LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists Suicide Bomb attack on War Heroes Day, 7 June 2000
Sri Lankan Minister of Industries C V Gooneratne, and 19 other civilians were killed, over 56 wounded in a LTTE suicide bomb attack at Golumadama Junction (Borupona Rd) in Ratmalana during ceremonies to mark the country's first War Heroes Day. Deputy Mayor of Mount Lavinia Municipal Council Anura Silva was among the killed in the attack.  Four LTTE suspects have been arrested from Soysa flats, Katubedde, Moratuwa. 

Slain Lankan Minister's wife, Mrs Shyama Goonaratne and two others, who were among 60 people injured in the blast, succumbed to their injuries on Thursday (8 June 2000) taking the number of victims to 25.

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Condemnation by the International Community ......................
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.............
said he was "profoundly shocked" by the suicide bombing which killed a government minister and 21 other people in Colombo on Wednesday.(Click here for details)
Wednesday, June 7, 2000 (UN Newsservice) : Annan condemns "senseless" suicide bomb attack in Sri Lanka
Amnesty International ..........
The human rights watchdog Amnesty International Thursday joined growing international condemnation of a suicide bombing which killed 22 people in Sri Lanka. Click for details
US President Bill Clinton.......
condemned the latest terrorist bombing in Sri Lanka, in which a minister was among 21 people killed, and called for a peaceful solution to the island nation's problems.

U.S. Department of State...........
Press Statement by Philip T. Reeker, Acting Spokesman, June 7, 2000
Sri Lanka: Terrorist Bombing (Click here for details)

expressed shock over the assassination of the Sri Lankan Minister of Industrial Development C V Gunaratna and hoped that the island nation would solve its problems on its own. Click here for details.

Condemn Tamil Tiger Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Today, 7 June 2000, around 1:45pm Sri Lanka time, the Minister for Industries Honourable C.V. Gunerathna was assassinated by a Tamil Tiger suicide bomber in Sri Lanka. A career politician, Mr Gunararthna was a cabinet member in the governing Peoples Alliance party. We urge you, the International Community, to condemn this brutality of the Tamil Tiger terrorists unreservedly, as we feel that the terror unleashed by Prabhakaran has reached a Nadia. A civilised country with a proud history of over 2500 years is held to ransom by the manic terrorist, Prabhakaran.

We urge the international community to:

The time has come for western democracies to unreservedly support Sri Lanka as it fights to protect the freedom of its people and the functioning of its democratic institutions. This is not a time to waver. With the coup in Fiji and Solomon Islands, the United Nations especially the security council is under pressure to demonstrate its will to protect democracy in the free world. Do not let Sri Lanka’s democracy wither in the vine.

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