Norway and the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists

Video on LTTE Training in Norway

Norwegian Website reports ... Norergian support to LTTE - Norway is supporting the terrorist group LTTE in the conflict in Sri Lanka. Norway has supported LTTE financially, with equipment and made every effort to make this terrorist organisation a "legitimate" negotiation partner....Nway has participated in smuggling of high-tech communication equipment to the terrorist organisation. Norwegian generals have also given sensitive information to the LTTE terrorist leaders. General Trygve Tellefsen leaked information about the Navy’s pursuit of a LTTE arms smuggling ship to the Tamil rebel group allowing them to escape. After the incident President Chandrika Kumaratunga wrote to the Norwegian Prime Minister, Kjell Magne Bondevik to remove the Head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission , Retired Major General Trygve Tellefsen. (read Full info from a Norwegian Website).

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More and more information about so-called Facilitators and LTTE Tamil Tiger activities in Norway - It is possible to trace fundraising and bank accounts to Tamil terrorist organisations the last 20 years. Bank accounts in Den norske Creditbank, Bergenbank and Sparebanken Midt-Norge was found before the 1990. Aftenposten, a  major Norwegian newspaper, revealed in an article in 2001 that Norwegian authorities have been allowing transfer of funds to the Tamil Tigers, Hamas, ETA and other terrorist organisations. "Those missing were apparently overlooked on the UN list, and Norwegian authorities have been reluctant to add them for fear of unfairly exposing innocent bank customers, and risking damage claims."  According to LTTE they have six offices in Norway. The LTTE is hiding under more legitimate organisation like the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) and The Tamil Coordinating Committee (TCC). Fifty persons works in the TCC network in Norway.  The LTTE also has a significant Norwegian support structure for fundraising and propaganda activities. LTTE fundraising in Norway is estimated that more than 5 million US dollars. The increasing Tamil community (10.000 ++) in Norway is paying yearly fees to LTTE and LTTE is involved in business activities in Norway. The LTTE propaganda activities have been successful in Norway. It is quite obvious the LTTE have been able to sell "their story" to the Norwegians and received the support of the Norwegian government and military.  With more than 10.000 Tamils in Norway, LTTE has become a political important partner for Norwegian political parties.  The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also invited the LTTE to Norwegian military demonstrations. Take a look at this video from the Norwegian army of the Tamil Tigers visit. For more information, please visit the website of Svik Organisation in Norway

NORWAY ALLEGEDLY TRAINED SEA TIGERS TO ATTACK SRI LANKA NAVY IN THE SEAS OF THAILAND ALLEGES A NEWS REPORT BY IPS - By Walter Jayawardhana reporting from Los Angeles - Norway, the controversial peacemaker between the government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), also allegedly contributed to the training of LTTE’s Sea Tigers in the seas of Thailand the IPS news service reported  (Full report in LankaWeb).

Tigers visiting Rena - The Tamil Tigers' Peace Secretariat is visiting the Nordic countries gathering impulses to aid them in rebuilding a peaceful Sri Lanka. April 1st they visited the Norwegian Defence and Rena Camp.  By Kjetil Eide og Stian Solum (photo), The Norwegian Defence Media centre - The Foreign Ministry had arranged for the visit of representatives of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE), known for their many years of guerrilla warfare against government forces in Sri Lanka (Full report in Norweigian Defence Official Website).

Norway and the LTTE - Norwegian Foreign Minister, Mr. Knut Vollebaek is supposed to come to Sri Lanka on the invitation of Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar. The president Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga in her edited version of the BBC interview in London, soon after the bomb explosion on the eighteenth of December last year, said that on a previous occasion she had requested Norway to facilitate talks between the government and the LTTE (Full report in Sinhaya)

The LTTE rides high in Norway while Lanka gets torn apart - Special Assignment by Fedrica Jansz. - Norwegian law allows for Sri Lankan Tamils in Norway to raise funds, which would be generated towards working for a cause, and a political goal, for what they feel is important, back in Sri Lanka. Among the Sri Lankan Tamil people in Norway there will be those who are sympathetic to the LTTE, so in that context, there are Tamils in Norway who will propagate the cause of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka (full report in Sinhaya).

Jon Westborg Episode – Bring it to a closure - By K.T.Rajasingham - Enough is enough. Jon Westborg episode has to be brought to a closure. People in Sri Lanka are not happy with his activities. Many of them have come forward to say that the Norwegian ambassador is not a friend of Sri Lanka. Majority of the Sinhalese wanted to see the end of this episode. They are beginning to speak forcefully about this issue.  It all began to take a clear paradigm shift, when I wrote on 17 November, “Norway is interfering in the Internal Affairs of Sri Lanka.” Then the leaders in Sri Lanka began to sit up and take interest in Jon Westborg, the Ambassador of Norway in Sri Lanka.......... Norway’s secret agents for peace finding success in Sri Lanka. Asian Tribune reliably learnt that in each of thesee Vanni visit, Jon Westborg, the Ambassador was with Erik Solheim. In one of those visits he was told of Anton Balasingham’s serious illness and of the need for immediate medication and medical attention (Full report in Asian Tribune).

Import of broadcasting equipment by LTTE: More questions to the Government - By K.T.Rajasingham - Sri Lankan Government after maintaining three long months of silence, at last has come forward to tell-half truths and distorted version of the import of the highly sophisticate and very powerful broadcasting equipment, secretly and discreetly manipulated and imported by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Full report in Asian Tribune).

FM Radio transmission facility for LTTE:Statement by the Government - Following is the statement by the Government regarding the issue of a license to the LTTE Peace Secretariat to operate an FM Radio transmission facility (Full report in Asian Tribune).

Anti-terror financial network full of holes -  Norwegian financial institutions don't check whether money flows from Norway to known terror organizations such as Hamas, ETA or the Tamil Tigers. (full report in Aftenposte).

Norway Interfering in the Internal Affairs of Sri Lanka - By K.T.Rajasingham - Norway is interfering in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. Jon Westborg, the Ambassador of Norway in Sri Lanka, it is alleged that, he is behaving like a "Viceroy". ......  Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has made it clear that, “LTTE does not operate with the concept of a ‘Separate State’. “We operate with a concept of ‘Homeland and self determination’. ‘Homeland’ does not mean a separate state as such.” This statement of the LTTE reminds us of the future coexistence with the Sinhalese in a united Sri Lanka. Therefore, it has become incumbent on the part of every peace loving Sri Lankan, to examine these allegations carefully and seriously (Full report in Asian Tribune)

The Oslo War Process


This report ( was written in 2002 …….and so far everything  has happened…. right up to the signing of the MOU… the rest WILL happen if we and the people of our country don’t act NOW.  Below are sections of the main document. I think we need to publish the entire document in as many SL newspapers as possible- with the Singhala translations – to educate as many people as possible. Telling any western country is really useless. Since India is their final target, we have to convince India  and get them directly involved. For any solution, THE NORWEGIANS HAVE TO GO – THAT IS PRIORITY ONE. Otherwise, eventually their plan will work. (While our ‘leaders’ are drooling over the dollars and may be the stupid leaders hope to get a “Peace Prize” - more money!!!) (Read the full analysis in SPUR).



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