international think tank has said. Belgium based International Crisis Group said in a report published Monday that “the government’s intransigence and triumphalism” after defeating Tamil Tiger rebels “has meant the country is yet to see any semblance of compromise or inclusiveness.” Woman, you must be joking! If that statement was meant to be a joke then you were pulling my wrong leg as the jingle bells were tied to the other leg, and that is why it didn’t tickle me pink with laughter. Louise, you are full of Newfoundland’s Cods wallop, aren’t you? “Triumphalism” you accused Sri Lanka for celebrating and honouring the soldiers who liberated Sri Lanka’s North and East after a 30 year bloody war from the Tamil Tigers. Thousands of the soldiers gave their lives but unfortunately died before they could enjoy the ‘triumph’ and celebrate the cause of their valour. Why shouldn’t the Sri Lankans celebrate such a war triumph, after all we Canadians, that includes you and I, are planning to celebrate the 200th anniversary of a war in which our predecessors repelled an invasion by the United States, the War of 1812, a major formative event in Canada’s history, on June 18th, 2012 at 11:OO a.m. This is going to be the official kick-off date for the whole province of Ontario. There will be a number of activities and events planned during the bicentennial celebrations on the August 25th & 26th, 2012 weekend. We certainly won’t be gathering at Wellington and Elgin Streets corner to play games of tidily-winks, as the plans are to celebrate with great oomph and hoop-la, lady! Remember the dates and come along? These events will make you keep your mouth shut regarding Sri Lanka’s ‘triumphalism”. So what makes you feel so damn superior to show your ‘white-arrogance’ against puny bronze people’s of Sri Lanka (LankaWeb : 21 July 2011).

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, your slip is showing - Dr. R. C. B. Joseph, Colombo 12 - The so called Channel-4 documentary is a fabrication. The colour of the victims and their height is contrary to that of the Tigers. In Sri Lanka, almost everyone can speak Sinhala or Tamil. There is no evidence that the victims were Tamils and the persons who carried out the executions were Sinhalese. The Tamil Diaspora can do wonders in the field of fabrication and counterfeiting and they are capable of producing bogus films to mislead and distort the truth. From time to time, the LTTE took successive governments for a ride. Norway played a very vital role in the whole attempt by the Sri Lankan Government to bring about a settlement. If the Sri Lankan Government were not to respect human rights and if they did not pay heed to the world community, they would have wiped out terrorism in Sri Lanka 20 years ago. Every opportunity was given to the LTTE to bring about a political settlement by successive Governments in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, some political parties were running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. The Government was genuine, but the LTTE appeared to have a different agenda and therefore they had no intention to bring about a political settlement, with regard to the problems of the minorities. They deceived and misled the minorities and took them on the wrong path and put the clock back by more than 20 years. Several discussions were held (with foreign participation) both in Sri Lanka and abroad. As and when the LTTE wanted a ceasefire, the Government readily granted same, sometimes for several months (Island ; 21 July 2011).

SL HC meets Jayalalithaa -  Meeting cordial; resettlement, re-democratisation discussed -  War crimes allegations not taken up -  JJ invited to visit Northern Province -  Issue of attacks on TN fishermen raised - By S. Venkat Narayan Our Special Correspondent - NEW DELHI, July 21: Sri Lankan High Commissioner to India Prasad Kariyawasam today met Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayaram Jayalalithaa in Chennai—-the first such meeting between a Sri Lankan envoy and the state chief minister in more than half a century. The Island understands from authoritative sources in Chennai that the meeting was cordial and friendly. Ms Jayalalithaa was extremely courteous to Kariyawasam and his two colleagues from the Deputy High Commission in Chennai, listened carefully and asked questions with deep interest and concern. The meeting took place in the chief minister’s office in Fort St George, and lasted 45 minutes. Kariyawasam presented a bouquet to her, and conveyed greetings and congratulations from President Mahinda Rajapaksa for her recent impressive electoral victory and return to office as the chief minister for the third time. The high commissioner is understood to have briefed Ms Jayalalithaa on the ongoing rehabilitation and resettlement of internally displaced Sri Lankan Tamils in the Northern Province. He also told her about the reconciliation efforts being made by the Rajapaksa government, such as the work of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), the structured dialogue between the government and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), and the nearly half a dozen meetings the president has had with the TNA parliamentarians so far. He presented her with documents detailing both the processes (Island ; 21 July 2011).

Demining in North, East almost complete - by Harischandra Gunaratna - Military spokesman Major General Ubaya Madawala said on Wednesday (20) that demining operations in the North and the East had reached closing stages. Of an areas of 4,600 sq. km, 3,971 sq. km had been already cleared of the deadly devices, he said. "Now, we have reached the most difficult terrain of all and are in Pudukudirrippu and Mullativu," he said. He was speaking at a ceremony, at the US Embassy in Colombo, where the US government handed over four trucks to the Army for its de-mining operations. The senior army officer appreciated the support and assistance provided by the US government at all times and added that it had provided technical assistance and training to Army personnel since the 2000. US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Patricia Butenis said that large swathes of the North and the East had now been cleared of the mines. However, she said that there was still work to be done and the trucks would help in transporting members of the demining unit to difficult-to-reach areas to perform their duties. She said support for demining was only one element of the US assistance to Sri Lanka. In the two years since the war ended the US had contributed over US$ 80 million for development in Sri Lanka, she said (Island ; 21 July 2011).

Disarm all thugs - ..... The mastermind of the recent 175-million-rupee bank heist in Batticaloa has been arrested and identified as a member of the TMVP. Although that party has sought to disown the suspect, who is an ex-LTTE cadre, and resorted to obfuscation, that he has been one of its active members is only too well known. It was only the other day that another prominent TMVP member arrested for murder was released owing to government intervention. The TMVP, which claims to be a party of civilians, has within its ranks many former trigger-happy LTTE combatants, who have not undergone any rehabilitation. Most of them remain heavily armed. They are a grave threat to society. Old habits, they say, die hard! Why the government has baulked at disarming them defies comprehension (Island ; 21 July 2011).

Nothing is so freely given … - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reported to have told Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayaram Jayalalithaa in Chennai that the US is looking at 'innovative and creative ideas' to break the current deadlock in finding an amicable solution to the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. She has stopped short of disclosing what those 'innovative and creative ideas' are. What could they be? One of America's very innovative and creative ideas was to back a peace process which Norway and the LTTE jointly thrust on Sri Lanka in 2002. The LTTE would have achieved its goal without firing a single shot but for some of Prabhakaran's blunders that plunged the country back into a bloody war, wherein he perished. Had he exercised patience and waited a few more years adhering to the now infamous CFA weighted in favour of the LTTE, there would have been a South Sudan type solution to Sri Lanka's problem. It is hoped that the US is not toying with the innovative and creative idea of using war crimes allegations to force Sri Lanka to give in to the LTTE rump, which is trying to achieve Prabhakaran's goal by political means. Ideas, however brilliant they may be, are of little use to a country recovering from war. It needs tangible assistance more than anything else. It is unfortunate that Clinton and Jayalalithaa did not make use of their powwow to explore the possibility of building some houses for the war affected people being resettled in Northern Sri Lanka. Nothing is so freely given as advice––as well as ideas (Island : 21 July 2011).

Mau Mau Kenyans allowed to sue UK government - Four elderly Kenyans have been told they can sue the Foreign Office for their alleged torture by British colonial authorities 50 years ago. The High Court said the group could seek damages over their treatment during the 1950s and 60s. Mr Justice McCombe said the claimants had an "arguable case" and it would be "dishonourable" to block the action. Ministers say the UK government is not responsible for the actions of the colonial administration. The decision means that the government will have to defend accusations of torture, murder, sexual assault and other alleged abuses at a full damages trial in 2012. The four Kenyans, Ndiku Mutwiwa Mutua, Paulo Muoka Nzili, Wambugu Wa Nyingi and Jane Muthoni Mara, all in their 70s and 80s, say ministers in London approved systematic abuse in special camps. A fifth claimant has died since the action began. Continue reading the main story Background The Mau Mau, a guerrilla group, began a violent campaign against white settlers in 1952 The uprising was put down by the British colonial government by 1960 The Kenya Human Rights Commission says 90,000 Kenyans were executed, tortured or maimed It says 160,000 people were detained in appalling conditions Kenya gained independence in 1963 Bloody uprising of the Mau Maus The High Court heard that Mr Mutua and Mr Nzili had been castrated, Mr Nyingi was beaten unconscious in an incident in which 11 men were clubbed to death, and Mrs Mara had been subjected to appalling sexual abuse (BBC ; 21 July 2011).

US says Sri Lankan government's record on resettling IDPs good - The United States said on Wednesday noting that Sri Lanka has resettled almost all of the 300,000 people displaced at the end of the war in May 2009 with only about 10,000 Internally displaced persons (IDPs) are remaining to be resettled, said the Sri Lankan government's record on resettlement "has been good". A senior State Department official at a background briefing on India in Chennai on Wednesday said one of the issues the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would discuss with the Tamil Nadu officials during her visit to India would be the reconciliation process of Sri Lanka. The official said the 70 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu are all very concerned about the situation in Sri Lanka. "One of the concerns here in Tamil Nadu is always about the IDPs," the official said adding that there are 70,000 Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka that are still in Tamil Nadu although some of them have started to "slowly trickle back to Sri Lanka" as the situation is improving in the island. The official said the United States along with India is pushing for reconciliation in Sri Lanka. "Where we and the Indians are pushing for progress is on this whole process of reconciliation, where ? which is ? includes a wide variety of different issues," the official told reporters. Among some of the steps the US is expecting for the Sri Lankan government to make progress are, the establishment of a local leadership in the former rebel-controlled North, completion of the resettlement process, resolution of land disputes and disarming paramilitary groups. "They need to organize provincial council elections up in the north so that there will be, for the first time, an indigenous leadership in that area that was ruled by the LTTE for 30 years. They need to complete the resettlement process. They need to set up a process of providing for land dispute resolution, because again, many people have claims to various parts of those lands," the official said. "They need to stop the activities of paramilitaries that continue to operate in that part of the country," he added. Secretary Clinton following a meeting with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jeyaram Jeyalalithaa on Wednesday said the US is looking at some innovative and creative ideas to enable the Sri Lankan Tamils in camps to get back to their own homes (Colombo page ; 21 July 2011).

A senior cadre of Eastern Province Chief Minister S. Chandrakanthan’s (Pillian) party TMVP was arrested for Rs 175 Million bank robbery

File Photo : Eastern Province Chief Minister S. Chandrakanthan in conversation with Prabhakaran

File Photo : Eastern Province Chief Minister S. Chandrakanthan in conversation with Karuna (former military commander of LTTE)

Without a doubt Tamils are today happier without the LTTE - by Shenali Waduge - (July 21, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Connotation for happy will have mixed results. In a Tamil population of just 2.4million wherein 1million are already domiciled (legally or illegally) overseas it is easy to fathom who are likely to be unhappy & happy. In determining who is happier without the LTTE, we need to place the feelings of the North & Eastern Tamils far ahead of others. It is they who suffered the bulk of LTTE terror & it is their lives that have stood still throughout the 3 decades of LTTE terror campaign. Whatever Tamils may say today, those living in foreign climes & those living outside of the North & East must feel guilty for letting their own people down. With the elimination of the LTTE & for those who traveled to the North & East would have seen the manner in which the people had been living. Despite food provisions sent even during the height of the war, LTTE had denied food for their own people to eat. The suffering that these people had to endure is what should be aired across the world & will shame channel four, the Tamil Diaspora & all others who have been for years using them as scapegoats to allow the LTTE to prevail. This is one reason why most Tamil leaders partial to LTTE are reluctant to conduct a census…the truth will soon emerge about the reality of Tamils actually living in the North & will also perhaps make us open our eyes to the possibility of where these additional “Tamils” would have emerged from. 3 decades is a lot of time & there is just a small space that divides Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu! This is also good enough reason for the interference by India (Sri Lanka Guardian : 21 July 2011).

KKS port: India, Sri Lanka ink MoU - India and Sri Lanka signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Wednesday to develop the Kankesanthurai (KKS) port, the first such deep water facility being re-built in the northern peninsula. The KKS port was rendered useless after the LTTE repeatedly attacked it when the outfit controlled the surrounding areas. The port was key in connecting the Jaffna peninsula with the rest of Sri Lanka and also regional destinations, particularly India. “KKS will give the north a window to the world and restore both regional and domestic connectivity,” said Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Ashok K. Kantha, after signing the MoU with the Sri Lankan Secretary in the Ministry of Ports and Highways Sujatha Kure. The Port will significantly lower the transit time of goods from and to India, Bangladesh, and the neighbourhood, and propel economic activity in the north, a region that is trying to find its feet after about three decades of civil war. The main problem in re-building the port is the presence of six ship wrecks. The contract to remove the wrecks has already been awarded to a Singapore-based firm. The company will start work over the next couple of days. It will complete this work by November this year. The Indian public sector engineering consultants, RITES, has already begun work on preparing a Detailed Project Report for the port. This is expected to be ready in August next year. Once Sri Lanka approves the DPR, India will begin work on deepening the port. “The minimum draft will be at least eight metres,” he said. Sri Lankan Deputy Minister for Ports and Highways Rohitha Abegunawardhane said that Sri Lanka will take up construction of the Quays and the breakwater. This work is expected to take about two years (Hindu ; 21 July 2011).

File Photo : LTTE's spokesperson, Daya Master

Minister Basil Rajapakse says that the former LTTE member Daya master has revealed the channel four video tape was prepared by the LTTE - Economic development minister Basil Rajapaksa says that there is not a single village remaining undeveloped, out of 36 thousand villages in Sri Lanka due to the implementation of the Gamanaguma and Maganaguma programmes. He made these remarks participating in a ceremony held under the road carpeting programme of Galle district, at Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha in Bentara. He said that pro LTTE elements are further trying to disrupt the sovereignty and the freedom prevailing in the country through many obstructions. The minister added that, former LTTE member Daya master has revealed that channel four video tape was prepared by the LTTE and he will make a declaration about it in the future. The Minister added that the problems must be solved by the government. The minister also said that people in the Jaffna are now enjoying the freedom. New faculties have been introduced to the Jaffna University. He further stated that a plan has been prepared to construct a railway line from Mannar to India (SLBC : 21 July 2011).

Sri Lanka to run commercial flights to former LTTE capital - The government is set to operate a commercial flight service to Sri Lanka''s northern province Kilinochchi, the former de facto capital of the LTTE, which was defeated by the army in May 2009. The weekly flight from the capital Colombo, to be inaugurated on July 28, would be operated by the Sri Lanka air force, Group Captain Andy Wijesuriya, the air force spokesman, said today. The return fare from Colombo would be Rs 7,500. The air force opened its air strip in Kilinochchi on Tuesday. The one kilometre-long air strip is situated 9 kms away on the Jaffna-Kandy A9 highway on a training ground maintained by the LTTE during their decades long battle with the army. The air force is also in the process of developing its second air strip in Kilinochchi at Iranamadu where the LTTE had its own air strips. The Lanka air force''s persistent air raids since 2006 destroyed the LTTE air strips. Still they managed to carry out air raids in the capital Colombo using light aircraft and their Air Tiger wing?s suicide cadres. Kilinochchi was wrested under Army control in January 2009 signalling the end of the LTTE?s resistance against the Army?s advance in the successful military campaign. The civil war, which was waged by the LTTE for a separate state for the Tamils of Sri Lanka, killed between 80,000 and 100,000 people (MSN News ; 21 July 2011).

Dr Kohona reiterates to AI chief: C 4 contains doctored footage - ‘Sri Lanka prides itself on being governed by the rule of law and by a long established legal tradition, Sri Lanka’s permanent representative to the UN Dr Palitha Kohona told Head of Amnesty International Jose Luis Diaz at a meeting on Wednesday. This was after the AI chief asked Dr Kohona about the Sri Lankan government’s response to those who feel that the events close to the end of the conflict must be thoroughly investigated to prevent Sri Lanka becoming a model in similar conflict situations. Dr Kohona responded by saying that Sri Lanka has no intention of being a model to anyone else. “For example, following complaints about a breach of the UN rules of conduct by some of its troops in Haiti, 110 were recalled immediately and investigated and many were punished,” he said. “For any matter to be taken before the juridical system, like in other countries, credible evidence was required. The Channel-4 video, and the Darusman Report, were flawed due to serious inaccuracies, unsubstantiated allegations, suspect (doctored) footage, and simple interpretations, some of it clearly taken from the Tamil Net, the propaganda arm of the LTTE. ‘It was doubtful that the Channel - 4 footage offered the kind of credible evidence that would stand scrutiny before the courts. ‘Equally importantly, given the country’s limited resources (it was after all, a poor developing country) and the urgency of other pressing issues, it was simply wrong and unethical to pile up pressure only in one area,’ Dr Kohona said. The meeting followed the comments made by Ambassador Palitha Kohona and Deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador Shavendra Silva, at the screening of the Channel-4 video at the UN Church Centre last month, the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the United Nations in New York said in a statement (Daily News : 21 July 2011).

Int’l groups have LTTE mindset: DEW - Responding to International Crisis Group allegations that Sri Lanka was nowhere close to reconciliation, Senior Minister DEW Gunasekera said the viewpoints of international groups would always be different to that of the ground situation because of their LTTE-like mindset.  “These international groups are all looking at the situation from the viewpoint of the LTTE therefore, their opinions of what is happening and the truth will always be irreconcilable,” he said. He went on to explain that the government had rehabilitated a number of youth and was now moving steadily towards reconciliation. “We have done the de-mining, we have rehabilitated so many combatants and taught them even the alphabet and helped them sit their Advanced Level Exam. The Tamil people are very happy and there is reconciliation amongst the people,” he said. He went on to claim that the local government elections, which were to be held in a democratic manner was further evidence of the speedy reconciliation process facilitated by the government (Daily Mirror ; 21 July 2011).

President appeals to Tamil Diaspora: Channel your funds towards North - Special attention for North Some trying to mislead people - by Dharma SRI ABEYRATNE in Pooneryn - President Mahinda Rajapaksa appealed to the Tamil Diaspora to show interest in developing the North and East instead of spending money on tarnishing the country’s image. President Rajapaksa was addressing a gathering in Pooneryn town yesterday. The President laid the foundation stone for a hospital and a MoH office near the venue. The President was warmly welcomed at the venue by a large gathering. He said that the Tamil Diaspora should stop channeling their funds into fruitless projects and instead think of the motherland and the people. “As patriotic citizens, they should spend money on fruitful activities such as the development of North rather than spending money on spreading false propaganda,” the President said. He added that certain people who depend on NGOs are trying to tarnish the image of the country by spreading false propaganda. “They have to think with an open mind and lend a helping hand to the people in the North and East. The government has been engaging in a massive development initiative covering the entire country with the North receiving special attention,” he said. “But certain people have failed to understand this truth and they are ruining the peaceful atmosphere of the country while misleading the people in the North and the East,” he said. President Rajapaksa said that every person in the country is now experiencing freedom (Daily News : 21 July 2011).

'Jaffna schools upgraded with WB help' - by Suraj A Bandara in Jaffna - The government with the support of the World Bank has upgraded the infrastructure facilities of 36 schools in Jaffna and a fully fledged zonal education office in Thenmarachchi at a cost of Rs. 150 million. Many projects with the participation of government ministers, local politicians and educationists of the region, were opened yesterday. The joint venture of developing schools was a concept of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. He has personally directed the relevant authorities to upgrade the education system in the war affected areas at their earliest. The Jaffna students had claims to a prestigious history by creating world famous academics, scholars and scientists. Local Government and Provincial Councils Deputy Minister Indika Bandaranayake, participated at the opening ceremony of the Zonal education office in Thenmarachchi, said that before the beginning of the thirty-year war, Jaffna was the hub of education in the country due to the majority of well recognized doctors, engineers and accountants being from Jaffna. "Students from Jaffna were special among the other students, since many of them had the capability to handle any matter due to their education. "We hope that the people of Jaffna would be strong enough to face the future challenges and bring back their thirty-year drawbacks to the present and make ready the next generation to face the future with courage and dedication. All schools that were upgraded through this joint venture, would again be supported to forget all the shortcomings and if any school had a shortage of teachers, they would be provided. Sports facilities should also be rebuilt to create a healthy generation. Since Jaffna seemed uninterested in sports, they should be provided with all the facilities to engage in sports, the Deputy Minister said (Daily News ; 21 July 2011).

Compassionate Justice for the rehabilitated - The civilized world could derive some comfort from the fact that the concept of 'Compassionate Justice' is getting some airing currently in the public sphere. It is probably the most meaningful phrase to surface in the present electoral campaign in the North and one only hopes that more will be heard about the concept in the days and even years to come. President Mahinda Rajapaksa did right to broach the concept because a crucial issue at present in regard to the treatment of ex-LTTE cadres is the degree to which justice must be tempered with mercy and compassion. Considering that quite a few of these former LTTErs were 'misguided youth', there is indeed a great need to dispense justice towards them with a measure of compassion and caring. It is true that they took the fatal step of taking-up arms against the state, and that some of them even soaked their hands in the most bestial fashion in the blood of the innocents, but the degree to which a society is civilized is gauged by the extent to which it forgives, and Sri Lanka is underscoring its eminent eligibility to be counted among the civilized and enlightened by treating these one-time combatants with compassion and caring (Daily News : 21 July 2011).

Rs 150 Million to upgrade 36 Jaffna schools with World Bank help

TMVP mastermind of Rs. 175 mn bank robbery arrested - By Lal Gunasekera - A senior cadre of Eastern Province Chief Minister S. Chandrakanthan’s party TMVP was arrested yesterday by the CID at Wennappuwa for masterminding the robbery of Rs. 160 million cash and Rs 15 million in jewellery from the People’s Bank branch at Puttur two weeks ago. The police said a person who resembled a leading politician in the Eastern Province had been seen riding a motorcycle towards the house of the suspect in Batticaloa a few minutes before the place was raided yesterday, but the mysterious rider had disappeared before the police could intercept him. Five men had arrived in a white van and staged the robbery. None of the robbers have so far been arrested. In addition to those five, investigators are on the trail of five others in connection with the heist. Security sources told The Island last night that two former factions of the LTTE were committing illegal activities in the East. They had between them nearly 15,000 cadres and though the government had offered them two amnesties to surrender their arms only about 80 weapons had been handed over by one faction, while the other had retained their arms, the police said. Sources said that the government had been alerted to a grave security threat posed by those two factions as well as another extremist group with a membership of about 300 to 400 persons, but most of their weapons had been surrendered. The army has now offered a fresh amnesty to surrender all illegal arms in the province by July 31 as there are hundreds of automatic weapons in the possession of various criminal elements there. Last year another bank was robbed at Kalawanchikudi, but so far only one suspect has been arrested (Island : 20 July 2011).

Hillary commends Indian model for Sri Lankan reconciliation - BY S VENKAT NARAYAN Our Special Correspondent - NEW DELHI, July 20: Visiting United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today commended the Indian model to Sri Lanka for political reconciliation. Speaking in Chennai, she said: "India’s diverse democratic system, in which people of all faiths and backgrounds participate equally, can serve as a model for Sri Lanka as it pursues political reconciliation." Towards the end of her 21-minute speech at the packed Anna Centenary Library to students and opinion-makers, Ms Clinton said: "Every citizen of Sri Lanka deserves hope and opportunity." The speech was broadcast live on several Indian television channels. Later, she met Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayaram Jayalalithaa (Island ; 20 July 2011).

Responses to BBC queries regarding the latest ICG effusion - by Rajiva Wijesinha, MP Adviser on Reconciliation to the President - The ICG report says the SL govt has destroyed the LTTE by "adopting the insurgents’ brutality and intolerance of dissent". Please respond/comment.  ‘The regime destroyed the Tigers by rejecting the more conciliatory approach of prior governments and adopting the insurgents’ brutality and intolerance of dissent.’  A most nonsensical statement. The more conciliatory approach of previous governments was traduced by the Tigers, who used this to build up their strength and broke agreements arbitrarily with exceptional brutality - the killing of policemen who surrendered and the massacre of Muslims in the East and ethnic cleansing of them from the North.  Sri Lanka is a parliamentary democracy which saw massive criticism of the government throughout the conflict in Parliament (including by LTTE surrogates the main Tamil political party finally parted company with after the destruction of the LTTE) and forceful attacks on government policies as well as practices by many media groups, some of which had nothing positive to say. This approach continues. Clearly Alan Keenan, who has been responsible for Sri Lanka throughout, and wrote the speech in which Gareth Evans had to confess he did not know the reasons for the generalizations he made, has no idea as to what totalitarian brutality means. ? The report accuses the govt of making reconciliation more difficult by manipulating elections and silencing civil society. Please comment. ‘Progress toward reconciliation in this environment was always going to be difficult. It has been made much more so by the post-war policies of President Rajapaksa and his powerful brothers. With emergency and anti-terrorism laws still in place, they continue to violently repress the media and political opponents, while manipulating elections and silencing civil society.’ (Island ; 20 July 2011).

Hillary's words of wisdom - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said, in New Delhi, that the US would fully cooperate with India to thwart terror attacks against the latter. This pledge is ironic in that about three decades ago the US just looked the other way when Sri Lanka pleaded for help to protect itself against separatist terrorism which India, a Russian ally at that time, promoted to penalise it for having crossed over to the US camp under pro-American President J. R. Jayewardene's government. Sri Lanka has received little or no military assistance from the US to fight terrorism. Former US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Jeffrey Lunstead told US Foreign Relations Committee on Feb. 24, 2009 that the US military relationship with Sri Lanka was almost nil. Never mind the past! America's concern about India's national security and its pledge of cooperation should be appreciated, though it was only the other day that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh went public with a bold statement that South Asia could battle terrorism without outside help. Much as the US cooperation with India to fight terrorism is welcome, what is most needed for India to tackle the problem is a regional effort to remove the scourge, which unfortunately is being fought severally and selectively (Island : 20 July 2011).

Hillary, Jayalalithaa discuss SL Tamils issue - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday voiced concern over the plight of Internally Displaced Persons in Sri Lanka and said her country was looking at some innovative and creative ideas to break the impasse over the Sri Lankan Tamils issue. Hillary, who called on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa at the secretariat in Chennai, told her that US was looking at some innovative and creative ideas to break the impasse and enable Sri Lankan Tamils in camps get back to their own homes. Jayalalithaa said though the war between the Sri Lankan army and LTTE in the island nation was over two years ago, Sri Lankan Tamils in Jaffna area are still in camps and unable to go back to the original areas where they used to live (IBN Live ; 20 July 2011).

Amnesty Int'l Chief meets Kohona - The Head of Amnesty International, United Nations Office, Jose Luis Diaz, met with the Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations Dr. Palitha Kohona, to initiate a dialogue on issues relating to Sri Lanka, particularly those arising from the screening of the Channel-4 video. This contact followed the comments made by Ambassador Palitha Kohona and Deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador Shavendra Silva, at the screening of the Channel-4 video at the UN Church Centre last month, the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the United Nations in New York said in a statement. Asked about the GOSL response to those who feel that the events close to the end of the conflict must be thoroughly investigated in order to prevent Sri Lanka becoming a model in similar conflict situations, Ambassador Kohona emphasized that Sri Lanka prides itself on being governed by the rule of law and by a long established legal tradition. Sri Lanka had no intention of being a model to anyone else. For example, following complaints about a breach of the UN rules of conduct by some of its troops in Haiti, 110 were recalled immediately and investigated and many were punished. For any matter to be taken before the juridical system, like in other countries, credible evidence was required. The Channel-4 video, and the Darusman Report, were flawed due to serious inaccuracies, unsubstantiated allegations, suspect (doctored) footage, and simple interpretations, some of it clearly taken from the Tamil Net, the propaganda arm of the LTTE. It was doubtful that the Channel-4 footage offered the kind of credible evidence that would stand scrutiny before the courts. Equally importantly, given the country’s limited resources (it was after all, a poor developing country) and the urgency of other pressing issues, it was simply wrong and unethical to pile up pressure only in one area (Daily Mirror : 20 July 2011).

We don’t need advice from other countries -- MR - President Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterday that the government had no intention of taking advice from Europe or any other power to resolve the country’s problems.Addressing an election rally in Kilinochchci in support of the UPFA candidates contesting the local government elections in Jaffna, he said, “We do not intend to get advice from Europe or any other power to resolve our problems. We have the capability to find answers in a cordial and peaceful manner. The government expects to resolve the problems through dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding. Sitting together and listening to each other, we can discuss any matter and resolve any conflict.” He also said that the government would apply ‘Compassionate Justice’ when dealing with the Tamil youths who were detained for alleged involvement in terrorist activities while all the others would be integrated into society after rehabilitation. “A majority of ex-LTTE combatants have been rehabilitated, given skills development training and released as law abiding citizens. Some of them have even found employment abroad and many others in various parts of the country. Tamil youth engage in their day to day activities with much enthusiasm and they enjoy their new found freedom and the sense of security,” he said. He said, “It is sad to note that certain people exploit political issues to their advantage and attempt to mislead innocent Tamil youths and lead them to destruction once again. However, the government is confident that they will not fall prey to these treacherous elements. These people are conducting a disinformation campaign against Sri Lanka, highlighting Tamil grievances while having a good time in Europe with all luxuries at their disposal.” The government is aware that the Tamil community, the young generation in particular, has undergone immense hardships under terrorism for 30 years. The government is doing its best to help them and has launched a huge development programme. The government has allocated the largest amount of state funds to the northern province (Daily Mirror : 20 July 2011).

Orientalism, falsehood and melodrama: The world of Kiki Darusman and Gordon Weiss - by Prof Rajiva WIJESINHA, MP - The vivid descriptions by the Darusman Panel and Gordon Weiss of the last month of the conflict are designed to present government as outrageously wicked. Any relief that was provided is attributed to foreigners. Thus the panel brazenly claims that ‘The ICRC’s ships were also the only means for delivering food’. This is nonsense. The ICRC used ships provided by the government, as is clear from the letter of the Commissioner General of Essential Services, one of the unsung heroes of the period. He wrote on May 4th to Paul Castella, the Head of the ICRC delegation in Colombo (Daily News ; 20 July 2011).

Sri Lanka Air Force opened an airstrip in the former LTTE stronghold of Killinochchi

File Photo of a LTTE Hanger

SLAF opens K’nochchi airstrip - Sri Lanka Air Force yesterday opened an airstrip in the former LTTE stronghold of Killinochchi with the landing of a Y12 aircraft. Air Force Commander Air Marshall Harsha Abeywickrema was on board the aircraft. This airstrip is situated seven kilometres away from the A 09 road and about a km off the Security Forces Headquarters in Killinochchi. The area in which the airstrip was developed by the SLAF had been utilized by the LTTE for training its cadres.  This airstrip, to be referred as the Killinochchi airstrip will enable the SLAF’s commercial arm, Helitours to carry out routine commercial flights to Killinochchi from the Ratmalana Airbase. The introductory price of one way ticket to Killinochchi will be Rs 7,500.00. According to Sri Lanka Air Force sources, the biggest and the longest airstrip used by the LTTE at Iranamadu is being reconstructed by the SLAF (Daily News ; 20 July 2011).

Jaffna hotel rooms mostly occupied by Tamil expats - Minister - by Disna MUDALIGE - SLFP Treasurer and Youth Affairs Minister Dullas Alahapperuma said that hotel rooms in Jaffna are mostly being occupied by Sri Lankan Tamils who possess citizenships in foreign countries and not by government officials, MPs or ministers ahead of the local Government Elections in the North, as claimed by certain groups aligned with the Opposition. The minister was responding to a question by a journalist at a press conference held at the Mahaweli Centre yesterday. He stressed that no state influence had been directed at the election campaigns in the North. He observed that since the permission of the Defence Ministry is no more needed to enter Jaffna, anybody can visit these places and realize the truth for themselves. He noted that ministers and government MPs are accommodated in rented houses which are available in those areas. Refuting the claim that the government is attempting to bribe voters in the North, the minister said that the government has no necessity to bribe the Northern community when those areas are enjoying freedom, electricity, transport, cultivation and improved security conditions with the gradual removal of High Security Zones. He also said that the Northern community is honest and truthful and their vote cannot be obtained through bribes. "The recovery rate of loans section in the People's Bank Jaffna branch, even at the height of the war was 95 percent. This is good proof of their honesty", he observed (Daily News ; 20 July 2011).

Professor Nalin De Silva - by Akila Weerasekera, M.S - Recently 49 academics of the Science faculty of University of Kelaniya have signed a petition against Professor Nalin De Silva, the Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Kelaniya. Also, the Sri Lankan Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS) has labeled Professor De Silva as a pseudo scientist and issued a warning to the members of his group regarding their future as Scientists. Apparently the primary reason for this is the methodology which was used to find the cause of Rajarata Kidney disease. They claim that Professor De Silva and his team have challenged the current scientific research principles and therefore the credibility of the University and its scientists is compromised. In science, observations are made, a hypothesis is formed, data are gathered and testing is done, and if the results of testing support the hypothesis, a theory (provisional conclusion) is formulated. If any evidence comes to light that invalidates the conclusion, the conclusion will be amended or even rejected and a replacement theory is sought (LankaWeb ; 19 July 2011).

Channel 4 and our credibility - G. N. Nandimithra, Nawala - Most Sri Lankans are very apprehensive and deeply concerned by the concerted efforts of international agents to undermine our victory over the terrorists, who were plaguing the country. They are equally concerned about the efforts made by the GOSL to meet the criticism and the manner of responding to genuine concerns and accusations. In the first place, when the allegations were made through Channel 4, we should have lost no time going on the offensive, even by hiring reputed experts on video clips and relevant technologists. But the GOSL was indifferent and displayed a lackadaisical approach, perhaps thinking that popularity within the country was good enough to ward off criticism (Island ; 19 July 2011).

Hillary pledges full US support to help India protect itself from terror attacks - by S Venkat Narayan - Our Special Correspondent - NEW DELHI, July 19: Visiting United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today pledged her country’s "full support" to India’s efforts to protect itself from terror attacks, and said she will press Pakistan as "hard" as possible on terror. Addressing a joint press conference here with Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna after the second round of Indo-US Strategic Dialogue, she asserted that it has been made clear to Pakistan that confronting violent extremism of all sorts is in its own interest. Ms Clinton said: "We do not believe that there are any terrorists who should be given safe haven or a free pass by any government, because left unchecked the consequences of that kind of terrorist activity or intimidation can become very difficult to manage and control." She said that, in the aftermath of the attacks of November 2008 in Mumbai, the US had made it very clear that there was an absolute international responsibility to cooperate to bring the perpetrators to justice. The US has made that equally forcefully clear to Pakistan that it has a special obligation to do so transparently, fully and urgently (Island ; 19 July 2011).

Demonstrations in UK

Politics and Law - By Nalin de Silva - I have to postpone my discussion on Arsenic and related topics as it is felt that the thirteenth amendment to the constitution needs immediate attention. As usual India and west are engaged in arm twisting exercises over the thirteenth amendment especially over police and land distribution powers. In any problem it is desirable, not scientific for anybody’s sake, to go to the origin of the problem though we may be repeating ourselves for the umpteenth time. The thirteenth amendment was imposed on us by force by India to solve a non existing ethnic problem. The amendment was based on experience of India where no unitary, eksesath or some form of centralized government existed prior to English rule. They had only dynastic kingdoms, including the so called Asokan Empire which was an extended dynastic state more than an empire. Even Chola Chola (it has some resemblance to the concept Yara Yara among the so called aborigines in and around Melbourne who named the big river Yara Yara) kingdoms that spread across the sea were mainly dynastic states though we refer to them as empires. The concept of Chola mandala reveals the dynastic character of the state. It was the English who finally ended the dynastic states and established a unitary state. In Sri Lanka it was entirely different as we had an eksesath rajya almost from the beginning of the Sinhala civilization and we also had Epa Mapa Adipada Yuvaraja managing areas (rata karaweema) on behalf of the king. We never had emperors in this country and the Portuguese who could not understand the system called the king of Sri Lanka who reined from Kotte the Emperor. There were no independent states and even the Jaffna state was subordinate to the king in Gampola or anywhere else as the case may be. On certain occasions some of the "chieftains" tried to challenge the eksesath state and the king had to cut the chieftain down to size. It is unfortunate that no historian has done a proper study on the eksesath rajya, thus giving the Tamil racist politicians to claim that there was an independent state in Jaffna when the Portuguese conquerors came with colonialism of western Christian modernity. In any event the majority of the Jaffna population was Sinhala at that time (Island ; 19 July 2011).

Airstrip in Kilinochchi - The Sri Lanka Air Force today opened an airstrip in the former LTTE stronghold Kilinochchi. The initial landing was done by an Y12 aircraft in the presence of Air Force Commander, Air Marshal Harsha Abeywickrama. Air Force Spokesperson Group Captain Andy Wijesuriya said that a small part of the airstrip had been used by the LTTE for training purposes. The airstrip was renovated by the airmen and now it is able to handle light aircraft such as Y12 and all types of helicopters. The airstrip which is 1000 meters long is situated north to the Iranamadu airstrip. It is one kilometer from the Killinochchi Security Forces Headquarters and nine kilometers away from the A9 road. “In the near future the SLAF is planning to expand its Helitours operations to Kilinochchi from Ratmalana. We have plans to develop basic infrastructure around the airstrip”, he said. Group Captain Wijesuriya said that the Iranamadu air strip will also be renovated in the near future for commercial and military purposes. The Air Force has a base in Iranamadu at the moment (Daily Mirror ; 19 July 2011).

An open letter to Rathika Sitsabaiesan, NDP MP for Scarborough-Rough River, Ontario, House of Commons, Ottawa - by Asoka Weerasinghe, Canada - I was informed by a ‘moderate’Tamil in Toronto that you were in attendance at the Canadian Human Rights Voice (CHRV) event on July 12 held at the Scarborough Civic Center, rapping about the Darusman Report and the Channel 4 video ‘Killing Fields in Sri Lanka’, and trying to figure out Canada’s responsibilities to respond to the violations of humanitarian and human rights law in Sri Lanka. I wasn’t there, but I wish I were. But I thought that CHRV had the right approach, if and only they were prepared to take off their blinkers, and lasso in one of the international culprits, Canada, for instigating international war crimes, for having brought so much of chest-thumping pain and blood-shedding in Sri Lanka by letting the Canadian Snow Tigers collect two million dollars a month for 13 Liberal governing years to stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest. With that money the Tamil Tigers bought war weapons to haemorrhage that beautiful island nation and kill innocent unarmed people in the thousands in Sri Lanka. This is the island which is filled with beautiful people, Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, you name it, 22 million of them all, that you left behind at age 5 and I at age 19. You seem to be conspicuously selective in your anguish about the war-violence during the last five months of the Eelam war wanting to nail the Sri Lankan Government and its soldiers and the majority Sinhalese to the wall, but Rathika, that unnecessary war had been going on for 30 long bloody years, when the Tamil Tigers hijacked the sacred human right of the ‘right-to-life from all the citizens bombing them with claymore mines, and with 388 suicide bombings blowing them to smithereens, “those God damn Tamil Tiger killer bastards”, I say, and you keep on with your Song and Bharathanatayam’s Alarippus, Jathiswarams and Thillannas trying your utmost to paint the Tamil Tigers as a bunch of goody-two-shoes and Paragons of Virtue. Let’s cut out that Newfoundland cod’s wallop Rathika. Try to be honest with yourself as no doubt you have a conscience. That Eelam War didn’t happen during the last five months before that Tamil Tigers were finished off, but it had gone on for 30 blood curdling years. And that is a neither fact that you cannot deny, your peers cannot deny, nor Amnesty International who participated in this gathering on July 12 (Sinhale Hot News ; 19 July 2011).

Darusman Report & Chanel 4 Video - by Asoka Weerasinghe, Canada - I am still amazed, baffled and shaken that you have taken upon yourself to do your little Song and Bharathanatyam’s Alarippu Dance with your conspicuously selective anguish about the war-violence in Sri Lanka during the last five months of the Tamil Tiger terrorist Eelam War not realizing that the bloody war had been going on for 30 long years, which saw over 100,000 people dead, the majority were my Sinhalese people shot, bombed, bayoneted and chopped by the Tamil Tigers. And you are tagging on to two fraudulent artifacts, the Darusman Report put together by three anti-Sri Lanka “experts”, and the Channel 4 ‘The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka’ video which has begun to unravel like Salomé’s seven veils in front of the world opinion and will soon have its seventh veil drop showing its naked lies. The truth of the video according to digital video experts and video forensic experts is already making the producer and narrator uncomfortable. And very soon you will say: “Oops! I fell for it, didn’t I? It’s my fault. I should have listened to the sincere voice of Asoka Weerasinghe from Ottawa who wanted to guide me away from such frauds.” I think you ought to give up hounding with a vengeance of the Sri Lankan soldiers and their Government who liberated the de facto Eelam and your Tamil people, 300,000 of them during the last five months that you seem to be concerned about, and pack up the idea of wanting to spearhead an All Party Committee to look into the alleged war crimes as told in those two fraudulent war crimes artifacts. You might as well believe me, Rathika, they are two fraudulent documents, period. Just be careful, as you are walking down the road which has a sign showing that it is leading to ‘Dead End Embarrassment Cliff.’ (LankaWeb : 18 July 2011).

‘ICC cannot act against US, Israel and Sri Lanka’ - Head of the International Criminal Court Sang-Hyun Song has said that his court has no jurisdiction to act on matters from non-signatory States such as Sri Lanka, Israel and the US, a report in The Australian said. Song, who runs a tribunal that sits above national legal systems, says his court complements national systems of criminal justice. But some critics — particularly in the US — have described the ICC as a threat to national sovereignty. The report added: "All the concerns about national sovereignty, according to President Song, are based on a misunderstanding of the court’s role." The ICC is a court of last resort. Its jurisdiction is limited to ending impunity for war crimes and a small number of similar "heinous" offences. The Australian report said it can generally deal only with matters from countries that have endorsed the Rome Statute. And even then, it can only step in if national legal systems are unwilling or unable to act. "The ICC, under any circumstances, will not and cannot and should not just jump over the national boundary of sovereign states and stir around the normally functioning judicial system of a sovereign state," President Song said. "It is basically your job and we remain outside the operation of the national legal system, just waiting to step in in the case of inability or unwillingness." However, at the height of last year’s furore over the prosecution of Australian troops, Australian academics pointed out that it was the ICC that decided whether countries were unwilling or unable to prosecute. "President Song, who is a distinguished South Korean jurist and former judge-advocate of the Korean army, was speaking to The Australian this week during a break in the commonwealth law ministers’ meeting in Sydney. While officially an observer, he and the ICC had a direct interest in its proceedings (Island ; 18 July 2011).

How Sri Lankan security forces liberated Tamils from the clutches of LTTE - Video - We Are Sri Lankans  : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLyrkehMnO8

Can someone explain the secret of these two events in Sri Lankan history? - Dr. Sudath Gunasekara - This is a big question I would like to pose specially to those who are at times cynical about some widely accepted socio-cultural and religious values of this Island nation even though they accept the common axiom that history repeats itself. This question is associated with an extraordinary experience I noticed in a recent visit (26.6.2011) to the Seruwila sacred area. We all have heard the often quoted axiom ‘history repeats itself’. But isn’t it strange that the same incident Sri Lanka had occurred on the same soil twice in history. The incidents I am referring to here are the Dutugemunu-Elara and the Mahinda-Pabhakaran wars against the enemy. Surprisingly they were fought by two sons of mother Lanka on behalf of Sri Lanka, born in the same region called Magama in down south at two different epochs of history of this Island nation. Isn’t this curious for any country in the world? What is even more surprising to me is that the place mentioned in this article had been the ‘epicenter’ of both these two historic wars, one in the 2nd century BC and the other in the 21st century AD, nearly 1242 years apart. Furthermore both these wars have accomplished the same goal of liberating the country from the enemy and bringing it under one parasol. Of cause the only difference is the one in the 2nd century BC was fought against a South Indian invader where as the one in 2006 was fought against a Sri Lankan terrorist outfit. The only common factor is that both occasions the enemy had been Tamils of South Indian origin. The general pattern of both these high dramas is very much similar and the beginning of the final assault had taken place in this same sacred region (Lankaweb : 18 July 2011).

Helualizing Bias and Accountability of the Darusman’s Report - By Dr. Chandana Jayalath - At the outset, the decision to appoint a panel is clearly a violation of the authority under which the Secretary-General of the UN is expected to function under Article 100, Clause 1 of the UN Charter. The Article 100 stipulates that in the performance of their duties the Secretary-General and the staff shall not seek or receive instructions from any government or from any other authority external to the Organization. However being fundamentally in breach of this Article, the UN Secretary General has acted ultraviors. Therefore, the Darusman Report is NOT an official UN Report sanctioned by the UN’s Security Council, instead, it is a composition written in a report form by a group of persons interested in Sri Lankan politics on a historical reason (LankaWeb : 18 July 2011).

Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees from Tamil Nadu are returning back - Some 2,800 Sri Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu India have expressed an interest in returning home in the near future. The UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) states that it is helping a growing number of Sri Lankan refugees to return to their villages in the war-torn North and East, two years after the three-decade long conflict ended in May 2009. According to the agency, over 1000 refugees have returned so far this year. Most of the returnees are from the refugee camps in Tamil Nadu, smaller numbers from countries such as Malaysia, Georgia and the Caribbean island of St. Lucia also have returned recently. Returning refugees have returned to Trincomalee, Mannar, Vavuniya and Jaffna and a few have gone to areas in Kilinochchi, Batticaloa, Ampara and Colombo. UNHCR's Representative in Sri Lanka Mr. Michael Zwack, said that the newly established ferry service between Colombo and Tuticorin in India's Tamil Nadu state is a boost for the returnees. He said the number of refugees arriving in Sri Lanka is rising slowly and could increase further over the next half year with the recent launch of the Tuticorin-Colombo ferry service. Mr. Zwack said that the Sri Lankan refugees who are interested in returning home can approach the nearest UNHCR office in their country of asylum. Once the request is processed, the UNHCR will provide an air ticket to Sri Lanka and help them to obtain relevant travel documents. He said that once the refugees returned to Sri Lanka, the UNHCR staff will meet them at the airport and provide them with a modest transport grant to help them make their way home (Asian Tribune ; 18 July 2011).

DEAR HONORABLE CONGRESSMAN, HEATH SHULER - by Susantha Wijesinghe-  Dear Honorable Congressman, Heath Shuler, It is with great deference that I wish to compliment you, on your intellectual attitude, on the subject of Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International-USA screening a controversialdocumentary about Sri Lanka. All beautiful Sri Lankans appreciate your profound understanding of,the great deal of mis-information and debate about what occurred during the final days of the Sri Lank’s War. Suffice to say, it is the floating rump of the LTTE Terrorists and Terrorists Sympathisers around the major cities of the world, that are on a crusade to vilify the Government of Sri Lanka. Your wisdom, is explicitly laudable, when you say, “ SRI LANKA IS THE ONLY DEMOCRACYTO HAVE DEFEATED A TERRORIST ORGANISATION IN RECENT MEMORY. The Tiger Terrorists have amassed a great deal of wealth, by collecting funds from the Terrorist Sympathiser Diaspora. They use these funds very liberally, and very lavishly, to fork out to those who are ready to spread mis-information about Sri Lanka. They are masters at deception and lies. USA declared that the Tamil Tiger Terrorists were the most Ruthless Terrorist Organisation in the World (LankaWeb : 18 July 2011).

Women leader of Tamil rebel organization produced in court and further detained - Sri Lanka police Criminal Investigation Department informed the Colombo Magistrate Court today that the investigations regarding the leader of the women's political wing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are still underway. The Criminal Investigation Department requested more time for investigations and the Colombo Chief Magistrate Rashmi Singappuli directed to produce the suspect in court again on August 01. Subramaniam Shivathai alias Thamilini, the leader of the women's political wing of the LTTE, surrendered to the security forces in May 2009 following the annihilation of the Tamil rebel movement (Colombo page ; 18 July 2011).

HRW and Amnesty show their true colors at Capitol Hill: Throws speculations and frenzy exaggerations when questioned - By Joseph Navaratnam , Bethesda, MD, USA - The disaster the world heading in terms of human rights was well demonstrated yesterday (July 15) at Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. It was really shocking and disgusting to witness how the so-called protectors of global human rights shamelessly tried to capitalise the sufferings of my kith and kin in Sri Lanka to fulfill their self serving objectives. As a Tamil living in the USA, I travelled to the Washington D.C. expecting that these Human Rights protectors would finally do something meaningful to support the Tamils in Sri Lanka who had suffered immensely due to the three decades of civil war. I was informed by an email circulated among the Tamil community here that Amnesty and Human Rights Watch have organized a screening of “Sri Lanka Killing Fields” by Channel 4 at Capitol Hill. I have of course seen this video before, but this time, I thought that these organizations were trying to obtain some kind of support from the United States to make the lives of my friends in Sri Lanka better. I thought of carrying happy news to them after the event. But, alas, what did they do? They sold our sufferings wholesale without any regard to the people who really suffered and tried to the rekindle the bonfire that caused all these sufferings with their fallacies. From the opening remark to the end it was disgusting. I am sure that these shameless people will continue their effort until they see bloodshed in Sri Lanka once again. All I can do is to report what I saw and at least the world would be aware of it (Asian Tribune : 18 July 2011).

Expatriate Sri Lankans in UK protest against Channel 4

(Photos by Jayamuni Silva) (Colombo page ; 17 July 2011).

US Tamil questions ‘Channel 4’ credibility - A Sri Lankan Tamil who is currently a US citizen, expressed his shock and disgust on how the so called protectors of global human rights shamelessly tried to capitalize on the sufferings of Tamils in Sri Lanka to fulfill their self serving objectives. Joseph Navaratnam, a Tamil living in the USA, lashed out at Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch who screened the Channel 4 video at Capitol Hill, for selling the sufferings wholesale of the Tamils to “rekindle the bonfire that caused all these sufferings.” “From the opening remark to the end it was disgusting. I am sure that these shameless people will continue their effort until they see bloodshed in Sri Lanka once again. All I can do is to report what I saw and at least the world would be aware of it,” Navaratnam said. He said Congressman Jim McGovern who represents an area where many of his Tamil friends live, facilitated the event clearly to gain some political mileage over the sufferings of some unfortunate people in a far away island. “There was no harm in it, if it was not for the fact the event turned into a show of hateful propaganda fuelling racism. Congressman Mc Govern, for some reason kept his introductory remarks very brief to the disappointment of the organizers. It seems that he had somehow smelt the fishy nature of the whole episode.” Navaratnam described the video as a harrowing masterpiece of propaganda produced with great deliberation. “There has been lot of comments by both sides about the video. To me, I have no doubts that the suffering of the people in video were real, but who was responsible for them, I have my serious doubts,” he said. He observed that the footages claiming to be taken inside the no fire zone were not new. Navaratnam added: “They were there in the Tamilnet and many other websites during the wartime. The cameramen were definitely LTTE cadres who filmed the scenes with no reaction of panic or fear about shelling. Knowing the LTTE’s brutal skill to create situations which they can take propaganda advantage, I have serious doubts of the party who had really fired the shells.” “There were many reports during the wartime of LTTE targeting no fire zone with their heavy artillery to stop people going there. About the girl who testify about shelling, I wonder how she survived if such systematic shelling occurred.” (Daily News ; 18 July 2011).

British Sri Lankans take to streets accusing Channel 4 TV of inciting race-hate - ” Over 2000 British Sri Lankans of different ethnicities and political hues met in London in Sunday evening to stage a massive demonstration against the Channel 4 TV, which at present is going around the world with a “documentary”, named “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”. The protesters condemned the controversial documentary as malicious and accused the Channel 4 TV of inciting racial hatred between Sri Lankan communities in the UK, including the younger generations, and thereby playing into the hands of separatist forces operational outside Sri Lanka. They shouted slogans charging that the Channel 4 TV is engaged in a well-orchestrated campaign to vilify Sri Lanka. Many participants had their own stories of the damage caused to the image of the country by this Channel 4 documentary, and how it has affected their friendships with members of other communities. They expressed outrage that the film lacked any sense of balance or objectivity. The protestors also questioned the integrity of some Channel 4 journalists whose personal grudges against Sri Lanka are on record, and urged the British law enforcement authorities to keep an eye on the money flows behind such large-scale media operations, particularly at a time when the British media is shaken by despicable incidents of unethical journalism. Waving Sri Lankan and British flags the protestors displayed many banners urging the Channel 4 TV not to abuse media freedom in Britain in such a biased manner (Asian Tribune : 18 July 2011).

North-East gets one percent of GDP Funds given to increase livelihoods: Bank loans for over 94,500 families: - by Priyanka Kurugala in Pallikuda, Kilinochchi - The government has spent around one percent of the Gross Domestic Product for development programmes of the Northern and Eastern provinces under the directions of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Living standards of people in these areas have been improving at a rapid pace, Prison Reform and Rehabilitation Minister Chandrasiri Gajadeera said. He was addressing the inauguration of the Pallikuda village rehabilitation project in Pallikuda, Kilinochchi. This programme has been conducted by the Rehabilitation Authority, under the Pallikuda Rehabilitation Project. A considerable amount has been provided to increase the livelihoods of people in the Pallikuda area under this project. It will be an ideal way to raise their living standards, he said. “Around 94,631 families in the North and the East have been provided loans from banks under development programmes. The government has drawn plans for such development programmes without expectation of foreign funds,” Gajadeera said. “The government is unable to provide everything which these people have lost in their lives. Nevertheless, it is dedicated to provide everything within its capacity. People in this area have harrowing experiences of 30 years of terrorism. Those rehabilitated have the opportunity to rebuild their villages using their manpower,” he said. Addressing the ceremony, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Deputy Minister Susantha Punchinilame said the government is ready to provide financial assistance for women who are willing to commence their own self-employment projects. Under the Divineguma programme, the government has selected around 300 individuals for assistance to commence new self-employment ventures. The government is expecting to uplift these areas to the level of other areas in the country. Cleaning and reconstructing of the Pallikuda reservoir also commenced. Around 500 young individuals who are being rehabilitated under the Rehabilitation Authority participated in this shramadana campaign. Minister Gajadeera laid the foundation stone to rebuild a kovil for the Pallikuda fisheries village. He also provided coconut saplings to people in this area. Gifts were also presented to schoolchildren. Prison Reform and Rehabilitation Ministry secretary A Dissanayake and other officers also participated (Daily News ; 18 July 2011).

Public administrative service developed in Jaffna - by Ridma Dissanayake - Sri Lanka has been scarred by brutal terrorism for nearly three decades. In May 2009, the government of Sri Lanka announced a military victory over the LTTE, ensuring peace in the country. The government has now accelerated its work to ensure development in the North and East provinces.  President Mahinda Rajapaksa seeks to provide the same rights and facilities to people there. Accordingly, Mahinda Chinthana future vision has been formulated to ensure rights to all persons. All ministries, departments and other institutes have a pivotal role to play in this development programme and the Public Administration and Home Affairs Ministry has taken measures to develop administrative services in the North and East provinces while providing infrastructure facilities apart from other facilities to the people in those areas. The Jaffna district consist of 11 Divisional Secretariat divisions and four Assistant Government Agent divisions. The district consists of 435 Grama Niladhari divisions and 1,320 villages. Agriculture, fisheries, livestock, construction industry and trading activities are their primary livelihood sources (Daily News : 18 July 2011).

Grand Old Parties and North-East support - The gradual easing of support for what are considered this country’s Grand Old Parties, among the citizenry of the North-East and the almost exclusive association of these parties, at the popular level, with the majority community, are a measure of the degree to which the people of the North-East felt estranged, over the years, from Sri Lanka’s mainstream society. While political parties, such as, the UNP and the SLFP, portray themselves as national parties, it is unfortunate that they could not live-up to this image fully by maintaining a substantial support base in the North and East. It is a matter for some satisfaction that the SLFP is attempting to catch-up on lost time and ground by establishing an SLFP headquarters in the Northern Province. We also do not consider it as essentially negative for President Mahinda Rajapaksa and for ministers from the centre to be seen in the province these days, campaigning strongly for a UPFA victory at the upcoming local government polls. Where parties, such as, the SLFP and the UNP failed, was to maintain a substantial support base in the North-East and to build on it over the decades. If they had done this diligently, the chances are that separatism would not have grown to the proportions to which it did (Daily News : 18 July 2011).

US Tamil questions ‘Channel 4’ credibility

British Sri Lankans take to streets accusing Channel 4 TV of inciting race-hate: Condemn Channel 4 TV’s anti-Sri Lanka campaign as biased, and a disgrace to British media - Over 2000 British Sri Lankans of different ethnicities and political hues met in London in Sunday evening to stage a massive demonstration against the Channel 4 TV, which at present is going around the world with a “documentary”, named “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”. The protesters condemned the controversial documentary as malicious and accused the Channel 4 TV of inciting racial hatred between Sri Lankan communities in the UK, including the younger generations, and thereby playing into the hands of separatist forces operational outside Sri Lanka. They shouted slogans charging that the Channel 4 TV is engaged in a well-orchestrated campaign to vilify Sri Lanka. Many participants had their own stories of the damage caused to the image of the country by this Channel 4 documentary, and how it has affected their friendships with members of other communities. They expressed outrage that the film lacked any sense of balance or objectivity. The protestors also questioned the integrity of some Channel 4 journalists whose personal grudges against Sri Lanka are on record, and urged the British law enforcement authorities to keep an eye on the money flows behind such large-scale media operations, particularly at a time when the British media is shaken by despicable incidents of unethical journalism. Waving Sri Lankan and British flags the protestors displayed many banners urging the Channel 4 TV not to abuse media freedom in Britain in such a biased manner. They denounced the Channel 4 TV’s style of journalism – collating video and still frames posted in pro-LTTE websites to form “a documentary” and presenting them to a largely an unsuspecting audience using a female LTTE activist to narrate, with no evidence in support of her own emotion-stirring claims. The protestors questioned the Channel 4 TV as to why it did not see the fact that the very army it accuses of killing civilians has sacrificed the lives of its own members to save about 300, 000 civilians trapped by the LTTE terrorists. They accused the Channel 4 TV of acting according to a script to fit a pre-meditated agenda citing Channel 4 TV has disregarded even the fact that the army did not kill but captured more than 11, 000 LTTE cadres alive (LankaWeb ; 17 July 2011).

Post-war cooperation:US, Australia at C’bo security meet India skips confab co-sponsored by SL and US - By Shamindra Ferdinando - Having boycotted Sri Lanka’s Defence Symposium (Defeating Terrorism: the Sri Lanka Experience) late last May citing alleged accountability issues, the US and Australia last week participated in a five-day maritime security conference in Colombo. Several countries, including the UK boycotted the three-day defence symposium over allegations of excesses by the Sri Lankan military during eelam war IV, a charge strongly denied by Sri Lanka. Of some 52 countries invited to the symposium, only 41 attended. An authoritative military official told The Island that the South Asia Maritime Security Conference aka MARSEC co-hosted by Sri Lanka and the US had underscored the importance of greater collaboration among countries to tackle maritime security issues, particularly piracy. Participants acknowledged the need to enhance cooperation and explore ways and means of meeting the threat posed by pirates (Island : 17 July 2011).

More cricket amidst LTTE sabotage efforts - Amidst attempts by the UK-based LTTE operatives to isolate Sri Lanka, four English cricket teams are here to participate in the inaugural Murali Cup tournament featuring eight teams, including St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna. Government sources told The Island that the tour was important due to ongoing attempts by the LTTE to undermine the country. Sources pointed out that English school authorities have gone ahead with the tour in spite of the uproar caused by Channel 4 telecasting ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’produced by Channel 4 News. The LTTE made an abortive bid to disrupt Sri Lanka’s recently concluded tour of England. Sources alleged that the LTTE was now making an effort to pressure Australia over the forthcoming tour of Sri Lanka citing ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields.’ Participating UK schools comprised Dulwich College, King Edward’s School Southampton, Warwick School and Bloxham School. Local teams included Seenigama X1, St. Patrick’s College Jaffna and Hindu College, Matale apart from a school team from Malaysia. A spokesperson for the organizers told The Island that visiting English teams were currently staying at Coral Sands Hotel Hikkaduwa, where the awards ceremony would be held today (July 18). The guest of honour will be Muttiah Muralitharan. Former secretary MCC Roger Knight OBE and Kushil Gunasekera of the Foundation of Goodness will be present (Island : 17 July 2011).

Expatriate Sri Lankans in UK protest against Channel 4 - 'Sri Lankans in the UK', a broad, volunteer coalition of Sri Lankan associations and individuals in Britain held a massive demonstration on Sunday against the Channel 4 TV, which produced and broadcasted a documentary, named "Sri Lanka?s Killing Fields", in front of the TV station in London. The protesters carrying placards shouted slogans calling Channel 4 activities against Sri Lanka as unethical, malicious and biased. Some of the placards read "Channel 4 creates hatred between Sinhalese and Tamils", "Sri Lanka Killing Fields C4 Contract for LTTE" and "Channel 4 Official LTTE Mouthpiece". Independent observers noted that there were more than 3,000 Sri Lankans took part in this protest which lasted for four hours. (Photos by Jayamuni Silva) (Colombo page ; 17 July 2011).

Sri Lanka, only democracy that defeated terror - US Congressman

Films Channel 4 cannot make - by Malinda Seneviratne - Dr. Noel Nadesan, a Tamil domiciled in Australia who edited the Tamil community newspaper ‘Uthayam’ for 14 years has responded to the recently released Channel 4 film (yes, not ‘documentary’) on Sri Lanka. He says, based on long experience with the Tamil community both in Australia and Sri Lanka, he’s sad ‘about the callous way in which the media is exploiting the suffering of (his) Tamil people for self-serving ends’. He argues, cogently, that the Channel 4 film does not help the long suffering Tamil people but indeed only makes things worse. He has pointed out example by example Channel 4’s malice and utter disregard for professional ethics. He has stated some truths that would make the makers of that film uncomfortable, but only if they are guilty of honest error. That’s sadly not the case. Let’s hear what Dr. Nadesan says: ‘I travelled in Sri Lanka seven times during the last two years widely in war zones in Vanni and talked to the victims who were trapped in the war zones. They knew that they were targeted by both sides and they could not comprehend why the LTTE should expose them to retaliatory fire in the NFZ. They could not understand why the LTTE turned the NFZ into a war zone (The Nation : 17 July 2011).

Kumaran Pathmanathan A.K.A Kp Is Still A Hard Core Terrorist Who Doesn’t Deserve Any Mercy - by Malin Abeyatunge - Keheliya Rambukwella has alleged to have said at a cabinet briefing that KP is somewhat fully rehabilitated <http://www.nation.lk/2011/07/10/news5.htm> (The Nation; July 10, 2011). To the extent beyond somewhat the borderline. He is still a hard core terrorist with blood on his hands. Can we trust him? No. There is a saying among the Tamils that “the only Tamil that can be trusted is a dead one and one in a photo,” (not meant to insult). Kumaran Pathmanathan with so many aliases and most popularly a.k.a KP in the LTTE circle is not an ordinary person but clever (to pass through so many countries with false passports), skillful (building a fleet of ships for LTTE from crap), cunning as a fox and excellent manoeuvre (Many western politicians, UN officials, Human Rights Activists obliged to him for may be known reasons). He is applying all his skills now to go a free man. He was the livewire and financial controller for years (after the disappearance of Thilagar (Paris) in Wanni behind the LTTE military operations in Sri Lanka. It was KP who was totally responsible in prolonging the war by a timely supply of illegal arms to the Tamil Tigers. If not for his scandalous operations in procurements of arms illegally and shipping them to the LTTE, narcotic trade, human smuggling, money laundering and managing a fleet of ships, this war against Tamil Tigers could have ended very much earlier provided that we had the right leadership at that time like President Mahinda Rajapaksa. We cannot forgive KP for the horrendous crimes committed by Tamil Tigers which resulted in thousands of deaths of our soldiers and thousands of innocent civilians in which he was playing a major role. His involvement with the LTTE is much more horrendous than a LTTE suicide bomber. KP is a smart scoundrel who had tens of aliases and visas and roamed for years from one country to another without being caught at the customs until he was kidnapped and arrested by the SL intelligence (Sunday Leader ; 17 July 2011).  (Re-produced full in Sri Lanka News Online : 17 July 2011).

WANTED by INTERPOL (Click here)

Atrocities committed by the LTTE using weapons and ammunition supplied by KP (Click here)

Shadow LTTE’s subtle propaganda campaign in Colombo - In conversation with Mathias Keittle Mathias Keittle has been a student of Sri Lankan affairs for over 25 years. He has visited Sri Lanka regularly. He is currently touring the country. A German and a graduate of Tubingen and Cambridge, he has unique insights to the political developments in Sri Lanka. He is planning to compile his thinking into a book to be published in the German language. Asian Tribune interviewed Mathias Keittle and given below the excerpts of the interview: Asian Tribune: In your view did the Government, at any point, intend to keep Tamil civilians in concentration camps indefinitely? Mathias Keittle: This is another of those politically motivated sympathy generating charges leveled against the Government of Sri Lanka by the shadow LTTE in Colombo and reflected by the diplomatic community. The term “concentration camp” is emotionally charged and ever since the British invented concentration camps during the Boer War in 1899, they have been used by many powers, including as recently as the 80s and early 90s in Northern Ireland. The Sri Lankan Government came up with the idea of protected villages at Manik Farm for IDPs for a number of reasons; for ease of delivering, shelter, food, health care, etc to approximately 300,000 IDPs, for the better protection for the IDPs, to prevent former LTTE cadres who had mingled with the IDPs from slipping back into the jungle (approximately 11,700 were identified in Manik Farm), to prevent looting of supplies delivered to the IDPs as it happened earlier in the East and predatory sexual assaults on females, to discourage denuding of surrounding forests for fire wood, etc. Happily today, over 95% of the IDPs are back in their villages in less than two years. They have not returned to idyllic surroundings but the Government appears to be trying hard to make their return as acceptable as possible. A record that cannot be matched elsewhere in the world in similar IDP situations. Returnees are monitored by the UNHCR and are assisted by over 70 NGOs, INGOs and bilateral aid donors. Asian Tribune: Why are the emergency regulations still in place? (The Nation : 17 July 2011).

Mumbai attacks: Lessons for Lanka - The commercial capital of India was again rocked this week by simultaneous bomb explosions, their impact resounding through the sub-continent. It is easy for Sri Lankans to empathise with the anguish of the people of Mumbai, having lived through such venomous terrorist attacks not so long ago. It is unfortunate, however, that apart from a brief statement from President Mahinda Rajapaksa immediately after the explosions on Wednesday evening, the Government of Sri Lanka did not issue a more formal statement on behalf of the people of Sri Lanka to the Government and people of India sympathising with them and condemning these acts of terror. The Government of India has a monumental task before it. While it has been accustomed to conventional wars and insurgencies since Independence in 1947, it is still not geared for this kind of cowardly terrorist acts. Despite the horrific events of 26/11 (2008) also in Mumbai, the authorities are still grappling with how to deal with them. Sri Lanka, with its limited resources faced the same difficulties -- from the lack of prior intelligence to the lack of equipment and trained policemen, and an effective post-incident drill, but the authorities learnt on the job and the people coped as best as they could. Often, the shortcomings were self-inflicted. The head of the National Intelligence Bureau for instance, was in court appearing on behalf of the then President in a case of defamation when the Central Bank bomb went off in 1995. Priorities were lopsided. Tender rackets in procurements were the order of the day. One can see the Indian authorities now up against the same scrutiny and criticism (Sunday Times ; 17 July 2011).

Much enthusiasm among Northern voters: All set for free and fair LG polls - by L. S. Ananda WEDAARACHCHI - Arrangements have been made to ensure a free and fair poll to elect 875 members to 65 local bodies on Saturday, July 23, Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya said yesterday. A total of 5,688 candidates are contesting the poll at which 2,630,985 voters are eligible to cast their votes at 2,226 polling booths, said Commissioner Deshapriya. According to reports from Jaffna, there is much enthusiasm among the Northern voters who will elect members for 23 local bodies after a lapse of three decades. The largest number of local bodies for which elections are being held this time is in the North. Elections will be held for 16 Pradeshiya Sabhas and three Urban Councils in the Jaffna district, three Pradeshiya Sabhas in the Kilinochchi district and one Pradeshiya Sabha in the Mullaitivu district as the de-mining process has further delayed elections to two Pradeshiya Sabhas - the Pudukudiyiruppu and Maritimepatru Pradeshiya Sabhas. Assistant Commissioner of Elections for the Jaffna district A. S. Karunanidhi told the Sunday Observer that he is ready for the polls with a full-fledged elections office in Kilinochchi (Sunday Observer : 17 July 2011).

Lankan visit: Fox hunting in House of Commons - Despite the antipathy towards Sri Lanka by the present British government, its Defence Minister Liam Fox took time off to come to Colombo last Saturday to deliver the fifth Lakshman Kadirgamar oration. It was held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute with a crowded audience. Fox is, perhaps, the only British Cabinet minister who could be termed as a good friend of Sri Lanka. However, it seemed a strange irony that no UPFA government politician was present on the occasion. The only exception was External Affairs Minister G.L. Peiris who presided at the event. No doubt, Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa met Dr. Fox on arrival and spent an hour with him at the airport's VIP Lounge, and President Mahinda Rajapaksa conferred with him later, but not a single Cabinet minister thought it fit to even honour their former colleague by attending the memorial lecture. It was whilst serving as the Minister of External Affairs in the PA government that the late Kadirgamar succeeded in persuading Britain to impose a ban on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). He later fell victim to an LTTE assassin. The fact that Fox had to make the visit to Colombo at personal cost can be seen from the string of questions in the House of Commons. Here is a catalogue of questions listed for answer: Jim Murphy (East Renfrewshire): To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, when his recent visit to Sri Lanka (a) started and (b) ended. He is also to ask the Secretary of State for Defence, whether any (a) Government officials and (b) special advisers were involved in the preparation or delivery of the oration during his recent visit to Sri Lanka (Sunday Times : 17 July 2011).

Weapons cache in former hospital - By Dinidu de Alwis - Sri Lanka Army demining engineers recovered a cache of weapons, believed to have been used by the LTTE, from the former war zone in the North, Army spokesperson Maj. Gen. Ubhaya Medawela said. In a statement released by the Army’s media unit, Medawala said that engineers involved in a demining operation in Mullaitivu in the former conflict zone found the weapons cache of 115 unusable T-56 assault rifles “to the astonishment of demining troops”. “Valipunam Mixed School, alleged to have been converted to a ‘hospital’ by the LTTE to treat civilians, was declared a no-fire zone by the government on January 24, 2009, in response to a request made by the ICRC,” the statement added. United Nations alleged however that the area was repeatedly shelled by government troops – in breaking the rules of engagement – during the final phases of the war causing civilians deaths. “On or around 19 to 21 January, Army shells hit Valipunam hospital, located in the first NFZ, killing patients. Throughout the final stages of the war, virtually every hospital in the Vanni, whether permanent or makeshift, was hit by artillery. Particularly those which contained wounded LTTE were hit repeatedly,” the Panel of Experts report on accountability in Sri Lanka stated. The military has however consistently denied the findings of the report. “Even within the NFZs declared for the safety of civilians, the LTTE deployed them as human shields by placing war like material in the civilian-held zones (The Nation : 17 July 2011).

South India returnees welcome to settle in N-E - by L.S. Ananda WEDAARACHCHI - Displaced people returning from South India who wish to be resettled in the Northern and Eastern Provinces are welcome, said Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa. Members of the Tamil Diaspora are not willing to come back to Sri Lanka and work for the country. They continue to stay overseas so that they could enjoy better economic opportunities, the Minister said. Referring to 12 displaced families returning from South India recently., the Minister said that more families that left for South India due to LTTE terror are now returning to Sri Lanka in view of the prevailing peace and development projects implemented in the country. The Economic development Ministry provides assistance to such families. A series of infrastructure development projects have been implemented under the Uthuru Wasanthaya following the liberation of the North from LTTE terror, the Minister said. The aim of development projects such as Maga Neguma and Divi Neguma is to usher in a new era of prosperity. The Economic Development Ministry and other Ministries such as Agriculture, Fisheries, Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development provide financial assistance and technical support to these people to pick up their former professions, the Minister said.Seed and plant material, fertiliser and agriculture equipment are provided free for them to engage in agriculture, he said.Referring to the Divi Neguma national program implemented by the Economic Development Ministry, the Minister said the project has now been successfully implemented in 13,111 Grama Sevaka areas of 298 Divisional Secretary Divisions. The supply of vegetables and fruits has sharply increased due to the success of the Divi Neguma program (Sunday Observer ; 17 July 2011).

Indo-Lanka ferry service to boost refugee returns: UNHCR – A ferry service commenced recently between Sri Lanka and India for the first time in decades is set to boost the return of Sri Lankan refugees from their camps in South India back to their bases, a UN High Commissioner of Refugees report has said. “The number of refugees arriving back home in Sri Lanka is rising slowly and could increase further over the next half year with the recent launch of the Tuticorin-Colombo ferry service,” said Michael Zwack, UNHCR’s Representative in Sri Lanka. The Tuticorin-Colombo ferry service began in mid June after more than 20 years gap and the officials said it was expected to invigorate tourism and commercial activity between the two countries. Middle level Indian traders especially in the textile business were likely to be the direct beneficiaries of the service. “There were said to be some 141,000 of them (Sri Lankan refugees) around the world, the majority in Tamil Nadu,” the UNHCR report said. Some 2,800 Sri Lankan refugees in India and beyond have expressed their desire to return home, it said. There had been a massive exodus of Sri Lankan refugees, mostly Tamils, to India and other destinations since the escalation of the conflict between LTTE and the government forces in the mid 1980s (The Nation : 17 July 2011).

Equal human rights for all in Sri Lanka - Ambassador Jaliya Wickremasuriya - By Ravi LADDUWAHETTY - Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the United States Jaliya Wickremasuriya, in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Observer, said the US should be aware that human rights have been restored equally to all Sri Lankans without fear or favour. The Sri Lankan envoy in Washington has also told the Western media, who has been very cynical of Sri Lanka’s human rights, that Sri Lanka has been very practical and implemented these rights equally unlike the Western world which is merely theoretical. The envoy also said 12 Fortune 500 listed multinational corporates have written to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last month that Sri Lanka’s investment climate was sound. The full interview: (Sunday Observer : 17 July 2011).

Anandasangaree wants ministers out of North - By S. Selvakumar - Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Leader V. Anandasangaree in a statement issued yesterday requested the President to recall his coterie of ministers now engaged in election work in the North. Anandasangaree further requested the President to confine the Army to the barracks until the LG elections are over and hand over all law and order concerns to the Police. “Since it was more than two years since the war was concluded the people in the North were still unable to lead a normal life. Some still cannot have three square meals a day,” he said in the statement. It also said that Sri Lanka is a small country and the Northern Province is just a small part of the country. “The elections have been called only in certain parts of the North. The people there should be allowed to act according to their wishes and it is regrettable to note that without doing so we are still dominating them like early settlers,” it stated. The presence of the armed forces at each nook and corner of the peninsula had created fear in the minds of the ordinary people and it also fail to justify the actions of people like me and the like minded to work in coordination with the government and that the forthcoming election is just an ordinary local government poll and does not require the presence of the President and his coterie of ministers, Anandasangaree added in the statement. Anandasangaree added that people there need not be taught how paddy fields should be ploughed, how it should be cultivated and harvested. “These were all known to our people. Instead of wasting money on holding functions to teach the people of things already known to them, it was far better to spend the colossal sums of money wasted to spend it on alienating the standard of life of the people who long suffered due to the war.” He recalled how certain former LTTE cadres have joined the government and working in coalition with it and therefore it was the public who should fear the government and not the vice versa. Anandasangaree called upon the government to inquire into the wealth acquired by these ex-Tigers who have now joined the government and make them answerable to the laws of the country (The Nation ; 17 July 2011).

Terrorism should not be tolerated in our region - By Shanika SRIYANANDA - Sri Lanka suffered for decades due to terrorism and many innocent sons and daughters were being killed. However from 2005, within two and half years the terror, that plagued Mother Sri Lanka, was gradually swept away until the world’s ruthless terrorists disappeared in the murky waters of the Nanthikadal lagoon bringing an end to their ‘separate State’ ambition. Since 2009 May, Sri Lanka is beautifully and peacefully emerging from the devastation that swept her while terror is still sadly playing havoc with innocent lives in other nations. The latest is the Mumbai attack on innocent civilians last Wednesday. Sri Lanka’s committed and dedicated leader, who spearheaded the humanitarian mission to defeat the world’s most dangerous terrorists - the LTTE - was among the first world leaders who voiced against the Mumbai attack. He who, invited all nations to join hands with Sri Lanka to destroy terrorism when Sri Lanka was suffering from LTTE terror, has today invited all peace loving nations to get together to defeat terrorism. “Terrorism should not be tolerated in our region and should not be allowed to raise its ugly head anywhere in any form or manifestation”, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa who strongly condemned the dastardly attacks on innocent civilians in Mumbai on Wednesday. Issuing a statement immediately after the devastating attack he said the people of Sri Lanka stand in solidarity with the people of India and would continue to work collectively with the peace loving people of the region to eradicate terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. “Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been wounded and those who lost their loved ones as a result of the violent attacks”, he said (Sunday Observer : 17 July 2011).

During LG polls on July 23; No Army deployment - By S. Selvakumar Army will not be deployed in the North during the forthcoming local government elections, high ranking Election Department sources told The Nation. This was sequel to inquiries made from the Elections Secretariat that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had requested not to deploy the armed forces during the LG elections in the North. Sources said under the Elections Act, armed forces are not deployed for security during elections unless the Commissioner of Elections request for the deployment of the armed forces if he felt that the Police cannot cope with any violent situation that may occur during elections. Sources also said that on July 13 the Deputy Commissioner of Elections was sent to Jaffna and he held discussions with representatives of all political parties contesting the forthcoming LG elections in the North. The meeting was presided over by Jaffna Government Agent Ms Imelda Sukumar. Meanwhile, the TNA had complained that they were unable to travel to the islands around Jaffna where pro government political parties supported by goons were threatening their candidates and the latter were unable to conduct a smooth campaign. They also charged that these pro government elements would resort to violence and prevent ordinary people from exercising their franchise. However, they were opposed to the deployment of armed forces and wanted only the Police to maintain law and order. But despite their complaints and fears the TNA was hopeful of winning the polls (The Nation : 17 July 2011).

Shed political agendas, defeat global terrorism - The recent terror attacks in Mumbai and Karachi have again stressed the need for a combined universal effort to eradicate global terrorism. While Sri Lanka beat all overwhelming odds to crush terrorism over two years ago, more countries are falling prey to international terrorism. At a time the world is grappling to combat growing international terrorism, Sri Lanka, with its proven track record in crushing the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world, could play the lead role in the global effort to crush terrorism. Three bomb blasts rocked India's largest city, Mumbai, in congested areas on Wednesday evening, killing at least 21 people and injuring more than 110 people. The bombings revived dreadful memories in a city that has suffered before, including the massive assault by gunmen that killed 164 people in November 2008. It was only last year that US President Barack Obama visited Mumbai and signed a condolence book for the victims of the 2008 attack. President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and US President Obama were among the first to condemn the latest terror attack in Mumbai. This type of merciless terror attacks inflicts untold suffering on mankind. Hence, peace-loving people all over the globe would condemn the outrageous attacks in Mumbai in the strongest terms. Sri Lanka too had been an unfortunate victim of terrorism and we are acutely aware of the agony and devastation that a nation has to undergo due to ruthless terror attacks. Hence, in their hour of grief, our thoughts are with those wounded and those who have lost their loved ones due to the recent terror attacks in Mumbai and Karachi. Nearly 100 people died in last week's clashes in Pakistan's harbour city. The deadly explosions that rattled India's financial capital strangely coincides with the 24th birthday of Islamist terrorist Ajmal Kasab, according to Indian press reports. Kasab, whose birthday fell on July 13, is currently in Indian police custody. He was the lone terrorist captured in connection with the November 26, 2008 shooting and bomb attacks in Mumbai (Sunday Observer : 17 July 2011).

TNA candidates’ security beefed up – Polls Chief - By S. Selvakumar - Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya has ensured full security for all Tamil National Alliance (TNA) candidates contesting the forthcoming local government polls in Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu Districts. LG polls are scheduled for 63 local bodies on Saturday July 23. The Election Commissioner’s assurance came in the wake of representations made to him by the TNA that their candidates in the North had come under intense pressure due to various disruptive activities during their campaigns and also recalled an incident during their first meeting at Alaveddy while having an inaugural conference with their candidates. During this conference some men alleged to be from the Army had attempted attack the TNA MPs and in turn they were attacked by the Police bodyguards provided to the MPs. This incident took place about three weeks ago. The TNA made a Police compliant in this regard and also intimated it to the Elections Commissioner. TNA sources told The Nation that the Commissioner has positively responded to their complaints and assured that armed groups and others who intimidate LG candidates would be arrested and charged in court. It may be recalled that except for LG candidates contesting from the ruling party others had been subject to intimidation and subject to other forms of harassment by various armed groups (The Nation : 17 July 2011).

Media release by SLUNA in Canada - Tamil Tiger Propaganda Photos Becomes Channel 4 Fact - MEDIA RELEASE -SRI LANKA UNITED NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CANADA The questionable Channel 4 video titled ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ screened in Geneva on June 6, 2011 during the UN Human Rights sessions and later broadcast in the UK on June 14th with subsequent airing by PBS and ABC Four Corners has been done irresponsibly without determining the factual position, with the sole intention of shaming and blaming the Sri Lankan government, the security forces and the people of that island nation. The accusatory tone, and misrepresentations made by the narrator Jon Snow does not in any way make the unverified pictures submitted by the pro-Tamil Tiger (LTTE) diaspora for inclusion in the disputed video any thing other than a deceitful attempt to pin the blame on the government forces for crimes committed by the tigers. The repeat screenings of this disputed video by the pro-Tamil Tiger diaspora in Toronto and elsewhere to unsuspecting audiences with little or no knowledge of the LTTE’s criminal and deceitful ways could be easily misled into accepting the story line given by the narrator to each and every picture projected on the screen. In the circumstances, it is necessary to repeat the reasoning put forward by us in our earlier media releases to point out the flaws and falsehoods contained in this fraudulent video which is part of the vengeful agenda of pro-Tamil Tiger diaspora, following the failure of their project to break up Sri Lanka by funding the violence and suicide terrorism of the LTTE. Nevertheless, the Sri Lankan authorities have given the assurance that where credible evidence is provided in respect of HR violations, they would carry out an investigation and take appropriate action against the culprits (LankaWeb ; 16 July 2011).

‘Original’ video in Tamil was found on UTube in 2009 - Govt. ‘missed out’ in exposing fake ‘Sri Lanka Killing Fields’ video in Sept. 2009 - BY SURESH PERERA - A patriotic Sri Lankan spearheading a campaign to counter pro-LTTE propaganda and cyber terrorism says that in September 2009, he discovered on UTube the ‘original’ video aired over Channel 4 in the UK, with voices in Tamil, but the authorities here were totally disinterested in nipping the issue in the bud despite repeated requests. "Somewhere in early September 2009, the world was buzzing about a short video clip aired by Channel 4 of some blindfolded naked men, with hands tied behind their back, being dragged to an open field, made to sit down on the ground and ‘shot’ in the back of the head from behind at point blank range with a T 56 assault rifle by a single man in military fatigues", recalls Wiki Wickramarathna. "My personal feeling was that all these could be staged by actors", he noted. As the language heard on this video was Sinhala, the anti Sri Lanka elements assumed and claimed that the single man ‘shooting’ these naked men was from the Sri Lanka Army. This was despite the absence of any form of identification marks/badges to prove the claim, he explained. "In analyzing the fake Sinhala language Channel 4 video which re-emerged post-war as ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ over Channel 4, I found that the Tamil words spoken in the ‘original’ version exactly matched the video frames", he asserted. Wickramarathna pointed out that it was funny the voices ‘heard’ were not spoken by the single man ‘shooting’ two persons in succession, but heard in the background only. The whole world, including the Sri Lankan government and army ‘missed out’ in exposing this fake video and clearing its name in 2009 September itself. "The Sinhala words spoken did not ‘match’ the actions at all in any frame of the video". He said that on September 10, 2009 he participated in an ITN live talk show and in the presence of Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe exposed this ‘original’ video with Tamil voices for the first time. The next day, a CD of this video was handed over to a security officer of the Minister. "I also gave copies of this video to military intelligence officers who called over at my residence with my analysis comparing both the spurious and the original versions", he noted. He said the pro-LTTE Diaspora was very apt, clever and active in producing these canards against the Sri Lankan government, the Sinhalese and the military. The LTTE was behind the world’s first-ever cyber terrorism in 1998 (Island ; 16 July 2011).

Publicity In French Magazine Towards The Possible Revival Of The LTTE Could Easily Be Interpreted As A Ploy By Supportives To Rekindle A Dead Concept Rather Than Reality! - By Sunil Kumar 16th July 2011 - It can only be treated as a ploy by a Terrorist Organizations’ disgruntled supportives around the world that there is publicity being given to an anticipated revival of the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam which organization is categorically finished , laid waste , done and dusted and no amount of media hoopla and hype would realistically ever see them surfacing whether it be based on cells in Tamil Nadu. Canada, Europe or Timbuctoo for that matter as the Present Administration of Sri Lanka which saw to its annihilation in the first place is simply not going to let it happen, nor will the countries quoted as ‘bases’ for that matter as it has been taken up as a top priority globally to never let the LTTE ever raise their heads whether politically or otherwise and fair conclusion as there have been many instances of Foreign Countries taking stringent actions against them particularly Canada and the USA amongst others. This is all the more reason why Nations currently insisting that Sri Lanka needs to be investigated over cooked up claims need to be made aware that their calls are unjustified and the claims more and more apparent as skullduggery cleverly put together by disgruntled and deposed Tamil Tiger Supportives and all their global lobbies against the Government of Sri Lanka need to be contradicted and trashed on the basis that the GOSL is being implicated by its enemies linked to the Tamil Tigers (LankaWeb ; 16 July 2011).

India tells Lanka: Examine concerns over rights violations - New Delhi. India said the rehabilitation of Tamils should be of the ‘highest and most immediate priority’ for Sri Lanka and conveyed to Colombo that it needs to examine ‘concerns’ raised by the UN report alleging ‘war crimes’ against the island nation’s government.  ‘Our focus is on the welfare and the well being of the Tamil speaking minorities of northern and eastern Sri Lanka. We have consistently emphasized to the Sri Lankan government that their rehabilitation should be of the highest and most immediate priority,’ Vishnu Prakash, the external affairs ministry spokesman, told reporters here on Friday. India underlined that ‘a fair and reasonable settlement of the political issues concerning the minorities in Sri Lanka is of utmost importance’ and said ‘the historic opportunity offered by the end of the conflict should be availed of at the earliest’. It also urged Sri Lanka to clarify the sequence of events during the last days of the conflict. ‘The government of Sri Lanka would need to go into the matter in greater detail. The concerns that are being expressed in this regard need to be examined,’ the spokesperson said when asked about a documentary by Channel 4 called ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ that shows war crimes allegedly committed by the Sri Lankan troops in the last days of the conflict. Referring to the report by a panel appointed by the UN Secretary Council, Vishnu Prakash said: ‘In general, there are still questions on the report. Some countries have raised this in the UN Human Rights Council.’ ‘Sri Lanka is home to a number of ethnic groups, of which about 20 per cent are Tamil-speaking. They have friends and relatives in Tamil Nadu and other parts of India. It is but natural that we are concerned for their well-being,’ he said amid continuing concerns in India about the plight of Tamils following the end of the war between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government in May 2009. The UN panel was set up to study the conduct of operations during the last phase of the war against the LTTE and advise the UN chief on the issue (Island ; 16 July 2011).

Dining with Alfred - Tissa Devendra - Alfred Duraiyappah, the Mayor of Jaffna, was a most unusual man. Most, if not all, the Members of Parliament representing Jaffna District were Tamil extremists, unwaveringly hostile to the SLFP government led by Mrs Bandaranaike which they accused of Sinhala hegemonism. Alfred D swam against this tide. He was a savvy local politician who had won the hearts and minds of the underclass, who constituted the majority of urban voters. He convinced them that the way to win rights and privileges was not by hostile confrontation but by conciliation and compromise. He therefore joined the SLFP and was a close ally of Mrs. B’s right-hand man Felix Dias Bandaranaike. Thanks to Alfred, Jaffna town – the crown jewel of the District – was an SLFP island in an otherwise politically hostile sea. All the more reason for the government to build him up. One quiet evening Alfred phoned me to invite me for dinner at home. "I know you are alone at the Residency. Let’s meet over dinner and get to know each other. Felix has spoken to me about you." I was not allergic to politicians, as such, and had most cordial relations with Trinco’s MPs. Alfred interested me as a shrewd and unusual politician it would be useful to know to get a sense of political undercurrents. I accepted the invitation. My host was at home alone and nattily dressed. He apologized for his wife’s absence. She was a doctor working in Brunei. "Felix told me about you. Weren’t you at school and University together?" I admitted that this was so. He had done his homework alright. He bore the brunt of our conversation as he was keen to brief me, as thoroughly as possible, on the political situation in Jaffna and of his vision for the development of that city linked seamlessly with "the South" (island ; 16 July 2011).

US Policy on SL should focus on supporting reconciliation and bilateral relationship-Heath Shuler Congressman Heath Shuler informs the Congress - Congressman Heath Shuler in a letter has informed the U.S. Congress that the U.S. policy on Sri Lanka should focus on supporting the ongoing reconciliation efforts in the country. Also, he has emphasised that the U.S. should strive to strengthen the relationship with its long-time ally in the South Asia. The letter addressed to all congressmen was released on Friday (15 July) prior to a screening of a propaganda video against Sri Lanka at Capitol Hill. The sources in the Washington D.C. said the event was organized by the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. The organizers barred any representation from the Sri Lankan government at the panel discussion, the sourced added. According to the sources, Congressman Shuler has decided to share his own experience over Sri Lanka with his colleagues, after he felt the biased and misleading nature of the event. Congressman Shuler was the first U.S. Congressman to visit Sri Lanka after the war ended in May 2009. Accompanied by Ambassador Jaliya Wickrmasuriya, he travelled the war affected areas and met large number internally displaced people. Congressman Heath Shuler represents 11th District of North Carolina since 2006. He is notable for his work to improve transparency and accountability of government finance. The following is the full text of the letter: (Sri Lanka Defense Ministry : 16 July 2011).

THE NATIONALIST PAPERS - Devolution and flat-earth theorists - by Malinda Seneviratne - When I read some apologists for the Eelam cause I think of a drowning man reaching out for straws. Now all devolutionists might not think of themselves as Eelamists and indeed might abhor the idea of separatism. They should actually be called ‘Naïve Apologists for the Eelam Cause’. ‘Naïve’ can be replaced with ‘Ignorant too’, one observes. There are all kinds of devolutionists. There are those who run for office in the Provincial Councils and those who vote for them. They can be called devolutionists. Indeed at some level all those who have no choice but to submit to a constitution in a power-devolved state are in effect devolutionists, one can argue. Stretch that argument a little and you find that all citizens of Sri Lanka are by default worshippers of dictatorship, given the dictatorial character of the constitution. I am talking here about other kinds of devolutionists, those who either claim it is a solution to some problem (either citizenship anomalies on ethnic lines or a means to correct regional economic imbalances). The former kind are conscious Eelamists, I would say for the citizenship anomalies pertaining to ethnic identity are not territory-based, has no foundation in history and are incongruent with demographic and geographical realities. Their arguments are essentially chauvinistic, and in these post-LTTE, post-terrorist times, amount to a revert to the Chelvanayakam Thesis (A little now, more later – ‘Little’ meaning the project of ‘fixing’ boundaries for separatism to base future struggles on). The latter kind, i.e. those who argue that there is an economic logic for power devolution, are again of two kinds. There are those who you may call ‘Pure Economists’ and those who want to market Eelamist wine in Economic bottles. Current economic theory rebels against all the purported positives (in economic terms) of devolution for the simple reason that territories are not flat and endowed with a roughly similar resource endowment (Island ; 16 July 2011).

People of the Vanni and their homes – Part I - By Bandu de Silva - The present day situation about the internally displaced persons in the Vanni after the recent war against LTTE terrorism has led to a wide discussion over the post-war settlement of affected people in what is referred to as their "original homes." It has also been alleged that people from outside are being settled in the Vanni in recent days. There are other claims of ‘Sinhalisation’ of claimed "Tamil homelands", or what is generally called "state sponsored colonization" of Tamil areas, a complaint that has been going on for decades and even the foreign media has reported on this complaint as if there was substance in it. These arise from the false concept that part of the island comprised exclusively of Tamil habitation, a false concept which even a historian like K.Indrapala now writing under constraints imposed by ethnic considerations, has tried to trace back recently in his new book to the very beginnings of Sri Lankan history without any empirical support (Island ; 16 July 2011).

NGO suspects wanted for Gotabhaya assassination bid have fled to India

Dr. Palitha Kohona says a US based organization has ignored reality of the of the status of child soldiers and armed conflict in a recently released report - Permanent representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations Dr.Palitha Kohona says the US based Conflict Dynamics International Organization in a report has has overlooked the reality of the status of child soldiers and armed conflicts in Sri Lanka . Dr.Kokona at an open debate of the security council on the 12th of this month said that the report has ignored the bitter memories of the recruitment of child soldiers and attempted to politicised the issue. The Sri Lankan envoy also pointed out that the report has presented erroneous and distorted information to certain international groups which attempt to destablize the programme to unleash peace in Sri Lanka following the defeat of the LTTE. The LTTE in the latter stages of the war recruited children in large numbers to send them to the war front. He added that the Sri Lankan government has constantly encouraged groups connected to armed conflict to enter the democratic main stream politics (SLBC : 16 July 2011).

Army De-miners uncover 115 weapons from former LTTE 'Hospital' premises - One more clever LTTE ploy to mislead and distract attention while making the world believe that the LTTE was caring the sick, came to light when Army de-mining Engineers uncovered a large cache of unusable T-56 weapons and their spares from an abandoned toilet pit at Valipunam Mixed School, Mullaittivu, earlier used by terrorists as one of their hospitals in the 'No Fire Zone' (NFZ). The Valipunam Mixed School, alleged to have been converted to a 'hospital' by the LTTE to treat civilians, was declared an NFZ by the government on 24 January 2009, in response to a request made by the ICRC to this effect. On the same day, the government declared Puthukkudiyiruppu Hospital, Udayarakadu Hospital, ICRC office area at Udayarakadu and the Valipunam Mixed School, the so-called makeshift LTTE 'hospital' as NFZs and troops were directed to observe a radius of 1 km around those premises, despite confirmation received to the effect that terrorists were busy locating their heavy weapons around those hospitals at that stage of the humanitarian operations. Troops, adhering to rules of engagement desisted from firing towards those areas, despite a string of enemy provocations in those crucial stages of Wanni humanitarian operations. During the weekend (July 8), Army de-mining teams, fully committed to rid public places of landmines and explosives, prioritized de-mining surveillance work in and around the school premises since the school has just started functioning with about 200 children, almost all of them from newly resettled families (Sri Lanka Defense Ministry : 16 July 2011).

The Shadow LTTE's Subtle Propaganda Campaign in Colombo - A conversation with Mathias Keittle - Mathias Keittle has been a student of Sri Lankan affairs for over twenty five years. He has visited Sri Lanka regularly. He is currently touring the country. A German and a graduate of Tubingen and Cambridge, he has unique insights to the political developments in Sri Lanka. He is planning to compile his thinking into a book to be published in the German language. Asian Tribune interviewed Mathias Keittle and given below the excerpts of the interview (Asian Tribune ; 16 July 2011).

HRW says “No Double Standards” Oh! My Foot! - By Malin Abeyatunga, Melbourne, Australia - According to print media, “quote Human Rights Watch (HRW) latest report has urged US President Obama to investigate into allegations of detainee abuse authorized by former President George W. Bush and other senior officials, same as the US call for inquiry against international crimes that are committed in places like Darfur, Libya, and Sri Lanka” unquote.This turn of the events by HRW is unbelievable and incomprehensible.  HRW along with Amnesty International, ICG etc have been blamed and criticized by many countries for being “acting with Double Standards”. Is this a subtle attempt to avoid being castigated as “Double Standards of HRW”?In addition to the tortures and abuses, thousands of civilians have been killed by the USA- UK led invasion on Iraq and Afghanistan almost a decade ago. But HRW has taken so long to urge for a criminal investigation against USA. I believe that this is a just an eyewash. Having got bored or fed up of bashing small nations like Sri Lanka (we dared to listen to their crap) as 99% of HRW’s reports on Sri Lanka appear to be reproduced and parroted from Tamilnet without any substantiated facts or figures. Are we to believe that HRW will continue to remind Barack Obama over and over to initiate an investigation the way they were chasing after Sri Lanka like rabid hounds? I don’t think so and we can just wait and see.Speaking with The Irrawaddy recently, Deputy Director of HRW's Asia Division Phil Robertson alleged to have said quote “Torture is always wrong,” said Robertson. “No matter who does it. Human Rights Watch does not take sides” unquote. This statement is the biggest joke for the century by HRW. Do we have to remind them how and to what extent that HRW took sides of LTTE terrorist outfit belittling the efforts of the Sri Lankan Government to crush the scourge of LTTE terrorism?.Or, is this a one-off call from HRW on USA knowing very well that that Obama will never take action as he is also responsible for war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya of the post-Bush administration. US States department and their reps like Robert Blake, Butenis etc have been continuously calling investigation on War crimes of Sri Lanka and will they eat their own words now? That’s a million dollar question.HRW is only insisting on torture on the detainees, but completely dumb and deaf of thousands of civilians killed during the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. Will the HRW urge for separate investigation on the war crimes committed by USA, UK and allied forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya? I have my doubts. That will be a “big fish” to handle (Sri Lanka News Online : 16 July 2011).

KKS Port to be developed after removal of war remains - By Olindhi Jayasundere - The Ports and Highways Ministry said yesterday that it had begun to remove the remains of vessels that were destroyed during the war with the LTTE at the Kankasanthurai Port (KKS) and would complete the project in about a month. Ministry sources said that the development of KKS would also begin next month after the vessels were removed. The ministry had handed over the project to an Indian company which had undertaken the work to dismantle the six vessels, sources said. A ministry official said that the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) would take steps to auction the scrap metal once it was removed. It was noted by ministry sources that once the six remaining vessels were removed from the area, goods that earlier had to be transported by road using the A9 route could be sent directly by sea thus saving transport costs and enabling goods sold in Jaffna at affordable prices (Daily Mirror : 16 July 2011).

Experts checking Channel 4 film: LLRC - By Olindhi Jayasundere - The Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) said yesterday it was still examining the Channel 4 film on allegations of war crimes committed by the LTTE and the security forces in Sri Lanka and telecast early last month. LLRC spokesman Lakshman Wickremasinghe said the Channel 4 film, which was released on June 14 showing alleged war crimes by the military and the LTTE was viewed and analysed by the Commission but had to be examined by experts. He said it was still uncertain as to whether details of the Channel 4 film would be included in LLRC report which was being prepared. Meanwhile United Nations Human Rights Chief Navaneethan Pillai earlier this month warned Sri Lanka not to take too long to probe the war crimes allegations and said the international community might to take action against the country if it failed to do so. “We will have experts looking into the technical analysis of the film such as the audio, synchronization and other details to determine it genuineness,” Mr. Wickremasinghe said. He said the LLRC had not written to Channel 4 asking for more information. “It is still uncertain as to whether the commission will request for further information from Channel 4 as it has not given any information on previous occasions,” he said (Daily Mirror ; 16 July 2011).

Viru Daru Diriya (VDD) donations to "War Heroes" exceed A$131,340 (Rs 12.67 million).

Viru Daru Diriya (VDD) Fund was established in Melbourne, Australia to help the children and families of the Sri Lankan armed forces. We strongly believe that helping the education of the children of those who have sacrificed to protect our motherland Sri Lanka is the prime duty of all Sri Lankans (see details)

Sponsoring over 500 Children of "War Heroes"

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What was really happening in Sri Lanka was that a blood thirsty racist group led by some misled Tamils called LTTE was terrorizing against the Government of Sri Lanka and its people irrespective of their ethnicity with an intention of carving out a separate state. There is no conflict as such between Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community lives in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese population through out the country apart from the Northern part of Sri Lanka. The entire Sinhalese and the Muslims population who lived in the Northern area for centuries were either killed or chased away completely by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists. At the moment, not a single Sinhalese or Muslim is living in Jaffna, but, many thousands of Tamils are living in Colombo in peace with the other communities. Based on 2001 census, the Tamil population in Colombo district is 12.1% (see 2001 census). So, who is discriminated ? Tamils or Sinhalese? Do you need more evidence ?

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Are we serious about a solution based on Indo-Lanka Accord ?

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http://www.apiwenuwenapi.com/ is the official web site of the Api Wenuwen Api fund raising campaign. The Api Wenuwen Api Fund is a collaboration between the The Ministry of Defence and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to build 50,000 houses for the serving Tri-Service personnel. The gift of housing is one of the best and most tangible ways to demonstrate our gratitude and appreciation. This is the time for all Sri Lankans to support our brothers and sisters who are committed to bringing peace to our motherland Sri Lanka. All contributions from the campaign and fund raising events will be donated to Api Wenuwen Api Housing Project in Sri Lanka.



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How much did LTTE pay Sillyband to speak at Global Tamil Forum?


British FM David Milliband is back to his third grade gimmicks against Sri Lanka. Please look after your back yard without poking your stinking fingers into Sri Lankan Affairs.  Sri Lanka has had enough of you and your white clan. We do not care you guys anymore. So, Shut up.


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Tamil Diaspora is making a fresh attempt to undermine Sri Lanka by organising large scale human smuggling operations targeting developed countries, particularly Australia and Canada.

None of the three vessels carrying Sri Lankan Tamils, which had been intercepted by the Canadians and Indonesians on high seas during the past fortnight, originated in Sri Lanka.

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Western Arms Manufacturers need battlefields to sell their Arms. An estimated 500,000 individuals dies in small arms-conflict every year, approximately one death per minute. It is estimated that yearly, over 1 trillion dollars are spent on military expenditure worldwide.

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What is really happening in Sri Lanka today is that a blood thirsty racist group led by some misled Tamils called LTTE is terrorizing against the Government of Sri Lanka and its people irrespective of their ethnicity with an intention of carving out a separate state. There is no conflict as such between Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community lives in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese population through out the country apart from the Northern part of Sri Lanka. The entire Sinhalese and the Muslims population who lived in the Northern area for centuries were either killed or chased away completely by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists. At the moment, not a single Sinhalese or Muslim is living in Jaffna, but, many thousands of Tamils are living in Colombo in peace with the other communities. Based on 2001 census, the Tamil population in Colombo district is 12.1% (see 2001 census). So, who is discriminated ? Tamils or Sinhalese? Do you need more evidence ?
Caution: Images shown on this web site exposing LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist atrocities maybe disturbing for some users. Please proceed at your own discretion.
The United States' top intelligence agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) says that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is the most dangerous and deadly extremist organization in the world. The official website of FBI in its tops story said that LTTE is far more dangerous terrorists outfit than al Queda, Hezbullah or even HAMAS. Read more...

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